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EXACTLY what we wanted!
Very easy to use although I did not get a response at all when I entered an inquiry about local pick up from my closest store. I ended up just going down there in person to see if LampsPlus had the lamp in stock which they did not. That was a little irritating. But the lamps are absolutely beautiful. The bulbs that were recommended as being used with this lamp, however, were not the right size. It wasn't a big deal; we just kept them for something else and got different ones, but I would recommend that whoever pairs bulbs with lamps checks into that because they were too long for the shade.

Lamp got Lost
Love all the beautiful lamps at Lamps Plus. LampsPlus are the ONLY store that has this selection!
I was told my chandelier would be delivered on a certain day (even the Bot contacted me and said it would be delivered that day. I waited and no chandelier. Finally after called numerous times within a week after that I got a Customer Service person who said my lamp was lost and she ordered a new one for me.

Beautiful lamps!
The lamps were absolutely gorgeous. However, LampsPlus were HUGE and didn't fit on my tables. I wish they were available in a smaller size.

I only contacted Lamps Plus to inquire about sending the lamps back. The customer service rep was extremely helpful. We packed the lamps back up in their original packing and containers, and dropped them off at FedEx. It was just as easy as the very polite customer rep told us it would be. Just a side note that has nothing to do with returning the lamps: My order came less than a week after I submitted it. The lamps arrived well packed and in perfect shape. If I can, I will definitely order from Lamps Plus again. Easy and free returns are not always offered by other companies.

Gorgeous Dining room fixture!
Been looking for a replacement dining room fixture for our new home in Fla. Been to every lighting store in a 25 mile radius; looked online forever as well; this fixture kept popping up by Franklin Iron Works and I could only find it on your site. I'm not into ultra modern or trendy fixtures; rather traditional in style but needed the bronze finish. We have high ceilings and I'm hoping this fixture will be all I hoped it to be. Not as much as I actually wanted to spend, but once again, hope the look will be worth it; reviews of this fixture were great.

Great customer service!
I have two very old Japanese figurine lamps. My parents got them in 1949 and LampsPlus were passed to me My pagoda shades are in bad shape from years of packing/moving—general wear and tear over 53 years. I was glad I could find so many styles to choose from here!
But when I received the shades one was damaged I contacted on a chat line and had an immediate response. A new shade was sent. Customer service is always a big deal with me.

2 out of 3
I have ordered 3 exterior lights in the last 6 weeks. One of them had a broken pane. LampsPlus were very nice snd sent a replacement pane, but it arrived broken too. Am waiting for a second replacement pane. Love all the fixtures and hope the next pane arrives in one piece!

Only 2 stars now since I haven’t gotten replacement glass for the broken one. It’s been ordered.

Pleasantly surprised
I was looking for a table to add in my reading room. I saw what I thought would fit perfectly in the space but I didn't read that it had to be assembled. Since I am a widow I took it upon myself to try and do this task. To my surprise it was easier then anticipated & it looks beautiful. For the lower shelf I put a statue & under the counter light and I love it.

I visited the site several times to review the Jordan...
I visited the site several times to review the Jordan Brushed Nickel Tree Torchiere 3 Light Floor Lamp. I then had an online chat with a representative about shipping and she was very informative. After reading the product reviews and a positive experience with the online chat I decided to purchase. The process was straight forward and I felt comfortable spending my money with this business.

I love the variety of style choices...
I love the variety of style choices... would love to have even more options if possible. Good search engine within this shop. I was happy to find the lamp I had chosen and put in my cart for over a day was actually available as "Open Box". I'm going to take my chances and give it a try. The only thing I found missing at checkout was an option for a promo code. Every "pro" online shopper regular uses promo codes to sweeten the deal.

Returning a purchase and buying new product
I had purchased a lamp on line that was not the right fit once I got it. With 1 phone call, I was able to choose to return it to my local store or return free via UPS. The Customer Service Rep was pleasant and helpful, and the entire call was less than 5 minutes. I returned the item to my local store, who was helpful in crediting my card - LampsPlus also helped me find something to replace my original purchase and was an even better choice!

CS was super helpful in getting an online purchase returned and credit to my card. Very friendly rep who resolved my issue in less that 5 minutes on phone!

Over billing AGAIN
I continue to receive bank account holds for a cancelled item. First, A hold for double the amount of the order was placed on my account. Customer Service rep was nice but informed me "that's just the way it is". Only after a formal complaint was the hold finally released. I found that my account has been charged AGAIN! What is the deal?! It shouldn't be so difficult. DO NOT BUY FROM LAMPS PLUS!

Love this site and your products!
Love this site and your products! Recently purchased table lamps, and floor lamps in brushed nickel... the floor lamps are taller than my former ones and it is so much better. Previously purchased a Giclee ceiling fixture with red in the shade for my remodeled kitchen and a new brushed nickel dining room fixture. Happy with all my purchases. Thanks too, for quick turn around time between order & delivery.

I tried to Sign up for $15.00 coupon as this is my...
I tried to Sign up for $15.00 coupon as this is my first order, but did not see it delivered to our email address (******* A message popped up stating there was an error and I had already signed up for coupon. I have submitted my order without the coupon since I did not receive one. Please clarify how /where I can see it was applied to my order. Thank you, Susan and John Christopher

Blue Flower Shade 18" High Touch On-OFF Table Lamps Set of 2
My ordered items were damaged upon delivery. I called and a representative informed that replacement of the thin glass shades are not available I would like my account to be credited There was only one return shipping label issued, the lamps came in two shipping cartons Please inform what steps needed at this point

Would have like to have had the glass shades replaced W/O going thru the repacking and reshipping hassle It is not as simply repacking items as LampsPlus were packed originally for shipping

It was just very confusing
It was just very confusing when I got notice that the item had been delivered on 15 OCT 2021, and here we are on 22 OCT 2021, so I finally called Lamp Plus who looked into where the item was. I received the item the very next day, yesterday, 23 OCT 2021, along with the identical item ordered recently, so it was nice to finally have what I desired and the lamps are stunning.

The guy was great, very thorough, professional, empathetic and kind, as well as efficient.

Firstly this is "feedback" for you and not intended...
Firstly this is "feedback" for you and not intended as a complaint from anything done or said by you or your company. We actually love your service and strongly wanted to stay with you.
As we are starting our next housing makeover in Hawaii, I ordered a nice set of track lighting from you. Only after placing my order did I see that shipping alone was 522.00! I quickly called to cancel this order and afterwards purchased the same product cheaper, with free shipping from Amazon. I'm not suggesting you provide free shipping and I understand you have nothing to do with the cost of postage. BUT when the cost of sending a package is more than a round trip ticket to pick it up personally, especially when Amazon can send this for free… the post office is killing your business, not Amazon.
Again, I understand you do not regulate postal fees. This is only to let you know where your customers are going and why.
522.00? When it's cheaper to fly over and pick it up in person, then fly back, somethings wrong.

My lamp arrived with the cord severed
My lamp arrived with the cord severed. It was clear that the lamp had been previously opened and repackaged, so someone sent me a damaged lamp who should have known better. When I called customer service, LampsPlus wouldn't send me a new lamp until the broken lamp had been returned and received. They wanted me to pack it up and take it to FedEx. They should be making this much easier for me by sending me a new lamp right away and covering the fee for a FedEx pickup without my having to ask.

Possini Euro Moderne Droplet Floor Lamp
I have ordered much of my lighting from Lighting Plus. LampsPlus have a good selection of modern chandeliers and floor lamps. My friend loved my Possini Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp so I got her one for her new house. She was so excited and placed it in a visual are for everyone to enjoy. Shipping was fast and product nicely packaged. I saw some reviews about receiving a damaged shade, but hers was perfect.

I recently made a purchase on a lamp I've had my eye...
I recently made a purchase on a lamp I've had my eye on for awhile but it took a bit to save up for. It was well worth the purchase and as the saying goes... you get what you pay for. ;) I could not be more happy with my purchase. I have a 440 square ft apartment so I have to be selective on my choices and decided that I would rather have quality over quantity. I look forward to filling my home with a few more choice pieces, and since LampsPlus are all in the higher price bracket I appreciate the "Sezzle" option to break up the payments. I can't wait to receive this indoor figurine. I love these antique style bronze sculptures. So elegant and beautiful to look at. My next purchase will either be a floor lamp that I've been looking at for my small dark closet area (the one I found will just fit in the 13" space I have available for it, and there is a beautiful full size Tiffany Lamp that I have my eye on as well. My first shipment arrived quickly and safely and was well packed. I am going to love my new
Items! Thank you Lamps Plus! I will be adding a comment and photos to my last purchase soon. One thing I really enjoy and appreciate is looking at the real product in a real home to get the feel and to secure my decision to purchase the item. There are so many regrets and disappointments in online buying and I'm happy to say that I don't believe I will ever have buyers remorse from any item I choose from Lamps Plus!

Broken lamp -1 star STAY AWAY
Purchased two lamps and both were received in one box, unfortunately one of the lamps were shattered in 1000 pieces. Called customer service and LampsPlus wanted me to repack the entire order and send back for a refund. Not my fault you packaged the lamps incorrectly and expect me to repackage broken glass to send back. Very unacceptable and I will not be buying from them again. Out $60 with a lamp that cannot be matched from another store. And what's up with the 20+ digit order number, you can't possibly have that much business with the level of customer service I had the pleasure of dealing with.

Great looking, good quality
The stools arrived in great condition, carefully packed to minimize potential damage. The first stool took a while to assemble since I was doing this on my own. But I did the 2nd one in half the time, after I figured out a couple of assembly tricks. The stools look great. The swivel functions perfectly. I ordered a third stool to finish off the look of the island. Very pleased!

Defective lamp, poor quality.
Bought 2 bedside lamps. Defective switch on one and don't expect the 2nd to last long. Switch quality in inferior.
LampsPlus want you to return the defective lamp before they send a replacement, which is inconvenient. We did not keep the box. Who would have thought they were selling merchandise of that quality.
Talked to a gentleman named Mario, very nice & competent and he sold us another lamp and explained that credit would be issued when the defective item is returned.
Not thrilled, but I can live with the return process, what I'm dissatisfied with, is the lack of oversight in their purchasing group. I understand cheap imports but a twist of the lamp switch knob would have made it clear that this is not a safe item to introduce to the consumer market.

Large selection and competitive prices
Was looking for a budget-friendly floor lamp that wasn't flimsy and made from only metal and plastic. I looked at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Home Goods, Marshalls. Options seemed to be cheap and flimsy and then skipped right to pricing that was at the top of my budget and went up from there. Came to LampsPlus and not only found a style that I liked, I was able to get the floor lamp & 2 matching table lamps within budget.

I bought this lamp before
I bought this lamp before. I was not familiar with Lamp Plus and was a bit hesitant to order the lamp. However, I could not find what I was looking for anywhere else, so I gave it a shot. The lamp arrived earlier than indicated, was very easy to unpack, in great condition, solid, and I was reading/working right away. It has been very hard to find a lamp with such height/directional flexibility and sturdy (I have two big dogs). After several months, I am back buying another one.

I never realized how much easier buying could be here
I never realized how much easier buying could be here. The Pasadena store has become home to us for all our needs in addition to lighting and lamps. Manny in this store could not be more delightful. He makes us feel like family. The store has erased my fears of returning items which in turn has led to me buying more and enjoying it! From lamps, lighting, our daughter's entire bedroom, family chairs and poufs... on and on... can't thank you enough. No more panic attacks shopping with you. Thank you!

Defective Floor Lamp
I ordered a set of three lamps. Two table lamps and a matching floor lamp. The top section of the table lamp had no threading, and therefore couldn't be assembled. Customer service told me that I had to repurchase all three lamps, switch out the defective floor lamp, Fed Ex the lamps BACK to them and wait 7-10 business days for a refund. All on my own time, OR find someone in rural Massachusetts to fix the lamp after LampsPlus give me a partial refund. We'll see how this goes. THEY SUCK!

Satisfaction received
I would highly recommend this company. I recently wrote a review that i was upset that LampsPlus did not replace a broken globe. That i did not open a little over 2 months due to a lot of family matters. After writing a bad review and contacting people I got it replaced. Everyone was very nice and they took care of me. I have at least 8 of their lamps they are beautiful and well made. I will continue to get all my lamps here and will recommend them.

Purchased 2 Lamp Tables
Order arrived quite quickly. One table was in excellent condition but the other one had been damaged in transit. One corner of the table top had been smashed and broken. I telephoned customer service and spoke with a very helpful lady who agreed to send me a replacement top forthwith. My communication with customer service was quite pleasant and helpful.

Completely satisfied. So much so that I sent an email commending her cheerful attitude and helpfulness.

Bad quality
The lamp was gorgeous, met the description as shown, and the price was worth the product. The best part, tracking gave an approximate time of delivery in about a week. I got it in ONE DAY. Wow! I was excited, BUT the lamp was inferior. It was crooked. You had to put it together in steps. One of the steps was a post to screw into the stem of the lamp. I could already tell by the screw's threads that it was crooked. That, in and of itself, caused the beautiful glass shade to become crooked. No way was I about to keep it. Enter the whole sad process of returning it.

The return process was very easy. The rep was so helpful. UPS is two blocks away from me. LampsPlus will not ship an item without their own box. I didn't want to drive to my nearest FedEx, so the rep scheduled a pickup. Ironically, I knew the driver that picked it up, and everything worked out well from there.

Products great, packaging a mess!
We ordered two lamps and very very happy with the quality and the aesthetics of the lamps. We were also pleased that Lamps Plus offered to send the correct light bulbs without us requesting them. BUT, the packaging was terrible. It was packaged in a weird Styrofoam that literally disintegrated when touched and fell apart as we tried to throw it out leave thousands of tiny bits outside just before a rainfall. Needless to say this is not very environmentally friendly when we have a serious plastic problem in our oceans and our landscapes generally drain to the ocean. Love the products, disappointing packaging.

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Description: Lamps Plus® is the nation's largest lighting retailer, delivering a winning combination of service, selection and value. We offer an unbeatable selection of lamps and lighting fixtures for indoors and out, including a wide selection of exclusive and customizable designs. Plus, we carry a full range of home furnishings, from seating and storage to wall art and decor.

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