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Thank you
Its been nice working with you but my ring wasn't the right size i asked for a size 9 and you guys sent me a 9.5 so im alittle bit disappointed that i can't wear my ring cause it falls off.
But other wise beautiful ring.

My ring was not delivered to the right address but no one got back to me on it. But i was able to get through the delivery company.

The Ring Totally Blew My Mind!
My fiancé wanted to propose to me in Paris but our travel plans was canceled due to a death in my family. He was trying to give me the ring on Christmas Eve but it had not shipped. I guess the ring came faster than he thought because he proposed to me on New Year's Eve. Caught me completely off guard. The ring was absolutely gorgeous. I did not expect it to be so "BIG"! The ring is so feminine, my hands are big and so it has always been hard to find a ring that would compliment my finger and hand. This ring did that and more It! It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever had. He made an awesome choice. Thank you so so very much! I will be buying more jewelry from you guys for my own collection and also for gifts for my family and friends! Thank you again for making my end of 2021 the best part ever!

Dallas, TX

Lajerrio did the best they could to get me the ring in time for Christmas Eve. Although it didn't come on the day I really wanted it, it came was before the Estimated delivery date. And that made me so happy and proud and it allowed me to make my fiancé day and year. Thanks again

When you buy these rules and you open that box and you see the fire coming out of these white sapphires I thought that Lajerrio accidentally sent me real diamonds no joke honestly I thought they was real diamonds this is so beautiful and so well-made I get A lot of compliments on how beautiful this ring is! I am going to buy a other different set because I just can't believe how absolutely gorgeous these wings are! True to size and the box that this ring comes over the top box

Ordered this ring almost a month ago and still haven't received. I was so excited and have been completely let down! I'm very upset as Lajerrio said it shipped 10 days ago, and Fedex says today only the label has been made, they haven't even received it! They have no phone number to call them to speak to somebody, and when you message them on Facebook, it says EVERY TIME, they are not there. So all you have is email, and you're lucky if you get a response. I've emailed 3 times and still no reply. Very upset and I've asked for a refund twice! Still nothing. Guess I will have to go through my bank to try to get my money back. This company sucks!

Never order from this website.
I ordered a promise ring from Lajerrio on August 2nd. I waited over a month for my item and I was never contacted by them about my item. I contacted them September 10th and my response wasn't answered until September 17th. I was finally told that my order was out of stock. Do yourself a favor guys and order from Pandora instead.

Ordered a ring mid april paid the extra 25 to get it in 3 days a week later got email saying my ring was in production but will receive my ring on time. Well 2 weeks later had to email them asking where it is received email back saying sorry system was down but ring was send giving a tracking number for FedEx just to find out that FedEx has shipped label but no ring!. Emailed them again to get a response of sorry it's not us its FedEx now FedEx is saying my delivery date is pending because Lajerrio dont have the package!
Horrible company will never order from them again!

I ordered a few rings on 4/1/2020 and I never received an email stating any shipping/processing information. It is now 6/5/2020 and I have yet to receive my rings or an estimated date when I will get them. Singapore never went on quarantine during this time, so I'm not taking the pandemic as an excuse to fraud people. At this point, I reached out to paypal to get my money back! Beware of buying from this company.

It would be best if inside the shopping cart once you...
It would be best if inside the shopping cart once you go to the purchase page purchase page that the merchandise is shown including the size and yeah on including the size's order if not you have to stop and go back to the shopping bag look for your products make sure all that's a size 7 that's a size exactly what you're ordering rather than in the last window before you hit pay it says you're buying this and yeah you're buying this and here's your site here's everything in a concise neat package that would be best for the customer

I ordered a ring and was not what I was expecting it's not silver, looks super fake. I advised them that I was not satisfied with my order and wanted to return the item with a full refund I received 1 email from them this was 2 days ago. I also sent them pictures that Lajerrio wanted and resent it again yesterday and today again and with no response once again. I am currently waiting still to hear back from them to get a return label. This is a fraud and I paid a lot of money for a fake non realistic looking ring. Very unsatisfied.

Absolutely gorgeous!
I don't know if I can find the words to express how much I love this ring! I knew I liked it from the website but the photos do not do it justice. I like it even more in person. The sizing is perfect. I also want to compliment you on the display boxes. I have never seen something so elegant. The light over the ring is an impressive touch. You absolutely have a repeat customer with me. Thank you so much

Northern Lights necklace
I ordered the Northern lights necklace. When I did not receive it by Christmas I emailed the seller to inquire about it. Lajerrio sent me an email detailing how to track the package. By that time the necklace had arrived. I informed them the necklace had arrived and they sent me an email thanking me for the information.

My engagement ring
So I just want to say how delighted I am with my engagement ring! And of course the service is amazing. Lajerrio have crafted this beautiful ring and engraved it beautifully. The white Safire shines like diamonds and the comments I've had are so lovely. A massive thank you to all at lajerrio I will absolutely be ordering more jewellery from here. I read some not very nice reviews, however I can only stress to anyone wanting to purchase this jewellery to look past them as i did. The ring is impeccable.

Pictures do no justice
I was skeptical with ordering a ring online. I mean it looked pretty, but my luck items received are hardly ever as Lajerrio appear. I received my ring on time and I must say that it is sooo beautiful! Definitely way more beautiful than I expected. So happy I selected this ring as my engagement ring.

Contacted the company because I forgot to add the discount code at the end. They responded quickly and applied the discount code immediately. I would highly recommend them.

Difficulty returning
The item purchased was described as a dark blue sapphire ring. The item received was teal/aquamarine with two blemishes in the stone. I have contacted customer service to return the item for refund and have not received instructions to date. I'm very disappointed

I contacted customer service to receive instructions to return the item and receive refund. I was asked to send photos of the item for no justifiable reason. I have sent photos as requested with no reply regarding how to return.

Horrible experience
This company is the worst. I even paid $20 for fast delivery and it has been more than 2 months now, I still haven't received the ring I ordered. I am asking for my money back end Lajerrio won't refund me. I am very disappointed and have contacted a lawyer because this is absolutely ridiculous. Don't buy anything from them, it's a horrible experience.

They pick the delivery date so you have to wait longer and customer service is a joke
I am livid! My order has been sitting at the local Fed Ex office for 2 days and according to Fed Ex Lajerrio are not allowed to deliver it for another 2 days per instructions of rhe seller. If I order something I expect to receive it as soon as possible not on some random date.
Also when I went to us3 their chat system, they gave me the tracking number... ummm. Not anything close to my question. Then when I asked why I can't get the ring now, "Joy" ended the chat. So they refused to handle the matter. Ridiculous!

Trust de picture presented in Lajerrio Web.
First jewelry website that you really get what is in the picture, if you are interested in a big stone ring is what you get, other site advertise nice rings with big stones and what you get is a reduced size that has nothing to do with the picture, the description is accurate also, so no surprises here and is what I like about Lajerrio, in addition to the quality of the cut in the stones.

Ok where do I start this.
Decided to purchase a birthday present for my wife.
Should would continue to show me the ring I purchased.
Now I wanted to give it to her March 16,2029 but due to the Covid-19 the order was delayed.
We on today March 31,2020 the ring arrived and she is just elated.
Thank you to the person that I corresponded wuth that was so helpful and thank you to Lajerrio for your fine quality of jewelry.
I will be a returning customer again and will recommend thus very site to families and friends.
Thanks again for I have a HAPPY WIFE and that means I have a HAPPY LIFE.
Thankfully, Mr. Green

Don't order!
Where to start.
Ordered 1/12/20, paid the express shipping.
2.5 weeks ago the status changed to "ready to ship". When I emailed a week later I got a "we're on holiday" email. I'm not sure why Lajerrio don't say this on the website to warn potential customers of lengthy shipping dates. After 2 more emails (delayed in response of course) I've requested a refund. I sent them an email stating they have till Monday to send me confirmation of refund or I'm going to my bank. This is ridiculous.

Poor Experience
I ordered a bridal set, but it was too large. I went to a reputable jeweler to get it sized, but was informed that it could not be resized do to the design of the rings and the stones that went all the way around. I attempted to return the rings, and went through several days of emails back and forth before being denied a refund because I took the tiny, sticky jewelry tag off of the ring. (Which I had mentioned in my very first email) I am not concerned about the money - but requiring that tiny little piece of plastic/paper to be affixed to the ring in order to return it is ridiculous - as I'm sure Lajerrio are well aware that people pull that off to wear it. And instead of telling me that removing the tag forfeits my refund after the first email, they decided to make me jump through hoops, send them photos, and would go days without responding before finally telling me I would not be receiving a refund.

Been almost 2 months
My husband ordered a ring for me on April 27 lajerrio changed my order date to may 1st and it still been over a month and no ring. The tracking information is useless you can not track anything. Lajerrio said it was mail may 22 and again mailed on may 27 which is it. At this point we are going to our bank to get our money back.

Absolutely stunning!
I purchased this ring just to see what the quality would be like. It was an advertisement on Facebook and to my surprise the ring is absolutely stunning. The workmanship put into the ring is beautiful very detailed the weight of the ring is great. I will be purchasing more jewelry from this company. Highly recommend

Worst Company Ever
I'm beyond disappointed with this so called company. My purchase took forever to arrive. It was too large, uncomfortable and poor quality. I contacted customer service, sent them photo of item and followed their return instructions to the letter, including sending a photo of the USPS tracking number as per their very specific instructions! The return shipping cost me an additional $28.00 above and beyond my purchase price. Several months later, I receive the item back with no refund or explanation! WTF?!?! Don't waste your time or money! This is criminal!

Awful customer service
I ordered 2 rings which both ran VERY small. I wanted to send them back for a refund and FINALLY got a return authorization and did everything Lajerrio asked me to do for a refund. I sent the package back on 10/12/2020, costing me $53.45. The package was in customs for months and the package came back to me in April of 2021 (packaging was in bad shape) with no explanation as to why it was returned. To this day, after numerous outreaches to LaJerrio, NO ONE has bothered to even respond. Customer Service is a sham - the link doesn't go anywhere.

Loose stones
I love our rings we received however just after one day I had one small green stone fall out, so now my ring is missing a stone. Then last night one of the small red stones fell out too. I'm glad I caught it while I was doing dishes but I'm concerned I'm eventually going to lose that one as well. I wish the rings were better made especially since these rings were promise rings and hold a very special significant meaning.

I placed an order for a silver ring and earrings on 4/23/2020. It's now 10/20/2020. I've been told that their computer system was down, so Lajerrio couldn't send me a confirmation of shipment. I was given a tracking number, and it showed the package was in transit since 5/18/20, and that was the middle of June. I demanded a refund and was told they couldn't give me the refund because the package had already shipped. This goes on and on and finally I'm told they can only refund my money through PayPal. I sent them the information, and still no refund. AVOID THEM!

Never arrived!
I ordered 3 rings because Lajerrio looked so beautiful and the reviews, even tho some not great were basically good. I was really excited to get it and even paid for express shipping. I ordered on February 9,2020 and it's March 24,2020 and still no shipping information or communication except for one email where I contacted them to see after 2 weeks why it wasn't shipped and they stated because of COVID-19 they were unable to make orders in a timely manner. They did offer me a refund if I wanted it but I decided to wait. Due to the current situation I really did not mind waiting a little longer, but now I'm getting very concerned. It seems to me that if their production was so slow due to short staff, they should mention that on their site or stop advertising. Especially since I see reviews from people who ordered after me and got their product. If it were only a few dollars I wouldn't be so upset up this is a few hundred dollars. I do feel as tho I have been scammed. This was not even a custom order.

I ordered on Dec 9 and paid extra for 3-day shipping. I questioned its arrival time on Dec 16, as it was a Christmas gift I would in turn have to ship to my partner. A day later, I received a reply that it was ready to ship. Yesterday, 12/18, I had still not heard or seen anything and demanded Lajerrio cancel the order and refund my money. TODAY, 10 days after paying extra for 3 day shipping and after still not receiving a reply from Lajerrio, DHS sent a tracking number via text that it would be delivered 12/24. WHAT A JOKE. I am contacting my credit card company to chargeback. This company is a disaster. DO NOT order from them. "F" their return and cancellation policy. They've lied to me so far, their return/cancel policy must be a lie, too.

Very different from site
I order FIVE of the same ring so that my mothere and my daughters and I all had the same ring to match. It was a gorgeous looking rose wedding set. When I got the rings Lajerrio did not look like the beautiful ring in the picture. I am so dissatisfied with this order as it is for Christmas. I have waited a year to buy them and now I wish I hadn't

They did reach out to me in a timely manner

You claim online chate is 24/7 yet it hasn't been available...
You claim online chate is 24/7 yet it hasn't been available every single time I've been on the site, and I've yet to get a response. Placed order anyway after checking reviews, praying you are an honest company! When I got here, there were 3 shipping options. When I added ring to cart, one of them disappeared and I'd like to know why.

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