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With today’s growing technology the idea of sharing...
With today's growing technology the idea of sharing ideas and thoughts through images has developed in some pretty creative ways. Photos can now be enhanced, unenhanced, edited, cropped, distorted… the list goes on. An individual doesn't even need to know the rhyme or reason to making a photo "sepia" besides clicking a button to makes the color hues do so on any particular photo. Making your photos seem as you wish doesn't require much effort at all anymore.
Instagram is an extremely effective app that can easily be downloaded for free! The instructions are almost unnecessary because the app is so easy to use and brose through. The app has recently been downloadable to smart phones other than Mac products, which is very attractive. The only issue is that there is not much variety. There are a mere eighteen effects that can be applied to a photo. Granted these effects look magnificent on almost every photo, but people can easily get bored with eighteen options and want new and innovative pictures.
I personally love the instagram app and use it all the time. I would never be able to manually alter the colors and shadows of a picture to make it look as different and inspiring that instrgram does by just a tap of a button. I also like that you are able to compare two different effects very easily by taping between one and the other. I would recommend this app to almost anyone!

Its ok, but could be better
I mean, I have problems there (my accounts are "potterenta", "Chemicals_Hurt", "aeshtoek", "the_adventures_of_tintin1" but I don't know where that one is and "iciahsa" and you'll see what happened in my post on "aeshtoek") and it keeps saying "give us your phone number", "your account violated the 441 rule" when it didn't mean to do anything wrong and "suspicious log in" when you try and get to your instagram and its a good place but some inactive accounts need to be deleted and gone and there should be a thing where you press a button that says "keep account permanently" so you can't delete your account and you have it permanently or if you make an account first you keep it permanently so it can't be deleted AND you have a thing where it says "you can log in anytime without phone number and suspicious log in and your account won't violate anything forever" or just something like that <3

Instagram is killing businesses
Instagram is killing businesses! It is killing this amazing platform because it stops us from sharing viral content! And if the content is not possible to share without getting your account blocked then this social media is useless. It is so easy to block anyone's account just by sending the copyright infringement report and Instagram will believe and block you in a second!
What do you mean even if you credit the source you still violate rights? This is how Facebook died. It is not showing organically anything only paid ads and Instagram is going to that direction. Shame on Instagram for killing such a great platform. I hope other platforms will replace it soon with a better vision for sharing content...
My *******@putonapron is blocked after 4 reports of crazy bakers that I credited in the post. 4 reports and you are dead. 125K account disappears in seconds... All you get is a notice your account is deactivated...
Stupid and absolutely useless platform. It doesn't sell well your products it is just fast scrolling down... If you want to sell use Pinterest or sell on Amazon... Don't use Instagram

Unresponsive, Unhelpful, Uncaring
My personal account was "compromised" over a week ago. The person changed all of my login information and unlinked it from my Facebook account (I still get notifications of what I posted on Instagram "on this day" in the past.) I can not get a response from any person in the company let alone support. I have been reporting every day, multiple times a day, through the steps in the app, online through the website, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I even have friends reporting the issue for me on my behalf. If anyone at Instagram is reading this, please, I understand you are busy, but I would greatly appreciate some help. (*******

Zero Customer Service. Will Never Use Insta Again
Literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. It's shocking and frustrating that a company as big as Instagram doesn't have a way to contact them in case issues arise. My account was impersonated, and so I reported it. IMMEDIATELY after reporting it, Instagram disabled my account. :/ The imposter account was allowed to stay up. After filling out the appropriate forms, providing a photo of myself with a hand-written code, and providing my drivers license, the imposter account was taken down (finally). However, my account is still disabled!

I've tried contacting Instagram multiple times, filling out the appropriate help forms, etc, but all I've received is an automated response from a bot saying I've "violated the terms" and/or no response at all.

I've had my account for 7 years (since high school) and have less than 1000 followers. I'm not a spam account and I've becer used shady methods to gain followers or likes. I'm a real person, with real memories, and real friends I would have liked to stay in touch with. Many of my memories were on there, from high school, college, my wedding, honeymoon, adult career and beyond. It's so sad that I'll never get those photos back again.

Moral of the story folks: never place your trust in an app that has zero care for their users. Always back up your account. And don't expect this company to care whatsoever if your account has been hacked, impersonated, or mistakenly disabled. You won't get a reply from a human when things go south.

Mark Zuckerberg Ruined It :/
I loved this social media, I used it to find and support small artists and performers. There's always been a bit of censorship as far as women's bodies and risque art were concerned but artists I love and follow have been leaving in droves. Instagram was a hub for the visual arts and a platform for the nontraditional. It's loosing its individuality and edge. It's the same thing that happened to You Tube. The Mountain VVitch deleted most of his content after it was repeatedly flagged, Lance Inkwell had to censor the drawing he did as a response to his brother's suicide.

Annoying and wrong on so many levels
I created an Insta account when Fb blocked me during lockdown for unknown and unexplained reasons, I thought I need a social media account to keep in touch with people. First it turned out it's also own by Sugarmountain - whatever; second it turned out as well that most people I know has no Instagram account - okay. So, what to do, as an amateur photographer, after a while I started to upload my travel photos. Not the crappy mobile shots, but those that were taken by cameras, and only those that went trough careful Lightroom treatment (not the free mobile version, the PC version), just to be sure that I create original, quality content. I thought I will find similar travel photo lovers, or just similar people. I had to be disappointed. I encountered so few of them and also encountered tremendous amount of shallow human wastes that crawled out from the cesspit of the socmedia networks. Where to start?
The app. It is ridiculous that Instagram cannot be fully used - similar to many other socmedia apps - from PC. If I want to give the quality, every single time I have to bother with get the photos on my mobile. The app itself (for me on Android) seems to be pretty "buggy" - I'm not an IT expert. Very slow, most of the time, if I try to post it on other sites at the same time (like Fb, etc) it crashes instantly 10/10 times. So this function is virtually useless for me. If I want to modify something under a post it is 50-50% it will be a success or "Try it later". It happens very often - most of the time - that I get annoyed/frustrated and just leave it. Waste of time. In the 70% of the time I have to do the modifications "blinded", as the keypad fully covers what I type, the photo wouldn't "get up". Often it does not allow to post a gallery just 2nd or 3rd time. Come on! It's not rare that the app chop a little more off your carefully positioned photo. Wonderful! It happened a couple of times, that the app rewrote - as it seemed - all the tags into one (like 10x the same tag, nothing more). The app often make the wallpaper (or what do you call it) disappear from my phone.
For the phone. Since I installed the app I have to charge the phone more often, although I heard I'm not the only one. Before I open the app I used to pull back the display settings a bit, but it doesn't seem to be very effective.
As for the users community. That is a vast understatement that there are many-many shameless, shallow and blithering idiots. My favourite was the user who tried to contact me in a pm and it started with: "I can see you are following many dentists..." Well, no. Not a single one. One of the things that really annoys me in Instagram - I know I shouldn't bother with it - are the incredible amount of users with seemingly quality content - who follow me, so I would follow them back, than Instagram unfollow me a day or couple of hours later. Well, so far I was unable to gain a lot of followers, so I exactly know how many are they. If I notice 1-2 missing just go, find them and unfollow them. I'm a person of principles, yet. If I see a very popular user follows me, that's 90% doesn't give a damn about my content and will leave in a heartbeat. Although there are very few exceptions (or they just forgot to unfollow me, whatever). What bugs me really is how on earth people, who - although I'm not a pro photographer, I'm not bad either - post definitely worst content than I do are able to gain hundreds of thousands of people. What are they? Blind zombies? Paid bots? I tried a lot of tips and tricks with the tags, the timing, promoting it on an other site, etc and none of them worked. I don't pay for it, that could be the problem. Then there are those, who spam-comment under my photos to follow them - of course they either wouldn't follow back or do the aforementioned "pull the d*** move". If I call them out, they disappear back into their caves, but that's just socmedia, nothing special that wouldn't happen anywhere else. A user started to follow me, and this particular user is selling their paper-writing services. I'm not sure whether it is legal or should I report them, but this is just disgusting. I worked my *** off for my diploma and these people encourage others to not to bother with it.
I accepted that only a very few people are interested (?) in my travel photos, okay (mostly cultural, not coctail-on-the-beach kind, there are a very few selfie amongst them). It must be like "uh, an other Unesco World Heritage site photo, meh". I don't think I can do more, than I already did. So this is why Instagram is a waste of time for amateurs like me, who are seeking feedback. I see it as gaining experience.

Horrible at responding to a problem
I have been using Instagram for 7 years and loved it. My Facebook was hacked back in February and because my Instagram was linked to it, my account was affected too. I sent numerous emails to both Instagram and Facebook with screen shots of what the hacker had done with no response from either. I was able to create a new Instagram account, but cannot use the app. The website is not user friendly at all and you lose capabilities of the app. It's sad that I can no longer use a social media platform that I really enjoyed because Instagram refuse to respond or help with something that their own security failed.

This app is just... woahh. Its a really good time-waster and you can easily check whats going on with your friends anytime. You can even follow different topic of your interest and posts about it willpop up in your home page! The only blemish is that whenever I add more than 3 accounts, the app either slows down or crashes my phone. Other than that I love this app and am really obsessed with it! Definitely worth a try, I have no idea how I've survived without this app before I registered an account.

Threatened to ban me because some 14 year olds lost an argument to me
Like seriously, can we do something about the people in Silicon Valley and their power trips? The power has gone to their head and Instagram think they can tell the rest of the world how to think. Like seriously, you run an app and a website, get real. Most of these apps or sites started out really cool and operated like a free-for-all, now the minute you insult someone correctly for being stupid, they want to ban you.

Enough is enough. Seriously. Something has got to be done. Texas did the right thing outlawing this nonsense. I hope other states follow.

How dare you talk about blocking me. You got women showing their stink out of gas G- strings on Instagram. I respect my woman. You need to tell those women to do the same. You want to look down. Twitter and Facebook got more class than your social media network. Twitter and Facebook don't have teenage girl shaking their butts like Instagram are strippers in a night club for horny out of gas teenage boys. Your social media network is ghetto.The whole instagram audience is ghetto.The instagram has no morals and no class.The teenagers on instagram is out of control.The social network show too much butts which is very disgusting. Twitter and Facebook don't show stink butts on their social media network. Instagram is the most ghetto, horny, and too much butts shaking on your network. I got more class than your whole entire ghetto audience. All of that butt shaking makes your social media network look stink and ghetto.

My account was claim to be hacked
I will recommend no one that is very pleasant looking not to use this service. Instagram basically just asked me for 100 dollars not to mention that I am a computer network specialist as well. Some lady I was on the phone with called me beautiful. She first said that there is no way she can get access to my page but that still does not make sense because the only time I ever logged into my Instagram account is from my phone. I am the only one that use my phone anyway what she did not know. I did not tell her that.

Good but could improve
- Allow to refine search by newest, popular, most comments, most followed users by genre (singers, actors, politicians, etc).
- Allow to refine search to search for just photos or just videos
- Allow to refine search of videos by a certain length of time (e.g. At least 30 seconds)
- Allow multiple subject searches and ability to refine search criteria (e.g. - you can type in two subjects in search, then refine by stuff like only posts with both subjects, only posts with one subject but do not include any with the other,
- Add these same features and the features already on the app to the website version (you can't even upload a photo by the website version)

Do not waste time and advertising money here
What I like about instagram:
- Good photo editing tools
- Large user database, with lots of interesting accounts with great photography across different genres

What I don't like about instagram:
- Your photos are often stolen by other accounts who repost it on their page.
- Glitchy app. Sometimes, functions just disappear or malfunction, especially with new updates, or you switch to another phone.
- Very inconvenient to use. You are only allowed to use it on your mobile phone. If you use any other device like your laptop or iPad to log in, the system will think you are using a third party app and flag it up as suspicious activity. My account of 4 years was disabled because I was using my laptop on top of my mobile phone.
- Instagram uses a poorly programmed bot to recognise suspicious activity and no human verifies such activity with actual logs before deciding you are guilty and disabling your account
- Instagram keeps changing its rules on what is permitted (e.g. How many likes you can give in one day or how many people you can unfollow in one hour), does not tell you what these rules are or how Instagram have changed, and then punishes you for breaking them. It's just like spending time with a pyscho who keeps getting angry with you for doing something wrong, because he keeps changing his definition of what is unacceptable without telling you.
- Instagram does not issue actual warnings that you are doing something wrong. It just keeps prompting you to verify your identity by keying in a verification code sent to your mobile phone or email account. You are just supposed to "know* that you have done something wrong when this happens, that this verification code exercise is a warning, and what it is you are doing wrong so you can stop doing it. It's like spending time with a child who starts acting passive aggressive without admitting he is upset or telling you what it is you have done, and then flying into a rage and punishing you without any warning. It is simply impossible for Instagram to act like an adult and issue a real warning, tell you what you shouldn't be doing, and give you a few chances before disabling your account.
- Instagram disables your account for no good reason. My account was disabled for breaching Instagram's Terms & Conditions, because I was using more than one device (mobile phone and laptop) to log in. But it is never stated in its Terms & Conditions that I cannot use any device other than my mobile phone.
- Non existent customer support. If a function in your account malfunctions, or if your account was wrongly disabled, there is no person to email or talk to. You send a form and then you never hear back. Sometimes, the malfunction disappears after a few weeks. But many times, you do not. People who submit appeal forms on being wronly disabled do not hear back for months, even years. Instagram does not give a **** about customer satisfaction, and it is hell bent on driving its users away, even those who support it with advertising dollars
- The advertising sucks in reaching out to your target market. I selected a few countries that I wanted my ad to reach. But the analytics indicated that most of the people who saw my ad was from one country. Instagram has an arbitary way of deciding who your target market is, regardless of what you want

To summarize, I really wasting 4 years of my life building up an account on Instagram, including paying for advertisements here. It was like being in an abusive relationship with a crazy person who keeps malfunctioning, changing his mind on what is acceptable, acting passive aggressive non-stop, and caring nothing about your (advertising) needs. It is only happy to take your money, provide zero customer service, and then dump you by deleting your account.

My advice is - stay far far away before you get sucked in.

Losing Patience with their Random Illogical 'ID'Checks.
Have toyed with this outfit for a number of years now under various
'aliases'and generally found it to be simple and correct. However in the past few months I have twice been subjected to sudden random out the blue paranoid account suspensions and demands for me to receive and complete
A telephone sent PIN number 'to confirm my identity'due to'suspicious traffic.'I havent a clue what Instagram are on about as I do not post anything in my account at all being a 'lurker'no personal details nothing. Nor to I make inappropriate comments on others pages. Admittedly the first time I had not updated a broken phone and couldnt so lost all my account. This second time an outcome is awaited according to them in '24 hours'. Great Im itching to access my Gram as Ive bene doing every day for months without problems and now I have to wait 24 hours while they'check up on me'.
I hear they have no staff to actually speak to customers in person. I risk losing all my account again.Im getting fed up with spending hours remembering all the Insta Addresses and re-entering them all once more.
I also use ghost mirror sites like Picunic and others that will find Insta posts bypassing Insta. But this ought not to be necessary.
Ive no explanation for these checks on this unassuming perfectly behaved account.Im considering ditching them all together-their little pics and photos arent great anyways.If they are not 100% reliable then I dont really wnat so much to do with their crazy making. Update yes as suspected. Account has been unaccountable disabled for 'violating protocol'. Of course I will never find out why. This has happened to lots of people apparently. I re read their protocol and havent a clue why. This was an account with NO POSTS barelt more than a one line respectful comment always positive. I then started to receive crazy e mails offering to reactivate several old accounts but the 6 number code numbers dont work. Looks like theres a problem. Sure is.Im just going to make a list of my top 100 Insta posters from browser archives then from time to time dip in on a Independent Insta Shadow Site. Thank Goodness I didnt bother posting as all the work would have been lost.And aslo why cant you click and save insta photos? They have to be screen saved in Paint. This has the added advantage of recording the insta addy for the procedure above.

Dupegele - Extremely unprofessional, poor time management and rude!
I booked this lady, the person who runs and operates Dupegele in 2018 to do gele for me and some other ladies. I admit that she is good at tying gele, but because she is good she thinks it is her right to take proper liberties with how she chooses to conduct her business.

You will call, text and WhatsApp Dupegele endlessly and the woman will never get back to you. Employ a Customer Service Representative if you can't be bothered to take calls for goodness sake. It's basic common sense. She also never acknowledges payment or has the decency to say thank you.

Dupegele don't even confirm bookings properly. She just runs her business like a total novice! I find this sort of thing rude and very unprofessional... you're not doing us a favour at the end of the day. We are paying for a service. And this stuff seems to be common with her as I have heard and read other poor reviews about her behaviour. You focus on only only your good reviews, why not learn from all the bad ones instead of deleting or ignoring them like an unserious human being?

On the day of the booking Dupegele arrived extremely late, which had knock-on effects to the day and never even bothered to apologise properly. You would think with all the money she is making, she would drive. But is there taking public transport everywhere. How is that someone to be relied upon realistically?

To be blunt, Dupegele needs to get her $#*! together. There is only so far a business can go with talent alone. If you are good at the service and don't have good business skills, your business can never reach the full potential. This so-called businesswoman don't even have simple website, like seriously?

I would not recommend her at all. Expensive, unprofessional and not good value for money at all considering the extremely crappy customer service you receive. Go elsewhere!

Mostly enjoyable!
I enjoy posting my pics on Instagram and than from time to time going back and looking over them and enjoying the memories created. Instagram makes it very easy to look back at your pics and even see when the pic was posted.
One really bad thing about Instagram is the tons and tons of fake profiles (The catfish). Instagram needs to implement some way that people making profiles have to prove and verify that Instagram are who they say that they are. Because it's a very serious, enormously large problem!
Otherwise a great place to share your pics with family and friends and also be able to see the pics of your family and friends that they post for you to enjoy.
If you like photography and pictures than having an Instagram is a definite must!

Do not waste money advertising here
The delivery of ads is unsatisfactory. I chose several countries for my ad to run in. More than once, the analytics showed that the ad impressions all came from one country. You have no choice in the country, Instagram decides that for you. No idea if Instagram arbitrarily decided what interests the target market has too. If you do not get enough clicks, or you do not meet your advertising goal, Instagram does not care, There is only a surevy at the end of the advertising. No one follows up and the same problem happens again and again.
I finally quit advertising when Instagram charged me despite pausing my ad, supposedly for some problem with ad spending limit. I checked my account, I didn't set any limit that prevented the ad from running. And why should I be charged when my ad was paused and shown to no one? Of course, there is no complaint channel again and no follow up.
Instagram does not care about customer satisfaction and you can forget about getting any customer service here if anything goes wrong.

Home living sunderland... just dont bother!

So following on from the review a couple of days ago home trading out of sunderland have not responded as promised.

So on the 21september i paid in full as request for 2 pictures from this company. Ive phone many times, been fobbed off about delivery dates, ive sent messages and recently a cancellation to the order, the multple lies and calls are not worth the hasstle. Ive asked for a refund, Instagram have accepted and Helloo as expected they promised they are dealing with it (see message from them below)

"Hi Michelle I will have to chase this in the morning with the accounts department but your details have been passed on, I have appoligised for the delay on your items when I last spoke to you on the phone and many times in messages previous. Every where in the world is having delays at the moment not just us, I will speak to accounts tomorrow and get back to you"

Using covid as an excuse to push a couple of buttons on a keyboard for a refund is shamefull. Do they think people are stupid!

If you think of spending before xmas dont risk it. I would just point you in the direction of trust pilot like my friend did unfortunately not in time for me to not spend with them. Quite a few dissapointed people and a theme running through, bad management of issues, poor quality and issues with orders, complaints and list goes on.

We are now in december and no refund

Im not going away until this is resolved SORT OUT THE REFUND!

Business owners beware of Instagram!
I got locked out out my IG due to a phone crash and unable to provide the 2 factor authorization (only the codes I could not get). Despite knowing the log in details, password, old passwords, previous logged in devices, locations, device types, providing IG support with proof of ownership, details of messages in the account, screen shots of paid ads from the FB linked to the account, and certificate of registration of the company... Instagram said Instagram can't confirm and need more proof. Even the correspondence to Instagram was via the SAME registered email on the account!

So they have locked me out of a business account! BEWARE! Thousands of dollars in printed marketing material over the year have been lost as the account can't be accessed. I have since opened a case with the Better Business Bureau against their practices.

Instagram needs a serious change
When I joined Instagram thinking it's a good platform for creative people for sharing pictures and showcasing their talent. At that time I didn't knew that I'll face so many issues one after another in the insta world.
Namely, a lot of spam accounts are here and loads of fraudulent activities happen here and many looks for public accounts to send them spam messages, comments and even emails if you had a public account.
FYI how many fake accounts I've reported is countless. So what does the verification team when someone creates a fake account on instagram.
To continue further many people here follow you and ask you to follow them and if you don't follow them Instagram unfollow you later.
Likewise many people like your post, so you like their post in return. It's like like for like and follow for follow.
BTW You can't forcefully like anyone's post or follow someone's account just because they are doing the same and beg you to do the same.

Instagram hates the Political side of it's app.
Do you identify as a Liberal? Instagram is the place for you! Instagram delete accounts that have any other political opinions.

Not only that, users can get innocent accounts taken down easily (just spam report accounts you slightly dislike. And boom.) and once your account get taken down, it's a huge pain to get it back. Hours of talking to Instagram support, you have to send a PHOTO OF YOURSELF, and they'll often ban you from creating an account or logging into one (AND DO NOT REMOVE IT.) (seriously, I've spent 10+ hours on Instagram support trying to get them to unban me and fix my accounts.)

I've had 8 of my political accounts been taken down, simply by people who dislike them.

I've had people raid my account (Getting people to spam it) because they dislike it slightly.

Hell, I got an account taken down that had 27k followers (@pro. Choice) just to see if I could. (they got their account back after 1-2 weeks.)

TLDR: Instagram has awful support and staff, and you constantly get deleted and punished even if you've broken no rules.

Just DON'T SIGN UP: Promotes the Selling of Sex and their claims to Police this are FALSE!
I USED to use instagram but NEVER again. My account got hacked and instagram won't do anything about shutting down my account that is now promoting the selling of sex while spamming all my friends half naked pictures of women. IT LITERALLY NOW HAS A LINK TO GET SEXUAL FAVORS OR PORN. I don't know how it was hacked, but Not only have I lost all ability to access my account and pictures of my family are now lost, but my dozens of calls and emails have gone unanswered nothing has been done about this account that many of my friends have blocked and reported. My calls were clearly redirected out of the country and I was met with incomplete employees if Instagram even deserved that title that didn't even take down my account info before saying quickly "I'll fix it" and hanging up. WHAT A JOKE! If you are a parent like me I would not let any of my friends or family use instagram bc they won't protect their users and the won't do anything about people promoting pornagraphic material and don't care to even put a viable help line or email to have these deporable pictures of women taken down. PARENTS, DON'T LET YOUR KIDS BE EXPOSED TO THIS AND BOYCOTT THIS HORRIBLE SOCIAL MEDIA.

Great Insta!
I love Instagram!
It is the best social media because first of all, it is so easy to get followers! All you should do is to say "you follow me, I follow you back!" in your bio. That is how I have 2K followers.
I also like the dm. Even if someone has private account, you can still dm them even if Instagram don't accepr your request. There is also stories with cool fonts. And something else is Instagram is not picky in profiles. Also, you can react emojis and change theme of the dms! MY INSTAGRAM:

FreeLancer Expose 5ocial Helper (help me)
Alright what's up guys so today is a serious review and also a exposing review this will be my first and last time bringing this up so let's start.

As I mention I have a YouTube channel if you seen my VEEFLY review on Instagram give you bots an the only good thing you get out of it is views than you would know im still testing more ways to promote you're channel NOW, I was on Facebook one day im like you know what ima hit these YT communities cause why not see what goes down what people do an how it affects there channels so I joined a few and as I was scrolling through peoples post there was someone advertising a link to a IG acc called 5ocialHelper now the owner of this IG acc has over 5k followers an 2k following he has images of helping people get monetize there were people who made videos about it saying his legit he would re post the work he did ge even got certified from GOOGLE as a AD partner Kudos to him apparently.

So I said you know what ima see what's up there's Americans saying he does a great work proof of there channels, making videos about him so this must be legit right? Well to answer your curiosity… IDK! Anyway I reach out to him asked about his service what he does to help promote your channel and etc etc etc. he's service looked really good:
50$ for 1k subs
80$ for 4K watch hours
30$ for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

He said he'll promote my channel through community's that totals over 130k members or that has 130k members either way I was impress all the evidence looked clean the proof was there he was legit an so I said $#*! IT. An gave this man 50$ for 1k subs now as I did that he said it takes about 2-9
Business days for the project to be completed.

But before he said that an gave me his whole sales pitch he mention he was working with a client I told him that's fine ( but I didn't trust him enough for some reason) so I decided to reach out to him from time to time and guess $#*!ing what? He don't respond at all to any of my messages!

(You can check the photos of the days I message him)

Like this man literally ghosted me an 50$ went down the drain everything had the proof in the pudding an yet my instinct was "make sure he does what says he does" I just had that feeling of hey somehow you might be getting played here

So! I am asking for help for everyone to spam his IG
5ocial Helper this isn't right or fair that it's been almost 3 weeks or prolly coming up to a month now and still haven't seen anything come my way

Thanks for reading my review

Spam, Hacking, Etc
Instagram was a great platform back in the day when it first came out. I'm not going to judge the website for content, because content is always up to people. And frankly, the Discover section is incredibly lame. It's always just stupid images, videos, celebrities and girls who can't keep their butts tucked in or clothes on.

Also, the spam is ridiculous and hacking is rampage. How it happens? I don't know. But someone on my followers list had their account broken into and then spammed everyone with porn. Next, I was supposedly "following" fake accounts I NEVER authorized nor followed, and they're all advertising free sex and naked women.

The Instagram Stories option is a waste of space, looks ridiculous, an entire rip-off from Snapchat and adds no important value. Sure, I could simply not click on it and it's out of sight, but I believe it's a stupid option that isn't what Instagram was made for. Bottom line, if you're a teenager, or someone in their 20s, Instagram is for you. Although, I must say that Instagram doesn't really control their content and have trouble keeping up with removing fake accounts.

If you're paying Instagram a ton of money OR if you're a celebrity, Instagram won't hesitate to help you. If you hate a comment, it gets deleted. If someone makes a fake account of you, it's deleted. If someone posts hateful comments or images of you, it's deleted. If someone posts embarrassing content of you, it's deleted. But, if you're an average user, and God forbid these things happen to you, Instagram couldn't care less.

Instagram Forces Itself Upon Us with No Options!
I hate companies that force themselves upon us with no recourse. My boss told me to get an Instagram account to use for work, but it linked to the wrong FaceBook account and of course the brilliant nerds did not add an unsubscribe or delete button.
WARNING: It is impossible to delete your Instagram account. There are plenty of offers on line on how to delete, but none of them work, and if Instagram was cool, I wouldn't be spending hours figuring out how to delete it and nobody would have to post methods to do so. You suck! InstaBad! Don't sign up.

No one to help you!... Are they ok?
My instagram got hacked!... I follow everything Instagram said to do! Nothing worked! I been trying to get someone to help me on Instagram. There is no one to help you!... Meanwhile I have someone using my account with all my pictures, requesting people. And NO ONE can help me. Is really ridiculous... same person took my Amazon account in one second I talked with someone and they resolve the issued fast!. Instagram should have some type of costumer service. Sooooooo frustrated. I am going to the police tomorrow maybe they will know what to do!

Outdated site design, owned by Markus Zuccerbugus, but other than that it's okay.
Without Instagram, a trip to the restroom takes about 15 minutes.
With Instagram, you'll find yourself in the restroom sitting on the toilet for about 2 hours watching people have fun because you can't.
Viewing photos on Instagram is very fun, there's a lot of meme stealers who don't credit the original meme-makers on this site, and Instagram should all be hung.
Some people like to post dog pics on here, and boy do I love the dogs, they're so $#*!ing FLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

The worst of Social Media
Instagram marketing = Make your profile pic a hot girl who travels the world and you have it made. I have been on Instagram for a few years, I always have around 400 followers, I do the same kind of things I do in other social media and have thousands of followers there... but not instagram. Instagram rigged the website/app based on revenue, so as a result people pay for friends there, when you see someone with massive followers they paid for it, what is social about that? The people they pay keep contacting me and offering to have me pay to have thousands of followers. I get messages everyday from the instagram marketing people telling me I should be friends with this person or that person, why? Because this or that person paid to have someone contact me. I like the platform but overall compared to twitter, FB, Linkedin and others, Instagram performs the worst. See attached for an example of a paid message, notice its from "instagrammer"

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