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They deserve zero stars
Knetbooks deserve zero stars. I payed for a book and never received it. They wouldn't do anything about it at all. Said that it was USPS's fault. They have the worst shipping; UPS then to USPS? Online scam. I highly recommend Chegg for rental books. I doubt that anyone stole my book after delivery; I live in a quiet suburb area. They probably have someone that tracks the packages in each city then steals them. What kind of people steal from college students? They won't last long. The low cost isn't worth it stay away. These cases are rare and they should have just paid for it!

I am very dissatisfied with this company and how Knetbooks shipped an order I canceled the same day of ordering. I submitted an online form to the company requesting to cancel my order the same day of ordering Jan 3,2017. The next day (Jan. 4,2017) around midday they email me back stating that the book was already shipped out but failed to provide a tracking number. I then got an email almost 7 hours later with the tracking number. I knew from the time they failed to provide the tracking number from the first email stating that they could not cancel, this company was a complete scam. I called UPS on (Jan. 5,2017) asking if they could reroute the package that I already cancelled. They informed me that the company would have to authorize that. I called the company directly after and the rep said that was something they could not do, once again another LIE. Then I go online to to try to request a return for a book that I should not even have the hassle of sending back because I cancelled the order even before they shipped it clearly. I paid $17.96 in total for the book and they said they could only refund $4.66. What world do these people live in to think that this is ok! To have the nerve to take it upon themselves to still send a book I no longer wanted and expressed that to them in length of the same day, and have the nerve to still send the book out over a day later. The proof is in the pudding because for a book that I will never open, just simply want sent back which should of never been sent and receive that amount is OUTRAGEOUS! I will dispute the payment with my bank and contact the Better Business Bereau (BBB) to express my anger towards this company and them preying on college students like myself. Never had a problem with a book company either if it was to cancel a order, or receiving money that was wrongfully taken from my account such as this situation.

Ordered 3 weeks before class and book didn't ship until week 2 of class
I ordered my textbooks as soon as possible from Knetbooks and eCampus (3 weeks prior to classes). One of my books was cancelled from Knetbooks and later eCampus a week after each order. When I hadn't received a shipping notice on the first day of classes I decided to buy them elsewhere and tried to cancel my order. I was told I couldn't cancel because the book would be shipped soon. I could request a refund but there MAY be a 10% fee. There was. So not only did I have to pay full price for the book elsewhere because these guys didn't properly communicate how long it takes them to ship, but I also had to pay to return the book that was too late to be used. Never renting from this website again.

Had to order another copy of the book else where
I ordered a digital copy of a book, which apparently takes a barcode that has to be sent via snail mail instead of an email. This shipment took about three weeks before it arrived to my doorstep. In the meantime, I had to purchase an additional book so that I could continue with the class. When the Knetbooks purchase finally arrived, I attempted to return it. Dealing with their customer service was a nightmare because I was told that I could not return the book because I was returning the purchase after their 20-day return window. Which was incorrect because I had one more day left in "their" return window. One thing to note is that Knetbooks includes the transit time as apart of their return window, including the week that it sat in their offices. I know because there was tracking info that I and the customer service rep went through. After multiple examples were provided that I was within their return window and that the company had the duty to return my money, the customer service rep hung up on me. I reattempted to call back to their support line several times before I thought that I had found sanity. A final customer service rep helped me complete the return process. A new shipping label was provided and I sent back my barcode (which was never used to activate the digital copy of the book). I that was several months ago and I have not received a return for my purchase early in the semester, not can I find any administrative documentation of the return on my account on Knetbooks' site. Please stay away and save your money for ramen and tutors.

Lie about in-stock books…rent books from Amazon
KNETBOOKS ARE A RIP-OFF! I purchased 2 books to have for the start of my semester about 2wks before classes start. Knetbooks CLAIMED that both books were in stock but after 4-5days only shipped 1 book. I called to see when my other book would be shipped and they told me in was out of stock and that they had to order it from AMAZON. What? I could've ordered from Amazon myself. So, I asked when will they ship the book and they told me "we don't know and don't have a time frame". I asked for a partial refund since they didn't even ship the book out yet (and don't even have it in their possession) and they told me no and said I can return for a refund once I get the book (which who knows when that will be). Not to mention they take 10% of your refund when you return a book (which is $10 for a $36 rental). STAY AWAY FROM KNETBOOKS! THEY ARE CROOKS! And I will be writing a bad review on EVERY site I found them on! Soon as I get the book they did send I'll be sending that right back to their crooked shady selves!

Think again before u rent!
I have rented from them several times, and up until recent I had no problems; however I recently returned a rental, only to find out later than I erroneously sent them the wrong book back (lab book instead of actual book, easy mistake.) Knetbooks notified me by email of the mistake, and advised I would need to pay $10 to have the book returned to me. I contacted them to do so, and mentioned that they charged my card to purchase the book ($298). The agent said that i can still return the book and be credited or refunded. I attempted to do so, but the return shipping document would not appear in the website. When I called them back to advise, a different agent now is advising me that I cannot return because I purchased it. Not very happy with the service or outcome. Don't think I will rent from them again except to use my other credit.

NOT! Books
Got one star because I had to pick one...
I ordered my Spanish book to include access to Supersite. Upon receipt I opened the book and the envelope with the access code to Supersite. Code did not work. Discovered that the code I needed was for Supersite Plus. I spoke with Knetbooks and was advised to return for refund. In the meantime I had to purchase the book and the proper code at a cost of $218. A few weeks later I contacted Knetbooks only to find out that I could not receive ANY money back because the envelope and the book had been opened. There was no way I could have known that I had the wrong site code without opening the site code envelope. So in addition to having to shell out $218 for the right code and book, I am out $70.99 for the wrong stuff I received from knetbooks. Do yourselves a favor and just get your books from your school bookstore. Most if not all of them now rent textbooks.

Good price but every else is terrible.
I ordered a rental book as it was the best price by far anywhere I could find. I paid the extra 5 dollars to get the better shipping, but after a week it hadn't arrived so I emailed the company to ask why my order hadn't been shipped yet. Knetbooks said it wasn't even in stock, despite their wedsite not saying it was out of stock and allowing me to pay for faster shipping when they didn't even have it in stock. Once it shipped I waited and it hadn't come in even though the advertised shipping said it would, so I inquired again and was told it was being delivered that day. 4 days after that I finally got my book and... it is a loose leaf book, not the paperback as advertised. I am now in the process of trying to return the book, and they won't be giving me as full refund as they are charging an 11 dollar restocking fee and are not giving back the money I spent to get the "faster" shipping on an out of stock product that still took over a week to arrive once shipped. I will not be ordering from them again.

Don't rent/buy from them, you'll regret it.
I have by far THE WORST experience with them, my book order got cancelled because my shipping address and billing address are different. Naturally I understand that it can be a security worry for them, but AS SOON as I received notice that Knetbooks cancelled I called them to understand why. They explained and I confirmed that I do have different addresses and this was not a mistake. They then said they are completely sold out of the book. This is INSANELY unfair and actually wrong. Now I will have to spend much more on my book because it is way closer to when I actually need it. I am extremely disappointed and will not be doing business with them unless they prove that they can improve their systems because this is absurd

SCAM out to charge you for books you return! Waits months to tell you
I have always rented my books for the last 4 years from another company
With no issues. I decided to give Knetbooks a try because Knetbooks were just
A little cheaper on 2 books that I needed. I had a summer class and
Returned them in August. At the end of December, I receive an email
Stating they "never got them" but showed that the return postage was
Printed and now that it's so late, you can't even track the shipping
Number (after 120 days). They decided to charge my cc $121! For a $15
Rental! SCAM! I will never use them again. I should have known not to
Rent from a different place. 4 years of no problems with other rentals
And the one time I try something new... this happens. NEVER AGAIN!

3-5 Business Days for Delivery is a Lie
Knetbooks advertises on their site that you would receive your order in 3-5 days, but Knetbooks don't mention that it takes 3-5 business days for them to locate the book and then ANOTHER 3-5 business days for you to receive it.

It's been over a week now and i still have not received my shipping confirmation email, so they must still be trying to locate my book. Meanwhile i have homework due this week. This is truly unacceptable. I should've just ordered off amazon--i would've paid a little more, but at least i would've received it last week, so i could do my readings and do my homework in a timely manner.

Will Keep My Rental
I recently purchased or rented a book from these scumbags. I printed each and every email confirmation, invoice and tracking status. Not only did I pay an extra $26 for overnight delivery "which took 4 days to arrive". But my computer book, which had several old and new and worst of all! DIFFERENT ISBN numbers taped over each other contained the the lab access code that was for a different course. Needless to say that I had to purchase a new code at double the cost of what these lying, thieving, fraudulent C)(K3uckers stole from me. So all you starving students out there that are looking to save a buck on textbooks? The # 1 website and scam to avoid is And if any one could pass along the owners information I would be ever so greatful. Nothing like meeting the perp in person. Now that would be fun.


I rented two books and returned them prior to the due date. I had my UPS tracking number and receipt to follow my shipment. It was received at the Knetbooks warehouse and located there. I received a text from Knetbooks charging me $200.00 for the books that I had returned and Knetbooks received. I spoke with multiple customer service representatives and I was informed that there were different books in my return other than what I rented. This was a complete lie. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was informed that no managers are there or are available. I also requested the contact information of the owner and it would not be released. So they got my money for my rentals, plus the books, plus an extra $200! Please take my advice and do not give them any business!

I ordered my book on June 14 and received it June 29. I needed it by June 25 before I left for a month on the road. I did not receive it as promised. Their excuse was that USPS has been slow lately. If Knetbooks knew this, why not use another carrier? Now they tell me if I do not return it before I get home, I cannot get a refund. They actually told me to have a neighbor do it for me. WHAT? Inconvenience a neighbor for their error? For the trouble they have caused, they should honor the return after I get home. I have recently ordered from Chegg who will deliver my book, on the road, in 2 days. I will NEVER use KnetBooks again. STEER CLEAR!

Late Return Feedback
I am a week late on returning my rental. I totally forgot and noticed this after my account was charged $200. I called the number listed on my bank statement and spoke with customer service about receiving a refund if I return the book asap. Knetbooks said they would only refund 50% and to me that is still too much money for me, being a college student without employment. I pleaded with the representative letting him know I did not see any reminders but that didn't change anything. It wasn't until I asked to speak with a supervisor to discuss if there was anyway to get a full refund that things changed. The representative put me on hold for 10 secs and was like we can do 75%. I felt like it was a scam but at least its better than 50%. I wonder if I actually spoke with a supervisor if I could have gotten a full refund. Lesson learned, return your rental on time and if you are late ask to speak to someone willing to help you to get better results. Hope this help someone!

Charged for Damage that existed when book was received. Do not do business with this company. Scam
I rented a textbook from this company. It came with significant water damage. The previous renters invoice, papers, and a used star bucks gift card inside. The book was usable so I used it. I have now been charged for the damage to the book that was present when I received it. When contacting customer service I was disconnect through chat and told Knetbooks could do nothing for me. When I called customer service they said the same thing. I was apparently supposed to report damage to the book when received, however nothing in the invoice said this. Apparently, it is not the rental companies responsibility to review the books they are sending out or receiving. After reviewing multiple other reviews I am convinced this company is a scam. I will be contacting my credit company to dispute the charges. I will also be contacting the better business bureau to report this scam of a company. Do not do business with this company. I have been renting textbooks for many years from other sites with no issue. I have no problem paying for damage I am responsible for, but that is not the case.

Awful, terrible experience. Stay far away.
This company works in ways that completely disgust me! Knetbooks do their best to take your money and their company makes so much money off from poor college students, I don't see how someone hasn't investigated them yet.
Since I had to extend my order on 12/21/15, I have been on the phone with their company 25 times and have only talked to a real person three times. Yesterday was the 3rd time after trying to contact them for at least a week. Their customer service is despicable, I wouldn't even call it customer service. You're on hold forever and most of the time they don't respond to your emails.
Do not ever buy a book from here because once you do they have your credit card on file and the second you are late with a book you don't even get charged a late fee or an extension fee, you get charged THE FULL PRICE of the book. They do not except returns they only offer store credit which is garbage if you ask me. So now I have this book that I don't need anymore but because I was late returning it they charged me full price and will not let me return it.
There are so many other better book companies to go with, AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!
You may save a little money with them now but later you will pay for it when they charge your card hundreds of dollars.
They also operate through,, and obviously Avoid them all, you will regret renting from them it's not worth it.
Your company is garbage!

Tip for consumers: They do not accept returns, they do not answer the phone when you call, they do not respond to your emails. What they do do is take money from your credit card without a warning and usually tell you a day or two after they've taken it out. They won't ever give you a refund only store credit.

Despite not using the provided tracking slip, I sent my book back a week in advance. I was still charged a late.
I called and was told that Knetbooks could not locate the book. Told me I had to find a tracking number. So after hunting that down, I was told that this information had to go to the guy who "handles this type of situation".
After another couple days of nothing I called back and spoke with a girl named Kiana who informed me that the book was late and that I would not receive a full refund.
I told her that this was impossible as I had sent the book out a week in advance and was told it would get there by the due date.
She then stated, "alright. But it will be 3 to 7 business days."
Your customer service is terrible and thank you for depriving me of $53 that I could have used for Christmas.
I may not have used the label but I had the book back, in good shape, on time.
But you are taking your time giving me back my money. Gee, thanks a lot. Us college students must make enough and can do without I suppose. Merry Christmas.

Never Again!
I rented my nursing textbooks from this company. I was 1 day late with my rental extension, and went online to extend since at the time of my original rental agreement Knetbooks did not offer a period that covered my entire semester. At the time, the computer allowed my extension, even though it was 1 day late. Several days later I received a charge from the company of $215.00. I called the company and pleaded with them to accept my extension, and to please refund me the money they had withdrawn. As many can relate, any demanding college program can have you spread pretty thin so remembering the date of extension was not at the top of my priority list. They told me the best that they could do is give me 75% percent refund, if I sent the books back to them now. (granted, I have 6 more weeks of my semester). Another issue aside from them refusing to accept my extension due to a 1 day technicality is that if I decided to purchase the books before that date, the charges would've been $120.00 less than what they charged me (that is not including the money I already paid to rent the books)
This company has no consideration for struggling students. I will never provide them with my business again, and I will be sure to let my fellow students know about my experience.

I had the worst experience with knetbooks which I am very disappointed because I have rented with them for many years, and Knetbooks treat loyal customers like crap. I was in the hospital for emergency surgery with no access to call or return my items which were five days late. This company charged me the entire amount of the book without notice nor did the policy state this was a thing. The amount was about $300 after I was discharged from the hospital I called and explained to them what happen and they didn't care the lady stated that if I got to a phone that they would have offered me an extension but since I didn't that they couldn't do anything. That's ridiculous if I would have called it could be late, but I didn't so they charge me $300 without notice I call that stealing and fraud. I went into an emergency surgery and they did not care. I will not recommend this company to anyone ever again. WHAT A SCAM!

Ok unless you need customer service
Horrible customer service.

I thankfully ordered my textbook with plenty of time and I received the wrong book and the worst part was that it included the other customers personal info (address apt num etc) in the inside packing slip.
Mistakes happen right? Okay fine, but as a working busy student I tried reaching out by email first. Close to a week went by and I hotbed absolutely no reply. Nothing. I decided to chat and the rep was indifferent at best. No apology was offered and the only thing Quann said was Knetbooks could either replace or refund AFTER the book was received.
Totally unacceptable! I needed this book NOW and they were still being completely unreasonable! The rep just said sorry about inconvenience when ending the chat. This was a few days ago, I haven't received any confirming emails that the right book is being dispatched and finally another idiot rep finally emailed me back saying " I seen you been service, contact us with any other questions-Trish" again no apologies for original issue, delay or even an reiteration or update on what took place. Sounds like their employees are poorly trained in customer service. With so many competing companies it's a shame. I'll stick to googling the ISBN number and checking out a few sites before going with this horrible company who doesn't consider customer service as an important matter.

Totally Scam Page
Totally scam page
Totally SCAM page. I would give 0 star if I can. I ordered a book and asked to return right away when I realized I didn't need the book anymore. I asked the agent from the side right away even when the book was still on its way and didn't arrive to my place yet. The agent from this side told me I can return for refund with only small fee deducting since it's still within the refund frame. I got the shipping label from them and shipped back within 15 days as Knetbooks said. Then now when the book arrived to them, they claimed that the book is not within time frame for refund anymore. They said the book counting as the time it's arrived but not the time it's shipped. Which shop would ever count the day it's arrived but not the day it's shipped? I'm a customer I have no control over the timeframe of shipping. And most of all, they issued the shipping label themselves to me. They intentionally chose the slow one so they can refuse to refund me. TOTALLY SCAMMING AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELL BOOKS TO CUSTOMERS ANYMORE

I ordered 2 books! And just arrived ONE! And another one not even ship yet! And I contact them with live chat and ask when their going to mail if not I want cancel it! Knetbooks said they will email me! And I just got the email said it's going to delay didn't tell me about how long I will get my another book! And I try to cancel the order they don't let me! And call them wait for above 30 min no one answer! Because I didn't get my text book I didn't get my 2 quizs full piont! If I'm not pass this class, I can't graduate this semester, I going to sue!

Absolutely rude and horrible company. Zero $#*!ing stars
ZERO STARS. After not receiving my book even though it was in my town for 5 days, I went to the post office. To find out, my book was lost! Even though their website stated it was in my town. Mind you, I needed this book for school 2 weeks ago. I emailed customer service and was told it was a 4-8 business shipping time and that Knetbooks still had time to get it to me. Not sure how that is possible when it's lost?! I asked for a refund and they stated I have to wait the 4-8 business days. I already re ordered my book with a new, and better, company. Their customer service people do not give a $#*! about their customers. I'm beyond pissed that I asked for a refund and was told to wait out the shipping deadline. Absolutely not, they already LOST my book, how the hell is it going to show up when it can't even be tracked? Incredibly unprofessional and I hope their company understand that, as a college student, I will be informing my fellow classmates not to purchase from here as well as the following I have on all social media. You are a terrible company.

NEVER do business with Knetbooks.
I ordered a book a NEED for every one of my classes on a Wed morning. The book was supposed to be shipped out within 48 hours. That would be a Friday. The following Monday evening I got an email saying that Knetbooks hadn't even received the book to ship out to me. When I called them, they were not able to give me any date as to when they would receive the book, and took zero accountability for the problem. They did absolutely nothing to compensate for their poor business. Bad business. No accountability. Do you really want to leave your success in these people's hands? I don't think so.

Sends USED books, but won't accept them back?
I'm assuming I can leave a review here since I don't see a place for it. I rented a book (first time) and I received a used book for my summer semester use. The book arrived clearly USED (which is what I expected of course). It had markings in it (highlighting, underlining, frayed binding, typical things you'd find in a used graduate program book). I thought nothing of it since it was, and let me emphasize again, a USED book. When the semester was over, I sent the book back just as I received it, and I was blamed and charged for the damages. (the full price of a NEW book!). When reaching out to customer service, it took several days to get a response, and I was told by Monica that I should have brought those issues up when I received the book originally. Why would I? It's a USED book! Most have markings and appear to have been USED. I would expect those things as should they. I'm beyond angry and disappointed in the poor customer service, and I will never do business with this company again.

Unfortunate way to start my semester!
This was a nightmare trying to purchase just one book. I changed my address in my account and purchased the item, then when I received a confirmation email it said it was shipping it to my old address (where I DONT have access too) so that was a great start. I contacted someone and Knetbooks basically told me I was SOL. So I had to go through the post office and eventually picked it up and sent it back. I tracked my package and saw that it had arrived to their facility. I didn't get any confirmation that it was there and checked my bank account after 3-5 days to see if I got a refund. It's been over a week and still no refund. I contacted someone via chat because their email help desk is a JOKE. They told me then when my refund was processed in my bank account, but it wasn't the full amount because they take 10%. MAYBE TELL PEOPLE THAT. Such a shame because I used this website for years and had no issue. Count me out when using this website again.

I originally purchased two books with Knetbooks
I originally purchased two books with Knetbooks. My order was cancelled by Knetbooks admin and the price of my books increased dramatically - by about $160. I attempted to purchase the book at the original agreed-upon price. There was no remedy to my dilemma. I was told I would receive a call back from a supervisor within 48 hours of my first call and I never received a call back. I am quite dissatisfied with my textbook renting experience with this company and will be recommending to my fellow classmates (there are 250 of them) to not do business with this company.

First Time User
I found the Knetbooks website super easy to use. I was looking for 5 different text books and found them all with no problem by typing in the ISBN number. I immediately got an e-mail with an order confirmation and within a day I got e-mails notifying me that my books had shipped and giving tracking information. The packages were easy to track and arrived within a week and the books were in good condition. I couldn't believe the difference in price between renting and purchasing used books. I will never buy books again. I look forward to the return process being just as easy as the ordering process.

It seems like my experience is shared by many others, this company charges an outrageous amount for late returns. This was my first time using this rental company, I should of stayed with my regular "go to" rental companies Ecampus, and Valore. I will, never, ever used them again. Please stay away from them. I admit that I returned the book 3 days later than the due date, but I was charged $250 for a book that costs between $80-$120 new. The customer service rep. Told me Knetbooks will only refund 50% of the charges. This company is receiving from me a total of $200 for a book that I don't even get to keep. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I read their service agreement which does not state what the late fee will be. Be aware that the fee they charge will be more than 50% of the actual book cost, plus whatever you already paid for the rental.

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