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Disgusting Company Stay Away!
I purchased a buffet cabinet a month ago and paid $120 for delivery (daylight robbery!) there was a tracking number but it didn't work. A box arrived from Toll over two weeks ago with only half of the buffet cabinet inside. I've spent days and ridiculous amount of time on the phone with Toll and emailing Kogan only to be told by Toll my Second parcel is lost and a new one needs to be sent. For a week I've been requesting a refund or the other parcel to be sent but I keep getting stupid responses from the supplier and take 24 hours to respond to each email which is dragging this all out.
Don't buy from here people! They are not an honest trusty company. Their customer service is non existent and I can't find a contact number anywhere. Their responses are blanket responses and look like they are coming from someone offshore.

Very dissatisfied
After purchasing a Kogan TV for my Mother in a nursing home last year. The first TV developed a red line down the centre of the screen. This happened about six weeks after the TV was delivered. After reporting the issue to Kogan, agreed to collect the TV in the original box. Well, who keeps an original box? Not me!
You will note that Kogan encourages people to keep the original box in case of a warranty issue. This is entirely not practical. After many emails to Kogan, at the same time trying to source a box from Harvey Norman, Good Guys and JB and the like... with zero success. In the meantime, this cost me time, petrol and energy. Kogan eventually sends me a box, and the TV is returned to Kogan.

Wait, there's more!

We eventually received word from Kogan's help desk that our TV is faulty and they will send us a new one. This process takes three weeks, give or take. Ten working days for their technicians to assess the faulty TV.

The new TV arrives, and finally, we set it up. Low and behold our new replacement TV does not connect to Wifi. We tried everything and, to this very day, it does not work. To resolve the situation, we purchased a smart box (Telstra TV box). This got us over the issue. But at the cost of time and $120.00 extra for the smart box. Another outlay, and cost of doing business with Kogan.

This week I ordered a Kogan vacuum cleaner much to my wife's horror. She could not believe that I would deal with Kogan again. Well again after having the unit one day, its no longer charging.

No more Kogan electrical goods for me! All I can say is heed this review would-be purchasers of Kogan products.

Kogan Are Crooks
The most disgusting retail experience of my life.
Two days after taking the money from my brand new, as yet unused, credit MasterCard and confirming the order ( and less than a day after I placed a similar order on my Debit MasterCard to the same address - also confirmed) emailed me demanding photos of my Drivers Licence, Passport, Credit Card.
It sounded like an attempt at identity theft - especially as it was on the Monday of the Easter long weekend and as two previous orders confirmed to my email and street address were paid on my Debit MasterCard of the same name and my email address also has the same name.
I cancelled the second order, paid for with my cash on my Debit MasterCard and fought a long, running battle to have it returned.
I have an A+ credit rating and work in an essential industry.
When I refused their demands, they cancelled my order, after 20-30 emails, telling me I'd still be allowed' to reorder if I used PayPal.
Their contempt and arrogance was staggering,
These presents were birthday and retirement gifts for the brother and mother of my partner, who has Stage 4 breast cancer and for whom I'd bought a washing machine from Kogan in January - confirmed to my email and sent to the same street address.
Be aware that they have no phone line.
Once the money leaves your account, you're on your own and left to deal with bots and the original email address only.
Also be aware that the Kogan Review Page doesn't do zero stars, artificially giving them 20% higher marks.
It took me minutes to find a work colleague who had a Kogan horror story.
In the last week alone, their behaviour towards me has cost them over $10k in sales, as I encounter others considering buying from these crooks and relate my experience and that of others.
I look forward to a lifetime of spreading the Never Kogan' gospel.

Attractive Pricing Sometimes. Horrific Customer Service.
If you want information about a phone repair, and admit, in writing, already that you dropped it... rant on about "misuse of product", "not intended usage" all this puerile finger pointing $#*!, when you have already admitted you dropped the thing. They do not read a word you say, just mindlessly cut and paste.
If you complain they then imply you are stupid with that "sorry for the confusion" crap
When you ask to contact their boss, they ignore the question.
Amateurish, incompetent, very rude, totally unhelpful, time wasting. If their mobile phones are never ever dropped and if they are so robust, then why do they sell a vast array of screen protectors and cases?
The "smart" tv I bought my folks had such dreadful instructions that it looked like it had been done with a machine translator rather than a human. Worst and most unhelpful technical writing I have seen. Their "smart" tv currently cannot access the internet. Prior to that it was slow, unresponsive, and for my elderly parents the remote was dreadfully hard to use.
Their customer service is horrible.
Avoid using them, even in those cases where you have to pay a bit more.

No contact phone numbers for Kogan customer care.
Buyer beware! Once you purchase something from Kogan you can forget about hearing from them again. No contact phone numbers. Worst delivery ever! Ordered a washing machine. Advert stated delivery in 2 business days. Waited 5 days for 75kg machine to be dumped in middle of dining room with big mess of polystyrene all over floor. Paid for "Kogan First", Paid for Extra Warranty, Paid for Premium Delivery, Paid for Freight Protection. I was informed by transport company that the machine would be installed in place for me. The transit bolts were left on the machine. I weigh 55kgs. How am I supposed to move a 75kg washing machine in to the laundry. I now have a washing machine blocking the bathroom entrance in my dining room! How am I supposed to get in to the bathroom? Its Saturday afternoon so I guess I will get in to my bathroom on Monday when I can get someone to move the machine for me. No phone numbers to contact Kogan. Asked driver to put machine in laundry and was told: "We don't do that!" No response from delivery company! Will NEVER buy from Kogan again!
Does the machine work? How would I know, I don't have any taps in my dining room.

I advised KOGAN my remote was faulty at the beginning of August. It took about 5 days and having to email asking for a response and comment about the poor customer service experience on Facebook before KOGAN advised the remote would leave their (australian) warehouse on 12. 08. 20 and that I would recieve tracking information.

I emailed KOGAN for an update on 17. 08. 20 & also today 19. 08. 20 and have had no reply.

I commented on KOGAN'S Facebook again about their poor service. I did not use any bad language and stated facts like "ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE" and amazingly got a quick response from KOGAN. deleted my Facebook comments and blocked me on KOGAN Facebook and KOGAN Facebook Messenger and still have not responded to my email.

If only KOGAN "did what they said they would" and send my remote and tracking information, instead of dodging bullets.

Not only is KOGAN'S customer services ZERO but they don't appreciate criticism.

Avoid buying through Kogan's "Marketplace Seller"
I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 7A through Kogan. Good price and reasonably quick delivery quoted. All seemed to go well the phone arrived quickly and it was the right model and started OK. However, the phone wasn't supplied by Kogan but by the Heybattery shysters based in HK. So when there was problem (calls couldn't be made without interference and contacts were not looked up properly), it became a nightmare. The issues are too many to go into but eventually, months later, I got a refund. Heybattery are full of sales hype and very poor on support. Kogan, for their part, came across as a professional support group although were too lazy to read and understand my emails. Anyway, the warning is don't buy if you are dealing with a "Marketplace Seller", i. E. 3rd party for the phone supply. It may go well and you save a little but if not, it can be a purchasing nightmare. If Kogan don't supply directly, pay a little more for a local supplier.

Terrible service under warranty
I bought a TV for my elderly parents thinking I could save them quite a bit of money. A week and a half later, the remote broke. The middle button just wedged in and could not be used. No phone number so I emailed customer service only to be told that had no spare remotes and I had to go a purchase a universal Logitech remote at my own expense. I was not happy so I emailed them back telling them to pay for it or I'll return the TV to them with the faulty remote in exchange for a new one. We waited for over 11 days so I emailed them again asking for a tracking number. Only this time they said they haven't sent it. I then asked to speak to a manager and at this stage I was ready to return the tv. There is only an on off button but no switches on the tv to adjust the channel or adjust volume, it is all done via a remote. A few hours later I get an email with a tracking number saying a universal remote will be delivered the next day. So when it came, you had to connect the remote to a computer and do all these things to get it to work. They need to state something on their products that it needs a tech savvy young person to operate it because my 80 year old parents don't have any computers so we had to go back and forth picking up laptops to try to help them programme a remote. The biggest lesson is that you pay for what you get and a few hundred dollars for proper customer service and support is worth more than anything. While I'm alive I will never use Kogan again

Kogan has NO quality control
A huge word of warning for anyone purchasing from Kogan. Do your do diligence and check sites like this one, because the word quality does not even appear in Kogan's mission statement. Having bought many products from Kogan the expectation that it will perform any longer than their warranty period will likely be a longshot and getting any compensation, spare parts or replacement after 12 months is impossible. I have 2 Soniq big screen TVs, 2 air conditioning units, an action camera, and a Combo 5 in 1 Scanner that either just made it past 12 months before developing faults that rendered them inoperable, or were vastly inferior products to start with. The Combo scanner I used just once and the quality of the scan was worse than a cheap $30 printer scanner... the action camera, purchased as a a gift never worked and embarassed me when the recipient told me it had a fault and couldn't use it. The run around to try and replace or get a refund for these faulty products a waste of time. Kogan quality is poor at best. You have been warned.

False advertising and poor customer service
Bought a new laptop from Kogan, where the product images clearly show a CD drive on the side of the laptop. When arrived, the laptop was the correct laptop with all the other specs and product number correct, but did not have a CD drive as per the product images.

The laptop was bought for immediate use in a medical and dental clinic, and had already been integrated into the existing hardware and software (eg. Xray units). After having multiple back-and-forth emails with customer service (Ron), explaining the situation, each email stated the same thing - that could only "assess" the laptop once it was returned/sent back before going deciding on the appropriate course of action. Photos of the product and serial number etc were submitted, and various suggestions were offered in lieu of going through the timely process of return, assessment, and refund/redelivery as that would mean part of the clinic would be unable to function entirely.

In the end, as per Consumer Affairs Victoria, I offered to retain the product and instead accept compensation for loss in value of the product, so I could just buy a USB CD drive to plug in. However, Ron was still insistent it needed to be returned to be "assessed" prior to any other action. Disappointing customer service and will not be using Kogan ever again.

Buyer beware - False advertising on their product images

Kogan TV defective (loud buzzing) almost impossible to get a refund!
I was stupid enough to buy a small smart $400 LED TV for my bedroom from Kogan. All in the interests of 'saving' a few hundred dollars. TV arrives, husband puts the wall bracket up and then the TV. We turn it on and all it works - however there is awful background high pitched buzzing... like there is a large mossie in the room. Given we have a small house and we watch TV at night in bed after the kids have gone to sleep - we watch the TV at a low volume - so all we could hear is the buzzing. We muted it, and the buzzing continued. We took it down the very next day and put it back into the same box and started to initiate a refund process... which by the way is a terrible process (you cannot call anyone and try to make you keep the product). They asked for a video... well we've already packed it up and we aren't getting it out again! I went to JB two days later and found a TV at the same size for a few hundred dollars more. We put that up on the bracket (so yes the bracket from Kogan was fine).

Weeks later - we are still trying to get the TV collected so we can get our refund. It all started with asking for the videos, offering to fix the defect (too late we have anew TV! And don't trust the quality of Kogan anymore). Today was the day the 'repair/return' company was meant to collect it. We just called to get their ETA and low and behold... our paper work is there, but it's not booked into the system - so next Thursday it is! (We are in Canberra and I think they are from Sydney). Apparently the point of this pick up is for the repair person to determine if we have damaged the TV or if we've created a lie about the defect!

The funny thing is when we took delivery of the TV, the delivery person (not affiliated with Kogan) joked that he would see us again soon as 'lots of those TVs get returned'. Save yourself the headache... spend a bit more on your TV with a local shop (JB Hi Fi in our instance) and get a quality product or one that can be EASILY returned for a refund if a fault is found.

I would never recommend their TVs or their service - which is non existent and all email based. I am thinking of making an official complaint to consumer affairs over this as they intentionally make the return process arduous in the hope you will just go way. If there was no high pitched whistle with the TV I wouldn't have had a problem with it. But I simply cannot live with a sound like that while trying to enjoy a TV show. Ok, rant over. Lesson learnt! And on I go in the pursuit of returning this damn TV for a refund!

"Ships in 1-2 business days" No - it defiantly won't.
While I've never had a problem with the specific products I've been sent, I can't in good conscience recommend anyone buy from; their dispatch times and warehouse processing estimates are a complete lie, and I mean in every respect - the second your transaction is processed you've basically waived goodbye your consumer rights and any semblance of transparency from Kogan - could give a solitary fart about timely dispatch and delivery.
What to expect:
- Delays: often into the weeks and months.
- Lies from Customer Care: generic emails full of "assurances" and "final stages" that basically amount to "GFYS, it'll arrive whenever we could be bothered".
- Annoyance: as you watch the item you bought two weeks ago plummet to half that price with free shipping, powerless to warn others to steer clear.
- Bewilderment: you'll start to wonder how it's even legal for a company to operate like this, then you'll read their terms of service and just feel kind of sick - like an acidic bile taste in the back of your mouth.

Honestly, just use Amazon or a smaller reputable online seller - better yet, jump in the car and head to a local business - 0/5, complete garbage merchants.

For $45 and poor support they've lost me as a customer
Late last year I bought a Xiaomi Mi band 2 activity wristband from Kogan. Supposedly a one year warranty.

A few days ago I was walking my dog in a park. The actual device locks
Into a wrist strap. The wrist strap was weakened and the device fell
Out. I wasn't aware of this until 15 mins or so and I backtracked to no
Avail. I placed a claim for warranty because of the failure of the strap that was not gripping the device as it should.

The customer support person was useless. He didn't even get the gist of
What I was explaining even after we swapped three emails. He couldn't
Comprehend the situation.He said it was lost and warranty didn't cover lost items. I said the wrist strap failed and it wasn't like I lost the item in the traditional sense.

The wrist strap was part of the item under warranty and it failed to do its job. Beating my head against a brick wall.

I'm going to keep away from Kogan. Had to wait ages for the item. charge heaps for delivery. They don't have any phone contact.

This warranty thing topped it off. Stick with eBay. They are more reliable and give 'proper' warranties.

Vic W

Terrible product and worst online experience to date
This was a terrible product! The colour of the mat was not as described. I had to spend hours assembling it together only to find that the panels were incorrectly set up to begin with. This left me a product with a wonky drawer, rounded corners on one side and sharp corners on the other side. I want a refund or a fully assembled new replacement delivered to me.

Detailed reasons are as below:
1. The instructions to assemble were highly unclear, the diagrams were not marked clearly with the direction that different pieces should face when assembling them

2. The colour of the mat is blue, even though it is described as grey (give me an email address and I will send photos) - this was supposed to match my grey carpet, my grey cushions and my grey speckled marble floor and now it does not

3. The pieces came to me with a number of small scratches and peeling paint around the edges

4. Some pieces were even dirty and I had to wipe them down - this is not ok and even after wiping them down with water, some marks still remain (give me an email address and I will send photos)

5. The drawer when assembled is wonky and loose; it can not slide smoothly

6. The two sides of the cabinet have been punctured incorrectly leading to a finished product where the top edge on one side is sharp and the top edge on the other side is rounded; I know that I have assembled them correctly because the smooth side on both of them are facing outwards, and the holes for Part E are facing each other - it is because there is a fundamental error in the way that were initially set up which has caused this defect (give me an email address and I will send photos)

Ridiculous! They sell products NOT suitable for Australia! Do not waste your time & money! NEVER AGA
August smart Lock pro + Connect, purchased at ~400 AUD.
After wasting hours trying to configure the Z-wave, contacting August support team in USA, i found out that do NOT design product for Australia, the Z-wave functionality uses USA frequency, not allowed and will never work in Australia.
I provided email and documentation to they approached me with the CHEAPEST behavior ever: 50 AUD credit? Then 70, then 80 AUD.
Considering the same device without Z-wave functionality is sold at ~200 AUD.
I decided for a FULL REFUND, CASH! And I will never use again, not worth it, no good quality, no good support, no good prices. Pick what you prefer and go for the other website: GumTree, Facebook, eBay, Amazon. They all have their added value in terms of prices, or quality. Etc. with this CHEAP Customer approach will fail soon.

They are doing only what LAW force them to "full refund" without any tangible/meaningful action for the distress/time/money wasted for their fault.
Customer Experience = 0

Kogan are a cult! Don't join them! They're an unscrupulous business
So this mob Kogan are renowned for selling cheap electrical goods but what I also wish I'd known Before wasting my money with them is they're also renowned for poor quality products and appalling after sales service, enough that the ACCC, consumer affairs orgs and Choice have all given them poor ratings. Do a search online and you will see. Hopefully BEFORE you buy to avoid my mistake!
I have bought a television and a laptop from them and while the television technically still works I've never been happy with the sound quality (no Kogan, you shouldn't need anything more than what comes out of the box to hear what people are saying on the telly! You shouldn't have to purchase further audio gear to make a TV functional! Do you use mobile phone parts in your televisions or something?!)
Now I was not so lucky with a laptop I'd had for less than 12 months when it's keyboard failed. I've spent weeks trying to have the product retuned for a refund (which a consumer is entitled to under the Australian consumer law when goods are not fit for purpose) and just keep giving me the run around, "take photos", "send us a video of the problem", "it appears to be faulty", "no we won't offer you a refund we need to do an assessment" (whatever that means but given their track record I can only assume that means further back and forth this time in the mail!) and I predict a "we can't find a fault" outcome anyway, they've proven to me that's their style.
DO NOT BUY KOGAN BRANDED PRODUCTS. I cannot stress this enough. They do not offer value for money, even at their prices.
Not only are they flimsy, plastic cased, and poorly manufactured, you have next to no chance of getting a refund when your product fails in an unreasonable timeframe.
Buy from other places online or retailers who show moral backbones, please do not support this quickly growing empire that has profited ($50M last year alone! Look at their annual report!) off suckers like me.

If I could give a NEGATIVE 1000 star, I would.
I bought a samsung S9 phone from kogan.
Arrived smoothly at the end of feb, no issue.
However when i went to turn it on and start loading all my things onto the new phone, I noticed the screen would black out, flicker wouldnt work correctly.
So I immediately notified Kogan that I need to send this back and have it repaired, or have a replacement sent.
Of course nothing goes smooth once theres a problem like that.

Kogans response was all about, "has it been dropped? Has it been wet? Did you try resetting?"
Mate, the phone hasnt even left my house yet, let alone being dropped. Yes i did a factory reset, but didnt solve issues, as its more a "display" issue. suggested taking it to a samsung store, because that would be the "quicker solution".
So I did, they sent it to the samsung factory, had it analysed and said it was a manufacturer problem on Kogan (or whoever kogan uses).

So i sent the phone back to kogan, with all descriptions, report from samsung.
By now, i had been emailing back and forth to kogan 30+ emails with photos, videos etc.

Parcel tracking showed the faulty phone had reached kogan on the 19th march.

No response for ages.
Has it been fixed?
Are they sending replacement?
Can i get a refund?
Are you actually doing anything?

Response was always, we will get back to you once we check and get more info.

I was fed up with sending all these emails back and forth and said, please just give me a refund, and thats it.

Then they finally say, oh, please let us know what address you would like the replacement phone sent to.

As if you dont have my address by now!

So i gave them my address again.

No response for ages again.

Umm are you sending a phone anytime soon?

Latest response from Kogan on 13th April was, "do you have the tracking number for the returned faulty phone?"

Why on earth do you need the tracking number now? And yes, I do have it, and yes, I have emailed that info multiple times already!

So where do I stand now since end of Feb?
No phone, no refund, just - $600 less in my bank account now because of Kogan.

I ordered robotic vaccum over Kogan and there are no delivery for 12 days and no refund for 12 days. When I tried to contact the customer service it was just though email. would reply you after 40 hours and no problem solved. I had to wait for more days to find out what they choose to do otherwaise no reply and no goods delivered.
Finally after 8 emails helpdesk sent me an email about refund. In the email they just asked you to reply 1 or 2. You try to type 1 or 2 and no place to type for you to reply. Your life become very hard without the choice to reply. So ridiculous even though you had told them they needed to refund into your account instead of credit.
Before I made the order I believe Kogan were a trustworthy service store and I even ordered the extensive warranty. Now I doubt how Kogan would deliver this without phone contact and proper customer service.
After 7 business days I haven't received the refund which Kogan promised 3-5 business days. I am not confident when I could receive my refund. Shall we go to Fair Trading? How could We trust Kogan?

Very Disappointed - Crappy Customer Service
Hopefully this review won't be taken down as the last 2 reviews I've posted about Kogan have been removed - good to see can't handle the truth from customers.

Wrote a detailed review on the lack of customer service help and lack of assistance received by Kogan on items overcharged...

Review was posted - went looking for my review... and guess what - can't find as it has been removed by the Cowardly Kogan team - guess they can't handle the truth on treating their customers like criminals.

So this is review #3 and it is going to be just as juicy - keep deleting my reviews and I will keep reposting them so that everyone can see what Kogan customer service are like.

Purchased dishwasher tablets and rinse aid for dishwasher from a frugal Friday email from Kogan only to be overcharged - when I questioned this overcharge after placing my order, I was treated in a condescending criminal way as though I was trying to extort money from Kogan...

So as a "GESTURE OF GOODWILL" as supplied by the customer service dept - I was only credited the difference back to my Kogan account NOT my credit card that was used (NOT IMPRESSED) then received follow up emails for feedback and how well my orders went etc - SERIOUSLY...? WTF? You can take your credit and shove it where the sun will never shine:)

As I stated previously, I have cancelled all my subscriptions and marked Kogan emails as spam - because lets face it - they are scammers and extortionists of stealing money from customers - and I don't want any contact after the fact that you want to help me out and fix things when Kogan had the chance to do this at the start (stop sending me emails and asking for my feedback).

Maybe looking after your customers and treating them with respect will get you somewhat back in the good graces - and not deleting reviews as this is the lowest form of scumbags you could possibly be.

I would rather pay twice as much money on items and be treated like a normal human being than save money and be treated like a criminal by Kogan.

Buyer Beware!
Buyer Beware!
I recently purchased a television from Kogan and at the same time purchased a wall mount suitable to the very model of TV.
The TV was 5 days later than the planned delivery date, but being that we are in restriction periods I understood.
The wall mount arrived 3 days after that, even though were ordered on the same day.
The wall mount arrived in a box that was incomplete and the instructions and unit was not the model I ordered. It was not suitable to the VESA standard that I required.
The issue was raised immediately with Kogan and I am now, almost 2 weeks later, still sending them the same photos and same information because it is NOT the product I ordered. Their opinion seems to be that if it fits, just use it anyway.
I can't fit the product I received without removing the tilt locking screws which then cannot be re-introduced. A circlip was broken meaning a rod through the centre rear of the mount floats freely.
Customer service treat you like an idiot and you get nowhere.
I will never shop with Kogan again.

Kogan: Easily the worst online retailer in Australia
I have never dealt with a worse business. I purchased a Kogan television just under 2 months ago. There were a number of issues with the delivery and, after several complaints, I received it after 2 weeks.

As soon as I plugged it, I realised I had purchased a lemon. The screen resolution was absolutely terrible (nowhere near the described specs) and the sound was straight out of a can. Most importantly, there were some white areas around the screen. I contacted Kogan to inform them of the problem and, over the next few weeks, asked me to do a number of things to address the problem. Of course, nothing helped. I supplied pictures and videos to prove my point.

Since I requested a refund, they are ignoring my emails. For over a week. Note than they conveniently don't have a phone line.

I have now raised the issue with the ACCC and Consumer Affairs and they have asked me to do a few things, including organising a chargeback.

I am confident I will win my case in the end but it will take some time and I will unlikely have a working TV for Christmas.

It is the second consecutive bad experience I have with Kogan products and will NEVER purchase from them again.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should deal with them. This is a shonky business with bad products and terrible customer service.

Don't believe me? Google "Kogan ACCC".

The reviews on their website are all positive (which lured me) but it is very obvious they write them themselves. Blatant lies.

I suspect the positive reviews on this page are written by Kogan employees.

If you are looking for cheap electronics with decent quality, start with Aldi. Their product quality is much, much better and, more importantly, their aftersale return policy is second to none.

Don't deal with Kogan. You WILL regret it.

Membership SCAM
Hey, ppl who was charged $99 without knowing the hidden membership trap, please contact ACCC, so ACCC knows Kogan has set up this trap for their Australian customers.
If you had the same issue and don't know how got you to sign up, please check
They put membership option at check out page, and make it looks like a "agree condition" section like other websites (on other websites, if you don't tick checkbox at similar location, you can't go next page). But in Kogan website, it makes you to pay 99 dollars after 5 days. The checkbox is followed by large bold "Try Kogan first for free", then smaller text in next paragraph says you will be charged $99 after 5 days. Of cause they don't add $99 to the subtotal, otherwise it would be too easy for you to notice the hidden cost. Then you find $99 been taken from your credit card after 5 days. This trap have got many ppl paid unwanted and unaware membership as I found so many ppl complaining.

Well designed trap! Good job

At first, I wasn't sure how they can sneak this charge as I wasn't buying anything on the day when it appear on my bank record, the only purchase i made is a $5 sim card one week before. Then I created a new account, went through the same process, and found how they do it. And took screenshots.

Terrible, you have been warned
Purchased an Ex Demo Ipad for sons Xmas present. Arrived faulty upon opening - clearly it wasnt tested, etc
Returned to Kogan and after 10 days looking at it, agreed to replace. 2 weeks later, no Ipad and no contact as they clearly are out of stock, which is OK, but let me know or offer a refund.
Another 2 weeks and numerous follow ups and they reply that they will get back to me shortly. Guess what? Its all lies. Nobody every gets back to you or is honest about what is happening. This mob take advantage of being an online business and simply dont care once they have your money. Zero integrity and zero customer care. Every email reply is a copy and paste generic response full of false promises. Ipad returned in December and its mid February and we are still waiting.
Read the reviews and go elsewhere - its incredibly frustrating.

Appalling business
The owner clearly knows nothing about serving others. He is only in this for as much money as quickly as he can. Real business owners address the concerns of their clients in an expedient manner. I never ever hear back from them. Things like, why has my login email changed to my gmail email. Just because I happened to have Google open and I was signed in does not mean I gave you permission to use it or change it. My entire history has been removed except for one item. I have asked you to put everything back to my original account (the one I authorised) and you ignore me. You sell products based on misleading advertising and you ignore me. I am done and so are my followers. I will do whatever I can to dissuade anyone from mentioning you except as a useless time wasting business. You get what you create.
Here is how you sit:
Is Kogan com trustworthy? has a consumer rating of 1.33 stars from 152 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. also ranks 300th among Electronics sites. The most common issues with are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

Very Disappointing!
I have recently bought a few things from the Kogan website and I must say what a disappointment overall.
I bought a Kogan 34" monitor and was of poor quality. I asked for a refund but was given store credit. The problem is that don't have a decent variety of 4K large monitors so I am stuck with them.
I also bought an Office chair for $300 which turned out to be very ordinary. I have bought a better chair from Office works for far less.
The whole buying set-up is arranged in such a way that once you are stuck with them, you keep losing more.
Moreover, they do not have a number where you can call and talk to someone but rather it is done only through Emails which put the customer at their mercy completely with no accountability.
I applied for Kogan first membership and was charged the whole yearly fee instead of monthly.
Never again, I have been fooled this time but never again!

Kogan First Membership scam announced in May that grew more than 2M active members. I did a trial shopping on, Before I receive my products, Kogan automatically upgraded me into Kogan First 365bday membership via a marketing email and deducted $99.00 from my credit card I saved on Kogan Account.

I lodged a complaint to dispute the unauthorised membership and the unauthorised membership fee. I stated that automatically deducting money from my credit card without my knowledgement and permission is a breach of trust!

I believe this kind of membership growing is absolutely not acceptable, doggy, like a scam.

I am wondering how many out of the two millions members are automatically upgraded members like me? I wanted to cancel my membership, did not allow to. I wanted to remove my credit card, did not allow me.

It seemed to me that I have to kidnapped by to act as a member they need, though I will never buy anything from Kogan. Com again!

Very disappointed in kogan's level of service.
I was a happy customer until i bought something substantial in value.@ 2230 on 01/11/2016 I ordered a TV and soundbar from Kogan@ 0900 on 02/11/2016 i contacted Kogan support to cancel the soundbar of the order@ 1014 on 02/11/2016 I got an email stating "Our Senior Team members will contact you via email"@ 1621 on 02/11/2016 i got an email stating item dispatched (TV)@ 1621 on 02/11/2016 I got an email stating Item Dispatched (Sound Bar)@ 1752 on 02/11/2016 I got an email stating "Unfortunately we are no longer able to make changes on your order at this stage"

As you can see the customer service was absolute garbage.
The senior support only responded after the item had been posted.

The initial consultant refused to cancel the soundbar of the invoice stating it has to go to Kogan senior support team.

Note: Delivery was quite expensive as well.

Don't get Kogan-- it'll cost you more in time and money than you spend. NOT worth the cheap price.
I had a bad experience from the beginning. I got a modem a week late. The modem didnt work well so sent me another one, which didn't make a difference. It is a low-spec modem which is why it is cheap. Even after the second modem, I was getting <1 MBPS on 2.4GHZ and usually <10MBPS but never ever >30 MBPS on 5 GHz. I subscribed for the 100 plan and the speeds were appallingly low. I spent ~10 hours with customer service trying to fix it and eventually quit and get my refund. They have been lying to me most of the time. They told me I won't be charged for the atrocious service but they charged me 150.
Then they told me they would refund the entire amount, as they should because of their garbage product and service, but ended up refunding a third. After a rigorous conversation with customer service, I still ended up paying that amount and never got my money back. Please please don't get Kogan NBN/internet. It'll cost you more time and money than not spending anything at all. I would rate 0 if I could, but alas.

Rude and Condescending Customer Care Team
Purchased 2 new Ergolux Galway Office Chairs (Grey) - one was ripped in 2 places on the back of the chair. This is the reply from their Customer Care Team: (request #8336557)
Matthew M ( Help Desk)
30 Jun 2020, 12:08 pm AEST

Thank you for the email.

I'm sorry to see that this chair has two small rips in it, like you, I'd also feel very disappointed.

If you're happy to keep the chair and find a way to patch the holes I'd be happy to offer a partial refund of $10.

This $10 can cover the cost of sourcing needle and thread to tightly weave around the hole and close it.

Covering the patches with a small amount of super glue will also help to prevent further ripping.

Please let me know if you'd like to proceed with this remedy so that I can make the necessary arrangements.
Kindest regards,
Matthew M
Customer Care Team

Customer Service??!! Non existent! Where is my item??
What a disappointment this company is.

Ordered a product that we were excited about. Watched the tracking. It went to picked and packed. And then nothing for days. Finally it shipped.
Then we only receive the box of fittings with nuts and bolts but no actual item to assemble with the nuts and botls.

Have attempted to contact Kogan about this several times, which is when we found out that only way to communicate is via email. The landline number they provide for customer service is just a recorded message advising to direct our enquiry via e-mail.

We have now emailed several times, which results on the same generic reply...."we have passed your enquiry onto the orders team who will reply to you shortly"

Well, shortly has now turned into days with no reply and still no product.

Attempted to contact via Facebook which funny enough resulted in a reply, kindly reminding us to direct all enquiries via email.

This is the WORST customer service I have experienced.

We just want our product...

Now, we will never purchase anything through Kogan again and we will be making sure that we can get this out to as many people as possible.

Disgusting service!.

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