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Jos A. Bank

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Very poor communication skills!
I've been looking for a certain hue of a brown suit for my father about 2 1/2 years and recently found the right color on the Joseph A Banks website. On Tuesday, June 15,2021, I made a purchase after receiving an email concerning the Father's Day sale, all of my information was input correctly yet I noticed that once I clicked the complete purchase link, I did not immediately receive a confirmation email and thinking that Jos A. Bank may be busy I waited an hour, no email therefore I waited till the next day no email. I began reaching out the company, the way was by text is what I initially noticed, I was linked to an agent which is very informal and it takes a long time to work through issues before you actually begin in conversation and after you have actually began as you may leave out something or not enough information may be relayed to fully solve your problem. The initial agent could not figure out why my order had been canceled all they could say was that there was a billing discrepancy. I call the bank while in text mode with the merchant to find out if there were any errors on there or my end, they replied no, Conversation ends with both parties yet I wasn't satisfied and sent a text back to the merchant, new agent yes, started the process of the conversation all over again and they could not find what the issue was therefore I asked for a telephone number and after waiting 25 minutes I finally got a live person on the phone. The individual said to me that the only thing they could see that might be wrong with the information is that I did not capitalize one letter in my billing address and offered to retake the order, therefore they stayed on the phone with me and I placed the order reluctantly once again because at this point the bank had already transferred funds to Joseph A Banks and I am now waiting for those funds to be returned to my account, mind you the merchant is saying they have not received the funds (how they know that in their particular area I do not know) and that the funds would be returned to my account within 3 to 5 business days after the date of cancellation (they had no problem canceling the order immediately, why can't they release my funds immediately) as I have been familiar with my bank if the funds have not been retrieved within 24 hours the bank releases the funds back to my account? Today is June 17 and I am now waiting for both sets of funds almost $500 to be returned to my account because the second order in which I placed over the phone with a live agent has also been canceled within the same day it was placed and now I'm being told it's because my billing address is tied to my PO Box something that has been in place more than 10 years, mind you I have purchased from this merchant several times, I have purchased my own clothing from other countries and state wide and have never had a problem. I am in and out of town at times, I prefer all my mail going to my PO Box that it is not just sitting unattended. I just had a long talk with my bank before this review I'm currently writing, once again they went over the information and everything is in tact concerning the two purchases in which I am not getting so if I can't find the suit I'd like for my father to have by tomorrow or Saturday morning I'll just have to continue looking. Two purchases canceled in two consecutive days! I am not understanding what the issue is. Today as I talked with one of the merchants staff I was told that I could go into the store and make the purchase there and they would ship the item to me overnight, well I asked on yesterday since it was getting so close to the weekend if the item could be shipped over night and they told me that they offer rushed shipping which is featured on their website but it would not be an overnight deal, a couple of days at the least and they couldn't guarantee at this point that I would receive it Saturday, June 19, I believe today I was talking to a different agent but why doesn't everybody know the same information? I still went ahead and placed that second order but had they told me, if it was true that instead of placing the second order over the phone that I could go into the store and place the order and have the item shipped overnight I would have immediately gotten up and done so. I only learned about this today and I am not sure if it is so also the agent told me that they do not recommend this way of making a purchase because it may be an inconvenience to the individual to go to the store, well that's my decision to make at least offer it to me, for those who may not believe this review is real, every text message that I received within the conversation I saved to refer back to. What has happened to communication skills, what has happened to work ethics, when I was working, we were trained to go the extra mile and even if we could not resolve the problem we could at least note red flags and bring it to the attention to our supervisor. I said to the agent, I cannot fault anyone for a technical error yet this matter warranted a phone call, it was the second time in two days that this had happened to the same individul, someone should have taken notice and said we need to call this individual, she's trying to make a purchase and maybe if we can resolve this issue quickly we can continue to process the transaction smoothly that she will get her order in time but instead they just sit there as if they are saying oh well they'll call back or either they'll go somewhere else, that may work fine with your mental intellect until you're out of a job. You say you want the business why don't you do the work and if you don't want to do the work properly which sometimes means going the extra mile why are you working there. I've already given my dad one item for Father's Day that I needed to get to him before that day, he was unaware of the other things that are coming but this will not ruin his day yet I have been deeply dissatisfied with the way this matter was handled, this is the first time I've ever had a problem with them and it really sunk in deep. I will not be making any more purchases online ever again with this merchant, most of the items I've ever wanted they never had in the store which is the reason I purchased online and now I am even more skeptical about going inside the store should they not have the item on hand to purchase it.

From good clothes to poor.
Years ago, I used to buy most of my suits and sport coats from JAB. Very good quality, and prices were in alignment with other then current mens' stores.

In the last couple years, I have bought a suit ($79), shirts, and ties, with no real problems. If you limit yourself to ONLY buying their very cheap clearance items, good deals can be gotten. However, quality has really gone downhill.

A month ago, I ordered two clearance items, a wool driving cap, and a scarf. A total of $10 for both items. Shipping is free for "Bank" members. Cap, although ordered as XL, ticketed as XL, was a S. Couldn't get it on my head, and came smashed. Gave the cap to my 10 year old nephew, return postage was more than cost. Scarf was synthetic junk, ticketed at $49.95.

I'd never order anything from JAB that wasn't ridiculously cheap, like $69.95 suits, $49 sport coats, and the like. To order $1K suits is insanity.

Horrible to deal with returns
I had purchased $1,300.00 worth or shirts and shoes. When I received my order, I found the same shoes $20.00 a pair cheaper at Macy's. I called JAB t see if Jos A. Bank would refund the difference. They said they don't do that, the only thing they could do is provide me with a $25.00 coupon for a future order. JAB would rather have their customers return what they purchased and purchase the item from a competitor instead of honoring the price difference. This was my first time dealing with JAB, they make there deals sound great but when you return any items, be sure to return all of them cause if you purchased a shirt that was BOGO and you make the mistake to return one of them, you'll get $0.00 return which means you paid full price for the other item. Just a really bad experience all around, stink's cause thir chlothing seemed to be good quality.

No response
If you have an issue it takes days, even weeks to get a resolution. Jos A. Bank keep using the term"partnering" with management to resolve an issue. It's nothing more than a stalling tactic. They never call you back. Employees like "Dallas" give it back to Alice who gives it back to Henry who gives it to Kevin. Get the point! Extremely POOR customer service.

Poor service price not as advertised.
Horrible do not go there. I am in Savannah Ga.
Charged extra 30.00 for big and tall(maybe in Japan I would be).
Had to call 5 times to see if my suit was ready.

Lousy customer service
I was ignored. I was told that the advertised item that drew me into the store was not able and Jos A. Bank tried to switch me to a more expensive one.

Poor customer service and experience
Purchased a pair of shoes on sale at Jos A. Bank charged my credit card then two days later, I received a cancellation notice with no explanation. Really? When I contacted them, they claimed that they ran out of inventory since my order. They would not work with me to provide a comparable replacement. They admitted it was their inventory error, but couldn't care less the impact on the customer. Why shop with a brand that treats people this way? I know I won't be shopping with them again. Buyer beware.

Cancel Order!
I bought 2 pairs of shoes from them yesterday and today, Jos A. Bank cancelled my order without explanation. So I called customer service and was told that they don't know their inventory and sold me shoes that were already out of stock.

Customer Service is terrible
Bought a suit last week and wanted to call the store to check on the pants I had cuffed. Called continuous for about 45 minutes wth no answer. I called the Customer Service number and was on hold for almost an hour. Their recording kept telling me about their "world class" customer service. FAR FROM IT. VERY UNHAPPY. I hope my suit pants turn out OK. Can't imagine why Jos A. Bank wouldn't AT LEAST have an answering machine or service. Extremely disappointed.

Don't buy Jos A Bank products
Bought Jos A Bank Traveler jeans. Fit better than most. BUT... the rear pockets are 6 in deep. Other brands are 7 in. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because your wallet will literally leap out of your pocket on any opportunity. Lost the wallet leaving a Marriott in Charlotte. Fortunately, an honest housekeeper turned it in. Required a 170 mile detour to retrieve it. Then the next day, lost it again at an Onroute in Ontario. Realized it almost immediately. An honest Canadian tracked me down. All this panic (ever lost your wallet in a foreign country?) for an inch of fabric?! C'mon! Don't buy Jos A Bank products. Jeans are now in a dumpster.

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