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I USED to love ordering Jimmy Johns and getting what I ordered without issues, however today marks the 3rd strike that they've $#*!ED up my order. How damn hard is it for you to make a god damn sandwich?! As someone who works long hours & during this virus time as an essential worker I expect the food I order to be exactly how I ordered it. 3 times during this mess have Jimmy John's screwed up. If Blimpee Sub shop was here i'd go there over this bull$#*! any day. I'm beyond pissed off that again because of your failures as a sub shop that I am not able to eat because you jackasses cant do your job properly. Jimmy Johns should go out of business. I will NEVER give them another chance & if I were you I wouldn't spend your hard earned money on this $#*! show.

Disappointing Service!
My medical practice spends about $7,000 per year (I treat my entire staff every 2 weeks) in business with the location at 2117 SE Federal Hwy in Stuart. There were some issues with JJ's web site 3/12/21, so we decided to call. We got cut off at first, then when we finally spoke to an employee, he said he was "too busy & had orders ahead of mine, go back to the website." In the background, someone said she had no time for orders. I asked a staff member for the owner's name & she refused to provide it. I provided my name & number, but no one bothered to call me back. I must say the staff Jimmy John's had previously was far more receptive to our orders. Current staff is disinterested. To get the order processed, especially since I made a commitment to my staff, a staff member had to go on her phone for the order to finally go through! Very tedious with the quantity of orders being placed.

I assumed that besides the Friday orders, my staff's frequent purchases we would be given some slight consideration. Recently observed by everyone is a significant increase of ice in the drinks, and the scarcity of meat in their "smoking kicking chicken" sandwich. I could continue listing other disappointments, but since the owner did not call me back, I guess my business is not sufficient. Maybe I should try Jersey Mike's.

Store # 1257 - 205 N. Hiatus Rd = Horrible Service!
I placed this order online and expected well-made, delicious sandwiches like received before in October 2019. I did not receive this. What I received were 3 Sandwiches: 1 - #12 Beach Club + 1 Roast Beef Slim (very little Avocado)+ 1 (VERY Small piece of) Turkey Sandwich that were All 3 made horribly! The Beach Club didn't even contain Turkey inside only cheese, Small Lettuce and a very small amount of Cucumber... After calling, I was told there was a delivery charge for exchanging the sandwiches so I picked it up and received 2 New Sandwiches - NOTHING CHANGED OR IMPROVED! This is unacceptable by ALL Restaurant Standards!

Sloppy slow
Love JJ's subs. Freaky fast my ass. I placed an online order, took 20 minutes to get there and it wasn't ready. Monticello MN is the worst JJ's ever. My daughter lives there and we've stopped often in past few years. Nothing has changed. I will eat dirt before I ever go there again. Snail ass slow and bunch of cocky brats working.

Everything Was Great Except...
Good things first. Ordering was easy. Delivery was fast. The fillings were very tasty. Now the not so good. The bread was so tough and dry, when I tried to bite into one end(which was cut in half) the force needed pushed the fillings out the other end. I wrapped the other half in a wet paper towel and nuked it for 15 seconds. That made it easier to eat but, still not great. Won't order again.

Awesome service in New Albany, OH
I had wonderful service from our New Albany, OH Jimmy John's today. I placed my order online and accidentally marked pickup instead of delivery. I realized this after checking my email when my food had not arrived at work. I called the store and the manager was so nice. He not only said Jimmy John's would deliver, but made my sandwich fresh instead of the one that had been waiting for pickup. Even added a cookie to my order! Above and beyond service, and the food was as good as expected!

No Cookies
Made the above online order and the two cookies were omitted from the order which I did not discover until I got home.

The store is located 7.2 miles from my house is a 15 minute drive so I did not return that day.

On the 8th day of June I was in the area so I thought that I would swing by and get my cookies.

I was asked to provide a receipt at first which I did by handing the clerk my phone.

After about a five minute wait, the clerk came back to the drive thru window and said"I apologize for the inconvenience but since it has been a few days and you did not come back sooner, we cannot give you your cookies."

I asked to speak to the manager and the guy at the window CAME outside and approached my truck in a threatening manner.

That is when another guy came to the window and told the other guy to come back inside.

I did not get my cookies.

It was the most bizarre insane thing I have ever seen.

The worse in restaurant business ever
Well okay just last week headline in the newspaper and posted on media from CNN the FDA issued a warning letter to the owner and the supplier to contain the ongoing pattern of 7 years for ecoli and other baterica found in their veggies. Started back in 2012 by 2013 up till now nothing has changed or improve expand now in 12 state's and then Jimmy John's way the present their delivery people beard and long hair and then seatbelts or backpacks I mean come on here this is by far the worse restaurant ever very little toppings overly priced and now all this media of them

Stupid Commercial for Kicken Chicken Sandwich
I am so sick of the stupid commercial you have for Jimmy's John's kicken chicken sandwich I don't care for Jimmy Johns as a whole but his commercial will effectively keep me from ever eating there again. Think about the intelligence of your audience before continuing with this type of advertising or maybe you are looking at the lack of intelligence of you audience

Worst customer service,
Order sandwich and cookie online when when I got my order delivered. The cookie was missing I called the store and Jimmy John's said they would run it right out to me waited an extra hour never received it drove to the store wanted my money back for the cookie and my delivery fee and they refused to give me my money back even though I stood at the window waiting for 5 minutes with no response from anyone so please be aware and stay clear of the store in South Bend Indiana on 933 North

Nobody Will take my order on a walk-in
Went to the Jimmy John's location at 5701 N Tarrant Pkwy Ste. 109, Fort Worth, TX 76244 on October 16th at about 3:00 in the afternoon. I stood in line about 3 minutes, the cashier is counting the money in his drawer, so I set down in a booth since I have a bad knee and I can; t stand in 1 place for a long time. After about 3 or 4 minutes I stood up and went back to where the cashier who was still counting the money in the drawer and said can someone take my order? He said no because he was in a shift change, keep in mind ther were 2 other employees behind the counter when I showed up and another came in while I was sitting down, but nobody can take my order?. After about 1 more minute I left the store nad went to get a sandwich at another sandwich shop. This was somwme really bad customer service.

Give em a break
If a driver doesn't show up for work, it may take longer to receive your delivery. I know first hand Jimmy John's work very hard to get them out as fast as possible. They will leave with as many delivery orders as possible. Many of them are spread out so it will take time to get it to you. Remember, you could be on their end of the stick so please be patient and also tip. Gas costs money.

Beware of the Pickle!
Ordered to-go via the mobile app and purchased a pickle, cut in half, with my sandwich. When I got back to my office, I discovered the pickle was rotten and there was a huge dead pickle worm inside it, leaving a trail of excrement behind it. And unlike finding the prize at the bottom of my tequila bottle, this grossed me out. Clearly, anyone preparing food would have noticed it and tossed it aside before serving, right? Wrong. Then, to add insult to injury, I contacted the store and Jimmy John's said to contact main customer service, which I did; sent 2 emails with no response. I guess you could say I'm in a "pickle," because I'm at least due a refund, but also waiting for anyone with a pulse, unlike this little guy, to respond to my complaint. Oh and apparently, pickle worms are poisonous so, unless there's a secret pickle worm conspiracy afoot, I guess JJ feels I should be grateful I'm still alive, or sick, or maybe grossed-out... okay not sick but still grossed out. #pickleworm

Great Food Bad Customer Service
The food was good, but the manager was BAD. The manager refused to give me his name. When I sent the information to Jimmy Johns Jimmy John's asked me for my name, address, phone number, e-mail, and I think they wanted my blood type. Their manager said he is not required to give out his name. Do yourself a favor and avoid the Jimmy Johns at 5801 N May in Oklahoma City.

They have made ordering such a convenience
Jimmy John's have made ordering such a convenience. You log on, place your order, and it's either ready to be picked up or delivered during the time frame specified... usually. I recently ran into one weird issue, their system automatically assigned a time to my order which I didn't select. I only noticed it after I got my confirmation email. I called the store and had them adjust the timing, but I'm just glad I caught it otherwise I'd have been waiting almost 2 hours for my sub.


Worst company ever
Jimmy John's support their franchises hiring drug addict drivers that are unreliable that they applaud them for hiring blacks that can't do their job well. They give management jobs to blacks just because they are black and they allow them to steal from their drivers. The blacks and drug addicts rarely get fired
Their bread is inconsistent and they give you bad bread they should have thrown out

JimmyJohns of Snohomish. Terribly unprofessional
Although Jimmy John's have said my area is out of their delivery area, I see them delivering near and beyond my house on a daily basis. In response to my original post, the "manager" says the employee that tried to get me to pay for his flat tire was fired. However, how did the manager know who to fire when I never identified the employee or even the employees gender. Sure the sandwiches are great, but their customer service and professionalism is terrible.

S. Rochester Rd location
Apparently this Jimmy John's is the only location that cannot make an unwich. Wrong order twice. Refused to correct it. Refused to refund, told me to leave the store. Paid good money to be treated poorly and not get my food. Manager's name is Brandon. He is extremely rude, and unprofessional. I will contact the franchise owner, and also the corporate entity. Never going to this Jimmy John's again.

Deceptive Practice
Just had a Jimmy John's sandwich and it was really bad. In fact, the last three sandwiches were bad. I noticed that Jimmy John's shrunk the size of the french roll in half. So half the sandwich is in the roll and half the sandwich is outside the roll, yuk! I like bread with each bite. And the bread is dry. What I don't like is that they make the change and pass it off like we won't notice it. Why not just be honest with the public? We know that times have changed and things are going up in price, we're not stupid. Why not just raise the price a little and give us the same sandwich we use to love? I feel manipulated. In contrast, In and Out Burger just raised the price and keeps on delivering that wonderful burger that we all love. Kudos to them In and Out Burger, we want you to stay in business and are willing to pay extra as times are changing. But boo to Jimmy Johns! Not cool.

Bad customer service and they are NOT FAST with delivery.
I have order many times, throw out the year but the last three time I wait a hour to a hour and fifteen minutes for my food. Jimmy John's owner of this store dose not care about his customers who call to let him now how they're treat. Called in two Tim's aboutthe hour wait with no response. This time I had to go get my lunch because the K couldn't tell me when it would b ed delivered. I order at 12pm and waited till 1:15 for my food, before I decided to go get my food myself. Thay why I decided to let you all know you are better off going to a different jimmy johns store in town.

Ignorant female driver
I ordered online in Canonsburg PA. Delivery driver came and the bill was $10.90. Handed the driver a 20. She turns around and walks away. I said, wait I need change. She said well you didn't ask for change. I said I want 6 dollars back. She said I have to go outside to get change. But on the way out of my place of business. She calls me a f#cking a$$hole. She comes back in and says that she doesn't have the proper amount of change. She hands me $5.27 and walks out. Before She leaves, I asked her, why would you call me a F... A... She said, I didn't who told you that. I said it doesn't matter, because I heard it. She walked out. So I had to contact her boss and corporate.

Freaky Fast, HA!
ONE HOUR to deliver my "Freaky Fast" order. I had to call the store twice with little help or concern. The driver marked it as "delivered" 20 minutes before it got here? This has been the second time I've had to wait an hour for my deliver. I should have known better. I was hoping service had improved. To make things even better, my sandwich was made incorrectly. Very disappointed.

Worst service ever
Downtown Battle Creek location
Used their drive thru. I had to ask them several times to speak up and repeat themselves. I ended up repeating my order three times before Jimmy John's read it back correctly, ordered a sandwich combo and an unwich and they still got it wrong. They tried to give me half the order I offered to go inside to straiten it out to not delay others in the drive thru. Inside staff was argumentative when I "tried" to tell them the correct order. A woman claiming to be the franchise owner was quite abusive.

Broke my mf tooth
I was eating one of their turkey tom sandwiches, I had added bacon to it. Im chillin and eating when all of a sudden I bite into something hard, didn't think much of it till I was brushing my teeth and found that it was broken. Officially the first snd last time ill ever eat a sandwich or anything from them again.

Ask for pickles
I wanted to order the plain slim, basically because the size is perfect for me, but i asked to add pickle, god no Jimmy John's can't do that if i want pickle i have to order the full size sandwich, not looking to argue today i said fine full size add pickle, get home, NO PICKLE! I was the only customer in there! Are you kidding me?

Bread with some lettuce
I Purchased nine of the lunch boxes for my coworkers… The sandwich was a slice of turkey and some lettuce... I complained to the store… I complained to corporate… And I was told their sandwiches are made to very strict standards… The sandwich was a joke. Looked nothing like the picture… All I can say is thank God for subway because I will never go to this establishment again

RUDE Manger Miss. Cotton@ Riverside Jax, Fl
I placed an order for delivery the order was not what I placed by Miah at Jimmy John's 630 Park Street Jax, FL 32204. I called to explain to the night Manger that I didn't order what was delivered, Julia the delivery lady was very polite with awesome delivery skills. The Manger is rude and I am afraid to purchase food from there due to my safety due to her character... Manger Cotton is the worst Manger, different... that place deserve a 0 star...

Jimmy John's Value
Don't know if it's endemic of all franchises, but the Chesapeake VA location is useless. Basic heros (sic) lack substance (unless you get all the cheap vegetable fillers). Compared a recent turkey / cheese sandwich with what I would make:
A typical slice of Boar's Head Oven gold real turkey breast from a quality grocer / deli is ~8-9" long by 4- 5" at the center of the cut – it does taper off – so if one were to cut it in half, ~4x4. What is the size of the turkey product that JJ uses? How many slices (or probably more correct) half slices does JJ use used on an 8" #4 Turkey Tom? Oh, and what is the brand; anything that resembles real turkey breast? Forgetting about the cheap tomato, lettuce, etc., fillers, how many slices of cheese are used at no additional cost? Only provolone? Don't understand how Michael Symon endorses such crap, except of course if he's good friends with the founder / owner.

Manager is rude! She has very poor customer service skills and has no business being in management.
The character limit here doesn't allow for the whole story but in short, she got annoyed with me because she was busy and apparently doesn't handle being busy very well. She waved the knife in her hand at me and said 'YOU HAVE TO WAIT! I HAVE OTHER ORDERS! - situation declined from there. All she had to say was "I'm sorry but I have to finish these orders right now, then I will try to help you with this" I may be no JJ's manager... but I'm not stupid either, her condescending behavior was uncalled for.

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