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Go elsewhere
If I could rate zero I would. I have called 4 times, left messages, sent emails, called and talked to their sales dept because the service dept doesn't answer and it says leave a msg and we will call you back. That hasn't been my experience! It's not even the customer service that is bad it is the mowing. LawnStarter have mowed the lawn 4 times, (1 more than they should of but since I can't reach them to cancel their service they got the 4th) the 3rd time they didn't mow an entire section of the lawn. I would have informed them of it but they never returned that call either. They asked me how to rate the lawn care through the email and I told them bad. Not even a follow-up on that. Tried to use their Lawnstarter APP, even that was a joke! Luckily I had to cancel a cc due to fraud activity and that was the card I was paying them with. I'm hoping that will get them to call and sent an email telling them I'll update my payment information once I get a call, but based on my experiences so far I don't have much faith in that. Use craigslist or nextdoor, this company is less than well run once they have you under contract. They are all over the place when they will show up, the work is not great, giving feedback directly goes unnoticed, and forget about the customer service. I will not recommend them to any of the properties I work with going forward.

Just go ask a random12 year old to cut your lawn with play-doh scissors instead.
I don't know if LawnStarter is "UBER" for lawn care, but it sucks. When signing up, you're under the impression that a team will be serving your lawn care needs and I've ended up with a random dude with a push lawn mower hanging out of the back of his '97 Toyota Corolla. The clippings are never properly taken care of, they've either been blown under the cars in the driveway or just left in piles on the lawn. There are spots of grass left in the lawn that are so tall I can see them from my curb. The first lawn cut, the guy threw all of my lawn chairs in a pile and one broke. My rose bush, which is small, has been cut down more often than not. Edging is NEVER done properly and we end up having to go back over it. Communication for rescheduling is lacking, at best. When something goes wrong, they'd rather credit you $15 than fix it. I doubt the people working for them even make a decent paycheck, because LawnStarter mess up so much LS has credited half their pay away. What they are attempting to do with this company sounds good, what actually happens is more like having your lawn cut buy an overpriced 12 year old.

My husband hired their service but the only thing we got was a changes on our account! LawnStarter said they had the wrong address and did my neighbors!?! Which they didn't cause their lawn is always perfect & done by her husband & son! So I asked her if a lawn service "LawnStarter" came to cut her lawn? She told me I stay at home & I would know if a lawn service came to cut my lawn! So I called and had to give them my address AGAIN! Got an email stating the day they would come out! Then on the day they should have cut MY lawn I got another email they skipped the service because it wasn't needed!?! I called AGAIN! I said I have pics my lawn DOES NEED IT & they DIDN'T come to my house! They told me AGAIN they had the wrong address! REALLY? A company can be that DUMB?! YES! They would send somebody out the next day! NEVER happened! Then the NEXT Week! I was back & forth with them in email & phone wanting the service or my money back! They only gave false promises of lawn service! So I demanded my money back because they NEVER completed their part of the agreement! AGAIN they kept emailing me it would be refunded! But it NEVER was in the 7-10 business days they said! I gave them 20 business days! That's when I called my bank to dispute the charges & have LawnStarter investigated cause now they have to deal with a bank that wants their money back! My bank gave me the money back NOT LawnStarter! Plus I have every email from LawnStarter, phone calls I made to them & pics of my lawn they NEVER cut (date & times).,. IF my bank needed them! They wouldn't have gotten a number rating ONLY if it was a choice!
***ALWAYS have proof because there are always 3 sides to a story! Yours, Theirs & PROOF!***

Just a snip it of the email I got and the reply: I complained that LawnStarter missed a weed and now it's tall. Theyve been cutting corners...

Charlotte P via
Aug 27,2019, 2:01 PM (1 day ago)
To me

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Hi Lamia,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your **Lawn Mowing** service and I'm so sorry this happened.

After reviewing your request, I noticed the service occurred on **Aug 14,2019.** We're always happy to re-evaluate a service should any issues be reported to us within a **5-day** **window**.

However, after this period of time, natural growth of the lawn can obscure important details and make it difficult for us to review the situation. But, we still want to make this right so I will go ahead and add a **$15** credit to your account for the trouble and ensure your crew is aware of the issue. This will apply to your future bill.

Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you. This is definitely not the kind of service we want you to experience.

Let me know should you have any other questions or concerns.


LawnStarter Support


Lamia Kadir
8:36 PM (4 minutes ago)
To LawnStarter

I find this so funny. FT mom who has 3 kids contracted your biz to mow our lawn. Expectation that you do at least the minimum, mow the WHOLE YARD and not CUT corners (pun intended). I then after a long hard day am supposed to verify YOU did your job and have 5 days to contact you (while exhausted) if YOU DID NOT do a good job.

That's like saying, you were supposed to remove my entire APPENDIX out and I have 5 days to let you know you made a mistake?

Ridiculous, Lamia Kadir, MD

I really want to give you zero stars
Let me first say that this has been the worst experience with a lawn care service ever! I'm a single mother who is in need of lawn care. Currently on bedrest and unable to take care of my lawn I reached out to Lawn Starter and created an account through the app. On September 14,2020. My first service was supposed to take place between September 18-19th 2020. However no one showed up, after checking the app I see that my service was canceled. I reached out through email and was told that the crew was removed from my account. Once my next service appointment is scheduled that was canceled too. I have spoken with numerous customer service reps through email who all state LawnStarter apologize for the inconvenience and if they will schedule a new crew to service my lawn. It's been three weeks now and I still have not received service. Last night I received a text message asking me how my lawn looked. I thought it was extremely funny because I was home all day due to the fact that I'm on bedrest. No one came and cut my grass so of course I reached out again through email because that seems to be the only way that you can contact LawnStarter. I was told that due to the COVID-19 training the crew did not show up. However they will be here today Friday, October 2,2020 between the hours of 7 AM and 12 noon. I also received an email stating something completely different. I am extremely unsatisfied lawn starter and I want my account canceled however they say give us a try and commit to three lawn services. How can I commit to some thing if the service is not being provided. By the time I grass gets cut it'll be winter time. I do not recommend LawnStarter they are very unprofessional.

Do not Recommend!
I scheduled Lawn Starter to mow my lawn as I was going to be away for a few weeks. My grass was already in need of work as I was in and out of town. So I called for a one time cut which LawnStarter don't do (minimum of 3 scheduled cuts) which I scheduled the weekly service for 3 weeks since it was the minimum. I scheduled them for Thursday/Friday which they didn't come on the 4th of July which is fine. So Friday they came out which the care team messaged me that he would be there early morning. I later find out through the App that the service was cancelled. That Monday I luckily came home to find my grass still in bad condition and a strip of the grass cut (and burnt because they cut it entirely too short). It looks like they just gave up and quit cutting the lawn. I called customer service and they could not give me an explanation for the grass not being finished and it was not due to weather because the lawn care team would have left a comment. They offered to reschedule the lawn care service and I told them to cancel all of the service because I wouldn't want them to do the same thing again (I also didn't want them to ruin my lawn because of cutting it too short like the strip they cut originally). Good thing I popped my head in town to check on my house. Would not go through Lawn Starter for a service again and definitely wouldn't recommend.

My boyfriend hired LawnStarter (LS) thinking LawnStarter were a local company. (Lovely guy, but easily fooled!) LS is nothing more than a middleman who finds you a local lawn service - which you could AND should easily be able to do yourself - then charges you a commission every single time the lawn service or individual does work for you. (A lot of their hires are just guys w/ lawnmowers.) EXAMPLE: The lawn mow - if I hired the company DIRECTLY is $35 - but through LS it's $47. They add $12 on to the price - *every time*. (Expensive too, for a small lawn.) They do not vett companies / individuals - although they claim they do, & that stuff about an average of 12 years experience is bull! BEWARE: If you have a problem w/ the service - as I did after the first mow (they tore up a wet yard) - it's like pulling teeth to get them to honor a damage claim. Instead of being able to contact your lawn service directly, you have to go through them - as I'm doing now - and get ready for a rise in blood pressure & massive frustration. They don't answer their phone in a timely fashion, you aren't given ample characters to explain your problem on their website, and reply e-mails are auto-generated. I spent 2 days trying to get a hold of them by phone.
Really people! All you have to do is look in your local newspaper or the yellow pages & find yourself a reputable lawn service. If you've got extra $$ to throw away, or don't have the time to make one or two phone calls, then maybe LS will be good for you. **But** be forewarned - this will work for you until something goes wrong - then good luck getting it fixed!
If you like the company you've got now, ask them if they'll work directly w/ you - NOT through the app. I know for a fact that a lot of clients do this and the lawn services are happy to go along. They get paid the same, and you save $$. Maybe a LOT more than $12 a mow - if you have a large yard & other landscaping work done!

Lawnstarter doesn't listen
I used this company for years. When I first started to use them the team LawnStarter hired stole my husband's tools. They did not take ownership but did replace the original team with a new team. The next mow the damaged all my yard lights! I had to submit them photo and tell them where they were purchased. In less then 24 I had all lights replaced plus extra. I was grateful! However the next mow (my third required) and we were in the same boat! The lady on the phone advised they will get a new team and to give them one more shot. My husband was in a wheelchair and I worked full time so I told her ok. For us to try and do it ourselves was hard. The next team was amazing! They stuck with me for years. Then on the last week of August I called to advise we are moving. I will need my mowing to end on the 18th of September! The next mow i received a message saying they need to reschedule. It was from a different team! I said ok and then 5vdays go by and then they show up advising they can't mow unless inpay the over grown lawn fee! Absolutely not! You rescheduled not me and I'm in the middle of a move. It took days before I got a response. Finally they agreed to have someone come out and mow and not charge the over grown lawn fee. Great. Thank you for owning your companies mistake. Whelp they got me back. They left my account open sent mowers again! Charged me again on a home I no longer own! This is beyond ridiculous. I would never recommend this service to anyone.

Lawnstarter is a great take on an age-old industry...
Lawnstarter is a great take on an age-old industry (well, for as long as there have been suburbs and lawns, at least). As a startup, they're very responsive to inquiries and issues. Whenever I've gotten in touch with them, they've been very responsive to the issues presented.

The only issues I've had with this service thus far is that you have to specifically ask what gets covered in lawn service. Trimming or Weed-whacking is not covered under their basic service (or if it is, the contractors are shirking). LawnStarter mow thelawn they can get to, and that's it. I had an instance where the contractor didn't mow my side yard because they couldn't get their lawn mower into that area; they didn't weed whack it either.

Second, since they use contractors, those contractors may not always behave the same way twice. The first two times they mowed, they picked up the play yard (it's a plastic play-yard with a slide) and put it back when they were finished. The third time, they put it on the back patio and didn't move it back to its rightful spot. Since it's a 2 person lift (for its length, more than anything), I had a bit of a time getting it back to its rightful spot.

Overall, I definitely recommend them; but before you actually sign up, figure out what's covered under their service; and what their contractors will and won't do. It's not pain free yet; but as they grow, hopefully it'll get there.

NONstarter Didn't provide service requested-charged $65.76 - an upcharge w no discussion prior
NON starter - Days before the crew even arrived I was getting notifications to recommend them for a $20 discount. Apparently people are recommending them before LawnStarter come to do a service so they can get this discount. I do not recommend Lawnstarter. They charged me $65.76 instead of the 'new customer rate' and I can't get anyone on the phone to fix the problem. I did not have a good experience with LawnStarter. They came and mowed but did not get the area from my back fence to the curb although I specifically listed that in the notes. They MISSED SEVERAL areas with tall weeds as well as weed whacked two of my gooseberry bushes down although they were inside a circle of bricks - to be fair they were small and among weeds in the bricks. I've provided feedback and asked for a call back to sort it all out - I've received several emails from at least 5 different customer service people but no call back - just an email explaining they had no one to make calls out to customers. I'm not trying to blast them for missing stuff but let them know that they missed stuff specifically listed in the contact form. I'm assuming they want to do a good job but somehow the information didn't get relayed or the crew hasn't much experience. They didn't check in before leaving and were barely at my place for an hour - arrived around 10 and by 10:30 I received texts asking how the lawn looks. They did not call or text ahead as I asked in the notes on the contact form so I could put my dogs away - just randomly showed up giving a two DAY window of when they would be here without asking what day/time works. I'm guessing the service providers are not getting passed the information on the contact form. The first crew cancelled - not sure why but I wondered if again the information on the contact form was not passed to them so they would have the right equipment. It is all still not sorted out and I received an email that said this same crew would come back to finish the yard on Thursday. Quick response but I am not available Thursday. I asked them to confirm that they would NOT come on Thursday bc it conflicts with another commitment I have and I can't have them mowing that day. So much back and forth via email that it isn't worth the hassle to me. I've asked them to invoice me for the work performed (2 guys x less than 1 hour of mowing) and cancel any further work twice now. I got an email saying the work has been cancelled from one person and later an email from another person saying the crew would come on Thursday to finish. Still no invoice which makes me uncomfortable since the do have my credit card on file. UPDATE - no invoice, my card was charged@ 3X the amount I expected and no resolution at 10 days later. I've reported them to the BBB - the are not local - they are based in Austin, Texas.

No Show after Several Delays for Weather
I live in Central Florida. In the Summer, it rains daily. I set up an appointment to have service scheduled 1 week ahead of time. LawnStarter gave a 2-day window for when my grass would be mowed. On the 2nd day, I get a text message that it was being rescheduled due to inclement weather (I guess clouds are inclement weather: it never rained either day).

I sent a message to the crew requesting they come in the morning, so it won't rain on them. I received an acknowledgement. The same thing happened again: no show on the 2nd day of appointment window. Postponed due to inclement weather.

Changed crew and the new crew promised they would get it done this morning. No show, then the rain starts.

Yesterday I saw an independent landscaper crew mowing a neighbor's lawn while raining (also edging and blowing the clippings). That is the crew I am hiring.

I fired Lawnstarter and recommend everyone does the same.

Here is a link on how to cancel your service online:*******510-How-Do-I-Pause-or-D... />
I also now have a theory about this company: they are in financial trouble and are not paying their contractors. I looked at the reviews here, they were mostly good until June 2018. That is when it went bad quickly. This type of non-service usually happens when a company is about to file for bankruptcy. Contractors take note and bail on this company. Customers spend your money elsewhere.

Don't do it! There are more reputable companies out there to hire!

If I could give it 0 star I would! But 1 star to get my review in, will have to do!
So I signed up on bi weekly mowing schedule, the 3rd mowing service, the guy emailed and said he cannot come but will mow the week after, which he did. One off? No! He was supposed to mow on June 28, but emailed and said he again. Can't come but will mow Tuesday July 2. Ok, last time, he came through, so we waited. Tuesday came and he emailed again saying he would come on Thursday July 4th. Strange, but fine, only 2 more days! He didn't show up. No email on when he was planning to come.

Now here's the KICKER: I emailed LawnStarter to ASK if LawnStarter can find out whether he will come on Friday, because otherwise something needed to be done, my lawn is 3 weeks from last mowed by this time. WHAT DID LAWNSTARTER do? CANCEL MY ACCOUNT! Right! That's how they resolve customer service issue. My email was courteous and polite. I was simply asking them whether the promised service is going to be rendered! Now they are washing their hands completely.

Good luck trying to get ahold of a person over the phone. I was on hold for 27 minutes before deciding that finding a place to write these reviews is a better way to waste my time!


They mowed half my yard, never came back to finish the job, and then tried to double my mowing fee
I had a good experience with Lawnstarter for about 6 months, until my mower stopped working for the company. I was assigned a new crew who mowed it once with no problems, however I was charged a high grass fee when the delay was due to their scheduling and personnel issues. LawnStarter refunded teh high grass fee after i contacted corporate. However the second time they came out, they didn't mow my lawn and tried to get me to agree to an additional charge for bagging leaves. The leaves they wanted to bag was actually leaf mulch around a tree to help care for it through the winter. I declined and they didn't mow my lawn that day. When they finally came back, they only mowed half my lawn, stating that because the house was a duplex, they could only mow one side. No one had ever communicated this to me and the price I was paying was on par with other mowers who mow the whole yard. However they declined to come back and finish mowing the remainder of the yard, instead saying I would have to pay double. The price should be geared to the size of the yard, not the type of housing. In addition if this was their business model it should have been communicated in a more transparent manner.

I would not recommend this company. Their business practices and customer service are not good.

Shady business
Put in a quote through thumbtack, LawnStarter texted me through my phone multiple times through out the night at 11am and 3am and 330am, then kept calling all morning throughout business hours. I signed up, the lady said it will be $19 1st mow, and 2nd 28. Then they kept calling and calling still harassing throughout the business hours making me unable to complete any of my work. I picked up another ladys call finally and she said they been having issues with thumbtack generating multiple inquiries, and put in a ticket, they cant see eachothers notes either that you been called or signed up. Finally i got on their website, cant find a way to see the 2nd mow price, she said its 26, then with some trust fee its 28, this is biweekly. So hoping weekly is cheaper i ask how much, mind you this is for a small less than 2 car garage size lawn, she says 30, and that the bi weekly is really 33$. They sound unreliable and dishonest with prices, harassing phone calls so i told her to cancel services. After i hang up with her another guy called, and i told them at this point its 2pm, i have gotten no work done, and unless they about to compensate me for lost hours of work, dont call me back and i would never do business with them! SKETCHY business. Your prices shouldnt keep changing!

How my Lawn Returned to Raw Texas Hill Country
I am writing this as I gaze out across my lawn that now looks like an abandoned property while waiting for the inevitable HOA fine thanks to LawnStarter's inability to follow through.

First off -- LawnStarter NOT an actual lawn service crew. It is a middle man. You request a service and put all faith in them to properly assign and schedule a crew. You are given a LARGE window during which time your service may (or may not!) occur.

My lawn treatment for weeds had a 17 DAY window. I waited patiently through the window after 17 days of waiting. I also had a mow service scheduled that was completely skipped without asking me first. Excellent.

I was told the weed crew was discontinued from their system, and LawnStarter proceeded to reschedule me for another massive "window" that was THREE weeks away!

I call them again, and this time am told it's due to "weather" that my service was rescheduled. (for 17 full days the weather was bad? No.)
I finally get them to reschedule a crew for the following week, and the crew AGAIN does not show up. (Fun fact: This is still the original crew they first claimed was "dropped" from their system).

So, I call that crew directly and am told I was bumped AGAIN because they could not find my address. (Fun Fact 2: I had contacted LawnStarter to tell them my address was incorrect in their system and was told they corrected it. I was also told this via email on this same day but clearly, they did not pass on the correct address to the crew).

After contacting them AGAIN I am told that my address WAS corrected, but now the price of the lawn treatment service is now almost 50% HIGHER due to the previous price quote being based on the wrong area. So for all this trouble, I now get to pay them more $$ on top of the fine I will probably be receiving.

Turns out the other crew that had been mowing my lawn actually WAS dropped from their system, so I can't even get basic mow services for another week. I finally did what I should have done a week ago and CANCELLED everything.

And that is the tale of how my lawn returned to its raw texas hill country wilderness roots. Thanks LawnStarter.

BEWARE unless you like headaches.
Decided to hire LawnStarter for two different properties because we were going on vacation. I agreed to their 3 cut minimum and thought it would be nice to come home to a freshly mowed yard and not have to worry about it for a week or two. The first week LawnStarter showed up as scheduled. I had a neighbor provide information on my personal lawn and the tenant provide information on the 2nd lawn. Our tenant's property's lawn was cut so low that brown spots were left behind. Our lawn was haphazardly done. We notified LawnStarter and they stated we needed to leave a message on their app for the crews about lawn length. We did. (FYI-I filled out the app with the height that I wanted to grass to be PRIOR to them showing up for the first service) Crews were to come back on July 27 or 28 but never showed. I called LawnStarter on Wed and were assured they would get someone out there ASAP. No one showed up by Friday and I called again. My neighbor sent me pictures of my lawn. It was probably 6 inches tall. I was told they would return on Aug. 3 or 4 and the same crew would be handling both yards. I was also told I would be charged an additional fee for TALL GRASS because I stated that I did not want the clippings to be left on the lawn since the grass was so tall and I wanted it bagged! I told them I would not pay the fee but since I agree to a minimum of 3 cuts, they needed to fulfill their end of the deal. They later agreed that they would credit my account $15.00 to bag the clippings from my lawn. I agreed that that seemed fair. When we got home on Aug 3 and our lawn was almost a foot tall! I gave the crew all day Monday Aug. 3 to show and no one did, I then called and canceled all services with them because I was afraid the HOA would send us a violation. As of this morning, Aug. 5, no one showed up to the tenant residence. I have called and canceled all services for that property as well. I will NEVER do business with this company again and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. You will have nothing but headaches trying to get your lawn mowed. There is a huge disconnect between the phone number that you call and their ability to notify crews.

Worst customer service I have ever had.
I would give this company less than 1 star if I could. Started out great. First 2 cuts with pics on the property. Then I'm not sure why, but my crew was replaced. 2nd crew rescheduled 2 times the first week (not due to rain). Got assigned another crew for the 2nd week, Rescheduled the 1st time the 2nd week due to rain, but instead of trying later in the week LawnStarter just put down for the next week. So I called LawnStarter and asked if it could be done later in the week when the weather showed clear. They assigned me a 3rd crew who didn't show up or answer any of my messages. I called on Friday of the 2nd week to learn it wasn't going to be done. So here comes my 4th crew assigned for the 3rd week. Apparently they had vehicle issues both Monday and Tuesday? I called on Tuesday since it was supposed to rain for the next 8 days straight and that would make 3 weeks since my lawn had been mowed. My 4th crew apologized Wednesday night and let me know they would be out there Thursday rain or shine. So what does LawnStarter do? They assign me another crew! No responses on the posts for 6 hours when I asked if they would be out Thursday. Then I get a response on Friday that I've been rescheduled to Monday. I called Customer Service to cancel, and they ask me why? I believe the facts speak for themselves. If the city gets called because the lawn hasn't been mowed I will send the bill to them. They are a middle man that uses several crews with no guarantees that any of them will actually show up. My advice, cut out the middle man and find a good, reputable company.

Awful support and 4x overcharged for services... go elsewhere
I wanted to give everyone a fair warning of how this company works. I booked a mowing with them based on reviews that I had seen on Nextdoor. It seemed easy enough – you just schedule online anytime you need some type of lawn care done. Our grass was definitely in need of a mowing and so I scheduled the next available appointment. That got rescheduled due to a little rain, so it ended up being about a week before someone could come out. Since our grass was on the longer side (probably close to 9 inches), I expected to have to pay a little extra. Their long grass fee states that you'll pay 50% extra if you grass is 6-9 inches, and 100% extra if your grass is 9-12 inches. So here's how it then works... Someone shows up and takes a picture of your lawn. Based off of that picture, LawnStarter determine how overgrown it is and what they are going to charge you. Initially my custom rate was $46. Guess what I was billed? 5X that! $226. Yes, $226 for a one-time lawn mowing. I called to clear things up and experienced some of the worst customer support. I did at one point speak with someone who was very helpful and agreed that I was overcharged, but then when I was put on the phone with another manager to approve a partial deduction, they disagreed. What a mess. Just know that there are honest companies out there that actually have their act together and care about you. Go find them. Support your local community. But I urge you – do not put yourself through the chaos and sh*tstorm of LawnStarter.

Adequate Job for Lawnmowing. Waste of Time for Leaf Removal
Had used them for most of the summer to mow my lawn. LawnStarter did an OK job, though they never trimmed the grass next to the fence. However, when I went and signed up for leaf removal it was a disaster.

First their website spit out a quote of about $100, which I knew had to be way too low, but the site didn't give a lot of options to push it higher and more accurate. A week later, when they were scheduled to come I get a message "Needs reqoute" in the evening. No offer to give me a new quote but the system automatically rescheduled them to come back, so I figured they would give me a quote then. Nope. Same message that evening a week later, so I finally asked the guy to give me one and if he could come back sooner than when the system had rescheduled as it had been two weeks by that point. He said it would be no problem, but never did. In fact, they evidently came again almost a week later as I got another message of "Reqoute" on the automatic reschedule day. Three weeks of a yard full of leaves, I canceled all services and moved on.

What a mess
I am disabled. I had Lawn Starter mow my lawn on a bi-weekly basis. I am on a very limited income and i can only afford $100 a month for mowing. Their price for mowing every two weeks was $49 and some change... perfect. I have four dogs. All small, all in house dogs. LawnStarter get let out several times a day into the front yard. We have a chain link fence in front, a wooden privacy fence in back, and two chain link gates between the two types and an access gate in the front for the front only. The first time they mowed was September 2. The mowing was going to be the previous week but i had the yard mowed the Friday before that so I sent them a couple of emails about rescheduling. I got no response... As the mow date got closer, I went to their website and they had a way to message them on the site. Using this method, I, again, asked them to reschedule. The day before it was due, I got a response from someone I assumed was a rep from the company and they advised the schedule was changed. He/She also advised they did not pay attention to email and the website message board was the only was to contact them. They did come on the appointed day. They were very quick. The yard looked like it had not been touched. It had been mowed but there was no edging/weed eating along the fence line and leaves were piled up along the fence and scattered across the yard.
I understand they do not bag but at least the leaves should have been moved away from the fence if it had been trimmed. I was not expecting another cutting until sometime around the 17th. I was totally surprised when they arrived and mowed on the 10th. This time the results were the same with an additional issue... they left all the gates open. Our dogs were let out and they scattered like roaches. With a lot of time invested in driving around, screaming, some assistance from our blessed neighbors and a lot of luck, we were able to repatriate the animals. A couple of them cost quite a bit of money and emotionally, they are all invaluable. Again, using the website email, I messaged the rep and he replied with: "Can you call up lawn starter? See if they can make sure to take care of your account. It was on our job list for service today.", so apparently Adam is a contractor with LS. LS does not list a phone number on the site that I could find. Poor, slow communication, Poor lawn appearance, No attention to details to finish the job, Gate left open because of lack of supervision and laziness. LS is just a referral company. Because they do not have direct control over the staff that actually does the work, they should not be used. I will not use ANY company like that. I will contact mowing companies directly for services in the future.

Unlimited phone calls BEFORE completing signup
Let me start by saying... I never write reviews!
I started the signup process and got through entering my phone number. I got distracted and didn't go any further. Before i knew it, I was getting text messages about my interest and back to back phone calls asking if I was interested. I told 3 different reps over the phone AND via text that when I had time, I would complete the form and sign up for the service. I advised them I was at work and not to call back.
The very next morning, I start getting phone calls. I asked the first rep to remove my number and when I was ready I would sign up for the service. She told me she would... After about 2 hours, I receive another phone call asking the same question..."are you interested in lawncare?" I was so frustrated, I explained to the rep that I didn't want anymore phone calls and to PLEASE remove my number. SMH!
In order for me to remove my info, I'll need to complete the sign up with credit card info and all. I refuse to use this service because of the initial unwanted contact.
I blocked the number LawnStarter were calling me from, so hopefully that will stop the calls.
After reading the most recent comments on here, I am so very grateful I didn't sign up.

Property Damages & Even 'CTO' Ignored Me
I have contacted the 'CTO' of named Jonas Weigert on twitter to see if I could get response to property damage. Silence. LawnStarter have not emailed me (nothing in spam folder) or left me a voicemail to let me know what they intend on doing. I think they refunded the charge after the damage, that does not make up for the damages (shattered window glass and broken sprinkler heads). I called them as soon as I saw the damage happening (home due to quarantine) and you could even hear lawnmower in background. DO NOT USE THEM. IF THEY CAUSE PROPERTY DAMAGE THEY WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. IF THE 'CTO' AT LAWNSTARTER DIDN'T CARE TO HAVE THEM CALL ME OR EMAIL ME, IT SHOWS THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS. WHEN I CALLED THEM IT WAS - OH DONT WORRY WE HAVE INSURANCE FOR THINGS LIKE THIS and CAN WE KEEP YOU ON THE SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT WEEK? I told them no, cancel service. THEY ARE LOCATED AT 814 JACINTO BOULEVARD (EITHER SUITE 200 OR 206). MIGHT GO STAND WITH A SIGN OUTSIDE THEIR BUILDING INFORMING OTHERS OF PROPERTY DAMAGES. I will also file complaint with BBB in Austin (unfortunately right now is a bad time bc offices and businesses closed everywhere so I am waiting for everything to open... maybe this is why they ignore me. In hopes my complaint fades away).

This is hands down the worst lawn service and app
This is hands down the worst lawn service and app. The concept is great, the execution and service is as poor as it can get. There is nothing hassle free about using LawnStarter and it is more like babysitting. Most of their 5 star reviews are clearly submitted by bots which shows how low this company will go. I have had nothing but headaches and wasting time dealing with them.

For starters, when I first signed up for LawnStarter the very first crew LawnStarter sent out came to my house, took pictures of my property, and then proceeded to ask for more money than the quote given by LawnStarter because it was not worth it for their crew to cut my yard. But it was worth it for them to come out and waste their time over $6. After that I had 2 other crews cancel for no reason. When I called LawnStarter they apologized and said they would put their top rated crew on it. Guess who the top rated crew was. That's right the crew that wanted more money!

I also had an instance where they said they came to my house but my gate was locked so they couldn't cut my yard. My gate doesn't lock and I checked my cameras and no one showed up. This is pretty common to have them mark a job complete when it wasn't done, or you constantly get rescheduled. If you sign up for weekly service expect it to be closer to a week and a half to two weeks.

You will have nothing but crew changes and cancellations when using LawnStarter and their crews do a crappy job most of the time. The crews just use this as filler on slow days and could careless because you are not their actual customer, you are LawnStarter's customer. They say they only use their top rated providers but what does that mean when they are all rated poor? Your top provider would maybe be a 3 stars out of 5. Save your time and call around to find a company that you can become a customer of instead of dealing with these headaches.

I could go on and on with stories of how bad this company is and I only used them for 2 months!

Don't even try
I would leave zero stars if I could... Tried this service for about a month.
First, the app asked for my credit card info before I could review their "policies." I didn't confirm the booking, but the next day I got an email confirmation saying that I had scheduled lawn care. Since I needed my lawn cut, I let it go and decided to try it (mistake).
Second, the crews that came never really did a good job. The lawn was never cut that short, was never edged, clippings were never blown off, and sometimes there were even patches of weeds/grass still untouched.
Third, and most disappointing, the last crew that came ran over our internet cable. I informed Lawnstarter and initially, LawnStarter were very understanding and told me to fill out a property damage form. I did and even included pictures. (It was very clear that the crew had done this, there were mowing lines going over the cable, our internet went down immediately after they left, etc.) Moreover, they didn't even finish the job.
However, the crew did not admit it. Customer service became rude, saying I should have had our internet company bury the line - even though there are flags marking the line and previous lawn companies NEVER had a problem, and insinuated I was lying - despite the pictures. No apology, no offer finishing the job, nothing. Cancelled immediately, said I would leave some reviews, so here I am.

Be aware of what exactly the customers are experiencing
I wanted you to be aware of what exactly your customers are experiencing when trying to engage with your providers who mow the lawn and your customer service team.

I have been trying to get my yard mowed for the past two months. I have used your service in the past so I am not a new customer. However, the person assigned me to mow my lawn for two months has canceled the day of or the day after the app said LawnStarter would be there for two months in a row. Many times they said it was due to weather when it was a perfectly sunny day. Other times is because they said they were dehydrated. I would try to communicate with them through the messaging app and they would just simply not respond to me.

Because he would move the service up a few days at a time, I would decide to wait, thinking the grass will be a little bit long but they will be here soon. But, unfortunately, for two months, they did not show up. By that time, I was kind of on the hook because your customer service assured me they would not charge me for overgrown grass, so I wanted it to be your company that came to fix the problem rather than having to pay a whole lot of money to a new company because the grass is so long.

I have had to spend so much time trying to work with you guys just to get my yard mowed, and it still hasn't happened. This is the whole premise of your company to have people come out and mow a yard, and I don't understand how you can't get one person to come to my house for two months when I have reached out to you guys so many times.

I have requested to change the crew, I have contacted your customer service, and just like the provider, your customer service team has led me on by saying they spoke to the mower and assured me they would be there on a certain day. However, when the person canceled again - the customer service team only would have the same solution: They would reach out to that same person who has continuously canceled on me rather than giving me a new crew. They finally told me they could not find another crew to come service my area.

Yesterday, they told me to wait by my phone all day because they will contact me by phone. No one ever called, and I kept my phone turned on right next to me the whole day waiting. They assured me yet again that someone would take care of my yard. They told me they would not charge me an overgrown grass fee, and they felt embarrassed and will make it right. But they didn't. Again.

Your service provider, as well as your customer service team, has wasted my time for two months assuring me that they would make things right and never actually following through with anything they said.

My yard is very embarrassing to me. I cannot sit in my backyard in my lawn chair, it's attracting more bugs, and I can't even play with my dog in the backyard right now. It's so overgrown. If you guys did not have enough people to come to service my yard, you all should've been honest with me upfront, so I could've just found a different service rather than moving the service back a few days until it got to this point. Still, I'm so frustrated and stressed.

It's also going to cost me a lot more money now to have someone else mow it because, of course, long grass is a lot more work than if someone had just come every two weeks as I had scheduled with you guys.

I think you should be aware of what a horrible experience it has been. Your website and app look great as a nice tech company for convenience. But first and foremost, your core product is people mowing yards. If you don't have the people to come to mow the yard it's useless and makes people's lives worse and not better.

I hope you also take this feedback and appreciate the time I spent notifying you of this experience because I'm also a business owner. I would be mortified if this was what my customers had to go through at my own company.

Horrible follow through and costumer service
I started with Lawn Starter around April 5th in one month LawnStarter have missed 4 appointments and no resolution was ever made. Read below the horrible experience in Virginia we had.

As a supervisor Katrina only offered after all the issues which is listed below as well as in my text, file and email documents a slap in the face $25 dollar credit which doesn't even cover the plants that had been chopped up by Carlos team who did my mowing.

I wanted
Full Mulching
Weed killer and fertilizer
Bi weekly mowing...
No follow through and lazy work, missed work no costumer service.

This company does not care at all for there costumers and it is evident. It took from last Friday to this Thursday May 6th to received a phone call back from a supervisor after waiting a month for mulch, never came never called to tell me the plan never rescheduled until I called both times someone was scheduled. Again the same issue with fertilizer and weeding. Anytime you need to get in-touch with someone it takes up to 1 hour and still they don't answer... when you leave your number no one ever calls back. After finally 6 days of waiting the "Supervisor" who was a young girl said she could offered to put our name back out on the list for some other "real company" to pick up and offered $25 credit but only after I repeatedly asked her what she will do to ensure that I stay with a company after the hell I went through and after a month of my yard still looking disgusting. No guarantees we're made (because they are the third man) because what this company does is that they put your name out there and an individual contractor Has to be able to pick you up if that company doesn't fulfill the job all they do is put you back on a list and never call to let you know why (even though it is part of there policy) and so it's just never ending cycle. Even if you wait two weeks and they don't pick you up then you're back to square one or they pick you up and don't come (Oh well you go back on a list)your salon is never serviced it is a ridiculous practice that does not work... even after all my frustration it was clear that this "supervisor" had no idea nor care to fix the situation. Horrible just horrible Do better! I will be sharing this daily so that I can make sure no one ever goes through this again!

I have phone conversations, text and pictures.
I will be sharing this to all so they know what kind of company this is.
GO with anyone else they showed that this is not a company that cares.


I am so frustrated, I could scream! I've had service with LawnStarter for about a year now. I hire them for lawn service on a vacation lot. I was quoted at 39.99 every two week. There were times I would get a message that the Lawn care was done and I would go by the property to find that nothing was done but I let it pass as the grass was not that high. In December, I got a message that the lawn care was done. I found this hard to believe as it was the middle of winter in Chicago with snow on the ground. I called and LawnStarter reimburse me. I suspend my service for the rest of the winter. About a month after restarting my service, I got a message that they had to reschedule. Okay, not a problem. When the next service date came around, I got another message that they had to reschedule again because they had to find me a new crew. Two week later, I get a message from the new crew stating that they were at the property but it seems that the lawn was already cut, he then proceeded to send me a picture. They were at the wrong address. They then proceed to the corrected address and sent me a picture just to make sure. I confirmed. Did not hear back from them. Apparently they did not do anything. Two week later I get a message that my lawn service has gone up to double what it was before. I asked why did the price go up. I was told by the crew that it was because of the "lot size" and "tall grass". OKAY! 1. The lot size did not change, it is the same as it always been. 2. The grass it tall now not because I kept rescheduling but because LAWNSTATER kept rescheduling several times. HOW IS THIS MY FAULT. So I decided to call them. I call on 5/17 on three different occasions. First time I was on hold for 1hr 22 mins, Second time I was on hold for 1hr 17 mins, third time I was on hold for 1hr 16mins. I decided to call the new client, Low and behold I got someone right away. Even though Mary was very pleasant, she could not help me as she was only for new clients. She suggested I send a message through the App as I would get a quicker response. Would you know. I did. I got a message telling me that I would hear from someone within 72Hours. In the mean time the grass is still growing and I'm in danger of getting fine by the city for the grass being too tall. So I decided the call again on 5/18. I was on hold for 1HR and 53mins and guess what, the call then got disconnected. I could understand if I was on my cell phone, but NO, I was on a Land line. In the mean time I get another message stating that if I do not accept the quote, my service will be cancelled. IF I COULD GIVE LAWNSTATER MINUS ZERO STARS, I SURELY WOULD.

Big time Scammers! Beware and STAY AWAY!
I thought it's a good company to work with. LawnStarter said they'll charge me $19 for the first cut. They also told me that if the grass is not more than 6" high then they won't charge me extra. They come after 4 days from the day I called. My grass was barely 3" high as I mowed the lawn 5 days ago. They did not mention anything when doing my lawn. 3 days later I see a bill on my credit card statement a bill of $31.20. I called the lawn starter company and inquired about the bill. The woman 'Katie' tells me that they charged me $31.20 because my grass was 6" tall. I asked how did she figured that out? She tells me that the guys that cut my grass took pictures of the grass. I asked her to send me the pictures. 3 days pass no pictures and they still took that $19 +$31.20 = $50.20 from my account. A $19 service ended up being $50 service. They are trying to rip you off big time. BIG SCAM! I want to ALERT you all before thinking of getting their service. Btw, they also damaged a lot of our plants and did an average job. You have been warned!

Poor Customer Service, NO Customer Service
Ok so story time, its a long one so grab a seat.

I inquired about lawn service on 4/14 and was suppose to have my first cut on 4/19 and when the crew came out, because of a issue with the app and somehow I had two profiles the lawn was not cut on that day. I spoke with someone on 4/20 after several calls to the customer service department I finally called the sales department because no one ever answers the customer service line EVER nor do LawnStarter call you back EVER when you leave your number, but moving on...

I was rescheduled for 4/22-4/23 but the crew that was assigned to me had vehicle troubles and asked to reschedule for 6 days out and I agreed but when I went to the app I saw that I was reassigned to another crew "Marque brown lawn barbers" or whatever. I sent them a message and asked if they knew why i was reassigned and he said that he didn't but would likely be able to cut my grass sooner depending on how high it was. I stated that I was at work and would send a picture when I got home. It was dark when I got home so i sent the picture today (sunday) and stated that the previous person quoted me a clean up fee ( I believe was like $68 or $69, but i didn't tell him what was quoted to me) and that i wanted to know what he charged and that he was more than welcome to drive past (if he had time) before friday so that when friday came he could just cut it.

After a couple of hours i got a message to approve a quote so when i go to the app its $396.34. I live in a duplex and only the back yard his high and really I could just hit the front with a weed whacker or something but $400 for a side strip and not even half of a half of a back yard. What kind of company are you all running?

And WHY please tell me WHY is there NEVER ANYONE answering the customer service lines and they NEVER call you back. I am STILL waiting for a call back from customer service from Monday the 19th. The only time I can ever get a person on the phone is when I call sales and they can't help me but if I can't get this issue resolved in the next couple of days i will have to take my business elsewhere.

Dishonest Contractors
You basicly have to watch them the entire time LawnStarter are outside to make sure they don't damage anything or try to leave with the job incomplete. This is my experience with multiple companies they sent out. First ones did not do any edging at all. They had to come back out. The grass was hanging over the edge of the concrete. The edging facing the street was not done at all. I've had to wait days on multiple occasions for companies to come back and finish work. I've had then say they were coming out a certain day, did a no call no show, then contact me 2 days later. One company cut all my flowers in a small flower bed on the side of the house. One company that came back out to finish what they didn't do, LIED and said my grass was very tall and charged me extra. My lawn has HORRIBLE soil. I lived here 10 years and I am very familiar with how it grows. For my grass to be over grown, it would have to rain heavy for multiple days in a week then wait another week and a half to two weeks for it to be over grown. I had no one else to cut my lawn, so I had no choice but to use them until the Fall. Best believe I took pictures of my lawn every time before they came out incase they lied or caused any damage which is what I SHOULD NOT have to do.

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