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"DEFINITELY FRAUD! BEWARE!"... Don't book cakes from India Cakes... Chitted to customers..
I ordered Birthday cake on 20-June-2020. But cake was not delivered yet. Even though, I wrote email to India cakes, yet not received any reply from them for cancelling my order & money refund. Also their phone line / customer care no *******2222 is not working. IndiaCakes have only online chat option. I conformed before booking of my order and they told that will deliver in 2-4 hrs. Still their online chat is working & asking about my past order status, they are reply on that and asking to book new order.
Its fraud company / site. Don't book cakes from India Cakes.

Poor service
I Ashish Bhosale had booked a cake from your website on 1/8/2018 and option of delivery was chosen 9-11 pm,
Generally if you are using online mode of payment, immediately you get a conformation message/mail or both after your booking.
But i express my deep sorrow for your poor customer service and inappropriate operations.
I have been trying to get help from customer service center, but not getting any substantial response. I spoke with couple of executive one of then was Neha maam, still not able to do about it.
I was asked to send screen shot on same mail, i did the same still problem remain unsolved. I am repetitively calling from last 24 hours for a solution, I even asked to cancel my order but the lady i spoke with on morning of 2/8/2018 told me, "your order is not placed so if we get any payment we will refund you or we can transfer into your cart for future bookings". I asked her to cancel my order as soon as you get it and give my money back. She agreed for the same. But still i dint get cancellation mail.
Why there is no transparency in your operations?
I wanted to surprise my friend but here i ended up with shock, i have spent 645 bucks and still not satisfied.
Please its a request to you kindly transfer my money back and improve your credibility.

Wrong flavour delivered
I have orderd a cake prior to 2 days of delivery and also have mailed to them regarding the flavor of the cake but instead of pinnaple flavour IndiaCakes sent chocolate and the quality was worst. I trusted this site but got disappointed also i have sent the pic of the cake which i received on their site which was not even 1% of the charges which they took also it was wrong flavour delivered, i have connected to the customer care many times but they have not taken any action and asked to drop a mail. I have given extra delivery charges as they said its a outer area though it was not. Really got very disappointed.

Daylight cheating. Poor service
I ordered 50 red and white flowers from overseas for my Mum in Kerala whose birthday on 29th May. I ordered and paid on 25th May. On 29th May I waited for them to deliver the flowers. But IndiaCakes Did not. No messages or phone calls about non delivery. We finally phone them then they apologized. They promised that they would call my Mum and apologise and would deliver the flowers early this morning. I phoned my Mum at 6pm- No delivery. Contacted Indiacakes they said that the flowers have been delivered. I phoned my Mum and she said that it hasn't been delivered.
Finally at 8pm the flowers were delivered.
We paid for 50 red and white roses and ONLY 35 red roses were delivered
Looting money.

Worst and pathetic. Ordered black forest cake and requested for midnight delivery with extra charges paid. IndiaCakes were least bothered to prefer the customer time and delivered on their own time. When called the customer support the lady was like they are being charged 300 for deliver from franchise and all crap and I already paid for midnight delivery charges which is utter waste. I got the cake delivered almost 26hrs late stating driver met with an accident. And now it comes to cake that has no quality and is completely smashed. I do have pic but unable to post here as I don't see any option.

Good job guys
Whenever it comes to online ordering of cakes and bouquets, I always prefer indiacakes. It has been a year since I have been taking cake and gifts delivery services from India cakes. The prime reason for trusting indiacakes is that, IndiaCakes deliver even on urgent basis and midnight's and there quality is always at the par. I have even tried their cake delivery services for other cities and the results were very good. Whenever, I am in a hurry or I don't have time to buy cakes or I want to surprise my friends and family on special occasions, I always seek services of Indiacakes.

I think indiacake is a fake website and reviews on them are all fake reviews. Ppl be alert
I've ordered the cake on the day of birthday but my order was not been delivered and the whole the I tried calling customer office, there weren't any response. The very next day I got a email by telling me pay extra money for my delivery of cake, so I told them to cancel my order by calling the customer service. First of all the customer service people are very much in their business and very rude. And IndiaCakes just Scold customers and cut the call. Such bad customer care people I've never spoken to. And then when I asked for the cancellation and refund they started shouting at me and then I received a email saying by money will be got has a coupon code, I once again called out customer care, asked them to get my money in whatever channel I've payed. But they literally started shouting at me very badly. And then I had to drop the call because the lady was talking so much bad. Then once again I called customer then they said your refund has been initiated and will reach you by 10days... I called them after 10days and they started saying actually we've already paid money to the shopkeeper so we cannot refund u n when I told her that I had got a refund related email... she started saying you've already got your email but it's not showing in your account because it's sunday... by Monday your refund will be shown in your account... and I called them even today and their saying... it's already been generated you'll get the refund within few days and they dropped my call... worst experience ever and I don't know when will I get my refund back... I think that's a fake website and even I saw the ratings and tried to book a cake and ended up here... for all who r thinking to order from indiacake site... think twice thrice...

Cake delivered one day later, bad service
I ordered a cake at 11 am in the morning for the same day, but it was not delivered. When I called India cakes IndiaCakes said our franchise is not picking up the call right now, so we cannot tell you the reason why it's not delivered. The lady asked me that if they can deliver it the next day, I was like are you serious? I specially ordered a cake from USA for a person living in India and you didn't deliver the cake, and you don't even have a reason why it's not delivered? After writing an email, I haven't got any answers from them and it's been two day. Very bad customer services.

A fraud Organization
Ordered a combo cake worth of Rs 1400 on 27 april to deliver it on 30th of April 2020 between 9:30pm to 11:30pm along with midnight delivery charge of Rs250 online... however the delivery was not received at all... we even tried to contact over the phone multiple times but no one responded.The only option was given to echat and whenever we did that the agents were too rude to accomodate the requests... the money rs 1400 not been refunded yet. I will wait few more days to see otherwise will take legal action againt this fradulent organisation. A total waste.

Bad experience
The cake which I ordered was delivered late. Eventhough I ordered 2 days in advance for butterscotch, delivered black forest. Also charged 100 shipping charges at the time of order and 200 extra on the day of delivery. The customer service was really bad, I mailed them to change the message but got no response. I was shocked to see "?" on the cake which I gifted. Felt cheated badly.
Over priced
Shipping charges too high, will charge extra on delivery day
Bad customer service
Late Delivery even when ordered 2 days in advance
Delivered different flavour cake by giving excuse no stock
The way IndiaCakes wrote in the cake was disgusting

India Cakes Sucks!
I ordered one cake from India cakes for sitapur (up) location and the order no is 100263373 and the selected delivery slot was same day. But IndiaCakes didnt deliver my order and did not even responded on my emails when asked for the status of the order.
Very poor service. I never expected this kind of behaviour from them. India cakes sucks. Why are they (india cakes) $#*!ing taking orders for the location when they do not have to deliver the order atleast on the mentioned date.

And when asked for the status next day, the response which I got is-
"can we deliver your order today as ap?
Really apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Due to some problem with the deliveyr boy... He met with an accident
Before 1 pm
Cake was spoilt... as it was special flavour cake...
Couldnot deliver immediately"

I have booked a cake and flowers on the occasion of my wifes birthday - As i was out of town.
First of all IndiaCakes said they wont be able to deliver it at midnight in zirakpur.
I made a request of delivering the cake and flower on 22 nd september 2018 after 2 pm.
And today is 23rd september - after making numerous calls and waiting - i got a reply without any shame that - u want to deliver this order today or we should process return.
What a pathetic service and behaviour.
And for refund they are telling to send the mail - they dont take verbal request

Great service and Great cakes
I have ordered many times from India Cakes and the experience so far has been great. Although there has been delay in the order once or twice but it was manageable. The best thing about ordering the cakes from Indiacakes is that, you get to eat the most delicious and fresh cakes ever. Even if we have to pay a bit higher than the normal market prices but once you have the cake you feel that it is worth it. A few of my friends from office also loved these cakes and now have started ordering from Indiacakes only. Great service and Great Cakes is all I can say about Indiacakes.

Order not deliver and no response
Hi Team, My order -502032 I have ordered cake for my daughter's birthday it was 12-11-2020 celebrated but I did not receive birthday cake from your end. It's was very disappointing our celebration mood, last two days am following and getting confirmation to deliver cake last minute Yesterday after 4:00 pm I trying to call by mobile but no one answered my call After I touch with some one by chat he also not answering properly Simply said "sorry for inconvenience" What is the meaning... I paid money 1035 Iam trying to reach you not pick my call not provide proper answer Till now I didn't get my cake, IndiaCakes are saying you will today as same saying last three days I send email, whats up msg chatting also " finally I got wasted my happy hours With disappointing Imran

THE COMPANY STAFF ARE CREATING FAKE IDS AND POSTING FAKE REVIEWS. I have experienced totally contradicting service. This entire month of August has been difficult due to their stupid service and fake promises.

1. Payment made on 29 July and order placed for 09 Aug, my daughter's birthday.
2. Order status is the same since 07 Aug until this day (copy attached for review).
3. On 07 Aug I tried to reach indiacake, none of my calls were answered.
4. On 08 Aug 2020 I sent them email (copy attached herewith)
5. The cake was never delivered and calls were never answered.
6. On 27 Aug I decided to contact indiacake for a new order to see their reaction.
7. I knew it! IndiaCakes promptly replied to my messages and also answered my call to get a new order.
8. So this is their method, once payment is made and order placed, then they vanish in thin air.
9. Further to my call on 27 Aug and my review in google, they arranged a vendor to deliver the cake today 29 Aug.
10. The vendor told me he was only informed just today about the order.


Different cake delivered - Not a value for money
I ordered Rs. 1,500 worth Blueberry cake with India Cakes for Kolkata, from thier Special cakes category, as it looked aesthetic and cool but got delivered a cheap looking standard cake worth less than half the money.

Chat with the customer care I got reply saying "its mention on the site, flavor remaining the same decoration will differ'.

Guys you are better off with other suppliers than this one! IndiaCakes are cheaters and unreachable. I called the number *******2222 but they say it is only for taking orders, no one to listen.
Reply from India Cakes (Megha):
Dear Customer

The said order is delivered as per specification mentioned on website Proper cake was delivered

If you compare the design shown on website and actual delivered, then it will not be the same as shown on website, because cake is made by hand and every time the chefs are different

It is not possible to make the cake every time as shown on picture and the said disclaimer is mentioned on website below the products photos

Hence we cannot accept the complaint

Sorry for inconvenience caused

Thanks & Regards

Do not buy from this site
I ordered cake with order number 600340. It was suppose to delivered for my cousins birthday on 11th feb. I paid 250 rs for delivery before 2pm. After multiple calls to call centre cake delivered on 12th feb 4 pm. the status of order was fwd to vendor. But as per vendor IndiaCakes recieved order on 12th feb. Worst thing is tat ordered butterscotch cake. Recieved normal iceing cake. The customer care is the worst. They simply end up the call, lie about the order. Do not waste money with this guys. I want govt to take serious action on this company and should ban it. How much money they are looting. Do not order in this.

Pathetic service and worst customer service
I placed an order for cake paid for everything. And after some time IndiaCakes are asking me to pay 200 extra otherwise my order will not be delivered. They have delivered on this address 3-4 times before. But still they were making excuses for paying me extra amount. When I was trying to call customer service firstly no one picked up. After four times they picked up my phone and the customer service agent was really rude. I was talking to her and she hanged up my phone. No one was replying me back on chat or on emails. I have been using this service but now I would say to everyone don't use their services. I was a worst experience ever.

Worst Service by India Cakes; Never order from them
This stupid website is only making fool out of people and stealing their hard earned money.
I made an order on 14th Oct for my Mom's birthday and this site promised to deliver the sameday but there is not even a single response from their side if IndiaCakes are gonna deliver or even fail to deliver. I myself called their support team to ask about the order and what they say is you will get your money in 21 working days. I mean how reckless they can be! And their call representative just muted her phone and shouted that you will have to wait for 21 days and I will not initiate the payment today.

Never gonna order from this site in my life again. Its better to not involve with these kind of fake websites who are only looting people.
Worst experience ever!

Worst services and product ever received with ill mannered staff and improper mode of communication.
The India cake company is a big fraud in itself. IndiaCakes initially promise a lot many things but at the time of performance they do not perform in accordance with their commitment. They do not even bother to consider the customers complaint. I have made an order for the first time from them they have delivered incomplete order with below standard quality and cheap products and charged way more than the products actual cost. They reverted a sorry mail for incomplete delivery but no refund or compensation is received from them. I tried calling them many times but they didn't provided any assistance and asked to write a mail. I have written a mail 3 times which is again ignored by them. Have reported the same in consumer forum and FSSAI still they are least bothered. Highly disappointed with the product as well as the services.

Advise for all never choose India Cake even if it is the last option available.

Worst ever
I waited the whole day for the delivery n nothing got delivered. Their number too was not available on either 14th ir 15th aug. I placed this order for my husbands bday n fir the first time in all the tears if my planning there was no cake. Now IndiaCakes r giving false bahanas tht it was delivered. There is no signed proof of delivery as i was thr waiting fr the cake. Playing with ppls trust n emotions. I have still not received a refund of my money 499+ 200 del charge n if i dint get my money bk in 1 week im going to consumer forum. Bloody fraud company

Service is worst but quality is good, that's why 1 rating
** Everyone please read this, which may be useful for your dealing with this online dealer***
I have ordered the cake for my sister's 1st wedding anniversary. (paid cake price+ special delivery fee)(So you know how excited I am and also IndiaCakes will be once they receive from her sister who couldn't make it out on the day).
My Sister's exp:
My sister got a call from shop and said that delivery cannot be happen as cake is not yet ready, then they said there is a bad weather - rain and unpredictable. She asked for next day deliver before 10 Am, they denied saying employees will be in by 11Am, they can do it before 2pm.
My Experience:
I got the phone number from here and asked them the reason and is this the way of doing the business? They said it is 25 kms of travel, rain, unavailability of employees.(They are literally running the business on our emotions- wedding day, valentine day, birthday etc which hold some importance in our life), and i was not ready to play with my sister's day, i was determined. After a talk of 10 min, they agreed to figure it out.
My brother's exp:
As he is well aware of the place, he could find that there was no rain in that place and so he asked for the cake to be delivered to her office which is the closest place to Shop (10-15 min). Eventually they did it after 1.5 hrs.
The question i have here is, do we really need to spend 3 people's 2+hrs to get the cake delivered on time even after paying the amt.

Obviously for the emails, I sent there was no reply. Along with that, the lame excuses they are putting forward is pathetic. I couldn't see any difference between in the business ethics of a pizza and cake delivery other than the type of food.

Highly disappointing.
Thank you IndiaCakes for not delivering the cake even after 40 hours of the expected schedule.

Highly Grateful that you even charge for not delivering the cake.

The best Birthday so far--without a cake.

Reason for not delivering the cake was highly professional-"The delivery guy met with an accident, but we will deliver it in next 4 hours."

Thank you India Cakes for giving me this great experience.

A suggestion:

You should also add a 0-Star.

Why am I bound to Star-mark(even 1) for "Product Quality", without having it received?

Worst Service Ever... No Delivery even after taking extra charge for deliver... No Refund
I ordered a cake for my Mom's birthday. Order was placed 28 for a delivery on 30. On the date of delivery, rather than delivering cake, received email from them asking money for delivery even though theire website says free delivery. Even after paying delivery charge, cake is not delivered even until following day.
Support is hopeless, rather than providing proper response, IndiaCakes hang-up phone. No reply of emails as well.
They will ruin your special occasion, so dont use their services.

I am not concerned about extra charge. Issue is:
(a) They need to transparent about their charges.
(2) Rather than emailing on delivery day asking for additional money, they should have done it straight after the order so it could have been delivered on time.

So far no delivery.

Cheaters people has to report to Cybercrime
I was ditched by this $#*!ers
I am origin from Malaysia, I wanted to order cake to my relative in India.
Before placed order I have called and chat with then can IndiaCakes confirmed cake will be delivered during MCO period.
I have made the payment and waited on the next day to deliver.
The next day I called many times the whole day, then they giving reason due to MCO we they can't deliver and they will refund the money.
There after I have send multiple mails and call, it's been more then month no one responding.

Please advise is there any possible way I can report to cybercrime in INDIA.

Incompetent and misleading service
I had ordered a combo gift pack which included Mixed color roses and a 1/2 kg choco truffle cake and a message along with the gift. Hours after the order IndiaCakes claimed they did not have the roses and were replacing it with Dairy Milk chocolates. I was fine with it since i did not have a choice but i repeatedly asked them to not mess up on the cake and the note. I clearly said note multiple times to the customer support operative to which every time she agreed to. And the cake in the picture looked well made like an actual high-end product. But alas the one that was delivered was poorly made, a sad excuse for a truffle cake, probably made by a local small time bakery, absolutely not worth the price Indiacakes charged for the same. The cake had to be thrown out since the cream tasted very odd and my people were afraid to consume it. And the note which they said would be delivered was not. This is my own personal experience and others may have had better ones. The only reason i am writing a bad review is due to the fact that they managed my situation very badly and their product listing was misleading. The actual product delivered was very bad, no flowers and no note. I shall be giving this a 1 star rating.

No delivery, No refund, No customer support
I have booked a birthday cake on 03.05.2020 and it has to be delivered on the same day.
But still today 05.05.2020 it has not delivered and no refund came.
Order ID- 350001

People ordering cakes on special occasions like birthday, anniversaries, and these worst companies spoiling the happiness of customers.

If IndiaCakes can't deliver then why taking orders to close the shop. Why collecting money from people through this medium.

These types of companies spoiling country names as putting India on their websites.

I am requesting my refund.

Worst service! Don't waste your time
Placed an order for a cake for 10/25 as IndiaCakes have same day deliver. But they failed to deliver. Called them and no one responds. Finally was able to catch hold of them and the rep says we ordered for 26 ( they have to get their $#*! together before they say customer is wrong) anyways they did not deliver on 10/26. They have the courage to say that I have to pay extra if they deliver before 2:00 PM or 9:00 PM for the already delayed cake.
Today is 10/27 and no cake got delivered and after talking to chat reps harita and rituja, they say they have no idea that the cake was delayed on delivery and the reason is it is a remote area(Uppal) as per their franchises. They have delivered in the past to this area, let me mention that.
I asked them for refund and after reading the below reviews, God knows if I would get or not but I recommend NOT to order from this site as it is not reliable. The positive reviews are also given my their team I suppose just to have some business
Their customer support sucks to the core sucks reviews
India cakes if you have guts to respond to this review with an apology then do it!
Don't respond only to people who talk positive.
I will try my best to make you worst even more on every media

Indiacakes cheated me, wrong cake, cheap sticky cream cake
I am mathew kurian order number 352036, ordered for butterscotch cake as shown in the site but a cheap quality cream cake was supplied by a substandard bakery at attingal. This co noone picks up phone ever, all we hear is welcome to indiacakes. Com, IndiaCakes claim they supply to 2000 cities, i dont think they have capacity to cater to 5 cities, such poor service, no response nothing, whoever pays online has paid and they get cheated.
Its terrible... they can atleast call me to find out what happened.
Mathew kurian

FRAUD ALERT. I didn't check the reviews about indiacakes before placing the order and i am another victim of this online Fraud. There is nothing you can do in india rather than just looking helpless no bank no payment gateway nothing will help you!
With lot of love and expectation i ordered cake for my Mother's birthday. The cake didn't deliver at all. The customer care number doesn't connect, i did so called chat support with 4 different windows open at same time and IndiaCakes will stop responding to me after i say that my order is not delivered.

I also sent lot of emails to their support email address and expected i didn; t hear back from them. I contacted my payment gateway and they redirected again this site so basically my money is gone now.

Hope someone will not be stupid like me and read this review so that their money can be saved.

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