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Awful Customer Service
I have been trying to retrieve commissions from the affiliate program where I sold several item for Lampeez. 115.81 has been on their books since December 2017 and I still cannot get these commissions. The last email I received Lampeez said that their website is down and to check back next month. Ha! I send an email at least every two weeks and I usually don't get a response. Plus I've heard a lot of bad things about quality of the product and terrible customer service. Stay away from this company!

Do not buy from this company! Zero stars.
I ordered a basketball lamp for my son a month before Christmas. I had it sent to his in laws house because that is where Lampeez were spending Christmas. It arrived December 28th. When my son went back to his mother in laws for the first time since Christmas... two states away, he opened the gift. It was a soccer ball lamp!
I tried calling them but to no avail. I have emailed them FOUR times and their only response is... you should have contacted us within 30 days.
When I asked how I could write a review for their horrible company... they cut off all contact. Notice their are only great reviews on their website.
This company is a ripoff. I'm out at least $60.

Company and Product is Crap!
I ordered 3 of these lamps. Found out that you needed to plug into computer or battery to power them. One I planned to place in an area away from any computer so I had to use batteries. First of all, Lampeez do not look 3D as advertised. And, it only worked for one day on batteries. For whatever reason, the different color options stopped working which left me with white, and a couple of other colors. Then the batteries died on day 3. I changed to batteries again to new ones. Again, they died a few days later. I contacted the company and they told me to try and plug it into a computer. I did, and it worked. I told them I purchased the lamp for an area without a computer and that it was useless if it didn't work with batteries. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and then they stopped responding all together! These lamps sure as heck are not worth the $34.99 I paid for each! JUNK

I also posted my review on their website but found that they deleted it. There are only 5-star ratings on their site. No wonder, they remove all negative reviews.

I purchased 2 lamps as gifts online at 5AM. In the meantime, I found out Lampeez were not appropriate for the intended recipients. At 7:15AM I sent emails and left a phone message requesting to cancel my orders. At 9:15AM I received a confirmation of my orders and a message that they would be sent in 3-4 days. At 3:46PM I received another email from Lampeez saying that the items had already been sent and could NOT be cancelled. I checked the tracking information at USPS, and the items did not arrive at the Post Office until 4 hours after I received the message saying they had already been shipped! I cannot help but think that they were shipped within one day (not 3-4 days, as the website states) because I had cancelled the orders and the disreputable people at Lampeez did not want to refund my purchase. This is despicable!

I think that 3-D in this case means Deceptive, Debased and Dishonest
I usually check out reviews of products before I purchase them, but for whatever reason, I failed to do so this time. There are 15 5-star reviews which were probably all written by employees of this company or a single individual who was paid to make the product sound good. Nearly all the rest are 1-star reviews like mine, because that's the lowest rating you can give. I agree with another consumer who said Lampeez wished they could give a 0-star review because that's what they deserve. The designs look like 3-D in their deceptive ads, but it's probably CG or photo-shopped. I didn't have a problem with delivery as did so many, but I almost wish I did. Then I might be able to go to my credit card company and get a full refund because of fraud. Chas. C.

Placed order on 11/25/2018. After placing order in my shopping cart the total was more than I was led to believe it would be. So I never checked out. Lampeez immediately messaged me asking why. After telling me they asked if I would order if I received a $10 credit so I did. Was told would be processed with in 3-4 days and email with tracking information would be sent. December 12th no email, no product and no response to messages. Tonight I see 79 complaints to BBB all with similar complaints. I am on Social Security and this was my daughter's Christmas. No gift and no more money

Not worth it. Poor product.
I ordered 3 lamps as gifts. I looked at the designs when Lampeez arrived, but it wasn't until I gave them to my relatives and they were placed in the lightbase did the scratches show up.
The eagle had multiple small scratches and the German Shepherd had a 2" scratch from ear to ear. I asked if the German Shepherd could be replaced as the condition was so bad and the response I got was "Our lamp comes with 14 days policy.We cannot pursue with your claim."

No sorry for our poor workmanship. I had planned on buying more as Christmas presents, but they have lost a customer.

Sent me the wrong product - still have not resolved after 1 month
I ordered a swimmer lamp as a gift for my son and Lampeez sent me one with a wine bottle and glasses instead. Since there is no phone # to call, I submitted a support
Ticket on the website on Dec 26 to hopefully get this fixed. Although I did get a reply from Lampeez support stating they would send me the actual product I ordered, it is now Jan 18 and I have not received anything. I have sent multiple emails requesting an update with no response. I finally had open a dispute on my credit card because customer support at Lampeez is basically non-existent. They don't seem to care to resolve any issues customers have. I would not recommend buying from this company.

Designs are basic laser line drawings on crap plastic not what is shown!
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY! I wanted a custom piece. It looked like someone with a shaky hand drew a stick drawing. When I did not approve, Lampeez ignored any further contact from me... NEVER REPLIED! This was in Nov. 2017... I got a notice last wrk that my item was getting prepped for shipping. I emailed ans said DO NOT send me anything I have no order pending with you. I just got an email that my lamp is being delivered today Aug 24 2018! This will be very interesting. I cant see where they charged my card yet, but if they did, I am calling my lawyer, and contacting the BBB. Notice that there is NO PHONE NUMBER to call LAMPEEZ... There is a reason for that!

Do not buy one of these items, they do not stand behind the sale, no customer service
I bought a sea turtle, Nov 30th it was delivered on Dec 20th and it was a hockey Christmas gift I had to buy something else. Tried to contact this company and no Ph# just an email which Lampeez did not respond to. So I am left with an item I do not want or need. I did receive an email for 10% off as an "Oops we made an mistake". What kind of business is this? Think twice before ordering from this company the item when opened was not even close to the picture shown... BUYER BEWARE!

Terrible customer service
I bought 2 lamps and 2 weeks later still hadn't received them and the tracking number I was given didn't work. I contacted them and was given another tracking number. The lamps were delivered but not to my address. When I contacted customer service again I was told to check my yard and with my neighbors because the package said delivered. When I responded that I had done those things prior to my original email and was I getting a replacement or refund I received no answer. Customer service is awful... just trading emails back and forth.

Scam site
This site is a scam stay away. Ordered four lights on Nov. 22 for x-mas presents. Nov. 29th received an e-mail stating a label has been printed from Fed-ex and was given a tracking number. I have checked that tracking number every day since and states the same thing. The lamps have still not been sent as of Dec. 13th. Filed a fraudulent claim with my card company. Lampeez charged my card the same night I placed the order. Please pass this on to all your friends out there to stay clear of this site.

If there was a zero rating i would have used.
I ordered a custom made 3D light for my grandson for Christmas on November 5th and as of today, December 17th, have not seen it and expect not to. Don't be fooled by the emails Lampeez occasionally return that "it will be in the mail next week" crap. This is a horrible company and had I don't better research i could have saved myself like $160. And then to read all it is is a piece of plastic with some etching on it and definitely not 3D makes me even more upset. So terribly disappointed as this was to be my grandsons main gift, now i have to go out and replace that. This retired Grandma is definitely disappointed and frustrated.

Run Fast! Very fast!
First time for everything. Do NOT purchase from this company. I wish I had done my homework. I ordered and paid for my Guitar lamp and haven't received. At first the company was responding then Lampeez stopped. I got suspicious when my product was sitting 10 minutes fron me for 7 days. The tracking then said it was on it's way to the next destination. You can never get through to them. I started emailing and at first they were responding back to give more time. Finally, they stopped all together. I've contacted BBB. Also, will be contacting VISA.

Only positive experiences
I've purchased the lighthouse lamp for my mother in (2018), the elephant lamp for my best friend (2019), the Love Knot for myself (2019) and the unicorn lamp for my niece (in September). All orders were delivered within the promised timeframe if not early; I saw someone say delivery took 32 days in which presumably that was in the midst of this pandemic, so I wouldn't deem that to be typical... I sent something NY to NY about 10 miles from each other and it took 7 days to get there in which it somehow ended up in Florida during transit, soooo! I did have an issue with the elephant lamp in which the USB charger was missing; I immediately emailed customer service and the next day I got a response that Lampeez were shipping one out that day and they sent it express! Other than that I haven't had any issues with them in 4 purchases over 2 years, and the prices for their items are reasonable (and they often have sales or promo codes too). I know that there are exceptions to excellent service, which is expected as no business is perfect, but I would order from Lampeez again and refer people I know to do the same.

Fun item that provides a low light
I got one for myself, the lotus and then two others for friends. I like mine as a low light in the living room. I like changing the colors. The fish was for my friend's son who is disabled. Lampeez have to check on him in the night and the goldfish gives off a nice glow so they can see, but not bright enough to wake anyone! The last was for a garden loving friend. I sent the butterfly to help her keep summer in her home all through those bitter Indiana winters. Everyone loves them and I found the company to be reliable. It did take a while for delivery, so be patient.

I found a couple of phone numbers for Lampeez! Hope this helps!
Same issues as listed by many other reviewers. I hope I can help with the info listed below!

*******821- I think this might be the owner's cell phone number. I had to look up the transaction with my bank so I could dispute the charge (no contact after placing the order). This was a phone number connected to the transaction. When I called the number, a lady answered and she did help me. I live in Texas, not far from their warehouse, and she helped me track down my order and offered to let me come get it if it hadn't shipped yet (it did ship, I was just not notified).

*******699- this is the customer service number she wanted me to call. I didn't get that far as I insisted on resolving the matter with her on her cell.

Hope this helps some of you trying to find your order!

Worst Customer Service
Lampeez the worst customer service i have ever dealt with. I ordered a custom lamp and it didn't arrive until months after the promised delivery date. I sent numerous emails that went unanswered, asking for a phone number to call or an email of an actual person to talk to and Lampeez would NEVER give me that information. I was stuck with the general customer service email that wouldn't respond. I was honestly surprised when it showed up because I thought I was never going to get it, but even when it did i was met with disappointment. The letters on my lamp looked like they were hand written, sloppy work. WILL NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN AND STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU NOT TO.

Unworthy of review
I placed order along with custom order.
I recieved email once a week for two weeks that my order was being shipped and i would recieve confirmation email from shipping. No confirmation. I asked for refund. Lampeez emailed me list of all items being refunded and the amount to be refunded. That total came out to over 300.00
Then they showed amount actual refunded.
A little over 51.00. No explanation
Then they tried shipping part of my order 2 days after emailing me that my order would take 3 to 4 months.
I replied the shipping information of items was incorrect. 3 days later they shipped incorrect order without responce. Then i recieved email stating my order was being refunded. All items were listed with exception of items order and paid for but not included as part of my order.
The amount to be refunded over 320.00
Then it stated amount refunded 51.00
Then i recieved email asking if i want my order shipped to which i replied.
Take a picture of items to be shipped attach picture to shipping email to prove my items are in shipment.
Two weeks later no reply to any email regarding status.

Customer no service
I ordered two lamps for my granddaughters for Xmas on Nov 22nd. On Monday 12/17 I had received no word and sent an email requesting status of order. Aside from a bot response that Lampeez had received my request, by this morning I had no word. I followed up with another email that if I didn't receive proof of shipment by end of day, I wanted order cancelled and would notify my credit card company to reverse the charges. When I got home, I found the box on my doorstep. The lamps are ok but not worth the money. Don't bother.

I love my lamp!
I just love my lamp! When I have it to where it cycles thru all the colors. I could just lay here & look at it all day if I could. Everyone who has seen it just loves it & asks me where I got it. Of course I tell them Lampeez! Christmas is coming up soon & I will be ordering again. My problem is figuring out which ones to purchase... I love them all! I have this one sitting on my wine bar. I have not had any problems with Lampeez & to my surprise. It did not take long to get here either.

I am in NO WAY disappointed with my purchase or their customer service
I ordered my Lampeez lamps for my grandsons, for Christmas and one for myself, lol. After seeing them in the "shipping cueue" for longer than I would expect (2 1/2 weeks), I called them. The reviews that I read made me afraid of what I purchased and I was scared that I had been scammed. Not a good feeling the week before Christmas and shelling out this kind of money. I was told my order was being held back because one of the items (my personal item) was not available until after Dec. 31. I was credited that item and the other 2 for my grandsons were expedited to arrive before Chriistmas. Well, Lampeez arrived before Christmas and I was credited the other that wasn't available. I am VERY HaPpY with my boys gifts! They are AWESOME! I don't understand all the negativity that I have read. I would definitely order from Lampeez again. I will have to go back and get mine, lol!

These are bogus! Do not buy!
I ordered 3 of these lamps as gifts; I loved the fact that Lampeez would appear to be 3-D when lit. When they arrived, they were simply etched plastic drawings, and when lit, there was no 3-D effect at all. What a rip-off! When I complained to the company that they were not as advertised and that I did not want to pay a "restocking fee" to return them, they offered me $10 to just keep them. I told them, "No thanks!" I would be embarrassed to give these as gift. I believe that this company posts its own positive reviews. Be warned...

These are the COOLEST LAMPS EVER! My Mom bought me an elephant Lampeez, and I loved it so much, that I bought several for friends. Lampeez all LOVE their lamps too! It's fun to scroll through the different color lights and pick your favorite, or you can choose to have it scroll through the lights automatically. The 3-D effect is really AWESOME - the elephant looks like it's walking right toward you! A friend of mine bought me a different brand, and the elephant is much smaller, the 3-D effect is non-existent, it's cheaply made, and didn't even come with a plug-in; so don't be fooled by the cheap imitations. LAMPEEZ is the only way to go! LOVE THEM!

How do they get away with this?
To all who have been victimized by this poor excuse for a business, I contacted the USA Federal Trade Commission and gave them all the pertinent information, regarding these scammers. Whether, or not the FDA contacted them, I don't know. What I do know is this; I received a notification from these "losers", letting me know that the rest of my order is being shipped and I should receive it in 4-5 days. We shall see. If not, the FDA will be contacted, yet again and again and again, until this issue is resolved, one way, or another. I have no intention of caving to these scammers! Lampeez need to be exposed for who they are and what they are!

I'm shocked by the reputation of Lampeez on this site. I've been a customer of Lampeez since 2016, and have bough several gifts every Christmas. Yes it does take 2 weeks for delivery, and 2 days to get a response, but that is expected during the busy season. Everyone I've given the gifts to has been very pleased, it makes such a great gift. Lampeez have even started including USB wall adapters this year, so you get everything you need. If you are on the fence, I would say take a leap. I highly recommend this company, their products are very unique and amazing

30 day return policy
I ordered a lamp for my 16 y. Old nephew in December for his birthday. It was delivered a week before his birthday. Being a 16 year old, he just now opened his gift; a month after his birthday. It was defective. Assuming this was a great company I immediately notified them; knowing Lampeez would replace it. They responded that there is a 30 day return policy and they will not replace it. You would think they would stand behind their product and make good on it under these circumstances. Very disappointing. Can't recommend.

Go to physical site- Get your package!
I ordered this as a gift two weeks ago and then received an email saying my address undeliverable. Today, I went to the physical site at 3361 Boyington Drive #240 Carrollton Texas and walked in. Lampeez found my order, displayed it for me, lit it up to show its working, and then packaged in gift bag. I shouldn't have had to go to this step bc now they owe me shipping/ handling. But I did get the package finally.

Unfortunately those who are not local cannot get theirs.
Rating 3 bc no one responded to my email, and number disconnected.

Has not shipped order even though they charged my card
Placed an online order 11/24/2018, received an email confirmation same day stating my order will ship within 7-10 business days. 10 business days means this order should have shipped by 12/7/2018. On 11/29/2018 received email that my order is being prepared for shipment. Shipping label created and will take 1-3 days to pack order and ship from warehouse. Been checking the tracking number provided and FedEx tracking still states shipping label created. The status has not changed and order still not shipped. But Lampeez charged my card, have my money and I have nothing to show for it. Phoned them today and was told their shipping dept made an error and they've had a lot of complaints. Not confident I will receive my order. If don't have by 12/17/18 will definitely be filing a formal complaint with the bbb.

Lamps good marketing unwanted emails after a nightmare
Bought 4 lamps from company one snapped in half ( guitar) others I now am very careful handling. What is frustrating and annoying is the number of marketing emails from them. Lampeez are supposedly from customer service but are in reality spam emails which despite multiple requests to desist have not. I do not understand why a company would want to aggravate an already established customer that has resulted in no longer any interest in purchasing from them. Also there appears to be no option to contact by phone so when you do not respond to emails makes this a bad company to deal with.

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Description: Lampeez is the pioneer of 3D LED Lamp with the best quality and largest collection of optical illusion lamps. Use it as a night light or home decor, your choice

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