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Will never buy from
I have asked repeatedly to get off the mailing list. Unsubscribed multiple times, sent several polite emails, sent several more not so polite emails and sent even more angry emails wishing them personal trauma and telling them their parents don't love them. I even received emails apologizing and saying I was off the spam list. Most things marked as spam no longer show up in my inbox. JEGS will not go away. Prices suck, service sucks and now tech support sucks even more. Didn't think that was possible.

Never got half of my order.
I ordered the door lock buttons for my 4 door F150. I paid for 4 lock buttons in total but only got 2 about a week later. I called and explained that I ordered and paid for 4 of them and only got 2. I waited patiently for another 2 weeks and still did not get the door buttons for the other two doors in my truck. I called again and explained what happened and was told JEGS would ship them out. Now 3 weeks after that second phone call I still have not gotten my door lock buttons. I am done being patient and decided to leave this review of my honest experience with Jegs. Never again will I order from them. The problem is now I can not find any vendor that has the same version of my door lock buttons. I will have to order all 4 door lock buttons again to get some that match.

Update: I did finally get the other half of my order and an apology with an explanation. After getting the apology and my door locks I decided to change my 1 star rating to a 3 star rating because sometimes things can happen in business. I do feel that they care and they did follow through and made sure I got what I paid for.

JEGS Doesn't Like Negative Reviews of their Parts
After having already re-written it once, here's the response I received to the 2nd submission of my critique of exhaust wrap:

"Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!
Submit something new
Thanks again,"

Here's what I wrote. Please tell me if I'm being unfair...

What a Pain!

I purchased this wrap last Fall and just now had a free weekend to pull off the header and wrap it. I watched the DEI instructional video on U-Tube, pausing it at each step so I understood how the wrap was correctly applied. The wrap unraveled faster than I could wrap it around each pipe. And, even though I meticulously followed the video instructions for measuring, I always came up short and had to start over several times. Don't believe the "... 1/4" overlap..." on the video, you will need at least a 1/2" or you will end up with 'bare' spots where the wrap doesn't cover. As for the stainless steel ties, good luck getting them tight enough to hold the wrap. Also, 35' is not enough wrap to cover all four pipes of my 2.3L Ford engine header on my project. I got only three wrapped, so now will have to buy more to complete the job. Which, right now, looks like {Expletive}. So, maybe I'll do something else.

First and last Jegs order.
I order 4 new tires on Jan 3rd and Jegs pays themselves from my Visa the very next day. Who does that? After a month I call them to see where my tires are at and JEGS tell me they've been discontinued. So I ask if anyone was ever going to notify me of this and I want my money back. They put me on hold and the next guy gets on and says "so you're looking for something comparable to the Toyo's?" I say "comparable, according to who, you?" I tell him to put my $600 back on my credit card and he leaves me on hold for 10 minutes till I hang up and have to call back the following morning. What a waste of my time and money. I had to give them 1 star for how fast they paid themselves for absolutely nothing!

Terrible experience
His is one of the worst companies ive ever come in contact with... it has taken me leaving work early twice and 4 different phone calls to the company and also 8 emails to get a bumper returned after it showed up opened and scratched up (deep scratches). Ive left it outside to be picked up to be returned for 3 days now and it has yet to be picked up. WORST experience with a company thus far... no compensation or anything all i got was an apology. Ive lost money from having to leave work just to get it returned... im lucky it hasnt been stolen sitting outside waiting to be returned for 3 days now... having to bring it in and out of my garage everyday so it DOESNT get stolen... would not reccomend this company to anyone...

No problems yet.
I've had pretty good experiences with these guys. Ordered several different items on several occasions, most of the time the stuff arrives in 2 days, sometimes back ordered or you get a holiday thrown in there and its over a week, it all depends. Called them for a question and you get courteous, knowledgeable people right her in America.
I have several items to send back (all my fault) and this will be the real test, even though I have to pay for shipping almost all my items I buy over the 100 free shipping limit anyway, so no big deal.
I have no reasons not to buy from Jegs.

Would you be interested in waiting months for your parts? Call Jegs now!
Ordered parts from Jegs over a month ago. Everything was in stock ready to ship and after calling in 5x to customer service talking to numerous managers including Chris Hannah, I'm being told my parts were sold from under me due to a processing error on their part and now backordered with no eta. I noticed JEGS have also now fraudulently edited my order date to show that my order was placed only 5 days ago. Sketchy. They will take your money with ease, good luck getting and service or answers after that! Terrible company as you can tell from other reviews, will never spend another dime with them!

Will never buy from Jegs again.
I will sooner go without whatever it is i need than order from Jegs. I spent multiple thousands of dollars on an order, and JEGS royally f-ed just about everything up. Not to mention their order status tracking after the fact is utter garbage. They split orders up into many smaller "invoices" that cannot easily be tracked, and I had to diligently add up all the separate charges on my credit card to find they over charged for some things, and did not include the current sale savings for money off the order. Their order tracking afterward also does not give you quantities of what was ordered, and also does not accurately reflect the shipped status or if there is an available tracking number. Then to top it all off, the most basic of the parts ordered they claimed were back ordered (Denso spark plugs and some GM exhaust gaskets) that are in stock, cheaper and easily sourced from ANYWHERE ELSE. Never, ever, again will I deal with Jegs, and I cannot stress enough for anyone else to look elsewhere. Similar orders from their main competitor have gone without a single issue.

Buy Somewhere else.
Ordered a complete brake kit (front, back with calipers). Received 2 partial shipments and still have not received calipers, but have been invoiced for entire order. Their customer service reps are incompetent and have no idea what is going on. Save yourself a lot of anguish and buy your parts elsewhere.
Note- their website advertises 80% Customer satisfaction... if my Business generated only 80% positive Customer satisfaction I would fall on the sword. Nothing less than 95% is acceptable. If 1 out of 5 customers are p. O.'d I would be ashamed to advertise that statistic. Take it as a warning. The odds are good (1 outta 5) that you will not be happy.

Don't buy from these people. Shop elsewhere
I ordered a radiator hose from JEGS that I couldn't find anywhere else. Along with it I ordered a bottle of Water Wetter because I was going to need it anyway when I replaced my hose.
Today I got the Water Wetter, no hose, and no reason why, or any invoice.
So I go online to search why. There is an invoice for the Water Wetter with about a $13 delivery fee. Nothing about my radiator hose. So I called customer service. JEGS said my hose was not in either of their warehouse or in Gates ( the hose manufacturer) warehouses.It's on back order. They estimated time for delivery as10/3. It's August 28, and I can't find my hose listed in any gates catalog. I never received any notice of the back order ( I would have immediately cancelled), then never received notice of shipment of the WW.
So I'm screwed out of $13 shipping for something I could have bought at Autozone. Great business practice. Do you think I'll ever buy anything else from them? I'd give them no stars if they're let me

One of the worst online purchase experiences, company is disorganized and all over the place.
I ordered some rotors, brake pads, and calipers from this company back at the beginning of October. Upon placing the order I was told that some items were backordered and that JEGS would ship within the next week.

When that day came, I received another email stating that the items were still backordered. They kept pushing the date back after this, so I ended up calling them. They unapologetically told me that they didn't have a shipping date as the "container hasn't left overseas", so I asked them to cancel the order.

I never got the refund for the order (nor any confirmation emails), so I called back asking for updates. The rep told me that it was already canceled and that I should receive the refund the next business day if I haven't already.

Low and behold, I was shipped a part of the order that next week. I called again asking why I received this package, and they told me it wasn't their fault (it was the manufacturer who shipped it to me). I demanded that they send a pick up the order as I couldn't lug around a (destroyed) box full of rotors and brakes. They told me that FedEx would pick it up the next day.

I waited around that entire day, and nobody came. So I called yet again asking why no one was there. She ended telling me that the order was not canceled, only converted to another order... WHAT?!

She told me that she would actually cancel the order and I would get a real confirmation.
I FINALLY received the refund credit for everything except the shipment that they sent me after a few days, to which I had to call them another time to get a re-pickup attempt.

This whole process was like pulling teeth, and never once during the plethora of calls did they ever apologize or seem sympathetic for wasting a large portion of my time. They just relayed the information in a matter-of-fact tone and asked if there was anything else I had questions about.

Do yourself a favor and AVOID THIS RETAILER AT ALL COSTS! The headache and lack of organization in this company is not worth dealing with. This has been one of the worst online purchase experiences I've had.

Horrible customer service
I placed an order for a complete rear axle assembly in July, it had a $250 core deposit on it, total cost was $1600+. I sent the core back 8 days after receiving the axle, and have spent the last month and a half trying to get my core deposit back. 6 separate phone calls, 1 to the axel provider, to verify JEGS received the old axle, and 5 to Jegs. Each call has me on hold for an average of 40min. That is over 3 hrs on hold for them to tell me each time that my deposit will be returned within the next few days. Jegs is not a place I will never purchase from again for 2 reasons. (1) they act as middlemen for products that you can purchase straight for the source and (2) they still have not deposited my core return for July, it is now September and I have wasted 3 hrs on hold for them to give me the run around... JEGS is horrible!

Can't determine a shipping date, deleted my negative review!
I ordered a suspension kit from Jegs in early September, said would ship within a week. 2 weeks later, no kit and shipping date pushed out another week. Called and told it would be an added week, so now we're at a month out and JEGS tell me that's estimated. I call again and now it's pushed out another 2 weeks. This is totally unacceptable and has completely thrown the timeline of my project off. I will never order from Jegs again, no matter how good a deal. Additionally, I did a review about this on their site and got an email saying it was published and live, checked and it has been removed by them. Why have a review section if you're only going to publish the good ones?

No customer service. Inaccurate product availability. Bad return policy
I ordered a simple face shield that I needed for an upcoming driving event. Website showed product in stock and available to ship within 24 hours. As soon as I placed order, it showed as backordered. No way to cancel the order through the web site. Tried calling and could not get through. Two days later I got an email informing that product would ship in 3 weeks. Too late for my needs. I requested to cancel order via return email to customer service and tried to follow up with a phone call. No response to email and gave up after 40 minute hold on phone. Four weeks later I receive email statng that item is ready to ship. I reply by cancelling order via email, again and asking for a response within 24 hours. No response. I now have the item and the online return would force me to pay the shipping both ways which costs more than the value of the refund. I opened a dispute with PayPal who dismissed my claim with no explanation. Still no reponse from JEGS. Fortunately, this was not a high value purchase. I had purchased from them in the past with no issues. Something has gone terribly wrong with them. I would steer clear.

Items out of stock but available to order
I ordered a set of springs and the website said it would ship in a few days and would take a few days in shipping. A month passed, I called Jegs, JEGS said the manufacturer hadn't shipped them. I called the manufacturer and was told that they hadn't made that part since 2017. I got back in touch with jegs, told them what I knew and they directed me to another department to see about getting the parts from another source. Ordered them and waited a week and called jegs again and they told me that the parts are unavailable. It has taken almost 2 months for them to say they cannot get the parts. They wasted my time and I will not order anything from them ever again.

The Worst Customer Service Experience Ever
On December 4 2020 I purchased products from their website, prior to the order their site showed that JEGS had four of the items I was interested in purchasing in stock. I need only two so I proceeded with the order. After committing to the order I checked the website and it now showed two in stock so it looked like the two I ordered were committed to me. Soon after the order I received an invoice saying paid in full and the status as shipped, all was good so I thought. About 3 weeks after the order was placed I received an email that it would be mid February before the items could be shipped as they were on back order? How could that be if they were shipped already as per the invoice? So I started sending emails to the customer service department inquiring what was going on and getting no response I started with the phone calls. Many many calls later and literally hours on hold I finally talked to a human and they gave me an update. The update was they had no Idea when I would see my products, gee thanks for great information guys! Since that call I have again sent many unanswered emails and again have spent hours again on hold waiting for someone to answer but have yet to make contact. It is now been four and a half months they have had $1200 of my money and I have nothing in return and cant even make contact with some one to get my money back. This is a case of FALSE advertising and borderline THEFT, they advertised they had products when they didn't and took money for them and are not responding when asked for information. I will never purchase anything from these crooks again and would advise others to do the same. I have to say this is the worst and most unprofessional experience I have ever had in purchasing anything in my life! STAY AWAY!

Bogus satisfaction guarantee
WE have a real problem! I placed an order for over $2000 on November 24,2020. Thus far, this order has been screwed up at least three times now by this Melanie LaCount with the last one being within the last couple of days. I have been lied to with regard to delivery dates for my rear wheels and for my aluminum wire looms which were both supposed to be sent out in early December Per the conversation I had with one year service staff; I received a notice from this Melanie on 12/30/20 advising me that my aluminum wire loom delivery date is going to be pushed out until February; I requested that she cancel that particular item on the order as I would get it elsewhere (I have one expected to arrive tomorrow). She responded very shortly thereafter advising that she had canceled the order; I quickly responded asking if this meant that she also canceled my rear wheels and got no response. In looking at my order today, I noticed the rear wheels on even on the order anymore although the aluminum wire loom is still there. My guess is that she has canceled the rear wheels not refunded any money I left the damn wire looms intact. I am well beyond irritated at this point, I have called the bank and I can and likely will reverse the charges and less something is done ASAP. The next person I want to hear from is a supervisor not wanting your line staff. I absolutely DO NOT want this Melanie person to even touch my account anymore. I have tried to be patient understanding all the shipping issues around Christmas and whatnot, but this is gotten well beyond ridiculous. If I do not hear from someone by 5 o'clock tomorrow I will spend the evening making repetitive phone calls and not be willing to spend over an hour on hold and emails until I do get a response. If I still don't get a response I will be making a trip to my bank on Thursday morning. As it stands I have cleared out my entire wish list from your website as you probably lost the customer over this. So much for satisfaction absolutely guaranteed! FIX IT

Poor communication
On Monday I ordered 2 items. The site said JEGS would ship on Thursday. The following Monday I went to the website to check the status. It said "backordered". There had been no emails from the company to indicate this, but there were a dozen spam messages.

The website offered no way to cancel the order. I called the customer service line and got busy signals 3 times. When I finally did get through, I was put on hold for almost an hour, all the while listening to an annoying prerecorded message touting "Great Customer Service".

To their credit, when I finally did reach someone, she was polite and helpful. She did cancel my order and she sent an email confirmation.

False advertising
I have been on the JEGS email list for some time. Yesterday I received an email from JEGS regarding a 3 day sale. Scrolling through the email I found a bunch of stuff I wanted. Put it all in my cart and went to check out and the total in my cart doubled. Just about everything I had doubled in price when I compared it to the prices in the email JEGS sent me. I contacted customer service and was told there was an error and JEGS were not going to honor the prices. The picture I've attached is a portion of the email I received. You would think if they sent out an email that had incorrect prices in it that they would have followed up with another email stating that the first one was sent out in error. I mean things happen, but to just ignore it and then not honor it when asked about it, that is just poor customer service. I will never purchase anything from JEGS again because of this. Glad I was paying attention when I hit the check out button. I wonder how many people were not paying attention and just got charged twice what they thought they were going to be charged.

James F. Reached out after this review was posted apologizing for this experience and offered to make it right. You can see his reply below the review. I pulled together the prices, as best I could remember, from the items I had in my cart, and with the exception of one item, he matched the prices. I was good with the price he quoted me on the one item he couldn't match since I was going off memory on the prices of all the items I had in my cart. His willingness to reach out immediately, his offer to make it right, and his willingness to use this a training opportunity so others don't have to go through this, will keep me coming back to JEGS in the future. I will follow up again once I receive my order and will adjust my overall rating accordingly. Thank you James for making this right!

False advertising
Ordered a rectangle stainless steel overflow bottle. Was shipped a round one. Complained and the girl said that the pics in the catalog are only representative and what i get may or may not look like the pics. Why would anyone shopping for their custom car not care about what it looks like, must be just me. She said she'd send a return label but two trips to town and my time would be more than the sixty bucks I paid which i'm sure they're counting on. I opened the package and checked the tank and only the cylinder is stainless, top and bottom and brackets are just plated steel. Product: RPC R6577X 3x9 overflow tank, stainless steel

Ordered Twice; Epic Fail Twice
I've ordered twice from Jegs. (Shouldn't it be "Jeg's"?)

Order #1 - JEGS charged me the wrong sales tax - more than double what it should be. It is super easy to verify someone's correct tax; all you need is their address. This is the only business I know of that can't get it right. After two phone calls trying to take care of it, in which both individuals told me they couldn't fix it but knew who could, nothing has happened, and it's been more than a week.

Order #2 - I ordered a Jegs-brand automatic transmission on November 29th. The order confirmation said the estimated ship date was January 1st. With two days to go (December 29th), they send me a new estimated ship date - April 5th! The 3 people I spoke to about it weren't rude, but neither were they helpful; nobody could explain how in the space of one month the delivery date slipped four months, or why they didn't tell me sooner. Nor did they do anything at all to make it right; "sorry" is all I got. Sorry, indeed.

I've done business with their competitor, Summit Racing, for over 30 years, and Summit on their worst day is better than Jegs, based on my two experiences. There won't be a third.

Just not happy 83346286
I was happy when my order showed up. The exhaust on my truck is falling off and desperately need some help.
The first box showed up on my porch with all the pipes. No hardware? I wasn't sure so I waited for the rest to show up. As to my surprise headers were good all the parts came that went with the headers. Mufflers just what I was looking for, still no hardware such as clamps and hangers.
I made a call to Jegs told them the order was incomplete. JEGS said we will make it right. Three weeks now still no hardware. Saturday is coming up i will install my new pipes with out them. Just have to make my own hangers. Lesson might be is to find out what is being shipped in your order how many boxes and what is in each box.
I am happy to have jegs products sent to me the parts I ordered, but packing of the pipes might need some adjustment. Heavy products may need handles for the shipper easy movement.

JEGS - Bad service and cant even figure out what a real fitment guide should be
Ordered a flywheel from these guys and doesnt fit the car even though their fitment guide says it will fit (Stock car thank you very much). So like any normal person i call and ask what JEGS can do about it, i get this customer representative that is just not happy with the world and just wont work with me at all. They refuse to pay me back for return shipping even though it was their own fault the part didnt fit. This is the worst experience i have ever had with a car parts company. Talk about not valuing their own customers.

I would avoid this company unless you have unlimited time and money.
I ordered with this company in the beginning of the month and my parts were supposed to be shipped by the 15th. Over 5 of my parts were delayed at least two weeks which meant I would be unable to see my family for Christmas. The parts that did come, two of them were severely damaged from the factory and had to be returned. However, the replacement parts although I was told were in stock ended up being backordered. To add insult to injury, I found a company (summit racing) that was able to get me my parts before christmas so I could do my repairs and see my family, but JEGS told me JEGS would not get the money back into my account for 48 hours so they are essentially victimizing me a 3rd time by not letting me have my money so I can order the parts from someone who isn't dishonest like them...

Never try this site
Frist and last time ever trying this place every upset and disappointed I called frist to make sure that JEGS had the part I was ordering in stock because I didn't want to buy them then something happened and they hold your money 3-5 business days the guy I spoke to confirmed that it was in stock so I placed the prefer. 3 days later get a email saying it was discontinued now already waiting 3 days I have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back I don't recommend anyone to this site

Ps. They didn't even have a replacement item for me smh

What company hangs the phone up when you are trying to get through? Over and over it hangs up until on average 10 or more times you try it will then put you in a que. If thats not bad enough you wait for 20 minutes or more on every occasion while the annoying JEEEEGGGGSS scream drives you out of your mind. JEGS are by far the worst company to buy parts from, tell you the parts are coming, in stock or give you dates that are
Incorrect just to the your money and make you wait. Call the distributor if you want to know when a part is going to drop ship or be in stock at jegs before you listen to their lies.

Bad Business
Website says available when I orders jack stands in early March. Waiting weeks for shipment or an order update. Then it updates eventually and says JEGS will ship April 15th. Then they never ship, I get no update, check order status and nothing. Now May 17th I can email that says they will ship October 7th. I look on their website and it says "more than 10 available" also, on their amazon page is says "available". These people have a horrible business ethic. I'm waiting to have this order cancelled if they will ever get back to me.

Don't waste your money go to SUMMIT RACING
JEGS do not go the extra mile after the sale. I bought a Holly carburetor it had a problem with the electric choke from day one. They sent me replacement part and told me don't worry it has a 1 yr warranty. I tried to get it exchanged for another one just like it. I was told it only had a 90 day warranty and it was past 90 days. I ask if they could help out that I am having to pay the labor for installation, I was told by customer service they do not help customers after warranty ends. SUMMIT RACING took the bad one back and sent me a new one and they didn't sell it originally. Now that's customer service.

Buy lube before you buy anything from jegs, you'll need it if you want your hole to stay in 1 piece
Ordered a set of headlights on 5/9/2020, jegs said JEGS would arrive on 5/15/2020. It is now 6/5/2020 and I have yet to receive my order, a response to one of my emails or an answer to my phone calls. I spent an hour on hold twice after multiple emails that were not answered. My headlights are damaged and I can't use my truck until the headlights are repaired. Had I known it would take this long I would have ordered through a different supplier. I will never shop at JEGGSSS again because they are garbage.

Bad Experience
I placed an order of 4 small things and a set of taillights. The small items arrived quickly. I ordered the taillights on 10-14. It is 12-09 today and I still have not received the taillights and finally cancelled the order. On the first call we were told the expected 10-28 arrival date was a mistake and it was actually 11-28. On the second call we were told it would be 11-30. The third call consisted of then telling us the lights had shipped out that day and would be by me soon. Today we called once again and we're told the lights never shipped out. I have had a cracked taillight for 2 months and I run a detailing business. Having a cracked, faded light on a detailing vehicle is an eyesore and I e been running the risk of a ticket. Not very happy.

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