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DO NOT do business with these thieves. I ordered $145.00 of products from them. After a month of waiting I received the worst quality clothing I have ever seen. I bought coats and sweaters for winter. The so-called coats were made from an extremely lightweight, unidentifiable fabric that looks like compressed lint. The sweaters had like a foam-like backing you'd find on bathmats. Its a complete battle to get a refund. JustFashionNow expect you to return things to China instead of the San Francisco shipping location. In lieu of a refund they offer a 15% cash consolation. I sent them $145 - they offer $21.75 in return.


Sadly, everything is going back
I was filled with hope - but not one of the items I've received so far (there are still 2 or 3 out in delivery) had the fit or design that was flattering on me. Returns are horrendous - so I've decided to accept the offer made by the company to receive partial repayment and then I'll donate the clothing... maybe someone else can use them.

When reporting my desire to return the items, I was offered a partial refund without the need to return them. As this company is in China, I think this is the best way to handle the situation. I will be donating these new clothing items to our local thrift shop that benefits a sanctuary for women and children.

Happy shopping!
Reading some of the mixed reviews I just wanted to put down my two cents, I have ordered from this website 3 times so far and have not been disappointed in the quality or size (dresses, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry) yet. Unfortunately due to the pandemic shipping is taking much longer (I can't say how fast it was before the pandemic because I only started shipping once it started lol) but I want to confirm for others that it may take around 2 weeks to to receive. Be patient, you won't regret it! Yes I gave up on contacting someone, it seems like JustFashionNow literally have EVERYTHING automated. I cannot complain about the price I pay.

Please allow me to search more easily: for example,...
Please allow me to search more easily: for example, "long sleeve dress", "pastel pink", "belted dress", "wool sweater", "stretchy top". And your label "red" is confusing. Everything that is labeled "red" is actually a pink color in the photos, not red. Please allow me to search for "rabbits" or "bunnies" (items with rabbits on them are just labeled "animal"). Also, please indicate how long the order will take to ship. I have a St. Patrick's Day item in my purchase, and I am not sure if it will arrive on time. It might be helpful to have more categories than you do now (i. E. more types of dresses), since you actually have a huge number of products to keep track of. -- Thank you for all your hard work on your product line and Website!

Product satisfaction review.
I found the site to be extremely slow, so it made shopping longer than I wanted. All of the products I received was sheerer than it appears on the site. One dress was photographed in a darker site & the dress was more pink instead of a nice rich red. The jewelry are substantial pieces, & the shoes of pretty good quality. Another drawback is that their distributor is located in China & with the pandemic my packages were held up in customs. So plan on at least one month before you get your packages. I will be going to one of their competitors. You get what you pay for.

Some of the clothes I received didn't fit. JustFashionNow returned a partial refund, due to the fact that returning the items to China would be very costly on my end.

Returning Merchandise
The clothing sizes run big and the smallest size for clothing is size "small." There is no extra small size available. It is easy to order on line from your company, however if you need to return items, you have to send them to CHINA. The postage to mail / return items far exceeds the amount paid for the merchandise, so you end up keeping your items (that are the wrong size) and receive only a 15%-20% refund from the company.

My communication was via e mail - my questions were answered. I felt that I and other customers needed to know in advance, before ordering items, that returns will need to be shipped to CHINA. Postal rates to CHINA are at a grossly inflated cost, and therefore, it will most likely cost more money to return items than the actual cost of the original order.

Sizing off/Poor Quality
Add a "continue shopping" button to each page. It was a trial and error process figuring out how to get back from view cart page to the shopping page and while on other pages. Took one month to get just one of the 8 items I ordered. Item was too large and quality poor. Will wait til all my ordered items arrive and then send back the items that aren't as advertised. Will never order from this company again.

No way to talk to a live person and had to leave a message to discuss problems through a chat. Only one item showed up after a month and the rest I'm still waiting for. The one item that arrived is poor quality and is off on the sizing. I want to cancel the rest of my order. I will have to see if I get any response. Don't buy from this company. Customer service in very poor.

Looks better in the picture than in person.
There are lots of pretty choices, but in reality JustFashionNow don't quite live up to the images, blurry prints, thinner winter items, for cotton blend items it's more polyester with a cotton blend liner. The fit was better this time, so pay attention to the measurements given for a particular item as they vary. I think I will enjoy wearing my items.

I very much appreciated the communication with their service people on whether I received my order. In these times transport is hard to predict and it does take a while to receive one's order.

I appreciated the chat for getting quick answers as well as an email inquiring whether my items arrived.

I had the best internet shopping experience
I had the best internet shopping experience. I'm usually hesitant when it comes to buying things online from abroad, but after reading a ton of reviews, I finally decided to take a chance and ended up buying two dresses from this company. Shipping may take a while, but JustFashionNow clearly state that it may take some time to complete the process of shipping your mail order, although surprisingly my order arrived much earlier than expected. And when I received my package, all the clothes were exactly as advertised, they fit perfectly and are made with high quality materials. I am so glad I decided to use this online store!

Shopper beware!
This site is a scam! I ordered a large number of clothing items, and the clothes, when JustFashionNow arrived 4-6 weeks later, were cheap imitations of what they show on their site. The construction is shoddy, colors are different, the buttons are different, and for one item even the style was different (Henley instead of full button front). The worst part was the fabrics, what they claimed was "cotton blend" and said the same on the label was some kind of weird, stiff plastic/polyester (?) fabric that obviously contained NO cotton at all. Read return policy carefully (after you search it down on their site): final sale items are not returnable at all and other returns for any reason returns must be made to China - not Canada where it was sent from! The cheapest rate I could find to return their junk to them was $104! They will offer you a 15% return to keep the stuff if it doesn't fit, they sent the wrong size, wrong color, etc. because they know returns are cost prohibitive.

I had to go through PayPal (so glad I used them with their buyer protection policy!) to get a refund on clothing that is unlikely to sell even at Goodwill where I donated it. There is nothing about this "business" that is legitimate, do not shop this site!

Sooo disapointed i wanted the top for xmas i ordered it back in nov never got it so ordered anothert
I thought the top was just beautifull with glitter but it wasnt not glitter at all need to send them back i need a return slip for the first one its out of the bag never wore too big and did not know i was being charged for another i only wanted 1 but the first one did not come till late and oredered another thinking the order never went through now i have 2 and it needs to come off my husbands charge

I emailed did not speak to anyone it took a while for them to get back and this is a complaint I heard from others and its too bad you do have some nice tops but not described correctly i would have been one of your best customers if the item was as it was described

BUYER BEWARE - JustFashionNow is poor quality, not a described or pictured
I purchased 6 clothing items, shoes and 2 bracelets. Not one item was as described or pictured in the photos. The clothing was not cotton as described and the sizing was huge! The fabric was of very poor quality. Not one clothing item had a tag with material content and washing instructions. Beware! JustFashionNow advertise free returns but make it impossible to return-you require tracking to return to China at your own expense! They may offer a small compensation to keep the items. I wish I had read the company's reviews before ordering (not the reviews on their website- I doubt they are real). I will warn on any platform available so that others do not fall into this trap. Buyer Beware!

Delivery was not like it was said.
I have got my shoes not that I purchased. Delivery was not on time: 37 days. I want to return, but it is a problem, because it was not specified how and if it is possible. I want to return, but there is not an option anywhere. Very disappointed with this business, because I did not get the response, when I tried to contact them. Still did not get my 4 th order that I ordered on May 5 th, 2021. I will not recommend this business anyone. It gave much worries and no piece until I will get my last order and then will never buy again from them..

Very bad and upsetting.

I have unsuccessfully order items that are very appealing to me, but unfortunately items purchased
Are not really USA sizes. Gift items as well as personal items did not fit. JustFashionNow say each item has its
Own sizing, but if I order M or XL they are smaller than USA sizing and it gave wrong information.
Return policy is not fair to consumer, they should tell you this upon ordering from CHINA to USA
We would be severely penalized in your return policy.

Everything takes too long back & forth e-mails to communicate. Understanding even in print seems
to take too long. I feel it is sometimes to distract us and prolong the return time only giving 15 days
to return and then the $ return is not fair even though they increase % back slowly.
Otherwise they have been responsive. Still waiting for my $ return % they offered to me.

Beautiful Items
I have received all but one of my items that I ordered. JustFashionNow are beautiful and very
Affordable. I had ordered some of them to wear to a wedding two weeks later and
My order didn't come in. Had I know they were coming from China, I would have
Picked something else to wear. The order took a month to get to me. Still very
Beautiful and I'm pleased with what I bought, just needed it all sooner. VC

After two weeks I asked how soon the order might arrive. They said
it had been shipped. I explained I was planning on wearing several pieces
to an out of town wedding. They response was vague. I had no idea they
were coming from China!! I ended up wearing something from my closet.

It would have been perfect if JustFashion Now provides...
It would have been perfect if JustFashion Now provides FREE Shipping even for final sale and clearance items if a client meets a certain amount of goods purchased like all the other online stores. Unfortunately, due to your high cost of shipping for the clearance/final sale items, I had to cancel so many items and purchased instead from other items such as Banana Republic, Cleo, StyleWe, etc. I hope you reconsider this because I'm sure you're losing a lot of sales. I suggest you set a minimum amount to purchase for the clearance/final sales items so clients can avail of free shipping.

Shopping Experience.
Very pleasant. Great choices. One dress (the long white one) was perfect and fit amazingly. I did not expect it to fit perfect. I was only going to use it as a lining for see thru dresses that I have, but it looked amazing on me like it was made just for me. One dress was too big so I took it in and it is great now. One looked nothing like the picture at all. Totally different fabric. I just tossed it in a bag with clothes I was giving my ex husband for rags but he was going to ask his sister if she wanted some of the items first. The other dress fit but did not like the material. Jewelry was beautiful.

Just checked on orders. JustFashionNow were extremely helpful.

Unsatisfactory experience
Three of the four items I ordered did not fit. When I inquired about returning them I was offered a 15% refund to keep them and have them altered. At first I just wanted to return them but JustFashionNow must be returned to China and there is a very short time frame to do that. So then I told them that if the 15% offer was still valid, I would take that, keep the clothes and give them to someone who could wear them. The company never responded. I will never buy anything from them again.

They did not respond to my requests. (1) did not give me the information needed to return the items.
(2) Did not respond to my offer to take the 15% refund

They are ignoring me.

I've seen a lot of negative reviews here, if everyone wants something right away.
I've seen a lot of negative reviews here, if everyone wants something right away then go buy it at the mall because it comes from far away (using myself as an example) and the quality is really good for the cheap prices (in my opinion) until I've gotten a lot of stuff from this website now and I'm not complaining about the shipping time because everything else is good so at least something a little bit bad had to sneak in. It's ONLINE SERVICE, I bet JustFashionNow try hard to ship quickly, but everyone wants their order in 3 days when it comes from another country! If you have a little patience and understand that, like you, many other people are ordering at the same time, you will be good and love this website for its good prices. And by the way, the customer service is really good, I honestly don't understand the complaints about it. My point is, I love this online boutique and will keep using it!

Horrible company! Do not buy from them!
What a terrible shopping experience. JustFashionNow clearly lie about the fabric used in their garments. I ordered products they claimed were cotton or a cotton blend and got products made out of some horrible synthetic material I would never wear. The earrings I ordered were extremely cheaply made and one was already broken. Then the tell you the earrings are not returnable.

They also totally lie about their return policy. They claim it is easy and fast until you actually try to use it and then they state that it can take a very long time so you should accept 15% of the cost of your purchase and use the money to buy other fabric to alter the horrible stuff the sent you! I am waiting for my return label but saw from another reviewer that they never responded after she requested one.

Cynthia K.

Read the material description such as cotton vs polyester
My mistake…didnt read the description of what the material was on a couple summer dresses and I ended up with 100% polyester — terrible! Polyester is the hottest material to wear in warm weather. And one of the dresses the polyester felt like a cheap shower curtain. BUT the cotton blend dresses were great.
Would be happier if JustFashionNow had petite sizes but sizing does run fairly accurate.
Finally…forget about returning anything because you have to pay shipping etc to China! Not worth it. So they do offer you a 15% refund. Its not much but better than nothing. I probably wont order again.

Contacted by email and they responded promptly. Thank you.

Trying out the site
Buying online is pretty iffy. The shorts fabric is kind of flimsy and the white shorts are so thin you can see through them. The shirts all looked longer than JustFashionNow are - if I have to order larger sizes to get them to hit my waist then there's no sense buying them. Whatever I can't wear will go to someone else.

It had been 5 weeks or so since I ordered all the items and after a month only 1 shirt arrived. I reached out to ask about delivery since I'd ordered all these for he holiday weekend. The items all arrived yesterday (7/6) so they didn't arrive when I'd expected them. The response I got was a request to wait a few more day, which I did. The response was fast and about as helpful as it could be considering that the items were already in transit.

This company is a complete fraud. It doctors its photos. What JustFashionNow send you is cheap, ill-fitting garbage. When you try to return anything, they insist you send it to them in China. In any case, you would only get back a small fraction of what you spent. Someone posted this phone number *******245 in New City, NY) and indicated she got a refund. I tried it and the result was that someone calling himself John (but he is clearly Chinese) hacked into my computer and bought himself $400 worth of gift cards, while he kept putting me on hold. He also managed to forward my email to ******* I have reported him to American Express and will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This company should not be allowed to do business in this country.

The tie dyed shirt dress was made of plastic/nylon... not t-shirt fabric. The Bee Kind t-shirt was not t-shirt fabric but instead it was like a half pair of pajamas. The tag was cut out of it so you have no idea the name, size, care or anything. NOT HAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY! If I was to return the items at my cost I would have on 1/3 of the money I spent on it. So the stuff is going into the trash and we will not be buying from this company again.

The only read that part of the order was not here yet and told me to give it a few more days. It came but JustFashionNow never saw my complaints.

I discovered this online clothing shopping site.
I discovered this online clothing shopping site and noticed that JustFashionNow had several items of clothing that I liked. So, I ordered. I now have at least 6 pairs of her jeans! Jeans that really fit me. I am a curvy girl and jeans really accentuate my body. Shipping is fast and can be easily tracked with their tracking numbers. I had to return 2 items due to a mistake I made when ordering and within days of receiving the items they emailed a store credit to order something else. In fact, I have an order that will arrive today. Also, her clothes resemble the ones advertised. I will ask for more. I can't wait to see what cute things they will have for next month!

Purchase of pretty top
I previous purchased 2 tops and I love them. JustFashionNow were shipped in a reasonable amount of time and the quality is good, so I found 2 more that I like for this purchase. No hassle, quick shopping experience! The only problem I have is sizing. I had previously ordered a Large top and it's snug. The I ordered 2 XLarge tops and both are a little too big. I might Order this last top again in Large (previously ordered and received an XL. Other than that, I have enjoyed ordering from JUSTFASHIONNOW!

I actually ordered the wrong top, same colors, but different neckline. I quickly contacted customer service and they were able to immediately exchange to the top I preferred!

After having to use PayPal which I hadn't had, the order went through and arrived in a fair amount of time, I liked the dress but it was way too small and I couldn't get it past my head! It is marked with my correct size. Then instead of returning it for another size or a refund (minus shipping) I was informed that it would have to be sent back to China and was offered a few dollars to keep it. I would not order anything else from them.

I replied on line and was discouraged from returning it because of the Chinese location and probable costs of shipping, customs, etc. No figures were given and no address. A 15% of dress price was offered which would be less than $3.00. The dress was cheap to begin with.

Very Unsatisfied
Actually the representative I text with seemed nice but you couldn't give me a satisfactory
Answer about how the clothes run because it is different sizing than we have in the U.S.
According to the representative. I was very unsatisfied with the material of the blouses
I bought. Very cheap, flimsy, etc. When I tried to return it JustFashionNow led me to believe that since
The clothes came from another country it would cost more to return. Therefore they offered to
Give me back 10 or 15% I don't remember which was only a few $. When I filled out the form
To receive money back they said it was denied.

I contacted them when I tried to return my merchandise and they convinced me that I would
be better off just taking the 15% than trying to return it because postage is so expensive.
I consented to the 15% and then got denied.


Misrepresented their products
Very disappointed in the website. The products shown on the website showed quality clothing at a good price. What we received was nothing like what was represented. It was a cheep copy. When I contacted their customer service department, JustFashionNow said that I couldn't replace or return the item because it was on clearance. They should have stood by their product and they didn't. I will not use this site again because I cannot trust their integrity.

They were adamant that there was nothing they could do because the item in question was on clearance. Even though it was nothing like what was illustrated in their website.

My shopping experience was quick and easy and I was...
My shopping experience was quick and easy and I was eligible for a discount as well as free shipping because my order was over $109. The only part that was slightly confusing was that I marked M, or Size 8 on all of the garments I ordered, but in the shopping cart just before time to pay, for one of the garments I ordered, the size stated "plus size". So I'm a little concerned that it might be either way too large, (I'm 5'0 tall), or the other sizes may actually be too small.The measurements on the size chart seemed to match, so I'm looking forward to seeing if the garments fit. I hope so!

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