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Completely Unsatisfied With Results
Just received my 2 Legacy boxes. Until now, everything appeared to be service oriented and organized. Unfortunately, the service we paid for to have 8 mm video tapes converted is a failure. I want someone to call me and fix this or a refund. I wish I read these reviews first! Legacybox, we are disappointed with several issues:
1. Most (75%) of our submitted 32 tapes for conversion to both CD's and a flash drive had a red sticker advising us that " there was a tracking issue that didn't meet their normal quality standards". And you didn't cut down the cost?!?! What am I paying for if 3/4 of tapes are returned back!
2. To check the quality of our tapes ourselves we replayed the 8mm tapes on our 8mm player, as well as the video camera playback and the tapes are clear and play perfectly with no issues. I need to understand more here by discussion vs. send me my box with not much conversion and stickers.
3. One of our tapes had a sticker that there was mold or other similar issue that was unable to be converted. What mold? What machine are you working with that tells you these things. This tape played perfectly for me now...
4. Our tapes were returned as a mess. Legacybox did not rewind them, theY put them back in wrong boxes, and de-faced red stickers across our own identification labels which required us to review the tapes to identify them properly. Two hours later... we finished reorganizing. Again, do us a favor and keep it organized for our own memory.
5. There is no chapter search, just fast forward. So. I can't even move quickly from section to section. The marketing for Legacybox is so sentimental about caring and converting special memories however, the manner in the way our memories were returned did not show ANY care, concern, or consideration.
Beware before sending your memories...


Very Disappointed!
I sent in four video tapes (I paid an additional $14 for one of my VHS's). As soon as I shipped my Legacybox to its location, I started to have problems with my order. It arrived a week and a half to their location. After that, I waited 6 weeks and I still did not receive my Legacybox. Also, hey could not convert one of my VHS because it supposedly had mold. I believe this can be fixed, especially because I paid extra. But either way, I have not received my refund. I was disappointed with their poor service and I am not satisfied with the quality. Honestly, I rather watch my memories with my VCR (FOR FREE) because it has the exact image quality. I do not recommend this service at all! The money spent does not reflects the service that Legacybox provide for its customers. Especially if you want these beautiful memories on time. It is not worth it.


MiniDV transfer was consistently terrible
Purchased a 20 item box for my wife as a Christmas gift to have our aging miniDV library of videos (mostly of our now grow children) converted to a more usable format. After a long wait- more than a month to process- we received our collection of DVDs, a flash drive and even digital downloads as part of a promotion. Upon viewing the digitized footage we saw horrible pixelation, horizontal grey lines on screen and, in general, just terrible picture quality. We were so upset, thinking that our tapes had degraded to the point of being unwatchable. We then viewed on a PC the material on the flash drive only to find that the defects in that footage were different (in the same scene), but equally terrible in quality. This led us to break out our old miniDV camcorder to view our originals...
We were so happy to see clear, crisp video & audio on our originals that was uncompromised. Even the tapes that were rudely labeled (over the tape reels) with a sticker that read, "Previous Damage" played without any defects. This leads me to a few conclusions:
1. Legacy box has some obvious flaws in their digital to digital conversion process, specifically when dealing with miniDV media
2. Their quality control process does not ensure that original video quality is preserved. There is no way that anyone had a look at our converted videos.
3. I cannot be the only customer to have had a similar experience. The miniDV format is aging and players are not readily available.
The only kudos I can muster for Legacy Box is for their prompt response to my concerns, and that after spending a weekend validating that their process is broken, Legacybox issued a full refund.
Perhaps their picture scanning, VHS conversion and handling of other formats is great. But stay away from them when it comes to miniDV conversion.
Thanks for the read.
(York, PA)


Talk a good game, customer service is terrible, results inconsistent - no quality control
I received a Legacybox as a Christmas gift from my daughter and son in law. I was excited to finally get my
Old 8mm movies, and a few VHS tapes digitized. I gathered everything together - I spliced 6 small reels of
My precious 8mm movies onto one large reel, and sent the remaining 17 small reels as well as a few
Super8, and VHS. My gift included "Holiday Priority Processing" - 5 day turnaround, instead of the normal 5-6 weeks. When I tracked the order it showed "being checked in" for a week. Long story a little
Bit shorter, I was given the run a round, told lies - I asked to have someone in senior management contact me, Legacybox have not. I get notice that my processing is completed, and I can view them online.
The first one I viewed, the digitized version is so dark it is almost impossible to recognize anyone even in
Outside scenes - I viewed these when I was splicing them, and they were NOT dark, except for the very
First few minutes of my wedding film, shot inside with no light - the rest was easily viewable from my
Original 8mm film. What kind of quality control, if any, do they have? I contacted customer service yesterday and told them - they sent me a label to return the films needing attention - my films were still
There - I told them that. They ignored me. This morning I received notice that my films/videos were shipped and will arrive next Wed.
What kind of an operation are these people running?
They talk a good game, but the results at this point, are less than satisfactory.
It is extremely disappointing that you cannot get to speak to anyone in a management position.
I would check out other services that perform this service.


Our historical society here in Vermont owns many priceless old reels of citizens - now long passed away, speaking about their lives in the 1800s and early 1900s when Legacybox worked on the famous Grand Trunk railroad. Those reels were precious to us but - we had never been able to hear them since we did not have a machine to play the reels! The reels had been recorded in the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. Since then, the reels had languished in a cardboard box inside our museum, unplayed, neglected, and in deteriorating condition. When I first saw the adverts popping up for Legacy box's services I thought 'No. Our reels are too delicate, too precious, and too rare to send to Legacy Box for processing.". I ummed and awwed over it for weeks, then, in the end, took a decision to 'trust' the reels to Legacy Box. Believe me, as president of the Island Pond Historical society this was not a decision I took lightly. I am so glad that I did. In no time at all the reels arrived at Legacy Box, were put onto CD's, and sent back to me, all perfect, and in perfect condition. This transaction could not have been smoother, it could not have been more professional, and the entire matter was expertly dealt with, efficiently handled, safely, and at the lowest cost imaginable. I will continue to use Legacy Box and am very happy to trust this company with even the most fragile and deteriorated of our rare reels. This is an exceptional service with first class customer care service, too, and they're fast! Please, have no hesitation in sending this company your most precious items, they really care, and they do a really wonderful job. Sharon Biron, President of the Island Pond Historical Society, Vermont.

You Can Do This Yourself
I sent 14 VHS tapes do be digitized. I'm grateful that none of them were damaged in shipping because the quality on many of the DVD's that I received back was so poor that I had to perform the same process using Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 (for under $40). This and a VHS player were all I needed to create a much higher quality of video and audio file than what I received back. Legacybox needs to maintain their equipment better and to review their finished product for quality before returning to their customers if Legacybox care at all about the service.
For example, a friend recorded a memorable event, but the product I received from Legacybox captured everything before and after the ten seconds of the accomplishment. The 10 second static was so well timed, it seemed almost deliberate. I'm thankful that the VHS was not damaged so I was able to record it to file. Other DVD's I received were so useless for both audio and video that I almost threw them away, but I'm keeping in case Legacybox wants to refute my claim. I'll give them credit for communicating status by sending 20 e-mails in the 77 days they had my tapes.


Don't get your hopes up!
I have to say, although Legacy Box does not claim to produce better quality videos than you've had before, I was very unimpressed with the video files I received back. I waited over two months for my videos to arrive (no big deal) and it was a huge disappointment when Legacybox were finally delivered. For a company that boasts having all the latest technology in preserving videos, the copies of my videos were not any better than if I were to get a VHS player and watch them at home myself. In fact, I feel like the copies were the same as watching on a VHS player if not a little worse, and the volume level is unacceptable! Mind you, all of my VHS videos are from the mid to late 90's, yet all of the videos came back marked "this item has existing damage". Once again, I know they do not claim that they will restore your videos, but then again what is the point of claiming that you have the best technology and all these facilities to convert your videos. I cannot even imagine what you would receive back if you had any videos that were any later than The 1990's. Videos from the 80's? Good luck! Also, it would be very helpful if you received some sort of master list invoice of the status of the videos you sent in, instead of just getting a box with a bunch of tapes labeled "this item has existing damage". Legacybox sends files via Google Drive (weird) and I had several videos that could not be opened in this application. I had to reach out to Legacybox to get support on how to properly view/download the files. If you are charging for a premium service and then providing a product that cannot be enjoyed directly in the package they send back to you, what is the point. The customer service was good in troubleshooting the files, but it seems like not being able to open the files via Google Drive is a reoccurring problem on their end. So figure out a different way to send the files! Save your money and the hope for your videos and just buy a VHS player yourself. Seriously!


If you're not sure what's on your VHS tapes, don't waste your money
I sent 8 VHS tapes to Legacy Box. In my box, I also included a hand written thank you note as I was trusting them with what I thought were our family's most precious memories. I have three reasons for why I am giving my experience two stars:

1) Ambiguous Timeline: In all the ads I saw and the information I received after I made the purchase, no where did I see that the time to digitize VHS tapes takes 2 months. We had planned to have them back in time for Father's Day (as I had expressed with excitement in the hand written note I provided). Even though there is a link to track the status of your order, my tapes sat in "checked-in" status for 2-3 weeks. I had to contact customer service multiple times to get an update on the ETA. This was irritating, but I figured if it was taking so long, that would mean that I would be REALLY happy with the final product I would receive. It would be worth the wait, right...?

2) Lack of Human Touch: It turns out that several of the VHS tapes I sent in were actually old cartoons/movies. To be clear - in no way shape or form am I blaming Legacy Box for the content on my VHS tapes. But, given the fact that I had 1) expressed my excitement about sharing these home videos with my family for Father's Day and 2) waited SO long to get the final product after constant follow-up, I wish someone had picked up the phone to call me or given me a sneak peak or SOMETHING when Legacybox saw that 6 out of 8 of my VHS tapes were old cartoons. I know someone had to have seen that and thought something didn't seem right. I think that a service that is dealing with people's most precious memories, requires a higher level of EQ and human touch than other services. Now, I have paid $80 to get digitized files of old cartoons and movies that I could find on Youtube or Netflix...

3) Damaged Tapes: Of the 2 remaining tapes that did have family content on them, 1 of them only has 4 minutes of actual viewable content out of nearly 2 hours of footage. AGAIN, I am paying full price for this. When someone saw that the video was not of good quality (or whatever the issue was), I wish they would have contacted me to discuss the options instead of sending me a digital file with 1 hour and 45 minutes of a blank screen.

The last remaining video out of the 8 that I submitted, did come out in good quality. That's 1 out 8 (12.5%). So, if you are 100% sure about what's on your VHS tapes and know with a high confidence level that they are still in good condition, then I believe this will be a good service for you. But, if you have old VHS tapes that you THINK might be family videos or you aren't sure of the quality, I personally don't think it's worth the time, money, or frustration.


Warning re Legacy Box
Warning regarding Legacy Box process: I read the instructions sent to me when I prepared my photos to be digitized. I spent hours getting the 25 bar code fotos in a specific sequence. I sent instructions along with my 25 foto packets indicating Legacybox were in a specific order. I packed the fotos in bar code order 1-25. However, when I received the digitized fotos back the bar code packets were not in numerical order on the disc. When I called customer service to complain I was told that the information about possibly being out of order was on their website but was not in the printed material sent with the Legacy Box. I then received a note from customer service explaining that they might need multiple scanners to achieve the quality desired and thus we cannot guarantee that our team will be able to keep your fotos in the order you sent them. If I had known this I would not have ordered and paid for a second disc nor would I not have ordered a thumb drive. My goal in digitizing the fotos was to have them in a sequential form that made sense to other viewers. To secure this goal, I then had to rearrange the fotos in the order I wished on Shutterfly. The quality of the digitizing of the fortos was fine.

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Great quality and service
I had heard about Legacy Box on the radio and Everytime the commercial came on I received this promoting to send my tapes in. Them I came across a Groupon with a discount, and I jumped on it! I sent 20 videos to have them copied into MP4 format. My old camera would not work to view the film and I wasn't sure how Legacybox would turn out. I was truly amazed at the quality of the videos. They turned out perfect! They are so fun to watch again.
The company was great to work with and I got them back sooner than I was expecting. Safe and secure. They were great to send emails and keep me informed of the progress and mailings of my videos. I would highly recommend them to you.
Now I want to find some software to edit the tapes into small segments as they have multiple events that I would like to Separate.

My experience with Legacybox has been a nightmare and I would give only one recommendation... DO NOT EVER USE THEM! I thought I was lucky to have a Groupon to save a ton, but it was the beginning of a horrible ordeal still unresolved! First, I never got the original box, so months later I contacted them and Legacybox sent out another one. That should have been a warning sign! So it finally came and after months of sorting thru boxes of photos... some 100 years old... I sent off 600 photos, 15 VCR tapes and 1 8mm movie. I was busy thru the Summer and never gave it much thought until Sept and checked online to see it was in the process of Digitizing so I waited a few more weeks and when I looked again it had never moved! So I finally contacted someone and the end of Oct. And expressed my fear that my precious items had either been sent to someone else or been lost! I then received my box a few weeks later... but nothing had been processed and the movie was missing! I have now been weeks trying to get my money back from them with no luck! I am only thankful my entire box was not lost or destroyed... but my priceless movie is still amongst the missing! DO NOT USE LEGACYBOX... EVER!


Video ok, but no s
I decided to try legacybox after seeing reviews, marketing and some research. I sent my 8 and 16 mm film and requested enough media to give to my siblings as a surprise. After receiving my product I put the thumbd drive in my computer and hear no sound. Thinking that it may be my error I put a dvd in and again heard no sound on media that Iknow has recorded sound. I contacted them by email and received a quick response. I was informed that because 99% of the 8mm and 16mm film has no sound recorded on it Legacybox do not have equipment to transfer sound from the 1% they receive. I was also sent a link that showed me that this policy was listed on their website. In appreciating their point of view and "experience" I then asked if I may return their product for a refund. I was told (in spite of it ALSO being listed on their webstite) that although the product was unsatisfactory that a refund was not possible. I am dissatisfied that this fact is not more prevalent in their marketing but I suppose that if it were they may not receive a few request for service.


Destroyed my memories beyond repair
Legacybox sent me the original box after a few weeks (FedEx lost it), I then sent in 40 items from my late grandfather's personal stash. Legacybox were very intimate and wonderful family memories. I was smart to take pictures of everything before I sent it in.

It took way more time than normal because it was around Christmas, and I then received an unmarked brown box with my stuff and an arrangement of unlabeled DVD's. I took a look at them. There was no audio and everything was unorganized. I had no idea which tapes were on which DVD's. I had to reach out to customer service to understand that buried in their FAQ, it says there's likely no audio for the media I sent in. Okay, my fault.

Due to the nature of the package I felt something was amiss, and after haggling a bit with the CSR, they sent me another box to send my stuff in and give me all digital files instead.


This second trip took much less time. I then received a LegacyBox labeled package with everything neatly packed inside. One problem. At least 10 of the small reels I had sent in HAD BEEN SHREDDED, and their cases DESTROYED. Like, in pieces and had been smashed by something heavy kind of destroyed.

Whoever was responsible for this managed to stick all of the shredded tapes in an old plastic bag and then they stuck a sticker on it that said "This media is in a format that cannot be processed"

I took pictures of everything that was damaged, and spent TWO weeks haggling with a new CSR over the nature of what I received.

They ended up giving me my money back. However, it will never replace these cherished memories.

It is now a year later. They are sending me review requests and newsletters despite having unsubscribed twice, and having reached out to their customer service team about unsubscribing twice.

Needless to say- STAY AWAY.


Slow process and poor quality results
I had several VHS tapes converted by LegacyBox - the process takes longer than expected, and the ability to track progress is very limited. The quality of some files was really poor, LegacyBox said that's because the tape has degraded - but I recently found my old VCR and bought a cheap conversion kit and the quality of the video is fine. Legacybox didn't digitize some tapes at all because of adult themed content, but I was fully charged with the offer of a credit toward my next order - I won't have a next order because my tapes are done. I didn't know what was on the tapes which I recorded in the 90s but apparently someone had recorded some of the Playboy Channel so that was the problem. I understand about policy and all that stuff, but being charged fully isn't a good practice since clearly they didn't invest the time to do the conversion. The digitization is also incomplete on some tapes, if there was a gap or pause in recording they assumed the tape was done vs. let it play through. I am now digitizing every tape I paid them to do with better results at about 10% of the cost.


Misleading Info, Lousy Video Results
I sent in about 15 videos to Legacy Box. Legacybox only had 4 done. They said they could not do others, and I also complained about the fuzzyness of them. Kimberly from Customer Service partially refunded me for the videos they could not make, and also told me they don't edit them in anyways (which is why I download videos with blue screens for twice as a long as needed to be. In their email they say: "Every tape is monitored to ensure the best playback possible by a trained technician. We have state-of-the-art technology, and even fiber optics for fast digital storage. We could go on...
By the way, if your tapes are a little fussy and require extra attention or a repair, our technicians will take care of that for you"

But reality according to this kim person is they dont ever edit it. So I can't even get an honest answer. What a way to ruin a present to my parents. They hype this up on the radio and I am totally disappointed.

I recommend getting local recommendations and never using Legacy Box. I don't think they even check it well.


Way too expensive for what you get
Their site is misleading - for the starter kit which is $72, the picture shows dvd's, thumb drive, a nice box, welcome guide, etc. I assumed you are paying for the 3 little DVDs in that price, so I ordered it and paid the extra $9.99 for the thumb drive. In order to get the DVD's you have to pay another $9.99 extra which I did not see. All I got back was the the box, my original tapes with my identifying labels missing, and a tiny little thumb drive. I haven't even checked yet to see if all the tapes were copied correctly onto thumb drive. So far, it does not appear so. Last year I used Legacy Box, and Legacybox messed up on that order by not copying 3 of the 25 or so tapes I had sent them, so I had to send them back to be copied. I'm pretty much done using them.


This company provided excellent efficient trustworthy service and returned treasured materials safel
My father took many home movies of family over the years that got stuffed away and basically forgotten. After his death, I held on to these canisters for ages, wondering where I could entrust them for digitization at a reasonable cost. After reading all the positive reviews, and calling to ask our many questions (which were answered kindly and professionally), we decided to risk our memories to Legacy Box. I could not be happier with the result! Images from as long ago as 1959 were once again brought to life. Moments that I had forgotten, or had no idea my father was recording, came flooding back. Pictures of people long gone are there for me to share. My children and grandchildren are receiving a priceless gift this Christmas, that would not have been thinkable without LegacyBox. Thank you!

Inferior results, indifferent customer service, high prices, untrained technicians
I truly wanted to be happy with LegacyBox. Their website bragged of highly trained technicians and professional service. Legacybox were running a half-price offer so I figured, "Never a better time to do this!" I was actually excited when I received their box with bard code labels and their instruction booklet explaining how to label my tapes and prepare them for return shipment so that their professionals could transfer my precious memories to digital. I sent them 23 tapes: 22 Hi8 tapes that were recorded on my Sony camcorder, and one VHS tape. The tapes were in excellent condition and had been stored in my air-conditioned, smoke-free home. I sent back the tapes and a few weeks later, as promised, I received all of my original tapes back along one one thumb drive containing all of my digital transfers.

The first sign of trouble came in the form of an email from LegacyBox when the tapes were on their way back to me saying that one or more of my tapes arrived in a condition that would make good quality transfer a challenge. They didn't specify which tapes, how many, or even what the problem was. AND THEY STILL CHARGED ME FOR THOSE TAPES. THAT, right there, was my first red flag.

The second red flag: How did they fit TWENTY TWO videos (each more than an hour long) onto one small thumb drive? "I guess they get bulk prices on large-capacity flash drives," I thought to myself. Then I plugged in the flash drive and watched my videos. The answer was instantly clear. They had drastically compressed my videos to fit them all onto one cheap thumb drive. The video quality was fair, but clearly had been compressed to death and looked nothing close to the crisp, vibrant quality of my master tapes. I paid $300+ for compressed video? It gets much worse. As I moved on to the next videos, I realized that some of the transfers were "squished". What I realized was that the transfers for six of my tapes had been transferred in the WRONG ASPECT RATIO. Sixteen of my Hi8 tapes were originally recorded in the 4:3 aspect ratio used on old televisions. But 6 of the tapes were recorded in the newer 16:9 aspect ration. Their technicians didn't even check the aspect ratio and transferred all six of the 16:9 tapes in the wrong 4:3 ratio, making everyone in the videos look squished. HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS? NO. Now keep in mind, there is a pandemic going on, and they might be short staffed, and everyone is human. I get that, I empathize, and I wanted to give them a chance to fix this. I emailed them and received a kind, courteous reply the next business day. I sent back the 6 tapes that were transferred in the wrong aspect ratio, and was promised they would re-transfer them at the correct ratio. A week or two went by, I received the tapes, AND THEY WERE STILL IN THE WRONG ASPECT RATIO. At that point I realized they were incapable of doing their job correctly, and I asked for a refund for those six tapes, and received it. But customer service never even asked what they could do to keep me as a customer! They never explained how this happened, or why. No attempt to keep my business whatsoever. They simply don't care. Here's the best part: Unhappy with the quality, of the transfers, I bought a firewire-to-lightning adapter and transferred all 22 Hi8 tapes myself. Not only were NONE of my tapes them damaged, as LegacyBox had claimed, but ALL were in pristine shape and my uncompressed transfers came out FANTASTIC. MUCH better picture and sound, with no problems whatsoever. Oh, and that VHS tape? They claimed my master tape was bad, but they didn't even adjust the tracking! Rookie mistake in VHS transfer. Expert technicians would have adjusted the tracking at Step One! I transferred the tape myself and it came out fine. The bottom line: Avoid LegacyBox like the plague. Do it yourself or pay someone competent with a camcorder and a computer to do it. LegacyBox is an absolutely inferior service for an exorbitant price.


Don't waste your money - or don't expect good results
This summer, my niece got married, and as I had previously recorded the weddings of two of her siblings, I was asked if I could do so for her wedding as well. Now I no longer have state-of-the-art equipment, but I do have a digital DV camcorder, so I agreed to film her wedding. The DV recording went off without a hitch, but unfortunately the "backup" recording in HD on a new Samsung note phone had problems and was not usable.

Therefore after attempting to copy the recording to a new computer which I frequently use to edit videos, I gave up and sent two dv tapes to Legacybox to be converted to DVDs.

The results were less than satisfactory. One of the two DVDs was unplayable (naturally it was the wedding recording) and I contacted LegacyBox to (a) get the URL where I could download a digital copy of the wedding, and (b) to have a PLAYABLE version of the bad DVD sent to me. There must have been some confusion because even though I said that if the download copy was usable I would not need the replacement, the woman who took the call (and emailed me the URL for both recordings) said that LegacyBox would send the DVD anyway. That replacement copy has never arrived and I finally gave up waiting for it.

The above is the good news.

The copy that LegacyBox sent to me contains the first 6 minutes (+/-) of the tape which (a) is just over 30 mintues long, and (b) plays perfectly on two different DV camcorders.

I finally tried an inexpensive over-the-counter video capture program, Nero, and the disk copied flawlessly, so I now (FINALLY!) have the video in a playable format.

I AM THOROUGHLY DISGUSTED. I would demand a refund for the inept, shoddy, and incomplete job which LB (Legacybox) did, and I would demand my money back except that even if LB were willing to give me a refund, I doubt that Legacybox are sufficiently efficient that I would ever receive it.

I CANNOT recommend their service to anyone. I am sure that many people are satisfied with such service, but having paid a not-inconsiderable sum to have 2 DV tapes copied and never having received a playable copy of one of them, I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT HAPPY and I will be warning my friends and relatives to avoid LB.


Legacybox ripoff
Legacy box tries to appear highly professional but is anything but. I got email "confirmation" that my order was received on 12/5 and have since received no further correspondence. Worried that Legacybox had lost my order, I called today and they said that it would take another 2-4 weeks to process because of the holidays... To be clear, my order contained 9 VCR tapes and 15 photos. I could literally have taken a class in night school, taught myself how to do these conversions, converted them, opened my own company and converted another 20 tapes in the time that it has taken them. When I questioned them, I had a snotty receptionist tell me that I was miscalculating the timeframe quoted originally and, instead of being helpful, she kept repeating incorrect dates. After she explained that everyone thinks their order is the most special one, I ended the call frustrated and extremely disappointed.


Do not trust legacy box with your precious memories!
We were sent a legacy box kit which included numbered bar codes. My siblings and I spent hours going through many rolls of 8mm film and marked them in order according to the numbered bar codes.
When we received the DVD's, Legacybox were completely out of order, not all of the film was transferred, you could see part of it slipping and some of the film was split from the reel.
I called and spoke with a very nice man who understood the problem. We were refunded what we paid thanks to the man that I spoke with. Thankfully all of the reels were returned along with the DVD's. If you treasure your memories, do not send them to legacy box! Although I read good reviews here, I think those people were just lucky! There are other ways to transfer film, etc. Save your money & your memories!


Satisfied customer Tom
At first I was unsure about sending my treasures away. I Needed to have my films put on something to save them. Legacybox were starting to disappear I could not show them on my projector due to them burning. I received the box to send my family movies back quickly. I sent them in quickly I was informed they were received. I was happy that they had arrived. I got concerned when I had limited information but reached out and was continuously updated.It took longer then I was expecting. But with the corrona virus I understood it taking longer then I expected. When I received my package back. I had all my old family movies returned and the thumb nail of family super 8 movies. I immediately plugged the thumb nail into the tv and was immediately behond satisfied the perfect job that was done was amazing. I am so satisfied I will be sending another group of family films soon. I Have thank this company greatly for the wonderful job

Mediocre -- You can find better options
Really this is a very bare bones service.
No effort was made to assess the sound quality.
A simple noise reduction would have eliminated the hissing that is omni-present on the new recordings.
And there are even long periods of silence because no effort is made to assess when the tape actually ended.

Further, the delays were numerous.
My tapes were at the facility for more than a week before LegacyBox communicated Legacybox had been received, and the process took more than a month longer than described.
Meanwhile I got a couple messages full of generic messages implying technical wizardry and magic that would make even the most non-technical person gag.
And it was clear that once the tapes were finally processed, they were processed within a very short amount of time -- probably less than an hour -- evidenced by the communications themselves and the relatively low quality of the digitization.

I'm comforted that these are now backed up digitally -- so at least they won't be lost.
But given the price, the low quality, and the annoying communication and lack of attention, I wish I had taken just a little more time to research locally or to buy the software to do a good job myself.
Because really, despite the many claims in their marketing, there's not an ounce of wizardry to this, and definitely nothing special about the LegacyBox approach.


I entrusted this company with the last images I had of my late wife. Legacybox had advertised with some of my favorite radio personalties so, though I felt they were pricey, that they were upstanding. I had hoped to present my children with with lasting images of a mother they had lost 15 years ago. What a tremendous mistake that leaves me in a depression that these precious images are lost and a voice permanently silenced. Not having heard from Legacy Box for months I started an odyssey over four months in the traveling. This was after being shifted from agent to agent, emails not returned, numerous promised return phone calls never made. After hammering their useless customer service agent weekly they finally admitted they had no internal tracking procedures and that a 'search' had not turned up my tapes. They admitted they were giving up and that they weren't going to do anything else. Oh, and they were kind enough to return my money the week they admitted to their incompetence.

Remember, Legacy Box does not care even the tiniest little bit for your precious memories. They suffer no penalty, offer no insurance. They move on to the next victim of their scam and pray not to be exposed.

Take your memories to a local vendor. At least you will know your materials arrived, you will know what building they are in and have a face to blame.


Great Experience From Start to Finish
I purchased a Legacybox for my mother's Christmas 2016 gift so that she could finally get all of those VHS-C tapes converted before Legacybox further deteriorated. Just a few months later, my father died and my mother misplaced the box. Fast forward to 2019, and I contacted Legacybox customer service about getting another box sent and explaining my situation. I received a prompt reply, and the customer service representative was very understanding and helpful. She sent a new box to me with updated postage for a very small fee. I finally sent away my mother's box to be converted in Christmas 2020, and the entire experience was great. I received regular updates about the status of my tapes, as well as some heads up about quality issues in advance. Although I was understandably hesitant to send my family's priceless tapes in the mail, Legacybox made me feel comfortable through the process. I truly felt cared for by Legacybox.

Don't waste your money
I sent about 25/30 vhs & vhs-c tapes that were from 1995 to 2006 (not old at all). Thanks to covid I had time to watch them all before I sent them to be sure Legacybox were in good working order & had content that was going to be worth the money I was spending to have them digitized. The ones I chose to send worked as good as the day we had recorded them, no sound or tracking issues. I got 3 thumb drives back with my tapes (many of the tapes were marked "tracking issues".), two of the thumb drives worked in the tv & one didn't, I contacted customer service & they gave me generic answers as if I wasn't tech savvy & disappeared. We watched some of the videos right away & were instantly disappointed with the quality... hardly any sound, many tracking issues, blue screens, dead space, hours of blank screens, some were out of order, started from the middle, parts missing, duplicates, 2003 somehow turned into 1999 in the middle like it had been recorded over, there were none of these issues with my tapes before I sent them, I know because I had watched them. Life happened & I put everything away until this week I wanted to watch them & organize them on the drives & once again more disappointment. I was so excited to get this done & now I'm sick that I spent that much money & received back what I did. Do not waste your time or money.


Beyond expectations
A bit unsure from the beginning...
All we had were some 8mm home movies from the 1950's, that were continuing to deteriorate in a tote in the garage, along with some family photo's. That's all that was available to show our children and grandchildren about half of their more recent
Family ancestry. Too bad, but we didn't want to lose that too. That's where LEGACYBOX came to our rescue!
The results... beyond any expectation imaginable! We were hoping to simply preserve any thing that could possibly be saved... what we got is truly impressive. The 8mm home movies view better then their originals. So viewable, we simply cannot believe it. The photo's will now be enjoyed by many far... far into the future.
Now is the time for us to start securing family memories for our current and future generations all thanks to LEGACYBOX! And without any of those "unsure" feelings.

I've never seen worse customer service!
I bought a Groupon for Legacy Box that "Never Expires". $129.99 for a $500 value Closet Box Media Digitizing Kit. A couple years later I went to use it and the code was not accepted online. When I called Customer Service Legacybox were supposed to look into it and respond but didn't. When I called again the agent informed me that my Groupon "expired" but I could use the value I paid $129.99 against the $500 list price. So now they wanted another $370.01 for the Groupon deal they should have honored. I sent Groupon all the communication and picture images of the "never expires" deal & Legacy Box refused to respond. I ended up just having the origional $129.99 cost credited by Groupon. Legacy Box ended up being an unethical company with the worst customer service I've experienced.


Voices don't match
I purchased a package for Legacybox through HSN or QVC (don't remember which) last November. The price was awesome! In the package I got 20 tapes, a flash drive and Legacybox got put in the cloud. We ordered 2 extra sets for our kids. We sent them out in November and received them back in January. We viewed them to make sure they were okay. The DVDs were horribly pixelated and as the DVDs played on the sound didn't match up. I wrote to Legacybox about them problem. They were very nice about the situation and sent us postage to ship the VHS and 8mm tapes back and they would redo them for us, no charge. Awesome!

We got the new DVDs back in the end of January or February. We put one or two different DVDs in and the description on the DVDs didn't match to what was on the DVD! The sound also was not much better and they were still very pixelated. So not much improvement and they were not numbered correctly. We realize we should have notified the company right away but didn't because we thought that maybe it was just those 2 that were off and decided to go through each one before we contacted them. Our bad! Then of course the pandemic hit. We kept putting off the dreaded task of checking each DVD. Again, our bad! We didn't not end up going through all the DVDs until today (Oct. 19) and only 3 match the description. One also has only about 30 minutes on the DVD when it should have about 2 hours. We know we can't do anything about our DVDs but just want to make sure the next person is careful when buying a Legacybox, making sure to check all DVDs as soon as you get them.


Don't use kegacybox
I will just tell you why legacybox is deceptive and unfair.
I sent a bundle of tapes and films to be processed, it was order number 1046094. Your company failed to copy three of the items adequately, because Legacybox do not adjust the TRACKING of VHS tapes. The resultant discs were just static. After arguing with your representative I was offered a 50 percent refund. I find this to be inadequate and insulting.
First off, your company puts a sticker on the supposedly defective tapes stating that they did everything possible to process the items. This is not true. Because I consequently paid a guy $55. To get my tapes copied properly. They came out fine with a slight tracking adjustment. Your company DOES NOT do everything possible to ensure ideal quality.
Secondly, you advertise on your website that SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED. We'll, since I am not satisfied with your production process and your inadequate refund policy, I am not satisfied and your guarantee is false.
There you have it. I challenge you now to post my feedback, or to process a full refund for the three faulty jobs.

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