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The sales team is just keen on collecting money for the whole year service and the minute you pay, you are stuck, IndiaFilings do not deliver any service after collecting money. We as a company has lost Rs. 15,000/- only on GST fines just because their staff gets changed regularly and the new staff is just incompetent and lack GST knowledge. No one is responsible neither responding, not sure if the owners of India Filings are aware of what is going on in their company. Unfortunately we have paid for one year service charges and stuch with such an unprofessional company and are paying the fines as we have no other go. Please be Careful with this company.
For Texa Impex Private Limited

Unethical, annoying and complicated business ways
For a business whose income is below 1 lakh, GST number is not reqiured, but the main income of Indiafilings is through GST filing every few months, not through new company registration. So IndiaFilings made me apply for GST no. As well as TAN no., and kept calling me every few days to take their GST filing service. The company incorporation procedure was also complex with me signing and sending things via courier every few days. The next year I spent paying CA to file nil GST returns because I had unnecessarily taken a GST no. A year later I decided to surrender my GST number and had to spend 4000 to do the same. Same is the case with TAN. Plus, no matter how many times you tell them on phone that you don't want their GST filing service, they will say ok but will keep calling you every few days and annoy you. I regret taking Indiafilings services.

Great Work...
Your Team is Doing great Job IndiaFillings. Despite of our business and Starting Working you guys have taken continuously follow-ups. Great Work... And Specially thanks to Rafique for Continuously Followups and being there for our any query. Also Thanks to Suarabh Sinha for his Helps. Good Wishes and Have a Successful New Year Team Indiafillings. Will be in touch in future. Your Team is Doing great Job IndiaFillings. Despite of our business and Starting Working you guys have taken continuously follow-ups. Great Work... And Specially thanks to Rafique for Continuously Followups and being there for our any query. Also Thanks to Suarabh Sinha for his Helps. Good Wishes and Have a Successful New Year Team Indiafillings. Will be in touch in future.

Transparent and customer frontly
My LLP process has got delayed little bit. But I have got all necessary updates form the executives when i call them.
1. I would suggest executives must follow up with the customer to give the timely updates.
2. The entire process should be transparent and customer front next steps should be clearly called out well before the process execution. E.g. During the DSC process and LLP registration process, I was asked to to get a Attested Signatures from Advocate, Gazetted officers caused significant delays.
3. Customers should get these updates well before that in email and through phone calls to prepare ourselves for the next steps.

Highly irresponsible, unprofessional and cheater organisation
We paid to incorporate a company. IndiaFilings make tall promises but it took one month and 8 days but they left out some crucial filing with MCA, which was detected only at the time of filing of annual return, for which we had to pay fine.
For every smallest issue they will ask money and that too in advance.
Our misery did not end with that fine. For filing of annual return, we submitted all document in first week of May but they continued changing contact person many time. Finally ITR was filed on last extended date but annual return was filed after due date.
They charged of auditor appointment and all compliance's for two years.
Then started horror show. When we asked for ITR and Annual Return filing for second year, they again asked for money. What happened to money paid for two years? Idiotic excuses.
We wrote long letter to owner that idiot has no courage to respond.
They never filed ADT-1.
When asked for our money back they will threaten.
Different persons will continue sending emails and phone calls.
BEWARE of such rouge company.

I'm lucky to find them
I have given my Company incorporation to Indiafilling, having no background experience in incorporation went to them and my company got registered in just 12 days in that i have not submitted some documents and wasted 3 days else it could have been finished by 8-9 days, i thank Abeeda & Vinoth. K for making this happen and the hospitality, kindness, care, response all were really good including the CEO nice guy with great humor...
People i do recommend u all to be have a experience with them for any corporate work IndiaFilings done some wonderful work for my incorporation... Some of my family business background members shocked that i have finished the work in so soon all the praise for Indiafilling Abeeda & Vinoth...

Pathetic Experience - Y not having Rating in Negative...
Had got the reference from online, pathetic system IndiaFilings don't know what to do, no coordination at all
They need money 1st to start and information will be discussed with u only after money is been credited to them that to half not complete information

Once they get money like a fool u take all follow up u call them and wait for there call back as they don't work on IST they only work as IFT ( India Filling Timeline) there 15-20 mins is approx 6-7 working days
As u paid the money for a service, you have to follow up only they are least bother to call back or to answer the call they will keep u on hold for 20-25 mins normally and on every email u send to them u will get a mail that you will be getting call in 24-48 hours which happens only after 10 working days

When one go to this companies, they go to save time though we know we are paying more for the service but we are sure we will be saving on time



4) one should get a Hint about there knowledge when again and again you are been kept on HOLD
5) Way manager n Staff speaks one is bound to lose the temper on them

Bottom line is


Wasting money time temper everything and still won't be getting work to be done by the time line givn to you

So go ahead work with the local guys which won't be too highlighted like this one but for sure will be working professionally compared to India fillings

If you are starting up, and looking for help in company formation, obviously you'd want professional help to put things in place.
Indiafilings - their website depicts a false impression on their services.

Let me share my experience in detail.

- IndiaFilings promise that LLP will be incorporated in 21 working days: UNFORTUNATELY it has taken more than 5 months in my case.
- Their employee * committed mistake while registering, I had to pay Rs. 3000 extra as I had no other option.
- During the trademark registration process, their executive tells me (after 3 months) that I cannot use the final company name. Obviously a panic situation is created. After a lot of to and fro with the team, they file a temporary trademark number. I am very sure they wont even notify permanent trademark number.
- I had taken the entire packing including accounting software. Even in this case, their executive tells me that they DO NOT have the license of the software. Ridiculous! Then why did they charge me for it?
- To top it all, my LLP documents were sent to WRONG address.

Sincere request to anyone who is planning to approach them for start up incorporation, I would suggest PLEASE explore better options. There are many who would do it professionally. Do NOT think Indiafilings is the only option.

Biggest mistake of my life - INDIAFILINGS!

*Personal information redacted by admin

Great to work with Indiafilings
Hello, first of all thank you for all your services for helping in registering my company. I believe Indiafilings might have helped lot of new entrepreneurs through their services as it becomes easy to find all services at one place. During the whole process Subha provided all the necessary information and guided throughout the process. She showed professionalism while collection all the necessary documents and guidance to complete the process smoothly. It was great to work with her through the registration process. I wish best of luck to her! Regards, Ajaz Ahmed

IndiaFilings are Good people to work with
Thanks for whole Indiafiling team for painstaking for our company Incorporation. It was great support and advises I got by RM and it really became good relation with them.
Your business advisor also made us feel safe and secure while transacting with you. Also as many of the compliance we are unaware of, and newer in this arena. We hope our relations with you go for in future also. "At the last to all the entrepreneurs we will advise you if don't know how to go for company incorporation, click for Indiafiling. Com, IndiaFilings are very experienced and good at relation buildings and you can do it without any headache, in short they are awesome at it."

Different and Unique
I had a burnt my pocket with online filing and hence was hesitant to do anymore such services being offered by many financial service providers. However, I could see IndiaFilings appearing in all websites and papers. This prompted me to call them, had a discussion with one of their directors and was impressed. Since, I was in Bangalore I used this opportunity to visit them at Chennai the next day. I was happy with their set up and was satisfied IndiaFilings could do my company incorporation. This is just an eye-opener for everyone to check up the status of online service providers. IndiaFilings is different and unique in its kind. Definitely recommended.

Excellent Service. Expert Advice. Thank You, indiafilings
I was recommended Indiafilings for the registration of my company by my friend who got his company incorporated within 20 days. Although the registration of my company took almost 2 months due to various complications like name resubmissions required on the government side, the team was always willing to help and sort out any issues. The best part about Indiafilings is that IndiaFilings function 24*7 so anytime I had a query, they were sure to answer it. The team was also cohesive so although I dealt with multiple members at any point in time, all of them were aware of my case and could promptly assist. The only area that they can improve is to ensure that automatic mails are kept to a minimum as it leads to confusion over the current status.

If you want to pay for stress, go to Indiafilings
I had the most horrible experience with Indiafilings that I can expect from any private company in India. I paid 8K for registration of my LLP. Because of their lousiness and negligence, it took more than two months to register. Moreover, the customer is supposed to do everything like signature from CA, courier the documents to wherever needed, buy stamp papers etc on their own. IndiaFilings will just instruct you. You need to do continuous follow ups with them if you want to get your task done and many times they may chose not to attend your call or reply to your mail. E. g, in my case I sent them the deed to be registered but they submitted the deed online to ROC after a week of receiving that too after many follow ups. They send you your kit at the end through speed post and if it doesn't reaches you then you will be asked to arrange a pickup on your own. I had to write 42 mails to them just to get my job done.

Trad mark registration
Application no: 4695140
Representative: Mr. Vikas
I have done the mistake of trusting them with my trade mark registration. Even though after name search IndiaFilings told me the name I want to register is available, later it got objected. The representative who was assigned, gave me only half information about the next process. They again took 3000 for filing replay and the representative told me nothing else to do this is the last process. Now again they came up with something else. They never tell you the complete scenario. All they try to do is step by step take money out of your pocket and still you won't be sure that you get what you want. I spend almost Rs 10,000/- and final result, got nothing and wasted my time and money. So with my experience I suggest try some one local instead of these people.

Highly unprofessional and incapable bunch of so called consultants to work with!
Indiafilings has the most incapable, unskilled, and unprofessional set of employees. My experience of working with them has been really bad and I have wasted my money and time like anything with their useless team.
1. No follow-up on any action item for application filing or assistance with your regulator work. One has to constantly push them, call them, or email them. Still IndiaFilings will fail to deliver. Actions stay pending forever.
2. Their sales team will chase you to sign up with them by showing rosy pictures and their operations team is completely opposite with no experience or knowledge on handling their specific area/segment. Either they will not work or keep sending you irrelevant information.
3. Managers and Supervisors are equally pathetic where they are unable to follow up with their team on required actions. As a result of which a customer has to wait endlessly and no work will be done.


Proprietorship and funding support
A very good place to know about all the requirement for launching business in india and the needful schemes and subsidies. I registerd as proprietorship through india filings in just 4 days. But, now need a loan of about 10 lakhs. It would be good to have support for low amount bank loan. Hope its provided in the future very soon, as its a major requirement for most small business in india. Also, funding will give them everything needed to run the business giving all service in one roof, the concept of india filings. I think this should be launched soon by india filings.

Highly professional assistance
Dear Naga Krishnaveni V, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & express my appreciation for the thorough and professional assistance you provided me during my company registration. Your communication skills, organization skills were superb. I appreciate your timely feedback and guidance in helping me navigate through the registration process & ICFO portal. You are a true professional and excellent in your role. Your knowledge and experience was of great benefit to me and I sincerely appreciate it. I would recommend you & your company to any of my friends looking for anything related to company startup or registrations Your professional attitude and approach was so good. I am very much satisfied with your assistance. Once again Thank you.!

Cheaters & misguidance
There are lot of hidden charges & terms conditions which IndiaFilings don't disclose in the beginning.
They give incomplete information & make it sounds so simple, but they are such cheats.
Especially that kokila who calls herself the head of operations. I doubt she even has brains inside her head coz she blackmailed for paying her more money. Which even her seniors accepted that she gave false information. If you choose to go with them you are most likely to feel cheated eventually.
The pricing they show to advertise & actual amount you would pay in the end is a huge difference. Stay away from these cheaters, especially that kokila girl

Very disappointed
I don't know if these guys are genuine or fake, but their service sucks. I paid INR 7899 on Oct 5 2020 for a trademark application hearing, but never got the service that I paid for. I have followed up innumerable times but have either received no response or the customary "Let us check and get back to you".
Check out this link to see my conversation with their so called lawyer: />
When I decided to engage their services, a guy named Hayaz bombarded me with calls to make the payment. After payment was completed, there was just silence, no action. I have now asked them to issue a refund. UPDATE: These guys are now demanding that I remove online reviews otherwise IndiaFilings will not issue a refund. How shameful!

UPDATE: One of their executives had the temerity to call me and threaten me with legal action if I didn't withdraw this review. Can bullying get any worse? These people slept over the job, didn't answer my messages & emails. It has been more than three months since I have paid; despite that I haven't received an update on status or any action towards a hearing. When I demanded a refund, they made excuses. And now they have threatened me with legal action. Sorry, I am not giving in to your bullying. My advise to anyone reading this is this:
1. Please go through genuine reviews before you make a decision.
2. Please think again about spending your hard earned money. Please speak to these people to see if they will offer your money back in case they don't get the job done.

Company incorporation
Great service. Keep it up. Keep the status as top service provider in India. Thanks for RM and it really became good relation with RM. Accolades to their efforts and motivation is quintessential. IndiaFilings's business advisor has also made us feel safe and secure while transacting with them. Also as many of the compliance we are unaware of, and newer in this arena. We hope our relations with you go for eternity. "At the last to all the entrepreneurs we will advise you if don't know how to go for company incorporation, click for Indiafiling. Com, IndiaFilings are very experienced and good at relation buildings and you can do it without any headache, in short they are awesome at it."

Worst Customer Support and Fraud
I tried registering my private limited from India Filings, IndiaFilings can try to copy LegalZoom but they are not even close to the kind of service they offer. Unprofessional staff with unbelievable lack of communication skills. They do not contact you for a long time and then tell you they won't refund the money now because you have exceeded 90 days and you did not send an email here or there, whereas you have already stopped the process of registration because of lack of professionalism on their end. Do not sign or accept any proposal from them as they will never give you important information and will hide such clauses in their agreements so that they can take advantage of you.

If you are a serious business stay away from an unprofessional service like India Filings.

Terrible communication leading to inexplicable delays
Initially started very well. But when we entered the phase of filing for incorporation, the problem started. Only Mr. Hariprasath (Account manager) was responsive. But unfortunately he has to rely on other teams - 1 for collecting documents, 1 for preparing for the filing, 1 for payment etc. Total confusion. After the 1st filing there was total silence for a week. Followups are extremely difficult as the account manager does not know what has not been done wby the other teams. Then suddenly we were asked why we didnt pay stamp duty! No one had sent any communication/link for payment. Then again we had to re-process all the documents after payment. Then there was an excuse that MCA wanted extra info. All along no proof provided that documents had actually been submitted. 3 times documents were re-processed for signatures. We started in June-end. We were promised just 3 weeks of processing. Even till today its not been done. Hari's manager Imaya Varman is a total fraud who wanted to punish Hari rather than resolving the issue. He promised twice that he would revert with the status within 15 minutes which he has never done so far. Imaya Varman should be fired.

Company incorporation
Great service. Keep it up and try to reduce pricing. But, keep the status as top service provider in India. Accolades to your efforts and motivation is quintessential. Your business advisor mr. Feroz Haider has also made us feel safe and secure while transacting with you. Also as many of the compliance we are unaware of, and newer in this arena. We hope our relations with you go for eternity. "At the last to all the entrepreneurs we will advise you if don't know how to go for company incorporation, click for, IndiaFilings are very experienced and good at relation buildings and you can do it without any headache, in short they are awesome at it."

Not all are bad.To Mr Venkat and Durga Prasad- You both Rock
IndiaFilings did help me to go ahead with the registration process. A few people were really good at following up and a few were really not at all good in following up and keeping in touch. I also, take back my words which were really bad but I did not mean to show any profanity. However, it was the frustration that came out.

I would like to thank Mr Venkat for getting in touch with me about the issue right now. It was really helpful and it was great talking to you. You do have a knack for customer service. Thank you once again.

Customers like us just want to be heard and you to be there when required at least.

A small suggestion, hire people or train people who can hear and understand your customers so that we do not have to get into profanity filled mails or reviews for someone right to get in touch with us. I will definitely like to go ahead with the further process soon. Thanks a ton Mr Venkat for all the help. You are a very emotional individual.

The process:

1. You register by paying a small amount.
2. They will guide you through the process.
3. There might or might not be objections for the trademark. But, if you do receive an objection. They will help you correctly through the process.
4 They will be with you till it gets approved for you.

Untrained employees/Force sales target on customer
You can start by firing your employees who do not know about your plan prices. An employee named Jawed asked me to pay 2000 for proprietorship registration on friday along with current account assistance. Then today another employee Rajeshwari called me to sell me the same plan for 999. When I confronted Jawed regarding the same, not only was he rude but also told me to "get it done by rajeshwari"... "i have other things to do rather than wasting my time on you"

I want to share the copy of chat:

[16:45,12/7/2020].: Can you please call me
[16:51,12/7/2020].: Please do not contact me again
[16:52,12/7/2020].: And stop forcing your sales targets on customer
[16:52,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: You had contacted us not me
[16:52,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: we have many more client who pays more than 2899 for proprietorship
[16:52,12/7/2020].: Is this the way to talk to customers?
[16:53,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: first you started
[16:53,12/7/2020].: Just because IndiaFilings are befooled by you should i be fooled as well
[16:53,12/7/2020].: Can you tell me your name
[16:54,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: if you are starting something and saying customer care people should not say anything, mean they are not human
[16:57,12/7/2020].: Actually you are a knowledge less human
[16:57,12/7/2020].: I am doing the same thing with a different person of ypur company
[16:57,12/7/2020].: At a lower price
[16:57,12/7/2020].: You are unaware of your own process
[16:57,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: people think same as they are
[16:57,12/7/2020].: I am customer of indiafiling
[16:57,12/7/2020].: Not your personal customer
[16:58,12/7/2020].: Just tell me your name
[16:58,12/7/2020].: I want to complain against you
[16:58,12/7/2020].: Because of your misguidance
[16:58,12/7/2020].: And lack of knowledge
[16:58,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: you can
[16:58,12/7/2020].: I will
[16:58,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: no problme
[16:58,12/7/2020].: Share the details
[16:58,12/7/2020].: What is your name
[16:58,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: #problem
[16:59,12/7/2020].: What is your name?
[17:00,12/7/2020].: How can you ask me to pay 2899 for something that costs 999 only and then tell me customers pay more? That means there os mo fixed price? You charge them whatever you like?
[17:01,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: jawed
[17:01,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: i already told you all the thing
[17:02,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: the price is fix
[17:02,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: its not different for you or someone
[17:02,12/7/2020].: Then how is your other colleague now selling it at 999
[17:02,12/7/2020].: Then why did you say others pay more than 2899 for the same process?
[17:04,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: get it done
[17:04,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: Thanks
[17:04,12/7/2020].: Why did you try to cheat me with a higher price?
[17:05,12/7/2020] +91 73974 83580: i have many work rather thn wasting time with you
[17:05,12/7/2020].: Is this a business number or a personal number

Bunch of incompetent and unprofessional people
I had contracted Indiafilings for my company registration, GST registration and FSSAI licence, thinking it would free up some of my time for taking care of the other core aspects that need to be managed when starting up.

This was the biggest mistake - I've spent 3 months dealing with their unresponsive staff and wasted more time and money than had I taken all of this upon myself. It doesn't get more frustrating than this - when IndiaFilings give you empty promises and blatant lies every time you ask them for help. Inconsiderate, ungrateful, unprofessional and untrained is what I would call them - and mind you, this review is based on interactions with at least 10 of their staff members.

Good service
Hi, Very good staff & very polite and would refer to every known person of my friends in case if IndiaFilings are looking to start a company, I would say go ahead with INDIAFILINGS.COM the best people to serve your needs easily at your convenience of time they take all responsibility in the doing the work on behalf of you & you can relax they will do everything for you. The best company ever i have worked to start my company every one who is reading this post at least make one call to indiafilings to know your needs how to start and what to do& clarify all your doubts easily with indiafilings they will help you in all forms. Thanks, for your patience and hard work shown. We appreciate you a lot continuing doing & helping others to start something new. Finally thank you so much had pleasure working with you. Thank you again, In future if possible after 6 months or 1 year If i get a chance see you people I would thank each & every belonging to team in person. Thanks, Suresh Krishnan. K

Great Service Ever,
Easy and great Service by India Filings, Relationship Managers are best in the form, 100% pure recommended Company for registration, IndiaFilings offer much more services for other company related issues, I strongly recommended for my friends and Family for sure, Thanks to SUGANTHI and RANI, who given service till end of all registration and specially name approval, I understood when Chennai facing huge floods issue, still they were given service through their personal phones finding other ways to help clients was really phenomenal, I seen how really they care about their job and responsibility, They will take the responsibility as much as client would take on their own Company, that's really inspirational and supportive for an entrepreneur, Great India filings, Thanks for your entire team, I will recommend your service to all of us,

Only tries to extract money
My company was incorporated(LLP 2 partners) on nov 2016 with their help. IndiaFilings gave me all the documents and incorporation certificates in the end but they deliberately did not register one of the partner's DSC on the MCA(ministry of corporate affairs) portal. They did not tell me about it till the time annual filings came which was due on 31st may 2017 and I wanted to fill the annual form myself (though I could fill it in next financial year also but they still told me to pay 8k rs for a simple form 11). While I told them that I will not be able to pay 8k for form 11 and that I will fill it out myself but when I started filling the form I couldn't just because they did not register one of the DSC(digital signature certificate) on MCA portal.

Such cheats. They deliberately did this so that any naïve customer can be fooled by telling them that their annual filing is due although its not even necessary to file it if LLP was incorporated on or after 1st oct of any financial year. Secondly if any customer wants to do annual return by themselves then also they wouldnot be able to do it as the DSC will not be registered and registering the DSC requires a very tedious process which these cheaters definitely know of. Kindly stay away from them.

Fraud company
Indiafilings team is filled up with unskilled workers who are always selling scraps to their customers. It was a disaster while I was getting my company incorporated through them despite of availing their Premium service. As soon as IndiaFilings receive payment, your nightmares begin. You will end up in a great frustration and distress.

Post incorporation, I decided not to take anymore services but I approached them again for additional Trademark registration which turned out rejection by the registrar. My application could have been successful if I had proper guidance on the do's and dont's and if Indianfilings had appointed subject matter experts to serve their clients. They instead filled their team with unskilled personnel having lack of team coordination, subject matter expertise, technical knowledge, communication skills, time management skills, accountability and commitment.

I was adamant that I won't use their services anymore but my stupidity drew to them one last time after I received their notification to renew the DSC tokens. Outcome is same as I expected, I have been facing a lot of struggles dealing with their stupid agents. They keep changing their agents to one engagement day after another. No one has an update about the engagement. When you escalate the issue to Supervision with high expectation, your frustration level spikes because the Supervisor is also same unskilled as the team member. If you wish to escalate further to the higher level, you don't find a person to speak with. Overall Indiafilings is a fraud company with no ethics about client service. If you don't want to waste your valuable time and money, please keep yourselves away from Indiafilings - A scrap selling company.

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