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I love my Pomeranian from dell poms
Wonderful healthy puppies with gift package vet work in perfect condition and health Iam very happy

I got my pom and couldn't be happier
Good breeders and bad breeders everywhere, I was lucky enough to find a good breeder, my pom is perfect the breeder S. Lapp takes vary good care of his dogs, he's a caring breeder.

Scammers who will take your money
I have encountered many "sellers" that go by fake names and locations. Lancaster Puppies post fake puppy pictures and videos. DO NOT send anybody deposit money or a full payment for a puppy until you've actually met the puppy or FaceTimed. $1,500 was stolen from me by a very clever scammer. Please see the images below and steer clear of fake sellers like this. Lancaster puppies is like Craigslist they protect and harbor scammers. They have refused to take action on any of these ads and there have been over 100 people scammed out of money. Typically we've seen them with Yorkshire terriers because they are pricey. I would avoid this website at all cost.

-Never spend money without seeing the dog in person or on facetime
-Beware of anyone who only wants to converse over text
-Beware of sellers wanting you to send money to "deliver" the pup. It's a scam
-Ask for references
-Use breeders through a trusted source (friends, Facebook, etc


Most Perfect Shi-Poo
I bought a 9 week old Shi-Poo from breeder Marian Fisher through Lancaster and the puppy could not be more perfect. She is a real love, loves people - which leads me to believe she received a lot of human love prior to her release. I would buy another from this breeder and I just may do that! She was king, helpful and caring and produces great dogs!

I visited two Amish puppy mills advertised on this site
We went on to and drove out to two appointments to look at puppies and both of them were Amish puppy mills one was in the Lancaster area and the other one was in the Allentown area. Yoder was one last name and the other was Miller. The one place had about 80 dogs and the other place had about 60 dogs. These kennels were supposedly inspected and licensed but Lancaster Puppies were rather dirty and very unfriendly looking for the mothers and fathers. The puppies we viewed were filthy covered in poop and pee. They had the audacity to tell us the dogs hadn't been bathed yet. One place said we can bathe the puppy that you decide to take home. Ridiculous. How about bathing your litter of puppies just because they're dirty not because one is leaving. We didn't adopt a puppy from either place. When we viewed the parents I'm not sure that they were full-blooded Shihtzu & Toy Poodle. The one Yoder Amish man told us that his Shihtzu may have a little bit of something else in it. When we asked what else, he didn't know. Whaaaat? He doesn't know what the dogs breed is completely and he is breeding the dog? At one place young Amish children were grabbing all the puppies tossing them around and being rough. It seemed like a natural ongoing thing, the parents did not correct the children for being rough. Needless to say the places were dirty enough to make me post this review which isn't something I do often. We ended up going with a dog breeder that we found on a small breeder with about 20 dogs in the Scranton Pennsylvania area, they were NOT Amish. Their puppies were clean and the area was very clean and the parents area was very clean and organized. What can I say dirty is dirty and clean is clean. We did alert about both situations and we see 60 days later both of those breeders are still on their site. We took pics of the supposed ShihTzu mother and one of the puppies.

Puppy Mills
Most of these breeders are Amish and Menonite puppy mills. I actually bought a puppy for half of the original listing price, because I thought no one else would. Puppy was covered in flea / mite scabs. Was bald in several spots from excessive itching. Also, the puppy at 3 months was on adult dog food instead of being weaned to a puppy chow.

Got my pup
I was searching for the dog and almost get scammed, asking me to pay thru giftcard by some web ad.
I was a bit hesitant to look again around google til I find lancasterpuppies, I contacted the breeder Rachel Yoder and she is good, my hesitations were minimized, I paid the deposit thru bank deposit and paid remaining balance in cash.
My pup came as he is on the pic and video she sent to me. The hand delivery was also good, was on time, keep me updated.
I highly recommend lancasterpuppies, know your breeder, talk to them.

I was skeptical
I was EXTREMELY skeptical of Lancaster puppies website. I am from the area so I know about the puppy mill problem in Lancaster. I HEAVILY researched the people who were selling my pup. Our experience honestly blew my mind. Mom and dad were in perfect condition and so so sweet and social (puppy mill dogs will not be this way). We stayed for over 20 minutes just talking with Rachel Kauffman, the owner of the pups. We've only had ours for 3 weeks, so I can't say that things will be 100% in the future, but so far so good. If you are buying from this site research the seller, ask tons of questions. Health records, vet records, who is the vet, can you meet mom and dad, can you see where the pups are kept etc etc.

Very impressed
I did a lot of research on the particular breed I wanted for many months. I thought it would be safer to buy from a reputable breeder but I had reservations about that as well. Up my 10 to 20 visit to the Lancaster puppies website I saw many adorable puppies for sale and offered a lot cheaper than the breeders I made inquiries to. Still not having made a decision as I browsed my preferred breed in Lancaster puppies again I saw what would eventually become my dog. I did my research on Lancaster puppies again and even found some reviews from previous customers on YouTube. I decided to go through with a purchase for my olde English bulldogge puppy and was able to make a secured payment directly to the breeder via consumer safety directly to breeder on the Lancaster puppy website I arranged for shipping and had my puppy with 48 hours, he has been given a 100% clean bill of health and is absolutely amazing. Do your research on the breeder you chose and always if doing a long distance transaction use a breeder that accepts pay pal of the consumer safety group Lancaster Puppies protect both seller and consumer. But yes Lancaster puppies is legit

Puppy is wonderful!
Purchased a pomsky puppy-she loves all people, is very playful, and adapted well to potty training and walking on the leash. At 6 mos old now is incorporated well into the family! We love her!

Pembroke Corgi from Pembroke Kentucky
After searching for months for a Corgi it occurred to me to check other states. We drove from north GA to Pembroke KY for the best puppy ever. After speaking on the phone I gave a $100 deposit and arranged to meet the following Saturday. Chris Hoover raises well bread Corgis, at least according to our vet! Our puppy was in perfect health and picture perfect!

Gateway for puppy mills
This site in our experience works with sellers who are the middlemen for puppy mills.
We found a dog on this site and fell in love. We were connected to a seller only to learn Lancaster Puppies weren't the breeder. The breeder was an Amish farm. They couldn't provide a photo of the pups dad. They couldn't let us FaceTime or video chat the dog to make sure he was healthy and well cared for…or real. They requested payment in cash. These are all red flags for puppy mills. The Amish breeder was
In Eastern Ohio, a hot spot for puppy mills.
It broke my heart to walk away and tel the kids we weren't getting the dog after all. Lancaster allows these scammers to connect with well-meaning families and take their money. Beware.

Obviously a puppy mill
Steer clear of a Dale Miller who is now $200 richer as he would not refund my deposit. Puppy was very cute as is photo but thankfully my son lives in the area and went to check it out. The dog wasn't his, says it's a friend. Didn't know the age, says it was a Morkie but not 100% sure. Had not been to a vet and had a sketchy guarantee that covered nothing basically and was void of dog hadn't been to a vet in 48 hrs of purchase. Both my son and his friend said it was too much of a risk. Ask for the deposit back and was refused! Tough lesson learned but clicked all the boxes of a puppy mill.

I got my 8week golden retriever from this site and no health problems! I met the parents and the short time owners!

Phenomenal dog, the perfect companion!
We adopted our German Shepherd Justin (Bo) from an Amish farm in central Pennsylvania and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. The family running the farm was very friendly, took good care of the dogs. The puppy was ultra friendly, potty trained himself for the most part, and gets along great with our current dog. The price for the puppy was decent and we were presented the papers during the pick up. We are highly satisfied with Lancaster Puppies, and the Amish family we adopted from!

Horrible (People Do Your Research Before Buying From This Site)
So to begin this, I was looking for a German Shepherd Puppy, and I thought I found the one. He was adorable but expensive, $1,500 but I thought he was worth it. Of course, I looked up everything about the breed and all that. I googled the Breeder's name. Turns out he was a puppy mill breeder who is horrible to his dogs! I read the article. He has a kennel and got approved to hold 100+ dogs! He even says in his own words that when a male or female isn't fertile anymore he will hit it with a rock to kill it, bury it alive, shoot it, choke it, and even more very inhumane ways were described. People please, please, please do your research! You don't want to support this! The puppy your getting has likely not been socialized. That puppy is probably not purebred and if it happens to say it has champion bloodlines it probably doesn't. That puppy that's so cute in the picture online was all groomed up and was probably touched for the first time to take pictures. That puppy lives in a cage, ontop and under other cages. When the dogs above go to the bathroom it comes down on that puppy and when that puppy goes to the bathroom, it goes to the dogs and puppies below it. That puppy's father is likely not hip certified and most likely abused. That puppy's mother is overbred. Constantly getting bred. One litter, then sometimes even before she stops producing milk that mom is bred again. She's bred until she is not fertile then, she is either killed in an inhumane way or sold to another breeder at a dog auction. A dog auction is where breeders bring dogs and puppies and the highest bid wins. That puppy's parents are suffering because people don't really do research. That puppy's parents could be dead right now because Lancaster Puppies are no longer fertile. This is not all Amish but from my research, it's a lot more than you think. I think we need to fight for justice for these poor pups! And no, I did not buy that puppy, though it is pronounced sold.

If you have an ounce of morals and do any research you will know this is a puppy mill. You are just as bad as them if you knowingly buy from them as well.

This site does not vet breeders responsibly. Lancaster Puppies allow breeders who have been cited for mistreatment and neglect and breed solely for profit. I can't imagine they are not aware of this, given that the breeder (as well as the names of sellers he disguised himself under), is listed as one of the "Horrible Hundred" puppy mills in Ohio. This website should never allow this breeder to advertise. The puppy received was sick and underweight. I did email them about it and they said they'd "double check the account". I won't hold my breath but will update this review if anything promising becomes of it. Let's hope they do the right thing.

Update 01/08/2021:

Numerous emails were sent out as a follow up and this site has done NOTHING to prevent more puppies from being sold through this "breeder". The least they could do is remove "prevent puppy mills" from their homepage given that they are completely complicit in allowing these operations to continue.

Bottom line: do not buy a dog from this site! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Perfect Pup
We found our perfect little guy, Bandit, on Lancaster Puppies. We drove from North Carolina to Ohio for pick up. The Yoders welcomed us into their home and when Lancaster Puppies brought Bandit to meet us he was well socialized with the family, including two small children. All shots and deworming had been done and properly recorded. Bandit was micro chipped and very healthy. The Yoders provided food as well as a blanket with his MoMA's scent. Wonderful experience. Bandit is a year old now.

I got the perfect puppy from this site
This is a site that lists dogs for breeders or for someone trying to sell their puppy. I am extremely happy with my puppy that I bought from this site. Seller was honest and everything was perfect... The site can not help if someone lists a puppy and it's a scam... I will recommend Lancaster pets to everyone... THANK YOU for having a website so I could find puppy.

They facilitate fraud.
I can't even give them one star. I contacted them after I was defrauded by one of their listing Breeders, with specific information. The breeder represented on the site that the puppy was a Maltipoo---and it is actually a mix of five breeds. Lancaster said that, indeed, the puppy looked like a Shih Tzu (the actual dominant breed), and that Lancaster Puppies would "look into it". I have received no response from them and they continue to allow this Breeder to list similar puppies on the site. The Breeder's name is Bunny Hutchinson of Eden, New York. Avoid her at all costs.

They do not vet there breeders
Thankfully, I did not buy a puppy through this website. But, I almost did. I spoke with three of their "reputable" breeders. All three people were nice people, and there dogs may be fine. But, Lancaster Puppies were not breeders. For each interview I asked, "Are you a breeder or did you just get lucky with a litter of puppies?" All three answered they just got lucky and were not actually in the breeding business. Three for three! Not sure how landcasterpuppy vetted them, but it obviously was not thorough.

PUPPY MILL not an Adoption Center
Lancaster Puppies is a horrific puppy mill. Do not believe the pictures - this is one of PA's worst puppy mills. This a Puppy Mill - it is NOT an Adoption Center. DO NOT BUY, rescue from a REAL shelter.

Got a great puppy
We live in west virginia. Traveled to upper state New York to adopt our puppy from a nice family, had a nice little sized kennel. 10 months later great lil cockapoo pup, fully trained. Great demeanor. Brings lots of joy to our family. We are returning to to adopt another. We love their site. Looking for a cavapoo this time. Great site

Got my shih tzu female
We traveled 85 miles down. To warsaw ohio. From a wonderful seller her name is lyndsie. The puppy is the most sweet attentive puppy I live Lorain county ohio we met in a location because of covid. Private we texted and called she kept me informed and we both loved the outcome Lancaster puppies are legit look into them I thank for my new puppy annabelle and lyndsie is a great seller thanks for everything carol. J

Great experience
Found my German Shepherd puppy on here went to PA to pick her up and had a great experience. She is almost 3 no health problems. Great living conditions and met her parents

Found our perfect pup
Marion and Liz Yoder were excellent in assuring our puppy got to us healthy and smoothly. Lancaster Puppies kept in contact with us everyday during the buying process and answered any questions we had, sent us pictures and really kept us up to date with anything going on. They drove our puppy, a corgipoo to us from Ohio to NYC and I couldn't be more happy. She came healthy, clean, vaccinated and playful as ever. If you are interested in breeders from Lancasterpuppies, these are your people.

Puppy in Poor Health
I purchased a GSD from this site. The "breeder" was nice over the phone and made the pup sound like he was ready to go. When the pup was shipped to me he was much older than originally stated, malnourished, and absolutely terrified of everything. The "vet records" that came with the pup showed he actually didn't receive any of his shots like she said he did. The "vet" also cleared him in good health. I took my GSD to my vet and found out he has bad hips, a skin disease, and was 10lbs under weight. Barbara should be arrested for the state my GSD came in. A few months later we are still working on his skin disease. He unfortunately cannot be a working dog like he was purchased for due to his many ailments. Though I don't care about appearances, for a GSD his ears do not stand and his fur is very patchy. I love him to death, but I can't imagine what the other pups on this site have or are subjected to.

Great dog from great family in Lancaster
I just bought a purebread puppy from the Lancaster area. I was a little skeptical when I went there since I read there are puppy mills in that area, but our puppy came from a nice family. The mother of the puupies was there with her 2 remaining puppies. The dogs were happy and roaming around the Amish farm. Lancaster Puppies provided the vaccination records, the information for contacting the vet, ACA paperwork, and the transcation went great. We love our beautiful puppy, she's exactly what we wanted.

We have been looking at pugs. We ask lots of questions and order for u as to get the dogs we ask them to allow us to test them for pde dm and embark genetic testing. The breeder we use is very nice and knows all about pugs. We got a puppy after he passed all the testing. This breeder is nice. Now some breeders no never but her yes we liked her.

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