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KingSize Direct

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I've been buying from kingsize direct for years, their prices have doubled, and now KingSize Direct want $25 shipping, this is crazy, too many other places to buy... shame on kingsize

I'll pass..
Couldn't get discount code to work after signing up for emails. Apparently KingSize Direct are at best a crappy outfitt- or at worst a scammer.

Ordered a shirt and got a pair of pants
I ordered a dress shirt and the shipment took forever to come into my surprise when I opened the package it was actually a pair of pants. I contacted customer service and KingSize Direct sent me the appropriate paperwork to return the pants. They asked if I wanted a shirt still I told them no it would not arrive in time for the function I needed it for. I didn't want to take a chance on getting a pair of underwear or something else other than a shirt. When the refund hit my credit card the price of the shirt was there but not the cost of shipping. I did not see anywhere on their website that shipping was not refundable. Why should I be penalized for their incompetence.

Zero Stars for shady company-- King Size
Ordered a pair of 6XL swim trunks from King Size for Father's Day for my husband. My husband works hard & deserves a fashionable pair of swim trunks to splash around in on swim excursions. Shipping is super expensive (because King Size sends you 2 unwanted catalogs at your expense!) even though it's within the U.S. Every email I received after my order confirmation email had incorrect Item # information (even though item ordered was 'in stock'). Tracking is non existent until item shows up at your home. What I received was a pair of WOMEN'S JERSEY SHORTS in 2XL from other Full Beauty co-brand Woman Within. Could not be more incorrect. Beyond frustrated, I called King Size customer service to rectify. No, KingSize Direct won't send correct item immediately at their expense expedited (unless you wanna pay for it again!) until returned item is received. Have no idea what they sent, even though I offered to send picture proof. And yes, you WILL BE CHARGED for the return of THEIR MISTAKE, it gets deducted from your refund total. No, no, no. I spoke to 3 different 'supervisors' until I was assured (hopefully) that a notation was made on my account that I would not be charged for return. Customer service leaves A LOT to be desired (after your 15 minute wait on hold). Never acknowledged their mistake, never offered solutions, basically could care less since they already have my $$ ($60), I have no swim trunks and now I have to fight to get my $$ back. Cancelled my order. Returning the unwanted merchandise. Filed a fraud claim with my bank and with BBB. We shall see if I ever get my total monies spent back. Never again. Other Big & Tall companies might be a little expensive, but they won't rip you off with their WRONG and cheaply made merchandise. The label they printed to stick on the bagged item (no packing slip either btw...) even plainly SAYS the wrong size. Seriously? What would a customer do if you ordered a bunch of stuff and it was all wrong? You would have wasted time & money for nothing.

Terrible customer service
I paid my credit card off last month, but received a bill for $2 today. Called to question it, got put through numerous computer menus. Never an option to speak to a customer service rep. Finally managed somehow to get put thru to customer service. The rep said her name was Abigail, but she had a heavy accent. Asked to speak to someone for whom English is their native language. She wasn't willing to transfer me, but finally agreed. I sat on hold again for several more minutes, then suddenly found myself back at the first menu. I won't be purchasing from them again if this is how KingSize Direct treat customers. I'm already being charged high interest and their prices aren't great.

Do not buy anthing from this site... you will be sorry
Bought a couple of shirts which shrank after washing... tried to return then as KingSize Direct were now too small... they refused saying they could not be returned after washing... I will never buy anything from then again.

The worse internet purchasing
I never made some of the items from King Size KingSize Direct shipped the items, and after charging for delivery, they also charge me for return on items I never purchase.
Customer is the worse I call them, they stated that is the way they work nothing is for free. After the previous call they hanged up the phone on me.
Not only that but after paying my full balance they still send me a charge for $2.80 for interest. If the statement was paid on full why charge interest.
Never again I will make any purchase from this un- professional company

Membership and Order Cancellation
I have ordered from this company for years and have had no problems until now. I placed an order and was trying to use a discount code and it wouldn't go through. I contacted the number that was online and spoke with a lady in the membership department. To my surprise she informed me that I couldn't use the discount because I already had a membership KingSize Direct had been taking money out of my account. I told her that I wasn't aware of any membership that I had signed up for and asked her to cancel the membership. She said that since I hadn't taken advantage of the membership that she would send me an email to get 10% off and free shipping; when I tried to take advantage of the discount I couldn't log into my account; I called the company again and was told by another associate that I couldn't use the account because the previous associate had terminated the account immediately. I asked the lady to cancel my order she transferred me to customer service; I got an automated service no option to cancel the order. I called back spoke with a lady she transferred me again and I got the same automated service and found at that time that they were closed. I called this morning to cancel the order and needless to say say the man said it was too late to cancel the order, although the order hasn't shipped I would have to send the order back and request a refund. I am not pleased with this company at all. Horrible service. I never plan on ordering anything from them again. I would give them any stars if that was an option.

Charged me a minimum interest rate and erroneous late fees?! Really?!
I opened this account to get my son what I hoped would be quality clothing for gifts and such. The prices are pretty steep, the sizing charts are unreliable, frankly, the clothing quality is MEH--but that's how it goes with catalog items, right? I have a habit of ordering and paying the balance down to zero before ordering more. My first and last order was before Christmas and I paid it off in December. Little did I realize that even with a zero balance, KS would decide to charge me a minimum interest fee. So shady. When I didn't realize there was a fee on my account, KingSize Direct charged me a late fee. So, that's fee on top of fee now. This went on for THREE MONTHS, and each month, the late fee got bigger. SO shady. Wanna guess when they decided to contact me to bug me over the bill? YESTERDAY. The day before I wrote this review, they began bombarding my phone with calls. I was teaching at the time and couldn't answer right away, but when I did, I was confused about the balance. I paid it back down to zero thinking maybe my son ordered something and then looked at my account online. I was shocked. Charging interest on a zero balance? Charging a late fee for a 2.00 fee that is too ridiculous to even contemplate?! Really?! Fine, I'll admit I should have read the fine print (I just figured, when I opened the account and since they're all linked) that KS would have the same policies as WW and R--neither of which have a minimum interest payment. I was wrong in my assumption that this is a reputable business and I canceled my account yesterday as well. The weird thing is I can still log on and access my info so now I'm worried KS is not going to honor the cancellation. SO SHADY. My recommendation to anyone who is contemplating opening an account with an in-store card---don't. It's not worth it. KS--be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

Buy Somewhere Else
I hadn't ordered from KingSize in years. Placed my first order for 3 pair of pants based upon their size chart. When KingSize Direct finally arrived they were way too big, the chart was wrong. Made several inquiries to have them returned for the correct size. King Size kept sending me bogus return shipping info. When they finally got it right I received an email that it was too late to return them. Then I received a catalog for winter clearance items that would be delivered in May? Who needs winter clothes in May? Finally, I ordered 6 T-shirts but only one was delivered. When I asked where the other 5 were, I was told they were back-ordered, but my account would not be charged until they were shipped. I ordered these selections from what was supposed to be in stock. Apparently, King Size has a nasty habit of taking orders for product they do not have. There are other big and tall companies out there to choose from and I would strongly suggest that you shop with them BEFORE even considering King Size. As for the "too large" pants, they were donated and I was out $100. Beware, Beware, BEWARE.

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Description: Specializing in mens big and tall clothing for over half a century, we carry sizes L-9XL, waist sizes 36-80, and wide and extra wide shoe sizes 8-16.

Address: 500 South Mesa Hills Drive, El Paso, Texas, United States, 79913


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