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Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service, if the customer wants a refund, if you have already paid for the customer's order, Larnt will support you and refund immediately upon request. Their support team is very concerned about ensuring that your back-end implementation meets the standard so that your business continues to run continuously. Would recommend.

Top quality products
Their HDMI cable is very thick, don't worry about breaking it, you can twist it at will. The original HDMI not only has a blurred screen, but also feels the picture is blurry. The picture is very clear with this, and the screen will not be blurred. The black cable matches well with my monitor.

I have worked with many direct supply and logistics companies
I have worked with many direct supply and logistics companies, and honestly, none of them are as good as Larnt.
Every company has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Zendrop has a very fast shipping speed, but overall it is too expensive, which is not suitable for the low profit margin of dropshipping business.
Service is one of the highlights of Larnt. I received excellent support through my agent, Ariel, which is much better than Zendrop email support. She will solve any problems as soon as possible and feel that she is a member of my team.
As for the price, there is no cost to join Larnt. And the price of the product is much lower than Aliexpress. In contrast, the price of Zendrop is about twice or three times yours.
All in all, I am very satisfied with Larnt so far, but since my team and I have only recently started working with them, I still need to continue to feel it.

I have more confidence
I work with Lilai, she is very helpful and professional. Quickly responded to and resolved my questions and concerns: shipping time and performance. She quickly tracked the order and updated me with the status. I have more confidence in Larnt's supply chain model, and I am very happy to continue to advance my business plan. Thanks!

Serious company.
After I placed the order, Helen did a great job in helping me purchase the products I needed, and helped me get familiar with the entire order process. She also found that the address might be problematic, and after verifying with me, she corrected the address of my customer in time. Perfect customer support, serious company.

Reliable and responsive
So far, all my orders in Larnt have been very reliable and responsive. Buying with them is also very helpful. Larnt are fast and transparent.
One time I purchased a product, but can not be used after receiving, I talked with the agents, and finally found a problem with my settings. Overall, this is a good experience.

Great customer service
After last month, I bought a USB HUB. This multi-function USB HUB is exquisite, simple design, and a titanian appearance business. Aluminum alloy material housings are comfortable and more beneficial to connect the heat dissipation. A variety of expansion interfaces meet different needs, in addition to the common USB interface, and VGA, HDMI, Type C is available. I am very satisfied.

Very suitable for cooperation.
The platform works well and can synchronize multiple stores, which is great! When a problem arises, my account manager Manlus is very helpful, understands and provides appropriate solutions. There is no problem with syncing orders. The pricing is also good. Very suitable for cooperation.

I am generally satisfied
I am generally satisfied with Larnt, although Larnt are not perfect yet (it takes longer to process). But the transportation time is fast. They can also purchase products quickly.
It's worth mentioning that the lovely Elena, my new agent, is very helpful, friendly and responsive! Give her 5 stars!

Due to the pandemic
Due to the pandemic, some of my orders were delayed, and I know that every business is currently affected. Larnt keeps keeping me informed about the current situation, which I am very grateful for. Not many companies listen to their customers. Thank you so much for letting us know the situation, I highly recommend them!

I usually don't like to write reviews
I usually don't like to write reviews, but I have to make an exception for Larnt.
I have been using Larnt for 6 months and everything has been great so far. Some of the products I sell are not on Larnt, so I contacted the Larnt team. Larnt responded very quickly and added them soon. Must recommend!

Bulk ordering is also very effective.
I run 50-100 drop shipping orders through Larnt every day.
This is much better than using Ali Express. It's good for things to enter the United States, and the American Ali option is really bad, and it almost made me lose the Facebook advertising ban.
I will not return to Ali now. Although it is not the smoothest business model, it obviously helps. Bulk ordering is also very effective.

Easy to use
Larnt's customer service is very fast. Although sometimes the answer may not be what I want, I always get quick replies. The website is very easy to use and importing products is very fast. The only drawback is that their logistics is not too fast, but it is acceptable. I haven't encountered any problems so far.

Suitable for small seller
I like Larnt, it is the best sourcing application and the best agent in my opinion. I am a small seller, each time the order quantity is not large, sometimes there is only one product, but Larnt can arrange the delivery for me, and the delivery speed has always been very fast. This is why I think Larnt is the best choice in dropshipping, at least very suitable for small and medium-sized sellers. Thank you Larnt!

I used Dropshipping for the first time
I used Dropshipping for the first time and spent a lot of time sourcing products. I finally decided to join Larnt mainly because there are many different products in my store, and it took me too much time to process the order, but Larnt and my personal agent Daisy helped me a lot, and she solved my problem. Even if I asked a lot of questions, she would answer me patiently. I am very happy to work with her and hope that my business will achieve good results soon. Thank you very much.

Great dropshipping company
Larnt is a great dropshipping company, Larnt have a lot of products to choose from. If you don't find the product you want, you can ask them, and they will help you find it manually.
They will also take the process further by assigning you a personal agent. My agent is Anna. She is great and is always there to answer any questions I may have. They have done a great job in the field of customer service, and I am very grateful to Anna and the entire Larnt team.

When I started to build my store online
When I started to build my store online, I encountered a few problems and I didn't know what to do or where to go. Louise and other agents did an excellent job of helping me solve the problems I encountered when setting up the store. Excellent people, quick response and true customer service. Excellent quality, one-to-one customer support. The Larnt team provided great help. Thank you.

USB dock
I've always wanted to buy a USB docking station, but I didn't know what to buy, but suddenly I saw this one. This model has many functions. There are two connectors to connect to the projector. Larnt are very practical during work, and the color of this model is the same as that of my laptop. They are all gray, which matches very well. The component of this converter is also relatively light, and it is also more convenient to install on a business trip. It's about the same size as the palm of your hand, and a more delicate one. The price is very affordable, very satisfied with the shopping experience.

Hope to have a happy cooperation
This kind of dropshipping business is new to me, and in the other companies I contacted, Larnt didn't solve my doubts. But Larnt is very professional and gave all the answers to all the information I need to know about the business. So I joined Larnt dropshipping, but I will continue to investigate and hope to have a happy cooperation!

Had a great experience
Larnt USB-C multi-function converter is very easy to use, and the interface is very meticulous, there is a USB interface, mobile phone interface, and HDMI, small guys. The details are also good, there is a texture, but it is not sinking, it is very practical. In short, very satisfied with a online shopping experience, five points praise!

"Last week I bought a HDMI Converter
Product quality: The product quality is very good and the workmanship is fine! The materials are very sufficient!
Product performance: The product performance is very good! There is nothing wrong with it!
Compatible performance: Compatible performance is very good! Very good!
Appearance: black, popular, good-looking and useful!
Product packaging: simple but not simple!"

The quality of their HDMI high-definition cable is very good, a two-meter cable is completely sufficient, and the video transmission is not attenuated. The line is thicker, and it doesn't matter if you pull it a little bit. It can transmit 4k60 Hz signals, the picture transmission is relatively stable, and the delay is very small. Generally, computers with this interface can be used. I bought a lot of them, and no incompatibility was found.

100% recommend
I am very satisfied with Larnt. I mainly do dropshipping and small batch customization. Sometimes I can't find the products I want, so Larnt will buy directly from the factory and give me a good price. I have received all my orders without any problems, because they will check the quality every time they ship. I recommend 100% and hope to cooperate with them for a long time.

Honestly, I like Larnt.
Honestly, I like Larnt. The only problem is that since I started using it, my agent will not be able to reply to me in time due to jet lag, but the problem can be resolved as soon as possible. Other aspects are great. If you want to do dropshipping, I definitely recommend Larnt. The support is great and the system is running well!

They do a good job
Larnt do a good job, the products are cheap, and every shipment will be quality-checked, the package is professionally packaged, and everything is packed in a cute box. They were very honest and did everything they advertised. So far, I am very impressed and have no plans to use anyone else. Once you get enough sales, they will also make custom inserts and packaging. Recommend.

Larnt is the best fulfillment company we have worked with so far!
Provide the highest quality service in terms of quality control, fast packaging and delivery, and help you build your brand! If you do not try to fulfill the company, we strongly recommend you! Similarly, if you want to expand your company, you must also give it a try. Since we chose the cooperative Larnt fulfillment company, all our customers are satisfied with our fast shipping service and the best product quality!

Suitable for a small store
I run a small online store and my entire business is based on the supply of products purchased from Larnt. The number of orders placed by my customers is relatively small, and some only buy one, but Larnt can ship them directly, and will give me the wholesale price of the product.
Larnt is very suitable for a small store like me. If you are just starting out or want to expand your business, I think you can try Larnt.

The cooperation with Lanrt is very pleasant.
The cooperation with Lanrt is very pleasant. Orders are delivered quickly and intact, each order will be quality checked, and the products are received without any problems. You can also customize your own brand and choose special packaging.
Switching to Larnt was a very good decision!

There is no MOQ
I have been cooperating with Larnt for 2 months, and Larnt offer more favorable prices than other platforms. I have placed about 50 orders. Because there is no MOQ, even if my customer buys 1 product, I can ship it directly in Larnt. In addition, I am very grateful for the support of my agent Anna, she is very professional and patient. So I recommend working with them.

So far so good.
So far so good. I'm still in the process of adding products to my store, but the journey so far has been cool. Larnt have all the products I need, and the customer service is fast! Any question I have can be answered by a real person almost immediately. My agent Jesse is very helpful.

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