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Indian Wedding Saree

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Safer to buy in a shop instead, as too many issues.
I ordered and received 3 outfits, after 2 delays and many emails back and forth to customer services.
All 3 outfits have no zips on the side so it take 5-10 minutes to get the tops on with the help of my husband!
1 is peach even though it was pink online, 2 have asymmetrical stitching on the top half of the outfit (Indian Wedding Saree were not supposed to be like that!)
Dupatta's look very cheap, & the material doesn't match the outfits either.
If you look closely at the stitching quality, it's not great!

Recommend them all the time
I have purchased Indian outfits from other vendors and did not have a good experience. Years went by when I refused to make another online Indian clothes purchase but decided to give this place a shot. Although there was a mistake the customer service was excellent. Indian Wedding Saree were quick to accept the mistake and were quick and accommodating. I can't rave enough about their customer service. The pieces were also nice!

Simply the best..
Ordered a Pista gown/outfit with dupatta & churrider. Perfect measurements for outfit. Comfortable fit. Your design and tailoring team nailed it. Color combination & embroidery is exquisite. The Abahya styled net jacket for da gown 'exquisite'. The accessories like ring and potli bag and purse were exactly as I ordered. Luv all the items. Packaging for Dispatch was simple, secure and delivered.

I want to begin by saying that the online experience of shopping with Indian Wedding Saree has been excellent, from ordering, to size accuracy to product quality and price. I have ordered with ease, the delivery time is adequate and I have loved everything that I have ordered. The quality has been great and you get what you pay for. I am very pleased and I recommend it to all. My only complaint is that Indian Wedding Saree don't carry bigger sizes or custom size for bigger people. When I have pictures, I will post.

Excellent Service
I had order 3 garments. I needed them for a weeding on the 26 of November and on the 18 of November Indian Wedding Saree were still asking me questions about the length of the tops. So I thought that I would not get them on time. I wrote them an email letting them know that I needed soon, that if it was going to be ready on time. I really had lost my hopes but they used DHL Express and I got them on the 25Th of November. And the most important thing was that it fitted perfectly and they look beautiful. Thank you so much to the team of Indian wedding Saree.

Bought saree which was fine. I ordered jewellery through them too. But when I received the set, the necklace was broken. I sent them photos of the broken necklace and Indian Wedding Saree sent another one. That second one was also broken. I asked if I can get another different necklace as maybe the one I had ordered was too delicate but they refused. They said they will send another one. Still haven't received it. Was wanting it for a wedding but haven't got it yet.

Sent incomplete items and when trying to contact no answer. Did not fellow instructions.
Did not fellow instructions even after sending numerous emails. Does not check before dispatching. Did not answer emails regarding sending incompletee items. Waiting on 1 item since February. Sent salwar k without buttons on front. When i asked for buttons sent pieces of little balls wrapped in material. Sent image of what Indian Wedding Saree sent me as buttons so far no answer from them.So frustrated and fed up with them. Service is pathetic.

Stop fooling your customers
Highly unprofessional. Worst customer service experience ever. Placed an order for Diwali, firstly Chander Sharma from #indianweddingsarees contacted me WhatsApp and told order got cancelled as I was busy was not able to pickup his call, he kept calling I had to told him to stop calling and send email, which he didn't. Then when I emailed to check the order status, I was told that I will get the order by 22nd October. After several follow up I was assured that will get by 25th October by Abhishek Prasad from Indian wedding. Yesterday when I sent another email to check the status, no one bothered to respond. Then Rahul Chaudhary told me don't worry it will be delivered but the same end results. Indian Wedding Saree are just fooling there customers. Nobody till date owned the mistake or apologized so arrogant. Fraud and spam

Dress review from a first time customer.
I received my dresses ordered today.
I was so excited and was eagerly waiting for my dresses I should say.
Dress -
Indian Wedding Saree were as exactly as the dress, I ordered.
I mean it is so so true to the picture. Same color / said fabric / same description.
The dress was for a wedding. And its lavish and beautiful enough for the event.
No regrets.
Delivery window -
I was given 3-4 weeks delivery window from the time I placed the order.
Needless to say it arrived promptly. I placed the order mid Jan 2021 and received it on the 8 th Feb. I was provided product updates n shipping information with tracking details throughout.
Customer service -
I contacted the sales team via what's app chat and email.
They were very prompt and courteous in responding.
And all the doubts and clarification were cleared by the team.

I was so afraid to purchase online with all the scams that we hear
When it comes to online shopping.
But Indian Wedding Saree is credible and
Reliable for ur shopping needs.
No regrets and so much value for our hard earned money.
Kudos to the team behind this.

Beautiful cloths and delightshopping
Thank you for sending all beautiful items and great customer service she something isn't right. I also have to commend the willingness to accommodate my special requests, one definitely needs to give some time for the products to be ready and so I advise to order 8-10 weeks before yu need it. Or discuss the timeline and rush order ahead of time, sometimes defect, or other-delays happen and so the delay in shipping.
Unfortunately all the. Products I have ordered aren't with me anymore to add pictures.
Over all I am a delighted customer. I would order again.
Jamie A.

Great Quality Fair Price & Happy Customer
Thank you! If i would truly say so, I have ordered 8 times from IWS. This green outfit is the cutest of all! Yes; I had bad experience with your team delivering my items on time on last 3 orders even when I inquired about the items before ordering to insure I would get them on time for my weekend functions. But I'm I'm highly satisfied with the price, quality & elegance this green palazzo has represented!

In addition, I have purchased some jewelry pieces and every piece I got has been nothing but beautiful n has a great quality!

So IWS, thank you!

I would love to continue to shop with you!

Incredible site to buy indian clothes
Hi i'm from Mauritius its with great pleasure for me to buy indian clothes from this site. Its owesome. Quality is good and good service also. Whenever i need a saree just choose a saree on the web site and click on with no regret at all because i know it wii be the same. Its a good experience. The service is fantastic good support deal with rapidity.
I can assure that i'm a happy customer till now with no regret at all
Would like to thanks all these guys for wonderful job just keep it up


Indian Wedding Saree
Bought 3 items 3 weeks ago to be shipped to Mauritius. The 3 items have never been shipped. My brother everyday goes to the post shop to enquire about the parcel. Luckily I paid through Paypal and Paypal chased them up. Indian Wedding Saree finally shipped it today the 21 Oct. Shame on you Indian Wedding Saree. I will never make purchaches, I would rather pay more money to somebody else than to buy with you. Its so frustrating when you buy some items and expect to receive within the timeframe expecified.

The Best Quality and Service by far
I had never ordered a saree from india before, as a krishna devotee, i go to hindu temple on the uk, so when i ordered it, i was suprised at the value for money and the sheer quality that i wanted. The delivery was actually much earlier than originally planned too.
This company ( Indian wedding ard the absolute best and i'll be buying more for our temple events.

The best online store for Indian clothes- Indian Wehly recomendedding Saree
I have been a very happy customer with Indian Wedding Saree for some time. I ordered a lehenga for my daughter recently and the tailoring department requested me to recheck the measurements twice. I had submitted the measurements of my daughter when she was pregnant, but the tailoring department were so knowledgeable, experienced professionals and Indian Wedding Saree recognised my mistake. I am very proud to say that their work is so professional, reasonably priced, gorgeous, and trustworthy.

Very Late Shipping
We haven't yet received the order we placed in early August for September, and it is now October. The communication was alright, but we received two shipping emails, one from Australia Post and the other from FedEx. We were also told that the product would arrive by the 10th of September, and then we finally received another saying it would arrive on the 13th - after that communication was very poor and we were told simply that it would arrive soon. It's been two months and we still haven't received our package - very unhappy with the service. We do understand that the shipping is longer during COVID, however the company should not have given a false date, and then sent two seperate shipping emails, one of which, told us that our product had already arrived.

Terrible service - poor quality
If you want a peaceful life, never try this site. Indian Wedding Saree never ship/deliver items on time. After placing the order you will start receiving automated mails from them saying "Your shipment is delayed by 10 days". I have received at least 8 such email. Missing 1-2 or maximum 3 promised delivery dates is understandable. Continuous followup on email/whatsapp is needed to get your order delivered. This will definitely spoil your peace of mind and health.

I suspect if its a new scam, taking money from people and indefinitely postponing the shipment.

After posting a review, they will contact you and ask to delete or update review with good comments. They had sent the text to post in review, shameless people.

Amazing Customer Service and Beautiful Fashions
Indian Wedding Saree's customer service as well as their fashions are amazing. I order two dresses, for an upcoming wedding and each required stitching. One outfit was ready before the other outfit and Indian Wedding Saree kept me informed me of the status. When I expressed to them the wedding was in a week or less, Indian Wedding Saree mailed the dress to me right away. I am so pleased with the way the dress looks, the fit and well pleased with the customer service.

Overall Great
Indian Wedding Saree have amazing products for amazing prices. Stitching is great and well done, I am always happy with the stitching. I gave this 4 stars because sometimes it would be more helpful if they could tell customers about product delay information ahead of time; sometimes dates on the delivery are changed multiple times due to delay in production which I understand but sometimes it seems like representative do not have all the information that can be given when customers ask about where the process is in terms of completion. On the other hand, I am a loyal customer for life. I love the service that is provided and they truly try their best to delivery products on time. I love how they response to your concerns as well. Truly amazing! I would highly recommend this website if you are interested in purchasing their products.

Phenomenal Service, Selection & Prices!
I was informed of an event for which I needed several outfits quickly. As a statuesque woman, it is difficult for me to find beautiful clothes to fit me, especially in a hurry. I often have them sewn for me. But, using their website, I found a wide variety of truly lovely things from which I selected three Salwar Kameez. Working with their responsive Customer Service team, I received the outfits from India to the US just in time! I have gotten so many compliments and feel beautiful when I wear them. I will definitely be a returning customer!

Terrible customer service
I ordered 2 outfits for my daughter's wedding, and was clear that I needed them by a certain date. Indian Wedding Saree arrived 2 days before the wedding, and neither outfit was the right size, but it was too late to have alterations done. I had to rip the seams out of one so I had something I could wear. When I asked to return the other item, I was told I had to send pictures of the outfit with a measuring tape. I explained it arrived late and I didn't want it. They were very uncooperative and want to charge me $30 to return something that was not the right size.
Their website says "hassel free returns". Not true at all.

For Canadians
You pay in CAD and Indian Wedding Saree do all the documentations in USD without letting you know because all the prices for you appear in CAD and you pay in CAD with PayPal. You might come to find this fact when you get the notice from the courier company that you have to pay Taxes. You will have to pay high custom duties with shipping or free shipping, always. They feel "sorry for the inconvenience". They are good but not very honest in dealing and compensating.

Please avoid this company
Worst customer service. Indian Wedding Saree are making me run for the prodcut. Everytime I call them they gave me excuses and extension of delivery. I finally gave 2 more days and If not I am going to ask refund. Please go shop elsewhere if you don't need the delay of purchase and avoid this Hassle of not knowing when or if ever you will get your items.
Never has such horrible experience with any other stores online.

I am from Mauritius, did order three sarees from this site was quite worried about the service and the quality of the products. I did receive my sarees today... the sarees look exactly as in the pictures, good quality product and a very professional service... very trustworthy company... thank you

Will surely share my experience to my surroundings... will surely order again... cheerd

I got a pricier lengha (>$160 USD) and it was exactly what the picture showed and very good quality with more pearl detailing than I imagined. Before I got a lengha for around $100 USD and the actual result was different from the given picture so I didn't like it as much (ex: the designs were not as concentrated in certain areas so less maroon than gold). I feel the more you spend, the closer your result will be to the picture provided.

Best service ever

Indian wedding sarees is the best site ever to buy indian clothes. I highly recommend people to buy on this site. I live in Mauritius which is very far from India and i received my order within 4 working days. Compared to others, Indian Wedding Sarees price is more affortable. The quality is irreproachable. I am a happy customer. The quality is worth the price. I will buy more from Indian Wedding Sarees.


From Mauritius

Size and Quality
When ordering the site suggested I select one size larger than required. To play safe, I ordered two sizes larger than required and still the product that arrived was too small by at least another two sizes. Indian Wedding Saree needs to get their sizes right.
Also, the bias binding on the sleeve was of a ridiculously poor quality. On the first ironing it melted ruining both iron and the dress. I would prefer to pay more for a quality product.

Truly beautiful kurtas
Everything from the beautiful material to the detail of the stitching, and finishes and really very good customer service this was an impressive experience. The pieces will need a bit of alteration but far less than I expected. If I have any complaint, the leggings for some of the outfits we're really strange, huge in the hips and too tight in the legs to even get on but again I know my alteration person in India will fix it easily!

Lousy work, total rip off
It i could, i would have given them zero star. I ordered this lehenga choli with customized order about two weeks ago with other jewelleries. Indian Wedding Saree sent me an email saying that jewelleries will reach by 15th of feb, and they are not here yet, not even the tracking number. Lehenga measurement dept. contacted me last week telling me that lehenga will be 44 inches long and blouse length will be 16 inches. I emailed them back saying that please make lehenga length only 38 to 39 inches. The emailed me back saying ok. Today a minute ago they contacted me via email stating the same question that lehenga length will be 44 inches and blouse length will be 16 inches. Why do i have to take their standard measurement if i have paid them 30 u.s. dollars for customized stiching? How lousy of them, in one week they have not stiched my lehenga of my desired length. Today is feb 17th and how are they going to sticth my lehenga choli and also going to mail me so that i can get it by feb 18th? Very lousy and bogus people. Horribly bad service. Dont buy from them and waste your money. I am out of town after feb 18th and was trusting them to send my item before that time frame or at that time frame. What a disaster. THUGS. Dont buy from them.

Although the package arrived on time as promised, the patiala pants came in the wrong color. Website said purple / violet but was clearly black. The tunic fit very well, except on the left sleeve the button slit was not cut open therefore I could not roll up the sleeves. Also the packing slip showed the correct amount the the items listed did not reflect the purchased items.

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