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the reviews speaks for its self
Don't let them fool you with a couple of fake reviews. I paid for extra expedite shipping [3 days] 16 days later and it's still on its way supposedly.. Dont recommend the website or service



Getting disappointed...
I initially ordered a ring for my anniversary almost 2 weeks ago and then after wards paid a difference for expedited shipping after a while went by I asked one of their customer service options which was on Facebook messenger about my order because Joancee were responding to my emails and she said my order would be shipped in 48 hours well it's been almost 6 days now no updates no tracking number... someone finally responded and said that it's under quality inspection and that they're "checking again" whatever that means I don't know but they're not providing accurate information and I needed this by a certain day that's the whole reason I paid for expedited shipping in the first place and it's like I'm not getting no updates or any accurate information when they do respond so honestly I don't even know how to feel right now knowing that it's definitely not arriving on the day I need it but that's beyond the point... they don't give accurate information AND paying for expedited shipping is honestly useless because either way it's going to take a long time...


Not happy
False statements about trying to deliver and no one home. Security Condo area gated and locked at 8pm. We were home. Stated attempted to deliver a 8:30 pm... next day it arrived at my door but I cannot wear this ring. It looks fake and dull and has no LUSTER. The boxing of the ring is nicer than the ring. Sorry. Waited too long for a bad experience. Just not the quality I expected. Pictures look far better than the actual ring. Will advise all my friends on fb...


I received my first order and thought that the rings were beautiful. However, the next day when I went to put it on (I wore it the day before) I noticed that one of the stones had fallen out. I put the rings back into the original packaging and sent an e-mail to the customer service people telling them what happened. Joancee asked me to send pictures, so I did. Today I get another e-mail asking me which stone was missing. It is quite plain to see which stone was missing but I sent another picture with a circle showing the missing stone. I am just hoping this situation is resolved and I don't have to pay to send this package to China. It seems that everything I order online now has to be returned to China and there is no way to send it USPS and have it tracked once it reaches the Chinese border. I am reserving my opinion until this situation is resolved.

Got my ring Christmas Day during proposal. It is now only feb 6th. Ring was sold as 925 sterling silver but the silver has turned color and Im seeing a brass (brownish red) color under finish on areas where silver is gone. Sent pictures to company. Response was there was nothing wrong with ring and to clean it with toothpaste. Joancee are refusing a return on a ring thats embarrassing to wear. Were contesting the charge through credit card company now

I purchased a ring but it wss not like description so tried to work with them to return it. Joancee tried to get me to accept a "partial" refund in amount of 1/3 of what I paid for ring but I declined and wanted to return. I was then instructed to return ring to them in China and was told I had to return in their stupid little paper jewelry chest which then ended up costing me a small fortune to mail but I did it. Package had tracking and off it went. Then the nightmare began... I kept checking back to see where my refund was as I could see package made it to China and someone named Ivy kept saying she would look I to it but she never did.

Lo and behold four months after I mailed the package it is returned to me UNCLAIMED by Joancee Jewelry. I took photos of the box and the label stamped unclaimed and add yet another email to my paper trail. I get a response saying they are sorry, will look into it and they will refund and I can keep the ring. But wait... you got it... now I wait and wait and wait for refund.

This company is run by liars thieves and shysters. Do not purchase from them if you have a choice to buy elsewhere.

Worst customer service
I ordered a bridal set from Joancee. It took over a month to arrive. I was shocked that it was shipped from China. Their website says nothing about the product would be shipped from China. The rings were not true to size. The center stone was ridiculously big and looked fake. When I tried the ring on, the paper label fell off. I contacted Joancee through emails several times. Joancee took 2 weeks to respond. When I did get an email, it was by someone named Ivy. She told me the ring could not be returned. I told her that I would file cases with Paypal and with my bank. She responded 2 days later and said I could return the ring and after they inspected it, I may get reimbursed, but I would have to pay shipping, or I could get a 30% coupon instead. I looked up the complaints at the Better Business Bureau. I discovered this is a company in New York, but there is no address. I spent days trying to get this rectified. Still waiting. I ordered the ring on May 27th. I sent them an email the same day. It is now June 18th, and I haven't heard back. What a scam!

So far, I loved the site, easy to find...
So far, I loved the site, easy to find... lots to choose from. I hope the shipping and quality of jewelry are just as great and then I will be one very happy customer! I'll get back to you all about that... I literally just placed the order. 3 day shipping ($25) best come in 3 days! Ya know what I'm saying? LOL! Today is Tuesday March 1st. I will let you know when the ring arrives so we can know if it is actually worth that amount of money to ship.

Avoid this site like the plague!
My son ordered a piece of jewelry on December 17th. He knew it would not arrive in time for Christmas. The site said 9 to 15 days. On the 15th day he checked the status. Ready to be shipped. 14 days later he still doesn't have the piece but Joancee had the money which was debited on December 29th. He asked me if I could look into it further because he was working. I used their chat option. That's when I encountered Rodger. Using the order # I asked about the status. First he repeats ready to be shipped. I ask when since it exceeded the 9 to 15 days. Then he tells me it's not done. I ask how can it be ready to ship? That's poor business. I did use snap shot for my protection. Rodger asked if I wanted to cancel the order. Please confirm. He's use of English wasn't written that we'll and he continually asked me the strangest question like "what does actually mean?" My response I didn't use actually what do you mean? After 20 minutes I told my friend Rodger I will check with my bank. Do not cancel order. I received an email the next morning saying order was cancelled. I responded and asked why. Response: you order cancel. Great english. I asked again on the same email thread. Same answer. Asked again and my old friend Rodger said my behavior was bad. What? I realized that he was nervous because I mentioned my bank. My bank confirmed the site was fraudulent. Yes they are not to mention the amount of time and stress it caused stay away!

Item received, on time, as promised.
The Ad that directed me to your site quoted using x30 for a 30% discount on my item, but once I arrived at your site, the discount is only 15% because the 30% applies only to orders over $160, and my order is only around $100. This is false advertising. The ads that you post should quote accurate pricing for comparison with other products being offered.
That said, I did receive confirmation emails of the purchase and I did receive the item, as described, within the delivery time promised, although the arrival time promised was much later than expected.

Expedited was not expedited
I like the products and have bought a few others. 2 rings had issues but all others have been great! That's 4/6 good rings! But recently I had expedited for a 3 day arrival for our elopement with an extra couple days cushion and it took me writing an email 8 days later seeing what's going on and I got no personal response or apology just all of a sudden got shipment emails and a response saying it was shipped and that's it. Then received it a few days after. Rings look awesome!

Rings are nice but delivery was pretty late
The rings are what you'd expect. Not the most beautiful things in the world, but they're pretty and cute, my girlfriend and I love them. Delivery was unfortunately late, it came about a week and a half late. Though, it's not really Joancee's fault, the rings were handed off to be delivered on time, but tracking said nothing new was happening with it for a long while. Customer service was nice, I had entered the wrong email and Joancee changed it quickly when asked.

I entered the wrong address and customer service quickly fixed it when I asked

My overall experience with my order through Joanne's jewelry, was not bad at all. I wish that customer service would respond back faster on Facebook messenger or in an email. I understand that there are other that must take care of first. I will definitely say that I would order from them again in the future.

The customer service staff was very helpful and Responding back to my emails as well as Facebook Messenger.

Absolutely Beautiful!
Just got my ring in the mail yesterday, my fiance ordered it on 07/20. Honestly not bad coming from over seas and being made to order. Completely worth the wait, my ring is stunning, I love it! Any questions i had Ivy always got back to me by the next morning. The tracking isnt the best, but that would be the only complaint. I'm a size 7 and it fits so nicely, such a comfortable fit, true to size! Joancee you guys did an amazing job! Would recommend this company and would order from again! Thank you!

Horrible service
I ordered promise rings almost one month ago I understand Joancee have to put it through production I land a lot of money to expedite shipping I have been checking status on fed ex it's been in shipping almost 10 days and I paid for 3 day shipping when I write to customer they just send me a copy of the FedEx tracker which I have been watching myself with no response says package will arrive today but said that last Monday and it was in China still I'm in my

Don't waste your money. This company doesn't actually ship the product ever. I ordered over a month ago and still has not been shipped. When I contacted them I got nothing but the run around. And then I filed a dispute and Joancee stated emailing me continously telling me my ring was ready to be shipped but they couldn't ship until I marked my dispute resolved with PayPal, knowing if I did that I couldn't reopen it. I finally told them I'd leave it to PayPal to get my money back, and they did.

It was worth the wait!
I didn't know it had to go through production before it could be sent out. My fiancé paid for expedited shipping, so I was thinking it would come between 1-3 days. It stayed in production quite some time then was sent out. Didn't have the ring for my engagement pictures even though I paid for rush delivery but it was worth the wait. It's very beautiful! I also didn't know Joancee make their own jewelry. Ordered 1/28 received it 2/16

Unfortunately, after seeing all if the photos and reasonably happy clients, I am even more disappointed. I have placed three orders for six rings, total. The communication with Ivy was so great in the beginning, I continued to order, as I am restocking after a robbery. I have been sent three tracking numbers over the past two weeks that are saying Joancee either do not exist or are waiting on the package. I am following up and being ignored every day. I just wanted communication, true communication, especially after being charged expedited shipping. I wish this were a true site that followed through with their promises on their sales, but unfortunately, for me, they have not been. Yet another example of things being beautiful online, but fake everywhere else. Please don't shop here. I don't want you to spend all of this money to have this happen to you.

Very disappointed
I am not happy with this company. I bought a round cut pink sapphire promise ring. It was very light in color you could hardly see any pink in it. It was also very small. It looks like it might be okay for a teenager. It looked nothing like the picture. But the worst thing about it was I paid $63 for it and then I saw it on another site for $28. It was the same exact ring. The site was called Lajerrio and I believe it's the same company using a different name. I will never buy from this company again. And also I cannot return the ring because it was a sale item.

I ordered my ring and in a few weeks it arrived. I put it on and it was great. Went to work. Forgot my fingers swell sometimes so I decided to order a larger size. Since I'd already worn the ring I knew I couldn't send it back. Because I ordered the same ring Joancee emailed me about it. I told them I ordered a bigger size. I'm looking forward to the bigger size. And when I lose some weight I'll already have a smaller size.

Love the shine but not in love
Shipping went well, I received my ring 10 days early than expected. Although I was not too happy with the ring, it is still gorgeous, but it looked way bigger when in person than what it looked in the photo I don't think I'll be wearing it out anytime soon, just a little too flashy for me. I do plan to buy more things from this company, just next time I will make sure to pay close attention to the description of the product before buying.

Hahaha where is it
I ordered a ring on February 11,2017 and paid for the $25 2-5 day shipping... i have not recieved any emails from them about the ring except Joancee confirmed my order... i have called and no one answers the phone... i have tried the live chat more than a dozen times at different times and days... nothing... i have emailed them through my email and twitter NO response at all... i love how none of the negative reviews are on their webpage either... well messed with wrong person... i am a product reviewer and hopefully my connections can help not only me but others out with getting this company in check in some way or another... be aware!

Follow up and stone information.
Order follow up would have been appreciated. I had to check in on my order a few too many times. Also I only got a description of the Sterling silver ring there was no information about the stones sent with the ring. This was the most bothersome part. I will be taking the ring to an appraiser to ensure the stone is what its suppose to be.

I had to ask where the ring was and when it would arrive a few too many times.

Worst company ever! I received my ring a while back and the next day the main stone was loose. Joancee email back saying send pictures... How do you really show a loose stone in a photo? I went to a jeweler & paid to have the stone tightened & a week later one of the prongs was bent badly, I sent pictures and even drew a red circle around the bent prong, they are so stupid they still couldn't see it. They refused to give me my money back and refused to exchange the ring... they refused any kind of service at all. Their web site says they have a 30 day refund and a 1 year warranty, that is a total lie. Also all the black is rubbing off of the ring, it looks like a costume piece of crap. It's been almost 2 months now and still no service. They are a complete joke, rip off scam artists!

$#*!ty experience
I would give NO star if I could. This company's customer service sucks. Joancee don't tell you the truth about time and tracking didn't update for weeks needed them for my wedding and they were not here in time. I had to buy my new rings 200$ More out of pocket and I told them before I received them I wanted to refund them. They told me I had to wait till I got them. Then they tell me per policy I have to pay return shipping ( not to new York) where they ship to but back to China. That's more money out of my pocket. They as a company should make it right and send the return label. They have bad reviews on the better business bureau. Save your money and go to Walmart and get a better ring for cheaper. And better customer service.

Easy to find what I was shopping for…
Nice selections on affordable jewelry that are made with sapphire not real diamonds. This company is online only and doesn't have retail stores you can visit in the U.S., jewelry is shipped out of China so beware shipping is not expedited although the shipping fees indicate faster shipping than standard shipping for faster service. I got my jewelry a few days before the expected delivery date and the ring is as it shows in the picture online.

Beautiful Quality
My ring did take some time to arrive and I never received a tracking number, however the ring did arrive in a beautiful jewelry box and exceeded my expectations. Ive never bought from this site before so I was skeptical at first, but I glad I took the chance because this ring is gorgeous and I will definitely be buying more from this site again!

I was inquiring about the tracking number and someone did get back to me the next day explaining that my order didnt ship yet. Although I never did receive a tracking number, the ring did get delivered and its beautiful.

I would do it again
I looked on the site for something special for myself. I liked what I chose. Then I was in a store and saw something quite simular in design. I panicked. It took time for my ring to arrive, and I wish it had been delivered to the door, not my mailbox. However, I tried it on and still had doubts. I'm wearing it now! I'm glad I purchased it so far. The quality is as shown on the site and the presentation in the packaging was great. I would do it all o er again.

Do Not order from company.
Order number V*******4057539

I pay for 3 business days shipping and the payment cleared my bank Monday 19th of April. The website still says payment review. Today is the 3rd business day and still no tracking and I paid 25.00 for the expedited shipping.

I ordered for mothers day presents. I ordered on April 17,2021. You where paid on April 19th. Order still in process. So does this mean I have to get another gift for mothers day.

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