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Terrible company
I own a property in a different state from where I live and placed an order from Inyo Pools for a sand filter. I buy many products for this property through various websites and always pay with my Discover credit card. This particular company sent me an email that said their fraud department had flagged my order and that I needed to send a copy of my driver license. The email explained that this was no different than being required to show one's driver license at a place of sale if requested. I scanned and sent a copy of my driver license per the instructions and received a response that my driver license wasn't accepted and that I needed to pay with PayPal or send a check. I called customer service to try to resolve the issue over the phone and the representative spoke to me in a very condescending manner by saying things such as "We can choose who we do business with" and "We get these types of complaints every day and have been in business since 2001". I can understand that their fraud department flagged the order but they should have been able to resolve the issue when I called. They could have verified my Discover card by calling Discover. After my experience, I researched the company and found many complaints from consumers on the Better Business Website and other review sites, some of which were exactly like my concern. The company should not ask for a driver license if it won't be accepted, and they should have a facility in place to handle credit card orders that are erroneously flagged when a customer calls to try to resolve the issue. I wasted my time trying to resolve the issue by sending multiple emails and calling customer service and the company clearly doesn't value their customer's time. I bought the sand filter from another supplier and would absolutely never do business with this company. Their business ethics are the absolute worst that I have ever experienced.

Horrible customer service
I ordered a vacuum cleaner head from INYO Pools and it arrived damaged. Despite sending pictures of the damage within 24 hours of receiving the product asked for pictures of the damaged box. Despite explaining that they send the part in a bag not a box, they continue to deny the claim without photos of the box. Rather than shift the blame to the customer or UPS, they should behave like Amazon and provide a return shipping label, provide a credit or ship the replacement part in a box with protective packaging to avoid a similar outcome. Very unethical business practices in my opinion

Great Product, Fast Delivery
Our pool pump motor died. Called the local pool repair guy "Hot Tub Tony" (great repair service) and he recommended we buy a new motor from INYOPools. I did a little research and then contacted several local pool suppliers to compare prices. INYOPools was 1/3 the price of what I was quoted by the local stores for the exact same motor! Will definitely be buying from INYOPools again for anything needed for our pool.

An Expensive Scam
We ordered a new filter for our pool and sent us the wrong filter. I tried to return it but the process to send something back is ridiculous and doesn't work. When I ordered the filter I set up an email/password account with them because I assumed we would be ordering more items from them. In trying to initiate the return process their computer told me I wasn't registered. I registered again. It's still telling me I am not registered with them. I can't find a number to call them so we are stuck with a $90 filter we can't use. After reading these reviews I'm sure this company is a total scam. The return process requires you to get your account number from them, get a "return" number from them (takes up to 3 days), place item in the original box, pay the postage to return it and then they inspect it to determine if you get a refund. A total scam.

Difficult to contact customer service with poor response time.
We placed an order for 3 items on 4/4/21. The items were broke down into 2 shipments with two different tracking numbers. We received the first part of our order in a timely manner on 4/7/21
(awesome) which was a replacement bag and wheels for our pool cleaner. I tracked the second part of the order which was TWO replacement cleaning brush's. It only stated that it was shipped and was still at the first facility for like a week. I reached out to customer service and was NEVER able to speak to anyone, I was on perpetual hold. I sent an email to customer service after THREE DAYS received a response. In the meantime USPS tracking informed me my package was finally on its way and should arrive Friday the 16th. The product did arrive early on Wednesday the same time as my email response stating my order should be there by Friday the 16th. NOW the shipment only contained ONE of TWO brushes ordered and paid for! I can not reach them on the phone. Email is my only contact and as far as are concerned the tracking states my order was delivered! Probably will not order from them again due to poor customer service and ability to contact. My third Email to them explaining I am missing part of my order has not been addressed yet. Lets see what happens?

You had the parts we needed and despite the glitch in the shipping it was a great job done! Thanks Hector!

Incredibly Arrogant and Insulting Telephone Sales Person
I am sourcing a pool skimmer that can be used with an extra thick deck. The deck has already been installed by the house flipper who was trying to create a very modern gray monolith slab to the edge look (instead of the traditional coping around the edge). So the panels that form the edge around the pool are all at least 8 x 10 feet and about 4 inches thick and very flat.

One of the miscalculations made was the rise of the pool skimmer they installed is not enough to reach the deck surface AND position at the correct level for the water level.

OK. I did not need to say all that to ask the Inyo telephone sales rep if they stock any skimmers that are either extra high rise or, even better for me, adjustable height.

Knowing NOTHING more than my request, she immediately asserted, "your best option is the replace the skimmer with the same model". While that response certainly could have come from a dumb artificial intelligence algorithm, I am certain I was connected to a human ( happened to be female).

So, I explained the situation with the deck being extra high. "Well, your existing skimmer was placed after accounting for many variables." I was rather stunned and told her, "Yeah, namely that it does not fit the thick deck so the bottom lip of the skimmer is about two full inches higher than the floor of concrete throat in the pool sidewall. It would be most helpful if you would simply tell me whether extra high skimmers exist."

She replies in her infinite wisdom, "Yes, there are such skimmers." Then the killer, "Have you contacted a contractor about this?"

That was it for me. She thinks she is God, and I am not God, and obviously she thinks she should be talking to a contractor God. I'll never do business with Inyo. I told her she had been worse than useless and hung up.


An Atheist

Excellent company to deal with from start to finish, easy ordering very informative and fast processing and delivery. Everything came in correct and works great. I highly recommend this company.

Fraud Department would not let order go through
Was purchasing pool motor to change for a friend. seemed to have good pricing so I ordered the motor. We put on my girlfriends CC with proper billing info, but different ship to address. Their "Fraud Department" said they would need a Picture of Front and Back of Credit Card and ID to be able to process the order. Sorry, but my girlfriend does not want her CC or ID scanned and emailed online. Waste of time, CC companies have their own Fraud Department for bad charges, don't need an online company not accepting an order, the CC company can take care of that guys.

Bought water pump from them for my pool. That was the best decision that I made. Thank you, good price and quality. I couldn't find anywhere the right pump.

Great save
This was the only company that I could find that sold a replacement filter for the Hayward Cx200xre and Harvard swimclear C200s. I did see another company selling it, but the price was astronomical. Quick delivery and the product looks good.

Inyo Pools
Great price for exactly the right pool pump motor and seal kit. Delivery on time and the motor is installed. A pleasure doing business with Inyo Pools.

Same as others, they sell you something, never deliver it and then won't respond
I was very pleased with my first purchase from them. So I made a second purchase. Of the 4 things I ordered, 2 arrived via different shipments but the other two never arrived. I chatted with them (no support phone and never respond to support tickets) and they said it was backordered from vendor and would refund me. Four days later, after contacting them daily they have given me different answers, including that they will now ship the parts. It always ends with 'we will email you later today'. They have not emailed. Their chat client only pops up randomly, so you cannot initiate a chat unless it appears and I'm convinced they have now disabled it for my login. I've tried via social media and get the same blanket answer 'we will email you'. It's a shame because their prices are good, shipment of items I received was good and quality seems fine. The online video and blogs are helpful as well. Just their support sucks - really bad. Be very wary of buying from them and make sure your credit card company will back you when they don't deliver.

Poor or no customer service
This site is a joke, lie and will not respond when you checking on orders

They ignore the chat after the sale and you gave to search the web looking for the phone number

Run from this site

Fast delivery knowledge and support excellence!
Great videos and support. Very fast delivery and shipping. Youtube Chanel is informative and entertaining.

Great service. seem to have an extensive inventory and a knowledgeable staff. After several orders I am very pleased with their web site.

Complete incompetence and a clear lack of leadership
I ordered a part for my pool with overnight shipping at 12:15 pm on Tuesday November 17. Checked my order status Wednesday morning. No tracking number. I started a chat with Eric who was no help. He could tell me nothing about my order. Called the phone number, which was not easy to get, and talked with Michele. I requested the person in charge call me back. Michele gave me a credit for the over night shipping and assured me the item would ship out Wednesday. No call back from Joe the manager. Thursday morning I checked my order status and I still did not have a tracking number. I called INYO and talked with Eric at 9:10 am. Eric new nothing again. He sent an email to their warehouse manager and said he would call me back when he got an update. At 11:30am I called back to check on the shipping status and talked with Michele. Michele was able to figure out that my Tuesday overnight shipment had still not been processed. She offered a $50 discount. I asked why Joe had not called me back. She said she would request he call me back again. Shortly after that call Megan, Joe's assistant called me back an offered to take $100 off the order if I wanted to proceed. I told her I had no confidence in there ability to deliver. Finally Joe called me back blamed the independent warehouse he uses for all of the problems and offered to take $100 off the price. I declined, told him to cancel the order. My pool has been down for three days now and I have made no progress getting it fixed because INYOpools does not have competent people in leadership positions. Joe called me back again and offered the part to me for free if I would not write this review. I declined that offer also, obviously. In good conscience I could not do this to the next person that might order with them. Proceed with these people at your own risk.

Good customer service
I had to return a SWG due to electrical failure. After providing some photos of the device and pool pad, accepted the RMA. I shipped back the item and got a check in the mail about a week after they received the item. All in all, the experience with service staff was on point and pretty responsive. The price on the item when I bought it was great, so I would recommend them.

Sold me a very expensive Defective part. STAY AWAY DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY sold me a defective part that failed within days of putting it in, then when I tried to get my money back they sent me to the manufacture, the Manufacture never got back to us about if they are going to cover it.

On the face of it one would think this company, Inyo Pools, was great. have great "how to" videos posted and blogs etc. but their customer service is absolutely terrible. Wish I had visited BBB and Site Jabber before starting to deal with them.

I had a pool pump motor fail over a weekend. I sent in a email request on how to change out to a compatible variable speed pump which has gone unanswered to this day (over a week later). Because they seemed to have good techs and videos to help with this problem I thought maybe because of the weekend they missed it so sent in a chat box request on Monday. This is what they recommend on their own phone answering message. Response - no one was there to answer. So I called and waited on hold for 20 mins plus only to get some tech geek with zero manners and after a very frustrating phone conversation got the information I needed and subsequently ordered the pump motor.

Then I sat there waiting for the motor to ship. After two days nothing seemed to have happened so I sent in an email information request about this which was answered and I was told it would ship that day. Which it did. But I felt like if I had not questioned why the motor had not shipped it may never have happened.

Thankfully all went well with the motor swap out and I am happy about the overall outcome from that point of view.

I do not like writing negative reviews, but sometimes I feel like other people need to be warned about bad companies doing business on the internet. There is obviously something wrong with the way this company is doing business. Its either money, the people they have and/or cannot retain, or they are just playing the "middle man". There are too many clients out there writing negative reviews which all seem to strike a similar complaint. They do seem to be very good at responding to the complaints but why not do something to ward them off in the first place.

I will NOT use this company again and recommend others to stay clear.

Ordered 4 uprights/posts for pool, description claimed direct replacement for original item {plastic Vs original metal} {cheaper}. Also ordered 10 plates for post cap. Received the 4 posts and 6 of the 10 plates. Invoice showed 10 shipped so I examined shipping container for damage, there was none. I was shorted 4 plates. The uprights were what I ordered and correct quantity but would not fit {diameter too small} Contacted inyopools and claimed they would ship out the missing plates and gave me a return authorization # for posts. I then ordered the correct {metal} posts. I received both the plates and posts. Every thing was great except I never got the refund and I paid $33.00 to ship posts back UPS. So now I am out the cost of the posts and the shipping. I have tried time and time to contact them but they have not even acknowledged my efforts. Explains why they don't have a phone.

Advice was incorrect
Checked with support staff with pictures of my requirement. In spite of detailed description wrong part was recommended for purchase.

Highly recommend
Order shipped with in 2days of ordering so total of 5 days to get here. Money never came out of my bank until it got here. Will order again!

Very Disappointed
I ordered 3 bottom plates for a pool and paid for overnight shipping. Twenty four hours go by, nothing! Contacted them today, forty eight hours after the order should have been here and told it was out of stock. Now, common sense says when the item is out of stock, you update your site or, with an overnight order, you notify the customer when the order is processing, that you can not meet that request. How do you do business like that?

Poor customer service
Could not get product to me so outsourced to another company but delayed delivery by days. Asked to cancel order prior to shipment and they agreed. Then charged for the product and wouldn't cancel order. Don't use them! is the most dishonest online pool store.
Ordered item, keep saying is was delivered. WHERE WAS IT DELIVERED? I never received it. They keep turning customers around expecting people forget about their refund. It is unbelievable how dishonest these people are.

I have ordered twice and it's the same thing each time
I have ordered a pool pump and an O-ring gasket for my pool filter. Each time it's the same thing, get the order and email you that your order has shipped, yet it hasn't. This company does not have the material in their warehouse, this place is a call center. They are just making money off of being a middle man.

Now their knowledge seems to be on point, but when it takes 2 weeks or more to get your part it's just not worth it. I recommend finiding what you need through them but ordering from an ACTUAL distributor. I will not order from this company again and will not recommend them to anyone for parts. customer service and product review
Outstanding customer service! Outstanding products! Fast delivery of product! I Would definitely recommend this business!

Great Sales Group
I have been doing a DYI on a pool and I needed a Pool Heater. Team walked me through my questions, made the purchsing easy, and it just delivered. Great experience especially for this novice!

So far have been quick with with getting my orders shipped, and also great at communicating the fact that because of the amount of items I ordered and they would be shipped from different warehouses, I received some items that were ordered a few days after one of my first orders, but I am ok with that because I was kinda of expecting that! So far all items that were ordered and shipped, have been right, packed well, no damage!

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