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Check in wrong account that never belonged to me.
How could you screw up something so simple as punching in a few numbers that I had given you correctly because I can see on my page what I wrote. Then have the nerve to tell me to call my bank, how is my back supposed to do a darn thing when you only leave the last four digits shown and don't even say which bank the account was from. DUH making any sent at all. Unbelievable, first this virus, then get hit hard with this, and of course no matter what time is call I get no answer. Hate being an American anymore.

Dirty corrupt bastards dont provide any good info and the website is a joke. They just like to screw people over and not give them the money they are promised. As long as they get paid at the end of the day they dont care who they screw over. Why would we have to claim the 600 in our taxes if we got the first one before. Can't get any decent help from the government because they are all old pricks and crooked. Let's $#*! you over on everything we can and give you a tiny bit of money (if you actually receive it that is) to try and make it seem like they are "the good guys". $#*! the government and everyone in it

No Answers for us Poor Injured Spouses
I have contacted the IRS at least 10 times since the stimulus check was offset to pay my husband's child support, including mine. Ask for a supervisor and never call back. I filed injured spouse - there does not seem to be a specialist working there that can answer questions, only these nimrods who pass you back and forth and tell you information you ALREADY KNOW. When I get to the "specialist" they can only tell me information I ALREADY KNOW, nothing intelligent.
The last guy I spoke to before the most recent IRS representative actually said he would get me to the injured spouse department and then admitted he is not sure where the phone call actually goes but at least he was nice and trying to be helpful, then the girl that answered tells me everyone's check was taken because of a computer error (on website and widely known -duh) like she informed me of something HUGE that I did not know and then the processing time if you sent a 8379 form in (again on website and already KNEW THAT, but thanks.)

Spoke with a representative on the phone this evening who said "I'll transfer your call" then changed her mind, then proceeds to waste 1 HOUR and 20 MINUTES of my time, put me on no less than 6-7 times for 7 minutes each each time comes back and repeats information k I already knew before I called. First of all, these representatives need better training in actually listening to what people want instead of wasting their time - why would I call to hear you repeat information I already know? Then she has the nerve to get rude and condescending - in hindsight I guess she was trying to make it make sense to her why she has me on hold 6-7 times for 7 minute intervals because she has to look up procedures when she should have transferred me in the first place, actually had the nerve to offer to transfer me after 1 hour 20 minutes - said we have to eat dinner now and hung up. These people do not seem to know squat and there is no department to set up to actually help.

Please, everyone affected should file a LAWSUIT. These is unacceptable - they should at least train their representatives better or actually have a department that KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON with the injured spouse claims to speak to, who can verify receipt, approval, and if someone is processing it. Wasted so much time on hold trying to get answers when nobody there can help.

They tried to make it as difficult as possible to make payments
First of all it would have been nice to know my penalty for filing late when I paid originally instead of getting the notice months later just to be penalized for the extra months it took to send the penalty. Then the website gave me a notice I couldn't access the information for two weeks. Now after making a payment, it tells me I'll be charged a fee for each additional payment I make via credit or debit card? So I go to enter my bank info and it won't allow me to do it outside of business hours or on the weekend? Normal people work during the week. It's like make everything backwards and as difficult as possible to collect more money. I think I'm just gonna quit my job and collect welfare.

IRS is a FKING SCAM! How people don't even notice this is beyond me! force you to pay hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS in taxes, NEVER contribute back and just STEAL STEAL STEAL all your own hard-earned money! WHY this agency never had its facilities burnt down by protesters is BEYOND ME. This agency STEALS YOUR MONEY and uses it to pay for "social services" overseas in ISRAEL. WTF does that country have ANYTHING to do with American taxpayers? NOTHING! This is how America is getting bankrupt and millions are growing into homelessness each and every day. The average person works 3 fking jobs overtime and can't even afford to pay rent because of the amount of taxes taken away from them! My father just got denied Social Security benefits after contributing over $400,000 in taxes alone from his 35+ years working here. He is a disabled man who worked all his life. HOW TF is Social Security going to deny him his entitled benefits after the IRS STOLE ALL HIS MONEY? THIS FACILITY IRS IS A FKING S. C. A.M. IRS NEEDS TO BE BURNED TO THE FKING GROUND. PROTESTERS BETTER FCK THIS AGENCY UP!

Stimulus payment
Dear IRS, your service is very bad and disappointing. I filed my taxes on February 17th to get my stimulus check deposited and sent on to right account and address. But, it's still been deposited and sent on to the wrong account and address. So, why you put the wrong info on your website? Because of you and your ignorance my family could not get the money and could become homeless due to non payment. We the people pay millions in taxes and you can't get it work but, you make a Covid excuse Everytime and your phone line doesn't even respond to phone calls anymore. So, tell me what we the people should do so, department like yours would do a great job and take care of us. You guys are bad that I don't even have good words for you! It's very very disappointing that people like me have to struggle because of you incompetence and ignorance. I pray to God every day so employees like you would go through the same things that we've been go ng through. Karma will get you, mark my words :(

Who was the stimulus for really CHILD SUPPORT
Stupid federal government stimulusbis a biluch of bull crap that its to help for the diasaster it caused well im struggling list house and no whire to live and the $#*!en government still kept the ehole stimulus to pay my child support and i can even support my self rigjt due this $#*!en pandemic bull$#*! stupid payed themselves. And that money would have helped me get back into a home and find a new job. Now I have neither of the two plus all the effort I put in to get this paper work done borrowed money to file taxes for this $#*! zero $#*! you AND BABYS MOMAS THAT just want to have a kid and leave to collect money and laugh at the guy they $#*!ed under $#*! the kids. Here nothing o you hey are the other so bare and take care of he. FAT. HER IM DAD

Worst customer customer service the government has provided
The automated system that have set up isn't user friendly, it's slow and outdated. It's extremely difficult to get a representative on the line. Even after you listen thru all the options they never give you the option to speak with a live representative. If the system can't recognize what you are trying to do it hangs up on you rather than giving you a solution or a recommendation to your problem. Option one is to check your status or if you have a question of your status but in reality it does answer any questions and they don't give you the option to speak with a rep to answer your questions. IT JUST ENDS THE CALL WITH OUT A SOLUTION.

Economic Stimulus Payment
I have tried to call IRS and no one answers the phone. I keep getting recordings. Even if staff members are working from home, could have a phone set up to take calls and a computer to access IRS records. My husband received his economic stimulus payment and I have not received my payment. I am eligible to receive it The Get My Payment site is worthless. We file our taxes together and have the same bank accounts. This should not be difficult. I am not sure how you can make this type of error.

Customer Service and Lousy Agents that process the refunds.
I piad a professional to do my taxes and I get $14 back. I called them and explained that my daughter is no longer of age so I won't be able to get earn income tax credit. I told them my daughter is 6 years old. How do you ever determine how old she is? I don't know the guy said and he asked me to fax a birth certificate. I did fax the information and I call back to get a call back 2 1/2 hours later asking for the status of my fax. I just wanted to make sure they received it. The guy was so rude he said we don't have a personal fax ma'am with a tone on his voice. It takes about a week for an agent to get the fax because its only one central fax. So I told him, " now I have to wait weeks for you guys to fix your mistake?" he said "This was your mistake not ours." I was taken back by what he said already blaming me without even looking at my information, then he hangs up on me. Of course I wasn't going to call back and wait 3 hours for a call back. The IRS has the worst customer service reps I've ever dealt with.

The System Wont Release Your Stimulus Check
Why is it good people always get screwed over. I called the irs because I received a letter from trump but no stimulus check April 24th the date I was supposed to get it for me and my 2 kids told me to wait 4 to 8 weeks which I did on the 8th week I called back the irs agent told me they have my credits in the account but the system wont Release it and it's no freeze code on it they dont know what's going it's nothing I did and it's not just me but also people around the world my question to the irs is if the system not working how are you going to deliver a second stimulus package l also was apart of the glitch that happened which caused them not to get my bank information I don't understand why this is happening but I trust in Jesus Christ.

Filing my taxes this year has been horrible. I worked last year and no taxes were getting taken of my check. I complained to my job 3 times. reviewed and couldn't figure out why. I filled out my tax paperwork correctly so my boss didn't understand why my taxes weren't being taken out of my check. Came to find out I wasn't the only one. Also other people I talked that worked for other companies had the same problem. IRS do your job. I'm sure you all get paid enough too. It's not fair that I have to do my job and the irs job too (making sure taxes are taken out of my check). That is your job not mine! That resulted in you all taking about all my income tax this year. Which has been delayed because my taxes were under review and I have to wait an extra 9 weeks to get my taxes. It taxes forever to get your incomes taxes. But it takes no time for you all to rip us off. Y'all are sad! Do better.

Very dissapointed
I have sat and waited every year on my refund have never had a problem with my taxes and never will but I hear ppl every year claiming the child tax credit just like I do and get theirs back way before mine but I have to sit and wait and wait and wait on it and exspeclially since I filed ASAP like it said but still have to sit here and wait on the irs every year to get money I don't want the stimulus give me my tax check that I filed and quit messing around with it hit the button already to send it

Terrible Customer Service
This doesn't even deserve a 1 star review. I contacted them and waited on the phone for nearly an hour. She pick up the phone and saying her name and ID number so fast that I can not even catch on to. I told her to slow down and she is just saying "WHAT DO YOU NEED" yelling at me. I called to see why I haven't received my stimulus check and she's like check online and then she says "ANYTHING ELSE" with an attitude. A day before that I called and someone else responded and he said I need to claim it. Its like as if just want to give some random answers so they could just can move on and not to deal with you. At least the other person was a bit nice but she was extremely rude. I feel so sorry for her. Like get a life and if you don't want to deal with customers over the phone then quit your job. We are in middle of a damn pandemic and people losing their job and instead of helping this is how they respond to us as if were trying to get money from their parents assets or something. I have more to say but overall she should not be working there at all. I wish I had her name and ID number to expose her. You guys should do better and not hire a bunch of low life with an attitude to treat people however they want.

Don't use the private companies embedded on our government site
The IRS itself is stellar.
However if you click on to one of their embedded e-file options, now privatized, you are probably not filing any returns, but instead just giving these companies all of your personal information.
I chose ezTaxReturn for my simple return and went through a "walkthrough" of questions and answers on the form. It took about 20 minutes.
Afterward I received repeated emails saying, "File Your Taxes. File From The Safety of your Own Home"
What? That's what I just did a week and a half ago! You know, like when you go to H&R Block.
So frustrating. I feel like a fool.
I provided all of my personal information, SSA number, address, finances, and I accomplished Nothing.

The lost ones
I am disabled yes but I try and manage. I am at a point where it angers me. Those who are still waiting, right now for the third stimulus payment it's ridiculous. It's almost the end of June 2021 any I have yet to receive it. I got the first and second payments with no problems. And to think all it takes is a push of a button. And trust me are picking and choosing right now. I have checked that payment tool since March when third payments went out. My address, ss number, card number has not changed. I am around other disabled people on a daily and for some odd reason they have already gotten theirs. WOW! To all of a sudden disregard the people who really need it, is disgusting. I shouldn't have to call, I shouldn't have to check back numerous times! 1st and 2nd payments I got like everyone else why now does it take several months after the payments went out. AGAIN I SAY... AND QUOTE ME PLEASE... ALL IT TAKES IS A PUSH OF A BUTTON!


Head should be fired
The worst and most dishonest service in the world. It takes a week for them to answer the phone. When answer they are completely lost and they pass on the buck to others. They keep the poors people money at this time of need. They are rude and cocky. They take advantage of the pandemic to cover their salaries with our money. Like me and wife. Thanks to pandemic have no jobs, all ready lost our cars, and will be homeless soon. In top, IRS stole our stimulus. And Biden looks the other way.

I had a tax issue and have been trying to get it resolved for almost 2 years. The department sent me a letter in December of 2019 saying it needed 60 days to send me a full response. That was over 300 days ago. I realize we are in the middle of a Pandemic but this should have been resolved well before then. On Monday, I was on the phone for approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes waiting before I got a message saying " there was a technical issue" and kicking me back to the main screen. I called again on Tuesday and got a hold of someone who told me were not sure how to solve my issue so they would have their manager call me back within 24-48 hours. Never got a call back. Called back in again today and have been on hold for an hour and 51 minutes and nobody has picked up. This is the worst organization I have ever dealt with.

IRS 8. 7. 7. 8. 3. 5.
IRS Customer Service Rep # *******835 made me cry after the phone call. 8. 7. 7. 8. 3. 5. I just wanted to change my address as she was so rude and then hung up the phone after she was giving me a hard time. She told me to mail in a form or call back but she was not going to help me even though she could. I was so confused. I was on hold for so long... If for some reason she reads this, Why are you like this? You ruined my day. I'm just so frustrated and sad and I need to call back in to update my address but I'm scared to get that same treatment again.

False information
All these news post about releasing stimulus checks and I am social security disability with direst deposit and never got my check when I barely make it month to month with house payment utilities and insurance and food. There is no one to call or email it's just plain ridiculous the lack of trust And lack of honesty the government is giving people. Next is going to the papers and news media to call out the irs on their dishonesty. People like us are barely surviving and you wanna give false hope to everyone.

Clueless and unhelpful
I filed my dead mother's taxes for 2019 and made the mistake of leaving her address as the mailing address. Her house had been sold so her tax return was sent back to the IRS as undeliverable. When I realized my mistake, I checked the status of the refund through the IRS website. It gave me specific instructions on how to get the mailing address changed. Call a number, give the representative the reference number displayed on the screen, and have the taxpayer's SSN ready and all the tax return information.
I waited for 45 minutes and finally got someone on the phone. did absolutely nothing to help. When I mentioned the status screen from and that it gave me a reference number, he acted like he had never heard of such a thing and never even asked me to repeat it to him. I had previously entered my mother's information into to the phone before I got through to an agent and of course, I had to give all that to him again.
He asked for my name. I told him my name and that I was her son and the one who filed her taxes and I simply needed to change where her refund is mailed. I explained she was deceased, which it will clearly show on her return. All he told me was that I wasn't authorized on the account. I asked who needed to call and he said he couldn't tell me because I wasn't authorized on the account. That is all he offered.
So, I guess the IRS is running a scam where if you file taxes for a dead relative and the check is mailed back for whatever reason, they will keep the tax return.
- It is obvious, by the fact the return was mailed back, the return needs to go to a different address.
- The check will be made out to my mother, so all we can do is deposit it into her estate account.
- So to just keep the check and refuse to send it to the correct address is ridiculous and criminal.
- The status screen at said absolutely nothing about an "account" or having to be authorized on it.
Only options are to write a letter and hope they respond or sit on the phone for another 45 minutes and demand a supervisor. This is not what paying taxes should be like. It's a childish nightmare every year having to deal with this worthless organization.

Slow and inefficient
If this organization was any slower, they'd be moving backwards. I filed my taxes in March 2020. These idiots sent me a notice in November stating I owed money. After reviewing my taxes with a CPA at a cost of $400.00, I resubmitted my proposal. These loafers took a 2 month holiday and just opened back up at the end of January 2021. sent me a letter indicating they were looking into my proposal, but also told me if I owed any outstanding money that interest would accrue even those these worthless government employees were not working for several months. The IRS is the absolute most inefficient government organization in America. It is impossible to contact these clowns by phone.

Their actions show lack of efficiency, lack of respect, and lack concern for the individual.
First and foremost, I recommend avoiding interacting with the IRS like the plague.
Second, the estimated wait time was 30-60 minutes, I was on hold for 100 minutes, only for them to transfer me to another estimated 30-60 minute wait.
Third, this is the 5th time I've called in 5 months since ERRONEOUSLY intercepted my refund and each time I've called these "agents" do not understand what is wrong with my account and have said that the refund check will be sent out in 4 weeks and to check back then. I have yet to receive my refund check and it has been 5 months since my first request.
This system is inadequate, to say the least, and I have diminished respect and faith in the IRS system and believe that there are crooks in charge who take advantage of the American people's money.

Frustration seeking information
Last Wednesday April 14th, I called the IRS number *******040 with the hopes of resolving questions about my 2019 taxes. Although, I had filed my 2019 taxes on time, I had not received any information acknowledging my filing. After going through the lengthy steps to speak to a representative. The representative, Mr. Whitville answered the phone, he was very professional, courteous and answered my questions patiently. He truly made my day! This is the first time I have ever encounter a representative that was truly polite and not rude, I wish this person the best, he could truly train some of the others. Excellent job, well done!

2 years without a tax return
Over 2 years now and no one has any idea why my husband's tax refund has never been able to be solve. We have called numerous times and their time on hold can be up to 2 hours and when someone finally answers are rude and very unprofessional. This representative told us she was whom started our case umm no wonder why it's taking two years. This representative told my husband that he had no right to claim my kids because they aren't his and she claims to know that we aren't married even though we send them our certificate but okay, she then said that our kids weren't born here which they are, This representative also said she had to hang the phone because she was late to get home and eat! My questions is, where are they getting this people from? No one seems to know what they are doing or why, they can close you're case without knowing why but they will. They have poor customer service!

Wild goose chase
I call the appointment line, wait 30 minutes to get a real person, & proceed to tell me they have to transfer me to the appointment line, which is what I called & dialed "1" for. Twenty minutes later, someone else answers, and she too, can't set an appointment for me, & wanted to transfer me again! I have prepared taxes for 21 years, and never once, have I had a good thing to say about the IRS customer service. But, they are government workers, who will still get paid doing a terrible job.

Terrible Government Stalkers
This is by far the worst organization in America who robs people for their money and decides when feel like its best for you to receive anything from THEIR corporation. Ive been waiting on a EIP since the ending of last year 2020 which millions of Americans have received their payments. The world needs to know how rigged and selfish American government is. The first EIP I received earlier in 2020 came directly to my account in the matter or days after the bill was signed. I didnt have to go looking for more information. Now, in 2021 as of February 1st I'm still waiting to either be notified or stimulated with the EIP2. The site has no information available to assist me I truly believe someone if not everyone employed through or for the IRS should be fired and give the true American people their jobs. Most of which has had their positions in the company for two or more decades needs immediate termination for unjustly amd poor treatment to the American people who have kept this organization afloat since is established date and time.

The IRS is absolutely horrible for a normal tax return it takes 4 weeks but if you file an injured spouse it takes 14 weeks?!?!?! Makes no sence at all, i filed injured spose because of hard times an spouse not having a job but your gonna make me wait triple the time! MORONS! Its a simple form for them to review but yet act like there trying to find a cure for a disease. They can take my money from my check every week but yet i need to wait MONTHS! For my money!
IRS needs to figure there Sh*t out cause it appears the place is ran by unqualified people.

Wonderful customer service
Today I spoke to an IRS agent. Unfortunately I had to wait over an hour to reach someone. However the agent I spoke with was truly wonderful. Her name is Mrs Hollingsworth. I called from Washington state and had questions regarding my sons account. Long story short my son and I were eventually on the line. This employee was working past her shift to help us. She was professional but at the same time had a good sense of humor. She provided us with the necessary information to get my sons account up to date. She truly is a gem and the IRS is lucky to have her as an employee.

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Description: The Internal Revenue Service is the nation's tax collection agency and administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress.

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