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Scam company Do NOT USE
I don't know why this company has a rating of 4 stars. must either pay people for positive reviews or have a lot of bot reviews whatever the case may be I am here to tell you guys NOT TO GIVE UR MONEY TO THEM they are Simply a scam. I tried using their services as a test for my purposely locked iPad and put this possibility of icloud unlocking to the test and of course it failed.
3 days later they will claim you device is blacklisted by apple even though it is NOT at least not in my case as I said already it is mine and used as a test.
IF you have an icloud locked device only the previous owner can unlock it for you or unless you have proof of purchase.
If not then sadly you will just have to live with it because IPHONEIMEI will never be able to unlock anything for you nor will anyone else so don't bother.
So there you have it DON'T buy anything from them they will simply do nothing and tell you bogus reasons why they can't unlock your phone and cannot refund you.
I am in the process of disputing to my credit card company and their payment processor, you should do the same if you even purchased anything from them.

Unlock or pay my money back

As per your previous reply in TRUSTPILOT,
"Reply from DoctorUnlock

May 1,2020
Hi Hash, apologies that it appears this IMEI was not issued on the latest service now that it's back up and running I will speak to the team tomorrow morningabout getting resubmitted for you, apologies again but we'll sort this out."

You said you will let the team know the issue that i paid for this service on May 3rd 2019. Still my phone is not unlocked and there's no update from you. It's been a 15 Months still haven't unlocked and you guys worked on my two phones and you unlocked very well but this imei wasn't done Or if it's can't be done please pay back my money, I can provide my account details.


IMEI 1 - *******97356268

O. K.
Lets first start off by saying I wasnt aware of there being an final fee this was never stated before I started the process. So I made an payment of $28 to unlocked my iPhone 6s from sprint thinking I didnt have to pay nothing after that. It took about a week for them to finally reach back to me saying that I had to pay a final fee of $67, so I was confused not knowing Im supposed to pay an final payment. So I was like ok Ill pay the money but not today when I get paid Ill pay it. About 3-4 days later as I about to pay off the money, the option for that wasnt there anymore, so I contacted them asking what happened, ( Btw theres a deadline) told me that theyve stopped doing sprint for a while and when they start things back up theyll contact me. Which they did in about a week and a half of time, so I made sure I didnt hesitate on waiting, so I just hopped on it right away ready to pay it off in one blow, as I was ready to pay it I checked the price again and luckily I did, and it blasted up 153 to so I was here like Im not paying such a high price because a 153 is like almost 200 in the U.S. so I contacted them again causing an riot asking why the price was so damn high, the emailed they sent me back didnt make any sense what so ever, but the end he gave me a link where he shortened the money to 85 so I said ok fine Its better than paying almost $200 and then I paid it ending up to $115 and after that it took em about 4-5 days to actually unlock it. Which I am very satisfied with the unlock at the end, I do recommend you to use this site if you are willing to pay such a high price.

Не ползвайте, когато няма крайна цена.
Ако услугата няма крайна цена, не я използвайте. Това което могат да ви поискат допълнително може да ви откаже и да трябва да се откажете от предплатената сума. Когато няма крайна цена, това означава че услугата в момента не се предлага и трябва да изчакате до 30 дни за да ви върнат платеното.
Ето съобщението което получих от тях:
"You have a pre-order, therefore as soon as the service is up and running you will be advised as indicated at the time of purchase:)

As your network is a pre-order currently ( not available) we expect an update back for its resumption in the next few weeks

If an unlock is temporarily unavailable, it will be offered as a "pre-order" at a fixed price of £19.99. Your IMEI will be automatically submitted once the unlock becomes available. If the unlock cost is greater than £19.99, you will be prompted to make a final payment. Please note that pre-orders are non-refundable."

Honestly. is a online scammer! is online scammer! I paid 28$ to unlock carrier. After 3 days, replied to my email saying "Unlocked unsuccessful" and refunded to my account. But actually they are not refunding to my bank account and only to my online account registered on their website and they said this voucher can be used to ask for other services? We customer no choice and have to ask for others services they provided rather than losing 28$.
When i ask for another phone for unlocking to different carrier, they charged 28$ using voucher attached with my email. After only 1 days, they replied to my email. "Unlocking is on the way and i have to pay another more 80$ to complete unlocking ". Really stupid people why they ask another more money? If they can't do, refund money what they promise. Why asking more money after paid and even money never retuned to my bank account! F*** Scammer! Careful!
It is time we need to do something we need to take down or do something... I need IT people to delete/ disrupt. To do! How many people they have cheated including me!

Dont spend your money on them. do nothing to unlock your phone, they dont respond to their messages and initially they say its $28 dollars and then they ask for more, $115! And treathen if you don't pay, you lose your $28 you already payed.

You have been warned.

The 5 stares reviews are fake:
November 25,2016

Dear Trustpilot User,

Trustpilot has been notified that this business has both incentivized their customers to post 5 star reviews and has offered assistance contingent on the removal of negative reviews on Trustpilot. This behavior contravenes our guidelines as it might have a misleading impact on the TrustScore and consumers.

The manipulation of reviews is a threat to consumers and businesses and we take it very seriously. We'll continue to safeguard the integrity of our community by fighting attempts to game the system, and we'll inform our users when we uncover deliberate attempts to cheat. You can read more on

This's totally scam
This's totally scam

First told me they will unlock my icloud for $28 then after two days they send me email to make the final payment that's meaning they check my imei and they ready to unlock my iPhone so i pay $42 then they send me email saying my iPhone is in blacklist stolen/lost and i have to wait for premium service and pay them £49.99 but i have approve that is a lie and i send them the tax bill for my iPhone and screenshot from others website that saying my imei is clean

But they refuse to refund me money to my credit card that i pay with it.

And today they send me mail saying that the premium service is available but i have to pay £49.99 and wait for 30 days to finished the process

I don't recommend this website. It's a Scaaaaaam.

Is is fake? YES it is fake
I tried to find info about this website but there isn't much. I was not comfortable to use my credit on this site. look shady, they don't accept paypal and I even think they might just use this platform to collect personal/credit card information.

I tried to use a prepaid credit card but the payment didnt go through. So I created a virtual credit card (You can create a virtual CC from Bank of America account) and submitted my first icloud unlock request. After three days they sent me some lame excuse saying the phone is in lost mode I know very well about phone unlocking & did multiple iCloud unlock for my customers from different vendors so I know what exactly is the phone status.

They claim theyll not refund the payment but offered a voucher that I can use for future unlocking order (but cannot be used for iCloud unlock).
I demanded a refund but so far no respond. Ill give them another two days & dispute my credit card company if they dont refund.

They posted many positive reviews (most likely manufactured/fake reviews) on their website. I also noticed a website called which might be associated or most probably run by

Conclusion- they price is to good to be true & so does all the claim they make. Dont waste your time. Plus, DONT submit your credit card information to this website


I was duped by reading their positive reviews on their OWN SITE to find out the warnings posted by Trust pilot and ReviewFeeder on January 2019 wasting $165 dollars for an iPhone X to be unlocked. DO NOT FALL IN THE TRAP paying prior to the service being delivered losing $165 dollars that you worked hard for it.

As noted per email below, the request was placed on 11/18/2018 and we are now 90 days in and nothing from their end but the same generic answers that you see other consumers posting about them... Exactly the same wordings... Since I started requesting my refund back in mid January 2019. No one is replying back to my emails reasons to warn everyone on their deception and empty promises after trusting them with $165 to deliver.the unlock.

Total Paid GBP £117.98 (USD $165)
Order created at 2018-11-17 19:43:20
Order last update 2018-11-18 19:00:11

December 3 rd wrote after I sent an email checking the status?
Thanks for your email. This IMEI was issued to the carrier on the 18th as per your order status page and is currently in process, don't worry as soon as its been unlocked you will be emailed as well as the order status page being updated. The average unlocking timeframe of this handset is 1-30 days (Monday-Friday). The percentage meter will give you a more accurate time scale for your device, if it reaches 100% and its not unlocked then we will chase the IMEI with the carrier for you and place it on priority. As you have paid for FastTrack service, your IMEI is on top of the spreadsheet to be done at the carrier's end, so along with the other FastTrack IMEI will be one of the first to be unlocked.

December 18th 2018, they wrote again a Generic answer: we hope to be given a date when this and other unlocks will be completed. We understand that they have incurred delays, but we do not want to leave our customers in the dark. I can assure you that we will all pull together to get all unlocks completed as soon as possible... Thank you for your patience

January 4th they wrote back: (same exact auto reply from December 3rd. See above):

This IMEI was issued to the carrier on the 18th as per your order status page and is currently in process, don't worry as soon as its been unlocked you will be emailed as well as the order status page being updated.
The average unlocking timeframe of this handset is (Monday-Friday). The percentage meter will give you a more accurate time scale for your device, if it reaches 100% and its not unlocked then we will chase the IMEI with the carrier for you and place it on priority.
As you have paid for FastTrack service, your IMEI is on top of the spreadsheet to be done at the carrier's end, so along with the other FastTrack IMEI will be one of the first to be unlocked.

As all others Report - Scammers are bunch of Scammers -DO NOT USE THEM
The Guys are only interested in getting more money from you
1: Prices quoted in USD and they take British Pounds from Your Account
2: Takes twice as long as they say, then them come back asking for heaps more money
3: They hide all the refund info, then point it out if you ask for a refund, when they fail to deliver
3: Site says 100% Guaranteed Refund. This is BS
4: They Only post good feedback on their site
5: There are other much cheaper and more honest companies to deal with

My Advice, go to ATT Website, where you can do it for free, DO NOT Use these Guys, they will just try to get you to pay for a Premium Service

Also if you try to look them up, they use a company in the Bahamas to hide their details, sure sign of scammers..

""THE iPhone also known as a business class phone but some issues regarding it that can annoy any Android user to switch to iOS. 1The battery timing of an iPhone is dull in 21st century it's battery timing can't compare with s10 and so on very disappointed another important issue is that users are having problems with face id and many more like this no doubt the look of iPhone X and X's Max is awesome and camera is best but the charge time is also very long don't want to say more in compare of Samsung the iPhone is day by day going back but hope fully the iPhone 11 wouldn't be like this one all deficiencies will be recovered in iPhone 11. But to play games and to use it as a business class and also for taking pictures it awesome "" BUT ONCE CRACKED IT CAN COST YOU ALOT OF MONEY IN YOU CAN BUY A STRONG ANDROID PHONE"". GOOD LUCK!

Great way to unlock an Iphone
Quick and easy, nothing you have to personally do to the phone. Be aware that if you pay for the cheapest service, you are simply asking these guys to try contacting the carrier to see if will unlock it, which you can do yourself if you know the carrier. If the phone is under contract or on a 6 month unlock hold due to a svc agreement, that is a waste of your time, though these guys will apply a credit for that amount towards the more expensive unlock option, which is them contacting Apple to get the phone code white listed (somthing that would cost the average consumer much more than a retailer/reseller/repair place). This process ends up being cheaper through these guys than anyone else I could find, largely due to the exchange rate with Iceland where they are located.

Playing with word. Take your money for months. Maybe won't get it back.
Sharing my experience with unprofessional way of doing business. Especially playing sales with word.
I requested unlock which come in preorder which means will unlock my phone when their services is back up *which is not stated when"
I tried to trust them. And after over 1 month. My phone has not been unlocked and I haven't heard anything from them.
I emailed him during this period. And I got one reply, copy pasted below:

You have a pre-order, therefore as soon as the service is up and running you will be advised as indicated at the time of purchase:)

As your network is a pre-order currently ( not available) we expect an update back for its resumption in the next few weeks

Terms and Conditions of | iPhone IMEI.Net
Last updated (September 26,2015) You should read our Terms and Conditions before placing an order with If you disagree with any parts of terms, then...

If an unlock is temporarily unavailable, it will be offered as a "pre-order" at a fixed price of £19.99. Your IMEI will be automatically submitted once the unlock becomes available. If the unlock cost is greater than £19.99, you will be prompted to make a final payment. Please note that pre-orders are non-refundable.

And I replied to them. Asking how long is "few weeks" as if you literally speaks. Even a million weeks can be considered as few weeks.

Few weeks now has been few months. And I've sent them multiple reply, 3 to be exact after few weeks has turned to be few months. And not a single reply I received from them.

So, to everyone that is looking to use their service. Be careful of their words. And don't expect their pre-order to be reasonable (unless if you think waiting for more then 1 month for service to be up and running is reasonable)

It's a scam!
This company is a massive scam. DO NOT USE! take your money and then don't supply the goods. They advertise that they can unlock phones for £19.99 but this is only a pre authorisation fee. You will then get an email then next day asking you to pay £79.99 to have the phone unlocked within a few days. They do not complete the unlock within the time frame and you will then have to chase the, up only to be told that the iPhone you know is not blacklisted apparently is, however they can do an Inhanced unlock' for more money. The company is a massive con. I have been trying to contact them to get my money back, they have admitted my phone was not blacklisted but it must have been fully unlocked' which is why the unlock could not be completed. My phone was not fully unlocked, hense why I was trying to get it unlocked! They ignore emails and will not give refunds because they're a scam and they know they're in the wrong. Do not read any of the positive reviews on here, every negative review they report so it only leaves positive reviews showing up. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCAM. Let's get the, shut down.

Its a scam
Its actually a scam. The one you are going to purchase on the website for 28 USD is not unlocking but a "PRE ORDER" so no unlock will happen inspite the site appearing to "unlock" your phone before purchase. There is even a "tracking" the check the progress of unlocking. You will only know that you paid 28 USD for nothing when its been like weeks and your phone is not yet unlocked. asked for additional 40 USD to "complete" the unlocking that will take about atleast 2 weeks. When ordering from their site, they promise unlocking 1-24 hours on the 28 USD purchase so yeah, its a scam. STAY AWAY. I highly doubt they can unlock your phone, I think they will just call the carrier and give the IMEI to unlock this but they pretend they have this sort of technology to unlock it.

The whole thing is a scam.

Ordered iCloud Activation unlock without much thought (stupid me) and only realised afterwards when I had time to research further that it really was sketchy as thought it was initially. The type of order I had in particular noted 1-3 days for the unlock and on the 3rd day sent an automated reply saying it was lost/stolen whereas in fact it was not and offering a voucher for the next purchase and 'premium unlock' services.

I was able to get a refund by contacting them asking for a full refund or I would open a transaction dispute with my bank. I received a straight up refund with no email reply so anyone in a similar situation should check their transaction history a few days later and expect no reply from them.

The anticipation was crazy but the wait was worth it!
I have tried all kinds of ways to unlock my sprint phone and all I came up against were scam sites and Sprint customer services taking me in circles. I chanced upon this site and was skeptical at first, especially since it was a site that charged money, I always thought this service was free or already came with your Sprint service. I was desperate so I went ahead and paid for this service. The security steps reassured me that this might be a good site. The process took 3 days, since I started the process on a Sunday and my phone as unlocked on that same Wednesday. I was worried my phone wouldn't budge and I would have to get a new one but when I connected my iphone to iTunes and wifi, I was RELIEVED!

Thank you so much.

A real SCAM
A real scam, then I made a
First payment of $ 28 send me an email telling me that now I have to
Make a second payment of $ 42, once this is done, I enter the tracking
Number for the time the order is, and tells me that I have
To pay $ 42, (in both payments I receive the payment confirmation from
Nochex), of which the payment for the payment of the property, those
That are in the current state, I do not get an answer, I send them another
Email if you have verified it, and I do not get an answer, I send
Another email requesting the return of my money and I do not get an
Answer. I hope that now I like and have to try
Again the defender my criticism do not send me the email to since it is the one that is directing me and from
Which I asked for more money. I read the critics the great majority yas I did not do too much, I hope my experience serves some@ for something. A greeting.

Said my phone was stolen
I used this company because had decent reviews. After several days, I received an email from them that it was "lost or stolen/blacklisted". They gave me a 20.00 credit as a "good faith" ha! The phone was currently IN USE on AT&T's network and functional. I called AT&T and they said this was inaccurate. I also started my own unlock process on AT&T's site. I took a video of the phone with the IMEI, and making a successful call. I emailed this to with no response. About a week later, I received an "approved" on my AT&T unlock request and they unlocked it for free. I also sent this email / screen shot to iPhoneIMEI with no response. So, in the end, I got a 20.00 credit where I paid 28.00. Don't think I'll be using them again, that's for sure. I saw a YouTube video of someone complaining about the exact same thing. Beware.

Dont waste your money! will say that they can unlock iCloud once you pay them they will hold your payment for days asking you to submit ideas in bank verification once that is done they will tell you they cannot unlock your phone and they will issue you a credit to use for future purchases with them they are a complete scam and they do not process unlocks use a reputable website like MT they will say that they can unlock iCloud once you pay them they will hold your payment for days asking you to submit ideas and bank verification once that is done they will tell you they cannot unlock your phone and they will issue you a credit to use for future purchases with them they are a complete scam and they do not process unlocks use a reputable website like

Expensive Option of Last Resort
I had an iPhone 6 locked to T-Mobile I had sold to a close friend. I didn't know anything about the locking or unlocking process, and decided to go with I read through the service contract very quickly, and didn't understand what I was getting myself into.

The initial £19.99 is the hook, charge you just to check if they are able to release the IMEI.

They WILL CHARGE YOU another £74.99 to actually unlock your phone.


The initial 20 pounds gets you nowhere, other than to make you feel like you've already started the process.

Protip: If you ask them to refund your order, they'll knock the price of the second piece down to £67.50, bringing the total to £77.49.

The process will take a week. 7 Days. The only reason they say it could take less is to entice you into spending another £9.99 to "move to the front of the queue."

I figure the entire process is a load of bull. The only way to get Apple to unlock an IMEI is to have a physical person who works at Apple enter it into the Apple database. Its unethical, but an incredibly useful service otherwise. These business are running a racket.
Is it worth it? Maybe.
Is it ethical? No.
Did it work for me? Yes.
Will it cost you $126? Yes.
Should you ask for a refund to get a reduced price? Absolutely.

Im NoT a RoBoT LiStEn tO mY aDViCe
Honestly everywhere i looked and read gave this website a damn good review and feedback. Lord only knows why!
I work for a Phone repair shop that also sells and buys phones.
I paid 28.27 for an icloud activation unlock. Three days later received an email stating that my phone was black listed so could finish unlocking the icloud activation, nor give me a refund. ( funny how i read 100% money back guarentee on their website)
Now i called T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and Apple. All these people have informed me that the phone is fine, and the only thing wrong seems to be the icloud activation lock.
So in conclusion, I had to call my bank, file a lost or stolen card that was used for this purchase, file fraud paperwork on the website and its " team " or league of villains awaiting their next victim to scam; just to get my damn 28.27 back from these scam artists. Run while you can. ( Or you can switch to android which doesnt have anything near

Scam at worst, sketchy at best
I purchased what their website led me to believe was unlocking service. took my money then I never heard from them. A week later I wrote to ask the status. They took two days to reply, and here's what they said:

You have actually purchased a pre-order for the unlock, not the unlock itself, as currently it's offline at the carrier end for this particular handset model.

By purchasing the pre-order, you are FastTrack'ed to the top of the queue for when the unlocking resumes and will be notified via email immediately and your IMEI submitted for unlocking.

Unfortunately, we have no estimate of the timescale for when the unlocking will resume, but it is rarely longer than 2 weeks! Usually unlocks go offline when new handsets are released (unlocking is suspended) or during busy holiday periods.

As per the terms of our website, pre-orders are non-refundable (


That raises more questions that it answers. It's not clear what a "pre-order" is. Do they intend to charge me another fee at some point? Why would they lunge to scream "No refunds!" when I hadn't even asked about a refund, except that they know they're not actually providing any service to me? I wrote and asked these questions, and they never replied.

Im writing this as Ive seen a fair amount of bad reviews, and I dont believe may all be justified. Long story short, I bought a used iPhone 6s from a feller without knowing that it hadnt been paid off. I stuck my SIM card in and of course it didnt work. I went to Sprint and they essentially told me I had an expensive paperweight. After some research, I decided to go with I saw a few reviews saying you have to pay more than the original $30 you pay up front. Going in with this mindset, I pulled the trigger. After a couple days, I got an email stating the premium service was needed and I had to pay an extra $100. I went ahead and paid and have not regretted it a single bit! A few days later (5) I received an email stating it was unlocked! Stuck my SIM card in and its worked flawlessly since! Their customer service is kinda bad with emailing you back as I didnt receive any replies, but you get a progress tracker with your order and they held up their end of the deal. Overall it was a good experience and I have very little complaints!

$#*!ing lie and scam artists
I payed 28 bucks when it said final price... then charge me another $119. Act like they're giving me a discount down to $108. I waited a whole week while their little meter said 14% more each day. Finally get an email that says my phones unlocked... I checked the imei on several checkers... seems legit until I've tried several different SIM cards all brand new! And payed for a prepared phone service that runs on the "same" damn network that I was originally on... it's still sim locked! Requested help several times. 2 weeks later still nothing back from them... waste your money if you want too... they can't deliver the service the promise... hell they even said they'd contact the carrier on your behalf... what a joke! I'll believe it when I see it!

Scam alert!
This site is a scam. Originally paid $28. Should have read the fine print. Then paid another $28 to continue. Then told me that it could not be unlock and that I would have to pay for premium service to get unlock. I left it alone and chalked up the lost. Then received an email from them saying that they ran an eligibility check on my imei and that is now ready for unlock and that I needed to pay another $49 to release the unlock. Paid the $49 and still not unlock. It's been over 2 months now. I requested a refund because they guarantee that if not unlock by the 30 day period. Still no refund. Emailed them multiple times. Now they are saying that my iPhone does not meet their requirements for unlocking. Then why did they send me an email saying that the my iPhone unlock was ready for release. The iPhone has a clean imei. It's not stolen, blacklisted, or under any financing. This site is a straight up scam. Do not waste your money. Very shady business.

Fraud ask for 19 pounds then after few days send another email asking for double of initial paid.
"Dear XXXX,
Thank-you for pre-ordering your unlock from iPhoneIMEI. We are pleased to inform you that the unlock for your iPhone 6 (IMEI No), previously locked to Vodafone, is now ready.

To release the unlock for your device which will be sent Over The Air using either 3G, WiFi or by connecting the iPhone to a computer running iTunes, please make the final unlocking payment, as stated prior to payment, of £30.00. Delivery to your iPhone takes 24-72 hours, as soon as it has delivered we will email you.

Click here for order tracking and then follow the instructions provided.

Please ensure your device is NOT locked to someone else's iCloud account before purchasing this unlock (device says 'Activation Lock'). This sim unlock will NOT help you. You need an iCloud unlock.

Your iPhone is a very expensive device and is subsidised by the carrier over the length of your contract, Vodafone require this additional unlocking fee to cover their potential loss of revenue. Some research on the internet of other unlocking sites will show you that our price is one of the lowest in the industry, and our timescale is certainly the fastest.

We do state on the website in several places (pricelist, terms and conditions, when you enter your IMEI, and the page prior to payment) that there will an additional price to pay.

We cannot refund pre-orders due to the cost of preparing the unlock, as stated on our homepage. However, if no further payment is made by yourself within 14 days we will remove the unlock and no further payment will be due. We can also transfer the pre-order payment to another handset if you wish, simply reply to this email.

Kind regards,

IPhoneIMEI Team

A division of DataCorp Ltd "

Beware, it's a scam
I came across website and paid them to make icloud lock removal. After paying 27.99 USD, I received a funny email that this is only a pre-order and ask me to go to apple store to make the unlock or to pay more to have their fancy automatic removal. I paid another 42 USD and they gave me their fake counter status of the process. After two days they sent an email to inform me that my iphone is either stolen or reported as lost.
I provided them with the proof that it is not stolen nor lost, then they said ok we have made a refund. After one day, they sent me this funny email:
We are pleased to announce that iCloud Premium service is finally available. This removes the iCloud account for all devices, including barred ones.
Due to the popularity of the service timeframe is expected to take 30 days.
The price of this service is £99.99 but as a previous Clean iCloud purchaser your previous vouchers have been discounted for you leaving £49.99 to pay
So they revealed themselves by sending this email. How my mobile is reported as lost or stolen and they offer to unlock it?
Above all this, anyone can check their IMEI on apple website to check if it is blacklisted or not, and my phone's status is CLEAN. But this is their excuse to keep milking you and then ask you to wait for 30 days until you have no chance to report them with your bank and get the money back.
Do not ever deal with this scam website.


Please do not waste your money! I will explain how this scam company works. You initially pay $28 to supposedly unlock your phone but NOPE! say that it will be done in 3-8 days but NOPE! I kept sending messages by email and after about 1 week or so someone replied saying that what I paid for ($28) was not the unlock but it was just to ensure to be told first when the unlock became available or how they termed it, it was a "pre-order". The first time you hear about this is when you email to complain to them so I bet they have this template email already prepared as I bet everyone has the same concern when the unlock never happens in the time frame they advertise. Eventually, about 3 months after I placed my "pre-order", I received an email that the unlock was ready for the "modest" price of $169.99. Basically just buy a new unlocked phone.

Dear, Iphone IMEI remember when I said that I would make sure to spread the word that this is a scam. I will not rest until this SCAM company is taken down. It is time that they stop taking advantage of people. SPREAD THE WORD!

It's a scam waited 3 months for nothing.
It's a scam I waited 3 months for them to unlock my phone. After them telling me it's gonna be a few days. After emails and no respond. But there auto respond that your phone is difficult and it's gonna take 7-10 days this is 3 months later. And there Solution Is to send me to outside source over Seas that wants 140$. But you don't know the real price cause it's in euro. I've sent emails just asking for refunds and there's no respond only want to take off the money for the outside source. It's been 3 months I had to buy a new phone. Who's gonna wait 3 months for there Phone to be unlock and than have an outside source for 140$ it's a scam don't fall for it. I'm gonna take the lost but I'm gonna worn ppl b4 using there service if you don't need a phone for 3 or months don't use them. You are wasting your time.

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