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The Worst Shipping Carrier
Hands down, this is the WORST parcel carrier. Hard to believe that Bath and Body Works uses them. My first order was delivered to the wrong address. Tracking indicated that the package was 'Left at Front Door'. Nope, it wasn't left at my front door - I was home ALL day, waiting by the window for my package, but no delivery was made.

Luckily, Bath and Body Works sent out a replacement package. I was worried so contacted LaserShip and asked them to have the delivery guy request a signature & ID from me, just to insure that it was going to the right address this time. LaserShip responded to me and stated that my instructions were sent to the delivery facility & not to worry.

On the day of delivery, I made sure to be sitting by my front window (since 7AM) to make sure I would receive my package, I also had my ID on hand. I was sitting down and heard a big thump outside my window - the delivery guy threw (literally threw) my box on the ground and walked away. I shouted for him to wait - but he was on his phone and continued to walk away. By the time I got outside, he was halfway down the block, and there is construction work being done, so my calls to him fell upon deaf ears.

I was so livid! He didn't ring my doorbell or ask for my signature or ID - he threw the box to the ground and left. The box was all beat up, which is fine - but all of my sprays caps were off and 2 are cracked. My candle's lid was off as well.

Ugh, this place should be shut down! When you spend so much money on merchandise, you expect the delivery to go smoothly and to get to you in a timely matter.

Zero Stars
"Zero stars" is the nicest thing I can say about this company. We have USPS, UPS, AND FedEx trucks in and out of my community ALL THE TIME. We have large moving trucks in sometimes and firetrucks coming through the neighborhood annually so LaserShip can prove to their newest volunteers/hires that IT IS POSSIBLE to get in and out of here AND in less then 3 minutes. My neighborhood is pretty small and anyone with a GPS can see that.
The driver for this so called "company" didn't even enter the neighborhood (we have security cameras, no gates or access codes, just cameras). They just decided it wasn't worth it and dropped my package off at their nearest facility! That would've my life harder because I would have had to make it fit in my schedule to go pick it up! The "reason" they gave for not delivering was: "They needed more information for delivery". They had my first and last names and my home address. What other information did they need as a "delivery company"?
When I tried to called the number they sent me to contact them, it was busy. As it turns out, it's a landline in Texas... AND IT'S STILL BUSY. So I go on their website to find the customer service number to call. What I got was: "Your call could not be completed at this time" nonsense.
So I call the store who put in the order- and for the record, they don't control the company that delivers to their customers, just who delivers to their store, so I'm absolutely not blaming the store- to see what happened to my package. They apologized on behalf of LaserShip (and they should not have had to do that) and told me where it was and why it wasn't delivered to my house. (The EXCUSE is in the first and second paragraphs).
The store I ordered from looked at their other stores and they found what I needed! They fixed the problem Lasership made and they fixed it without using LaserShip! LaserShip was the only problem! If any other carrier was delivering my package, this wouldn't have happened. I don't know why they do business with LaserShip because there are other places that don't do their work well but they actually do the job. Now I have to wait longer for my order because the store I ordered from isn't going to waste their time getting the package from the LaserShip facility, and they shouldn't have to!
I'm a patient person until I give up and let "the chips fall where they may", but this was ridiculous! It shouldn't happened. I have no respect for LaserShip. If this site would let me rate with zero stars, I would! Half a star for LaserShip is too kind.

They Need to Be Investigated By The Attorney General in Every State They're In
Where do I begin? What could I possibly say that hasn't been said hundreds, of not thousands of times by many customers that have had their packages stolen by Lasership? Every time LaserShip do this. I rarely buy from my online retailer anymore because I know they ship through them. They mark the package as delivered or an attempt and you won't get your package. They'll do it days ahead of when or if they actually tried. Now then they sit and see who complains enough and those people will get their packages. This is my experience. I know to immediately track what I do and say to them because they will take my high dollar shipments and suddenly have an issue with delivery. The cheaper stuff I get. I have reported them to the AG before and the AG said they were ignored. They'll answer the BBB complaints, and if I don't get my packages this time I think it's time to file a police report. Their press coverage is abysmal. Their ratings are abysmal. Customer service shockingly abysmal. They'll deliver to the wrong spot. They don't answer the phones. They lie and make up stuff when they do. Never let your packages out of your sight. Their updates are useless. Track them like a hawk and the millisecond they start, you have to scream to the heavens. This is Clownery. They need to be investigated.

Run Away From This Company
This is absolutely one of the worst delivery companies I have ever dealt with. I purchased a jersey from the NBA store online as a gift for a secret Santa program at work. I placed the order on December 3rd and requested next day delivery through the NBA store website which I paid a premium for. The NBA store used LaserShip to delivery the product, and today is December 9th, almost a week after placing the order with the NBA store and requesting next day delivery and still no product delivered. I have tracked the package to a suburb of the city that I live in, it was delivered to that town the day after placing the order with the NBA store (LaserShip did their part in the process) and it has sat in the LaserShip facility for 5+ days with no attempt at a delivery to my home. Three days after the due date for the delivery, I called LaserShip customer service and they said they were busy from the holidays and that they would delivery two days from when I called them (the package is sitting in their facility less than 10 miles from my home). Just got off of the phone with the NBA store and they have refunded my purchase as I will miss the deadline for getting gifts to the secret Santa program. When I told LaserShip customer service of the reason for wanting the package they just laughed... I guess giving a secret Santa present to a child doesn't rate high on their priority list. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO SHIP ANYTHING, THEY ARE HORRIBLE.

Avoid Lasership like the plague! Worst shipping company ever!
This is the third time I have had to cancel a subscription because of this company. LaserShip ruined Mothers day 2020 and now they are ruining my family vacation. I did not receive my package although it said "left at door" 12:35 on Saturday 6/5 I called the company that sent it they asked that I give it a couple of more days, they were showing still in transit. I waited until Friday 6/11 and called Lasership. Was on the phone for almost an hour with a gentleman who said that the package was still at the Franklin facility. Gave a different address than my PO Box. He put me on hold to find out if the package could still be delivered. He then assured me I would have it within 2 days. AGAIN NO DELIVERY. I called back spoke with a man named Alex who said he could not transfer me to a supervisor because it was against policy. I told him they had more than 900 1 star reviews that's pretty pathetic in my eyes. Also said I need that delivered before Wednesday I could even drive to Franklin to pick it up because I NEEDED what was inside for my vacation. Needless to say I got nowhere. I was then sent an email telling me that it has been too long since the delivery date to do anything. (10 days). SOO I email all of the subscription companies I had left with a link to this site to read the reviews and suggested they should research the companies they hire for deliveries.

Lasership needs to wake up!
Laser$#*!. The Regional Manager BRANDON (from Florida) is a disaster. He is racist. He made take routes from black and brown people and give them to his white friends. $#*! Brandon made/forced Rick (great GM) paid them extra. Then, LaserShip will drink beers together. This is a disgrace. The corporate shouldnt allow this. As driver for years, we never witnessed this kind of situation from any RM or GM. We called the corporate and nothing was or is done about it. We, drivers don't like him because his work is having negative consequences on LS. Sorry customers, if we are not treated as human beings, we are getting paid less while others are getting paid double or 1 and half what we were getting on our own routes, we will not deliver as y all expects. Packages would be thrown/ delivered late... Since corporate doesn't care about the company; we do not either. Anyway, Brandon (Regional Manager) stated proudly, nothing can happen to him because his Boss is his friend. Guys, you wanna work at Lasership baltimore: Be white and cool with Brandon, you will get job and get paid good. (Just don't forget to give him his comissions). In what serious company, the regional manager make his drivers' paychecks and send them to the GM for validation? And those GM would send them to corporate as normal? Common Laser$#*! / Lasership. Y'all need to get up. Rick-Heather-Tony-Carl- Byron, please keep up the good work relation with drivers! Brandon has hate in his blood (walking/bumbing his chest like his dad owns lasership). Dont carry that out RICK and Heather. May Georges Floyd rest in peace! Thanks God, Brandon is not a cop. We would have died in Baltimore.

I had never heard of Lasership until yesterday when I got an email from Amazon saying a delivery attempt had been made. I was home waiting for the package and knew no one even attempted let alone got out of the car. I called Lasership and spoke to someone a lazy sounding guy who said I can't track your package. I asked for a supervisor he connected me to voicemail. I called back got a white woman in Virginia the other representative was black. I spoke to her and told her that any reputable company has the ability to track a package and its within the hours so if I need to I will go meet the driver and literally drive to go pick up my package. She told me she couldn't help either and I said what is the point of having customer service if you can't do anything. LaserShip need to just route these calls to the Philippines like they do other companies and do away with the customer service. Her boyfriend then got on the phone and said "shut the $#*! up nigga" to which I replied is your boyfriend a tough guy? Is he a gangster? And she hung up on me. Then a supervisor called me back and I told him I don't want the woman fired I want her to understand the value of customer service and importance of everyone doing their part. He seems sincere and wanted me to get the packages and was going to follow up. Here it is next day still waiting and they said "oh they loaded it up but probably won't be before five" I asked so when? No reply. Like someone is supposed to sit around and arbitrarily wait and hope that they get the package. I pointed out to the guy they have 584 Better Business Complaints filed and a 1 star rating on google. How these guys are even allowed to operate is incredible. Amazon needs to clearly let a customer know their item will be shipped Lasership as this is the worst service I've ever used in my entire life. My top choices are UPS, Fed Ex, USPS (if you have to suffer) after that its better to literally go and get it yourself or have it delivered through a friend. My recommendation is avoid this company entirely.

An embarrassment
Honestly, I'd give 0 stars if possible. I ordered boots through JustFab and this company was responsible for shipping it out. The first pair of boots somehow arrived a couple days late- which wasn't the issue. I had to send them back and receive exchanges because LaserShip were too big. However, I never received my exchanges because they arrived over 10 days late and I wasn't at my building to receive them. I called the company and emailed the company Prior to see if I could pick them up because I was leaving for the holidays but they never responded. The delivery man left my package in the corridor instead of taking it to the front desk (which they are instructed to do... special delivery instructions) and my package was stolen. I contacted Justfab and they sent me a different pair of shoes since the ones I wanted was out of stock. As of yesterday (Jan16,2021) were lost. I also contacted Lasership via telephone in hopes to pick this package up because when I tracked it, the order was already in the city I lived in. To avoid problems with delivery I figured I'd grab it myself. The lady I spoke with said someone would call me back to give an address on where I can pick up the package, but nobody called. The tracking app I used say that there was a delivery ATTEMPT that had failed, delay due to whether and other delays for no given reason. Today I woke up to an email saying my package was lost and to contact justfab. I called them and they said the expected delivery date would be tomorrow. I asked her if there was a way I could drive to grab the package myself, but she told me to just call Lasership again. When I called Lasership, I spoke to an extremely rude man named Daniel that seemed as if he had no desire of helping me. I explained to him my situation and he cut me off and said it's unrealistic to have a delivery date if the package was lost. I gave him my shipping number- which I'm not so confident he got all the digits correct- and he just said there was nothing he could do and to call justfab back. I've left out details of how Lasership's employees have just made loops and holes to avoid telling me the issue with my package, but now I have to wait for a THIRD pair of shoes to arrive. Mind you, I was supposed to receive these boots before Christmas of 2020. I'm not confident I'll ever receive the shoes I wanted but I am confident that I'll never order anything from a cite that uses this shipping company ever again. If you're in the East Michigan area, I highly suggest you choose another shipping company as well.

Awful company needs to be shut down
This company is absolutely terrible. I order something from Fashion nova and I will be contacting them in regards to their shipping company. First off I paid for express shipping needless to say nothing was expressed at all. First off it stated my package would be her Sunday Oct. 24 and it was showing up as out for delivery meaning already on the truck. Sunday came no package. So check the shipping information again and then it said sorry for delay then it had the date of Monday Oct. 25 out for delivery again Monday came and again no package. So I contacted the shipping company and LaserShip told me o well the driver got off at 9 and the package was returned this was the excuse for both days. So then I asked him will can I come and pickup the package because I paid for express and there is something needed in the package the reason for me purchasing express shipment. He told me no I can not come and pick up the package. I then asked well how can I receive my package because this is ridiculous this company told me it will be there today which is Tuesday Oct 26 or tomorrow which is Wednesday Oct. 27. Then I stated well sir you aren't sure you don't know. He said yes I do know I said sir you just gave me two different dates in which its two different dates that it was saying out for delivery and never came. Needless to say the rep there hung the phone up on me. They are very unprofessional and see their reviews are stating the same this entire company is terrible. I am going to reach out to fashion nova and inform them on this company reviews every review is terrible and that they need to drop their contract with them because they are going to loose customers because it will affect them as well. I can't say it any louder THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN THEY ARE SHADDY, AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AT ALL. I started searching for other people and lasership reviews and its awful that everyone is having or has had the same issue with this company. WHY ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS. I am trying to go over everyone's head and contact the owners and see if that helps. I have also contacted FTC and filed a complaint as well. I only gave them one star because at least the updates where correct but never received the package and their customer service again was terrible plan awful.

Laser ship read this
I called laser and customer service and the rep was very nasty
He said I was on phone for 5 minutes and I didn't give him a chance to talk
I was trying to explain to him the problem I was having
I told him is there a time limit I had to talk so I stoped talking and said he could talk and he proceeded to lecture me that I didn't give him a chance to talk so I asked him if he wanted to continue to llecture me or resolve the issue
I asked for his name he said he gave it to me at beginning of conversation so I said tell me again and his name is dion worst customer service rep ever and if laser was smart LaserShip should fire him immediately for his rudeness and obnoxious behavior
I called back a second time and dion answered and said to me oh it's you again and transfered me to another rep. I asked her what her name was and she hung up on me
I called back again and asked another girl her name. She mumbled her name I said I didn't understand what she said she mumbled again and hung up on me
I asked to speak to a supervisor
What do you know. Yep no supervisor available and no one called me back
I called chewy and Amazon and Amazon customer service told me I wasn't the only customer having problems with laser customer service that they're rude to amazon customer service reps too and he said what are we in 5th grade and Amazon cus service told me to go to google to look at reviews that laser is getting and laser has a 1 star rating
Which I'm not surprised
So hear I am writing my review
I guess laser reps don't understand that we pay their salary
Without customers laser wouldn't be in business and laser wouldn't exist

Mediocre customer service, pathetic delivery system. Do not expect your package to be delivered.
I wouldn't give any stars, but I'm forced by the system to provide at least 1.
I had an order with Nike, and my package was "routed to the incorrect delivery facility" 2 times in a row. One time is understandable, but 2? My package information hasn't even been updated since it was "routed to the incorrect facility" and I have no way to know where it is or what may have happened to it.
In addition to that, I asked to pick up my package at the Lasership facility (where it supposedly was) in either Durham or Charlotte, to which one customer service agent said "that is not permitted" and another said "I'll give you a call back once we schedule your pickup time". Their customer service provides different answers and is not considerate of customer concerns. I never received a call to pick up my package, and after 8 different calls (25+ minute wait times for each call) I was told to file a complaint/refund with Nike. This is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason I'm complaining is because I can't buy the shoe at the price I purchased it of $200 because resell is now $500+
If you want to actually receive your packages and not have to go through numerous calls with pathetic "customer service", DO NOT use Lasership (also referred to as Lazyship by numerous online reviewers). LaserShip are irresponsive to customer calls, and each of their customer service agents provides a different response. It almost seems like I myself have more information about the package than their "customer service".
Please refrain from having your packages delivered through this unethical company. In addition to their numerous online complaints and reviews, a Nike representative mentioned that this is a recurring problem customers have reported.

I received a notification from LaserShip that my Sephora order was delivered on 7/11@ 6:15p. It stated there was a photo capture of the package. LIES! No package. No photo.
(BTW, I have signage on the front door that instructs all deliveries not to be left on the front stairs, and instructions on where to leave them).
I received a 2nd notification from LaserShip on 7/12@ 5:26 with a photo of my Sephora order on the stairs. No package again!
I checked the Ring video of my neighbor across the street. The LaserShip female employee delivered the package on 7/12@ 5:26 when the photo was taken. As soon as she got back to her car another car came quickly down the street, it pulled over just beyond where she was parked, a man jumped out, went directly to my package and stole it.
The package was on my stairs for approximately 30 SECONDS TOTAL!
I contacted LaserShip customer service, (another joke) and spoke with Miranda who was working from home in MD. I asked her name, and the location of the company, which she gave me, she volunteered the rest of her information. Miranda said she couldn't find a manager to help me. She stated that she had my info from the caller id, and shipping ticket, and that someone would contact me. I was mid sentence of a statement when she abruptly hung up on me. I couldn't believe it, but the character of the company continued to show itself. Miranda must have thought better of her faux pas, and called me back about a minute later to say she heard me say something before she hung up. I let it go because at that point I knew help was not imminent. I was wasting more time on this sham company than it deserved. Subsequently, I emailed the videos of the delivery and immediate theft to LaserShip. I also emailed Sephora to let them know the company LaserShip are using to ship is stealing from their customers. I explained in detail what occurred, and that I had video to prove my claim. I also expressed I felt violated and appalled.
After reading reviews of LaserShip on this and other sites, including the Better Business Bureau, I see LIES and THEFT is a common occurrence with this company. Sephora needs to take notice, and address this egregious problem. I understand that the theft rate for Sephora may seem incidental to them because of the size of the company. But on the other side of this are the consumers who are spending their money with Sephora. We are the ones actually being affected with the frustrations and violations of dealing with this trash company.
Being treated in such a shameless manner is unacceptable. Sephora must find a better delivery company.

Tom Mara
Tom Mara cultivates an innocent persona. It's as if he is playing a character in a play, with very thoughtful displays of his personality. He completely puts on the innocent or especially sweet act, which is easy to believe. You shouldn't take your first impression of him or any of them at face value. If you don't know a person well, LaserShip can mislead you into thinking they are innocent or sweet. The only real way to know a sociopath's true personality is by getting to know them well. But if you listen to your intuition, you may get the feeling that their persona is just too simple to be real. Non-sociopaths are genuine people and not a perfect picture of a simplified personality.

WARNING: PLEASE BEWARE OF Predatory, philandering, sick men there, including but not limited to, effeminate Tom Mara who feign victim when theyre exposed, outed or confronted.

I would just like to warn anyone looking for a position with this Company. Most of the people there are unskilled labor just trying to make ends meet. It's very diverse, which is a good thing, but then you realize, people are stuck there, with little to no education. LaserShip counts on this ignorance or lack of the ability to see that anyone has the ability to go somewhere where they can prosper and thrive.

I would say this isn't a company for anyone with any integrity. It's especially not fit for females. Predators to the Nth degree. All in management, sales especially.
Remember Uber, in the news recently? You NOW have an idea of what LaserShip is like. A bunch of dim-witted, philandering, Neanderthals who haven't realized that growing up and not cheating on your wives is not that bad. Beware of all of them, who pretend that they're family men and the ones who, especially project that they're so virtuous -- that projection is the red flag. They really wear who they are on the sleeves, so just watch and listen, but only if you have to work there; otherwise please stay away.

Unprofessional operation!
I ordered the coats from Mango website. First. When I check my status, it said LaserShip try to delivery on 12/12/20 sat but couldn't make it and need me to contact them back. I text them message on the website and even called them on 12/14/20 Mon, they ask me for phone number that the driver will need for next day delivery. I had been waiting for packaging next day 12/15/20 Tue, there were no sign of delivery for me. I called them back again at *******590, the agent said sorry and promise that would be delivery on Wed 12/16/20 instead. Guess what, nothing been delivery again!. It keep repeat like that over and over till 12/19/20 Sat. They sent my packing back to the sender after I had been called and gave them all information they said they need. Each time I called ( not mention about each time I called, it took about 15 mins to get agent on phone)the agent told me the different things, one of them even said that the supervisor would call me but no one did. Those agents will talk vey nice to you and promise to fix problem for you but trust me, there is no action from them at all. Their operation system is extremely terrible between the agent, facility and driver. I am strongly warning everyone to stay away from this company. You will be very disappointed and frustrated like I do. Be honest, the company doesn't worth even for one start. Let just said I gave them the star at all.

They Deserve Every Bad Rating & More. AVOID this company! The worst!
On my security camera I saw a guy drop off a package on my front porch. 1 min later I retrieved the package. It was from The GAP, not addressed to me, did not have my address on the package, not even close. How this driver picked my house I have no idea -- through Google Maps I saw the actual delivery destination was about 1/2 mi away.

I scanned the bar code to find the shipper's info (LaserShip) and immediately reported this misdelivery to LaserShip, who promised the package would be picked up and delivered to the correct recipient. Eight hours later I called back as no pickup occurred. Agent #2 told me the case had never been entered into their system. So I reported the misdelivery again. The agent said the package would be picked up. Next day, the package was still on my front porch, awaiting pickup.

Feeling bad for the intended recipient, who was probably wondering where her package went, and fed up with the lack of action and no follow-up or accountability by LaserShip, I took the package and drove it to the customer's house. The recipient was very grateful.

I can't stand incompetence and a "whatever" attitude, and this company has it in spades. The delivery driver has probably misdelivered many packages, since he randomly threw this package at my front door. Had it not been for me taking the initiative and doing what the delivery driver was clearly unable to do, the customer would never have received the items she ordered.

I am spreading the word. Tell the companies you buy from online NOT to use this "last mile" delivery service. LaserShip are horrible. The worst.

Not sure how this company even exist...
If there was a way to give this company 0 stars I would. No one cares at this company, LaserShip, and it amazes me that LaserShip are able to be in business. The laziness as stated by other customers is an understatement as they have a 1 star Yelp review. Please read the other reviews as they ALL reaffirm the same things. />
The driver couldn't find the street address of the Post Office; which is shameful but marked the package delivered. Supposedly, it was returned to the distribution office but I was only contacted after the Post Office closed. I called LaserShip to dispute that I had not received the package and there was no way to deliver to the Post Office on Sunday. The customer service representative took my home address and mobile stating that the driver would ring me upon delivering. The next day I got a text alert stating it was delivered. It had not been delivered to my home address.

The next day I went to the Post Office 3 times in search of my package to no avail. The day after that I checked the post office to no avail. Eventually was able to get in contact with LaserShip customer service only for them to send me a picture of the fact that the delivery driver left the package in the self-service customer area of the Post Office. This is beyond incompetent. Every time you call customer service there was a 20 minute wait time, people hanging up on you and supervisors making promises as long as they don't have to truly provide customer service. I wasted 2 days of my life with a company that clearly doesn't value customers or even care at ALL. This company is beyond shameful. I truly wish I could provide pictures to illustrate how inept this company is on the basic level of delivering a package.

Please look at where my package was delivered. Out of view of attendants. The delivery person even thought it was ok to take the 1st photo. Funny thing is that I have no certainty the way things transpired that the delivery driver didn't take my package. There is absolutely no accountability at this company with every excuse being passed along with customer satisfaction being a hoax.

Package "delivered and left at front door" but left 2 blocks away
Had a package "delivered" by lasership stating it was left at the front door and nothing is there. Called lasership customer service at 7:30 PM eastern time and finally got a response at 9pm. Our representative did not care at all about our package or our situation and even admitted that the driver left it at an address 2 blocks away from ours but is unable to retrieve it. Their protocol calls for a 2 business day investigation where the driver has 2 business days to retrieve the package and bring it to the customer. If the driver is unable to retrieve it after 2 days, the customer needs to reach the seller to say that the package is lost even though it's the shipping company's fault. Shipping is paid for and the company admitted the package was delivered to a different address and LaserShip continue to do nothing about it. We asked if the driver could bring it to the correct address multiple times and our representative stated that since it's a 2 day process, they cannot do that. They basically told us that their driver can literally drop off a package anywhere he/she would like to and it is no fault of the company or the driver. This sounds like a driver can get away with stealing packages rather easily and apparently Lasership is not at fault at all. In fact we need to contact the seller saying its lost even though it is their fault.
The customer service was also absolutely horrendous and they showed no empathy for our situation at all and made it sound like it was our fault. No apologies were made and they were giving us attitude when all we wanted was answers to where our package was delivered to.

Absolutely horrible company, do not use them!
I ordered 4 gallons of engine oil from because LaserShip had the best price for the particular oil that I needed, and they offered free two-day shipping via Lasership. I had never heard of Lasership before, and had I known that their reputation was so horrible, I would've spent a few more dollars and purchased engine oil from Advance Auto Parts or Autozone.

I placed my order on 9/25/2020, and was told that it would arrive by 9/27, or 9/28 at the latest. After waiting for a week with no delivery or any kind of message or phone call from Walmart or Lasership, I checked my Lasership tracking number, and found out that my package was "delayed" at their facility in Kennesaw, GA. After waiting another week with no delivery or any updates via their tracking website, I called their customer service number, and was told that their Kennesaw facility was experiencing delays, and that they would call me when my package was ready to be picked up and/or shipped. Amazingly, a few days later, I received that call, and they asked me if I wanted to drive to their Kennesaw facility and pick up my package in person, or have them ship it from Kennesaw to my house in Marietta, GA. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake by telling them to ship it to my house, and not telling them that I would go to their facility and pick up my package. I was expecting them to call me and let me know that this had happened, but I learned that on October 14, the package was reported as damaged, and that it was shipped back to Walmart. I had no idea that this had happened until I checked my tracking number on their tracking website. I called Walmart customer service, and was told that they could either refund my order, or send out another one. Unfortunately, they told me that they can't use any other carrier besides Lasership, so I will be pursuing a full refund

If you learn anything from this review, it's that if you order something from a large corporation such as Walmart, make sure that you look at the shipping policy very carefully, and make sure that a company like Lasership won't be involved in the shipping & handling of your package, because there's a good chance that it will never arrive, will be damaged in transit, or in my case, both.

LaserShip has finally earned a cautious, very cautious, 5 stars from Thornburg, VA…
10/13/2021: I am leaving all of my previous reviews of LaserShip below so that you can see how much I hated their poor service in the past. That makes this newest review that much more positive for them. Their improvement in deliveries to me in Thornburg, VA has been stellar and nothing short of miraculous. I am cautious in my current positive review, because any time a company gets a new manager, new fuel use policies, new route policies or anything else, all the attaboys can turn into "oh s*#/s" in a hurry. For now though, LS has been delivering my Freshly meals, which are temperature sensitive, all summer long at around 9 AM. I was terrified to see that LS was going to be delivering the meals when I first signed up for Freshly, but it has been alright. Based on the tracking history, the meals go from Maryland to Chantilly, VA the night before. That means whoever is delivering my meals is smart enough to drive south all the way down I-95 in the early morning, and begin the deliveries in the southern portion of their delivery area. LaserShip then seem to work their way north up I-95 and avoid the traffic jams for the most part by going against rush hour traffic both in the morning and evening. Very, very smart. Once upon a time, as you can see from my earlier reviews, that was definitely not happening. So, I say bravo LS! Much improved. Keep up the good work.

Review from 3 years ago is below. My updated comments as of today, June 26,2018 have nothing better to add. I have continued to experience awful, awful service from Lasership despite trying to avoid them at all costs. QVC suddenly started using them, Amazon started using them, and now Chewy has suddenly started sending all of my shipments through them. Needless to say, the service just continues to surpass downright $#*!e. I have a current shipment due from Chewy that should have arrived within one to two days due to the free shipping over $49. This will be the second time I have had a problem out of two Lasership deliveries from Chewy. The shipment is in Chantilly, VA on hold with an exception of some unknown type. Customer service has ignored my request for a reason. Instead of one to two day delivery, if it shows up when Lasership is now projecting it to arrive, it will be four day service. That is not what I paid for. I make large enough orders on purpose to earn Chewy's free one to two day shipping. Also, Lasership seems to think it is acceptable to deliver at 10 PM at night when they do decide to show up. Who owns this ridiculous excuse for a company... Donald Trump?! 'Cause over promise and waaaayy under deliver seems par for the course here.

Unfortunately, I recently experienced yet ANOTHER delayed shipment from LaserShip... my eighth in a row. And no, this was not due to weather. This was simply due to LaserShip's continued incompetence in delivering to my area in Central Virginia. I have tried to contact the shipper, Vitacost, with whom I have had to endure Lasership shipping for the past year of delayed deliveries. I have also contacted Lasership each time as well. No decent resolution can be had... just constant assurances that the problems will be reported to LaserShip and the Vitacost higher-ups, blah, blah, blah. The same exact issues occur on every shipment to me. The problem is that LaserShip is out of Dulles, Va, which is a minimum of two hours north of me. When they say a package is out for delivery, it is only just leaving a station two or more hours away. By comparison, my UPS hub is only 10 miles away, while my FedEx station is 25 miles away. The USPS is also only 10 miles away. Dulles/LaserShip is over 60 miles away! Look at a map! I am in central Virginia and LaserShip is in far northern Virginia. When I call LaserShip customer service to ask where my shipment is, even they seem amazed they are delivering this far south in Virginia (almost to Richmond)! To add insult to injury for me, when the shipments don't get lost, they will show as out for delivery, but not get delivered for two or three days after that tracking message shows up! The delivery driver seems to think that "out for delivery" means deliver whenever you feel like it. Awful, awful, awful company!

Packages were "Delivered"
What the hell is lasership? I've had three packages: Banana Republic, Old Navy and now Urban Outfitters within the past month tell me that my package has been delivered through lasership. I got outside of my condo and I see no package, I reach out to my neighbors and nothing, no one has seen a package from "lasership". I am literally home all day. I work remotely now. I've had to go on 3 different chats with Banana, Old Navy and Urban Outfitters where LaserShip tell me "wait 3 days because lasership sometimes says it's been delivered but it really hasn't" what that hell does that mean? Why would you even submit a package as delivered if it wasn't? Anyway, 3 days past for all 3 packages and somehow no one could find any of these packages? I did get a refund which I'm thankful for but I would have liked to have the items I bought more than a refund. Now the sales are over so I'm pissed. I just want to know if lasership is a legit thing or if they are just stealing my packages. They suck. Why couldn't UPS or FedEx or even USPS deliver my package? Why would you rely on such a $#*!ty delivery service like lasership? I'm pissed. I get if it happened once. Things happen, mistakes happen. But 3 times? That's my cutoff. FIX THIS NOW.

Banana Republic order number: 12BCCGS tracking number: 1Z19E29E*******164
Old Navy order number: 11RX68P tracking number: 1LS*******427
Urban Outfitters order number: TP16784590 tracking number: 1LS*******580

Please go find these "delivered" packages and give them to me, thanks.

Horrible place to work.
Horrible place to work, workers are treated with disrespect; push to work forcibly under the threat they'll have not work the next day.

Such was my case, I was abuse verbally by two high-ranking managers on my second day of work; "yelling" at me out loud over something LaserShip did not took the time to train me.

I actually got fired on the third day only because I speak up, asking them to please give me clear directions.

Instead they asked me to follow directions from the next guy to me, which I did hence the yelling.

At least try me.
I work 20 years as a union carpenter out of local 33 in Boston, currently 327.
Allow me to take my chances of proving myself with a fair chance.

Do not assume I'm not going to understand what you're saying if you speak to me.

I actually wrote this for the lady, since she's the highest-ranking manager on site, but never have the opportunity to share it with her.

I want to apologize for what I say to you the other day when we were dragging the roller belt,
I mistook what you call your way of talking, for yelling.
I was so glad for being able to prove that there's more than one way of doing things.

As for the complaint you present to us on June 5 th 2021saturday morning after spending all night without sleep and 10 hours work.

I decided to write this, hopefully someone will see it.

Your complain was about the time that took us to sort out all those bags.

I believe the problem is not the people or manpower at hand, but your setup.

If you were to add another sticker displaying the same information that's on the floor as letterheads, all around the net that encloses everything we will not have to be walking around looking among 100 boxes trying to find the one box that matches the code for each bag.

The idea is to be able to visualize the number code, from a distance instead of having to walk back and forth looking for it.

I have seen you're using that system on some of the walls but not where there's more need for it.

Although I recognize not everybody needs it, for us the newbies it would be a game changer,

Because like I say to you the day you fire me, there's only so much one's body can give after having walk 10 hours with a single 30 minute lunch, no brakes whatsoever. In fact you guys don't even provide water. Despite the fact that the job itself is high pace in nature and half the boxes you deliver contain food which is heavy, it is just natural that we're going to be be dragging our feet at the end of the shift, specially since most of the time the workload is higher than what you have for manpower.

Incompetence on a scale I thought impossible.
Ordered a small microwave oven from WalMart, which was supposed to be delivered in two days. As soon as I saw "LaserShip" listed as the shipper, I KNEW that wasn't going to happen. It was like "Groan... here we go again!" because there's problems literally EVERY time LaserShip are involved.
A week goes by and still no microwave. Tracking says it's still at LaserShip's distribution facility a few towns over. I send several messages to the customer "service" folks, and get nothing but auto-responses telling me that someone will get back to me soon (yeah, right).
I'm still checking tracking daily, and at ten days, it finally says "Out for delivery". I make sure to stay home that day. I'm sitting at the computer with a view out the front window... nothing goes down my dead-end street without me seeing it. The entire day goes by, and nothing. I check tracking at about 8pm, and it says "745pm - Attempted delivery - could not leave package". An outright lie... Here's the translation: The LaserShip guy driving packages around in his own car wanted to get home for his favorite TV show, but still had a bunch of packages in his car... so he marked them all as "Attempted Delivery".
At the two week point, I got in touch with WalMart, who promptly cancelled my order and refunded me. Since then, I've had three separate LaserShip drivers showing up and trying to deliver this package, and each time I've told them I'm refusing the delivery (as WalMart instructed me to do). Yet they keep showing up.
I just KNOW that I'll come home one of these days to find the damned thing on my porch, and I will have to bring it to WalMart to return it.

Update to my previous review
I never received an email response to my inquiry but I did google and find a phone number to call. After waiting through various attempts to get me to go online and not wait to speak to someone, "extremely long hold times", "submit a ticket on line" I wait and finally was able to speak to someone. This customer service representative told me there was no photo attached to my delivery status and that was unusual as that was their protocol, to attach a photo showing the package delivered. He then went on to say LaserShip couldn't locate my package and it was lost. How could a package be marked delivered but then considered lost? I requested to I
Open up an inquiry to contact the driver to find out what happened. I have not received any additional communication from Lasership. You can draw your own conclusions about what happened to my package. I'm not sure why a package was marked delivered by a driver then considered lost. In the future, I will leave comments on all my orders to not use this delivery company as the shipping source. I'm extremely disappointed that no further action has been taken by this company to investigate what happened to my package.

Also their advice to me was to contact the seller…the seller has nothing to do with delivering the package. That is lasership's responsibility.

Disgraceful experience and despicable customer service
This company should not be in business. I ordered something needed for an event on Saturday. Order was placed on Monday for 2nd day delivery. When tracked it showed as received on Tuesday, estimated delivery for Wednesday. It did not arrive, so I gave it one more day. When it still didn't arrive(despite an order placed later on Monday from the same company that arrived Wednesday), I contacted the store, who filed and claim and provided me with the number for Lasership. I called 3 times - first time was on hold waiting for someone to answer for 15 minutes, tried again, was on hold for 20 minutes when someone answer, filed a claim, and even offered to pick up the package as it showed as arrived to the sorting facility. Let them know it was needed by Saturday. Received an e-mail stating that my package was scanned in(dah, it said that in the tracking), and that LaserShip would deliver when they could. That tells me nothing more than I already knew! I called a third time - was on hold for over 30 minutes, only to be told that there was no update other than it had arrived & was scanned in to their local sorting facility. Well, needless to say, Saturday came and went, the packaged arrived the following Monday. Although the delivery person was friendly and in a logoed shirt, they arrive in what appears to be a personal vehicle, and then, they take a picture of my house! WTHeck, who does that? It was a less than professional experience all the way around. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and called the company where I ordered and asked them to note on my account never to use that carrier for my orders again & to share this feedback with those who make carrier decisions at their company. Lasership is a joke, pay a bit more, stick to UPS & FedEx!

This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY! I ordered items on Amazon Prime Day and LaserShip used this company to "deliver" packages. The packages was to be delivered on Thursday. I waited for them to come. Adult children were listening for the door as well. At 9:40 I get a message that they "came" at 8:26 but were unable to deliver the packages. I called the company but I already knew that this company was already closed (From previous experience). I immediately sent them a message to redeliver my packages and just leave them in my porch. The packages were scheduled to be "delivered" again on Friday. Again, I am waiting and waiting and just like clock work, at 9:40 I received a message that "delivery" was attempted at 8:26 pm and unable to be delivered. I immediately called Amazon and the representative gave apologized and "attempted" to call the company. She came back to the line and said oh I was unable to reach them. I broke in and said I know because they are already closed. She sounded stunned that I already knew this. I told her this is their MO. They conveniently say they tried to deliver and leave a message after their hours of operation because they know that nobody will be able to reach them. I told her that if they came I am refusing the order and that's Amazon has Lasership to thank for that! Have I said that this is a HORRIBLE COMPANY? This is TRULY 1000% a horrible company!

If you find out a company is using this carrier to ship AVOID the purchase online altogether! I ordered from Old Navy on 11-29-2020, package saying shipped 12-6-2020 and today is 12/18 still haven't received anything. 12/9 the update said LaserShip tried to deliver but no one available to accept. I checked status again days later and they removed that remark and it just said unable to complete delivery. I was home all day on the 9th and I have a camera on the door so it's a complete LIE that the driver attempted to deliver! The tracking updates seem to be bogus. I believe the driver stole the package and is just loading random updates! I called Lasership customer service, starting explaining to the girl about my issue and she hung up on me! I wasn't swearing or raising my voice with her but I guess she didn't want to deal with the issue/call! I called a second time and this girl seemed to just be feeding me the tracking updates that I can already read myself and ended the call with "I'm going to have my supervisor contact you". I won't hold my breath for a callback! I'm not sure how this company is still in business! It baffles me that these big name companies are paying for such crappy shipping services! I would really like an investigation to be done on Lasership because from reading other reviews I believe these people are just simply robbing people of their merchandise and unfortunately, as of right now, they are getting away with it! I wish I could give ZERO stars! Overall, I horrible experience!

Deviant Tom Mara & most of Sales Team as well as Upper Management, Ethically & Morally challenged.
Tom Mara of LaserShip, Inc. cultivates an innocent persona. At a minimum, he's a serial philanderer who pretends to be a virtuous, pious, family man. Please don't be fooled by him putting on the innocent act or morally superior act. He can be stealthy in his attempt to fool people. He, unfortunately for him, was transparent to me very quickly. It's as if he is playing a character in a play, with very thoughtful displays of his personality. He completely puts on the especially innocent, wouldn't hurt a fly, shy or sweet act, which is easy to believe. You shouldn't take your first impression of him or any of them at face value. If you don't know a person well, LaserShip can mislead you into thinking they are innocent or sweet. The only real way to know a sociopath's true personality is by getting to know them well. But if you listen to your intuition, you may get the feeling that their persona is just too simple to be real. Non-sociopaths are genuine people and not a perfect picture of a simplified personality. Being a fradulent and posing as a good guy is something he spends countless hours trying to hone. Narcissists & deviants can be difficult to spot, especially if they are older and more sophisticated in their tactics. Over time, they learn how to optimally or try to manipulate their victims, and get by with their schemes without anyone questioning them. Please don't believe his hype, Tom Mara is one sick, disturbed individual. He tries to hide it, but it's there. After all, he's nothing more than a salesman, a salesman akin to one who sells used cars.

What makes it even more confusing is that they don't all act the same way. But there are actually three distinct types of narcissists who act very differently on the outside.

One of the toughest sub-types to spot is the covert narcissist, because they blend into the background much of the time. They aren't a cliché of a grandiose, self-obsessed, "look at me" narcissist, Instead, they are quietly cruel and behave in a much more passive-aggressive way.

WARNING: PLEASE BEWARE OF Predatory, serial-philandering, sick men there, including but not limited to, effeminate Tom Mara who feign victim when they're exposed, outed or confronted.

I would just like to warn anyone looking for a position with this Company. Most of the people there are unskilled labor just trying to make ends meet. It's very diverse, which is a good thing, but then you realize, people are stuck there, with little to no education. LaserShip counts on this ignorance or lack of the ability to see that anyone has the ability to go somewhere where they can prosper and thrive.

I would say this isn't a company for anyone with any integrity. It's especially not fit for females. Predators to the Nth degree. All in management, sales especially.

Remember Uber, Fox News, Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company, Google, and countless others, in the news? You NOW have an idea of what LaserShip is like. It's culture was and probably still is like that of Fox News when Roger Ailes was there. A bunch of dim-witted, philandering, misogynist Neanderthals (throwbacks to an era in the 50s) who haven't realized that growing up and not cheating on your wives, (realizing that they're not just props and something to hide behind), while you're running all over town looking for "strange", is not that bad. Beware of all of them, who pretend that they're family men and the ones who, especially project that they're so virtuous & religious (Tom Mara, to a tee)-- that projection is the red flag. They really wear who they are on the sleeves, so just watch and listen, but only if you have to work there; otherwise please stay away. So sad.

Yeah... they're a sub par company
I count myself lucky. I live about an hour from a Vitacost warehouse so when LaserShip ship with this ridiculous company I usually get my order the next day. That said, they drive these beat up piece of crap cars that, when you hear the booming base and VROOM VROOM of them trying to sound cool in their crappy cars it scared me because I had no clue who was in my driveway and what they could possibly want. Then some kid gets out with my rather large box and rings my doorbell and beats on my door sending my dogs into a frenzy. Hearing the dogs he literally runs to his car, revs the engine and hauls butt. No ID on the vehicles, ever. UNTIL. Recently they've started wearing uniforms and one time I got a delivery from a brand new VAN with laser ship on it! Once. I guess they can only afford one.

Their tracking is ridiculous. It's never up to date. Their customer service is run with gum cracking young girls (OK, some guys too) that could care less about your package or their job. They really are a terrible company and the one time Amazon delivered with them I complained to them that I expected better from Amazon. Never had another Amazon delivery from laser ship since. Now they just use the USPS which is another bad review...

Demand the company you buy from to stop using this POS company. Maybe they'll go out of business.

The worst delivery service EVER!
My package is missing. The delivery driver took a picture of the packages dropped off, but what that delivery driver didn't know was his/her incompetency would come back to be my proof of delivery to incorrect address the packages was delivered to the incorrect door/building. My door has a door handle along with the vast majority of the doors in my building having door handles unless LaserShip damage their lock and need a replacement. Now here it is Lasership won't own up to the responsibility of having to reimburse me for my package that wasn't delivered to my address due to the impotence of their delivery driver. I'm super livid that shippers that don't replace packages due to the delivery service mistakes would ever ship through a delivery service that has a 1 star rating. I'm so upset about my Christmas packages and Lasership doesn't have a damn thing to say about the situation except they will investigate which is pointless when I have provided all evidence and you send a email stating " Dear J****** M*****,

We are sorry that we have been unable to resolve your package inquiry with tracking 1LSC***********. Our team is still working hard to resolve the issue and will contact you shortly with more information.

Thanks again for your patience,
The LaserShip Customer Service Team"
Below in the photos you will see my door which is decorated along with a door handle a door mat and my Apt # along with a photo that the lasership delivery driver took with package shipment details in that photo you clearly see NO door decorations a door knob and NOT a handle and no door mat. Yet they won't rectify my package being delivered to the wrong address due the delivery driver they have hired that can't do a simple delivery and make sure that they are delivering packages to the correct address.


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