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Scam Artists
Made an order on May 24th Seller ignored me until I started chat via PayPal. Emailed me saying my item was out of stock which should've been said and done before now. However told PayPal the item had been shipped. I paid for express shipment for 6-10 days and June 2nd is the 10th day. Its currently June 12th and my shipment is still in China. I want my money and I'm not going to be scammed as they've done everyone else

I wanted to give a zero rating however, it was not an option.
I initially submitted and paid for an order for two (2) items on April 14,2021 [Dark Blue Fashion Casual Solid With Belt V Neck Skinny Jumpsuit & a Black Casual Solid Split Joint Zipper Collar Skinny Jumpsuit]. At 12:08 PM, April 14,2021 I received confirmation of this payment. However, on April 20,2021 (hadn't checked my email prior), I finally saw an invoice from PayPal (via Knowfashionstyle), requesting payment (sent 4/14/21) for my items that I thought I had already purchased. Without checking previous emails, I assumed that something happened with the initial payment (but don't know why it wouldn't have processed). I wanted these outfits for upcoming events and therefore, did not hesitate to immediately remit payment. I received the confirmation of the payment. I then checked my order status on their website and noticed that I had two (2) separate orders for the same items. I read the company's policy on return/cancellation which states, "Order Cancellation
We offer full refund if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of your purchase. You should contact us at ******* immediately once you decide to cancel the order. For orders cancelled after 24 hours of purchase but have not been shipped, we will offer partial refund after charging a 30% cancellation fee. We will not accept order cancellation request if the orders have been shipped."

I immediately sent an email (4/20/21) explaining the issue and requested that the order be cancelled for the second transaction. Long story shorter: the first response to my email said thank you for your order it is preparing for delivery and the tracking information will be provided when it was available. I have been emailing them daily trying to get this rectified. I finally emailed all the contact names listed of which a couple of them replied and one stated, "Sorry but the packages had already/shipped and a refund was not possible." It is 5/4/21 and I have not received my package. Also, I paid two different prices for the same items.

Terrible at everything
The website is horrible! KnowFashionStyle didn't ship my clothes or give me a refund. I had to reach out to them multiple times to ask about my item only to find out it was out of stock. They don't communicate well. Honestly if I could give them zero stars I would.

Absolutely horrible
I placed my order on Feb 7 and have not recieved it yet. I paid an outrageous amount for shipping and was told 7-10 days. Its been well over a month. I have emailed all the ladies and requested a refund and have yet to recieve my money or my package. KnowFashionStyle shouldn't be doing business... horrible horrible customer service and they lie about the shipment time frame. I shop weekly online and have many things sent from China and never had this issue. No excuses other than they do crappy business. Do not shop from them.

A scamming company
KnowFashionStyle don't deserve a rating. I placed an order in April 6th and still haven't received anything. They constantly tell you that your item is on the way and give these bull$#*! tracking numbers, in which you can't track. If you go to your PayPal account, you do not see the purchase you made though them. Do not order from this company. This is a group of scammers and the shipping cost is so ridiculous. Report them!

Someone asked who does knowfashionstyle ship through
KnowFashionStyle ship through fedex and if fedex mess up and you don't receive your clothes or if they were stolen fedex will tell you they don't deal with smart post through knowfashionstyle you will have to contact the shipper which is knowfashionstyle and they don't want to compensate you in any kind of way I'm still trying to get my money or the clothes back that I purchased instead of them texting or emailing back and forth they need to take care of their complaints and Bella had the nerve to tell me maybe my family and neighbors can help me collect collect what my clothes were stolen collect what she never did answer back this company is sad their sad their sad.

Money Scam... Double Charged!
I ordered my clothes and then I received TWO emails that stated that I didn't complete my order. So I went on to complete the order to only find out that my order went through the first time! I've contacted someone in customer service who keeps telling me that KnowFashionStyle will credit my account. After this incident I don't plan on shopping with them at all! That is dishonest and terrible business as well as AWFUL customer care and service. Please don't waste your money and time with this company!

Paper Thin Outfit
After two months of waiting I finally received portion of my order...
A paper thin jumpsuit! Thinner than a ritz cracker the thin ones!
I paid $39.99 and $24 shipping for a piece of material that cost. 99 a yard which was about 4 yards...
KnowFashionStyle is a joke!
Please people don't waste your time money nor frustration on this website

Do not trust this site
I payed for expedited shipping and it took two weeks for order to process. Their site says processing time is 1-4 days. It then took 7 days to get to me. Expedited shipping was suppose to be the next business day. KnowFashionStyle did not refund me for expedited shipping. Won't order again!

Class action
Need to get all of us together and file a class action suit on these people and shut them down and take everything back. Possibly have criminal charges brought up on them. I want my money back since my stuff never showed up worthless prices of $#*!

Know Fashion is a Huge Scam
This company is not credible. KnowFashionStyle do not have a legitimate contact number. The one I was able to find was given by another reviewer. It's some guy with a an accent. Very rude, & will hang up on you once you ask for a tracking number or refund. I have yet to get a response since I spoke with him last week regarding my refund. Please Do Not Shop with this Company!

I highly recommend NO ONE ORDER from this site. I spent $104 in February and here it is going on April an I still have yet to receive my package. There is no one in customer service that is any assistance and the numbers provided do not work. KnowFashionStyle emailed a tracking / order number & guess what I CANT TRACK THE PACKAGE. Quite frankly this site is a scam an don't even offer a refund for the inconvenience. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE

Still waiting on my order going on a month! I have ordered from this company before and had only waited about 3 weeks to get my items, and even then I was told one of my items were out of stock and had to be replaced. So I figured I'd give them another try only to NOW be on week 4 no items! The website says your items will be shipped within 2 days and you should receive in 10-20 days. That's an absolute lie! If you still purchase after seeing the outrageous shipping fees, you expect to get your items at least within that time frame. The shipping fee is triple the price of any outfit on the whole site! I won't be shopping with knowfashionstyle ever again.

I purchased from this company after seeing the advertisement many times on my FB timeline, shipping fee was $84, yessss $84, I was updated with shipping and tracking info, the packaging was good but most of the items arrived with an odor and ran wayyyy smaller than expected, SIZE UP! I did a haul on YT and gave my honest opinion about this site check it out (YT: SIMPLY MZ KIRA)
KnowFashionStyle tried offering a percentage off my next order, who says their will be a next? Wanted me to send items back for refund the return shipping was over 60$!

Where's the rest of my order?!
I've ordered over a month ago it took a whole month for me to receive my items which was supposed to be four pieces I received only two then an email saying thanks for your services where's the rest of my stuff I've sent several emails how do you contact these people this is ridiculous give me my money back or my two outfits never again.

STAY FAR FAR AWAY from these people! Need to go out of business!
This is the worst company ever to buy from it makes no sense how long it takes just to prepare an order and have it ship out I pray KnowFashionStyle soon go out of business really soon! They are very unprofessional and careless about there paying customers! How the hell it takes damnly 2months just to prepare an order lesson learned from now on I will just stick with fashion nova way more professional and get your order on TIME! People please stay away from these people they sorry ass hell! No reviews they should've had an 0 as an option!

Horrible Company / Fraud company / Beware
I purchased over $500 in items. I was forced by the company to pay $240 in expedited shipping. Standard shipping was not an option. The site said 2-5 days. It has been 39 days and still no order. I requested a refund snd KnowFashionStyle continue to say be patient, order is on the way. Fraud company. Beware!

Do not purchase
I do not believe any of them understand English. Been going back and fourth trying to get a refund on clothes that were supposed to be cancelled! However KnowFashionStyle are not trying to send refund I will definitely be reporting this to my bank and have reported the site.

Don't order
This is the worse company to order from. Don't order from this company, repeat don't order from this company. I ordered two items 3/24, paid extra for standard shipping 7 to 10 days. As of today, 4/3/21 I still haven't received my order, not even a tracking number. I've reached out to 6 different individuals in what's app who have told me several different things. From KnowFashionStyle will be providing me the tracking number 2 days ago to now they are sending it urgently. Which I have been told at least 3x. Now I'm requesting my money back since I won't have my clothes for my vacation and I haven't received a response. Again don't order from this site. You will regret it.

Only half of my clothed
First it took over 3 months to get them and I only got three outfits out of 8 i spent 190.00 of yeah I even ordered a wig I didn't get but the three outfits I did get KnowFashionStyle were cheap looking you get what you pay for i only would wear this outfits only one time the only thing it can be use fir that us frying chicken and also they kept changing shipping numbers they kept saying my package was delivered Fiona would keel emailing me back evefytime with different tracking numbers so now on Fedex its says its delivered yeah one half of the packaging and I ask them to send me the rest because they could have had a loyal customer but NO THEY LIKE $#*! YOU AND YOUR 190.00 NOW IM BLOCK IM SURPRISED I GOT ON HERE

This is a fake page that scams people out of their money and the product. Once you place an order you will also be scammed out of more money and have several charges pending on your card and account once you purchase anything. After you ordered you WILL NOT receive the package. KnowFashionStyle will send you a fake tracking number. Do NOT buy anything from this site. My bank already confirmed this page to be fraud once they placed all the money back into my account. After ordering I had 4 charges added onto my account for $100, $125, $150 and another for $100. Please be very careful! Do NOT buy.

Frustrated customer
I recently ordered clothes from site by accident I clicked one purchase two times but didn't notice till it was paid for have tried contacting by email Luke KnowFashionStyle say and no response but they don't waste time taking money. Would be helpful if you made away for your customers to talk to a person will not order from here anymore

Worst customer service ever
I placed an order 2 weeks ago I paid $56 for delivery so that I could have these clothes for vacation. KnowFashionStyle are still not here and the reps they have working keep saying we working on it we working on. So I contacted paypal and told them everything. The next morning I wake up with an email from davina and fiona threatening me to take my complaint down or they won't send my clothes. These women need help

I was very pleased with everything
Hi, I just got a chance to look at my orders and I was very pleased with everything, I just want to tell you guys to keep up the good job and you're doing an excellent job, thanks again and keep up the honesty because I will surely share my experience with my friends and let them know it's very safe to order from you, have yourself a bless day and keep safe

I'm in an outrage
I recently ordered six different orders with this particular site I have had nothing but problems... For one my orders have been delivered to me partially now I'm not upset about the partial part I'm upset about the fact that KnowFashionStyle did not notify me which makes it hard to keep up with what had not been delivered to me I'm still having an issue with them I still have not received all of my items not to mention they have the nerve to want me to do their work now if your shipping off a customer's package and you know that it's all not there why not email them and let them know that the rest of their package will be arriving soon after or if it's not in stock why not let them know that right then and there offer a refund and that would solve a lot of problems instead of the customer having to notify them then they want you to give them the order number the number of the item and so on it's just too much just take the time to let the customer know what is missing and it's going to be delayed what is so hard about that it seems like they have people that are incompetent working for this particular company. Not to mention they have the nerve to tell me I would have to pay to return the items that did not fit and the delay of getting the items exchange would be even longer now if it wasn't for the fact that I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars I probably wouldn't be in and outrage but I did it's not like it's two or three little items it's several on top of that times too I placed my order March 22nd and here it is May 18th and I'm still trying to get all of my items from the orders from this particular company very very unsatisfied poor customer service I would advise you not to even waste your time in your money

I placed an order a month ago I paid $56 for delivery so that I could have my clothes in time. KnowFashionStyle are still not here and the reps they have working keep saying we working on it. And keep sending me to the USPS page which shows no sign of tracking. So l have requested refund still no sign keep saying your order is shipped. I am going to teach out to PayPal and report this site to the BBB

Don't order
I have been waiting for my order since March 17 if you call to check the status you get no answer so I call PayPal to check on my order now KnowFashionStyle are refusing to send out my order because I called pay pal to see where my order could be so sad I will never order again for this company

Fit perfectly
Thank you very much. I love the dresses! KnowFashionStyle fit perfectly and I love how they look on me and how they feel so comfortable and extremely delicious and intensely sexy and seductive. I'll be making more purchases because I absolutely love your leather clothing.

I'm so disgusted by this website
I'm so disgusted with this website I had made a purchase of $162 dollars buying clothes for my vacation I have no tracking number, no email and no one to get in contact with the way KnowFashionStyle run their business is like they don't care for their customers. I advise NO ONE to purchase anything from this website unless you want summer clothes for winter.

Wrong item, wrong size, No help from customer service
This company sent me the wrong item and in the wrong size. When I spoke to their customer service anytime I would ask for them to refund me or send me the right item KnowFashionStyle would stop writing back. I had to go through PayPal to make a dispute. In order to receive a refund I had to return the item and the shipping was going to be more than the actual item. No, they do not provide a shipping label. So now I'm stuck with clothing that I did not order AND it's not even in my size! This was by far the worst experience I've had with a company. Buyer beware.

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