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Kwork is a great way to make money with what you love
Kwork is a great way to make money with what you love. For a long time I could not realize myself in the field of web design, but after the first order for kwork I was able to find a permanent job. The conditions of the exchange are as transparent as possible and allow even beginners like me to be realized.
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I like kwork
I would like to share a review about I really like this service because: - here you can discuss all the details with the client about the order; - here you can learn to understand the client, what he wants; - here you can find orders that you like and choose the most interesting; - you can create your own services, so that your clients can find you

My honest review of the kwork freelance exchange
Hello. I leave my honest review about such a popular freelance exchange as kwork. I have been working for kwork for only 7 months and during this time I have successfully completed more than 400 orders and earned more than $ 5,000. I work as a freelancer in the field of social networks and SMM, as well as SEO and traffic. The buyers are almost all very decent and kind people, Kwork always make concessions, this is a huge plus.

Kwork is an amazing freelance platform
Hello everyone
Today I decided to leave a review about an amazing freelance platform I have been working for kwork for more than six months and have completed 51 orders at the moment. I am a web developer, programmer and do photo retouching. Kwork has a very fast support team. During my work experience, I applied there several times and always received a detailed answer.
I am very glad that I found such a freelance platform and I recommend everyone to try it.
My profile -
Hello everyone
I am a graphic designer. Freelance is freedom of action and creativity, it is self-discipline and responsibility, it is well-being and creativity. All these terms can be safely attributed to working with a freelance exchange I have been working for kwork for more than six months. has a very fast support team. I am very glad that I found such a freelance platform and I recommend everyone to try it.

My experience of working on
Hi there. I would like to share my experience of working on Now I am a student and I need money. Kwork helped me not get a job at McDonald's and work for my own pleasure in the video industry. Freelancing allows me to get a portfolio and meet people while studying. I quickly found clients on kwork. Of course, the first orders were difficult, but after receiving the first feedback, customers began to write themselves. I advise every freelancer to try kwork to find clients. In general, the impressions of the organization are good. Have a good one! is a Great Freelance platform is a great freelance platform for performers and customers in different areas of activity. The system of payments is very smart, simple and stable. If you are seller (perfomer) you are protected from nonpayment of customer after you accepted implementation an order. In other words you will get your money for your work absolutely guaranteed. If you are buyer (customer), you are protected also in case of non-fulfilment commitments of seller (performer) and you will get your money back guaranteed if seller (performer) did not execute your order. The system of payments is analog of the system in AliExpress. If it has conflict and disagreements between sides, any disputes are resolved by arbitration of service of support with inside professionals. I can confirm everything I described in this review as I am a seller in and I had different occasions, also arbitration. Also has very good service of support clients in any appeals or questions. has very good system of rating and regulations of using service. I am very pleased to use the service of for my business.

I love kwork and can recommend it!
I work for for several months now, I am very glad that thanks to this site I can be financially independent and develop in my creative activity. On this platform, I help business people and entrepreneurs solve business problems in the field of graphic design and project administration. As a performer, the security of transactions is extremely important to me. KWORK provides a guarantee of payment for the work performed, that's why I love KWORK and can recommend it! Join us, I am always glad to meet new customers and am open to interesting projects. Link for registration -

Kwork is suitable for everyone
During my time at work, I have not seen any shortcomings. The commission from orders is quite reasonable, the design is done well, qualitatively. The site works perfectly without suspensions. There are many different categories, you will definitely find something suitable for yourself. It is suitable for everyone who wants to work and is not lazy. experiences
Hello everybody!
My name is Aidar and I am a novice web designer. At the very beginning of my journey, I immediately came across the Kwork freelance exchange and realized that this is the best platform in its field, since it is free. In addition, this platform is very popular, because of this, you can find a very large number of orders on Kwork, both easy for beginners and heavy for experienced freelancers. Also, Kwork is a very convenient freelance exchange, with safe transactions, good technical support.
For those who are just starting their way on freelancing, this exchange is perfect, and for experienced performers it will become a source of new cool orders. Therefore, I recommend to everyone.

My name is Leo. Kwork is an excellent platform on which I have already earned about $ 1642. 68. My profile on the exchange I would be glad to meet and cooperate with people living not only in Russia. Write glad to meet you. I provide various services, more details can be found at the link above. Go ahead and register! Have a nice day and a good evening!

Kwork is the best!
Hello everyone!
I've been a salesman at Kwork for about a year now. And during this time, I was pleasantly surprised by the convenience of the exchange and the professionalism of the staff. Kwork allows everyone to earn money and is an excellent way to secure a profit or to purchase inexpensive services of the highest quality from professionals in their field.

The future of freelancing
I work for Kwork in the field of creating websites on Wordpress. Kwork helped me find a job with a good steady income. Because of its responsible attitude to all details, Kwork is the most reliable platform for freelancing. Most of the services start at $ 10, which is very beneficial for both the contractor and the customer.
Quork is already used in 95 countries around the world, become one of them!

Kwork - the most profitable freelance site for customers
This is the best site to order external services for your company. It often happens that some small tasks need to be done, but you don't want to distract the main staff of experts - is my solution. Placing orders do not require any investment or subscription, prices for services start at only $10, the site takes a low commission, and a large number of experts respond to orders at once. The site has a very user-friendly interface, which helps to navigate freely, view reviews and expert work without leaving the page of the project. The site only uses a secure transaction method, so it is impossible to lose money and responsive arbitrage will always solve any problems as Kwork arise.

My "Kwork" experience
I want to say a few words about the freelance website "". I came across this site during my search for jobs online. After several unsuccessful attempts to work on other websites, I chose "Kwork". First, as a seller on "Kwork ", I appreciate this site because I get a relatively good pay per order instead of working for pennies. Secondly, working on this site I am always confident that I won't be cheated and won't complete an order just for a "thank you". And now having a certain client base on "Kwork", I can say for sure that I will continue to work on this site.

My review of the work on the Kwork website
Just a great exchange. I've been working on it for a long time, as a backup option for additional income, sometimes I just helped out. The exchange is relatively new, with a clear interface and the highest prices, in my opinion. You can create your own proposals, Kwork are called quorks there. When creating quorks, there are more chances to find a customer. Or you can just sit on the stock exchange and offer your services. The offer of services is given 20 free for a month.

When comparing the exchange with others by such parameters as:

- ease of use — 5 points, very convenient and clear platform

- prices — 5 points, minimum from 500 rubles, the exchange takes a commission, but still the income is more than on other exchanges

- reliability — 5 points, your money is not lost and there were no unpaid work.

A platform for freelancers and business owners!
Kwork ( is a professional website for freelancers and business owners.
I've been working on upwork for 4 years.
- excellent customer support to solve the problem
- fast payments
- quality freelancers

There is no better place to hire quality freelancers than kwork. Highly recommended. Join -

Good Service.
I have recommended to others because I got good results from kwork seller and got good service from kwork customer care. Mainly because I like its user friendly and buyer protection platform. Highly recommended to all of you and thank you so much to the Kwork team and the Kwork sellers. I will order again. All orders delevered on time and option to give revisions.

Exactly what I need!
To be honest, there is no place better than! I have been a Kwork designer for over 5 years. I tried similar sites, but I realized that Kwork is exactly what I need! The support is excellent - this is very important for a designer. Our projects are evaluated and we receive regular feedback on our work. Responsibly fulfilling orders, you can build a good base of regular customers. Can you imagine that there are over 5 million registered users on Kwork from all over the world? Of course, many of them are not so active and not familiar with the rules. Those who do not follow the rules are punished. Thus, designers and clients are well protected. For those planning to become a client of, rest assured that many excellent designers will help bring your idea to life!

Excellent freelance platform for clients and freelancers
I am working at and I like it! And I can already say that it is a very good and reliable platform for freelancers and customers. has a secure payment system, which eliminates the increased confidence in both the contractor and the customer. And if a dispute arises, arbitration will help to resolve the difficulties. Feel free to register on and delegate tasks to freelancers or become a freelancer!

The best platform for beginners
Hello! I'm a beginner freelancer and I chose primarily because it's free, so I don't have to risk by making investments.
I started working at Kwork as a graphic designer without any freelancing experience. Within a few days after filling out the portfolio, I received my first order. It's amazing how quickly I found my client, given the fact that I didn't have any rating at all. This suggests that is very loyal to beginners: you don't need to have a high rating on the site to be noticed by clients. I definitely recomment it to everyone who is starting their career on freelance.

Service is terrible!
Disgusting playground. We made a new commission, which is 5% for customers. Freelancer commission is 20%, withdrawal commission is 3%. This is the most predatory stock exchange in existence.
Constant bugs on the site, constantly down site.
Website support is always on the buyer's side, although the exchange will close without freelancers.
I earnestly ask you to avoid this service, you will not be able to make money here. Service is terrible!

Thanks kwork for my travels
I can only say good things about the freelance exchange. Today is exactly 3 years since I was registered on this exchange. Thanks to her, I got freedom and can work from anywhere in the world. I have visited several countries in Europe, thanks to this exchange. Therefore, if you are thinking whether to work with her, do not think - register.

Best freelance platform
I've been working with Kwork ( as an interior & exterior designer for 2 month already and I will surely stay on that platform! The best freelance site of all. It has a simple interface, fast and polite support team and it is easy to find a client there. Also I reccomend Kwork mobile app, it is very convinient!

Kwork is the easiest freelancer site
Thank you, Kwork, for making my life better!

Today I decided to leave a review about an amazing freelance platform I have been working for kwork for more than 12 months and have completed 51 orders at the moment. I am a social media marketer Kwork has a very fast support team. During my work experience, I applied there several times and always received a detailed answer. I am very glad that I found such a freelance platform and I recommend everyone to try it.

I'm really happy with Kwork, I'm gonna recommend it to my friends and keep ordering services there.

Kwork Best Market
I want to write a review about is really the best and top freelance exchange. If you have hidden talents or just know how to do something in the service sector, rather register as a seller and make money. I am here recently, but over the past two weeks I earned $ 400 :) Thank you Kwork for the opportunity to earn

My experience of freelance on
My experience.
I've been working on for 3 years. I started as a copywriter of legal texts and, upon my graduation, continued as a legal consultant.
The first thing you notice about Kwork is that the platform has developed in two ways:
- as platform where a you can look for buyers and offer your services for a certain project; and
- as a platform where all your services ("kworks") are set up in advance and can be found with keywords (my favorite).
If you find your own specific niche as a freelancer, you will definitely be among the first search results on the platform.

Communication and responsibility are very important.
It's really true. It might be very difficult, but you have to stay cold-minded even when you'r dealing with a difficult buyer.
Don't let emotions prevail, it will make misunderstanding way worse.
And, ofc, you should complete your orders in time because it directly affects your rating and position of your "kworks" in search results.

After an order is completed all a buyer has to do is just to write a short-text review. There's no complicated questionnaires or additional steps that would make it less likely for a buyer to leave a review.

How to get started.
The platform offers very useful guides that will help you to set up your account. It's very important to think very carefully about your profile and "kwork" descriptions. Potential buyers appreciate simplicity in my case. Depending on what you do, it might be smth else in your situation.
Username is very important too because it should be related to what you do on the platform. Otherwise your sales rates might be worse than Kwork could be with a good username. Note that your username can be changed just once.

Support team here is really great. Very polite, friendly and helpful.
If you happen to have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact them.

Thank you, Kwork, for making my life better!
Wanna hear a dreadful story? I needed a logo design, so my friends linked me to a freelancer… who charged me $100, missed all the deadlines, and then sent me two utterly atrocious logos. When I asked him to fix the logos, he disappeared. Needless to say, I lost the pre-payment and two weeks of my time.

So I turned to a design agency, which was happy to do the task… for 650 dollars!

I am so happy I came across KWORK. I connected to a freelancer there, and she made me two amazing logos! All it took was two days and $30. I've already had a bad experience with freelancers, so now I want to have some security. And Kwork offers just that: if anything had gone wrong, I would've gotten my $30 back.

I'm really happy with Kwork, I'm gonna recommend it to my friends and keep ordering services there.

One of the best platforms for performers and customers
Hi guys. I want to leave a review on the freelance exchange I registered here about 10 months ago. And not only on kwork. I registered on many freelance platforms, but only on Kwork did I manage to take orders and start earning. Here is a unique and convenient system for finding and selling your services.
If you are a freelancer, you just need to create your ad with your service that you provide, describe its details and set a price. Then, you simply receive a notification "You have a new order", the buyer has provided all the necessary materials in advance and you can immediately start working. Very convenient, isn't it?

My specialization is SEO and WordPress website development. I found my place on Kwork. Thank you Kwork...

Kwork top!
Of the majority of freelance exchanges, I chose kwork. On this site, I act as a freelancer, in just 2 days I earned $ 40. It should be noted that I am a beginner! Pros: - Is free - A large number of orders - Service store, you can create your own kvorks (services) and advertise in the store, customers can buy services from you themselves. Nice feature, I advise you to take a look! - The support service responds very quickly and helps with solving the problem Minuses: - A large number of performers, competition, which is a plus if you are a customer, then be sure there will be a performer for your order 100%

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Based on 50 reviews from Kwork customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 4 stars, indicating that majority of customers are satisfied with its service.
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Description: Kwork is affordable, with fixed-price freelance services starting at $10. Prices, deadlines, and services included are specified in advance, saving you time, money, and energy.

87% of users say that Kwork is faster, more convenient and secure than other freelance platforms. If anything ever goes wrong, buyers are protected by 100% Money Back Guarantee, one-of-a-kind Buyer Protection Program, and incredible Support Team.

Millions of people in over 165 countries use Kwork for their businesses or personal projects.

Address: Pythagora 3, PYTHAGORAS COURT, Flat/Office 102, 3027, Cyprus


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