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Seems like a scam... we shall see
My dog was acting strangely so I was just looking through posts on JustAnswer. A vet assistant came online and asked me to explain the problem, so I did. THEN JustAnswer ask for a refundable $5 deposit and promise to have a vet read about my dog's problems. I was instructed to press "continue" to make the deposit. I chose to go through Paypal because I'm in the midst of an identity theft problem and won't give anyone my credit card numbers. I thought I was seeing that I had $19 balance in my Paypal account and figured, "that's good... I only need $5". HOWEVER the balance was what JustAnswer was trying to collect. I feel pretty stupid because I rarely use my Paypal account for anything other than eBay purchases. Once I realized that JustAnswer charged me, and received, $19 I was furious. I immediately contested the "purchase" with Paypal and sent JustAnswer a note stating I did NOT agree to a $19 charge and that I will not open any correspondence from a vet until this is resolved. We'll see how legit they are when they refund the full $19 or we'll find out that they really are a scam. I'll update when I have an answer. 3-8-16 As you can see by the answer posted, they are not accepting any responsibility for their misleading practices. At NO TIME did the website ever say there was a $19 charge to have my question answered and at NO TIME did their website ever say there was a different policy for Paypal users. I messaged them through Paypal within minutes of realizing I was tricked. They only responded today because I escalated the Paypal claim when they did not respond to me. I never received an answer to my question, nor would I accept an answer to my question, which I stated in my immediate response to them. They only responded today 3-8-16 because this was the final day Paypal would allow them to respond before finding in my favor. What a pack of crooks! So much for their "No Risk. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

Deceptive sham
I have about 15 years experience with raising and keeping backyard chickens and I wasn't looking for obvious or or superficial advice on poultry health when one of my older hens got sick and I struggled to adequately address her condition. The site of "just answer" came up in a Google search for the specific health issue of my chicken. I thought I would check what level of veterinary advice was given to others. No such luck, the answers to all previous posts were hidden. Never mind, the site advised that an experienced poultry veterinarian, her name and image provided, was online and she would give me advice immediately for a special price of $5. I thought even if get low quality advice, it's worth a try. I paid and then I was interviewed someone who was presented as a highly trained assistant: she would pass the information on to the veterinarian. Even an image of the assistant was provided, but later turned out she wasn't a live person, but a computer. Anyway, the site advised me that now JustAnswer were looking for an experienced bird veterinarian, that took up the rest of the day on a Monday. So there was no veterinarian online and the "assistant" wasn't a live person as presented. On Tuesday a "bird veterinarian" was supposedly already writing an email to me. Thursday she/he was still writing the email according to the site, but that wasn't true either. That's when I called the site and requested a refund. Jason answered my call and he gave me a special offer, a veterinarian would call me immediately for free. I gave it another try and needles to say that nobody called, that was just another unfulfilled promise. I called again on Friday and managed to get a refund. In fairness to the website, at least their phone number and the people who answered the call were real. It was pointed out to me that I was automatically signed up for a $29/month trial after a a week. I'm glad that canceled and got my refund back!

Don't waste your time
I wish I had looked at this review site before signing up with them.

I needed to fix my air conditioner. Looking at some of the conversations of previous users of published in various forums make it sound really good.So I went to their web site. "Ask your question" is how it begins. I did not realize this but the answer comes from the automated computer, not a person. The response asks you to self assess the difficulty of your question and if it is emergency or not. I replied "non-emergency and simple". The response tells you that there will be a charge of $16, "$5 good faith deposit now and $11 after you are satisfied". You pay then JustAnswer tell you that "you will get 10 minutes for the $16 and will be charged additional money if it goes over that time". I had already paid so had no choice, there is no option of saying no at this point. Almost immediately "allheatman" responds saying "Hello, how may I help you". So, I write out my question. Then I am waiting, and waiting and awaiting. Waiting for the person to respond. 30 minutes later, I was still waiting to even get an acknowledgement from him that he was even there or he was reading my question. I was getting tired of the process. So I wrote "forget it, I am cancelling my consult request, consider me a dissatisfied customer". Then I get a reply "I have referred your question to another technician". What a joke.

In spite of the fact that their rules said that I will be charged only if I am satisfied. However they had already charged me the entire $16.

After I emailed to their customer service, they were very prompt to refund the money though.

I think the web site should tell before taking any money that you will be getting just 10 minutes. One definitely cannot fix an AC in 10 minutes, not even trouble shoot it.

Deceptive Billing and practices. (((BEWARE))) Un-secured site!
I went on Just Answer using a FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and got remote assistance for another $5 after refusing the $39 first offer. The tech did some stuff and left me to wait for a download and we disconnected from the remote assistance. Hours later I tried to reach the tech because he did not finish the job and called Just Answer to get what I thought was just going to be the $5 because the problem was not solved but when I went into My Account I had numerous charges. JustAnswer charged me the full rate for the remote assistance and a membership fee and more. So I figured I would milk it for the few days and then saw a "Take advantage of your $5 membership by asking more questions in 150+ categories. You can even ask questions for your family and friends." So I called to look into that deal but I was challenged with, "You on a $5 membership so you can't have that" I told them I am on a Free 7 day trial, he told me the Free trial is $5! Ummm... so when did free become $5? So I looked at My Account and saw no $5 fee for the Free Trail but I apparently can't get the $5 Membership. All in all stay away because there is too much deception. Also the sight is un-secure as well, I noticed in the address bar. Also every time you post a question or response to your MIA missing tech(s) they charge you $18. So when your thinking you connecting back with your tech and say, Hello are you still there?" that's $18 then you get a email and text that the tech responded back to you but you see nothing so you write," I see you responded back to via texts and email but I see no message coming through" Boom another $18 and this goes on and on because you keep getting emails and text messages sent to you saying you got a response and nobody is there. Just stay away...

One slick scam
I was having trouble accessing my email; in fact, it was impossible. Since I didn't know what to do, I check online and found "Just Answer" My question to them was, I'm unable to access my email, can you help me?

Before I could get an answer to my question, I was offered *******@200.00 yearly fee for protection of my computer. I kept insisting that my problem was accessing my email account, and that I did not need anything else, and finally, I hung up on him.

In the meantime, I paid the required $5.00 "fully refundable" deposit. When I checked my credit card statement, I was charged $42.00 on top of the $5.00 "fully refundable" deposit. When I discovered this, I wrote those scammers a statement JustAnswer should never forget, and I cancelled my credit card. Who knows what else they might be up to?

So, today, I have a new credit card, I've made an "unauthorized charge" complaint with my bank, and now, I'm writing this stellar review. I decided to eat the $5.00 "fully refundable" deposit, but I have no idea what the $42.00 charge was for. I figured that the rep I talked to earned $5.00 for the time he spent arguing with me. I hung up on him before he could refer me to the "expert:", whom I figured would give me the same runaround.

So, I hope they feel satisfied with my ex- $5.00. I'll never do this again. Good luck to you raters who gave this outfit 5 stars!

Fake photos
I got two answers from doctors that seemed like decent answers, but I found both of their pictures for sale on stock photo sites. So I now think JustAnswer are not real doctors. And there is no other information about the doctors, such as where they practice, what their experience or education is.

Just Answer Platform for Billing Millions Without Really Providing a Service
I went to Just answer looking for assistance with my dog. I asked them one question and the vet JustAnswer provided, the only one, wasn't in the country, didn't know and told me to take my dog to a vet locally. The guy was absolutely clueless. Well I forgot to cancel my account and when doing my yearly budget discovered that they were still billing me under Dr. Expert on my credit card statement. I contacted them immediately as I definitely wouldn't use their service for veterinary assistance ever again and requested to cancel. They just charged my card yesterday. The first chat, they lied and told me that my account didn't qualify for refund by their policy. I was only asking for the last charge as I should have been paying attention, while upset about the nearly $150 in charges for no services rendered, I felt I had some responsibility. The chat agent told me that they don't give refunds by policy, that I had to cancel before the trial ended. I went and read their policy and discovered deep within their policy I found the cancelation and refund terms where it states there are no refunds or partial refunds if canceled in the "middle" of a billing period. I was able to get my last charge refunded by this second text. However, one very incredible person in my life once told me, and I believe she is correct, if a company has to rope you in for a membership without consideration then chances are they aren't behind their own product and are doing it just for the auto billing in order to take millions from online shoppers. I believe this to be true about Just Answer. I believe as a consumer, a good product that offers a free trial should provide a free trial if they really stand behind their product, and do so without strings or hidden small print membership autoenrollments. If you're looking for answers I would recommend going to the services that actually provide the answers such as Prepaid Legal or Ask a Nurse through your healthcare plan, local hospital or even experts that focus in that one general area with verifiable credentials. Here is the final chat with Just Answer's representative. I really hope it helps individuals prior to making that purchasing decision with companies like this that continue to force on consumers their subscriptions.
Me: I just chatted with someone when I found out you were billing my credit card. I asked for a refund of the last billing and was told there were no refunds. She then pushed a policy link. I read your policy and specifically it states: No Refunds except as set forth herein. Memberships that are cancelled in the middle of the payment period will not have pro-rated billing, refunds or other credits. It is not the middle of a billing period. It is the beginning you just charged my card. I want it refunded.
Ronalyn R, Customer Care Agent
I understand your concerns regarding billing. Can you provide me your email so I can pull up and check your account?
Me: ***
Ronalyn R, Customer Care Agent
Please give me a moment to locate your account. Further, you provided no information in the welcome message about no refunds or a policy of no refunds. You simply said I could cancel at any time. You've charged my card three times for no service. I am asking you refund the last billing as it is NOT "IN THE MIDDLE OF A BILLING PERIOD"
Ronalyn R, Customer Care Agent
One moment please. I'm still checking here. Thank you for waiting. Although your payment is not eligible for a refund under our terms of service, as a courtesy to you we have refunded the membership payment for you.
Me: I would like to confirm some information with you. Why is my account not subject for a refund when your terms which I have posted above state that you don't give refunds or partial refunds in the MIDDLE of a billing period and it is clearly not the middle?
Ronalyn R, Customer Care Agent
You will receive an email confirmation within the next 2 hours.
Me: I would like my questions answered, please. Why does my account not qualify for the refund?
Ronalyn R, Customer Care Agent
I honestly don't know, we are just following JustAnswer's policy.
Me: But you're not
The Customer Care agent is no longer online. If you still have questions or need help, please email *******

Saved me trip to the mechanic.
Both of my turn signals went on Friday while driving in traffic only to turn back on later Friday night. Same thing on Saturday. I didn't want to deal with a mechanic for what seemed to be a minor issue.

Via Google I learned it MAY be my turn signal, hazard lights relay. So I crossed my fingers and bought one. However, I couldn't reach deep inside the passenger side dashboard to remove, replace it.

Thank heavens I found Just Answer. The mechanic told me what to do and within a short time, the new relay was in place and working. So far, the problem has been fixed, time will tell.

I'll certainly use this service again and will recommend it to others.

I would have given it 5 stars but the site does not clearly communicate some info to customers. Case in point, I must register to post my review. Hey, tell me this first not after I hit the "Submit your review" button.

And when I was prompted to pay the initial $5 to use their service, the PayPal page I was sent to DID NOT tell me JustAnswer were going to pull the entire fee of $5 plus the $28 for the mechanic's time. The phone support team explained it was posted when making a credit card payment but that doesn't help PayPal users. Customers don't like surprises.

However, this is fixable and does not reflect on the service I received from the mechanic.

Subscription automatically made that bills you monthly without you knowing / approving!
I worked for JustAnswer beginning in 2008, I was happy to help people, however JustAnswer have an unethical yet apparently legal "scam" of automatically enrolling everyone in a monthly subscriprion and 95$ of the customers never know this until months later they notice a charge for JustAnswers every month, many never notice for years and JustAnswer refunds 90 days if you go through the ordeal of cancelling, this is how they maintain a BBB rating, any company that works with complaints and joins BBB gets an A rating.
This "problem" has existed forever and they have done zero to change the website so this does not happen, why would they? Imagine all the money they collect monthly for doing nothing and with no expert to split the money with as no questions are asked.
New experts that have experience and provide help evidenced by the fact customers accept their answer are considered a threat by existing sub par experts, they are subjected to peer reviews that are negative and fake accounts made to ask questions just to rate the new expert badly which really ruins the new experts percentage rating, if you only have a small number of customers and get 1 bad rating a 100% goes to 90%, they do the same thing but in reverse to "pad" their own ratings, they make several accounts using a subscription for $30 to $60 a month allowing unlimited questions that they use to ask themselves questions every day and answer them then rathe themselves with 4 stars, the highest rating.
This has been brought to the attention of the administration however they are unwilling to correct the abusive treatments and tactics of the embedded sub par experts used against competent new experts.
New experts are encouraged to answer questions they get but also from a list of questions answered by an expert but remain unaccepted by the customer, if the new expert can add something that provides a service to the customer that usually means the answer is accepted, this made the embedded sub par experts furious1 they consider that a theft and make no secret of it or their abusive tactics to insure the sub par experts are the only ones that exist on Just Answer for very long in most cases. Never use a credit card use a debit card that was pre paid so they can not steal money from you! Funny how a webiste of thousands of expeets has no answer for how to stop billing customers without their knowledge, it would cut their profits by a huge degree of they did, many online sites use this barely legal tactic to ensnare unwitting customers into an ongoing monthly billing of usually around $60 so that often times they are never discovered for years and many never are.
Reverse search the experts images and many are European actors in stock photos1

Never a Good Experience
I have used this service twice, once voluntary and the other not. The first time I called to get an answer to what, I thought, was a pretty common question. Quickly I found I already knew more about the question and possible solution than my "expert" did. I, after spending too long just trying to get him to focus I threw in the towel and said 'thanks but no thanks.' Of course I asked for my deposit back but 'surprisingly' never received it. I knew than that these were just a bunch of hacked together out of job has beens who could never be expected to know more about a solution than I did before I called. The second time I was tricked into calling them because their web listing made it look like JustAnswer were the hired guns for a particular product. When I had to spell the name of the service I was calling about I looked at the URL closer and realized who I called. Slam went the receiver and my pain was over, mercifully. The bottom line is do not call them, ever. You would be better waiting for divine inspiration for your answer than calling these bums. It may be a good idea gone horribly bad or just a bad idea dreamed up by someone in a heroin induced mind bending sleep. Look very closely at any URL that promises you expert help and if you see their name, run, don't walk, away from the listing.

No more frustration. No more time wasting...!
On applying for a new passport I was asked to produce a copy of my parents marriage certificate
JustAnswer were married in 1947... I spent literally hours pc trying to find the right government office that deals with births. Deaths and marriages... then I had to find the correct form to fill in (married before a certain date was not the same form as married after this date etc etc etc...)
So once I had filled everything in - ouf ' my form was refused because I did not know the geographical details of where they were marrie and both parents being dead this information was not easy to find. I had to go back into a government link to fill in a form to find out this information... I was tearing my hair out at this stage and despairing of ever finding out and never getting a new passport. And then on my pc screen appeared JustAnswer with all sorts of amazing promises: you will have a reply to your question in 10 minutes to 24 hours...
I was sceptical and thought it was a true scam but as I said before. I was at my wits end
So I paypal'd the 38 requested for the research to find the answer to my question and within 3 hours the. Answer was in my email box... and there was the place they were married and I learnt a couple of things I never knew before like I had always been led to believe they had married in Ireland but nope, the event took place in England... well well well!
S a HUGE thanks to Schuyler of JustAnswer for treating my question so speedily and she was so human in our written exchanges: definitely not a robot!
The best vzlue for money and I would recommend the site to anyone and everyone who needs to find something out and needs answers to whatever their question may be

Beware using JustAnswer! And your account can only be DISABLED not completely cancelled and removed!
. 17. 4. 19 Don't know where to start because so many things are wrong about this service!
1. JustAnswer take money out of your account BEFORE they provide a service - as in $40 for a phone call I ordered but then changed my mind and cancelled. The money was eventually refunded 2 working days later but it took 4 working days to appear in my bank statement.
3. I did not get a chance to give a review on the person who answered my question as I was embroiled in trying to sort out all these other issues, and when I went to give the review I found that a 5 star rating had been registered by the JustAnswer system. I was not able to change the rating.
4. I had to contact Customer Care to ask for my JustAnswer account to be DELETED but when you check online, it only says that the account has been DISABLED! This leads one to believe, that the account can still be ENABLED. It should be completely DELETED!
26. 4. 19 They sent me a message -after I posted the above comment on Trust Pilot - that they had now deleted all my account details with them.
That means you have to escalate a request - further, and in addition to your original request to cancel your account - to have your account DELETED. If you don't, then your account remains disabled with your bank account details still accessible.
They told me I had to reset my settings on my computer by deleting the cookies - why should I have to go through all of this?
So I did!
And then I had to contact my internet provider to get my passwords reset to access my WiFi!

Vague, Vague, Vague, no response to questions on pricing. Left hanging for 7 minutes, keep far away
Your Question: I cannot seem to find anything on how much your service costs.
Pay what you want? What does that mean? Subscription prices, where is this information located
Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Samantha L. - Customer Service
15:16Samantha L.: Hello and welcome to! How can I help you?
15:16Randy Kozoris: I cannot seem to find anything on how much your service costs.
Pay what you want? What does that mean? Subscription prices, where is this information located
15:16Samantha L.: Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, I was not able to find an account using the information you provided. Do you have another email address your account could be associated with?
15:17Randy Kozoris: I don't have an account, I am researching your service
15:17Samantha L.: Hello and welcome to! How can I help you?
15:18Randy Kozoris: I don't have an account, I am researching your service
15:19Randy Kozoris: Is there anyone out there?
15:21Randy Kozoris: I think I have my answer, there is no service here, why so vague in pricing?

I'm thoroughly disappointed with the misrepresentation of this. Business. Not only was my credit card debited with £5.00 - despite being informed on live chat confirming my credit card WOULD NOT be. Multiple emails requesting an explanation are repeatedly ignored. No response from this business. Worse than that - I received absolutely no benefit whatsoever post-fraudulent payment! The ‘so-called' technician on the live-chat sent me the link to pay the £5.00 - the minute he flicked the switch - he ditched me and went completely offline... despite multiple attempts I was unable at all to make contact subsequently on the live-chat line. Leaving mr with no further technical support whatsoever. To add insult to injury - I was subjected to fake texts to my mobile phone with links embedded that did not connect to ‘so-called' assistance enabling the set/up of my printer.
I have every intention of uploading this disparaging feedback to every social media and business forum available to me to safeguard others from being duped by such blatant sheer scam-mongering. I shall also be seeking recourse to financial services on the back of false assurances confirming my credit card would not be deducted. Be warned and stay away from this exploitative ‘Robin Hood' tactics business.

Should be called JustScamwebsite
JustAnswer is a scam. I was using Google to try to figure out a problem with my car's ignition, and happened to find a link to JustAnswer where I supposedly paid a licensed mechanic $1 to answer my question. Little did I realize as I clicked away that the small print told me I was also signing up for a $34/month membership to keep this useless mechanic on retainer. Like, sure, anybody on earth actually wants to pay $34 a month to constantly ask questions about their car! Sane people everywhere do that!
I didn't realize for about 7 or 8 months that there was this mysterious $34 charge popping up on my credit card each month. Sure, that's partly on me for not paying close enough attention to my credit card statements. But still, life gets hectic sometimes, and we occasionally have other priorities besides carefully examining our monthly credit card statements to make sure predatory scammers like JustAnswer aren't screwing us over for $34 every month.
Then when I tried to cancel the membership, JustAnswer sent me a response saying how they were sorry to see me go, and that they totally weren't a scam website at all. The next month, the $34 charge appeared on my credit card again. So overall, it looks like so far I've given about $270-300 to this useless scam company, all in return for one answered question (incorrectly, as it turns out). What a f***ing bargain!

My experience with just answer... if I could give less than one star I would.
Awhile back I decided to pose a question regarding my dog to JustAnswer. The end result was I lost just under $20 for my effort. I'd started the questionaire process where JustAnswer get your credit/debit card info and a brief summary of what my question was all about regarding my dog's health. A guy initially came on and introduced himself as a veterinarian and asked if he could be of assistance. Who JustAnswer eventually put me in touch with was a vet's assistant... not a veterinarian. So before this person had any chance whatsoever to answer my question regarding my dog's health I clicked away from the site. This person only came on and said her name and that she was a vet's assistant and that she'd be helping me with my question. That is when I left the site. JustAnswer deducted $17.50 from my account for this "transaction". I never received any type answer whatsoever. Nothing at all. Which was good news to me as I felt very much misled by a so called veterinarian coming up on my screen and asking if he could assist me and when I posed my question it was dumped off to a "vet's assistant". The opinion of a vet's assistant is not what I paid for. This person was not qualified in any way to provide me with any kind of a proper and correct answer. Not one thing against a vet's assistant or any type assistant at all. However... just because you stitch Nikes in Malaysia doesn't mean that you're a star in the NBA. So I called JustAnswer and spoke with a guy for roughly 20 minutes and he told me that he had transcripts of my entire experience and was looking them over. This person issued me a full refund right then and there. Two days later I noticed that the money had once again been deducted from my account. I contacted JustAnswer by email and received a reply from a person there telling me that I got what I paid for... an answer. The problem is... I didn't. As stated earlier I never received any type answer whatsoever... nothing. I never spoke with nor wrote back and forth one word with the "vet's assistant" that came up on my screen. I left the site before they could rightfully take money from my account. In summary I would advise anyone that reads this review to think twice before they contact JustAnswer. As far as I'm concerned JustAnswer is a scam operation. Nothing more. Nothing less. We care about our pets. We love them. So we go to a site like just answer and "Dr. Andy... a real veterinarian" introduces himself and we feel good about the fact we're going to receive a professional opinion to our question... only to have a vet's assistant come on and tell us she will be handling your question. So before you buy into this site... just remember you're more than likely NOT going to get an answer from a REAL veterinarian... or a REAL mechanic... or a REAL professional in whatever field that your question falls under. You will most likely get their "assistant"... not even close to what you were led to believe in the beginning. And when you realize that you're paying good money to receive an answer from an assistant you leave the site only to be charged whatever amount of money they decide to charge you. Avoid this site at all costs. It truly doesn't get any worse than this.

Forget these people!
I am a senior citizen on a limited income and had minor trouble installing a Roku stick. While trying to find information about this Roku product, Just Answer popped up so I thought it was associated with Roku somehow. I saw a $1 fee and thought I could afford that. So I gave them my bank card number. BIG MISTAKE. JustAnswer charged me $46. When I contacted them asking for a refund, I received the following reply:
Thank you for contacting JustAnswer and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention so that we can deal with this.
I can certainly understand your concern and your frustration over your charges and why you would be requesting a refund, however, I must remind you that you are not eligible for a refund.
We are very upfront to new visitors when they visit our site regarding the fees associated with the service. Before a customer is able to submit their question, they must agree to the $1 join fee as well as the monthly membership fee.
I can assure you that we've taken action to cancel your membership preventing any charges from occurring in the future.
I hope this clarifies our service for you and our stance regarding your refund request. However, should you have any other questions for us, please let us know and we'll be glad to help.
Pearl Wilson
Ticket Details
Ticket ID: QDT-670-78765
Department: Reply@ Tickets
Type: Issue
Status: Closed
Priority: Low

These con artists probably make a good living stealing, and that's what this is, from those of us who aren't always paying close attention.

My advice: Give your bank card info to Amazon and Walmart only!

JustAnswer-One big scam!
I want to alert everyone who decides to register and obtain service from JustAnswer.:
• While the company claims that all the "expert's" credentials are verified, JustAnswer are not transparent about the process of verification and methodology.
• JustAnswer is not liable or accountable for any consequences caused by wrong answers the "expert" gives you. Basically, if the antique expert in the mood to decide that the painting is genuine and gives you an estimate of what in practice happened to be wrong, nor JustAnswer nor expert are liable for the losses you carried in the result.
• JustAnswer constantly changes the terms of reference. You can easily track this information from the multiple available internet archives.
• While Terms of Reference describes the dispute mechanism it never worked in practice as in order to start the dispute the company must respond to you in writing and JustAnswer never responds to you.
• Please read the JustAnswer terms of reference before you proceed with the payment for the services. Once you read it you will understand that there is no guarantee or protection against any mistakes caused by the "expert". Also, please read the definition of "Expert" the JustAnswer determined in the Terms of Reference.
Save your money and don't be tricked!

I proposed the" ANSWER TO MY QUESTION"; "upon submission"...
I proposed the" ANSWER TO MY QUESTION"; "upon submission" regarding "how to get soap out of my little puppy's right eye. (Note: The only time it has ever happened!). I made it very clear that if I was not given a faster and better answer than what I had mentioned; then I would just take the pup to the vet in a few short hours - I further explained that I did not plan to pay for "THE EXACT ANSWER, which I had submitted; as I already knew of ''that particular answer'! Their response was exactly what I told them I WOULD NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED; if JustAnswer couldn't give me a BETTER AND FASTER RESPONSE! The answer was not acceptable! It was EXACTLY WHAT I EXPLAINED I WOULD NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING I CONSIDER "an unfair charge!" I specifically informed them that I would not be pleased nor would I pay for without a charge. I WILL NOT; AND NEVER REFER THIS WEBSITE TO OTHER PERSONS, In times of emergency! They DO NOT Practice with the hope of returning customers! They do not care about their reputation and repeat business. It is a shame that we (the customer) must pay the price - and a "business keeps making money; without giving real help for those of us who need it quickly in a form of emergency situation". It is a sad, sad world. A VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER :( VERY SADDENED BY THIS PRACTICE.

Amazing Veterinarian helped us on a Sunday, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I would recommend the online Veterinarian Service to anyone needing immediate assistance from a Veterinarian without any hesitation. Deb, the Veterinarian I spoke with was excellent, she knew exactly what type of trap I was talking about that my dog had been caught in for such a long time. She knew exactly what to tell us to do.
We did exactly what she said and, and it's only been three days since the incident and our fur baby is doing great! Thank you Deb, our online Veterinarian!
I've included the story of what happened to our dog before my review for you to read and know just how panicked were were and how in need of an immediate Veterinarian on a Sunday we were.
Our dog was with us in our yard one minute, and gone the next. We live in an area of a small town where our neighbors are very spread out and woods separate most of us. Or dog had been missing for over thirty hours. The next day we're were outside again and she came wondering into our yard with an enormous lump under her throat the size of two softballs. It appeared to be a hematoma to me and our neighbor that is an RN. We found out that our sweet dog was baited and caught in a Snare trap by a neighbor. Snare traps are usually a death sentence for dogs. He left her in it intentionally for over twenty hours. He actually pulled up in the driveway right after she got home and told us this. He said he was going to shoot her, but decided to cut her loose.

Richard, a proven expert almost beyond belief.
Telstra, in Australia, is a privatised Telco which virtually dominates the Australian market. It is well respected. An IT "expert", claiming to be Telstra trained, offered the following Google advice to those wishing to extend the ring time on their mobile phones, which are mostly factory set to 15 seconds.

For Android: To extend your ring time, you'll need to make a note of and then dial a code involving your forwarding number. Dial *#61#. It will display the number the calls are
Forwarded to and the current ring time. Write down the forwarding number.

Dial **61*+1xxxxxxxxxx*11*30# (where xxxxxxxxxx is the number displayed previously and 30 is the new ring time you can pick 15, 20, 25 or 30). Dial *#61# to check the new

End result: Ring time extended to 30 seconds but voicemail invited
Callers to leave a message and I would call them back. I could not receive
Calls. I wrestled with Google, phone plan providers and phone suppliers over
Four days, without avail. No one seemed to want to know about my problem. My
Google search ultimately led me to Just Answer and I discovered Richard, Android Expert. Just Answer is US based. For a nominal cost, within a few hours I was put in touch with Richard. Recognising my phone dilemma, i. E. I couldn't receive calls which was his modus operandi, he text me one question and within ten seconds of my reply he supplied a code which restored my phone to its normal operating mode.

This comment is unsolicited. No reward has been offered nor expected.

Jack Woodward, a very happy customer.

Good advice, poor customer service and charges
Went in to my existing account, JustAnswer automatically signed me up for membership with a rin curing monthly charge... thankfully I noticed it before the expert advice session was through. Charged me the initial $5 charge TWICE, followed by the $19 for my question. My question on electrical was too in depth to do via chat so I asked if they could call me. At no time did they mention this to be an extra charge of $24 so now the "real" charge is $48, after I get my extra $5 back, which is more than I could have hired an Ian to swing by and spend the 5 minutes to fix.

We go here for "expert" advice because we ar NOT experts so there are times on certain projects that we really need be talked through, to make sure it is done correctly. Who wants an electrical fire?

Now I'm arguing with them about the extra $5 they say they didn't charge me. It's been posted to our account so I sent them a screen shot of our statement so they can explore their incompetance!

I received good advice and we got the wired reconnected correctly so everything works. My problem is with the site and how you navigate through it for help. It is not intuitive unless you've used the site a few times. This was my second time in almost a full year... and my last!

The site employs fraudsters posing as lawyers, using...
The site employs fraudsters posing as lawyers, using photo images of lawyers.
Three of the site's biggest lawyers: ELI, FIVESTAR LAW, INFO LAWYER are merely internet photo images used to conceal the real identity of the supposing lawyer.
Perhaps JustAnswer are lawyers, but then what do they have to hide?
Something is a miss.
Here IS Eli lawyer: or GENEROUS MATURE LAWYER />

Http :// images. Google. Ie/imgres? Imgurl=http :// thumb10. Shutterstock. Com/thumb_small/580318/101909143/stock-photo-businessman-with-arms-crossed-10190... Jpg&imgrefurl=http :// www.shutterstock. Com/s/cross-armed/search. Html&h=100&w=80&sz=3&tbnid=duIdPmweXHdatM&tbnh=87&tbnw=69&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%26... />
The point remains these imposters and have taken millions of your dollars and you for a ride.
If you have lost your divorce, house, business, because of incompetent trickery.

I had a complicated question that took experts from two different fields
My question was about end of life care and wanting a document that basically says if find me unconscious just leave me alone. At first JustAnswer sent me to Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott told me that a DNR means that medical personnel will do all they can to save you up until the point your heart stops at which point nothing more is done. My sister had a DNR and was in the hospital when she was given dilaudid. Within seconds my sisters vital signs began to decline. Our mother ask what was going and the nurse explain my sister was having a reaction to the dilaudid. Our mother ask if the nurse would do something and the nurse replied, no. The nurse said with DNR's they simply let nature take it course. Our mother then told the nurse to forget about the DNR and save her daughter. Narcan was given and my sister was saved. I thought it was odd that you could interpret DNRs in different ways. After speaking to Dr. Scott he told me to go to an attorney to have both a DNR and a living will made. So, I had to pay JustAnswer twice. A local paramedic told me all I need to do was get a tattoo on my chest with the initials DNR and have a medical alert necklace so they could call medicalert and verify that I had a DNR and living will. Another thing I thought was is when I ask to speak to an attorney they wanted to know exactly where I lived to make sure the attorney was familiar with the laws in NC. When they directed me to a doctor justAnswer never bothered to ask where I live.

Greedy company. Basic vet advice.
I signed up for the $1 free week trial because my dog was having breathing issues. I used the vet advice for a couple of hours going back and forth through text with the vet JustAnswer assigned to me. My dog ended up dying from cancer and I had been going through all of this during my free trial. I forgot to cancel my membership when the trial ended because I was catering to my dog in her last days and putting her down. They then charged me $31. I asked if they could refund because I only used the service once and obviously didn't need it because my dog was now dead. Back and forth through email they let me know I'm not eligible for a refund and I can still use the service until 9/8 when my membership will end because they cancelled it for me. What use would I have for the membership when my dog has died? I have a young child and $30 may not seem like a lot to some but that's gas or dinner or diapers. This company prays on people forgetting about their trial. Amazon refunds you same day if you call and say you didn't know your trial ended. This vet company needs to do better. They are greedy for money, unsympathetic, and inconsiderate of any circumstance. Go anywhere else for vet advice, don't even give them your $1.

I am one of the experts on the site
I am one of the experts on the site. I won't say what category I work in, but I do answer a ton of questions. I will say that the vast majority of these negative reviews I have read are because people either don't know how to use the site, or some other reason. You can post a one time question, and get an answer. The site does try to sell subscriptions from what I understand, but if you read what you are clicking on, you can avoid that. JustAnswer are also very good about giving refunds. Aside from that, I cannot comment on billing issues as I just answer questions in my category.

What people don't always realize, is that we're not all doctors, lawyers, mechanics and appraisers sitting in a room together. We answer questions in our off time, while at home, work, etc. Yes, there may not be anyone online at 2am to help you fix your Honda... and no one may answer for days. That happens. Sometimes, your questions are so rare, unusual, odd or specific to you that we cannot answer them (No, I cannot say with 100% accuracy that the rock in your front yard is/is not from the moon!).

Like anyone, we expect to get paid for our work. Some people are thieves. They take our answers and run, and never pay us. Some people never come back to view the answers. Its not a perfect system, but it works.

Rating Should be a ZERO!
I am a Tour Boat Captain. Saturday December 4th during a tour, I had an issue with Navionics-a Garmin Navigation product. Just Ask/Answer was unsuccessful in correcting the problem but further succeeded in loosing all my routes in Mobile Bay and The Delta Region in gulf coast Alabama for the last 6 years. Then Incorrectly gave me a support number for Garmin/Navionics. This number was a country code for Ireland and South Africa. My First Mate was able to find a Tech Support number and I sent it to the Just Answer Tech and asked for my money back including the 1.00 fee, as of today 12/9 I have not received credit for this. Its not the 1.00, It is the fact that I lost 6 years of tidal related navigational data and courses. His suggestion that I uninstall and reinstall the app deleted ALL saved navigational information, which I questioned before I did it. This was a FATAL error on his part according to The Garmin/Navionics Tech who was able to retrieve one navigational course from May of 2016. The amount of navigational data that I lost was PRICELESS. Other Captains had relied on my for up to date data on these courses. I am still in the process of retrieving and taking the boat out to retrace all these areas. The Rating should be a ZERO! JustAnswer do not even rate a 1 star. This is going to be a time consuming and expensive fix! I have estimated about 8-10K dollars in time and fuel. I still don't have my dollar back.)*&^(^%*%^$& Worthless!

Answers, not solutions.
I received a quick answer to a diagnostic problem with a refrigerator. I told the guru what I was experiencing, what I had investigated with the problem, and what I suspected the solution was and wanted to be second guessed. I was told my line of thinking was completely correct and asked to rate so he could get paid. When I received the parts and switched them out, the problem persisted. I said I wondered if I had a bad part or is there something else I missed. He agreed it was a bad part. I got a new part and nothing changed. After doing extensive research I discovered I had made some assumptions in my original diagnosis (inside fans not running) that were false (inside fans turn off when doors are opened to conserve energy). Any real technician would have known the fans don't run when the doors are open and should have educated or second guessed me and steered me in the right direction. Turns out rather than being the control board it was a simple temperature sensor. When I asked how I could check the operation of the temperature sensor with a voltage probe I got no answer.

So basically I paid money for a yes-man to pat me on the back and agree with me multiple times instead of a tech to walk me through the process and identify where I was going wrong. In the end I got an "answer" but not a solution. I also spent $300 on parts I didn't need based on the confidence that a "guru" agreed with my flawed line of reasoning completely. If I ever use this service again, which is unlikely, I definitely won't be pressured into rating my answer before I'm sure it was the correct one.

Edit 6/5/16: I added a star to my review because I was contacted by customer service and offered a refund at least. Believe it or not, I decided not I to take them up on it. After reviewing the conversation with the tech, even though he didn't point me in the right direction the person did take the time to find an exploded parts diagram, a link to the parts, and a couple of other things. Even though it didn't ultimately solve the problem at least I feel there was enough added value to the process not to ask for a refund. I guess one needs to have the proper expectations going into this: you're going to get some quick answers, not an extended saga over days as you try different things. Also, it's incredibly hard to diagnose appliances remotely without being able to see them. I still feel like the person could have done more to point me in the right direction, but at least he added value to the process.

Gave me just the answer I needed on my burned-out furnace blower motor
I contacted JustAnswer because the blower motor on my furnace stopped blowing air, which meant I couldn't use my AC, and I wanted to confirm that it was the motor that was bad and not something else. A local HVAC company had come in and said the circuit board was bad, saying the cooling side wasn't getting power. JustAnswer said it would be $1300 for a new circuit board, plus $900 for a new blower motor if that was bad too. They also suggested I consider replacing my entire system ($8-12k) with something "more reliable" since it's 18 years old.

The other day I replaced the run capacitor, since that's a common problem and a cheap fix, which worked for half a day but then the motor stopped turning again. The motor still seemed spin reasonably freely by hand, as is often the case when motors go bad, so I wasn't sure if that was the cause. Probably the new capacitor gave the motor a little more life but it was still on its way to burning itself out. Anyway, Brian helped me verify it was was the motor and NOT the circuit board, by showing me where to hook up the leads on my voltmeter and confirm the motor was getting 120V.

Thanks to my advice through JustAnswer, I got an exact replacement motor this morning from an appliance parts store, spent half an hour putting my furnace back together, and everything is working perfectly! My total cost for this (including the motor, the capacitor and JustAnswer's advice) was about $200. A better diagnosis than the local HVAC people had given me and my cost was one-TENTH what they quoted (not even counting the many thousands more they wanted to charge me for a new system. Thank you thank you thank you!
The #1 complaint is their "accidentally" selling everyone a subscription or blaming the customer for being unable to decipher the doublespeak that bar associations have concluded is gibberish and incongruent, contradictory and not something JustAnswer recommend a lawyer being involved with as advice is clearly not given although they post ads as if it is advice!
Nothing has ever done to alter the website so to not sell everyone a subscription
And by cooperating with the BBB once that has been initiated by the customer then JustAnswer will refund up to 3 months, however typically I saw 18 months average before somebody noticed a $60 billing every month!
It is a tremendous windfall of cash for doing nothing and 99% have no idea they bought a subscription! To troubleshoot say a car or furnace, you enter a texting ping pong game but the game is at turtle speed and no live video or phones just texting via remite with a 10 minute delay if lucky between interactions, many times much longer. The established experts are sub par for the most part as they have learned to make fake accounts and use a debit card and ask a high value question to bait a new expert who is a bit too smart for their tastes as he is "stealing" their money they say and think! says to new experts, if unaccepted questions are listed and you have something meaningful to add that will help the customer and get the acceptance please feel free!
However when you do and if you are smart, the smarter you are the worse off you are as they will conspire to, ake accounts and act obtuse and rate you badly which ruins the percentage rating and they pad their own via the same method however they get a subscription which is allegedly unlimited, however this makes no sense fiscally as the numbers do not make sense, anyways they ask themselves how old a furnace is 400 times a year with several fake accounts on subscription at $60 a month! So they amass 19,000 satisfied customers with a high 90% rating which on a website that s policy is if you are not happy you do not pay the expert, easily 30% never plan on paying any body ever!
Only thing is JustAnswer, com, aka already has it, they just do not give 1/2 to us experts! Same thing with the subscriptions sold, none of that windfall money coming in like clockwork for doing zero is split no reported as no experts get any 1099's etc, and the images of the top 4 experts are fake stock photo pics or a name with no last name! Or a dogs face!

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