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Provide Free Marketing via Social Media = (Nieve) Happy Customer
I wanted to try Ipsy because I don't like spending big money on luxuries (like makeup), but this gave me an opportunity to try some at a more affordable price. I signed up for the subscription and was prompted with a message that said if I shared said subscription on my social media pages, I would not be placed on a waiting list... So you want me to provide you with FREE marketing for me to receive a product that I have yet to even try for my self?! I don't think so! I'm not going to testify/support a product, company, whatever, that I have no experience with... So I was placed on the waiting list, and at first, I was fine with it, but after a month passed, I got suspicious since I didn't hear anything, but was still receiving their emails. Just for s's and giggles, I checked my bank account one day, and wouldn't you know it... Ipsy BILLED ME FOR A BAG I DID NOT RECIEVE! Nor did they even tell me I wasn't on the waiting list anymore. I contacted them to be removed from the subscription and to get a refund. Their response: your bag is set to be shipped in a few days. Once you receive your Glam Bag, you may send it back unopened for a full refund, and of course I would have to pay for the return postage. >:/
I decided to keep my bag (just to be done with it!). The items I did receive were good products, but because of their shoddy customer service, I will be exploring other monthly beauty subscriptions. Oh!... and to top it off, the day after I cancelled my subscription, they had the gull to send me a "We miss you" email. Ipsy can suck it!

Poor Customer Service
I like my Ipsy bags. Ten dollars is nothing to get almost three full size items and two deluxe size samples along with a cut little cosmetic bag. Its a nice surprise. Also, I like the fact that I have the opportunity to purchase high end products at a fraction of the price and several times a week. Ipsy also offer discounts through name brand sites via a promo code. My problem occurred when I was looking around the site and found that I can accumulate points to receive deluxe products for said points. You get points by doing reviews, ratings and comments and posting them to your facebook or other social media. So basically giving them a plug for points. Well I did them, I had quit a few to do because I had never done them within the almost two years of getting Ipsy. I did so many the one night and received all my points. The next morning I set out to do more. I had my eye on a colorpop eye pallet for 1500 points. That morning I made 30 posts, all very accurate and time consuming. I checked my points afterwards to see where I was at and it did not give me the correct amount for the posts that I had made. So I contacted them via email. They responded with there was something wrong with their system and they were working on correcting it. Well the system is back up. Now Im fighting to get my points. They have had several different associates contact me, each of which fail to read past emails and have to be informed once again about the problem and each not understanding it either because they keep mentioning things that dont pertain to the problem. The last girl that contacted me asked me twice to do thirty screen shots of my facebook to prove that i did the posts so that i could receive the points I had done the work for. I told her to eff off in not so many words. Im pissed and this is how Im going to retaliate. Im also never writing another review about them unless its negative. B holes. Decent item, bad customer service skills!

Would like to expand about the waitlist (like anyone would want to wait)
Okay so I still stand by my absolute hatred over this companies polices. So here are a few points of why this company can go to a really warm place in my opinion:
1. Not everyone has all the social media requirements ipsy want in order to skip ahead.
2. Have you seen the annoying postings that are posted if/when you do post on your social media. I had literally ten people on my facebook simultaneously post about ipsy. I mailed one of my friends and she apologized because apparently this stupid system posted the same post several times. In a row.
3. Yes you can wait if you want but to be pushed back two plus months is stupid. No other subscription service I have ever subscribed to made me wait before.
4. I will NOT post on social media because I am not a free walking advertisement. Seriously read the damn posting they put up on your social media pages. It praises ipsy. I won't praise or advertise until I am actually receiving the product and loving it.
5. Lastly their customer service sucks. They are extremely quick to apologize out of their rear if you threaten to cancel. I got a lengthy apology from one of their reps really quickly approx 3hrs after tearing them a new one. Unfortunately she did want conformation on my canceling saying some stupid thing about me being on the next months list and if I wanted she would bill me for the next months bag instead. I responded back telling her I was set on canceling and her response was about 2-3 days later. Funny how quickly they realize they actually want your money when you threaten cancellation, then when they are sure you can't be brought back in they either won't respond or delay the heck out of their response.
*And the only good note is that they didn't charge me for any bags. I think they know I someone you don't screw around with.

Horribly. Customer relations and satisfaction
I've given this. Company the benefit of the slubt as I of their first subscription buyers. I enjoyed the concept of receiving my little bag of goodies. NOW things have changed with this company, ipsy have evolved and should be expanding and doimg better but they are getting arose. Packages are never on time and I mean NEVER we are charged a month in advance for these bags there is absutly no reason for these bags to be late. Now I'm about to be charged a third month and haven't even received one how are you going to charge for 3 months before even sending a package we laid for nearly 3 months ago. They don't compensate they don't do anything to fix their issues satisfy their displeased customers. Unprofessional basically your paying 2 to 3 months before even receiving one. Month package. So your paying triple the price before you receive one no.the of. Packages not to mention no. Matter how many times you update your quiz they send the same products over and. Over again an eyeliner and. Mascara that are very. Petite portions of product and same color of eye-shadow over and over I'm talking for 2 years straight I've received aascara and an eyeline as 2.of my. Products out of 5 and a cheap makeup brush. Kthing is. Exciting. Avw your money and go the store and pick q product you truly want you'll be disappointed with the crap they keep sending k stead.of getting better after receiving thousand made millions of customers and made. More. Money their. Products have got worse instead of better. This company n3eds new management entirely

Refused to cancel subscription, customer service sent me a nasty email, STAY AWAY
I subscribed to IPSY because I wanted a little pick me up and boost to my makeup bag on the regular. I was so happy to find them and signed up right away.
Immediately ipsy wanted me to trade in my friends list on facebook or I'd be put on a 'wait list'. Uh, no thanks. I don't even use facebook. I'm a busy professional and I don't have time to sit and spam all my other BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS with ads and crap. I'll pay my monthly fee, quit making me annoy my friends. I asked to not be charged and immediately sent an email to cancel my subscription. As a response, instead of cancelling my subscription, they sent me a curt apology note and not only didn't cancel it, but fast forwarded my subscription... wat? That was TOTALLY not what I asked for. Moving me up the 'exclusive list' was not what I wanted.

This was for the october ipsy bag. I received it about two days before halloween... almost a month later. Great! Not only did I get charged for makeup, but it was makeup I couldn't even use! Hell, I PUT ON MY PROFILE THAT I AM A PASTY RED HEADED GINGER. WHY DID YOU SEND ME TAUPE LIPSTICK? IN WHAT WORLD DOES ME NOT HAVING LIPS AND LOOKING LIKE A VOLDEMORT FIT INTO YOUR FASHIONISTA PROFILE? You sent me grey flesh toned lipstick... on a pale redhead... why?

Okay, so, ten bucks, nice eyeliner, late, but I really liked the eye shadow and lip balm, so I decided to give it another month, one more chance. I waited with baited breath, tracking number checked daily, excited for the new~! Finally it arrived, overjoyed I checked my mailbox... nothing. What? Not a damn thing. So, I logged onto ipsy, made sure my skin profile was marked for winter and updated my address to the place I'd be moving to next week, then fired off an email saying I didn't get my package...

I got back a nasty nice email accusing me of forgetting to change my address, and that if there was anything left over at the end of the month, I'd get an assortment of that instead of my order delivered to my new address for being a good customer, all worded in hip exciting lingo to let me know they were still ultra like totally cool with me even though I'm a forgetful ditz...

I cancelled my subscription this time, maybe it went through?

Not happy with Ipsy..
I changed from recieving products from Birchbox to recieving products from Ispy. Im getting the clam bag and been happy until 1 of the 5 products a moisturizer I received this month has effected my eye's so bad. The first time I used the moisturizer it hurt my eye's so bad I could barely open them all day, so I thought I got it in my eye's but the next day I used it I was very careful not to get in my eyes, but It did the same thing, im sitting here now barely able to write this cause today is my second day of using the moisturizer and ive washed my eyes out several times today and still having problems so im going to the eye dr tomorrow to make sure there is no damage. Ipsy not very kind or caring of their customers, I went to Chat with one of the reps bout my concern and if others have complained of this product but I was offered to join a chat room to talk to other customers for $5, wow! Slap my face. No more chat rooms for me, ipsy could of act concern atleast.

Maybe I should go back back to Birchbox. Trust me Ispy doesn't care to loose a customer, im sure i will have a hard time canceling.

They don't tell you there is a wait list prior to paying. Bad communication.
I have done many, many monthly subscriptions and this one is hands down the worse. I subscribed for a 3 month subscription and after paying my page suddenly said I was on a wait list BUT I can skip it if I share their site on social media. Uh... no! THAT wasn't part of signing up. I just paid and nowhere did it say there was a wait list prior to paying nor ipsy would hold my membership hijacked unless I shared or wait out the wait list. I e-mailed them and said there was nothing stating the wait list prior to paying and they reassured me my box will be sent sometime next month (of course no date given). I said I'm not waiting over a month for something to be sent out when I just paid in full and I'm not sharing their site until I get the boxes to see if I like it or not. If I'm on a wait list I wanted to cancel then suddenly I get an e-mail stating there isn't a wait list for 24 hours starting on Dec. 18th. I contacted customer service again saying if I can do that then keep my subscription. No response. I e-mailed back after another day and said I'm very confused as to what is going on with my account. The employee told me that the that offer ended on the 14th. I sent him a snap shop of the e-mail and now I'm done. Way too confusing, unprofessional, bad communication, no phone number to call. Definitely buyer beware.

This is another case where reviewing the site/services...
This is another case where reviewing the site/services vs. products being sold has some discrepancy. Ispy is one of those monthly subscription services (now ipsy have them for dogs, niche perfumes, natural eating, whatever!) for beauty products. It's $10/month including shipping although you can purchase the whole 12 months at a slightly reduced rate (note that I read they do not refund yearly subscriptions so be careful!). When you sign up, there is a wait list and you give them your CC info so that when a spot opens up they charge it and ship your ipsy bag right away. I waited about 1 1/2 months - so that wait list is legit. Based on a quiz you take, they pick 4-5 items to put in a plastic small cosmetic bag (ranging from make up, hair and face products). You can review a product that was picked for you if you really don't like it - I'm not sure if that influences future picks because I've gotten bags where I didn't want half of the products. Note too that some of the products may contain parabens, BHA, or other questionable ingredients (depending on the brand). All in all, it's really not bad for $10 - just beware the useless face wipes!

HORRIBLE last few months!
BUYER BEWARE! If I could give zero stars I would! This company has become a joke. I'm going on FOUR MONTHS trying to resolve issues with my June bag and still working on solving an issue with my July bag! Customer service is slow to respond (I've had to routinely wait several days to over a week to get a response) and just send one templated response after another. All ipsy want to do is give you points that are no good unless you continue your membership (and even then the bonus products "sell out" immediately). They basically refuse to solve the actual issues. No one takes ownership to help you and your "case" is passed from one rep to another, even after requesting to speak to a manger, so no one knows what is going on. You basically run on a hamster wheel going nowhere email after email. No one at the company seems to care about their customers or retaining business. They are quick to charge you for your bag but don't ship in a timely fashion (if at all!), noting they can ship at any time during the month. Basically, they will charge you on the 1st and not ship your bag till the 30th and that's okay by them.

Further, products are getting smaller and smaller and seems like products and brands have become extremely limited and repetitive over the last year or so. Clearly they want to push people to their more expensive subscriptions. Their warehouse has also gotten sloppy lately. My last three bags have had at least one wrong or missing item. My products used to come neatly packed in the zipped bag however lately they are loose in the mailer like they were just thrown in. Some items are even open as if they have been used prior to shipping - very concerning for make-up/skincare! The bags have also become completely redundant. They used to be unique (different sizes, shapes, types, material, etc.) but now it's basically the same bag every month, just a different color or pattern.

Based on what I've read on social media, it looks like my issues and concerns are common occurrences. There are a lot of companies offering this type of service. I would HIGHLY suggest doing your research before giving this company your money and would highly discourage a yearly membership as you are then locked in with no recourse.

Ipsy is BS
This is just one if my multiple bad experiences with ipsy. I'm curious if anything like this has happened to anyone else with Ipsy. I had a $5 ipsy Cash and decided to purchase one of their daily offers. I then got an email last night stating ipsy canceled my order and wouldn't be refunding the $5 ipsy cash. I emailed them of course to try to figure out what happened... their response was that it was flagged as a fraudulent / unusual charge. I even called my cc company to make sure it wasn't from their end which is wasn't. It also isn't a new card, it's the same one I always use with ipsy. I'm beyond frustrated and to me it seems like they didn't want to honor the $5 ipsy cash. I haven't made an unusual amount of purchases from them either. I usually get something once a month if that. Has anyone else had an experience like this. I'm so frustrated, I don't know if there is anything else I can do. Also if it was flagged why not contact me personally before canceling my order?!? *UPDATE* I'm really in shock right now. So basically when I pushed further to find out what the reason was for them flagging & canceling my order for being fraudulent their response was basically due to their company policy that they couldn't release the information... it's my account WTH! I even responded that to them & this was their response

"As my colleague mentioned, your order was deemed fraudulent per our internal checks at ipsy; I'm sorry that I'm unable to share further info. "
I'm seriously almost to the point of canceling both of my subs from them.

Inefficient. Awful customer service.
I've only been subscribed to IPSY for a month and I'm already so done with them. My first bag suddenly disappeared from the app so I had to send them an e-mail to ask where my bag was. Fortunately ipsy replied right away and sent me a tracking number. I was able to receive this order yesterday.

But I have two other orders that I still have NOT received because of "insufficient address" which makes absolutely no sense as they were able to send me my glam bag. I e-mailed customer service about this and they told me that the apartment number was missing from my address. Again, this makes no sense as I was able to receive a package from them in my mailbox (which has my apartment number on it). I told them my address was complete but their representative insisted that they "verified" my address and that it did not have my apartment number. So at this point they're just trying to place the blame on me. Not only that, they're making me contact the carrier myself. I tried contacting the carrier and they told me to contact IPSY. So who's gonna help me? I still have two orders pending from them plus the glam bag for this month. I'm asking for a refund for the two orders because I don't want to give them my money after all the stress they put me through but they haven't responded. I tried to get my bag for the month cancelled as well but they don't do refunds. I think it says a lot about them that they don't do refunds. All in all they are just very inefficient and have AWFUL customer service. Insisting I didn't put the correct address, really? Just admit you're wrong and give me a refund. See photos for reference. FedEx - the one I received. DHL - the one with "insufficient address". Email - customer service not being helpful at all and just insisting that my address is incomplete.

Do not join.
I have been subscribed to this company for about a year and a half. Their "quiz" to determine which products ipsy send you each month means nothing. They still send you products that you specifically say you DO NOT want. I have cancelled my subscription two months ago yet they STILL are charging me. I had to call my bank twice to get the charges disputed. They're customer service isn't too great, they only have email service; there is no specific number you can call to talk to someone. The bags themselves are extremely cheap and all of their products are extremely small. They used to have much better products but as the months have passed, they have gone extremely downhill. If I cancel a subscription, I want it to be cancelled. I do NOT want to keep being charged. I do not recommend this service to anyone at all. It truly is a rip off, it's only $10 but it honestly isn't even worth that. The bags they send are so terrible, the bags literally look like they're from the dollar store. It isn't worth your money. And to top it off, them not canceling the service when I first asked just really was the cherry on top. They've overdrawn my bank account twice now. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SERVICE. Everyone I have talked to has said the products they send are terrible and everyone says they get products they specifically ask to NOT get. Don't waste your time or your money.

I love ipsy
I'm reading reviews of people who clearly are mis-informing individuals about the subscription. After hearing some of my friends subscribed and were getting some interesting products in their bags I thought I would give it a try. When i first went to register is put me on a wait list. It does take all your information and confirms you will never be charged until you're off the wait list and will receive your first bag. You can get off the wait list by sharing them on social media or by just "waiting." I chose to wait and about 2 months later I received an email confirmation i was off the wait list and would receive my first bag.

I have now been subscribed for 6 months with no issues. I have had a bag or a few items here or there that i didn't like but they're great for re-gifting, or trading with friends, family, or online. You really do get quite a bit of full size items from the subscription which makes the value of them excellent. I am subscribed to a few other beauty subscriptions and this one is still by far one of my favorites. I change my survey after every bag I receive to modify it to my liking, and I review every product I get. Ipsy seem to be bang on with my selection on products and I feel that people who complain they're not getting what they want is probably because they haven't filled out the survey correctly.

You really can't just pick one category because if they happen not to have any products in your one selection they're going to guess the next best thing. I always select more then one option so that if my first choice isn't a product available at least maybe my second or third would be given.

I recommend people to give a try - and not to listen to people's bitter and impatient remarks/reviews on this site. I don't understand why people are complaining about sharing on social media, no one is making you share it but then you have to wait it's part of the game. You can always go back on social media and remove it once you post any ways what's the big deal? I waited - good things are worth waiting for.

Not good for first time makeup users
I signed up for this bag because I'm somewhat new to the makeup scene. I only wear a little mascara and eyeliner for work and I always apply it the same way, for the last 4-5 years. It's just too expensive to try out products at full price so I thought a $10 bag would be nice to sample products with. That only works if you can use the products you get and if they're something you were already interested in trying. I got a sneak peek at what's coming and it's blow dry cream (what even is that? I air dry my hair), hydrating primer (nice but the bag didn't come with any foundation so that's useless this month), blush (again useless without any foundation as I'm very fair skinned and the blush is very dark), and the most confounding to me is "eyebrow gel mascara." I don't know of any youtube beauty gurus who even use that, and I certainly don't need it with my black eyebrows. The only thing I might consider using is the loose powder foundation brush. I don't think I'll continue though because this month, all the possible items i could have gotten, I LOVED. And 4 of the items i got were the ones I was praying I wouldn't get because I have no use for them. And of course I got them. The quiz you take before ordering is a joke because ipsy clearly don't follow it. They also add you to a "waiting list" the first time you sign up and want you to spam your friends on social media before taking you off early. I said screw that noise and emailed them demanding them to take me off the list and cancel my order. Instead, they took me off the waiting list and charged me for my order early. In one ear and out the other I guess. Well after this disappointment I definitely won't be continuing my next order.

This company, Ipsy, does NOT have enough respect for their own paying customers to send them decent products for their money. I have subscribed to Ipsy for 2 1/2 years now and ipsy get progressively worse each and every month. They continue to bombard me with repetitive products (same stuff every month). For instance, they tell you to fill out a profile of products you use and want to receive yet they DO NOT and WILL NOT send you the products you check on your profile as PREFERRING to receive. It's freaking useless. They pay no attention to the product reviews and continuously send you the very items you ask that you NOT be sent. It's almost like they are playing silly games with people. For instance, I have repeatedly in my reviews asked they not send me blush and nail polish. They absolutely send me blush and nail polish every single month. Why this is, I have no idea. They are ignorant, incompetent and stupid. Don't throw your money to this company. Try Sephora PlayBox or GlossyBox or a reputable business that is fair and respectful to the paying customer. I love Sephora Play and GlossyBox. They are GREAT. You don't have to deal with BS and, UNLIKE IPSY, they are run honestly and professionally. Sephora Play is only $10 a month and they send more products and better quality brands and you get great stuff for your money.

Rude Service
I cancelled my Ipsy bag about a year ago due to receiving a lot of products I wasn't interested in. I received an email today about a free ultra matte lipstick from Colourpop, excited, I decided to resubscribe. I clicked the link and it didn't allow me to select the free gift. Frustrated, I contacted them through email but then saw on Facebook that ipsy respond faster on Twitter. I logged on my Twitter that I do not use. I ended up sending 2 tweets by accident due to me not knowing how to use/navigate twitter. I thought it didn't end up sending the tweet since I couldn't find it, but it was found under a different category on twitter (tweets and replies), again, I do not know how to use it. I thought about how they might want a more private message anyways just in case if they need my email, some sort of confirmation, etc. So I messaged them the situation in one message, and then included my email that was associated to my ipsy in a second message. Later today, I received a nasty and rude email saying that I kept overwhelming them and swamping their messages. Seeming like they were implying that it was all my fault they were busy. There's a way to treat paying customers and word and tone messages. I am a pretty understanding person and don't usually say anything, but the way that lady came off I could not stand to be spoke to like that. On top of the fact their email link didn't even work and was pretty sketchy. I am now cancelling my Ipsy completely and will not return, not even with the "free gifts." Therefore I will be taking my business elsewhere to Birchbox and the actual Colour Pop website.

Misrepresent their shipping policies
I subscribed to ipsy for 6-7 months, and I purchased two ipsy offers. My bag frequently came after the 15th of the month, as ipsy ship FedEx Smartpost. Their website states:

"Products that are not deemed potentially hazardous for air transportation will be shipped via FedEx expedited Air Service. Average Transit time for FedEx expedited shipping is 2 to 5 business days.

Products that are only approved for ground transportation will be shipped via FedEx Ground average Transit time for FedEx ground shipping is 3 to 8 business days."

The ipsy offer I purchased contained no hazardous materials, and took over 10 days to get to me because they shipped via FedEx Smartpost, which is about 3 -4 days slower than ground. When I e-mailed customer service to question this, I was told:

"I do understand your frustration, and it is always our intention to get your order out to you as quickly as possible. When your package gets handed over to our shipping partners, we trust that they will determine the best and safest way to deliver it to you. Since we're not involved in this part of the process, we don't know exactly how long it may take for your package to reach you. I wish I was able to speed up the transit time for you, but at this time, it is out of my control. Rest assured that we stand by the quality of our service, and we will always offer replacements for undelivered products at no cost to you."

So according it ipsy, they only determine which company they use to ship their products to you, but that company decides if it will ship FedEx Expedited, or FedEx Ground, or FedEx Smartpost. I am pretty sure the ipsy is responsible for telling FedEx if they want to ship it Air, Ground or Smartpost. I did not receive a response after I questioned that, so I have canceled my service.

It's only 10 bucks, people. What you receive is worth $10 and then some.
Everyone always finds SOMETHING to complain about. Ipsy sends you a bag of beauty products for 10 dollars... only 10 dollars a month. The bag, plus one item ALONE, is worth that 10 dollars. You fill out a survey and ipsy build your bag based on what your answers are. You are encouraged to retake your survey as often as you like, so it will change things up and/or come closer to what you want every month. It's a fabulous club/deal for a small fee.

As far as social media is concerned, once you rate the items you have the CHOICE to post on social media. Doing so does increase your points received. I, personally, wait until I receive my items in the mail, THEN I rate them. I allow Ipsy to post on my social media page, but I immediately go to my social media page and change the setting of who can view each individual post to "only me." This enables me to receive the full amount of points available but not flood everyone else's news feed with my silly, personal opinions on these products. So many points accumulated result in your choice of extra items you can "buy" with those points.

There are also products available for purchase at a tremendous discount. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9 a.m. (pacific time), Ipsy posts these deals and it's a first come, first serve basis. If these products sell out, which often times they do very quickly, there is a link to that product on the manufacturers website which also, often times, gives you a discount, just not as good of a deal as the Ipsy offer.

Ipsy is a fabulous thing and I'm very happy with my decision to join.

Gone downhill
I was initially very excited with my Ipsy bag(s). Had ordered one but it too so long to come I thought my order hadn't been processed so did another. Again, initially didn't mind. Then started to notice I was getting almost the exact same things over and over. Multiple brushes I never use, all of these too dark bronzers, Lord knows how many black eyeliners and the same color blushes. All things I don't care about and are piling up. The most disappointing part is ipsy rep all of these name brand items... maybe in the past year I've received two of those. The rest are straight leveled "Made in China" or in "PRC"... which is uh... also China. If I wanted Chinese products I could get Multiple full sized at the local Asian mart for much less than $10. Don't sink your business. You had a good model and concept. Don't get cheap now. I'm checking out Birchbox and Meme next. Will cancel these subscriptions if the next bag sucks too.

AND, I forgot but read what someone else said and that part is correct too. For the first 6 months or so, my order was in my mailbox by the 10th... then it started arriving on the 12th or 13th, now it's maybe the 14th to the 15th... yet they still take my money out on the 1st? Why? Was that to impress up front but then after you are no longer a brand new customer, you are moved down the priority list after they realize they've got you? Not sure but they seem to be slipping.

Customer service means nothing to this company
As part of a New Year's resolution I decided to join the subscription club It sounded like a great bargain. I decided to splurge and go for the 1 year plan which was 110.00 for the entire year and I would receive 1 "Glam Bag" every month.
The very second I hit subscribe and entered my payment information I was notified that I would be placed on a wait list unless I announced my decision on all kinds of social media sites. I was a little peeved. I was not told about the wait list situation until after I had confirmed my subscription.
I thought it over for a day and then decided to contact customer service to see about cancelling my spot on the wait list and to delete my account and payment info. I was assured by a representative that I had been removed and that everything was taken care of.
The first of February I was charged 110.00! I got on the website and found that my account was still active. I immediately cancelled my subscription with would auto renew next year. (This method of cancelling was not an option while on the wait list. I had to contact a customer service member to be removed.)

So after all is said and done... I've been charged 110.00 after asking to be removed. This "Glam Bag" had better be worth it.

This is to warn anyone considering that there is a wait list and be 100% sure you want their service because cancelling isn't guaranteed.

Been With Them For Two Years Now
I'd like to start first by saying I've been with Ipsy now for two years. Over these two years, I've had many problems. Missing bags, damaged products, missing products, billing issues, etc etc. For the first year, it was tolerable. Ipsy seemed to have good customer service and I was satisfied that even though I had issues, they were being quickly resolved. It seems to only get worse. When I started out, I got my glam bags around the 12th every month. If anything was wrong, they would respond to my email immediately and send a replacement. But now it takes days and days to get any kind of help. They assure people that if you missed the billing day (The 1st of each month) you will have plenty of time to get money in your account, but their policy on this seems to change monthly, sometimes you have until the 9th, or the 4th, or the 7th, it's never a set period of time you can rely on to get money in your account. And, I don't get my glam bags until between the 17th and the 26th now, depending on the month. Their rewards have gotten better, but overall, the experience of having an Ipsy sub is one where you have a problem nearly every single month (Which isn't acceptable with a company like this) and where they are less and less likely to resolve your issues. Oh, and don't forget how common it is for people to never even GET their glam bag! Just look at their facebook comments, it's flooded with people who have had that problem!

I really like Ipsy
I really like Ipsy. I've subscribed to several beauty-themed monthly subscription boxes and Ipsy so far is the best of the bunch. I've received 4 monthly 'boxes' so far and they've all had at least a couple of samples that I've loved. I won't use them all, but someone I know will and for $10, it seems well-priced. My wishes:

- Every month, the samples are packed in a makeup bag that fits the theme or season. Cool idea, but I'd rather receive the option of choosing to receive the bag OR an extra sample. A bag a quarter... maybe, but a bag every month seems excessive--I just don't go through makeup bags that fast. I can't even gift them that quickly!

- I wish the site didn't seem to promise customization of items. It has a 'quiz' that personalizes selections based on your profile. It asks things like color preferences and categories of interest or disinterest, but doesn't seem to do much - or anything - with the information. Ipsy say that there are nine or so different sample bags each month, but it seems like I'm just randomly selected. These are frustrating, because the value of the bags vary--with some people receiving samples from high end brands and others receiving drugstore brands consistently. Nothing wrong with drugstore brands, but it stinks to know that you're paying the same amount as someone else and they're receiving the exotic sports car while you're driving the economy model. You know?

But, those are wishes--I like and would recommend Ipsy to any cosmetic junky.

Awful Customer Service
My daughter and I have subscriptions and neither of us have received our April bags. We moved the being of March and I made sure I went in to change not only my shipping address but also the billing address on 3/21. Both bags were charged to my account in April and yet nothing arrived. When I contacted them ipsy blamed the postal carrier for not delivering and told me to contact them... well I need tracking to do this which I didn't have and advised them in an immediate follow up email. Several hours later I have to resend the email requesting the tracking info. They responded with 2 tracking numbers: the first clearly stated that the shipping label could not be read, package not delivered and the second stated delivered. Well, the post office has my new address on file as well as all mail will be forwarded for the next 12 months. It was then I was advised ipsy has a no forwarding policy and "since my address wasn't changed by 4/1 in their system both bags went to the last address". Still haven't answered me on the fact that I absolutely did change my address on 3/21.
So they've agreed to replace 1 bag and I was advised that they run low on stuff at the end of the month so what was supposed to be in my bag may not be. So are they telling me I'm going to basically get whatever is lefthe over? And what about the other bag? The company is ridiculous and I'm seriously considering cancelling. What a great first impression for the first problem encountered.

Customer service exceeds expectations
I have ordered Ipsy bags for my 2 daughters for a few years now. Recently, my oldest daughter had changed her address as she had changed her place of residence. After the move, she had not received her Ipsy bag for 2 months. While I was initially concerned Ipsy has no customer service number, ipsy do offer the option to contact them through FB messenger. When doing so, I did receive a response almost immediately. Many messages were exchanged between myself and the representative and all responses were in a very timely manner. The representative was very helpful and made every effort to resolve the issue. She went above and beyond by reissuing both bags (that were not received as a result of the address change) and by also ensuring the address/delivery issue was rectified. The representative was extremely professional and made a very genuine attempt to provide great customer service while rectifying the situation. Therefore, I will say in addition to always being satisfied with Ipsy's product, I am now beyond pleased with Ipsy's customer service. I highly recommend Ipsy to anyone who is considering a subscription!

Not worth the hassle
I gave it a try for 7 months. Filling out my style quiz I was very specific about what I liked and didn't like. My first month was great! But after that I got a constant supply of glittery, gaudy junk. Blue finger nail polish 2 months?! But In the quiz I stated I don't wear polish. Deep burgundy glitter eye shadow!? In the style quiz I chose "natural" make up style. Gold eyeliner?! Again, not a natural makeup style. In looking at the other products offered each month there were plenty of items that fit the quiz answers I gave. But I didn't receive those samples, only the ones that seemed to be the junky left overs. I subscribe to Walmart, Target, and Allure beauty boxes. I love them all! I have had maybe 4 items over the same time period that haven't worked. The 3 other subscription boxes are far, far superior to Ipsy in quality, variety, and wearability. Cancelling Ipsy is a nightmare. I tried to cancel Ipsy for 3 months with no results. I finally had to have my bank intervene and issue a block on future charges for a year! I completed their online cancellation process 3 times, and emailed them 5 times with no results. The charges kept showing up monthly. My advice is to try one of the other subscription boxes before throwing your money away with Ipsy.

A nightmare called delivery to Canada
I used to be an Ipsy subscriber when I lived in the US for a short period of time but switched to Allure Beauty Box. Now I moved to Canada and discovered that Ipsy is the only thing of that kind is delivered to Canada. Here my adventure started. I subscribed in the beginning of July and got an email that I'm gonna receive my first glam bag in the middle of August. Ok, long wait but fine. When the time came, I didn't received anything. The delivery status on Canada post was delivered' but when I went through FAQ on the website it said that for some reason ipsy mark delivered before the actual delivery so I should wait 24 hours. After 24 hours I contacted customer service and after another couple of days of texting back and forth I got an email that my accommodation package is on the way. It was on August 22th. Today is September 3rd and according to the tracking info that parcel still in North Carolina. What the heck?! I contacted customer service again and they told me to wait til sept 6th. So here I am, already been charged for the next month and still have nothing. If it's gonna happen every month, screw it.

Not worth it! Rude
Never really had problems with Ipsy before other than the fact you travel size samples that don't always fit your beauty profile and by the way I don't know why ipsy have it on there if they don't care to substitute it with your monthly bags. You can get something from Ipsy and doesn't match your skin tone at all, but as nice concern person I would save your money and don't spend it on monthly beauty boxes like Ipsy, boxycharm etc. they're money hungry and don't care about their customers sad to say. I was looking forward to my November bag this month from Ipsy, the estimate delivery time was longer than usual. So I thought it was because of the hurricane but their facility is no where close to the hurricane. After it left it went to Kentucky postal service sat there for about about 5 days I have no clue why, finally it got to Melrose, Illinois and now it's been sitting there going on 5 days. The estimate delivery time said from 17-19 the 19th the latest. Today is the 22nd and had yet to leave the postal service. I emailed Ipsy and they were no help they said they can't do anything about it and they don't do refunds either they said they would send me another bag AFTER 45 days when it was suppose to be shipped. Yes 45 days you have to wait and that's even if the bag makes to my house the second time. I emailed the postal service and they yet to contact me, in the first email I sent to Ipsy they asked me to respond if I wanted a new tracking number so I can track it through there and if I want to cancel my subscription I replied and said yes I want to cancel and yes I want my new tracking number, and guess what they have yet to reply. I sent them another email requesting them to cancel my subscription. I'm not letting them take more money out my card, I find it stupid and unbussines like that you have to email them and request them to cancel your subscription and the fact they get back to you late by then they'll taken money out your card. I beg you all don't waste your money on these beauty monthly bags. Spend the extra money for beauty products at least you're guaranteed to get them whereas you're not when you're trying these monthly subscriptions. Your 10 dollars can go towards something better trust me.

Bag never even showed up
First of all I spent a lot of time filling out my beauty profile. I also paid extra for an $18 add on. I got an email telling me the items in my bag, none of which really matched my profile. Ipsy just threw a bunch of nonsense items together. Now, two months later, I have been emailing their customer support back and forth for about two weeks because I never got the bag. They charged me early for the next months bag before I could even get the first one and decide if it was even worth it and whether I liked it or not. Now, they're telling me the reason it wasn't sent was because the address I gave them was incorrect, and that's why it wasn't delivered properly. This is a huge load of BS. The address I entered is correct and has never been changed. The shipping tracking just says label created, so it was never even shipped to begin with. They keep coming up with horrible excuses and won't give me my money back despite no bag. I am a first timer and they don't even care. I will NEVER subscribe to this scam again. I will continue to warn everyone that this company is a rip off scam and to not waste a second on it.

I would recommend to someone I hate
You sign up and WHAM! Placed on a waitlist that forces you to spam people to get off of. This is AFTER you've given Ipsy your credit card/payment info.
There is NO customer service line, nor refunds. In my experience emails are automated & do not address your issue. Facebook page comments are answered by 2 women, who I suspect are employees. Tweets are ignored.

Ipsy are quick to snag your money on the first of the month, but ship slowly. Shipping is done in three batches, starting mid month. You may not get your bag for the month in THAT month, meaning you might be paying for the next month's bag without having received anything. My shipping estimates & actual shipping dates has change a dozen times, always pushing further & further back. My September bag, which no longer shows in my purchases, still hasn't arrived.

You WILL get to "peek" at your bag before it arrives. I subscribed because I thought it would be a fun way to explore new makeup. I was wrong. My bag, which not arrived, had mascara in it- mascara that has horrible feedback at that. Everyone already owns mascara, that's not exciting. Other items were a mini highlighter, a very cheap shadow brush, gel eye mask things, and a sample of facial scrub. Neither of the makeup items are full sized.

If you cancel your subscription before your bag arrives make sure to write down all the tracking info on FedEx's page, because Ipsy erases it, despite the fact it is outstanding & you had purchased it- it's not in your history- SCREENSHOT that! That is, if you successfully unsubscribe. You choose to cancel & they will ask you why- but you're only allowed to choose 2 options. Below that there is a HUGE, HOT PINK "cancel" button. Below that, in small, very light colored font, is the option to unsubscribe. This appears like this twice. I think it is meant to mislead you so that you remain subscribed/paying. Once you figure that out you will get an email to confirm. You MUST hit the link within to finish the process. I highly recommend that you SAVE the confirmation email you will receive shortly after!

Lackluster, over social dependent, and ugly bags
Ipsy, you've lost me to Birchbox. I wish you well to keep hanging onto those pre-teens you cater to. As a customer for almost a year and half, once in a while you'd get a nice looking bag. I understand ipsy must be cheap in quality to fit them in for under $10 a month, but my god are they horrible and oh, so ugly. No correlation with seasons or trends. I felt like the designers in charge were just throwing crap at a wall and hoping something stuck. I always received a wide variety of makeup and 5 burnt brown lipsticks... which seemed to be the only trend they got right even as a fair skinned person I'm still trying to find someone to give them to. I'm running out of uses for ugly mini-cosmetic bags. :/ Ultimately, the point system lost me. You could only use them when they had product in stock, which I felt was wrong. A customer wants to cash in their points when they want to cash in their points! They shouldn't be punished because the company doesn't supply enough rewards to go around or you're forced to check Ipsy everyday to see if its restocked before everything sells out again by the end of the day. Completely ridiculous. And the social media bombardment... ugh. No Ipsy, I do not want you connected to every aspect of my online life. You may think you are entitled to it by your founder but you are sadly mistaken. Hello Birchbox, more chic boxes and contents, more box options, points are usable whenever, and no social media harassment; in love already.

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