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Quality Product VS. Quality Service
Over the past two years, I've been getting acquainted w/LightBulbs the Company. One thing I can say is LightBulb company, has excellant on-time services & always stands for the best in Quality & Service. However, sometimes the quality of the Manufacturer's Products are suspect as far as longivity & warranty goes. Good News, LightBulb stands by their Service & Quality & continues to support the customer past the sell by making good on its lesser quality products. Great People at LightBulb is what their business is all about along with their great service.

I couldn't turn down such a bargain!
I didn't really need these bulbs, but I couldn't turn down such a bargain, as I got 20 bulbs (60 watt equivalent) for only about $11, including shipping. Of course, since are only average efficiency, it may turn out that I would have been wiser to spend the normal price for high efficiency bulbs, and then save on electric bills.

Clear Website, Easy Ordering, Fast Shipping
I visited this website to replace some fluorescent bulbs in my kitchen with LED lights. I was able to use the chat feature to verify that the ones that I found would work. I also visited another website that was a little cheaper but not as clear so I ended up ordering from because I felt that my chances of getting what I needed without having to send something back were greater. My bulbs arrived quickly and well packaged and worked perfectly. I will definitely be back!

Return policy is deceptive
Ordered a replacement bulb in LED for my GE range hood. When bulbs arrived, turns out bulb was. 2" too long. When requested return, assuming subject to 15% restocking fee, order was discounted by 15% for each item and then the discount was applied to the whole order. Then with the cost of return shipping, cut the total return value to 50% of purchase price. Why use them? Amazon provides same bulbs, no discounts for return and send a shipping label quick and easy. Found the bulbs on Amazon (dimensions were easy to find) and ordered them... quick delivery, no shipping... you had better up your game or you will be left in the dust!

Poor Customer Service for Defective Product
I order on line often and rarely confront such poor customer service. I emailed customer service to arrange for the exchange of a defective item within two weeks from delivery and included the attached picture. I purchased this tree that initially stood upright but started leaning so I just asked the Company to exchange it for a new one. Since the company no longer had any more in stock and we disposed of the original box when we opened it, customer service merely offered a $25 credit, which we refused on principal. Nothing in their return policy indicates that you need the original box for a defective item. The experience was very disappointing and I will never order from this company again.

Very good customer service response.
I ordered some car bulbs and the package was returned to as undeliverable. I contacted them when I tried tracking the order and replied instantly. They acknowledged the incident and sent a replacement immediately. The second shipment of lightbulbs arrived quickly and in perfect shape. I will be ordering from them again!

At last, the Order Arrives
Readers; This author has several Art Deco ceiling fixtures which NEED a fancy bulb. I bought a few to see how good were/weren't and how they looked in place. In that order, one bulb was smashed due to poor packing. Nothing daunted; I put several in, and liked the 'look' very much, so a bought a 'house full' for the next order.

That order was first back ordered, then the ChiCom flu comes along with "Leaders" trying for 01st place as a Chicken Little ' wannabe. So more delays. But a last, they did arrive, and all were unbroken. So, I grabbed a ladder and installed them. I even put a few in table/pole lamps. The lighting effect is very good, the quality of the LED light emited is very good & I am pleased with the purchase and the communications from the Company on the delays.

Have a look at the CAST IRON, restored Art Deco lamp fixture in the Upstairs Sitting Room of my 1812/1888 ""I" House. I removed a K-Mart fixture and replaced it with this. I very much enjoy my old house, but I enjoy the benefits of Mr. Edison's Invention over the use of Oil/Gas lighting!

Delivery concern
Delays were longer than expected however I was kept informed of the status and updated on the new ETA. The delivery person left the package on the steps after 7:30 pm without a knock or ringing the bell. Package stayed out over night during windy and rainy conditions. Will need to install to determine if the electronics got damaged. Cannot blame lightbulbs but it does add more warranty claims.

Great Service and Products
We had ordered 30 small artificial pine trees for our town's Main Street holiday decorations. were so AWESOME that we decided to order 4 more. Unfortunately that particular tree had sold out but our excellent sales representative, Mike L., quickly located an alternative which blended in with our first order. So glad we took his recommendation because these little trees, complete with pine cones, are just perfect. The first order of 30 trees arrived within a week. This new shipment came in less than a week. Great Service & Great Products!

Almost, but not quite perfect.
I ordered a number of specialty appliance bulbs that were a little pricey in general. The order came in with a strangely marked packing slip. Only half the quantity was there and no explanation about that. I contact customer service and the remainder was sent to me in short order. So customer service came through in the end. Thank you for fixing the issue in good time!

Meine Lightbulbs
The company needed a little kicking to get the order shipped but once done I was impressed. The bulbs are great, the price the best ever and in the end I am totally satisfied. Now Con Ed will rebate me all the monies charged for the last 50 years due to the low consumption of these LED bulbs... Nay, just kidding but I am truly satisfied.

Extremely satisfied First Time Order
The dimmer slide device broke on our floor lamp. This meant we could only operate it by pulling its plug in/out from the wall socket. I checked local retail stores; no one carried a replacement. I went online and found the same part at I ordered it on a Monday, paying a shipping cost to receive it in 10-14 days. Via USPS, it was delivered by Wednesday. I plugged it in, and it restored our floor lamp to proper working order immediately.

NO Holiday Returns!
Ok-Be WARY! IF you are thinking about buying wreaths or ANY Holiday kind of Decor PLSE NOTE THAT NONE ARE RETURNABLE!
I bought expensive wreaths which ended up being to small for my doors AND was told NO SEASONAL
MERCHANDISE CN BE RETURNED... Serioulsy? Who doesnt accept unopen d new purchases in original packaging? Seasonal or NOT?!

You Guys/Gals are great.
I checked your website for MR16 halogen bulbs for my kitchen light fixtures. You had the bulbs, but I wasn't sure whether had front glass, which I didn't want because they wouldn't fit the fixture. An email to product support was promptly answered by Sophia, who had gone out, opened a box, and checked that the bulbs did not have the front glass. Thanks again Sophia. Anyway, I ordered 8 bulbs, which should last me for a long time. They came promptly, in pristine condition.
I've ordered from you in the past, and you were the first place I looked for the bulbs I needed this time.
I'll certainly use you the next time I need specialized bulbs.

Lew Schiff

Hard to find bulb? Not anymore
I spent 5 years with a light up snowman decoration that did not light up. Local searches in stores were not successful in locating the replacement bulb. Several internet searches were no good either. I came across this company and had the bulb on order in no time. The bulb arrived quickly and was well protected by the packaging. I can happily say that the fiber optic snowman is glowing once again.

Great Customer Service
I needed a specific light bulb for a spot light fixture in a lower wattage and found it here. It is perfect!
It was shipped within a couple of days.
I will be buying more bulbs from
It saves me from standing on the hard concrete in hardware stores searching for what I need and then waiting in line to pay. I love internet shopping!

Bad product info
I ordered a product from them sent me the wrong product and after a bunch of emails back and forth they informed me they don't have the ballasts they sold me. So I had to ship the wrong stuff they sent me back before they would issue me a refund. Giant waist of time and money. Customer service was nice but don't waist your time.

Service Worth Waiting For
After searching unsuccessfully many sites for the particular ballast needed to repair an undercabinet fixture, repeatedly being told it was out-of-stock without any possible restock in the future, LightBulbs came through. Although the order was delayed the item eventually was shipped as promised. It has been installed and the fixture is operating like new.

Poor Customer Service communications
I purchased a highly desired large and expensive holiday fixture and it arrived in an open torned box which I reported on December 12. There were no instructions included and the brackets/ fasteners to attach the stand to fixture were missing. Customer service told me to contact FedEx to make a claim and FedEx told me claims must be filed by shipper. I followed up with for a return as the stand could not be attacked to the fixture. I never opened the bag of bulbs or installed them nor did I remove the zip ties from the fixture. It was too late to receive a replacement to enjoy for the current holiday season and the warranty was limited 1 year. It took customer service almost 30 days to finally respond and send me a FedEx return label on January 11 and deducted $41 for the cost of the return shipment. Customer service responses are limited to email communications and often do not respond timely. The cost of the return shipment should not have been my responsibility as the box was missing an items to attach the bracket to the base as I recently confirmed with a neighbor whose sister-in-law has the same item.

Excellent service
I ordered 2 specialty incandescent bulbs, ordering was easy and the order came quickly. I installed the bulbs in a 2 bulb fixture but after only about 15 days one of the new bulbs went bad (burned out?). I emailed the problem and the customer service answered the next day asking did I want a refund or a replacement? I asked for a replacement and 1 was shipped and arrived a week later. It was very good and prompt service. I am very satisfied.

Exactly want I wanted!
These poinsettias are exactly what I wanted. The yard stakes are very nice also with well crafted leaves and sturdy construction. I did, however, only use the flower heads for my project. I have a metal flower structure secured into the ground and I didn't want to disassemble it for the holidays. With these I only had to remove my spring flower heads and replace them with the poinsettias. LOVE THEM!

Worst Customer Service I've Exprienced
Ordered a Christmas tree through this company via Amazon. Paid for it only to hear from customer service manager several days later that no longer have the tree in stock. I called their customer service (and note** their CLAIM is they are "Focused onCustomer Service" - totally not true!) only to be insulted by the customer service manager who said their is NOBODY IN THE COMPANY ABOVE HER. I was informed BY during my call to them that they take hundreds of orders a year that they can not actually fulfill - ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Excuse after excuse they made, but offered NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, no suggestions - well, I was told I could buy the EXACT SAME TREE I WAS LOOKING FOR ORIGINALLY but I would have to spend $160.00 more because that SAME TREE is available with a string of lights on it... YES< THAT IS WHAT THEY SAID - SAME TREE & A STRING OF LIGHTS brings the cost up an additional $160.00 MORE! So, my advice to anyone thinking of using this company is to stay away from the rude, condesencing customer service/sales manager and shop somewhere else. *Note - I spent over 90 min on the phone trying to get this resolved so DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME WITH THEIR LIES AND POOR ATTITUDE! Best Note*** After telling AMAZON about this experience they at least offered me a $50 gift card for this horrible transaction AND they have filed a review of this company to possibly remove them from selling with them due to "poor selling practices". I so hope that happens!

Customer Service helped me order the correct bulb
I have 8 foot long bulbs in my work studio; had to replace one. I was not sure what bulb to order so I sent pictures of the tips and printed info at end of a bulb that works. Customer Service emailed back promptly, sending me a link to the exact model number that would work for me. And I was able to purchase just 2 bulbs (put one in attic as a spare). The packaging was really excellent. Of course, the shipping was more than the bulbs but I was prepared for this and I was able to replace the burnt one with the help of a friend rather than have to call an electrician. Total time between first contacting Customer Service and arrival of bulbs was one week.

Only Site with Product I Needed
Product was exactly as ordered. Worked for intended purpose and looks great. The only reason I did not leave a five star rating was because of the shipping time. I was told it would be 7 to 10 business days before the item ships and read it could be longer if back ordered. Not an issue for me, but could create an issue for other customers needing a product fast.

I wish I would have done this sooner
I truly wish we would have invested in this sooner. It is made life so much easier being able to use an app to control the temperature. My heater is running less because it's so much more accurate. Being able to program it to be cooler at night while we are asleep and while we are not at home has been really convenient. I'm excited to see the savings that it brings.

Gift of Light
It was easy to order. Order arrived very quickly. The bulbs are fantastic. Thought it was a joke at first. However my wife said we only waste a couple of dollars if it's a trick, and everything to gain if the offer is legitimate. I submitted the order, and completely forgot about them until arrived. Just on time as one of the kitchen bulbs burned out and I replaced it with one of the new bulbs. I was pleased with the results, and have even used a few in our living room lamps as well, gives off a nice warm glow to the room.

Customer Service / Selection
When I called, I was able to speak with a rep quickly. Even quicker, the rep comprehended what my problem was and said would take care of it... The conversation was so quick that I thought my issue would slip though the cracks but sure enough the rep did what the said and my problem was resolved.

I would buy from them again and support this company that offers options on purchasing that other big retailers do not.

Good follow-up
Ordered several 40W dual packages of frosted white candelabra/tulip-style light bulbs. Received order in timely manner but one bulb in one package was shattered and one package contained clear bulbs instead of frosted bulbs. Contacted customer service and explained issue. Customer service arranged for replacement bulbs to be sent. Received replacement bulbs within one week. Good customer service and follow-up.

Great first order
Our local store(I prefer to shop local) was charging a high cost per bulb and just instituted a $25 delivery charge(for one box of bulbs). I looked online and found and decided to try them. The site was easy to use; the ordering was simple; and even though I had to pay extra for shipping because these bulbs are very fragile and needed extra packaging to get them here safely, it was only $15.99. I saved about $100 over what I would have paid locally and I think I even received the bulbs quicker this way. I am 100% pleased and will be ordering again. Thank you!

Ecstatic over the Globe
Thought that I might have to invest in purchasing another ceiling fan until
I discovered The light globe finally came and was well worth the wait. It fit perfectly and allowed me to match the two lights in my kitchen. I am elated and ecstatic that I found your company and you were able to help me resolve a problem. Thanks for everything!

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