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Few hiccups, but good service overall
Some basic, pay-for services are not explained very clearly on the front end, so be careful when you are setting up settings for the ad hoc stuff like shredding or scanning and disposal; and the web interface is not quite as intuitive as I would hope, but after some back and forth with support, I have things tuned in just the way I need them to be.

I did have a few issues because of Postal Service problems (Miss-tagging other people's mail with my forwarding sticker) that cost me some money up front, but after I explained the logic behind my complaint, iPostal1 did refund the fees for processing mail that was not mine.

A BIG KUDOS and COMPLIMENT to Alistair your customer...
A BIG KUDOS and COMPLIMENT to Alistair your customer service agent. We had an issues with your notary and Alistair handled it immediately, got us a refund and a new notary at free of charge. When we called to complain, Alistair answered promptly, apologized and resolved the issue. Your company is great. My wife and I spent several hours online evaluating Virtual Mailbox services and selected yours over the others. We are glad we did! Very user friendly and customer service with a real person that really understands the importance of customers! Keep it up, congratulations!

New arrival
I decide to sign up for this service because it was better overall than using a PO Box (which doesn't accept FedEx and other deliveries). The location is perfect for my commute to work. So far I haven't encountered any missing parcels.
The service I use is partnered with a Staples officer retail store. I'm apparently the only customer for this service there which is a little concerning as different sales associates often struggle to find or process my mail uniformly.

My recommendation for them to improve service quality and mitigate potential missing packages iPostal1 need to create documentation for the other sales associates to follow when the primary staff is available.

I am happy that I found iPostal. Great alternative to USPS Postal Boxes & cheaper. I love my $9.99 a month Plan, I love that I can have packages sent to a safe, secure location without the risk of it possibly being stolen by porch pirates! IPostal has been a blessing & I plan to stick with them for a very long time. I have even told other people about iPostal1 who have been having issues with packages being delivered to their home addresses & they've sound very interested in possibly signing up to. Thank You iPostal for creating this great alternative to mail delivery.

I am new to ipostal1 and did not know what to expect. Mail Notifications and system are almost good except for a few kinks-
-Photo of mail isn't always acceptable because the sender can be missing from scan.
- The shipping is a bit confusing. I ticked 3-5 days with tracking, shipping to England. I asked for help and Consolation +Shipping was the reply so that's what I did with tracking. But there's more to the process than that- First consolation and Second Shipping- which would have given more precise options. As I was advised, I used Consolidate AND Ship therefore I didn't get the proper info. The mail shipment from the U.S. to U. K was sent with tracking to the waters edge of U.S. by the slowest mail-
You would think that knowing the shipment was going out of the country, and 3-5 days with tracking would indicate FedEx, DHL or Global Priorty- it was sent on 17 October and I still have not received my mail yet and it's 16 November!
I reached out to support and finally got a clear explanation of how the system works- a little more info on the shipping/consolation should be added to the website.
Thank you

Confusing and long time for issue resolution
It seems to take a long time for issues to be resolved and questions to be answered completely and thoroughly. Additionally, the process is confusing. Because iPostal1 provides training, I thought that this would be the best 3rd party affiliate to partner with, and yet I'm consistently frustrated with the process. Plus, it seems like clients have the ability to start having mail sent before iPostal1 even have their 1583 uploaded and complete; I haven't had that issue with other 3rd party affiliates.

The payment system is also vague. I receive checks and I don't have any idea where to apply them. I was told to "view the report" - but there are a lot of reports and I finally figured out which one - but again, not entirely intuitive by the description of the reports.

The App is terrible
Tech Support is generally very helpful and responsive. But, I have to rely on them too much... the App is really bad. Simply allowing a photo to be rotated would be great. And then invoicing process is non existent -- charges just appear on the credit card. But Staples is where we pickup our mail -- iPostal1 have some blame, too -- but mostly because this seems really new and requires staff their to be conscientious about how they do things (take the time to do it right, not easy). And then the staff have to use an App to let me pickup mail, but that App is terrible, too... I think everything would be so much better with some money spent on UI and App design.

I signed up for this to have a business address to put on my shipping labels. I have no actual need to ship anything to my address, but I would only use it as a last resort because the location I chose charges $5 for a package. Yeah! IPostal1 charge me to come inside the store and pick up my own package lmao!

Setting this up is not entirely virtual, I wasn't about to pay someone $25 for a stamp so I went to UPS to get notarized - it was $4 there.

I signed up for the month to month as I didn't want to commit 1 year right away. My card is charged monthly with $9.99.

Someone complained customer service was slow but I used their site chat after hours and I was helped by an actual person and they were pleasant to speak with.

Pathetic & Shoddy Service
I have an account with iPostal1- Mailbox 1243 with mailbox at Islington, London, UK. While I understand that the current lockdown in UK is not helping matters, the staff at the N17AA location while being polite are unhelpful. Replies to email to the N17AA support require at least 3 reminders before being acted upon. The saving grace has been Ms Devorah from iPostal1 in the US who responds to the emails and forwards to the N17AA support for action. I had asked iPostal1 to consolidate and ship to India. My credit card was billed but I never got the shipment info. The parcel is stuck with UPS UK since 25th Jan 21 and my calls to N17AA support a standard reply "Call UPS UK". I have escalated to UPS UK Country Manager on this. Frankly, the experience has been pathetic and I don't see the value for the expensive services on offer. Looking at alternatives to iPostal1 before switching.

I was having a very hard time getting my 1583 updated...
I was having a very hard time getting my 1583 updated and my account approved.

As you know, your help function on your website DOES NOT WORK.

This led to deep exasperation over trying to upload a simple form and that's when I ended up speaking to Shannon.

Thank God for Shannon! She was patient, reassuring and most importantly - professional. She treated me like a customer, helped solve my problem and stayed with it until my account was approved.

In this day and age, when customer service barely exists, Shannon was a breath of fresh air. Do whatever you need to do to make sure this woman never leaves your employment. Promote her, double her pay, do what you need to do.

I'm barely exaggerating. I will not even go near what happened to me before I reached Shannon. IPostal1 was a total dumpster fire to that point. Shannon was the life preserver.

This compagny is not forwarding your parcels and letters, as unbelievable as it could appear
When I registred in this service on 12 december 2020 paying the full year, I had 100% confidence that iPostal1 would forward all my letters and parcels / envelopes
To my real mail address
After the full 25$ verification process done with Notarize service to prove my real mail address, on 7 january 2021, my parcels are still blocked in their Florida branch
After a phone call last week, to understand the situation, they're still unable to tell me what is the real problem, and why they're not forwarding my parcels
The only thing iPostal1 were able to say is I have to wait their phone call which I am still waiting.
I have the feeling that iPostal1 is a very bad service, maybe they're holding my parcels to be able to charge more when expiry date is reached. I have 2 parcels blocked: 1 from 5th january the 2nd from the 13th January

Great customer service
Customer service was very helpful!

I felt the intructions for setting up an account and how that works - was not detailed enough, so I did need to rely heavily on Customer Service support to get all my questions answered. These was also mis-information about being able to forward a c/o address - which cannot be done by our PO, so we have not been able to forward mail to our new address. Also the need to have multiple employee names on an account. - even when it's addressed to the company name seems restrictive for remote teams.
My local vendor, Staples Studio Government Center, Boston has also been super helpful and responsive.

Undeliverable address
Once I signed up with iPostal1 I had an issue with a mail that got returned to a sender. After raising this issue with the Staples store that provided that service I found out that the address of the building was messed up and the owner of the building never put the right address outside of the building. So every major parcel company's driver never could find the right place to deliver the postage to the address that I rent. At last, I spoke to the store supervisor of Staples and he assured me that the problem is solved. I don't know if it works or not, but I can't run a business with an unstable legal address. Need to find another one.

Doesn't seem streamlined
Immediately after signing up, we received a letter, which iPostal1 notified us of but no one could locate it. I called and told they be sending it out the next day. I waited two weeks then proceeded to call. No one could find or track it but my account showed a mail out date. I called to girl follow up and explained my situation. I called several times to see if anyone had seen it or if had been returned by chance. No one could assist and so I decided to email support. They replied with apologies and gave me an additional month on my contract. I appreciate that but would have wish to receive my letter. I ended up contacting the sender to ask them send to my email so I can print. Five months later, still no letter.

Not-so-good of a start
The start deserves a -0- star, as I signed up and forwarded all necessary documents electronically on November 27--that was the day of the first charge as well. However, I had to contact iPostal a few times as my account was not being activated. It did not get activated until December 7. I asked for a credit for 10 days and was given the runaround.

Since then it has been okay. But I have not gotten past the bad start and the refusal to credit me 10 days; I have a belief that a business that will not address a couple of issues will let me down if some other problem crops up. Consequently, I will cancel effective February 25; I have started to change my addresses.

Simple, Add-on Profit Center with minimal investment
We have been an iPostal center now for a year. We found it to be great simple add on profit center. One issue that I see is that the customer base, i. E. mailbox customers, are frequently not business oriented. This is reflected in some of the negative reviews that I see on here.
The site works great for both us (the mail center) and the customer (box holder). Both sides have a great simple browser based interface with clear description of costs and procedures. Customers are provided mailboxes at 70% of the cost of an actual box. Customers receive daily scans of their mail and are offered services such as scanning and/or forwarding as a part of their base box cost. The curious thing is I see reviews where the reviewer is complaining about the cost of forwarding and scanning. Those add on services require staff and mailing costs. Plus the costs are detailed on their main browser window.

Generally Helpful
My experience with iPostal1 has been mediocre. I get it that there are certain forms that need to be filled out but iPostal1 overcomplicate it by "pre-filling out" the form as they call it. Turns out in my case the items on the PDF are wrong. And the way they constructed the PDF, I cannot edit it without blowing a chunk of the instructions. So it takes a few months to get this issue resolved. Meantime I ask for a credit for the months that this takes... i'm NOT asking for a refund... or partial refund... just give me the 3 months credit that I cannot use because you cannot service my mail. Well, after a few emails with customer service, the answer is still no. Really... this is no sweat off your back and would mean a lot to a new company like mine. But more importantly it just means you are willing to show your customers that you are willing to be flexible and it's not about the money ALL the time.

Careless Neglect
I thought I had found the perfect solution for those of us who travel. I opened the account, and I too was under the impression that I would be able to, at least, see who the mail was from. I got their "required" document notarized for $30 and uploaded it. IT TOOK 3.5 weeks for this document to be approved (1 click), so my mail piled up and I literally could not access it, could not request it to be sent elsewhere. I am thankful for Sue, she is really nice! If not for her I would gladly file a regulatory complaint. Absolutely disappointed. I should get a refund.

The Perfect Second Address
As I was moving my family from California to Arizona I needed a "temporary" address until we closed escrow. Well, that was over 7 months ago and we've grown to really like Alan and his family that run the iPostal location in Peoria. We've had a few times that we needed to get documents that were sent and iPostal1 were willing to stay a few minutes later until we could get there.

The iPostal online portal is great because I can see if what I've received is important and needs to be picked up that day.

I highly recommend iPostal to anyone looking for a great second address.

Can not recommend
Within the first 4 months of contracting this service I had 3 separate issues. I purchased a scanning package and placed an order to have an item of mail scanned. Three weeks later, still not scanned, so finally my daughter picked up the mail. A piece of mail was placed into our box in error. I notified the company 2 times and it was never removed, I finally had to discard it after I was told I would be charged storage. Charged storage on another piece of mail that had been picked up. Did not turn out to be the service/convenience I had anticipated. I have now rescinded my mail forwarding with USPS and am in the process of notifying various institutions regarding another address change.

Mostly good somewhat confusing
The mail feature at I postal is pretty good I get scans of the envelopes every once in awhile iPostal1 are blurry or there is not a scan available. I have not utilized the opening scan feature because most of the time I can tell whether I need to see the inside of the envelope or not based on the outside and if I do I just I have it forwarded to me. The forwarding costs for the male are fairly reasonable. I am not fully understanding the phone and fax service I have received faxes but apparently am unable to send faxes through the fax feature. I am utilizing the phone as a business phone and have had very few calls forwarded through that system to my personal phone. I have been unable to figure out how the text auto reply works and it have not been able to get it to work for me. The service has been working well for what I need, a business address for billing and a way to receive faxes. I wish that the phone aspect was more user-friendly and helpful.

Scammer like business
I updated my payment card information last month. And It paid for last month fee. This morning I received an email saying credit card payment pending. I removed it and added the same card to profile. IPostal1 credited $1 and then $9.99 for this month fee. I received email confirmations from my Paypal Master card immediately. A few moments later, I received an email stating that my payment information couldn't be verified and asked me a copy of front and back of my credit card for verification to active the service. I called this company 6 times today, was hung up 6 times. The longest time I was able to talk for 10 sec I guess. So horrible and unbelievably rude. I have never heard of this kind of credit card verification in my whole life. I canceled my account immediately and emailed them for a refund. If no reply in a few days, I will file a dispute. Avoid this business and get the USPS PO box instead.

Consolidation of Mail to Forward to Portugal
I made a request for my mail to be consolidated and sent to my home in Portugal. The interface and the process was fairly straightforward, however, when it came to having sufficient funds, I remember it saying I would need like $80 more in my account. I thought that was a little high, but I decided to proceed so I funded my account the money. After it shipped though it turns out that I was only charged a little over $22 for the shipment of the consolidated envelope, which was a pleasant surprise, but the amount that I was told to pre-fund the account was much larger than what was actually used, so it's this discrepancy and inaccuracy that I have an issue with.

Charged extra storage fee for a package I already had picked up
I was charged extra for a package storage that I had already picked up. That's BS!

I picked it up and was told that I'm supposed to schedule a pickup. I just received an email, and went to the iPostal1 location to get my package.
I did not know that I had to schedule the pickup, and I have found the instructions ambiguous with the website being not exactly the easiest to navigate.

I said fine, and that I would schedule in the future.

Then, I was charged for not going back into the system and scheduling a pickup for something I had already received.

When I called about it, the owner said he told me to do that, which he did not. If that was his intention, he was unclear. And frankly, he was a jerk about it.

I was unaware that I still had to go back into the system and schedule a pickup. It seems ridiculous that the system would believe the package was still at the facility and that I would be charged a storage fee for something that no longer existed.

So, no, I am not satisfied with the service so far.

Poor service
This service was described as a virtual mailbox. First, every time I receive a letter, the notification goes to my junk email (even though I've moved it to my inbox, flagged it and added you to my contacts) so I don't see it. Also, it was not said anywhere in the beginning that I'd have to pay for someone to forward a letter or shred it. Sometimes I've requested for a letter to be opened and nothing happened for 2 weeks. Then I had to call the offic where iPostal1 simply said they forgot and opened it that day without an apology. Lastly, they said that this address will be registered as a real physical address, but for banks, credit card companies, and several other entities, it is considered a P. O. Box. Now we have that address permanently as our corporate address and have had so many problems because of it. If I had to go back, I'd definitely go ahead with another service.

Misrepresenting full mail box address
We have been ordering several new mail boxes in various cities. In one it was show as just a suite number which was fine.
When the order was processed the address was changed to include box number. For our use this was unsatisfactory.
I asked that this order be canceled and asked for assistance to get an alternation address in the same city or nearby city that would not have
A suite number with a box number. No one has responded. We were planning on adding about 10 other new mail addresses but are now not sure if we can rely on you.
Maybe another national service would be more helpful.

Sir/Ma'am: Sending feedback on the services and support...
Sir/Ma'am: Sending feedback on the services and support provided to me today by Analise. She is a true professional. She assisted in correcting information to my account in quick manner. Then guided me through the steps/process in locating crucial information I requested. She went out of her way to send screen shots (which was VERY helpful). She is a true professional and an outstanding ambassador for IPostal1. I look forward to working with her and your company again in the future. Thank-you again and please pass my thanks, great job done and Bravo Zulu to her. Respectfully, Allen

10/10 Would recommend iPostal1 for virtual address service
We're happy with iPostal1 so far. We've used the address for various business needs to protect our home address; however, we haven't actually received any mail to our virtual address yet. Setting it up wasn't perfectly seamless, but no real issue (our address is at Staples and we went in person to provide the needed paperwork). The two Staples employees working had never actually set up an iPostal1 address before, so iPostal1 needed to call the off-duty employee who usually handles it. It only took about 15 minutes and we had fun looking around the store. I love office supplies, but my spouse/business partner thinks I'm weird, haha. Definitely would recommend iPostal1 to anyone looking for a very inexpensive virtual address service.

Dear iPostal1 Management
Dear iPostal1 Management,

I wanted to take a moment to praise your employee Shannon. She was not only pleasant, but also patient, honest, and courteous. She took her time to make sure she understood my questions correctly, addressed each one with me, and made sure to give me enough room to express and clarify my concerns. This made me feel valued as a customer. This is important because before she called me, I was considering cancelling my newly opened account due to the fact that I had not heard back from iPostal1 for 3 business days nor did your website's FAQs answer any of my questions. Thanks to Shannon, I have decided to retain iPostal1 as a service provider for my business.

It is rare to find such a high level of customer service in our days. I hope you can treat Shannon as a valuable asset and take into consideration her professionalism in providing excellent support, despite the stressful challenges of handling high call volumes within the time limits of a work day.

Romy P

They hold your mail hostage!
I have been using this service for close to a year now. Have gone in to pick up my mail multiple times before and there has been no issue. Today I went to get my mail and the manager of the PostNet told me he would not release my mail to me. He said that I needed to submit documents to iPostal first. I didn't have the documents that were being requested and so I could not get my mail. I contacted customer service and am waiting to hear back. In the meantime I am looking into getting a lawyer to help out with this as I believe what iPostal1 are doing is illegal. Apparently they have received and accepted my mail and charged me every month, yet they claim that they need more documentation now. Why would they let me open this account in the first place then? I would highly recommend you stay away from this company.

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