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Unprofessional/Rude behavior
Today is 3/25/20 The Front desk receptionist was unprofessional and rude. I walked in at 1:00 pm, I was the 1st person in when LabCorp opened after lunch. They have an automated machine to check-in that scans DL and Insurance card taking all your info digitally. Before using the machine I very polity asked "are you still using it for check-in" ( I asked because the virus Covid-19 can last 42-72hrs on plastic surfaces) The response I received was "That's what it's there for" and it was said with an attitude implying I was stupid. After using the machine I went to give the clerk the Doctor's paperwork she then asks me for my insurance card which I just placed back in my wallet after the machine scanned and copied both sides. I polity said, "the machine just scan and copied my card doesn't asking for insurance my card again kind of defeat the purpose of the automated check-in". Her response was "you're just full of questions today" with the same tonality & attitude. Well, excuse me for being logical. I noticed other negative reviews prior to mine obviously, they have a systemic personnel problem that management hasn't addressed. So if others read this, I encourage you to call LabCorp Corporate HQ. And ask to speak to a supervisor don't just give the info to the representative. *******677. This is the 1st negative review I have ever written in my life so that's saying something. I was Director of Sale & Marking for a very large corporation and we all know receptionists are usually the 1st point of contact and represent how clients view the image of the company. All I can say is I wouldn't want this person representing my company.

Billing Practices Suspect
When receiving test ordered by doctor LabCorp asks for a statement that patient will pay what is not reimbursed from Medicare or Insurance. Then LabCorp are negligent in their billing procedures with Medicare and insurance to the point that in our case the billing was denied and shouldn't have been. They do nothing to readdress the situation further. The patient is left to pay unless the patient is alert to file an appeal with Medicare themeselves.

In our case I paid the bill electronically at the first billing. A few days latter LabCorp returned the billing to my bank... not sure what they did wrong or otherwise., The math was wrong on subsequent billings and when I tried to call the first time, I waited a long time and was answered and cut off. After checking with them and looking at the appeal to Medicare process myself, I discovered that the time for appeal had run out,. Sio I paid LabCorp and the very next thing they are threatening me with a collection agencies.

I will file a complaint to Medicare.

They are nice in person on the phone but the practices are bullying to the patient so that they do not have to deal with the reimbursement process as all other providers do. DO NOT USE LABCORP. Tell you doctor DO NOT USE LABCORP.

Extremely Rude Billing Department
I received a bill for lab work and paid it immediately, sending a check via mail. It was received and cashed on time, as per my bank account transactions. For two months I received "past due" notices in the mail. I just called today (I had to Google the billing phone number because LabCorp do not make it easily accessible to reach anyone and do not put it on the bill, just a fax number). I immediately received a rep and gave him my verification information. He proceeded with, "how can I help you with this ZERO balance today" as if to shoot down anything further from me before I could speak. So I politely stated I am continuing to receive past due notices and my bank shows the check cashed, so I wasn't sure why I was continuing to get past due notices. He said "your... acccount... has a ZERO... BALANCE", pausing after every word and talking to me as if I am ignorant. I asked politely to confirm that since it's a zero balance, I won't be charged any past due fees, correct? And again, he restated the same thing about the account balance being zero, pausing after every word. I thanked him for his time and hung up. Customer service representatives are the face of a company, the quality of the company, and what the company represents. The notion I received from this employee is that he is tired, overworked, feeling unappreciated, and is tired of dealing with people to the point of being disrespectful to customers who are calling. Take better care of your employees and hire professionals with professional etiquette, deliver higher quality customer service.

My husband went to his heart doctor in Jan. Of this year. This is Oct. Now and a billing problem still going on. Labcorp did his labwork at the doctor's office. Recently at the time Labcorp purchased another company called Dynacorp, I believe, and LabCorp filed the insurance claim under Dynacorp and not Labcorp. My ins. Co. Paid as an out of network claim because they had never heard of Dynacorp. I continually called Labcorp and even spoke on a three way with myself, Labcorp and my ins. Co. To get this straightened out. And, I was under the impression that it would be. Well, turns out it still is not. Now Labcorp tells me they can't change their paperwork and I owe the bill. My copay of $15 is all my insurance co. Tells me I owe because that is what they contracted with Labcorp. So, I refuse to pay a bill I don't owe and Labcorp refuses to correct their mistake. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I am giving a heads up to other people to be prepared to GET YOUR MONEY READY if you use this company for your lab work regardless if you have insurance.

Front Office Lacks Professionalism
I went to the Dunn Avenue location of LabCorp at 7:45 in the morning when I was the only one there. As usual, I hated to go in because the atmosphere there has never been conducive to a pleasant experience. It's as if front office do not want to be bothered by clients even though we are the reason LabCorp have a job. They find it difficult to do common Greetings or to even assist those who are unable to sort their sign in process. I've watched this for over 4 years. I use them simply because it is the choice of my insurance. The sad thing is when a company has a 1 + rating, they obviously could care less about good efficient customer service. It's a systemic thing in the facility that I use. Perhaps it's a Northside thing I don't know. But I do plan to find out. I would make this place my last choice if I were you. I do have to say that once you get past the front office, I have found that the lab technicians are always kind people. It's just getting past the front office arrogance that is a trip.

When our family practice was owned by the drs, it was a wonderful place to go. All the medical staff was warm and caring. Since being taken over by Fryecare it has become a nightmare. When you go for your lab work, which is done by LABCORP, LabCorp will give you an estimate of what they think you will owe once your insurance pays and then they attempt to bully you into giving them a credit card, which they will keep on file to pay the amount your insurance does not pay. Today I saw them haress an older patient, that at the very least was mildly confused, to pay this amount. He offered to pay in cash but was told no "we need a credit card to put on file". He said his wife had one but she was in the car so he totters off to get her. While they did tell him that it was his choice, I'm pretty sure he felt obligated to provide one. When the wife comes in, she gives them the credit card and says she's never been asked to provide one before but they assure her this has been a practice for a long time now. While some people may want to do this, beware! Because if you have a problem it will take them months to correct it. I have my name along with my mother's on her checking account and when applying a check to her account, they marked through the note on the check that had the invoice # on it and rather than applying it to her account, applied it to mine, which had a zero balance. It took between 5 & 6 phone calls over several months and faxing them a copy of the canceled check, to get this cleared up. So really, do you want LABCORP to have the ability to charge your credit card before you have seen your EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance carrier? I don't think so!

Educate the staff
Phlebotomist's attitude started when I had asked her to give me a few minutes to finish nursing my 7 month old. Mind you, we were the only ones there and it was a problem she had to come back to the door to her us. When asked for a warm compress she stated LabCorp don't do that. Denying a warm compress for a 7 MONTH OLD with tiny veins should have been a red flag right there!
When the second tech came in they put a tourniquet for the 3rd time and then she told her to use the warm compress. Why? I asked for it and was denied, then my kid had to had tourniquet put on for 4 times in total and on BARE SKIN, you don't even do that to adults! At least she should have used the sleeve that was right there. After a third vial of blood I had asked her to loosen the turniquet already and she raised her voice telling me that she knows what she is doing. I loosend the tourniquet myself and told her he is getting hematoma and the blood will not flow since it's occluded. I'm a nurse myself and used to drawing blood.
The phlebotomist got upset that I loosend the tourniquet, we only for a little bit of blood for our 4th vial but I'm ok with that (the other 3 vials were good for the main tests). What I'm not ok with is her telling me, at the end, that I'm gonna have to go somewhere else as she doesn't have enough blood... what!? It sounded like she is going to sabotage my son's specimen and I hope I'm wrong.
I've never had issues with labcorp before, always use it. But PLEASE EDUCATE YOUR STAFF ON BASICS and the attitude, listening to the parents as we know our kids better than you. This is not rocket sience.

Never again!
Spent over an hour after signing in to find LabCorp missed my sign in, somehow. Then waited longer to find out they don't take Blue Shield Insurance. Think they would have figured that out from signing in at the automated system that photo's your I.D. and insurance card. Always, claiming they are understaffed for the day as if its the "norm". Unprofessional. Always "yucking" it up with the phlebotomists at the front desk when they come up for paperwork, sucking on their Starbuck's all the way. Lots of laughing going on in the back. Plenty of open seats when I got their at 7:45 a.m. but only saw 5 people go in for all the time I was there. Walked up a floor to Quest. 7 people ahead of me. Checked in. No kidding, was called up, taken in, blood drawn and out the door... all in a whopping 10 minutes! Only 2 phlebotomists working and one gal at the front. Now that's a well run office where they give a hoot about professionalism and the patients time! Doesn't even deserve one star but can't leave a review without one.

I began working at LabCorp right as COVID-19 began. I was hired for a Massachusetts site for second shift. Instead of company delaying my start LabCorp had me driving to a different site, in a different state, different shift everyday. This made scheduling any appointment impossible. Still, I hung in there. I was placed for 3 weeks at a location where Spanish was the first language of coworkers. I am not Spanish, I don't speak Spanish. Since COVID-19 was at its peak we just sat there for hours. Two Spanish women had bluetooth device on their ears, and were FACETIMINING their friends, speaking loudly in Spanish all day. Any sort of VIDEO Chat, video recording is strictly prohibited by HIPPA. When patients would come in they could be seen and heard discussing personal medical info by whomever was on the phone. All this occurring while I was taking an online course about work ethics, and workplace harassment. The main topic of the course was "It is considered unethical or harassment to continously speak to one employee in a language that is not understood or spoken by another employee. " when i was finally placed at my location I had to take my 1 and only break 1hour into shift because the first shift ends an hour after my start time. I was not only drawing blood, I was centrifuging, aliquoting, poring off urines, entering orders, chasing down a team of 7 Medical Assistants for specimens that i had to enter before end of my shift. Every single night I had to stay anywhere from 35 minutes to 2 and a half hours late because I was the only Phlebotomist. At beginning of my employment LabCorb did not have Phlebotomist testing people with COVID-19 symptoms. Patients were stabbed and drawn outside by another company. But when that company wasn't available I started noticing COVID-19 NASAL SWAB ordered on requisitions. When I inquired about this I was told " They only were showing 2 symptoms, so it is ok." I knew it was because drive-thru testing was not available that day so doctors would swab, then send patients who may be infected to me to draw. In the evening there wasnt social distancing, patients would be 15 deep waiting for me 1 Phlebotomist to enter orders, draw, spin, aliquot, etc. Daytime limit was 3 patients in only. When i would ask for help because I was staying too late, social distancing wasnt occurring, I was told to not sanitize after each patient, do not enter orders till after all patients left etc. So, basically cut corners so patients don't have to wait so long, but also patients wouldn't be able to see what their insurance may not cover, and what they would have to pay as patient responsibility. Extremely unethical, and dangerous. I was expected to do the work of 4 people and stay until every sample was finished regardless of only being a 30 hour employee. So I worked 39 hours, or 42, hours even though I was told " Once and awhile you might have to stay 25 mins to half hour late." LABCORP IS A HUGE COMPANY WHO TREATS EMPLOYEES AWFUL, and HAS ZERO INTEREST IN PATIENTS QUALITY OF TREATMENT. LABCORP CARES ABOUT MAKING MONEY ONLY. I finally quit after a 350 pound man came barging in my draw room while I had a needle in a patients arm complaining he had been waiting 15 minutes, and it doesn't take that long to draw blood. Of course he didn't understand or know that i had to lookup, enter, print out and explain to current patient imperative instructions on 12 stool samples she was doing later that night, before I took her blood, and had the doctor, or 1 of the 6 Medical Assistants taking the time to find correct codes for tests the blood draw would have taken only 5 minutes
And if Labacorp had replaced scanner for medical cards and credit cards as i asked many times, my computer wod not have wasted 2 minutes SEARCHING FOR SCANNER, that didn't exist.

Worst Lab Services I Have Ever Experienced
My cardiologist is right next door, so he sent me here to run my troponin in order to determine whether or not I need to be admitted to the hospital for another heart attack.

The lady drawing my blood had to dig around in my arm, only wore one exam glove, and was as slow as a sloth when it came to the paperwork.

My specimen was marked STAT with 2 different stickers. The nurse at my Dr. Office called and informed them that we needed to get my results ASAP and supplied lab corp with her cell, just in case the results were complete after business hours. After 2 hours in the office, LabCorp realized how long lab corp was taking and gave me permission to leave. They didn't want me to go, but in light of the lack of test results I couldn't just stay there after the office closed.

Here I am, wondering whether or not I need to go to the ER... unsure of whether or not I will be able to work my 5 am shift tomorrow... unable to get ahold of anyone at lab corp to find out my test results.

NO ONE should ever have to be left wondering like this. I am frustrated to tears. Test results should be much more timely than this.


They have no customer service
I have a pre employment drug screen. I went in the day I received my paperwork. I went on the kiosk it said LabCorp were full for the day. I set up an appointment then came into my appointment the technician asked my name while I was walking to the door and said sorry we stopped doing the screenings at 3 and it was 3:15. I asked her why I was able to schedule the appointment only to show up to be told to leave she said sorry come back tomorrow and do a walk in. I already did a walk in once and they were full. I set up an appointment and they couldn't do it because it was 15 minutes after thier cut off but set up the appointment anyway. I told her I have a job right now and work. She just said come in at these time bye bye. So I set up another appointment anyway even though the technician told me not to because last time I "walked in" they had no openings. This has to be a joke. The paper work is only good for a week and the next trip will be my third time going hopefully they can do something before the paperwork expires. This place is a joke that's all I have to say.

Pre scheduled a anti-body test
I pre-scheduled my anti body test at Auburn, AL. Location. I had to take off work and drive 30 minutes one way to this location. I show up to get it done (mine was scheduled after my wife's) and LabCorp can't find my name in their system. I show the lab tech my confirmation email with name, etc that said that dated that time and all my info. If I go to LabCorps site it shows I'm in the system, Bu the tech could not find it on the computer she inputs the info in for the test in the room.
The solution by them was for ME to call their corporate office and straighten it out. Not them straighten their crap out but for me to do it. Mind you my wife just had hers and all was fine and we are in the same EXACT insurance policy.
So wife calls corporate since it's her insurance policy and all we get is an apology that the people they use for scheduling messed it up somehow.
I just wasted a 1 hour drive to and from plus the time to get to the room for the test and trying to find out why I'm in the system at Lab Corp but can't get a test done even though my wife did right before me.
Thank you for wasting my valuable time for nothing!

Lab Corp bills
Or Dr used to do their own laboratory work. Then LabCorp switched over to LabCorp. Once that happens we started getting secondary bills from LabCorp. This is true in our healthcare up thousands of dollars. We switch doctors. We found a doctor that did all of their laboratory work in house. It was this way for a couple years. This last August 2018 our doctor switched over to LabCorp. Now we're getting bills from LabCorp again. LabCorp treats people like ATMs. Their accounting department is terrible. They have nearly monopolized all the laboratory work in Northeast Texas. You were literally at their mercy. We have made it clear to her doctor we do not want LabCorp handling any of our work. We do not consent for them to be involved in our healthcare. They have far too many complaints. We have had bad experiences with them. If they were a restaurant we wouldn't use them or eat there. So it only follows we don't want them involved in our healthcare

I will never go back
Made an online appointment for antibodies testing. Appointment was for 9:15. Arrived at 9, as requested and signed in from my car. At 9:30 I received text saying my technician was ready for me, so I should come up to office and wait for my name to Be called. When I got up stairs, I noticed many people standing and sitting in the hall. When I went into the room I counted 20 people inside the extremely small room waiting. After about 10 minutes of standing There in very close quarters, I went to the front desk to ask and was told she would get with me in a minute. Five minutes later she asked me for my paperwork. I told her I didn't have any because I had registered and done all that online. She said OK and had me wait longer. Finally I began having a panic attack and was told I was next. A technician came and called someone else! I spoke up and told her I was having panic attack. She took me right back. I was in the waiting room for 30 minutes, being exposed to all kind of germs. There were only two technicians to handle all these people! I was told LabCorp schedule 3 people for every appointment time.

No one should do business with this company
I just got a 'second notice' on a a lab bill for almost $400 which I had no idea why I was getting this and never received the first notice. I called and Labcorp said rather rudely my doctor had ordered and I owed the bill. I had just finally been able to review with medicare and my 2nd insurance company - nearly impossible right now with COVID and was unhappy as to why my doctor had ordered blood work not covered but was just going to pay it. And today I received a COLLECTION Notice on it. We are just beginning the phase one to come out of stay at home orders and my brother in law died from the virus which gave me concern for my 77 year old husband. Who the hell are these people to handle it this way at this time. It's the holiday weekend but I will call personally when LabCorp reopen and tell them how I feel. But I'm so angry about it now that I am posting my first review ever... on anything. Total disgrace from a medical lab in the midst of what we're going through. They should be the ones going out of business.

Too busy and complicated communications to get Test Results for a week.
Long wait to get tested. Then the results were never sent to my Doctor's office for over a week. I probably spent a total of five hours total to get the results. First problem was Lab Corp's telephone dialog was so difficult to navigate. No way to talk to Customer Service. Finally resolved the issue 7 days later after finally spending over an hour navigating through several people to download a copy of the results, which LabCorp never would send to my DR Office by email... because of not FAX. Then I emailed it to my DR. Final resolution; 1. Contacted Billing and they said I to get Results Copy I had to go online. That required about 30 minutes to register and print. But a hangup in the navigation gave we an opportunity to talk for the first rime to a Customer Service person, who was finally helpful to send the result to my computer. If LabCorp had telephone prompt on my first call, it would have saved me hours of frustration. Everything is computerized. When you enter the office... you can talk to someone, maybe... but that position was vacant most of the time. There was one there luckily when I arrived, who advised me to sign-in on one of several "sign-in stations and the wait would be up to 25 minutes. (I had used this place before without a long wait) But this time it took 55 minutes after the sign in... only 30 minutes longer that estimated. During the last week only one of five telephone calls was answered. The others took too long to leave a message... which was never returned. Last time I will use Lab Corp!

Something is not right here.
I have to have a fair amount of bloodwork done throughout the year. I typically go to a small place in Lakewood but twice this year the paperwork for blood testing was sent directly to a Labcorp (one in Lakewood and the other in Gig Harbor) instead of being handed to me. Strangely, both times the lab technicians were almost comically rude... the first so bad that I refused to have my blood drawn there and was able to take the paperwork and go to my usual lab. Today, I had to use the lab at Franciscan St. Clare on the other side of Lakewood and the technician was positively terrifying. No greeting whatsoever as she was terribly busy tearing up a piece of kleenex into tiny pieces while watching television, certainly no courtesy warning before jabbing with the needle with rather bazaar aggression, and when removing the tourniquet, she whipped it off so abruptly it actually snapped the side of my face. Fortunately, there's really no need to use this lab so I'll make it a point not to in the future. I can't imagine this unhinged woman working on a kid. Must be a terrible corporation to work for.

LabCorp Milwaukee
This review is not indicative of all LabCorp facilities, but merely the lab core in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
I am sitting in the parking lot of your Milwaukee office. I was here at 4:26pm 5/7/21. You don't close until 4:30pm, but I was met with this(see photos). Puzzled, I looked up the times to make sure. I knocked on the door, and the phlebotomist answered. I said it's not 430 yet why are you closed? She said it's too late, I'm already closed up and punched out. I said it's not 430. She said her boss lets her leave two minutes early. You should have somebody in your business at 4:30 if your sign says you're open until 430. The lady was rude. If this is the kind of people that you hire to be your customer service representatives for your company, then I am very happy that there are other laboratories for people to choose.

I would just like to say that I've had a lot of lab testing is done in Palm Springs California LabCorp, and I never had issues with them.

Unethical and childish behavior
First off I want to state that the phlebotomist that I worked with was excellent little timid but that's fine We all got to start somewhere. Secondly your staff member Maci Howell deemed necessary to walk up to the front desk and discuss the fact that she used to work with me while simultaneously stating in front of everybody in the waiting room and the other staff that I was the laziest fleb she has ever worked with. For starters she doesn't know my life story so she has no right to say anything secondly is that really how you want your company viewed. Personally I have nothing against her she was good at what she did and handled the stress of working in the hospital better than most in fact the last day of her working there I even told her that. I'm just wondering is if it's allowed and okay to make these kind of comments about customers/patience what else are LabCorp doing that is unethical and in a business that it is under the highest scrutiny out of any other business format. You were going to allow people to work there and have an environment that is hostile towards its clientele base and is reminiscent of something children would do at a high school.

Shelly Bench rude employee of Labcorp
Shelly bench labcorp

Me and my husband went to lab corp for a routine blood work, we are wearing gloves which we disinfected before going out the car and again at the front desk. I was talking with the technician and was interrupted by a white employee accusing me of bringing bacteria because of my gloves, i told her that these gloves are disinfected right infront of the technician but she didn't stop thrre she said that i touched tge desk, use the pen, etc. that im spreading the bacteria which I haven't touch anything because my husband was the one checking in the kiosk. But when my huband wipe 2 chairs for us, the disinfected chairs she was talking about are so dirty, I took video of it. When we showed these to how dirty the chairs are she tld us to leave! I've been using labcorp for my test but with this kind of employee accusing of bringing bacteria is unbelievable!

By the way her name is Shelly Bench at labcorp 9315 west Sunset road. Las Vegas NV

If I could give it NO STARS, I would not rate it at all. LabCorp is just that bad. I had a COVID test over 10 days ago. I was told that I would have my results within 3-5 days and Labcorp still hasn't completed the analysis yet. What makes it even worse is that I received an email in my patient portal stating that my results were ready and when I went to review them LabCorp weren't posted.
I have called again and again and keep getting a different completion date every time I call. I am an individual with other medical conditions. Lack of results is preventing me from having other necessary medical treatments. I feel like going somewhere else having my test done, believing that the results will be much faster than waiting on Labcorp. I spoke to customer service 4 times and the worst customer team ever. I spoke to a young lady by the name of KHULOD who was the most unprofessional and rudest person to have ever worked in customer service. I want a call back and expect one ASAP.

My doctor ordered a test for lactose intolerance so I made an appointment. The guy, who was going to draw my blood, told me that I needed to come back on a different day, because the test was going yo take about 3 hours. This was because my blood needed to be drawn every 30 minutes and the facility could not accommodate that kind of test dye to a busy schedule. I rescheduled for 7am on the flowing Saturday. When I returned, two ladies at the front desk told me that LabCorp had no information in regards to my previous appointment or my current appointment and therefore I could not be seen. I showed them proof by providing the papers that their facility gave me but still they said they insisted that I could not be seen. Then I asked if I could get a test form that needed to be sent in with a stool sample. They refused to give me one and told me that I should have had a test form already. I pleaded with them and showed them again that I was not a walk in and I had proof on papers that they gave me. Still they turned me away. I had fasted the night before and gotten up very early in the morning. To sum it up, I have never been through anything like this before. They are unprofessional and very unorganized.

Highly Dissatisfied/ RUDE
On May 3rd 2019
I went to the Langhorne Pa location Labcorp. The lady that drew my blood was so horrible. She basically pushed the needle in so hard my arm was killing me. Then pushing up on the tubes and kept turning them as she was pushing them in hard also. My blood was coming out so slow with bubbles. When I question her about it she got nasty and told me that's how my blood flows which is not true my doctor of 15 yrs passed away in Dec and I never had any of these problems or a bruise not a care in the world from her. I also needed a ua, reflex test she kept telling me no. I said can I see my paper work I'll show you where my Dr. Check it off then she looks again gives me a cup and says there's the bathroom go pee. Within 10 minutes my arm had a very dark purple bruise. I work for another lab company and ask the phlebotomist there what happened LabCorp said I have a hematoma. Its day 4 and the purple bruise is still there. Not allowed zero for ratings

"It's a glitch in our computer system"
I need to take a drug test for a job. Knowing how everything is right now with the Covid-19 I called to ask about scheduling an appointment and procedures/requirements. There is a voicemail system that provides answers to basic questions. It said to go to their website to schedule an appointment. I read over the directions to schedule an appointment, chose "Employment Drug Screen" and then was given time options. I chose 8:45am. I printed out my appointment and arrived ten minutes early. As soon as I signed in, the system notified the lady at the desk I was here for drug testing. I was then told drug screening starts at 10am. I asked why when I selected "Employment Drug Screen" did it give me the option to select an earlier time. She told me that it was a glitch in their system and that it says the times for drug testing on the website. After I wasted 30 minutes driving back home, I went back to the website and read over it again. Even though it does say it after you select the drop down option on your desired location, there is no clearly written area or explaining the "glitch" in the system nor does it specify any differences in scheduled appointments or walk ins (for example, the 10am start time only applies to walk ins) It was clear when talking to the receptionist that this is a common issue she has to excuse often. I wasted 30 minutes driving there and 30 minutes back because of a glitch that clearly is not expected to be fixed anytime soon.

Terrible Service. Unable to Check-In.
I went to the LabCorp in Pleasanton, CA yesterday so my daughter could get her blood drawn. The lady at the front desk told me to check-in using the tablet that was near the desk. I tried entering my information on the tablet, however, whenever I pressed the buttons on the display it didn't work. When I told the lady, she said that's because there are some issues with the tablet and that LabCorp were waiting for a new one to replace the one they had. She said just keep trying to check-in in on that tablet and she even tried helping me, but it just wouldn't work. At this point I was a bit upset and thinking to myself how could they not have a working tablet so people could check-in or at least offer to help check-in using the computers on their desk. Plus, knowing that there were issues with why didn't they tell me from the very beginning so I would have to struggle with it to see what's going on. Then my wife called and I told her we should have gone to Quest Diagnostic instead. I also said I can't believe how this place doesn't have a working tablet of all things so that people could check-in. The lady overheard me since I was speaking a bit loud because I was really getting annoyed. She then said sarcastically we can make an appointment for you at Quest if you want. So, we basically walked out of there and my wife said to go to Quest instead.

A total loss of time
Went to the Foley AL location at 1 pm, signs in and waited for one hour while the only person working the whole place, took care of 2 people! When my turn came, she notified me that I did not have an aptmnt so was to wait as a walk in! While I u detest and that, why could she not place a notice abt walks in and let the customer decide if LabCorp want to wait or not! I have end stage 4 ckd and very very ill! Frozen to death there waiting jut to be told that... ups, you a walk in and I am running behind as it is! Just very unprofessional and rude! Will NEVER walk in that location again! I had so many mistakes done there already with my lab work, and this just closed the deal for me! The lotion in Fairhope is amazing and I will drive the extra miles for it or will change and try Quest instead! Not to mention the nurse could not even recognize an order! She would tell me is not an order and I would tell her yes it is! And when she took the time to actually read it... it was! What a joke!

Beaumont TX, Dowlen Rd location
First time coming to this location. Upon entering the door, the receptionist was too engaged listening to heavy metal music on her desk top radio. She never lifted her head, she just pointed to a check in station on the other side of the room. No words of "hello" or how are you or welcome to LabCorp". No explanation on how to use the self check in station... AT ALL! After I figured it all out, I asked her if there was anything else I needed to do. She asked; what are you here for? Uh obviously blood work? DUH! Her next question was; "who are you"? THE PATIENT! I asked her who she was and her response; "I'm just the receptionist". Apparently no one told her that the title receptionist requires a personality, who is employed by an organization to receive or greet any visitors, patients, or clients and answer telephone calls with a smile and NOT by a metal head jamming to heavy metal music all day. I did find out that her name is Christina. Well dear Christina, you're in the wrong line of work. You're probably best suited working on an assembly line gluing erasers to pencils or some fast food chain building burgers where you can be obnoxious and rude to yourself and not give a sh**!

Worst Lab ever:- Pathetic, inexperienced, rude
I have been to LabCorp.and I don't even want to give one star. It would be a -150.The front desk people are rude. Not only with me but LabCorp were rude to all other customers. They should understand that many of the customers are patients and they should be polite. They don't even pick up a call. If they pick a call they will put it aside and not answer. They show as if they are busy but they are not.
I saw two front desk people just sitting and chatting. I asked them to check if they have received a fax order from my doctor. WIthout even looking at the fax machine, they said they have not received it. I called my doctor, she said they have sent it and it shows that LabCorp has received it. I again went at the front desk, and rudely they replied we have not received it. I asked them can you refresh it and check... after forcing them thrice, they refreshed it and my lab order was there. They did not even had courtesy to say sorry.
I am not going to step into this pathetic lab ever and don't recommend it to anyone on this planet.

Read the orders!
I have been taking my elderly mother for blood work every 3 months to the Angola, IN site. We only travel there so Humana will pay the fees. In September, the person that drew blood missed an order for a medication level that is vitally important. No test was done and the U of M did not receive the results LabCorp needed. This month my mother had the usual standing 3 month tests plus other was suppose to have a lipitoid panel for her GP. My mother had forgotten this and when I asked the lab lady she said she would check on it. She returned and told my mother she already had that done on 10/29. Umm. NO, SHE DID NOT! When I asked the lab person "where" the blood was drawn at she said "here". The lipitoid panel was not done. I called the Dr office after getting mom home to question what was going on. What the lab person read dated 10/29 were the results of her September labs that posted on that date to her chart. SERIOUSLY? Do these people even know what is going on?

Cortez Blvd Brooksville Fl
Staff was RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL. LabCorp told us we needed paperwork even though the work that was to be done was all electronic from United Health Care. My wife works for UHC and we have been coming here every year for this yearly, routine lab work paid entirely by UHC. There IS NO PAPERWORK required or available. But they clearly didn't care and appeared to not want to even do the work. Our appt was for 06:30, we checked in 4 min early with no one out front or in back, we were only patients in the Lab. Yet they were too busy discussing personal matters than going ahead and taking care of us. Yes 4 min is nothing but it was the perception they left that they were not interested in doing anything. The guy kept saying it was UHC that required said forms. My wife works for UHC and works in the dept that handles these things. When wife told them that but he didn't care. We had to leave since it was clear they were doing nothing. We rescheduled with Quest diagnostics which is just a mile down the road as opposed to this Labcor just 1/4 mile. This is not the first time I've had issues with the rudeness and unprofessional attitude of your employees. We will NEVER go to Labcor again and will not only NOT refer but will strongly discourage anyone from using Labcorp. I gave them 1 star because site Jabber won't let you give ZERO stars

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