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I'm not sure this is the way it is meant to be, but...
I'm not sure this is the way it is meant to be, but when I click on some of the tabs, like for example, Women's, and the window of options to click on pops up, but it SEEMS like I should be able to scroll down to see more options, like it looks like it gets cut off where it's not supposed to. Yet, I can't scroll further, so idk what I'm not able to see. I also think your banners at the top are too tall. I think LeatherUp take up too much of the shopping space. I have like, half a screen to view the products.

I ordered this item on May 9th and have not heard one...
I ordered this item on May 9th and have not heard one single word about when it will ship. I could have ordered the same thing from Amazon and it would have been here by now. I realize that this Covid-19 bull$#*! is going on but I have ordered from other venders including Amazon and JP Cycles and LeatherUp were delivered in a very short period of time. I have sent two emails requesting updates but haven't heard anything back yet. Disappointed! Order 1362388

As I stated earlier. Excellent experience across the board
I am witness to one of very few companies that is a pleasure to do businesses with hands down. Either your purchases go through with lightning fast delivery without a hitch. Or you may personally have an issue or quirk over something?... Forget about it... It's taken care of... Excellent products, ( my choices are anyways),,, Excellent shopping experience via the detailed description of merchandise. All along with the best customer service I've ever received. Hands down.

When jacket arrived it had major discoloration with...
When jacket arrived it had major discoloration with what appeared to be bleach stains. I notified customer service and LeatherUp said I needed to send jacket back to receive another one. So, on top of spending my hard earned money to buy the jacket, you now want me to go out my way to return a product that was damaged before it ever got to me? These was nothing offered to compensate for the time and effort it took me to stand in a long line at UPS and return the jacket. I could understand if I ordered the wrong size or if somehow the issue was my fault. This is how I would expect customer service to respond to concerns that were my fault. But if I pay for a product and it arrives damaged, I don't see how further inconveniencing me by making me go out my way to return the product is proper customer service. Not at least without offering something to compensate for the error that was of no fault of the customer. Not a good first impression of your company

This became quite frustrating as the coat that I purchased...
This became quite frustrating as the coat that I purchased was my 3rd choice with you, 4th overall. I wanted a fitted coat with the mandarin collar, that wasn't over my $175-$200 cap. I would think, that when a coat is running low in stock, you would order more, to prevent customers from having to wait 6 weeks for the coat LeatherUp wanted. I elected not to wait 6 weeks so picked another, which also was not available. I hope this works and that shipping is speedy. I have a ride planned for next week.

Yup! Yup! Yup!
Love this site. Simple to use and found exactly what I wanted. I looked at this jacket over and over again thinking should I? I finally took the plunge and am thrilled that I did. I love, love, love my new jacket and couldn't be any happier! It came fast and packaged well. I had to stare at the box for an hour because I had it shipped to my work before I could open it. When I did get to open it, all the women I work with were loving it. I think one of them even ordered one because LeatherUp liked mine so much. Thank you very much for a great experience and a great jacket!

Had a lot that I was interested in, checking out one...
Had a lot that I was interested in, checking out one item and backing out/up looking at another was smoothly and brought my right to where I was without any freeze up loadings. Would of received a higher star but many shops at first seem great however its the time frame of getting ready for shipping, the delivery service LeatherUp use which is hopefully will not be USPS. Then you have receiving item/s and possibly needing size adjustments and custom service on making it easy that ultimately considers if I become satisfied become my 1st choice pick for motorcycle gear even if I can find it cheaper elsewhere. Being treated as a decent human is worth paying a bit more.

My experience with leather up has not been a pleasant...
My experience with leather up has not been a pleasant one try to order this item a couple months ago in a bundle package and it was sold out now I've been waiting 5 days for representative to get back with me about making it a bundle package again and no return calls and you have the heated hoods and I just ordered the extra large helmet without the heated Hood because I just called and your rep said that you did not have it in stock I still want the heated Hood for the 3995 that it was advertised before minus 10% I hope I at least get the helmet

I placed an order for 3 items on 4/25
I placed an order for 3 items on 4/25. Today is 5/6 (11 days after) and I haven't received ANY of my items, and a tracking number search indicated 2 of the items haven't even shipped yet. All of the items said LeatherUp "shipped within 48 hours" on their website. This is a false claim. If you want motorcycle apparel shipped to you in a reasonable amount of time, choose another company. This is far too long, even with the shipping delays caused by Coronavirus. Simply no excuse for it to take this long.

I've been trying for 4 days to place this order and...
I've been trying for 4 days to place this order and the method of shipping I said free shipping on ground and then LeatherUp want to charge 50 to $90 to get it a little bit quicker that doesn't sound right you could expedite the shipping at no cost to me that was out there I've been trying for 4 days I've sent you several emails that didn't even get answered I even went through Amazon but they told me they have to go to the third party you to get the jacket and did nothing they could do about prime Time shipping or anything a little a little faster might be nice

Your firm can't same to see that the sizes of your...
Your firm can't same to see that the sizes of your mercury boots are not sized correctly I am returning the second pair that I received because the sizes are not smaller than the size printed in the boots are not correct sizes I wear a size 10 1/2 my first order was a size 11 LeatherUp were to small so I returned them for a size 12 they came yesterday and they are to small so I want to return them for a full refund mean time I placed a new order for a size 13 because the turn around time for a exchange is to long.

Just placed my order on cyber Monday, it was quick...
Just placed my order on cyber Monday, it was quick and easy, great selection! Purchased $514.76 worth of stuff before my Cyber Monday 15% discount, and I am really excited to get everything and try it on! Also bought a few gifts for friends I ride with. Your selection is amazing. Also nice to see almost everything was in stock and not sold out like some other places! If all the items are as advertised with no disappointments then all my friends will be sent to you for further business! I'm very excited and looking forward to receiving everything I ordered!

We have boy multiple items from leather up and have...
We have boy multiple items from leather up and have been very happy! My ex element harness boots are one of the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, I believe there is gel soles inside the boot My ex element harness boots are one of the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, I believe there is gel soles inside the boot. I do believe the sizing charts don't fit for most people, I believe you must go up at least one size! For that reason I am always afraid to purchase sized products online.

Hello, I have been a registered customer of yours for...
Hello, I have been a registered customer of yours for years. I also have placed three orders in the last month from you.
Ever since your new website has gone active I am unable to login. I have placed three calls to your store and have yet to resolve this. I was just hung up on again. I was told I would be called back with a solution last week.
I have heard nothing. I receive multiple emails a week from your advertising.
So I know you have my email address in your files.

Excellent selection good quality leather goods great...
Excellent selection good quality leather goods great prices and customer service is top notch I ordered a vest and when I received it, it wasn't the correct style I received it on a Tuesday and got ahold of customer service the lady working walked me through everything and kept checking in with me via phone calls and emails I had the new vest that Friday I would highly recommended this site to anyone. I wish more companies took the time like this company does to make sure it's customers are happy.

Absolutely horrible return/exchange process
Absolutely horrible return/exchange process. First, couldn't find information on exchange so downloaded return label, but no information on paying. Apparently, even though the product sizing error is theirs and not mine, it still costs $10 to return/exchange. Nothing made sense. Sent an email and days later was sent a link to an exchange label. That said the $10 would be charged to my original credit card once the exchange was approved. Had to take package to UPS. Did receive email confirmation that package was received and exchange approved, but 3 weeks later still no product. LeatherUp say they were waiting for my $10 although there was nothing in the process that told me to pay somehow. When they finally sent me an invoice for the $10 for exchange, it wanted to charge me $7 to send me the electronic label. More emails and more days, and eventually they fixed the invoice. But I'm a month out on the exchange and still no pants.

Such a let down, don't buy.
I purchased these gloves because it appeared in the images to be well made and look good...

But when the actual product arrived, it looked and felt like a mockery of what LeatherUp advertise to sell.

The leather is really thin and ugly, the sitching is so cheap and the cut outs aren't even right! There is excess leather sticking out where there shouldn't be any. Plus it doesn't even fit well despite following the website's sizing guide. To top it all off, absurd shipping costs nearly doubled the price of a glove that shouldn't even be worth 1/3rd of its original price! >:(

Very dissatisfied. I emailed customer service about this 3 days ago and have yet to receive a response.

3 days later, have yet to respond.

Leatherup is a SCAM
The reviews that say LeatherUp were able to get through to customer service are fake. Most of the positive reviews, but not all, are from employees or the owners of Leatherup. This company is more then likely a front for a business in India. That's not a bad thing, but deceptive marketing practices are. Before you order, try calling customer service. See if anyone answers, they won't. Send an email to customer service, see if anyone responds, they won't.

Before you order call their phone number. Try to leave a message. Try to call sales. Nobody will answer. STAY AWAY. YOUVE BEEN WARNED.

Leatherup provides quality leather and gear for both...
Leatherup provides quality leather and gear for both women and men. No logos just good practical, and stylish leathers with prompt shipping. A good variety of ladies gear that is difficult to find anywhere. If you have or buy a bike, you wont find much gear for women in the bike shops. Leatherup has you covered. True to size, quality leathers at an affordable price without all the logos, roses and junk all over them. Shipping is prompt. This is my go to for all my gear!

Need a better variety of wide sizes.
Just wish you had a larger variety of styles in wide sizes for women.
I'm a petite woman, with small, wide feet. It is very difficult to find footwear that fits my 5 1/2 W foot. I really wanted these boots with the pink hardware but I knew LeatherUp would be too narrow. As it is, the 6 wide fits the width of my foot, just. I will have to stuff the toe with cotton because they are a bit too long and thick socks will not fit. Unfortunately, the ankle and calf in this boot is too big and is loose and bulky looking even when laced as tight as possible. Did I mention I'm petite?
I will be keeping them because I don't think I will find anything that will fit me better, and they are better quality then my previous riding boots. But I'm disappointed in the lack of variety and the assumption that wide feet must mean wide ankles and calves as well.

I am disappointed in the chaps
I am disappointed in the chaps. This is the second pair I have purchased, using the measurement chart, and have had to pay for shipping to exchange and/or return both. I bought the two pairs from different brands, hoping that it was a fluke the first time, and that surely if I followed the instructions for measurements the second set from a different designer would be fine. Nope.
This time I am exchanging for a rain suit that has more "flexibility" in the fit. I am disappointed, however. The money was saved for chaps, specifically. I just don't dare try a third time. The return and exchange fees are too expensive.

I Purchased the EXACT jacket I was looking for at a...
I Purchased the EXACT jacket I was looking for at a great price! Got an email AND a text a few days later stating that the jacket had left the warehouse and was on its way to me. A day later I got an email from customer service saying that my order did not pass inspection during shipping and that LeatherUp were refunding my credit card... I emailed them asking how that was possible since I was told that the jacket was already en route to me? They could not give me an answer!
I am Extremely disappointed!

Returns process is not good...
Returns process is not good... you guys need better procedures/communication. At the time of my return/exchange the item was in stock and it went out of stock later. I had no notification/it was difficult to follow up with phone support. Please create a streamlined digital return process online so you can receive messages and updates on the process/don't have to fill out a paper form in a box. The rest of your site is well designed and streamlined... please to the same with returns and exchanges.

My experience has been very easy
My experience has been very easy. My exchange seemed to be moving slowly until I wrote an email asking about the situation but, as soon as I did, things started moving along. I have always received replies from customer service which leads me to believe that there is an actual person checking up on orders and I am not just one more insignificant order in a million.
The first jacket we received, while it was too big, was good quality for the price we paid.

Another Great Purchase
I had several things on my wish list, and was looking at the great sale prices this time, not intending to buy anything yet. The Flash sale was just to good to pass up for another pair of boots. I was totally impressed with the service, one email confirmation that the order was placed, one that it was ready to ship, one that guaranteed delivery and one that guaranteed secure online service and returns if there was any problem with the order. As a return customer, I expected a good experience but somehow in the midst of our current pandemic situation LeatherUp managed to improve the attention to detail they give to each customer, and my boots arrived before the scheduled delivery day. Just Wow!

I ordered over a week ago and paid for 2 day delivery...
I ordered over a week ago and paid for 2 day delivery service and as of 10pm Houston time I still have not received my order, this crap about bad weather is just an excuse, I order other items from a different store from Minnesota on feb 25th and have already received that order didn't even pay for express delivery and still got here before the stuff I ordered from y'all, how are you going to correct this issue, if customer service really matter to your company thanks

Before and After
First of all, I been looking for Chaps that will fit six feet eight inches of 250 pounds of flesh. These chaps are one third of the cost versus $360.00 as LeatherUp are at HD. The pair I tried on did fit. But cost more than I am prepared to pay. I hope this XL tall size that I ordered to fit my thighs does. I'm sure they'll probably be too big in the waist but I did what the site suggested which was order to fit my thighs. It's worth a try for the price. This site is easy to use and with so much to chose from is great.

The "AFTER," I received my order. I ordered gloves in 2XL. I ordered chaps 2 sizes larger based off their recommendation, still too small for my thighs. My waist size is Medium tall. Site recommendation, go with thigh size. I did and ordered 2XL tall, too small. I've returned both to exchange for a 3XL in both. Hopefully the larger size in both fit. So my 2 STAR rating is due to the chaps being too small even after ordering based off the site's recommendation.

So after giving the 4 stars a pop up added questionnaire...
So after giving the 4 stars a pop up added questionnaire opened. The final line is "should we follow up" i answered no thanks. A red warning message said " Are you sure? Benefits of our free follow up service include order confirmation, additional feedback options, and customer care resolution services should any issues arise.". This makes me feel that i will not get any order conformation, will not be able to get service if I need to return. I take back the 4 Stars and would give them 1 Star at best based on this BS survey.

TERRIBLE QUALITY shop elsewhere
The jacket i received smelled terrible, the inside buttons were tarnished green and had rubbed off onto the leather and there was also some unknown white build up around all the buttons.

I was concerned about the quality and contacted customer service at leatherup. Ca twice but got no response. I also called in and was told to email customerservice@ leatherup. Com instead and that I will receive a prepaid return slip. As a result I sent an email with photos and was told someone would get back to me in 24- 48 hours.

In the meantime I had hung the jacket outside for a few hours trying to get the smell out, it started raining and one of the sleeves got wet. I hung it up inside and when it dried i found white streaks all over the leather that had gotten wet. I don't know what is going on with this jacket. I contacted customer service again asking if there was a film or something on the coat and was told someone would get back to me. It's been 3 weeks and I've heard nothing. Terrible quality jacket, and neglectful customer service. Save your money for a better brand and don't shop here.

Ps: i wrote a review with photos on their website but its conveniently not posted. Theyre so shady.

Great selection of items, easy returns, sometimes hard...
Great selection of items, easy returns, sometimes hard to see because of the way the website page lays out on my laptop. Makes it hard to see when I click smaller pics under the main photo of the object I'm looking at. Too much up and down scrolling to see it fully. I think the band at the top of the page is too big. Then there is a band at the bottom as well. Just not practical for simple, fast viewing in my opinion. Maybe its my laptop but its not that old

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