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Data provided for cars can be had for free
Data provided for cars can be had for free.
Sales pitch offers full access to all tools, does not mention this cost extra until after you sign up.
If you dont leave a 3 star or better rating, popups will nag you every new page bullying you to leave a false positive to get rid of it.
Often, Site is slow to the point of being unusable.

Seems to deliver a good amount of information and especially...
Seems to deliver a good amount of information and especially what I was interested in locating! Not bad at all! Compared to other services I've used, info-tracer has delivered much more in one go-round than any other service on many, many go-rounds. This was just a phone reverse lookup and so i cannot comment on the full spectrum of a comprehensive search, but imho info-tracer is ahead by a good margin. Looking forward to my next searches! Thank you for delivering, info-tracer, I knew there had to be some company out here that would!

Great info searcher
Easy to use and powerful searching tool. Found what I was looking for and even more within a few minutes. The only exception being probate records, I did not find these.

You said I could access lien records with a membership...
You said I could access lien records with a membership NOT a premium membership that costs more money. You falsely got me to sign up and give you my credit card information and set up an automatic payment before I could run a report and now you are not showing this person's liens unless I sign up for a premium membership. What a crock of $#*!.

Super helpful tool
Super helpful tool. Recently obtained new truck for small 1400 cash and rest was for service rendered when landscaper broke prv valve and needed me to fix. Getting it Registered had been difficult. Thanks for all the info! This is a great app! Will be telling my friends who buy at auctions about this. Well done guys n gals. Thanks

Load of Crap
At first when you type in the license plate it comes up and says we found multiple things on your request but in order to know what Infotracer are you need to pay us $3.99 for your 7 day trial and then after your trial you will pay $19 then after you pay it searches again and says that they found nothing on that plate. Only reason I paid was because it told me that if found multiple things on that plate. As far as what I went through with this website I now know It's a SCAM!

Multiple exceptions were noted on the initial page...
Multiple exceptions were noted on the initial page of the person I was inquiring about. However, your search engine when reviewed listed none, but offered and additional change to go to premium. Please remove me from your list. I ll pay the 3.99 for the one time reach but I do not want to continue my relationship with infotracer at this time.

$25 for nothing
I simply wanted the location of an individual's birth. This was apparently too hard for infotracer... as was completing my cancellation request so I was charged an extra $20 for something I have no use for. Save your money. Find a different solution.

It is annoying that I have to sign up for a subscription...
It is annoying that I have to sign up for a subscription instead of buying just one single report (even if I can easily cancel the subscription in theory... haven't tried this yet)

I have tried alot of different "free" searches and...
I have tried alot of different "free" searches and yours was the most accurate and user friendly, so i decided to purchase a trial membership! Thank you! Tiffany

Backchecking a fraudster
The order was quick to arrive, sadly I found it too vague to be of use. When I found the same result on myself, meaning nothing more than a name and city, from a resource over 11 years old, I canceled, and was annoyed that Infotracer made 5 Canadian dollars from me regardless. Save your money, this site isn't real.

Piss poor info
Piss poor info. Incomplete and OUT DATED with NO CURRENT info. I know he was arrested and sent to prison 4 years ago and he is in jail as of Jan 2020 on 3 Grand theft charges, Robbery, Domestic violence AND violating a cost order ( never return to 6625 Meade St. Dallas, Tx because he beat his Grandmother so bad she went to the hospital.

Tremendous waste of time!
I attempted to use this company to run a plate of a disabled American veteran only known as smokin Joe, he's in jail once again after his psych meds lapsed and his truck was still out at the casino. I needed his government name to get a tow truck operator to move. This company only looks up the license plates of newer vehicles that are worth thousands of dollars and not the cheap older vehicles of disabled American veterans there's no money in it

I am going to get this done and I have a real issue...
I am going to get this done and I have a real issue with invasion of my privacy, so I haven't taken that route for a solution and hesitate to do it now, I need to protect myself in every way at this point and info is key. The video tape and paper transcript and info was stolen from my home safe. Everything has been completely compromised, even this new straight talk phone.

I don't appreciate the auto-billing ploy
I don't appreciate the auto-billing ploy. Yes, you're upfront about it, but we all know you're counting on people to forget and get billed extra cycles. It's a nasty trick. I only want a one-time trace and I will cancel as soon as I get my info.

Real results warrant a real review
I must admit I was skeptical about these types of sites, but was glad I found the info I was looking for on Infotracer. I needed to figure out a persons identity with only a plate number, and Infotracer delivered exactly what I requested, instantly after paying the $3.95 fee. Anytime I have to look someone up this way, I'll be coming back to Infotracer!

You didn't even find the OBVIOUS accounts Ph numbers...
You didn't even find the OBVIOUS accounts
Ph numbers or social media info that is public & I know about REFUND me IMMEDIATELY back to my PayPal cancellation purchase & cancellation on July 1,2021@ 5:50 AM CST

Fraudulent! Pay a fee for access, then they attempt to double and triple charge you withiut tell you
Paid the fee for "full access" on 27 June 21. Once inside all you get is very generic access, such as that a file exists with the name you searched. Useless information that you can get free online. On 4 July 2021, without any avoid or new research by me this site charged me on my credit card more $19.05 for nothing! Then I am trying have my money back without ANY answer from them! This is internet FRAUD! I ONLY USED THIS SERVICE ON 27 JULY 2021 WHEN I PAID FOR FULL ACESS.

Your program needs work. Tried to trace 5 individuals without success; including myself. Much, of the little information found about myself, was NOT ACCURATE.

Timely response.

Excellent Service
I called Infotracer regarding the inability to complete a purchase of their service renewal. The representative explained the problem, solved the problem and completed the purchase, saving me money in the process.
The extra ordinary part of the extra ordinary part of the experience was that the call dropped several times, but each time we re-communicated by either my calling her or her calling me until a successful result was achieved.
How often does one receive service like this?

False advertisement
In the beginning search title. It say's free search. The word free is just to get your attention. Then, at the end of the search, Infotracer ask for a payment. That's false advertisement. It doesn't matter if it's free or not, tell the truth in the beginning. If someone is going to pay for the info. They will. But, I know there are millions of people that see the payment and turn away because that information is free of charge on other sites.

I just obtained access...
I just obtained access... literally 3 seconds ago. Why ask me BEFORE i have a chance to "experience so far"
I hate it when sites do this. Its stupid. The timing of the pop-up is so annoying. I hope you're not paying for this marketing research.

Free searched showed consistent results that I had to pay to acess. So I did but after getting the money the results showed empty!
After a few days I was charged more $19 for monthly plan you have to sign. $23 spent in total and zero results to my inquiry. Free searched had a not of information that were hidden after I paid. Scam!

Too hard to find the 5-day trial offer
Too hard to find the 5-day trial offer. And the support line said 7 days for $3.99, turns out it's 5-day for 4.95. And I can't tell till I pay and log on what actually is "available"--I'm trying to search court filing records on this person nationwide. G reat ser ice if it works. --S. P.

The information I was searching for came quick. The price for the service was right.
I only needed limited information, so I called the customer support line and that's where I became totally satisfied with Infotracer.
Normally, I don't do surveys after subscribing to a website, but the customer support representative's professionalism
Changed that.
Thanks Infotracer.
Mr. Wright

Emily should be promoted to the highest position of training others to interact with customers who call customer support.
She was 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Bait and switch tactics
Bait and switch tactics. Forcing me to subscribe instead of offering a single payment option is objectionable in itself, but doing so and not providing the promised report is so deceptive it can't be legal. The site is careful to qualify statements, but it has to produce something when taking my money. So far I got nothing.

I'm very unimpressed with the results of a back ground check on myself. I always do this first for myself. The information is grossly outdated, inaccurate, links/photos are blank. Address information and court records are not correct.
Total waste of money!

This is worthless
This is worthless. Other info sites have provided more substantial information. It contains nothing a cursory quick google search doesn't give. Will be canceling this service immediately

Could not get any assistance from the chat feature
Could not get any assistance from the chat feature. I needed help on getting a tax ID number on someone to send him a 1099. He won't give it to me! So this was worthless.

Nothing but stock pictures of the car in question, purchase history and recall info.
A total and complete waste of $15. If you want to know ownership history and recall info, this is the place for you - however, be warned that you aren't just paying $14.95, you are signing up for a monthly membership and $14.95 will be deducted from your card until you login to the site and stop it. I was looking for information on the crash, insurance claims etc. NOTHING.

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Description: Verify people online by conducting an instant online background check. Reports may include Criminal Records, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Social Profiles, Court Records, Marriage and Divorce Records, Relatives, Email Addresses, Property Records and more!

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