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Great subscription box!
This box is great for all ages with different plans, the items you get are interesting and enjoyable. Its easy to skip a month and cancel, the price isn't unreasonable. I have tried several different boxes and enjoyed them all.

Definitely the Price!
Considering the price of these crates, JapanCrate are well worth it. I have both the Premium and Doki crates and the Premium offers a lot of tasty candies and snacks that you wouldn't normally find at your local store. I wasn't always a big fan of Kit Kats, but Strawberry Kit Kats (which were in one of the Premium crates) was delicious! The Doki subscription is perfect for girls. My niece loves the stuff in the Doki crate. Besides being cute, a lot of the stuff in the Doki crate is usable. I would highly recommend either crate.

Decent experiences, not quite reliable
JapanCrate offer a pretty decent subscription service for a box delivered to your front door. I've tried the original Japan Crate, the Doki Doki crate, and I am subscribed to their ramen subscription which I am quite happy with. I always felt like the Doki Doki crate was quite cheap in value despite what was being paid for. However, their candy subscription and the ramen subscription give me a lot of interesting choices and has definitely been a pleasure. The only real downside to the service is the delay and problems that they have with shipping, which seems to be something they cannot really avoid given how they source their items.

Excitement on the spot. Cant wait for my 2 more crates.
I ordered a 3 months Premium crate. Excited as it could be to know that for the next 2 months, im going to get to try a wide variety of snacks that I can't find in my country. First crate arrived the other day and Im sooooo in love with my first ever snack crate. Lots of items and some are small and pretty decently cute. Japan Crate stands out from the rest.

Worth the wait and worth the price
I ordered Premium box on January and was delayed for a month coming here in Australia. Email them and customer support keeps me updated with the current situation and I absolutely understand due to the COVID-19 situation nowadays. Anyways, its worth the wait. Fair value considering what you get. Excellent customer service which add more value to the overall experience.

Delivery was prompt and overall expereince was very good
Hello Japan crate. I just got my crate after a long flight here to Israel. The delivery tracking is prompt and updates from the support was superb. Items in my crate are amazing. Premium Crate is worth the money it is super fun and the snacks are super delicious.

Of all subscriptions, this is the best.
I have tried several other company's boxes. Japan crate was one of the best. I will cancel my other subscriptions and only keep this one. I have known Japan Crate from Instagram and I am very happy. That is great customer service. I can't wait for the next box. Thank you.

Excited for my box every month
I'm super excited with my crate every month. Its been almost a year now since I subscribed to Japancrate. My first crate was the Premium then I changed it monthly like Umai, then Doki Doki, then to Gacha Gacha. I didn't try the Kira Kira and Inku crate yet. As I always go back to Premium. Candies and snacks are most favorite. Service was perfect. Good customer service. JapanCrate always quickly reply to my inquiries. No issues yet with my subscriptions. Shipment always on time. Overall experience was very satisfied.

Collector here. Love you Japancrate
Im a collector of cute stationeries from anywhere in Asia. Stationeries from Asia are cure and pretty. When i saw the ad regarding that Japancrate will going to have stationeries last year and JapanCrate called it Inku. I immediately subscribed from day 1. Now i have tons of collections from them. Thank you Japancrate. Your items are perfect.

Quality, quantity and uniqueness.
Fantastic, a great variety of different unique noodles and extra stuff inside the Umai box. My family just adorbs the ramen box with full of different type of noodles with some bonus items which are native to Japan.

The company is very responsive and has excellent communication. You will not be disappointed in the quality, quantity or uniqueness in each item in the box. Great way to start off the weekend chill night. Highly recommended. Will definitely subscribe back.

Awesome crate
The crate is is amazing I got tons of different snacks and tons of other fun things with it DIY kit was OK it was melon jelly or melon something overall I really love this crate this is the Japan crate that I'm speaking of I just got it for the first time I also got the Inku crate and there was so much stationary and stuff in it I just absolutely loved it I will definitely be keeping my subscriptions thank you for awesome service you guys are amazing so happy that I get stationary and food and snacks sent to my door every month I will use all the stationary and snacks and stuff I can't wait to see what things are in my next boxes to come my stationary box was super amazing and I loved everything inside of it pens paper washy tape everything there was just this white out stuff that had a print to it that I really did not get the hang of and I did really everything else inside both of my crates are amazing thank you guys so much for the amazing service Japan crate got here faster than inku crate but JapanCrate both are amazing crates never cancel my subscription love you guys so much thank you for being awesome subscription service Also when I got inside my inku crate was some animal hip stickers I got the dog variety I got a rilakkuma memo pad with chairoikoguma I got the one with the sparkly pink spine and inside it has two different designs one that is lined and then another one that is just not lined it's perfect for taking notes I also got a little twin star Pen stand in the purple variety I also got amifa masking tape that look like little sea otters I'm definitely going to be using it for notes and journaling and stuff like that and other stuff to help me keep organized I also got polar bear and moon sticky notes and they are so cute you can even prop it up with the stand in the back I also got petit Deco rush I got it in the four leaf clover design and I just cannot operate it that good so I had to get rid of it that was the only thing I did not like in the box I tried multiple times to get it to work and I think I might've done something wrong but oh well there's always next month I also got a matte gel pencil/pen it says milk 100% on it with pink hearts it writes in the pink color I love it it is very smooth and reminds me of a ballpoint pen and then I also got shiba sleeping and cherry note card / book I also did the bonus items in the box so I got more items in the box all the items you're going to hear now or from the bonuses I got some food themed stickers with a little background that looks like a calendar it says schedule seal cafe then I also got a Gold metallic gel pen I have already used the Rilakkuma notebook or memo pad to test out the pens and washy and other things like that and then the last thing I got with the bonus is the design paper I got mine in different designs I got a strawberry fruit cake design a berry cake and then a fruit cake design and I guess it's like origami I'm not really sure and you get three designs of each and you get five sheets I got 15 sheets in total I'm not really into origami but I might try some out and then if I don't get the hang of it I might use it but it's probably gonna be the use of these to do photo props for my hamster to put on TickTock or something like that or just to give to my camera roll and send to friends and family I will probably use the origami paper or design paper as photo props for my hamster so yeah your guises service is amazing and I will definitely recommend you can't wait for next months boxes and I also forgot to mention but with the bonus items I also got a super cool bread washy tape that has dog image all over it and it also has bread with butter and other things on it toAnd I also forgot to mention but as a bonus I got a cute little marker that has hedgehogs and Keewee and fruits and cherries and a popsicle and fruits inside of a popsicle and it's a tube type pen so it has a fine tip marker and a bigger bold marker that was also what I got as a bonus I got 13 items in total

Love the variety of stuff inside my crate
Ordered my first premium crate from this company on March 1st and already received it. I love the variety of stuff available on my crate. I love the kit kat bonus item. It was a bomb! Taste very unique!

JapanCrate have great prices and quick shipping here in UK knowing that they send the crate via Japan Post with no tracking. So I am kind of skeptic about it. But then to my surprised, the crates arrive with no damage or missing item.

Highly recommended!

All my 6 crates have been received…
All of my 6 Umai crate which I ordered many months ago have been received and posting the last crate that I just got from the mail recently.

Im very satisfied with the service and overall experience with Japan Crate. Thank you very much for on time delivery and didn't missed a crate. Very good products. Full stock up. Hot soup it is! Highly recommended.

Pretty and good quality
I ordered Doki Doki crate last month for my daughter as she is mad about it when she saw the ads in you instagram. Just letting you know that I received the crate and my daughter was so happy. The quality of most items is not just aesthetically pretty but also good quality. Most of the stuff I received so far are practical and useful. My daughter love it so much and she even ask me to subscribe for another month. Well, that's what I'm going to do as long as my daughter is happy then Mom will be happy as well. Will definitely renew my subscription.

5 stars for my overall experience
Yayy! Just got my March Doki Doki box. Overall experience was superb. Great products and cute plush bento box. It matches the Totoro Bento box. Shipping was a bit delayed but no rush. Swift and smooth transactions. I only order 1 box for now. But will order again next month. Website is simple yet elegant. Very user friendly. Great work Japan crate.

Something fishy
I have been subscribed for three months. It started well, with a very good selection of candy and snacks in my first box(June). The next month, Japan Crate added a high shipping fee($10.95) with the promise of a faster delivery(3-5 days). This month, JapanCrate claimed that my box "shipped" on 7/21. After about 10 days, there is no update on the tracking info. The tracking only shows that the shipment information was sent to the courier. I contacted the courier who said they never received the package yet from Japan Crate. I go back to Japan Crate and they deny this. On their instagram page a lot of people are complaining about the same thing. I will cancel my subscription despite initially liking the products I received, because Japan Crate did not fulfill their faster delivery which I already paid for and because they provided me with false information and tried to blame the courier.

Fake Item
My boyfriend recently purchased a box from the DokiDoki line for me as a present. I was incredibly excited when he gave it to me and even when we both opened it together. However, I discovered one of the larger parts of the box contained a fake item!
I am a casual figure collector, especially those of the Goodsmile line. The figure that was enclosed in the box was a Card Captor Sakura Nendoroid petit, and it was utterly, easily a knock-off of the real thing.
No where in their clauses does it say that JapanCrate include authentic items as a default, but when you spend THIRTY dollars plus for a singular box, one would expect that, right?
Apparently not.
I am disappointed and will never order from them again. I have contacted them as it is, and am currently waiting on a response. Let's see if their peoples are authentic.

(I have also included pictures of said item. My pictures have warm lighting and were taken by mobile, so it's somewhat difficult to view the abnormalities.)

Edit: I received contact and it was awful. Whoever had contacted me used emojis in their response and it ostensibly amounted to: "Sorry about that, keep buying our product!" Glad I only received one box.

Received my box and thank you very much
I just got my box and whewww! It took some time but its worth the wait. Thank you so much :). And now i regret I didn't order 2 box. I really wish I ordered 2 box as my little brother almost finish all gummies. What left for me was the chips and chocos. Will definitely order back soon when shipping goes back to normal. Overall experience was 5 star.

Expensive Shipping & Cheap Quality
I got the Doki Doki crates, and while being cute, the items JapanCrate pick feel cheap and unsatisfying. Especially for the price that you have to pay for them. On top of that, they no longer offer free shipping so you have to pay a ridiculous amount for your box. As well, the boxes are frequently delayed and never on time. I had to wait 8 weeks for my July crate instead of 3-4, and I am currently waiting close to 6 weeks for my August crate that has yet to arrive.

Today, my subscription plan renewed for 6 months, and I tried to refund the subscription because of the absurd shipping costs. Of course the Japan Crate team did not give me a refund, and I am very disappointed and frustrated in the lack of empathy of the Japan Crate support team. I will never buy from them again.

If you are considering trying them however, first look at other cute kawaii crate options out there. There are MANY cheaper options that come with free shipping to any country! This business is such a rip-off.

Love Japan Crate
Love Japan Crate! So many delicious things for my family to enjoy. If we can't travel at least we can experience delicious food from Japan. Customer service was superb and shipping is quick and everything arrived intact. Will consider renewing my subscription to them and upgrade to full year subscription. Simply amazing!

Noodle crate was absolutely amazing
My noodles pack just got here and I am so impressed! There were many variety of noodles and ramens in the box and the box arrived quickly after I ordered it. I will definitely renew my subscription boxes and upgrade to prepaid soon! Thank you so much Japan Crate.

You made me and my girlfriend are so addicted to ramens and you made us so happy! Tried out the included free recipe in the recipe card and so delighted

Very nice concept and customer service was on point. Overall experience is great. Glad that we found you Japan Crate. Keep up the good service.

Terrible auto-renew fine print - beware!
Do not order. Terrible auto-renewal policy with no email to let you know in advance and no refunds even in you contact them before anything has shipped. I contacted them on the date of the renewal to cancel and it was a flat no. No problem sending you marketing emails but auto renewal information warnings are non-existent. There is a reason that this page doesn't have a company rating function - you'll see many people are upset about this if you google it.

The recipe was a plus inside your Umai crate
The ingredients and cooking procedures are written in Japanese, but the recipe card summarizes everything in English. Good that the company include the cooking instruction card. Umai crate is the best! Definitely will order again.

Crates are mediocre at best, and hold a deeper secret.
Crates are mediocre at best. I purchased a 6 month prepaid plan and was given NO indication WHATSOEVER that it was a recurring subscription. Six months go by, and I am charged another $214.50 US dollars. I contacted support, told them I literally cannot afford this because I have been unemployed over 6 months. JapanCrate proceeded to give me the same answer everyone here gets. It's in the fine print. No refunds.

Website is a scam site. Stay away.

Curious at first but then we got hooked
My sister is a fan of Japan Crate. She won't stop talking about it whenever we talk over the phone. I got so curious that I tried it. Now, whenever the delivery comes, we have more stuff to talk about. We love the Inku Crate so much!

I would recommend
I would recommend this box to anyone is a foodie like me. I love trying new food and this box comes with snacks that you can only find in Japan. The best thing about this box is that the candies inside change each month depending on the month or season. I absolutely love it!

Thank you for all the best service!
When my package got returned coz I was out for vacation, i got sad. But luckily you have the best customer service and I get to receive another package immediately. Thank yu for the fast response and I am really loving your products.

The order arrived on time and everything was very original
The order arrived on time and everything was really good. The instant noodles look so unique and tasty. Umai crate is so amazing. Can't wait to taste it all. We are very pleased with the selection of products. It was nice to find assorted noodles in a box. Very creative. Thank you Japan Crate.

I've been with Japan crate for already a year. I am really satisfied with the service most especially with the contents of the crates. The stuff are not something that you can just find somewhere. JapanCrate are also instagram-worthy.

Fantastic service
Japan crate was terrific at anything. JapanCrate have a very good product and professional customer support. They do give promotions as well. I love how they curate a themed box every month. I got excited when received my Christmas box. Its was heaven. Perfect snacks for the holiday season. It was absolutely fantastic. Thank you Japan crate. You made my Christmas special! Great work guys!

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Description: The fun of Japan brought to your door through delicious Japanese candy and snacks. Try anything from Cheesecake Kit Kats to DIY Sushi kits.

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