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Still dragging on.
It is amazing that you can walk out with a leased vehicle in a small part of an afternoon but to amend a lease it is a monumental, distasteful, onerous task. Still dealing with this process since March. Car is sitting unused since that time because of inability to register and insure BECAUSE KIA Finance archaic process that drags it out with seemingly no end. Maybe a refund of tied up months should be issued!

I finally receive the papers for the amendened lease at the end of May! So excited! But wait... it's not right. After having to fill out a credit application yes by snail mail on a vehicle lease where no money is owed the paperwork work is here! What is it that a credit application cannot be done electronically? You can do it electronically to get the car. But no it means st be done by mail! Ok. Done. Ammended paper shows a monthly payment due on a car that there is not any money due! A phone call to an agent was made and she needs to send an email to the "back office". She can't do anything it's all the mysterious back office, but I need to be on the line while the email is sent as well that will make some sort of difference. I get the canned response that I will receive a phone call. I am still waiting after two weeks for that phone call. If this wasn't so awful it would be hilarious. No one could devise a system like this and Kia Motors Finance cannot deal with the ball of wax they have created. I don't think Hollywood could write this stuff.

I will move on to another dreaded phone call to Kia Finance to see if I can get to the end zone. So sad.

Wish I had the contact info that someone at Kia Finance who might listen and look to revising their non working, frustrating, aggravating, archaic policy and system. I just need a lease. I have the car.

Kia Motors Finance are absolutely the worst company out there! I sent in an extra payment to be applied to principal only and they took interest out of it. I call and they keep saying they reversed it yet it hasn't changed. Then I had one supervisor say that they have to take interest out. Are you kidding me what an idiot I have been making extra payments and NONE of them had any interest taken out hence PRINCIPAL ONLY PAYMENT. With their inability to resolve this issue over the past month I sent in my next months payment (may) and it was taken out of my account and it was on their site yet two days later the payment somehow disappeared out of their system. I called and they magically found it yet it didn't get applied to my May bill. It's just a floating payment. Like WTFFFFF! So it still shows that I owe the full amount for May. I call them and they say my account is current everything is ok then I asked, so what does your screen say is due May 8th? The response is my full payment. I then asked why the payment I sent was not applied to my May 8th bill. They have no clue! I am not sending these dam scam artist any more of my money until they resolve all the missing and incorrect payments. And I am looking to refinance just to get rid of these idiots that only want to steal your money! Do not do it take your hard earned cash elsewhere!

NEVER EVER buy from Kia
Hey *******@kiamotorsfinance Kia Motors Worldwide you can bet that even if you gave me a car for free i will NEVER EVER drive another Kia. I have spent thousands of dollars with you and i was on my second car and since i decided to switch to Acura you send me a bill for what you say is worth 8 payments, no I'm sorry one of you said 7 payments but yet YOUR website said there was 6 payments left to payoff my car. Payments that both myself and Acura accounted for down to the penny matched 6 payments. Come on accounting get it together because my bank statements show that i have ALWAYS paid on time, in fact before the due date. Not only that but your customer service hung up on me 3 times because Kia Motors Finance couldn't answer the question as to why the check from Acura which was cashed, for my final 6 payments didn't reflect on the bill that was sent to me. Furthermore why is it *******@kiaofnaples has employees that insisted that their financing department wasn't open to help working with me and kia finance to resolve issues about this bill you guys concocted? Oh i forgot they stated that NO ONE from finance was in, so i guess no sales for you today right? Lol. Also why is it that the "excess wear and tear" photos sent to me that i shared with Acura, to see if i missed something per chance, showed no damage, was it the angle of the photos, maybe the lighting or just the simple fact that i was right in the fact that there actually wasn't any damage and you guys pulled this out of thin air. I am now glad that a 2019 Acura ILX is the car I drive. Thank you Acura!

Update to previous bad review of Customer Service
Ok. All kinds of issues assuming a lease after a death. Here's where the horror picks up again. Unfortunately this replaces my last post. After 3 years/affadavit/will and confirmation the lease is in my name here's what happens. We decide to purchase the car. Check cashed, now wait for confirmation. Finally arrives and dead relative returns from the dead and purchases the car with me! Yay I miss this individual. Wait no that can't happen.Kia will not break from there routine. Wait 3-10 business days Kia Motors Finance say. 5 weeks later nothing. Another obnoxious call to NonCustomer Service. Wait we will send it by fax or email. We have no land line so no fax. Please overnight it I say it's your mistake. No can't do that not our policy they say. You must wait. If you want to know anything you must call back in 3-5 days we can't call you. Meanwhile the car registration is due. Kia does not care. I have never dealt with such a poor NonCustomer Service Dept. Kia has it set up so that you can never speak to anyone above the escalation department which has the same effectiveness as the routine customer service dept. and both stink really bad.

Poor customer service and pay off scam
On March 21,2019, I overnighted a payoff check for my 2016 Optima via FedEx mail. I confirmed the address I provided to FedEx was correct via Kia Motor Finance representative and by checking the online website. The next day, on March 22,2019, my FedEx receipt shows Kia received and signed for my check. A few days later, Kia called me, and made me away my payment was never applied. In an attempt to determine why the check was not processed, I was hung Up on. When calling back my call was disconnected once again. Having to miss time from work to resolve this issue, I called back In, and again explained I had mailed In a pay off check. The representative apologized and told me she would escalate to why the previous representative were rejecting my calls. I was Warm transferred to a representative that told me payments take 10-12 days to process, she could not determine if she received my check, and that she would tell collections to stop calling me. I provided this representative with my tracking number for FedEx. On Monday April 1,2019, I received a Call from Kia Collections once again, but the representative again hung up on me. I was Once again transferred to Kia customer solutions and was told I needed to provide them with more details or to repeat the information I already provided to them, provide proof of check pay off, and information that should be located in Kias system. I engaged In a 3-way call, again this cut into my person work time, with my bank to provide more details regarding my check and proof it was sent. Kia then said Kia Motors Finance have no record of a check and a third party handles mail collection so "it's not their fault the check is lost". I have Been provided with no solution, I've been harassed by collections, mislead, and I've received late fees and soon a potential mark on my credit for a mistake they refuse to take responsibility of. I've lost time and I'm losing money. In the past Kia promised to replace a stolen spare tire and never did. This is not the first reported issue a person has had with attempting to pay off their car. Kia refuses to send titles, processes checks, and charge customers fees for mistakes they purposely make. They are making profit off not doing their job

Totally Lost
I do not normally write a review, but this is completely unacceptable. My 2017 car was totaled in a minor finder bender in November. It took until January to get the insurance company to pay for the car. Gap would not do anything until that had happened. Today is April 3rd, 2020, and the gap insurance policy that i received when I purchased the car from Kia, still say Kia Motors Finance haven't received one small document from Kia. I was told I had to continue making payments on the car until it was paid off and it has been almost 6 months of dealing with this since I was rear ended. They definitely have made this process as complicated as possible. All I can do is keep calling Kia Customer Service to send the document. They say the request has to go thru them to their Total Loss Department who then handles the request. Going in circles for months and it feels like they don't care! My wife absolutely loved her car and we couldn't afford to get a new one until this one is paid off. So, someone else totaled my car and I don't have a car for six months! After this, I will NOT be buying my wife another Kia.

Kia Motor Finance in TRASH and their customer services is GARBAGE!
Kia Motor Finance in TRASH and their customer services is GARBAGE!

Kia Motor Finance as the worst customer service ever. My issue started on Jan 1st, 2020. I made a car payment on Jan 1st forgetting that the month prior (December 2019) I setup autopay to take the payment out of my checking account on the 2nd of every month. I recognize this on Jan 3rd which was a Friday around 6 or 8 p.m. so when I call customer service, I can't talk to anyone because it was after business hours. So, I log in to their website to "Chat with Kian" to see what my options were. Here how that went.

Klan: Hi there, I'm Kian, Kia's AI-powered digital assistant. I'm programmed to answer most FAQs and help guide you to the correct account resources.

Klan: For security reasons, please, never send personal information such as account or social security numbers through chat. If you need to speak with a human, just type "human" at any time.

Kian: Let's get started!

Me: human

Kian: To create an account, click the button below and be sure to have this information ready. VIN or Account Number Date of Birth Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number. Valid email address

Kian: Existing customers can log in by clicking below

(I log back into my account again)

Kian: Trouble registering? Click here for tips.

Me: human

Me: Payment took twice from bank account

Kian: Prefer a refund for your payment? Click the button below.
Request Refund

Kian: Please fax the following information to our Customer Service Department.
Contact Us

Kian: - Written request for refund including your KMF account number, first and last name, and the amount to be refunded.

- Statement(s) from the bank, credit union, or other financial institution or payment vendor showing that both payments were deducted or made.

- If the double payment caused your bank account to overdraw, a letter from your bank or financial institution on company letterhead indicating Kia Motors Finance will not decline or reverse the payments.

Kian: Please allow up to 15 business days from the original posting date for your refund check to be mailed.

So basically, I just wait till Jan 6th to call customer services again. After waiting for 20 minutes I finally got talk to someone and explain my situation. She put my refund request and told me "It would take 15 days to get my refund" which I had no problem with. After checking my mail and not seeing a check from Kia, I called customer service again on Jan 29th. They told me everything went through and the check has been mailed off and You should get it in the mail in 5 to 7-day business days. No bigge I said to myself. Ten business days pass, still no refund check. Called them again on Feb 13th. I ask to speak to a supervisor this time. The supervisor told me basically that the other person I talk to on Jan 29th gave me the wrong information and that check hasn't been mailed or process. So, the supervisor in put another refund request, told me I should receive my check in 10 to 15 days. Check the mailbox on Feb 30th and you guess what? Still no check. Called customer service again and told them don't worry about the refund, just credit to my account for next month's (March) payment thinking that it would be easier for them to do. She said ok, that too easy and that should have no payment due for the month of March. Check my Kia account March 3rd, it showed payment due $0.00. Check my Kia account March 15th and guess what I see? Payment due: $457.85. Now for the record during this whole time I paid the February payment and now the March payment "Before" the payments were due. Called again and spoke to yet another supervisor. She told me that she doesn't know what going on and that she will send yet another refund request to credit the money to my payment for April. Hell, she even got me a conformation/case number which was *******8364. Guess what? Same song & dance. April 1st payment: $0.00 due, April 6th payment: $457.85 due. CalledCustomerServices. Again, on April 6th. Spoke to a supervisor by the name of Ed. R who supposedly look at my account, notes on my account and call logs. He seen that I have been dealing with this issue since JANUARY and told he will edit the request and resend it. He also to him to call back the following week and ask for him so he can check on the statistic of the request. It's now April 8th. I CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICES AGAIN and ask for ED. R. He wasn't there so I ask for ANOTHER SUPERVISOR. Told her my issue, she tells me the same thing, "sending another refund request to credit the money to this month's payment". Ask to speak the manager, same thing. Spoke to person above his pay grade named Carlos D. And guess what, the same "sending another refund request to credit the money to this month's payment".

Me: Can I email the Finance department myself?

Carlos: No

Me: Can I call them directly?

Carlos: No

Me: Can you called them directly?

Carlos: No. We can "ONLY" email them sir.

Me: So, you are telling me that the Finance Department is group of people sitting at a round table with PC/Laptop in a "Men in Black" like building with the only way to contact them is through email?

Carlos: Yes.

Carlos D. Told me he will expedite the request through email and that's pretty much all he can do so, at the end of the day they still have $457.85 of my money that I have been trying to get back since JANUARY 6th, 2020. I feel like I need to get a lawyer involved in this or something. This can't right. But I know one thing I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CAR FROM KIA AGAIN. Their customer services are is GARBAGE and by far THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICES EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY 36 YEAR OF BEING ON THIS EARTH!

Ridiculous company!
I had been a customer with Kia Motor Finance for 2 years and had made all my payments faithfully and on time. During the Coronavirus pandemic I was temporarily out of work starting in early April and I had heard that Kia was doing payment extensions to help their customers. So in mid May I called them to see if I could get just a 1 month extension and Kia Motors Finance immediately said, no because the economy has opened back up. I explained that I work at a bar, and bars in Texas have not opened back up. She then told me I need to fill out an online request and so I did, but it was immediately denied! I couldn't believe they would do this to me! I heard they are automatically giving new customers 3 months deferred payments, but they wouldn't even give 1 month to me, a long time and faithful customer! So they're losing me because I am going to refinance with a much better company and this new company is going to give me 3 months deferment! So Kia is losing a great customer because they just couldn't bring themselves to help me for 1 month! My advice to you? Stay away from Kia Motor Finance... stay far far away!

Kia Finance traps you in their agreements
The fine print is VERY important, especially when co-signing for a vehicle. Kia Financing traps you in a co-signing situation so that even when the primary driver loses their license and is driving drunk, you can't do a voluntary submission of the car without both signatures. Kia Motors Finance deny receiving documents sent USPS Priority with tracking numbers showing that they were delivered AND any faxes. If you are lucky you might get someone that admits they receive them. Each time you call you only get part of the answer. Also - as SOON as the 1st of the month arrives - and they don't get their payment, even with a history of payment on time, they start calling and hounding you. You are left with no choice but to stop payment and have the vehicle repossessed. They refuse to work with you and would rather stand by their agreement than help to keep accidents and possible deaths from happening.

BEWARE of Kia Finance!
My experience with Kia Finance has been a total nightmare from the beginning. I was clearly taken advantage of when it came to purchasing my vehicle 5 years ago, but I take responsibility and trust me I've learned a priceless lesson. My interest rate was awesome, but my payments are ridiculous. I should be in a true top of the line luxury vehicle for what Kia Motors Finance have me paying. Because I desperately needed reliable transportation and my credit was less than perfect I was offered financing through Kia Finance and I've regretted it from my 1st payment. There customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They're cold extremely impersonal and matter of fact. When you have a problem they offer little to no support. They're totally Uncompromising. I'm disgusted, disappointed and frustrated. Thankfully my car is almost paid for! I can assure you I would never purchase another Kia from Hawkison Kia nor will I ever use Kia Financing. Please if at all possible go through your credit union, bank but steer clear. They don't know how to treat their customers nor do they value them.

The worst experience with customer service/ financial borrowing I have ever had
My car was totaled in nov of 2018 in an accident that was not my fault. I put 17,000 dollars down on the brand new kia stinger and had a buyout quote of 34,743 at the time of the accident. My insurance company cut kia finance a check for 45,150 on 12/18/2018 and it is now march of 2019 and i have still not received the overpayment check from kia and Kia Motors Finance have not closed out my account. I have called more times than i can remember and i have gotten everything from them telling me that they did not receive a payment to them telling me that they wrote a note to et it started that day and it never ends up happening. Every time that i called i had to explain the situation for the first time all over again because nobody was putting notes on the account and they all told me the same thing that maybe the payment was lost in the mail and that they are just seeing it on the day of the call. This has been the worst experience of my life with a financial company and im probably going to be losing out on a substantial amount of money and even moreso now that kia has taken over 3 months to close this account out. I would never lease/buy a car using kia finance or recommend it to anyone. I usd to love kia vehicles but at this point i honestly dont think i would even purchase another kia given that this service has been acceptable to them.

We'll NEVER consider buying a KIA again!
We bought a new KIA in 2016 and the dealership insisted that going through KIA Finance was our best option. Lesson one: Never trust a car salesman.

We went to re-finance the car recently and Kia Finance is making it an absolute nightmare to do so. Kia Motors Finance take a minimum of three days to fax or email documents - even documents they are holding in their hands while on the phone with them. They have been delaying and dragging their feet on getting our bank the documents they need. It's been nearly a month since the process started.

Now, when we try to call and make our way through their extensive and time-consuming phone menu, they say "I'm sorry caller, we can't hear you. Please try calling back, or try to contact on our web site." We tried calling from THREE different phones and each different person that finally answered said the same thing. We immediately tried the phones by calling other numbers and they work just fine. What a bunch of BS!

Never again KIA.

If I could give them zero stars I would!
I had a name change. KMF said I had to send them my divorce decree to prove my right to change back to my maiden name. I was not happy about sending such sensitive documents through the mail to a financial institute I knew nothing about. After 3 weeks and still no name change I called them and Kia Motors Finance claimed they never got the papers. I put a return address on the envelope and they papers were never returned to me. I told them they needed to find them and they refused. I called several times telling them to find my papers. Finally, I talked to someone who suggested I fax them. I did that and they still claimed not to get them. I talked to the fax company I sent them to and they said they were sent. The fax company offered to send them again and KMF still said they didn't get them. They refused to look. Every time I talked to them they were rude, inconsiderate, lazy and obstinate! The man I dealt with most of the time got big satisfaction out of being an ass. That was 3 years ago and it is still not changed. I have gone to Metro Kia Madison where I bought the Kia and they will not do anything to help. I WILL NEVER BUY A KIA AGAIN! I only bought the Kia because it was an interest-free loan.

Anyone having this issue?
This has been my finance company for almost 15 years. I have never had an issue. On March 25 I called in and made 2 payments for Feb and March. Fast forward to May 15th I called in to make April's payment and the rep said to me good thing you called because your 3 payments behind (feb, March, April) your account is in repo review. After being so taken back I asked her why? How am I behind for Feb And March I paid those payments! She said that went to pay your taxes. Back up! How did I give you the approval for this!? Please listen to when I called in in March and that I never said that money should go to taxes! This company made me basically put me in a hole! She advised me that Kia Motors Finance sent a letter out 1st of the year to THOUSANDS of customers explaining how your money would be allocated and applied to the tax you owe. I NEVER received that letter! The rep said to get you out of this you need to pay $959. I said I don't have the money I can make a partial. So after that whole fiasco we made an arrangements for me to pay the remainder but I would be still behind on payment. So after being in a cloud of shock and confusion, I called them back again because I'm thinking this is not right for them to pull this during a national crisis going on! Called rep 2 she told me too that a letter was sent out notifying customers, I DEMANDED to see this supposed letter she threw me on hold for 15 minutes and came back and said oh I'm unable to generate the letter for you, it's gone but it was on our website. I said okay, show me where it is navigate me and I'll look, she said oh sorry they took it off the website! I'm fuming at this point! My call got disconnected when my phone died, so I called again and spoke to rep 3 from sounded another country, and I had to explain everything again and I demanded to see that letter and speak to a supervisor NOW. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back on and said she couldn't send me the letter. I said I want a supervisor again! Stop trying to not transfer me and play me! She transferred me to a nice gentleman who was a senior rep. He was very honest with me and confirmed that management did change the policy to have the money applied to taxes owed when you make payments. He confirmed that there was NO letter that was sent to customers regarding the new change and that they were having a huge influx of customers calling and complaining. He also stated that he didn't agree with the decision management made during this pandemic we have going on. He was going to submit my account to be looked at by management and that I have to call next week and they will have the money I payed to be applied to the payments accordingly. We will see about that. I just wonder how many people are going through this-you think your making your payments and your money is being applied to something else and if I didn't call would my car be missing on day? I also want to tell you that I did not receive a call at all during this so they don't even contact you when you are behind so you are essentially left in the dark. I asked the rep and she said due to their privacy policy they don't leave voicemails. That makes no sense at all. I had no idea this was all happening not a clue. I know the taxes need to be paid NOTIFY ME that I have taxes that I owe don't make me behind on my car and have me be 84 days past due in repo status! I'm still livid and I will be calling to request a copy of payment history and to see if my money really was applied to pay the taxes owed. By law they have to provide me with that information. If not I'm blowing this up and getting the news involved and a lawyer. Luckily my lease is up in September. This absolutely ridiculous. They used to allow you to make payments little by little to pay the taxes down or if you turned in your lease they would sent you bill. Just watch out people and call them to make sure your money is being applied correctly to your payments they don't care if you need a car and have to go to work they will make you past due. We will see what happens in the next week or I'm taking legal action.

Kia / Hyundai Finance Takes Advantage of Seniors
My folks leased a vehicle last year from KIA Florida and since mom can no longer drive and dad is no longer with us, we need to come up with a solution as to what to do with the car. We explored transferring the lease but was told we are not allowed. Even though the contract makes mention of a lease transfer with "permission from KIA". {Section 21E}

My 89-year-old father recently passed away and my 85-year-old mother is no longer able to drive. Dad suffered terribly being isolated at a nursing home since March and was overcome with Covid as well. These are hard times for many of our seniors and that is why I am posting this as I am sure there must be other seniors in the same unfortunate situation my mother is in.

And so, we just wanted to continue making the payments with my mother on the lease and have my sister use the vehicle. We live in South Carolina and my sister lives in New York. As such we need to register and insure the vehicle under my sister and was informed, we cannot do that either. The only way we could accomplish this goal is to pay off the lease and buy the car outright. We are not trying to get out of the lease or to be released from our financial responsibility and yet Kia Motors Finance offer no options to accomplish this. On more than one occasion their customer care and finance team suggested we take out a loan to pay off a lease two years early and pay the residual as well, but I don't think that is a viable option for seniors that are just trying to get by. Do you?

What are seniors supposed to do? I can't stop wondering about the thousands of seniors that do not have an advocate to explain their needs or the resources to pay off the lease as they have told us to. They are forced to keep paying on the lease and insuring the car even though they can't drive and many cases can't afford to! The world just continues to take advantage of them. I find this incredibly sad, don't you?

Right now, with all the chaos and confusion the world is living with many companies are rising to the occasion by making exceptions and or finding new solutions to help but NOT KIA / Hyundai. How could anyone do business with a company that is so heartless?

With hope for our seniors,


PS: We have tried doing a state to state registration transfer leaving it all in moms name, but mom is required to be there in person and have a NY Driver's license. Neither of which is possible as mom is not capable of travel and no longer drives.

Horrible Service
Kia Motors Finance deserve a negative -10
First I must say this isn't my first Kia the cars are great the company is garbage and the customer service people need to be fired for sitting on their sorry asses doing nothing but getting a pay check. I purchased my 2019 Kia Sportage back on July 5,2019 and the service was the absolute worst car experience ever. I was given the monthly amount of my car payment and when I got to finance it changed and that has NEVER HAPPEND when I spoke up about if they called a guy name Chris in which was a complete $#*! and very rude and shouldn't be in the business he told me that thy had wasted enough time on me and my deal they had other people to deal with. They pulled my credit again while I was sitting there and when I spoke about that I was told that what does it matter you have 16 inquiries on your credit this isn't gonna make a difference but it's my credit and I never signed any paperwork to have my credit pulled again needless to say I'm gonna contact a lawyer and show them 2 can play this game they had no right to re-run my credit also the car was sold without a fuse panel so the fuse and wires are exposed. I had to go back that Saturday July 6 to get items out my previous car since it was raining bad that day and when I got there they ordered me a fuse cover or so they say that I was to get Wednesday July 10,2019 of which I still haven't received a call saying it's there yet and today is Thursday July 25,2019. Please stay away from ALM Kia South Union City 4310 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA 30291. Don't get me wrong there were a few people that were nice but Chris was very rude to me and Josh when I called in was just as bad he told me they can sell their card 10,000 above market price if they want it's up to them. I still have proof of what my car not was to be so I'm contacting a lawyer on this matter and see how they like me then. I tried twice contacting the Kia customer service and was told both times they can't do anything so when I get a lawyer the still better not be able to do nothing. I'm not settling out of court I want every penny I can get from these crooked people. I bet it's something they can do if you miss a payment. I'm not gonna want to hear it and at that point I'm not gonna be able to do anything but sue their crooked behinds.

I purchased my KIA from Hawkinson Kia several years ago hence why I'm still paying for it. I was in a desperate situation and lack of knowledge so I purchased an overpriced vehicle and was financed through Kia Finance company. From the beginning their customer service left much to be desired but why I am truly so DISGUSTING with this company is because the world is slowly reopening Kia Motors Finance think their customers have miraculously returned to work or have income! I called after emailing twice to get a deferred payment the representative said the program is over today. I said ok Im calling today! They went on to say the deferment program is over we're not doing anything else. I said there's nothing in place for customer who through no fault of there own lost their job and everyone knows how horrible getting unemployment benefits has been in Illinois give me a break. There response was well we've been deferring since March so its not our fault. I just hung up. I pray I can somehow get the money to pay this vehicle off so I will NEVER again have to deal with KIA FINANCE. I'm a strong believer in watch how you treat others. They're driven by nothing but greed. I hope the government doesn't assist in bailing them out. Then they'd know how it feels.

How did I even get approved?
I bought a new Kia right before the pandemic hit. I went in for a used Kia or at the most a new one without a bunch of bells and whistles, and felt like I was pressured into getting a new car and the guy ended up selling me a brand new GT-Line Kia Soul. I was making $12 an hour at the time working full-time. How I even got approved for a loan for a $20,000+ loan is beyond me, but being dumb and overly excited I accepted because I knew I'd be getting a raise within the next few weeks. I then lost my job instead, due to the pandemic. I reached out multiple times via messages to Kia about my situation and asked for payment deferral and no one ever got back to me. I had made about 4-5 payments in full and on time from the beginning of the loan. After I was 2 days late on my payment Kia Motors Finance called me incessantly, 3 even 4 times a day. When I'd speak to them they almost demanded payment. They'd pressure me into asking my friends and family for money to make my payment. Guess what? It's a pandemic and everyone is kind of messed up financially right now. I ended up having to file bankruptcy so thankfully the harassing calls have stopped. I'm surrendering the vehicle and I am so happy to be rid of KMF. I'm grateful they haven't repossessed my vehicle yet because I need it right now, but I am ready to give it back at the same time. They need to stop approving people that can barely afford their payments, it's ridiculous.

Customer Service is horrible
I just purchased my leased car deciding to keep my car at least until the warranty expired. Well there was a glitch on the payout. The payout stated I owed a certain amount with a specific expiration date. In the meantime the payout price increased. I called the lease department and Kia Motors Finance basically dismissed me saying there was no problem and the information was accurate. They told me I could speak with customer service and transferred me while I was asking another question. Very rude! The CS rep who was language impaired was unable to understand the problem. I reframed the problem 3x unsuccessfully. I asked to speak with someone else. I got at last an intelligent Customer service person who actually not only understood the problem rather quickly but took the reins in emailing the lease department with the discrepancy. I now find out that with all his wonderful efforts in fact the lease department has done nothing. If this were my1st problem in dealing with Kia I could understand... things happen. Kia has a real problem in dealing with customers. They have a *move the traffic along* mentality not one of keep the customer happy mentality. Every dealing from the onset has been a challenge. After my warranty has expired I will be shopping for other than a Kia. It is now June 5th 2021 and I still don't have my Title. I have submitted the odometer statement 9x via fax numbers they gave and 3 screen shots. Finally that went thru. I have now received the Bill of Sale form that I have filled out and sent 5x via different fax numbers given, done screen shots and sent certified mail. I don't know what else to do. Do these problems ever get solved? Do people ever stop being hassled by Kia? Do pp ever get their paid in full Title? Please…can anyone offer some advice.
UPDATE: It is July 5th and I still haven't received the Title to my car. Kia is the worst company I have ever dealt with in over 55 years. You have been warned. Don't buy Kia.

I've been trying to get my title since June
I've been trying to get my title with Kia Motor Finance since I paid off my car in June here is how it has been going so far.

First Kia Motors Finance told me I needed to fill out an Odometer statement, I did and mailed it to them. They never got it. I faxed it to them, they never got it. They emailed me a way to do it online, at first they never got it. Finally after the second attempt doing it online they received it.

Then they mailed out my title to the wrong address in September. I called about it and gave them the new address. They said they would mail it in 3-5 day. I called back and finally they said it would be mailed in the middle of October.

Since than I have been making ongoing calls to Kia Motor finance. Every time they have told me 3-5 business days. I've talked to managers and nothing changes.

My wife called them last week and they told her my title was set to be mailed out in 1 month from my last request. During that request they told me 3-5 days. She talked to a manager and they promised it would be mailed by 3/4/2020. I just called today and they told me it will be mailed in 3-5 days from today.

I received a ticket for expired tags and will also have to pay penalties for not getting my car tagged in time. This company needs to mail my title asap before I report them to the better business bureau.

Really? Glad to be rid of them!
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company! I will NEVER purchase a Kia or Hyundai ever again!

Purchased a Sedona in July 2014... made all payments... one Saturday in February 2015 at 6:33 am our van was there... at 8:30 it was GONE!

Tried calling everyone... nothing could be done because it was a Saturday. Well you took it on a Saturday! Finally on Monday we could get some info. Their paperwork was WRONG! Kia Motors Finance had mixed up payments that we made on line.

In order to get it back we would still have to pay for the repo fee (no reason to repo) as well as any storage fees from Saturday to Monday (total almost $300!) In addition to having to "reapply" (ummm... you took it for no reason!) and that may take up to a week... and more storage charges! It would have taken almost $2,000 to get back a car that never should have been repoed!

This was the most ridiculous situation ever! HATE THIS COMPANY

Unprofessional is an understatement! Can't believe the can get away with this

BTW- we didn't want the van back after all that. No way was I going to pay all those fees... besides there were all kinds of issues with the van (windshield leaked, made a weird noise) They also didn't have record of the maintenance package we purchased, would not do a new inspection. Although this was a new car it became obvious it was on the lot for some time and they were eager to be rid of it.

Dealing with Kia finance is a ripoff
I leased a Kia Soul from Jim Butler in Chesterfield MO, When the three lease was up in July of 2020 I decided to buy a Dodge van. I promptly returned the car after I had the car professionally cleaned. I returned the car in mint condition. I was billed within two or three weeks after turning in the car for the final amount. I was later sent a bill for $2800 because of over miles and a $400,00 turn in fee. I was also charged another $65.00 for wear and tear. I felt like I was nickel and dimed, but I went ahead and paid everything off as that was marked the final amount due. I thought I was finally done with the charges for this vehicle since I paid the final amount marked due in Sept 2020. Today 12/14/20 I received a bill from Kia for another $246,33 for taxes on the car from 1/1/20 to 12/31/20, When this car was turned in I was never told about any taxes that would be due in December, especially on a car that I have not had since the middle of July. I called Kia today and spoke with one of their customer service representatives who basically said Kia Motors Finance paid the taxes and now I owe them $246.33. So in addition to what I already paid them in September on a bill that was marked final amount due, now they are telling me I owe them an additional $246.33 of which there was no mention of this when the car was turned in and when I paid the final bill. I feel like I was totally taken advantage of and ripped off. Customer service was no help in this matter!

Do not buy or lease a car from Kia!
We've had starter issues previously before and then it magically started up again RIGHT AFTER Kia Motors Finance took almost 3 hrs. Doin oil change and full service "works" aka screwing up the car so you go running back to them when they know your warranty ran out! I really wish we woulda just went somewhere else. I even told him we should not go to Kia. Very scam people and company. How do we get the car serviced and THEN start having issues with the car not starting.

SO MANY RECALLS. I think it's not out of ignorance but they just play dumb to scam money out of people that have to pay them. So they charged almost $80 to have someone come here to jump start the car. Then we had to go ahead and buy another battery and god knows what other service charges from the guy who came to the house to fix the issue. Do NOT buy sh! T from Kia if you are thinking about it. I found online forums of many people complaining about the same thing and not just for the optima model but many Kia cars! All these recalls and breaking things in the car after they know your warranty is up then there's an issue of car not starting AFTER the fishy service that took almost 3 hrs that was never an issue before!

For them to $#*! up the car... I just hate them. NEVER NEVER NEVER again. Waste of time with lease then eventually buying. We got stuck with this worst car and scam Kia for several yrs going now! All of this when I have an interview today! Kia I hope you just go out of business you make me sick! Btw tons of people in the forums that had issues with Kia cars not starting and after their scam service were able to start the car in a crazy ghetto way. They must have read those forums to override that with their updated "service" because the tricks did not work for us.

I read about people going there several times and they kept not fixing the issues. Alls they do is break the cars and make them all not work if it's out of pocket for you! I found out this is a normal thing with them and screwed over MANY people. Altogether pretty much $500 down the drain for them breaking the car themselves. The guy had him purchase the wrong battery at first. So now we have to wait in HOPES this eventually get's refunded on our credit card. We are going to have to wait a while in hopes of the 1st battery charge being refunded, if not we have another issue to deal with! It's a good thing we live right by Auto Zone because the worker put the new correct battery in for free. But as you can see this is how Kia makes their $ w/ the break the car "works". Bye Kia!

Rude and unprofessional. Will never buy another Kia
For the record before you read this I have been a Kia Finance customer for almost 3 years, great credit, and never missed a payment.

My 2015 Kia Forte was totaled in an accident that wasn't my fault over a month ago. I still can't get my account paid off because My insurance is waiting on paperwork from Kia that has been requested FOUR times over the last month so Kia Motors Finance can send the check. Every time me and the insurance call we get different excuses that the request was cancelled, it will go out tomorrow, it's been sent, and after all that I get told it hasn't been sent because they need paperwork from the insurance that was sent weeks ago. An absolute nightmare dealing with them. Say they can only send faxes, no email, and they take 7 days to go out. Ask to talk to a manager and they just cut you off and try to rush you off the phone. Talk to that persons manager and I explain things to her and she just says NOTHING at all. I finish talking and it's just a long 45 seconds of silence until I say something.
They have told me I will still have to make a payment this month and likely next month until they receive the check and the difference from the gap insurance which takes 21 business days to close a claim. Oh and they can't start working on that claim because they need a copy of the check which can't be sent until Kia decides to send letter of guarantee to my insurance.

They had no sympathy for my situation or the fact that I have to start making payments on my new car. No sense of urgency to try and resolve the issues. All they care about is getting their money.

Unapologetically wrecked my credit... never again with KMF
I see I'm not alone as I just read through a few other reviews here. We love our Telluride, but KMF has been a nightmare to deal with. I called them back in February to make them aware that the "online" balance amount in my payment history was incorrectly reflecting a balance of $0.00 (nice, but not true). In contrast the main account page showed I had an overdue balance. Neither of these were correct... and I was assured by customer service that it would not be an issue. Two months later I find out Kia Motors Finance reported a late payment for the month of March... this supposed late payment hit my credit for nearly 50 points. Wasted hours upon hours of calls to customer service and writing to KMF has my head spinning. You can't even call in anymore... goes directly to a message stating "high volume of calls"... "call back later". What a mess and I'm beyond angry that I need to waste my time to show them they were wrong. As soon as I get this mess sorted I will be refinancing this loan elsewhere.

20th Century Company in 2017?
Great products, horrible finance company. I honestly think Hyundai/Kia have no idea how bad their financing arm is. Run from this Company! Use a Credit Union. I turned a leased vehicle in during one of their "pull ahead" programs, Kia agreed to pay up to 4 payments. To save capital, Kia never comes forth with the money. Kia Motors Finance simply wait until they sale the car at auction to get the cash. In the meantime they erroneously report to the three Credit Bureaus that you still have a balance. As of June 2017, they are still reporting a balance on a vehicle that was grounded in December 2016! They did a lease-end inspection and I have never received a copy of the inspection report. I guess their game here is to "find" excess wear and tear AFTER the car sales at auction and then bill you 6-7 months later. I was told that maybe the dealer didn't send in the paperwork, that I was seriously past due, or that they would probably sue me. Today they said that they had everything that they needed from the dealer on January 19th! This has been mental anguish. I have made 20 calls to them, disputed the balance through all 3 credit bureaus and went through the Consumer Finance Protection Board. Finally, they are going to send me something in writing saying that I have a balance with them. I will then be able to get an attorney. This has caused me a ton of grief when buying a home. I got on a three-way with KMF and the CB and Kia admitted that I didn't owe the money and my mortgage was approved. As of today, KMF is STILL reporting a balance! I have financed/leased 6 vehicles with them and have a 800+ credit score. I pay my bills.

This Company is way past unprofessional. I purchased a new Kia for my wife, got the incentives through Kia Motor Finance and paid it off within 30 days. I suggest you do the same. Take their incentives and move your business to a real financial institution. You will be much happier!

Maybe just maybe Hyundai/Kia will close their finance arm, move the business to a major bank, lay off a bunch of folks in Atlanta that don't appear to care about their jobs and doing the right thing anyway. They can save a TON of cash then. No real estate or payroll. What do you think Hyundai-Kia? 21st Century sound better?

Don't Lease from this company make the same mistake I made
There are things very wrong with Kia Motor Finance. I recommend DON'T EVEN THINK to lease a car with Kia Motor Finance because Kia Motors Finance will ask the remaining lease amount in 1 payment if you want to move and register your car in another state even you have a sales agreement to pay in 36 months. According to NJ DMV process, title needs to go directly from leasing company to DMV and Kia Motor Finance don't do that if you don't pay the full remaining balance that you agreed to pay in 3 years. Your Kia dealer don't help you with anything because they don't know the other state rules and they are just submitting your documents to Kia Motor Finance and expect you to deal with Kia Motor Finance directly. If they tell you that you can register your car with bill of sale DON'T BELIEVE that because it is not like that in all states so you will end up paying lease for the car that sitting in front of your apartment without any plate for 3 years! Even this is not written in your Bill Of Sale, they don't care and do NOTHING.

Truly terrible.
I had to register my car in a different state due to a family move. I had to request the transfer and submit my information 4 different times via fax AND secure email before someone would take me seriously. Even then, I could barely get a response from customer service. Everyone I spoke to was woefully underinformed. Kia Motors Finance made me jump through hoops the whole time I was going through the process and gave me tiny pieces of information at a time, never the whole story. I followed their instructions to a tee and still, nobody followed up with me to confirm that my information was received and was beginning to be processed. I had to contact customer service over and over again during this 3-month process to ensure they were doing their due diligence and moving my paperwork along. Thank goodness I did, too, because they simply "forgot" to notify me a few times that they needed more information from me.

Find a local bank or credit union, don't give this miserable organization your business.

DISHONEST DEALERS! Be careful if you return a lease to this dealership. I took my car in to have it looked out early so I could make any necessary repairs on my own. The gentleman helping me looked at the tires, we took pictures of measurements, and agreed the tires were within the contract specifications. Four months after I turned in the vehicle I received a bill for $200 to replace a single tire. After sending pictures proving the tire was within standards Kia still says I owe them for the tire. Why would I ask someone to look at the tires and take pictures of the thread gauge and turn the vehicle in early if the tires were not all good? I would have replaced the tire for much less than $200 before turning it in. When I call the dealership, Michael Lang was extremely friendly and sounded sympathetic. He took a message and no one ever called me back. Boo! Bad service! Dishonest. Avoid!

Kia Finance reported me as deceased to credit bureaus!
This is honestly the worst company I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with and I will never again purchase or lease a Kia. I was coming to the end of my lease term and I applied to get a new car through a different manufacturer, only to have my credit application declined! Eventually after much frustration and phone calls to the credit bureaus, I discovered that Kia Motors Finance had reported me as DEAD to the credit bureaus and there was an investigation pending! I cant even make this stuff up. You would think that before reporting something like this, you would try and call your customer to make sure of your facts or perhaps question who has been paying the monthly payments from the grave!

This took days to rectify and I had to prove my identity in order to have this removed. Customer service at Kia Finance admitted to their mistake and withdrew the inquiry after much effort and emails to customer service (which were also ignored). Even getting the credit bureaus to speak to me was difficult because according to them I was not who I said I was. I had to speak to three different people before someone told me that Kia Finance did this.
I asked Kia to credit my last lease payment on the vehicle as compensation for the effort I had to go through to correct their incompetence and of course no one ever got back to me. Despite emails following up.

If I could rate them as zero stars I would.

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