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Seemed easy and stress free
Seemed easy and stress free. Company has a lot of different types of contacts lenses, so if you don't know exactly which ones to order, search from a lot of different brands. also have rebates on 2 or more boxes and a money back guarantee. This will be my first time shopping with them, and I'm giving them 5 stars.

I've shopped many, many sites for my first delivery...
I've shopped many, many sites for my first delivery of my new contact lens prescription. This is by far the most straightforward experience I've had. I especially appreciate the ETA on delivery. Believe it or not, but this was the only site I came across that provides an exact date. Hopefully, I receive my order by that date, but this was a huge incentive to buy from

Watch for processing fee
I thought I had lucked out finding this site. Had my husband order my contacts, it took nearly a month to get to me, product total: 34.03 for a box for each eye. $33.14 shipping and handling... I called the company and he said the processing fee (which is part of this cost) is $27... What?! Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Keep shopping if you ask me.

I had a lot of trouble at checkout when hitting "submit...
I had a lot of trouble at checkout when hitting "submit order" At first it gave me an error message, with options to try again, contact support, etc. I did retry to submit my order about 3-4 times and it wouldn't. I had to completely close my internet browser and re-submit order and process payment info, etc for it to work. Now i'm worried i placed this order multiple times from how many times i hit "submit order" and nothing appeared to happen.

I'm still not certain the amount my card will be charged,...
I'm still not certain the amount my card will be charged, or the actual price of the lenses, the only thing shown is "rebate price" - this is very deceptive and NOT appreciated.
I also dislike that the "Taxes & Fees" section at checkout does not show a breakdown, that tells me you have lots of hidden fees on there that you don't want to display. I intend to shop elsewhere from now on unless you can have better transparency of charges and costs.

Instead of adding a $22 fee per box at checkout, it...
Instead of adding a $22 fee per box at checkout, it should be included in the price so that there is not a surprise when you get to checkout and you are being charged almost double what you expected. The only way I was able to figure out it was a processing fee was by scrolling down on the shipping page. The breakdown of where that extra $176 charge came from was not included on the item breakdown page. That feels like you are intentionally trying to deceive or mislead customers.

It was a little difficult to know what I was looking...
It was a little difficult to know what I was looking for being my first time ordering contacts. I still am a little unsure if I got what I'm supposed to. As well as I dont know if I could have spent a little more and got a much more superior product. Some sort of firstimer "wizard/assistant" could be really helpful. Your prices were significantly better than other spots I was looking so hopefully I'll be better educated when I need to reorder with you guys thank you very much.

Very good experience and good rates
Very good experience and good rates. My only complaint about user interface is that when I was in checkout and wanted to change the number of boxes of each contact the only option was to remove the item completely, so I had to go start my order again. Worth the extra step for the good price, but I would think that would be an easy fix for your web designer.

Hello, the customer service last Jan., 2021 was great
Hello, the customer service last Jan., 2021 was great. Hope it is again. Would you please update my address for shipping to the 2201 Village Cir. Apt 624, Bedford TX 76022? Also, it would be great if it would be delivered to the apartment rather than the mail box which is further away. I'm out of contacts so hard to see, ha. Thanks so much.

Horrible Experience. DO NOT ORDER from
I am VERY disappointed in my contact lens purchase from I ordered contact lens on October 15 and scheduled to receive them between Oct. 26-31. However, by October 31 I had not received a shipping notification. I called the company to be told that the contact I ordered were OUT OF STOCK the day I ordered them. There was NO information on the website about the contacts being out of stock. I never would have placed the order in the first place if this was the case. I asked them to contact me to let me know when the lenses would be in stock and I was never contacted. When I called again, I was told the lenses were in stock and that would be overnighted to me. This information was entirely FALSE. The next day, after not receiving a shipping notification, I called back and was told the lenses were still out of stock and would be for another two weeks. I was finally notified on November 13 that my lenses were going to be shipped- that is an entire MONTH after I placed the order! I called and cancelled the order entirely. However, the next day the lenses were at my door. What is going on with this company! I will NEVER order lenses from them again. NO ONE should be able to order lenses that are out of stock and not be contacted with that information. Customer service has no idea how to help their customers. Horrible experience.

I've used in the past and have been very satisfied...
I've used in the past and have been very satisfied with the service and the prices. This time you are making me jump through hoops to get close to the same price. I don't respect a company trying to make extra money off of people who won't follow up with the hoops that your rebate requires, but I will still do it because I know I won't drop the ball. But it is a lot to manage, and it's shady.

The processing fee is not transparent until the end
The processing fee is not transparent until the end. Be up front about it. Don't waste my time trying to figure out why the price doubled. Want to motivate me to order more at once? Give me a slight break in that processing fee for ordering 2 instead of one. If I order two packs of each lens, then give me 10% the processing fee. This is what I'd expect. But no advantage to ordering more? So I won't; I'll order a box at a time.

Love the rebates!
Love the rebates! I have been ordering contacts with for many years now and have always come through with their Rebates. Just make sure to follow the instructions and you will get your Prepaid Visa card in the mail. :)

I don't understand the "processing fee"
I don't understand the "processing fee" - it just doubles the cost of the contacts. I'd rather see the contacts cost double than be expected to believe it costs that high for someone to "process" the order. I mean, if I had ordered 9 boxes each, that would have been a "processing fee" of over $300. It almost seems like a mistake when there's no reasonable explanation. It's almost as it you think you're customers are stupid and won't notice. However, as I say below, this site is the least expensive I've been able to find, I'm just not pleased with the doubled fee.

Deceptive advertising, bait and switch
Deceptive bait and switch tactics. Advertise the lenses I want at $29 a box. I put four boxes in my online shopping cart, it shows $116 with $0 shipping and handling. I place my order and in my email I see the price after ordering has jumped to $181 including a $58 processing fee and $8 shipping charge. These are scammers. I am planning to file a dispute with the credit card company if I am not refunded.

I love and will never stray, customer service...
I love and will never stray, customer service is always great should the need arise; my contacts always arrive in a timely manner and it's super easy to update your script or do the online test! Thank you for always making life a little easier and clearer! :)

I was very upset after comparing multiple contact lens...
I was very upset after comparing multiple contact lens pricing going with the best deal and I don't find out till the very end there's an additional 8995 charge people do that and try and stick $20 in there but a $90 extra fee sure makes a large diff in the real pricing of each box. I will prob return to old supplier and feel it should b show. Upfront - before we waste valuable time!

At first I couldn't get the site to LET ME put in the...
At first I couldn't get the site to LET ME put in the correct information. After about 4 or 5 tries I finally got the order to input correctly. It kept putting information in on another person and also had the wrong powers for my contacts. No matter how many times I entered the info it reverted back to an old order that was placed a very long time ago. But I finally had success.

Take Your Business Elsewhere
I ordered my lenses from and chose "Standard FREE (5-7 Business Days)" shipping. My RX was approved in less than 1-day. However, it was 8 days before my lenses shipped and 16 days before I received them. Being fair, it was only 12 business days between the approval of my Rx and the receipt of the lenses (still well in-excess of the stated 5-7 business days).

When I contacted customer service I was told had to order my lenses. The site did not indicate they were out of stock when I ordered, nor did I receive an email letting me know the lenses would be delayed.

I will not do business with them again.

Pricing is not shown upfront when re-ordering, only...
Pricing is not shown upfront when re-ordering, only what my true price will be after the rebate. The worst part is that the math is completely wrong on the shopping cart and checkout screens. Cancelling and redoing the checkout process yields different results. Even if this glitch didn't exist, the pricing isn't very transparent anyway. The whole checkout process feels like a spammy sales funny instead of a professional website that I can rely on for subscriptions. Transparency is key in 2021.

I have been ordering with you guys for a few years...
I have been ordering with you guys for a few years now... I've checked competitor pricing and you guys are the best and then offer a rebate. I have tried ordering from the doctor and are more expensive and they only seem to offer rebates on the latest and greatest contacts. Sometimes you just like what you like and don't care about the new stuff. PLEASE KEEP OFFERING THESE!

Shipping type was told to be FedEx with choices for...
Shipping type was told to be FedEx with choices for timely delivery options. I could not find that option and info regarding my shipping address wasn't accepted. Not easy to navigate for a first-timer. But hopefully next time will be easier to figure out. I was hoping to have the option of getting contacts sooner through FedEx but looks like it will be through the mail? My address for **** South Coast Hwy was not accepted. I hope to get them soon...

First time using
First time using I knew that my prescription was out of the ordinary and the contacts that I ordered were not in stock... I thought "oh boy, here we go"! The contacts were here in just a few days... gave a delivery date 4 days longer, but delivered early! YES! In these times, right now, it is such a relief to have someone ACTUALLY DELIVER and go ABOVE and BEYOND what is necessary without having ten excuses on why they can't... THANK YOU!

Will wait to see how soon I get my order to comment...
Will wait to see how soon I get my order to comment any further. Was disappointed in the huge handling fees though, plus shipping, and then the discount isn't applied, it's a rebate card that will take 10 weeks to get. Very deceiving advertisement on your main page.

The company plays silly games
You don't just buy contacts at but you get to play games as well. That's right overcharge for the contacts and ask you to jump through various hoops in order to get the money back. It's a long process that is dragged out over many months. It's tiring, frustrating and in the end petty. If you have time to waste, I suppose it is an option. If not, find another provider.

Sent wrong product and wants to charge me to return
I put my order in and have a photo of what I ordered I received the wrong item and want me to return the item at my cost. The customer service is terrible they will not return your call and only email you. I have had to go without my contacts a week because they made a mistake. They also guarantee you that the prescription is verified and 100% accurate and that is not true. Poor customer service.

I am amazed at the price
I am amazed at the price. I compared it with two (2) other online stores and offers the lowest price of exactly the same brand I am using. Also, the order process was smooth. The system is user-friendly. I can't wait for my contact lenses to come. Then on, I will share my opinion as to how the delivery was and most importantly, how good the lenses are when I wear them. If excellent, I will be recommending to families and friends.

Thank you for having great deals that are easily available...
Thank you for having great deals that are easily available online so that people can see them and don't get screwed over by buying from places like Stanton Optical or any other places people go to get eye-sight supplies. I was given a "Deal" of paying $120 a box when going through the actual eye Dr's office. When I showed them your discount of $34.95 for the same exact contacts, the manager looked shocked and said I was lucky to find it and stopped trying to hassle me with getting contacts through them.

(1) The way the cost is displayed is confusing
(1) The way the cost is displayed is confusing. (2) On the first page, it says shipping was free, but a shipping fee was added to the total. (3) There is no sales tax for Oregon residents, and no other lens seller imposes a "tax." So it's a joke to call them "tax and fees," when, truthfully, it should be labeled as "contribution to profit."

Fast, convenient and the BEST prices I've found anywhere...
Fast, convenient and the BEST prices I've found anywhere online so far! I'm really impressed! I love that I could email my contact script and download a copy of everything needed for my insurance, including their paperwork. It doesn't get easier than that! I will definitely be back!

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