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Couldn't be happier!
I recently made a large order of blinds and shades for my new home. I wanted to say that made purchasing my blinds and shades so simple. There are so many aspects of the website that I love I can't even list them all!

The order was made, payment made (which was stupid cheap I might add! A big PLUS in my book!), and two days later I got an email stating that the first set of blinds were getting ready to be shipped! All of my blinds and shades got delivered in the time that the website said JustBlinds would.

Upon opening all the blinds and shades, they were a PERFECT fit on the windows they were installed in. They also looked beautiful to boot! One set of vertical blinds I had ordered came with all the proper mounting brackets, but when I went to install them I realized that I had screwed up on my order. I should have ordered outside mount brackets instead of inside mount.

I emailed customer service about the issue, stating that it was totally my fault and was willing to pay whatever I needed to to get the outside mount brackets. Within a couple hours I received an email from a Rebecca stating that the new outside mount brackets would be sent to me at no charge! I responded with a big THANK YOU and then asked when I could expect the brackets. I got a response later that evening from another girl in customer service who said that the brackets had been shipped out already and I should receive them within 5-10 business days, which is perfect since I am moving out of the house they will be shipped to at the end of this month!

All in all, I must say that I am super satisfied with the product, the customer service I received, and how beautiful the blinds and shades turned out to be! Thank you so much Justblinds! I am going to be referring a lot of people to you!

I ordered blinds that came at an incorrect width, when I called JustBlinds refused to let me return them to get blinds that would actually fit. They offered me 20% off my next purchase but then I found out it was an ongoing sale for Presidents' Day anyway and they were not compensating me in any form for the blinds they sent in the wrong size. I spent over $100 for blinds I cannot use and the woman on the phone was absolutely rude. Do not order from here and the material is not even I called they refused to let me return them to get blinds that would actually fit. They offered me 20% off my next purchase but then I found out it was an ongoing sale for Presidents' Day anyway and they were not compensating me in any form for the blinds they sent in the wrong size. I spent over $100 for blinds I cannot use and the woman on the phone was absolutely rude. Do not order from here and the material is not of high quality whatsoever.

I ordered three blinds, one very large (95") one medium (65") and one small (32"). JustBlinds came packaged carefully, no damage. The color (eggshell) was PERFECT. Not a shiny glaring white, but a more subdued' white. The two smaller ones were perfect. Installation was easy with the directions. I did it by myself. The biggest blind hung poorly, with waves and gaps. They were beautiful, just something made incorrectly. I contacted customer service and they asked me to send pictures, which I fully understand. Once they received those, they gladly remade the blinds for me. Second ones were spot on perfect. I've never ordered custom blinds, always bought off the shelf at the big box stores. This was a fantastic experience and I'd recommend just blinds in a heartbeat! Thanks for the good experience. I LOVE my new blinds. And, people notice them. I've gotten lots of compliments on them.

The blinds themselves looks good. I dislike that the valance sticks out so much from the headrail. Know that if you are looking up at the blinds you will see this. It doesn't look great. The instructions that accompanied the blinds were wrong. JustBlinds missed their shipping date and refused to 2 day it even though it was their error. They said it would come damaged that way?

My disappointment is really with the measurement. I ordered them over the phone to make sure I knew the measurements. I was told to give him the final finished measurements, which I did. He neglected to tell me that he was going to tack on the valance which would add more with to my measurement. This now doesn't fit in my window.

Even more disappointing is the fact that they won't fix their mistake. They will give me a 20 percent discount on my next order. I will go elsewhere.

They decided how wide my windows were, apparently.
I ordered 2 sets of blinds... with two separate measurements, so 4 blinds total. Hey hacked off 1/2" off the end of all 4. JustBlinds do not fit appropriately inside the window. It looks like $#*!. Too much space on both sides of the blinds... too much light coming through sides. They should not deduct any measurements... if YOU measure wrong, it should be on YOU. It's your window, right in front of you. You can see what you want. Had I wanted 1/2" of space, I would've ordered down. They offered me a 20% discount to re-order. The blinds don't even close tightly. Big box stores have better quality blinds! If no stars was available, they'd get that but the lowest I can give is 1 star. $300 worth of wood blinds too short. I'll find another company!

Horrible product
The quality of Just products is terrible. Prices seem very competitive and delivery was fair but the actual product has very short longevity. The blinds did not look half bad when new but began having mechanical issues early on. I looked back at my e-mails which showed that I questioned several issues from the get go. One reply from customer service contained the following baloney: "We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us and for the constructive manner in which JustBlinds were given. Feedback like this is very important in our efforts to improve our customers' experience and we appreciate your willingness to pass on your observations. I have taken the liberty of sharing your installation hardware issue findings and thoughts with our vendor liaison and procurement department..." The blather went on with the result being no solution. Eventually they replaced one set under warranty but the rest failed shortly after the warranty expired. I called the company to see if I could send back to factory for repair and was told that there "was no factory to return them to". Evidently they source their product from China. Stay away from this junk. We will never order from them again.

Be wary how you order
Ordered a roller shade, it came in an inch less in width than the 22.5" width I specified. CS said read ordering instructions, shades are going to be a "tad" less than ordered. One inch on 22.5" is not a "tad"!? How hard is it to state on the site when you are specifying dimensions to add a fixed amount to the desired width? CS would only offer a discount on another blind. She also offered to send me the ordering instructions. Thanks. Thanks a lot. It was a $32 blind, neither is going to go broke about it, but losing my business over that is a poor way to run a company. I need to replace hundreds of dollars of blinds in my home, and now JustBlinds will not get my future business nor would I ever recommend them. Caveat Emptor.

Good price, so-so quality, worthless warrant
I ordered eight blinds from this company several years ago. The price is good, but the quality is so-so. Just recently, the cord on one set of blinds broke, which makes it impossible to raise and lower the blinds. has a "limited lifetime warranty," but essentially nothing is covered beyond the first year, as I've just learned.

Why? Because one qualification is that "normal wear and tear" is not covered. What's the point of a lifetime warranty if the things that wear out through normal use are not covered? The answer: there's no point at all.

The CR people are nice enough, but unyielding. I couldn't even get them to give me a discount on buying a replacement set.

Besides the broken cord, I also discovered that the wood has become discolored from the sun (of course, that's not covered either).

UPDATE. I fixed the problem myself. It involved buying a replacement cord and restringing it, which is not as difficult as I thought it might be. I'm still not happy with the company because the "limited lifetime warranty" is still just a marketing gimmick designed to fool their customers. A good company doesn't need to do that. Also, for problems such as the one I experienced, perhaps Justblinds should include "how-to" videos on its site, and sell the replacement products.

Worst experience ever
If I could leave a quarter star I would. That quarter would be for free shipping and that's it. Garbage. I honestly think this company is a scam. From the start we ordered our blinds- blackout for kids' rooms- and while JustBlinds said shipped on Dec 29 they didn't actually get picked up until Jan 12, and another couple of weeks to deliver. Total BS. Then they didn't fit. Not width and not length AND we followed their specifications. Did you know their instructions say the manufacturer shaves a "small amount" from he blinds? We did- no big deal. Factored in except they took off a whole half inch from each blind's width. That's a lot. Not blackout anymore. And the length was too short. So when we called customer service they said they have it on their website that the manufacturer shaves off a small amount, so all they can do for us is offer 20% discount on our next order. Excuse me? The 20% they always offer to anyone who sneezes near their website? BS. So we talked to their escalation department. Same story except this time she tells me the manufacturer takes a half inch off. Well that would have been nice to know. Why isn't that on the website? Long story short- they refused to refund/replace so we are now in dispute with the credit company to get our money back. As for the blinds we received, not only do they not fit but they are complete garbage. For the price we paid I expected quality. No. They are awful. Do not use this company, I beg you. Do not make the same mistakes we did. We got screwed, but you don't have to. It is my mission to make sure this company gets what they deserve after our experience.

Just Blinds automatically reduces the width measurement that JustBlinds asked for.
I ordered two Cellular light blocking blinds.
35 3/8" width
They sent 35 1/16
" inside mount shades will have a small deduction by the factory to fit inside the opening."

I did not learn about this until after I placed my order and they refused to re-cut them or replace them for a refund them. They literally said I am stuck with them. Do not order anything from them because it makes no sense why on an inside mount they would Reduce the measurement for only one reason. To deliberately make sure that if someone did miss measure that it would fit within the window. Anybody who installs these understands you cut it to the exact measurement. It's like telling me we put 16 inch tires on your car even though you asked for 18 because we want to make sure there is extra room it would fit.

It's like saying we don't care what you really need we're going to cut it shorter to make sure it fits even though it's gonna let in more light on a light blocking blind


Unfortunately I've checked reviews after I made my purchase and there are 65 other complaints with the exact same problem. Just Blinds company will be out of business inside of months.

It makes absolutely no sense. But they will keep trying to convince you that it does. I'm not kidding. It really doesn't make sense it's like looking at a white piece of paper and telling me it's black

I ordered, and received, 6 (six) Solar Shades for an...
I ordered, and received, 6 (six) Solar Shades for an inside mount installation. After installing the first shade, we realized that the sides of the fabric did not cover the glass in our windows, even though the fit on the roller mechanism inside the window frame was very tight. The claim blazoned across their Home Page offering a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee", and a Return Policy that explicitly states that if unable to achieve your satisfaction, "we will promptly provide you with a return authorization and shipping instructions", is totally false. This company has a 100% NON-Refundable policy. When I requested instructions for returning the shades, their Sales Rep, Lucrecia, told me: "The shades are not returnable because JustBlinds are a custom size... All of our products are custom sizes... None of our products is returnable because ALL are custom sizes."

Blinds are great but takes forever to get and many complications
Review of faux wood blinds
On April 11,2021 I ordered 5 white faux wood blinds. On April 20th, I received two blinds, then a couple days later one more blind. I contacted Just Blinds that I did not receive two blinds. JustBlinds advised me that we had to wait to see if they showed up.
On April 27th Just Blinds reordered the 2 missing blinds. A couple of weeks later I received one blind. So again I called Just Blinds to advise we were still missing one blind and was told we would have to wait to see if it showed up. Through email communication on May 16th I was advised the last blind was reordered and a shipping date of June 22nd was assigned to the order. So once again, I patiently waited. However on June 22nd I did not get an email with shipping information. So I called Just Blinds again and was informed the factory put a hold on my order and it never shipped. To say I was beyond frustrated doesn't even cover it. But realizing the customer service rep I was speaking with wasn't at fault for this blind saga I reminded polite but pleaded with her for help. After a 16 minute hold I was advised the blind was reordered on an expedited basis. On July 1st the last blind was delivered.
The blinds are packaged in their own box then taped together. I believe the boxes were torn apart in shipping but that is just a guess.
But waiting from April 11th to July 1st for my complete order is terrible.
On a more positive note, I love the blinds. They look great and my husband installed them easily.
Also during my numerous phone calls with customer service, the representatives were always courteous.

I gave the rating 2 stars because the blinds are good quality but too much aggravation getting them.

Worst Customer service ever!
My order never arrived to my house so I called and inquired, left my number and received a call back that JustBlinds would look into it. A call back was never made (despite them having in their notes I requested it) so I called again and left a message. I never heard from again but they still billed my credit card. I disputed the charge but to no avail because they do not require signatures for deliveries. They claim the package was left at my door but there is no mention that my door is on a porch. Additionally, there was someone at the house the day they claim the delivery was made and our dogs would have barked had someone stepped onto the porch. Customer service says, "I am sorry", collects their money and moves on. #shameoneyou

Terrible customer service!
We ordered blinds from this company online and quickly after the order was placed (within 24 hours) we realized we had ordered the incorrect sizes. We called the day after we placed the order (just within 24 hours) but the line was busy and we were not able to speak with a representative. After contacting them again, the automated message said due to large call volumes JustBlinds were no longer taking calls for the day. By the time we reached them (just outside of their 24 hour window) we were told we could not make changes to the order or receive a refund. We now have complete window coverings for our home that do not fit any of our windows and we are out hundreds of dollars. You would think they would have found a way to work with us since the items had not yet shipped. The agent we spoke with was rude and had zero compassion for our situation. Shame on us for not measuring correctly - shame on for not having adequate customer service teams in place to handle their business.

Faux wood blinds
We ordered faux wood blinds for almost our entire house over $1300 with the added expenditure for the warranty. We were assured the blinds would be fine under quilted Roman shades and could withstand the heat. The order arrived promptly. We installed two of the blinds. Within just a few hours in the sun under the Roman shades in Wisconsin mid September, the blinds warped into roller coasters.
When we called Just Blinds the next day, Saturday, we were told to send back just the damaged shades. JustBlinds would not replace the shades that were not damaged.
We waited until Monday to call again. The service person put us through to a design person who helped us chooses cellular shades. We were told to keep the shades we had and a new order was placed.
We never received an order number.
On calls back, we were told there was an IT problem.
When the IT problem lasted for over a week, we were suspicious.
We asked for a manager to call back. No one has called us. Just Blinds has our $1300 and we have unusable shades.
We really were hoping to work this out with Just Blinds. Now we are asking our credit card company to reverse the charges.

I ordered blinds from on 11/10/2010
I ordered blinds from on 11/10/2010. The blinds never shipped, and two different customer service representatives lied about it. JustBlinds keep giving me fake shipping dates, each saying the previous representative "didn't submit the order." I am now trying to recover my money from this scam.

I have read a lot of reviews about this company online, and apparently this used to be a reputable company. But read the reviews from this year. This company has devolved into a scam, using the past positive reviews to trick people into ordering and never delivering blinds at all.

Looks like I will have to dispute the charges on my credit card, and file a fraud complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office.

All I wanted was a small set of blinds for one of my bathrooms, and instead what I got was a huge hassle and NO blinds at all. AVOID THIS SCAM!

Do not purchase anything from this company- total RIP off!
So I have a pair of roller shades that I bought for my daughters room about 7 years ago that are great. I thought I got them from here, but wow, was I wrong! I bought a pair of what I thought were quality room darkening roller shades and JustBlinds turned out to be cheap vinyl that I could purchase in any local store. And I actually asked them before I purchased them if they were a more cloth-like material or a more plasticky vinyl. I was reassured that they were cloth-like. When I received them I saw that they were cheap vinyl and was willing to overlook that until, when I installed them, one of the plastic parts on the end of the shade actually broke off and came crashing down on my head. I contacted justblinds and they said that since I did not purchase the "deluxe warranty" I could not return them or get a refund (I dont even remember being offered that option when ordering and why should I expect something new to break right out of the box?). The only thing they said they would do is send me another part so I could fix it myself. So to recap. I bought brand new blinds, the materials were cheap and defective and I have to fix it myself. Be aware if you order blinds from this company you are basically on your own as they will not fix defective products... But they will send you another cheap part so you can fix it yourself! Totally not worth it... Just order from Amazon!

This was probably our 4th or 5th order with
This was probably our 4th or 5th order with and once again, just a perfect experience. The prices are outstanding, selections are deep and customer service/communication is second to none. Worth mentioning is that, several years ago, a small part broke on a blind that we had for more than 3 years. I called fully willing and expecting to pay a small charge to get the part that I needed. NOPE! Spoke to a representative and THE NEXT DAY I not only had a replacement part, but detailed instructions AND a spare part in case I needed it on another blind that we ordered at the same time. WOW. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we don't even consider the competition. Would give then 6 stars if I could.

No customer service
Received my order for interior mount blinds on Wednesday. JustBlinds sent brackets for an exterior mount system. If you try to use them as a top mount, it blocks the ability to open the window.
I have called each day, wed and thurs I received an automated msg that due to covid they are closed early and call back tomorrow.
Today I called at 11:30am and left my phone on hold for 2.5 hours with no assistance. I tried responding via Facebook as the automated msg states and received no communication. I tried reply to the customer service email and received a response that it is not monitored.
Even the instructions show this being mounted to a wall.
This is a joke I have a $350 shade I can't mount. I'm just so glad I only tried one before ordering for my entire house.

Today is Saturday and I received a call from a courteous rep named Michele. She asked for pics and confirmed incorrect mounting brackets and advised would send new brackets. Will wait and see, update when I have received.

So received an email Monday stating that the company didn't suggest the interior side mount brackets used in their interior mount bracket videos and that I should use the brackets supplied.
I responded and asked again how I was supposed to use these "universal" brackets as they are not to USA standard as they hit the window and keep you from opening the window. I have not had any response to my question. I have called yesterday and today and not got a return call.
Back to utter disappointment as I purchased something that you cannot utilize in America. They acknowledged the defect and the issue with this not being the correct mounting system, but then just go back and say sorry and stop contact.

I adore my blinds
I adore my blinds - I got a set for the bedroom and a set for the living room. I was worried b/c my windows are huge, but these blinds fit them perfectly and were easy to install.

There are two very small, nitpicky things I'd like to suggest:

1. The blinds came with screws for wood window sills and said that screws for metal sills had to be bought separately. It would be great if justblinds could let us purchase the screws for metal sills online so we can be sure to get the right kind.

2. It would be great to have more color options for the 3/4 single cell black out shades - because I love them so much. I noticed there were more options for the 3/8 shades, and it would be nice to have the same amount of options for the 3/4.

Other than those small things (which really are not a big deal at all) the blinds are beautiful. Thank you Justblinds for the great product and the great turnaround time! I cannot believe I bought blinds online and JustBlinds fit so beautifully on my windows!

The purchase we made was to replace the out-dated mini-blind...
The purchase we made was to replace the out-dated mini-blinds at the townhome that we are putting on the market. My realtor was astounded at the quality and price (under $400) to do the entire 3-bedroom unit consisting of 8 windows. The purchase process was made easy with the free samples that were sent to me before making the final decision. Free Shipping was also a HUGE bonus!

The installation instructions were not found readily since it was not packaged in each individual blind. We initially had a problem in identifying the blinds to each room that I had entered during the order process. I repeatedly informed my husband that JustBlinds would be labeled since I had read a review that strongly recommended that you provide a room identifier when you order. It was not until the final 2 were being installed that my husband found the label on the underneath side of the head rail.

Although I had a valance that was an inch shorter than the blind, the replacement item was easy to request and is on its way.

If we get a quick sale on this townhome property it was likely due to the upgrade we made with the window blinds!

You will see me as a repeat customer in the future.

Happy Customer
Over the years I have put 2" wood blinds on nearly every window in my house. I like the look, and JustBlinds never seem to go out of style. In the past, I had always used Hunter Douglas blinds. In my opinion, they are the gold standard for this product.

Recently I finally got around to redoing my last two bedrooms. Only now I find out that Hunter Douglas must have changed their policies. You can only order their blinds from "decorators." In the past, I had been able to order them online and install them myself. I refuse to pay some decorator for something I am quite capable of doing myself. So sorry, HD, you're out! Personally I think this is dumb business decision on their part, but what can I do?

This left me with limited choices. However, I rolled the dice and ordered these wood blinds from Just Blinds. They arrived yesterday and I installed them last night, and I am quite pleased. While not quite the exact quality as HD (ergo my 4 star, rather than 5 star rating), they are pretty good and certainly worth the price. They were packaged well and included all mounting hardware, including screws. And they fit perfectly.

I am more than happy with my purchase, and they are certainly worth the price paid. The key test, of course, will be how they hold up over time. Some of my Hunter Douglas blinds are probably close to 20 years old and they look and function like new. If these hold up the same, I would easily consider upgrading my rating to 5 stars.

I'm surprised at the mixture of reviews of this company. My experience was quite positive and I would recommend them.

I called these guys to get a whole house worth of blinds
I called these guys to get a whole house worth of blinds. The salesperson Kamal asked me to send some pictures and specs. He said he would run it by the design team and get back to me later that day. He didn't get back, so I figured not a big deal he just got busy. Then he didn't get back the next day. So I emailed him the next morning. He replied late in the day that he was sorry and would look at it today. I didn't hear back, so I called in the morning. I talked to another salesperson who was not particularly helpful, but did tell me he would let Kamal know to call me. I never heard back. Screw these guys. That was the worst sales experience I think I've ever had. At least a car saleman will actually discuss the product with you.

Sizing and hardware problems.
I ordered wood blinds. JustBlinds came faster than expected, which was nice. The actual blinds look to be of decent quality. I'm very dissatisfied with the fit and the brackets. For blinds that mount inside the window frame, I now know that they reduce your width by a full half inch. Though the site said to give the measurement at the narrowest part of the window frame, I took off 1/8th of an inch. Between my 1/8th inch deduction and their 1/2 inch deduction, the blinds were 5/8 inch narrower than the narrowest part of the window. What's worse is that they were over 3/4 of an inch narrower where the top frame went into the brackets. Whenever you adjust the blinds, the top bangs from side to side between the brackets. The brackets are so poorly made that the front closing "door" keeps popping open and even falls off. I drilled and added two sheet metal screws to each bracket to hold the door on and keep the shades from shifting side to side. I did not give them one star because it actually could have been worse. They could have arrived late, like many others. Obviously, their customer service was no help.

Dual sheer shades
I bought 14 of these all different sizes and I thought I was going to regret it but thankfully it all worked great, pandemic and slow mail.

First: material, I compared it with a known brand and it was exactly the same for a lot less. I picked silver color (looks a little white. But works on my space). The shades are very light in weight so great for big windows.

Measurements: read and watch the video on how to measure according to your preference ( I chose to mount inside the frames) please be aware of the difference in frames and brackets. I posted pictures for reference hopefully this will help someone. Take your time and double check your measurements down to 1/16in

Shipping: I was told 4 weeks I got them within 2 weeks it was amazing and perfectly on time. Easy to track your package. I received one shipment one day and the rest the next day.

Hanging them, need two ppl maybe one person if the frame are straight line and perfectly squared. It took about 10 mins per window. Easy to medium level.

I can recommend this product based on my experience. I will be ordering 4 more and hope I have the same experience.

Wrong size, poor material and quality
Be careful if you want to order with this company. The quality of the material is poor. JustBlinds delivered a roller shade where two pieces are sowed together ( that results in a thick seam across the shade)
I also ordered inside mounted roller shades, they are not able to tell you how thick the hardware is, that holds the shades. They gave me the wrong measurements, so the shade is too short and doesn't cover the window. I have a three panel slider, so it was crucial the middle piece covers the glass and the hardware sits centered above the frame. After the delivery arrived and i realized it doesn't fit, i called the support, gave them the dimensions, even they couldnt tell me what size to order. Very disappointing.

Great! EXCEPT...
The whole reason I ordered new blinds was for the top down/bottom up feature. I selected all the features I wanted using their "build your own blinds" feature... or so I thought. When JustBlinds came i was excited to put them up. The first one was up when i realized these were not the blind I spent hours measuring, comparing prices of, "building", ordering. No top down/bottom up. I called customer service hoping to fix this issue but because I didn't purchase the deluxe warrenty I couldn't exchange for the upgrade and pay the difference, which I'd have been happy to do. The blinds are perfect and fit perfectly they just lack the feature thay was the point of me purchasing new blinds In the first place... But I'm told by customer service I also couldn't return them for a refund and reorder the correct ones I wanted. I can only order a completely new set of the correct blinds from a retailer who might not even put through the correct order... A waste of almost $900. I'd rather reorder the exact blinds I want from a different seller entirely just for the lack of customer service.

DISHONEST SALESMAN FOR "JUST BLINDS" Bought from them for many years, Back in Nov. 2013 I went online to order three white blinds but couldn't find the same color "white" to match the other ones in my home that I bought from them in 2008. Since we added a room we needed to match the same color white as the rest of the house' but couldn't find that color white online as an option Therefore I called JustBlinds by phone the next day and talked to a gentleman telling him about my problem.He looked up my previous order (around 2008) and told me that he would send me that same color white even though it was no longer listed as an option online so I believed him. When the blinds came in JustBlinds were a dull white (someone locally told me "off white or maybe antique white)). He ltold me that he looked it up and it was not listed on the internet but they had it) The rest of the house is white-white like a sheet of copy paper. I checked the box on the survey indicating the service was very poor. I think the salesman I talked to just wanted to make a sale knowing it was a different shade of white. Don't guess I'll be recommending them again. There went severak hundred dollars down the tube.

Zero Stars, Zero Accountability
I can't submit this review with zero stars but that's what JustBlinds get. THE BIGGEST SCAM! How this company has managed to eke a 2.3 star rating is beyond me! Run far far away and purchase your blinds from a reputable company who actually provides customer service because Just Blinds is precisely the opposite. Unless you purchase their magical warranty, you're not covered for a damn thing, including when they SHIP YOU THE WRONG PRODUCT. I had worked out with a customer service rep to get my order corrected and the new order had been submitted and I was told to dispose of the blinds they sent me which were WRONG. Then a few weeks later, the corrected replacement order was cancelled with no notice or explanation, and now customer service refuses to give me the time of day because I didn't purchase their warranty. Let me fill you in, Just Blinds, a warranty covers product DEFECTS. If you purchase a Toyota Highlander and receive a Toyota Corolla, that isn't a WARRANTY problem, it's YOUR PROBLEM! You want to make it right, Just Blinds? Offer your customers a refund when you screw up and allow them to take their business elsewhere. It should be a red flag to every consumer that there is not a way to provide reviews on their website. They are intentionally silencing all of their irate former customers who have been so scammed with zero effort to make it right. Save your time, effort, frustration, and money, and go elsewhere with your business. My heart truly goes out to the customer service reps at this company whose entire job is literally to tell people there's nothing they can do over and over, day in and day out, until they finally muster the gall to leave and find a company to work for that actually STANDS BEHIND ITS PRODUCT.

Used Only Once, Will Never Use Again! Don't Do It!
Placed an order on Friday, July 17,2020 for two small shutters. Received the confirmation later that day and had a question about how JustBlinds sized it. Emailed the person who took the order... no response the entire weekend. Called Customer Service July 18, keep in mind you NEVER get through to a person. I left my number to have them call me back. That call came in about 2 hours later, I answered the phone and theY dropped the call, the line went dead. So I called them back and put the phone on speaker and just stayed on the line, another two hours plus of my life wasted. In the meantime I'm getting emails from them saying my order is now in production and it can't be changed! Finally someone answers my call, and I explain the situation. This person was in Sales and had to get someone else to help me. I speak with that someone, we confirm the measurements are correct and I say fine, keep the order as is in the system. My confirmation email said delivery would be between 8/14 and 8/19 - here it is 9/1 and no shutters and no idea what's going on. I have left the person who took my order a voicemail and three emails but of course, no response. Called customer service this morning at 11:10AM, again left my number for a call back, and it is now 4:20PM with again, no response. I can't stress enough looking elsewhere for your window treatments. My wife and I have always used Smith + Noble but I went with Just Blinds for this one because they are small bathroom windows and I thought I would give them a try. So sorry that I did... never again, so hope this helps if you're thinking of buying here. I can't stress enough NOT to use this company. I still don't even know if I have an order coming or not.

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Based on 50 reviews from JustBlinds customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 2 stars, indicating that majority of customers are not satisfied with its service.
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Description: With a simplified selection of quality blinds, low prices, plus free samples and shipping, justblinds is the easiest way to buy custom blinds and shades online.

Address: 12335 Kingsride Lane, 77024


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JustBlinds is not registered on BBB. Therefore, this business has no BBB rating and accreditation.

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