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Originally I was very pleased with my experience at...
Originally I was very pleased with my experience at Lashkaraa but I was trying to make a return on this same item because I did not realize it was coming fully unstitched. Due to it traveling from India I waited a few days to open it and then when I tried to get it stitched here in the US, I realized it would cost the price of another outfit. I was speaking to someone in customer service named Sahil who told me the return wasn't possible but after his first response, I did not hear back from him and multiple attempts to get a hold of anyone has not been successful. I feel like your policy of 7 days is very short and really hope there is some way I can return my original order.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Waited over a month to receive the suit and when we tried it on, it was a few sizes too small! Tried to arrange for it to be fixed but Praveen (person who works there) admitted it was their fault after a few emails back and forth and said they'd send us a prepaid shipment label to get it altered. We didn't want this as we didn't want them altering the same material to make the suit bigger and we didn't trust them to do a good job anymore. We asked for a store credit and Lashkaraa now want us to pay for return shipping saying we denied their solution. They only gave us 1 solution out of their 3 and their policy clearly states that if its Lashkaraas fault, they will pay for return shipping. Praveen is now saying they do not offer return shipping even though it is clearly stated in their policy. After going back and forth for nearly 2 weeks, I've realised why they don't allow any comments on their facebook page. They have the worst customer service. Even blocked me from replying to them on facebook through Private Messages. Do yourself a favour and DONT BUY FROM THEM! They change their return policy to suit them. Not customer service orientated at all! Now stuck with a suit we cannot wear!

Poor quality clothes, poor customer service
I took delivery on 04th august after ordering a month ago. I eagerly opened the parcel and noticed the first item had many missing parts, these have been ordered as bridesmaid dresses for my upcoming wedding. With the pandemic I have ordered many outfits virtually and understand some gems may fall off during transport but never to this extent. The first outfit had many missing gems/stones and I contacted the seller immediately who has pretty much dismissed my concerns the other two outfits have missing stones albeit not as bad as the first one. I have requested that Lashkaraa collect these outfits and send me new ones ensuring the quality is the same as pictured on their website as I do not have time to order from elsewhere and there be another long wait time. It is wholly unacceptable that items can be sold that are completely different to photographs. With hardly any time left I requested replacement lace to at least fix the outfits again dismissed. Sunil from customer services is AWFUL!

Thieves! + terrible customer service
I placed an order of three items on Dec 30 2020; I cancelled one item within the 24 hour period, Lashkaraa agreed to give a refund. However 25 days later there is still no refund, instead I have been told they have an internal gateway issue, I'm sure there will be more excuses to come. Either way I'm not sure why this is the customers problem, I'm still waiting for my refund and they have now stopped responding to my emails since January 16th 2021. I also haven't heard anything back regarding the other two items in my order. I have ordered from Lashkaraa in the past and the some of the items can be nice - however never again, it's not worth the hassle. If I don't hear back from them in the next day I will be cancelling the entire order. Other customers who are being stringed along with the promise of a refund, please know that you can claim back from your credit card company (if paid via that method). The service is atrocious and they are literal thieves. It's very frustrating when you have so much going on and are planning for a wedding, having to deal with this causes a great deal of stress and inconvenience. Potential customers; you have been warned.

Update- STILL a crappy company
UPDATE 24/10/2015:

After Lashkaraa responded to my original post saying I haven't provided them with an address, I sent them a private message to let them know my address was definitely provided and I have proof of it in my email. The fact that I emailed them several times bend Lashkaraa even slotted my products and no one asked me for an address or a contact number proves my point further. They asked me to email them again to the same email that I used to contact them over three times only to be ignored, so I suggested that they provide me with a more direct email address to contact as the generic one is a waste of my time, or to contact me on my number which I provided. It's been almost three weeks since I sent that message to them, and again, unsurprisingly, I have been ignored. This just shows that they only responded to try and blame me for their substandard services, which is the only thing they're consistent at. This only further confirms what I have written above, so if you ever think of spending money at Lashkaraa think 10 times before you do it, because you will never get your money back! A completely appalling excuse for a company!

False Promises
I ordered a suit on March 5th and the site says 3-4 weeks until delivery, however, it is now April 18th and I still have yet to receive any shipping notifications. I've emailed countless times, each time I keep getting a different excuse. First the excuse was there was an "embroidery error", then I got some excuse about moving locations to service their clients better. I was promised it would ship by the end of the weekend, the weekend passes and I follow up, then I am promised it will be shipped April 17th. Another false promise. I normally do not write reviews but I have never received such horrible service. I ordered these outfits for my best friends wedding and now I will not even receive it in time thanks to LashKaraa.

Deceptive company with terrible customer service
This company is dishonest, incompetent and has terrible customer service.

I ordered two outfits. One outfit arrived 4-5 weeks after it was due to arrive after several emails I sent to the company inquiring about the status of my order. The second outfit had not been shipped at that point (thank god!) and as soon I received the first outfit and saw how terrible it was, I promptly cancelled the order for the second. I had requested custom stitching. The stitching was completely off. It did not fit by a long shot despite the proper professional measurements that I had provided. After I received the outfit, I emailed the company demanding a full refund. I was told to prove that the outfit was not tailored to instruction. I then took photographs of the outfit with a measuring tape to show how off the measurements were. I was told that I could ship back the outfit but Lashkaraa would not cover the cost of shipping and would only refund my money upon receipt. I emailed with them back and forth requesting that Lashkaraa cover the cost of shipping from USA to India since the product was being returned due to fault on the part of the manufacturer. The company flatly refused. The outfit cost $40 to ship with USPS. All other providers were charging $150, the cost of the outfit. I mailed the outfit back. It was lost in transit and Lashkaraa never received it. I was out $190 and nothing to show for it.

When i tried to review this company on their instagram page, instead of responding to my concerns they immediately deleted my comments and blocked me.

This company is awful, terrible and unprofessional. Do not waste your time and money.

Bad quality, bad experience and poor customer service
If you don't want to waste your money and don't want to be treated like dirt then I would suggest to not buy any merchandise from this brand. Lashkaraa overcharge, have malpractices, do not inform you about the Late delivery and on top of that they only give you a week to return your merchandise if you dont like it. Also, it is not mentioned anywhere on their website or their email which is sent when order is placed that consumers have no right to return. I ordered a $115 dress with extra charges for stitching and it turned out to be an ugly looking one. Now they have declined to accept my return because I didnt initiate it within 7 days of delivery.
I would like to know that when they take 3 weeks to get my merchandise after taking my money then how comeI only get a week to return it. This is malpractice, lack of transparency and totally against consumer rights. I have already filed a complaint against them in FTC USA and I will not sit silent. If I can save even one innocent person from not spending their money on this fraudster website then my mission is accomplished.

Nonresponsive and double talk
I found it very difficult to deal with Lashkaraa. I placed an order for my 2 daughters and daughter in-law for my son's wedding on August 27th. The items I ordered were needed by October 8 for an oct 11th wedding. We needed travel time. I started calling and emailing them the week of September 23rd. I was told repeatedly that I would have my order by the 8th. By lastly I was told it would be here by expedited shipping in October 4th. Guess what today is October 4 and I don't have my order. When I pressed for a tracking number I never received one. I still do not have a tracking number. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Now I have a wedding and no Indian outfits for my daughters and daughter-in-law. If there is a way to give negative stars on the review I would. I don't know how customer service people can lie!

Hi all, I am here to share an enjoyable experience regarding online shopping with you. I am not into
Hi all, I am here to share an enjoyable experience regarding online shopping with you. I am not into online shopping; I firmly believe in shopping at the outlet stores or the particular shops after complete satisfaction. Just because my husband referred me Lashkaraa for Indian Ethnic Wear, I ordered one Anarkali Suit. As it was my first online order, I was a little bit scared about the quality of the product as well as the delivery date, it was an urgent order. It was very surprised to see the sportsmanship of the team from ordering to shipping and from shipping to delivery, everything on a loop. I received my order before the given date and after opening it, I was amazed to the quality of Anarkali suit. It was perfectly stitched with gorgeous fabric. Thank you Lashkaraa for giving me such an amazing experience. Thank you so much!

False Eid Promise
I have ordered from them several years ago which for the first time I ordered and of course then Lashkaraa delayed my order. I made a review about this. They delivered my outfits on Eid. Years later I gave them another chance and last year I ordered again and they delivered on time. So why not give them another shot this year. And i placed my order on April 9th. Ordered 4 outfits. Each of the outfits shows 15-21 ship days. 2 of the outfits i received in April. Then for the other 2 outfits on April 21st I receiver an email from them asking me to confirm the length of the kameez. So now I'm thinking oh ok they will be shipping this end of April since it is in stitching process. Havent heard from them since April 21st when I responded to them about the correction. May came and now this is 3rd week of may and no information about the shipment of 2 outfits that I have been waiting. I have been going back n forth with a rep name Shebaz Khan. Of course all they can say Sorry or they will give store credit for not meeting their promise time. Now on may 31st shows both of the items shipped under different tracking number... 1 shows to deliver June 4th end of business day and the other one shows no movement since may 31st. I havent went anywhere to shop since I spent my money on this site to deliver my outfits before Eid. How is this your "Eid Promise" when one of the outfit is being delivered end of the business day? Don't advertise such things. I have seen their answers about comparing other corporate companies like forever21 and all. They have estimated dates to show on their site. They even say how many days it takes to them to process and from there it is an ETA. That sure shows professionalism. My sister is in the same limbo. They cancelled 1 of her outfit and 1 arriving end of the business day on Eid. And now they do not respond back how they will compensate. On May 22nd Shebaz Khan said I will receive it before Eid or store credit n then on May 29th he says by Eid. What kind of BS is this? I have screenshots attached. I also ordered 2 more outfits on 2nd week of May. Same thing 15-21 ship days but no answer or movement. How am I supposed to be stress free about this?

Very very disappointed
I was initially very excited to buy from Lashkaraa. I needed a lehenga for a wedding in October. I ordered in mid to end August. Prior to purchasing, Lashkaraa informed me with the customization I would receive it by end of September. They would not give me an actual date. About 1.5-2 weeks out from the end of September I get an email saying my measurements may be "wrong" because the length is too long and to confirm. I wrote back saying that I an 5'9 and need the extra length so to keep the measurements. They reply back only to say that the length is too long and they cannot do it and to confirm if to go ahead with the order. I told them to go ahead with my original measurements. They did not reply for THREE DAYS until I sent another email. They had still not worked on my garment and simply said the length for the blouse and skirt exceeded their fabric. NO WHERE ON THEIR SITE DO THEY MENTION ANY CAP/LIMIT ON LENGTH OR SIZE. If I had known, I would not have wasted over a month. If they offer customization and make you pay extra they need to inform of their limits! I had to scramble a week before the wedding to find something to wear. So, ladies beware. If you are 5'9 or above or have any special measurements it is likely they will not be able to meet your demands... and won't say anything till 1-2 weeks before the delivery date. Not to mention, I probably had communicated with 4 different people and there was no consistency in communication. When I tried to call numerous times (within India business hours) no one picked up. I also waited several hours on their chat function for someone to respond. VERY disappointed with them.

Incredible Experience, Reasonable prices and Complete Customer Satisfaction
I have never shopped online and was always scared of listening crazy things about getting cheap fabric and not what you wanted. But this is the first time I bought online and on Lashkaraa, and I got intrigued with it because Lashkaraa have a broad range of ethnic outfits at a reasonable price, this time, I was shopping for a family get together, and I decided to order a beautiful teal Anarkali Suit. When I got it, I fell in love with it! I decided to buy seven more pairs of salwar kameez for daily wear! I know I'm crazy but would never do it if I am not sure of getting the best outfits. I got them, and I am so happy I made this decision. The best thing about Lashkaraa is the customer service. I'm someone who needs an individual help, not just to order on the computer and get done, but I need my questions to be answered if I'm not sure. Whoever has seen my Anarkali Suit has asked about it and how beautiful the suits are cheap and as well. I highly recommend Lashkaraa for their complete customer satisfaction as well as their sportsmanship.
Thank you so much Lashkaraa and Best of Luck

THIS IS THE WORST WEBSITE I HAVE EVER BOUGHT CLOTHING FROM. There is total disregard for customers wishes and clearly its all about the money and business. I have written a list of all the total BS that i had to deal with:

1. Already overpriced lehenga which i paid EXTRA stitching for
2. Paying EXTRA for a delivery charge that did not even come on time
3. Dealing with awful communication team that replies after like 2 days in specific SHEBAZ KHAN who has been no help at all
4. The product arriving 6 WEEKS after order date even though i ordered it with plenty of time
5. Had to email THEM for an update as no one was telling me what the hell was going on
6. Had to change the delivery address as it was not coming in on time and asked relatives in India for their address so it would be easier for the $#*!ty company to deliver to and THEN Lashkaraa told me "oh sorry its already in transit i hope you understand" all i understand is that this is total bull$#*!

On top of this, this was a 21st gift for my niece who came to Australia for a wedding and we had to buy another lehenga here so she actually had to wear something for the event. This lehenga was way nicer and more worth the price that what lashkaraa offered.

Now the parcel is in Australia and my niece is long gone and she will not get it till november when i go to London.

I am not happy at all and i have been nice up till now to deal with BS

I am disgusted by what i have been dealing, and some of my friends here in Australia and my nieces friends in London wanted to purchase items off the website, i will now warn them and stop them so that they don't waste their money too.

It's sad that I had good service before but I guess that's all gone now when companies are endorsed by celebrities and do not care about standards as long as the money is coming in.

SO PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Unless you want to waste your money and time which you definitely will

This company is a WHOLE SCAM. I never write reviews but SIS the poor way in which I was treated motivated me to write this. I ordered a dress 5/9/19 with the "by EID Guarantee" (LIES) meaning that if I didn't get my outfit by EID (6/4/19) Lashkaraa would provide a refund. I was contacted one week before EID saying my outfit was magically lost and if it didn't arrive by Eid day, I would get my refund. I waited the ENTIRE DAY of EID, did not get my outfit, no delivery from DHL came to my door. I emailed them myself to tell them to give me my refund which I am entitled to and they said "we are NOT LIABLE" bruhhhh. I didn't get my outfit until one entire month after and I paid $153 to get it on 6/8/19 WAY PAST EID. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. HONESTLY SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE SIS.

I had the most disappointing experience of my life with Lashkaara. I had placed my order on March 6 for a total over 500 dollars for four dresses. Two were unstitched materials and two were supposed to be tailored to personal measurements. Firstly Lashkaraa took three months to send me my order (which I just received two days ago). I wasn't even informed or given any tracking number after it was dispatched which Praveen (in customer service) failed to do so.

I had ordered four items but I was delivered only three with the fourth missing (after waiting for over three months!) and I wasn't informed about it either. Upon my inquiry I was told that the fourth is still under production!

The worst is yet to come. When I opened the package I was stunned to see the quality of the fabrics, embroidery and stitching. CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP is the word. Not worth even half the money that I paid for them. I feel so cheated and duped. The custom made dress which was the most expensive order worth CAD $359.00 dollars had the duppatta lace ripped in one corner and its stitched so tight that I couldn't even get into it (mind you I'm a seamstress myself and I had provided correct measurements). There is no zipper or opening nor there is any material on the sides to alter it. The collar too has one edge smaller than the other! Now my money has gone down the drain as they say stitched clothes cannot be returned or refunded even though it is their fault that they didn't do a good job.

Lashkaara needs to know that they have to deliver quality stuff worth the money they charge and satisfication of the cusotmer is primary, not just collecting our orders. We are at their mercy once they take our money and its gone into their account. I have asked for a refund of the fourth order which they say is still under production after three months of placing the order. I want to return the unstitched materials as well and get my money back. I have written to Customer Service aka Praveen and awaiting his reply,

I had placed an online order with a Pakistani Designer for my daughter, paid half of the money that I paid for Lashkaara, received the shipment in a week, it was quality stuff, beautiful embroidery and materials, worth every penny... If you are looking for high quality and classy stuff then I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT ORDER from Lashkaara because you will be paying $$$ expecting quality but you will get third rate stuff NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY.

I love this site
I found Lashkaraa when I saw the images for one of their garments from Pinterest. Unfortunately, at the time, the piece I wanted was sold out. I e-mailed Lashkaraa support and let the agent know I really wanted the item and if anything can be done. The agent I was in touch with, Praveen, let me know what I can sign up for out of stock e-mails on the product page and I'll be notified as soon as its stock. 2 weeks later I received an email from Lashkaraa and Lashkaraa let me know the item was in stock. I ordered it right when it was back in stock and I received the item 3 weeks later. Throughout the entire process, customer service was very attentive to my requests. What I liked most from Lashkaraa is that they send you a confirmation e-mail of your measurements. Basically, they have their tailors check your measurements and see if you've measured properly and provide suggestions so its a very useful service for someone like me who doesn't really know how to measure themselves for Desi garments.

Overall, it was a positive experience from Lashkaraa and I will definitely order again.

The designs and quality is great, I could easily spend double purchasing something of similar quality in a local store here in Canada. So, it is convenient to have other options.

Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

I needed a lehenga for my cousin's wedding and ordered it from this site. The pictures looked beautiful and a couple of the bloggers I follow on Instagram bought clothes from here so I trusted it. Honestly, worst decision of my life. I ordered something 1.5 months in advance, yes a little late, but the site and customer service promised it would be here in time. Lashkaraa said it would take a month. Then the date kept getting pushed back - almost three months. By the time I got the lehenga, there was no need because there were no weddings in my family for another five years. What am I supposed to do with it? They would also not let me return any of my purchases because 'it was already stitched' but at the same time 'there was something wrong with the stitching' so I don't even know. Please do not buy thins from here, do not be fooled! Go to ustav or something like that, they are sooo much better. On top of that, they sent the wrong material blouse. Said it would be cream - got gold itchy crap instead.

Terrible quality, terrible service & BIG FRAUDS
I ordered an Anarkali suit@ the cost of $150 USD. First of all the suit arrived almost after a month. It looked nothing like Lashkaraa advertise online. The material is so crappy & embroidery does not even compliment the suit color. Their online advertisement says its ZARI work... My foot. Such a poor quality embroidery & material of the suit. Looks like a curtain material was been used to stitch the suit. I would not even wear it at home. NEVER NEVER buy from LASHKARAA.
When I sent an email within 3 days of arrival of my shipment to advise them that I do not like my order & want to exchange with something else, nobody even responded back to my email. My money is down the drain.

Great quality and service
I just got my order from Lashkaraa and it was indeed to true to the image Lashkaraa provided online - if not even more beautiful in person. I've been an online shopper for years and have ordered from websites like Cbazaar and Utsav who were indeed wonderful in the beginning but their service and quality of products have definitely gone down the drain recently. I ordered a pink gharata suit from Lashkaraa's 'Lashkaraa Exclusive' line for $215 and I'm honestly really happy with how it came out and the workmanship on the piece. The gharara pants had such a wonderful flare and the piece overall looked very heavy and wonderful for the price. Much cheaper to buy latest designs here than visiting your local Indian shop in Canada. I highly reccomend them and will be a repeat buyer for sure.

Very disappointed in their customer service
I ordered a lehenga with stitching for my friends wedding. Weeks went by the seamstress reached out to me to let me know that there wasn't enough material to make the lehenga long enough to accommodate my height. I then requested cancellation as no one wants the skirt to be 4 inches too short. No email back (despite it saying that there would be a response within 24 hours. Then I called and requested cancellation, first I was hung up on and then I called back and was told Lashkaraa would cancel and I would receive confirmation within 24 hours. I waited two days and still hadn't received confirmation. I opened a chat on their website to ask there and again was told I would hear something within 24 hours. Still no email. Opened the chat again and was told that my file was under review at which point I informed PayPal and my bank. Never do business with these people. They are very shady.

Completely satisfied with my order
I received my order from Lashkaraa today and I definitely have to write a review about it. As it was my first time ordering with them, I ordered their Light Blue and White Embroidered Georgette Anarkali priced at $125 USD. I got the order within 2 weeks after ordering and the quality was great and looked the same as the image Lashkaraa had posted online. I was very hesitant to order after seeing some of the reviews here but decided to give it a chance seeing all the customer photos they post on Instagram. You really cannot judge a business by others reviews as everyone has a different feel - I know people love Forever21 or Zaras items but others who hate it. To truly pass your own judgement, I feel one needs to order for themselves once and Im glad I did. Just be sure to read the descriptions accordingly as their dresses which are $30-$40 online are of a cheaper fabric but still good for the price. Ive ordered before from Cbazaar and Utsav and wasnt happy with my orders but Im glad Lashkaraa lived up to the hype.

Just as shown online
I was very hesitant about ordering Indian clothing online again. I ordered once from cbazaar and the item I received looked nothing like the image Lashkaraa advertised and the fabric also wasn't what they listed. Before ordering from Lashkaraa, I emailed the customer service team asking for actual raw photos of the products, which they sent. This was reassuring for me to know I was dealing with a site which didn't mind going an extra mile for me already, without my money. They also show videos online of the products which is very helpful. I placed my order and I probably harassed their customer service team with the amount of inquiries I had but nonetheless the team was wonderful to deal with. I received my order within 2 weeks and couldn't have been more pleased. The item looked much more beautiful in person and I was happy to know I got my money's worth with this site. Will definitely be shopping again and I recommend to anyone looking for good quality Indian clothes.

Haven't received my order as yet.
I visited this site and was awed by all the beautiful stuff Lashkaraa have... everything is gorgeous. I ended up ordering an anarkali suit from them on 26/01/2015 thinking it will reach on time for my engagement (a month away) but now it is approaching 2 months and I am yet to receive my order. I am so disappointed by their service. When I emailed the website they keep telling me that my order is in the stitching process (I ordered standard stitching). These are their exact words:

" Your Preet Pink and Blue Net Anarkali is in stitching process. Once received we'll dispatch your order at the earliest."

I commented about their service on the instagram page but they just deleted my comment. I am so disappointed. Gorgeous stuff but horrible delivery and costumer service.

Avoid them
This website is absolutely unbelievable. Before I ordered my outfit for my engagement I emailed Lashkaraa and asked if I can receive my order before August 1st. Lashkaraa said yes they can and that after I place my order they will leave a note to have my dress delivered on time. That was on July 4th. July 19th comes around and I ask if my item was shipped or not and Praveen whom I assume is their representative answers my email on the 21st and said that my item will be "dispatched tomorrow" and once it is they will give me the tracking information and they assure me my item will get here before August 1st. I haven't heard from anybody since then. I haven't received any tracking information and on my profile on the status says, "processing", what ever that ‘s suppose to mean. Well I am leaving this review on July 29th and let me tell you I am in no way satisfied with this company and thanks to them, it looks like I will be underdressed to my own engagement party. I've looked at the other reviews and seen Lashkaraa respond to others trying to justify why their customer experience was sub par but I'm seeing WAY too many negative reviews to think that it's a simple slip up. I wish I ordered elsewhere. If this review is erased, I will repost it. If I'm blocked, I have social media and I will let everyone know how I feel about this company. You just cannot treat a customers experience in such an unprofessional manner and ignore them when they try to communicate with you. My order number is 100001634. Not sure what can be achieved between now and Saturday if anybody working for that company see's this review. Well there goes about $200, hope you're happy with yourself Lashkaraa!

Avoid this Company
Highly recommend avoiding this company. I was incredibly disappointed in their customer service and almost ended up without an outfit entirely for my friend's wedding.

I ordered a lehenga to wear to my friend's wedding on 4/26. Customer service contacted me on 5/9, almost 2 weeks later to say there were a few issues with measurements. I answered their questions and thought we were on the right track. Two days later, I get an email saying to disregard the last email and that I had to answer new questions. This was a little frustrating, but still no big deal. However, Lashkaraa let me know that now they were not able to complete the blouse because the ready made fabric wouldn't allow for my size. This is ridiculous considering this is the size I ordered on their website. They were reportedly only able to make it 4 inches smaller than what I had ordered. There was apparently nothing they could do, so they asked me to pick a new lehenga from the site for them to make.

The customer service representative didn't give me any guidance on what lehengas could be made in my size--a 12/14 US. They just referred me back to the site and said to repick--considering I had originally picked a lehenga in my size, this was a fruitless endeavor. At this point I was incredibly frustrated but wanted to see it through--the wedding was at the end of May so I wanted the whole process to just be over with. I sent the customer service representative a list of 5 lehengas that I would accept. Their next reply was just that all of the lehengas I chose were not able to be made by the wedding and shipped to me in time and they asked me to go back and pick from the Lashkaraa collection. This was never relayed to me when they asked me to choose a new lehenga. At this point, I was more than done dealing with this incredibly unprofessional company.

I sent an email asking for a cancellation and refund on 5/14. Someone in their shop dropped the ball again and didn't cancel the order. Ultimately, the order was canceled when I reached out again on 5/28 to ask when I should receive the refund. I got refunded back to my account on 5/29.

If anyone from Lashkaraa is reading this, I'd like to say that you left a lasting impression with your poor customer service. There was no real attempt to make it right, and any apologies I received only mentioned that you were sorry about "my measurements." This is unacceptable--my size was available on your site, I ordered in enough time that there should have been something you could have done. Instead, I had to scramble to ensure I had an appropriate outfit for my dear friend's wedding from another vendor. You turned a potentially fun and exciting experience into a nightmare and I will be sure to share this with any of my friends that may have been potential customers.

Light Pink Multicolor Embroidered Lehenga
I bought this dress, it did take some time to come but I was not in a rush. The service was amazing! Lashkaraa noticed a discrepancy in my measurements and followed up with me to confirm sizing. The dress itself is wonderful, I will have to wear something under the skirt as it is slightly see-through. Overall very happy with the quality of the dress and the stitching of the blouse.

One thing I would mention is to confirm sizing. I watched the videos on Lashkaras site to take measurements. The way they showed it in the video is how I measured, but when they were making my blouse, they said the measurements were incorrect and walked me through how to measure. I would suggest Lashkar correct the video. I Will post pictures when I can wear the dress

Amazing experience, excellent work, keep it up!
Recently I ordered a suit for my wife in mid-November for a wedding occasion, and I am extremely happy with their customer service as well as the quality of the dress. The order got delivered before the given time. The finishing of the dress, the superb quality and the packaging were very much impressive. Even I am impressed with the couture and the exact stitching of the dress as given from my side. My wife was happy after seeing the dress. She was looking very beautiful and eye-capturing in that suit. Everyone at the wedding was asking me that from where I bought the dress. Thank you Lashkaraa for making me happy and satisfied. I am going to the recommend all my friends and relatives about the site. Thank you so much.

This is outrageous
I ordered ONE dress within the month of June and Lashkaraa delayed it almost 3 months. Then they finally respond to me saying they can't make it my size and they only have enough materials for a smaller size. I told them no because what's the point if it wont fit me? Then I asked for a refund which took them 3 days to respond to me. Then I figured they would just issue a refund, but I never got my email or my refund. Fast forward 1 month later I message and they're apologizing because they "delayed" it. What a dishonest company. It's been 3 days since they said they would give me my refund after the month that they forgot about it and I emailed them again and the guy keeps saying we apologize and that they will get my refund soon. I SPENT ALMOST 300 ON ONE DRESS. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. Tomorrow I'll be calling my bank to see if they can help me. I am so tired of this. Once I get my money back I will never be looking at this company again. I suggest you also don't. I want my money back. Who would just leave almost 300 dollars. I didn't even get a product from them. This is such a stupid situation to be in.

Clothing Material and Bad return policy
I should've listened to my sister in law who ordered two dresses last year from lashkaraa and said that the material was very poor. I fell in love with the Shilpa Shetty bottle green flora suit online and decided to purchase it anyway. The shipping took forever but when I eventually received it the material was horrible, felt rough and ridged to the touch. I complained to the company and didn't get a response back until over a week. Lashkaraa asked me to ship it back to them but they will hold 10% back for the return! I've inquired about shipping and it cost $80 to $90 to ship back! So if I ship it back I would be paying $250 and they are only going to refund me a misally $125! So I am stuck with a suit that I'm never gonna wear! I will never order from this site again!

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