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My buisness is a very good business we care for the senior community and adults with special needs there home. I JUST opened an account to hire for my Homecare business which is a lubricate company especially with the pandemic and many or losing employment. The indeed rep called from *******225 around 7:44 pm to 8:00 pm to verify my account to assure that I was real and not a fraud which was fine by me. He TOLD ME that everything looks good and the posting for individuals to apply would be live in one hour. I went to check my email and my indeed account, my account was disabled! REALLY? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! I have clients that need caregivers and I need to provide them that. My business is purely legit because of where I live our state will not tolerate any type of fraud especially when people need care. This was EXTREMELY unprofessionally especially after I answered all the question correctly and knew how to explain my business. People are in DESPARATE need of caregivers and it is my duty to provide for them, THIS MY HOMECARE BUISNESS. I came to Indeed because my company needed help getting qualified caregivers that were reliable. I gave you all my business account number so that payment when come from my business account and I CANNOT even look at billing account information. So if you all are going to do this how do I know you all not going to swipe MONEY OUT MY ACCOUNT?! THIS FRAUD and we need to write our state leaders and President about these issues with our accounts! SHAME ON YOU INDEED! SHAMMMMMEEEE ON YOU!

Account Disabled because Free Account had too many views disabled my account of 4/12/16@ 9:44am. I posted job postings in a few states (same jobs, just different states) on 4/11/16 and received a great response from candidates. A sales rep named Kelly left a message on 4/11/16 wanting to ask if I needed help in my search. After I did not return her call on 4/11, my account was disabled 4/12... After speaking to a rep named Liz, she stated my account was disabled just to verify that it was a legitimate account and that after I sent the required verification documents, that it would be deactivated within 24 hours. I sent everything within 5 minutes and Liz responded that she would expedite this for me. Unfortunately, that was not the case.
Later that day, my Ops Manager and I spoke to Kelly. When I asked Kelly about my disabled account, she responded "oh that's a different department, I don't have anything to do with that department. The reason for my call is to see if I can help you with your search and start a national account". After asking specific questions, Kelly never answered them directly, repeated the same pitch and stuttered terribly with her information. Kelly then brought her Sales Manager Andrew on the phone line who tried to sell us a sponsorship for $8500! When we refused over and over, Andrew then told us that our account would NOT be reactived until we PAID! We advised them that the FREE option was chosen and the FREE option got more responses than the pay per click did that we paid for on previous job postings since 2015. Kelly told us that doing it that way that we were wasting money and that's what she was there for was to maximize our search. I advised that I did not trust indeed as how would I know that the amount I was paying for sponsorships was still not enough money to get the views that I needed and that it should be a price structure that matched the number of views. Kelly stated unfortunately it doesn't show that on the consumer end and she apologized for it initially and stated consumers yell at her ALL the time about it. Well, in the end, I too yelled at Kelly for telling me that I had a free trial period and it had ended? I told her I never signed up for a free trial period with indeed but I chose the option to keep my job posting free. We conferences Andrew back on the line and he endorsed Kelly. When asked for upper management and to file a complaint as this was definitely a poor sales tactic to a consumer and truly unfair to discriminate because my job postings (same ones as in 2015) got a huge response from candidates and indeed didn't receive any benefits from it... Indeed are clearly upset that I said NO to them "assisting" me and that I wanted to keep my account free as it was working just fine for my company. We recently sent 4 job offers to candidates that we found on indeed through our job posting back in March but since my count was disabled, I can't update it to show who we selected for the same job postings that was clearly not the problem. Indeed, you have my confidential business documents, my EIN documentation, my receipt for payment of my Annual Renewal with the Georgia Secretary of State. I ask that you don't DISCRIMINATE against employers that choose the free options from the employers that chose the sponsorship option. My account should be deactivated immediately with the same place that it was in when the postings first begin. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and for the integrity of your company.

Decent but run of the mill. is the only website I use for job hunting. While it's run of the mill it's one of the better ones out there. It has mixed reviews but over all I'd say it does okay. It helped me find three jobs and my current job I've been in 12+ years. I tried job hunting after the economy started to recover in 2014 and found where I'm at now was the better choice long term. So I decided to stay at my job long term. Especially now with the economy crashing every decade or two.

Due to the fact my union job would allow me to earn 20% more than someone who wasn't in a union job. Unless you have a bachelor degree and several decades experience most of the jobs average in my area about 20% less than my current pay. The job I'm in now can't seem to keep people because it's really designed for someone who wants to stay long term like 10+ years long term. Indeed treat the long term staff decently but business practices encourage starting staff to quit. They basically make the job crap for starting people so they have to quit and keep repeating the minimum wage cycle. If they were smart they would pay less to wages by keeping people long term. Thank god for the union.

If you need a job like now just post your resume and select that it be actively viewed. You'll be called by recruiters left and right. Who knows one of them might end up being "that" long term job. Or heck you could get temp work for experience. This helped me get experience so I could get hired by my "now" company.

I highly advise you to purchase a cheap throw away phone for job hunting. Unless you want your real phone number spammed time and time again and yes even resold. You can get these by going to your local grocer (that sells them) or just buy a cheap phone off of amazon.

Indeed disabled my account for no reason, maybe because I refused to pay $12.00 for each application
I have been using indeed for about 2 years now and have had great success with hiring my employees from the site. I am a small business and it can get kind of hard hiring so indeed was a great site for me. During Covid we were forced to close our store down for a few months and a few of the employees quit. Once late summer came around our store opened up again and so we did another ad on indeed looking for new employees. Most of the people that emailed us were not what we were looking for and the ones that were what we were looking for would never email us back. We would set up interviews and Indeed would either not show up or ask to be paid in cash because they did not want to lose their unemployment. So for months we were not able to hire anyone and we were forced to keep renewing our ad. At one point indeed removed our ad saying that we had to now pay around $12.00 per application and we did for around a day or two and then we turned it off. A few weeks later they disabled our account and when we asked why the account was disabled we got the same respond that most people get "Thank you for contacting Indeed. We have reviewed your account and have found it to be unsuitable for Indeed.

For your reference, we have linked Indeed's Terms of Service and Job Posting Guidelines."

The best part of that email was when they state "No further action is required on your part." I thought that was funny. Thanks!

We have a small retail store that sells collectibles and comic books. I looked over at the terms of service and we can not find anything that we did wrong.
Has anyone here been able to get their account open again with indeed?
It would have been nice if Indeed just informed us what we did wrong and allow us to correct the issue, but all we got was that general email that does not explain anything.
Thank you for all the help and I hope everyone is happy and safe out there!

Pathetic Service From Indeed
This is simply ridiculous response or rather excuse that our account currently is not accruing any costs to indeed, then whats the point in providing the relevant documents asked by your team and the ad posted was approved after reviewing from your team which went live then why are we are still getting this message " Your ability to post jobs on Indeed has been disabled".

Then why Indeed is keeping the "FREE JOB POST" option when you people want every customer to pay for posting advertisement in indeed. You people seems to be rather confused or making people confused as to what kind or type of job details or posting can be approved. Not a simply ads getting approved and just a robotic response we are getting that " Your account currently is not accruing costs, and this is a final decision".

Its a piece of advise on behalf of all the people/companies who are facing this kind of similar issue, Please if you people have little bit of shame let Remove the "FREE JOB POST" option from your website.

Nothing more is left we would never recommend Indeed to any rival companies nor friends to use indeed services and would post on other blogs about our bad experience with the services Indeed is providing the customers globally.

If you people think that the issue can be fixed or rectified then don't hesitate in calling back. Sorry for the bad experience.

Why don't indeed go off the market rather creating so much confusion or havoc in the market. People are not liking it at all Indeed are getting more frustrated with you guys. Don't you guys go and check the reviews and complaints logged by the customer's or unsatisfied clients in the complaint forum or BBB or any other complaint sites/forum.

Appaling responses from Indeed compliance team even upon providing proof
I had just set up a second job listing and was in the process of reviewing the first job listing I had set up. However, not long after I had received a suspension email from Indeed compliance stating that I had
Breached "Indeed's quality standards". Upon requesting review of my account, Indeed had asked me for proof
"To verify your account, we would like for you to provide documentation relating to your company. Please provide us with a photo of one of the following items:

Certificate of Incorporation
GSTIN -- Goods and Services Tax Registration Document
Utility Bill that contains both your company name and address (Electricity, Internet, etc.)"

I had first provided a copy of the company's water bill, with its Company name and Company address. However, I had a response stating that it wasn't valid. The second time I tried, I provided a copy of the most recent water bill, most recent electricity bill along with license to trade as a company. Again, I had the exact same response from Indeed compliance, stating that it wasn't valid, with no additional information on how I could assist.

Note, my documentation provided of the electricity and water bill were photographs of the paper version, whilst license to trade was digital. I had even made a conscious effort to circle where it stated the company name and address. Quite appalling from Indeed I must say!

EDIT: And just as I had finished this poor review, when I asked for additional information on how I could better assist to unsuspend my account, I was sent a confirmation of account suspension without even trying to properly review my suspension.

Disabled. Appealed, Approved. Disabled.
Original review left 7/12/2021

*Update 7/13/2021

**Update 7/19/2021

Just started on Indeed, listing a very basic job posting while not violating any of the policies. Early in the morning after posting my first job post, my account was disabled with a late email then telling me it was to verify my identity and my association with my business. Indeed say they do this for all accounts, but keep in mind I know someone in another city who created an account the same day and posted with no issues at all.

So I respond to their email and provide official tax documentation to verify myself and my business and in about an hour my account was back online! I thought everything was good to go so I posted my job post and spent over $100 in the span of 6-7 hours.

I had a question about the platform so I sent an email to indeed asking them about how to handle unqualified applicants, and instead of answering my question they disabled my account again. I am running a real business and want to be able to respond to my applicants promptly, but this constant tug of war over my account being disabled is not sustainable.

I looked this issue up to see if anyone else has had these issues and quickly saw that I am not alone. I just want to use indeed and it's services as intended and so far it's been a big headache. I have reached out to them and will update this review with the conclusion.

*I have let the Indeed team know that I am available and very eager to get this resolved so that I can respond to my applicants today. However, I asked what can I do to resolve this and make sure this doesn't happen again, this is the response I received:

"It appears that your request may require specialized attention and our Client Success team can better assist you. Please view our Help Center for further assistance with this issue."

When I go to the Help center, it is simply a glorified FAQ page with absolutely zero options to get further assistance. So I responded to them and said I am not understanding what I need to do, to get this further "special assistance" that they admit I will need. So when I asked them to please clarify, since I'm really just trying to resolve this, in only ONE MINUTE, I received the exact copy and paste response:

"It appears that your request may require specialized attention and our Client Success team can better assist you. Please view our Help Center for further assistance with this issue."

This is beginning to be insulting. I am nothing but willing to work with them and get this resolved and it appears that no one on their actually cares at all. Keep in mind they have already charged me over $100 for applicants that I have not even had the chance to fully review. I only have 48 hours to let them know of which applicants were unqualified to not be charged for those, but it seems that they are going to keep my account disabled until I can no longer receive a refund or replacement applicant. So far this experience with Indeed has been fraudulent with very little help at all.

I will update as I continue to update this. I want this review to serve as a complete documentation of what dealing with Indeed is truly like. I will provide as many screenshots of emails etc. as I can for transparency. I have posted all the exchanges discussed in this review in the photos below, and you will see the absurdity.


**Update 7/19/2021

I was reached out via Private message within Site Jabber from an Indeed support, he assured he would try to help me get this resolved, however without any guarantee as we still needed to await approval from the team that continues to disable me I assume.

As soon as I got the message, I immediately began providing whatever he had asked me to provide that might help. Unfortunately, I did not receive a response back during the week days and it is apparent that no one is there during the weekends. So I have spent money and have applicants waiting for a response, but have been disabled from my account and have had my business set back for a week now. One thing that bothers me a lot is that the applicants know the job posting is for my company and so this looks terribly unprofessional on our company for not responding to their applications. Who knows if or when I'll be allowed back into my account.

I will say that there appears to be a little more effort after leaving a bad review. It's unfortunate that's what it takes to motivate them to help but I would strongly recommend doing so if you are also facing issues.

I will continue to update once I hear back from their support team. Stay tuned...

Final Update 8/6/2021:

I was billed for the applicants that I received, but was unable to contact them for a week and a half. No discounts, no refunds, nothing. Billed as if I wasn't disabled the ENTIRE time. Imagine paying for a service, not receiving that service, and then you get billed anyway. Cannot believe the experience I have had with Indeed. Keep in mind, I am a legitimate business, a legitimate person and I was only trying to use Indeed for it's intended purposes and nothing special or extra. So clearly this experience is what the typical newcomer to Indeed can expect!

Be ready to pay up regardless if you are able to access your account or not!

ZERO Regard for their Customers
Working with Indeed has been a hellish experience. I work for a non-profit with limited funds, facing a massive hiring crisis. It is getting to the point where we may not be able to support our clients because we don't have the staff to do so. As such, we are scraping together what we have to pay Indeed $3,000+/month to try to hire. In return, our applicant flow has been spotty at best, our ads keep getting dropped for no reason, and their "client support" team is THE WORST. I am not convinced that any of them actually understand how Indeed works or why things happen the way Indeed do. They all tell me conflicting information. For months I was requesting them to do what we're paying them for - help me with my ads. Instead, every time I got on the phone with them they would just try to sell me a new product. Finally I requested a new support team (you would think that for $3,000/month I'd be able to have a say in who I work with), but they told me this was not possible. Instead, they just expanded our team to include their supervisors. Now I just get 4 people not returning my calls and telling me conflicting information instead of 2. I can't find any number to call to raise my request above them.

This has been the most frustrating experience. They don't listen to our needs or try to help us hire at all. The worst part is, they know we really can't do anything about it. Indeed dominates the market for job seekers. We're so desperate for staff that we can't afford not to throw money at them. They can get away with taking companies' money and not giving anything in return. It's deplorable. If you have the option of avoiding them, do so at all costs.

Blacklisted FOR NO REASON
IN RESPONSE TO THEIR ANSWER: We are in 14 cities that all hire for the same position. That is why there are duplicate posts! Also we are not door to door sales... false information and Indeed didn't even try to confirm that with us. Poor business practices!

I have been recruiting with the same company for over 10 years. We have been using Indeed for about 4 and now have been blacklisted FOR NO REASON.

We are a 30 million dollar company in 14 cities and Indeed told me we were posting jobs that were not real! How can that be if we have grown over 300% in 2 years! We spend about 6K-10K a month on their job board and this is the thanks I get. I have never felt our company was doing anything wrong until Indeed felt it necessary to blacklist us.

I have spoke with multiple managers and they avoid my questions and avoid telling me what is really going on. They said it was a decision from their "quality control" who I can't speak to or write an email to. They also stated it is our of their control and there is nothing they can do. I even went as far as finding other companies just like ours and sending over their ads and examples to show that what I am doing is normal and I should not be the only person blacklisted.

I have never dealt with anything like this in all of my professional career as a recruiter. They say that something is wrong with our company but yet don't help us fix it or even a simple warning.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM Indeed, you will give them all your hard earned money and POOF blacklisted FOREVER.

Affordable and effective for small business employers!
Indeed is an amazing service for employers. The simplicity of its interface is brilliant, but don't let that full you; Indeed has integrated helpful features to help employers really find good talent.

The absolute most useful feature is the automated phone screening. Much of our staff telecommute and work outside of traditional business hours. The automated phone screening allows my HR personnel to listen to responses anytime, making it an invaluable convenience. The four questions work for virtually any job position and requests are simple to dispatch and retrieve. Indeed's reliability is appreciated since it is an integral part of our screening process.

The second most useful feature provided by Indeed is email template capabilities. While there is a small learning curve in terms of how to save and overwrite templates, it boosts efficiency several times over. We have several templates that request candidates to clarify certain information, remind them to complete tasks such as the phone screening and more. Indeed even tracks conversations and allow direct threaded replies. This allows our personnel to continue the conversation across shifts because one staff member can simply review the entire conversation- something email cannot do without sharing an inbox.

Indeed has been invaluable to the success of our new pilot program, called the Virtual Contact Center, an initiative designed to help more Americans answer the phones from home for our Fortune 500 clients. So far we have been able to review over 1,000 interested candidates, although we only have 40 part-time positions available. Indeed has been our single solution for talent acquisition and has proven itself as indispensable to our recruitment process. We recommend Indeed to any employer looking for a solution to find and manage great talent!

Break the law, get caught, stop communicating...
Dear Indeed,

Can you please answer as to why you are bullying people into paying for ads that should be free.?

Can you please answer as to why you have ceased responding to Cares agency. Indeed have not breached ANY of your conditions. Yet you are still forcing them to pay for ads.

Are you aware of the rules and laws governing fair trade and advertising (competition).

It dose not seem you do. If you did, you would know that by uing such tactics, your are breaking UK consumer law!

Can you please publically respond either to this post or the review Cares has yet again updated. Give reasons why you are breaking the law. I'm sure EVERYONE reading this and more would like to know.


Update - Dear Indeed,

Your response to our review. Yes, you re-enabled the account, but as you said, for sponsorship ads only. You have failed to communicate to the employer as to why., They have not contravened any of your terms and conditions when it comes to posting free ads.

You informed them that it was because they were not advertising to employ people for their own company, this is completely false. They are posting ads to employ people direct., If you would kindly point out to the public so we are all aware... where dose it say on their ads that they are recruiting for other people. I believe their ad says, " recruiting care staff for upcoming agency placements in our clients homes. OUR AGENCY OFFERS...'

I Capitalised the second part of their ad, as it clearly says their agency. As an agency, they employ people directly onto their books. Pay them through THEIR PAYE system. The fact they go out to work IN not FOR the clients homes is part of the job role advertised.!

You really cant expect that excuse to stand up when you get investigated. Trading standards, Office of Fair Trade, Office of Consumer Rights, and their own legal complaint against you for bullying and extortion.

All because you fail to play by the rules and laws set out.

So please, give us all a real answer...

Go here if you want to be scammed!
I have had no positive outcome from this site. My mom made me use it versus Craig's list claiming it was "safer", but I actually could have gone to jail over it! I was contacted by a lady, supposedly employed by the EPA (environmental protection agency), needing a full time nanny right down the road from me & gave me this long story of how her son was sick in India, that she was going there from her job in New Mexico to pick him and his little sister up and my first day was when Indeed arrived. This all escalated into her "leaving her belongings & vehicle with a moving company and it was to be shipped to me, and she was giving me my first weeks check ($600) and including $2450 for the movers fee" which then went on to "a problem with the moving company and I needed to western union the fee to her in India because she needed to auto pay it". After reading online I shouldve known it was fake and not even cashed the check but I fell for it! Thank god the teller called in the check because I was told it was fraudulent-I wonder why she needed me to send it back so quick!

This woman went on for over a month, took her sweet time in the process (which I understood because I thought she had a sick son to take care of), and they even took several days to respond at times. She wasn't persistent at all. Be careful of these scammers! I hope nobody else has to go through this like I did!

She used the name F3licia Tayl0r
(I used the numbers so the scammer does not find this name in a Google search & change his alias) is a waste of time and money for employers
We are a small business in North Jersey. We employ 4-7 people depending on the season. We posted job posting on indeed for two new hires. After a week of searching we could still not find our post.

When we called the support staff on the phone we kept getting different reasons why our listing was not appearing on the site. Indeed asked us to verify business (which we did). Then they asked that we rewrite the listing (which we did). Then they asked us for taxation information (which we provided). Then they suggested that we expand the geographic location for the job (which we did). After two weeks and all that work the posting still was not appearing. It became apparent to us that the staff was simply giving us canned responses of things to try because they did not have a clue of why the listing was not showing up. All they were interested in were the promotion fees to feature the job. Otherwise it did not matter enough to solve the problem.

After searching on the web we realized that we were not the only small business with similar problems of ghost listings (job posts that don't appear in the search result). Indeed appears to only promote services and posters that make it the most money. Small locally owned businesses are not in that category. If you do post on the site you will get very little exposure even when paying the promotional fee of $20-$30 per day! is just another fancy packaged website that takes users money and gives them nothing but aggravations in return. Save yourself the money and the time. Avoid job site.

Waste of Time for Legitimate Employers!
What a JOKE. We used Indeed in the past and had 'iffy' results. Most of the 'applicants' whose resumes we received said, "I didn't apply with you," when we phone them. I assumed that the site had just slapped some random resumes to us to make it LOOK like Indeed got results. BUT, because we did hire one employee, we achieved our goal - one we'd weeded through the bogus applicants. Well, just this week, I took a chance and attempted to post 3 more jobs to Indeed, giving them the benefit of the doubt - even after reading all their negative reviews. (I figured that perhaps they'd been going through some growing pains and I thought I'd give them another chance.) MISTAKE! This unprofessional, unsophisticated, backwards site REJECTED my postings and asked me to 'prove my company's identity by sending them business licenses and utility bills!' SERIOUSLY? Are the so stupid that they can't figure out how to look-up this information THEMSELVES and not bother their paying customers?! Sure, if they needed to validate identity, I get it; but to inconvenience a paying customer with such trivial BS is pure insanity! If I had an employee who REPELLED my paying customers, that employee would be GONE! If I had employees who couldn't figure out how to problem solve, they'd be OUT! If I had employees who made it difficult for legitimate, 30-year companies and industry leaders, to post a simple ad, I'd have NO USE for such people! I've moved on and have posted my open positions with other reputable sites - and I'm already receiving excellent candidates. But I will NEVER bother with INDEED again - EVER - and I'll make it my business to share with everyone that this company is, INDEED, a JOKE! Move on, friends, INDEED can't help you! They'll waste your time with their exercise in futility! They're ineffective and I can't WAIT to celebrate the day when they've been forced to shut their doors for GOOD - because they don't DESERVE to be in business.

Read these comments, draw your own conclusion.
Throughout my entire career using various online job-hunting outlets, I have never had so many phantom candidates, including - invalid or disconnected phone numbers, no one ever answers the phone, no email responses, many no shows, many literally few minutes before interviewing got another job offers.

I posted two different ones, one with higher skills set, an instructor, while another one is office clerk.

Take the office clerk, I did get "many" candidates. Not many actually have met minimum qualification. Some even lived almost an hour away. So, only a small handful are worth to contact. However, I can accept that as a norm for general office clerk position. What I find it hard to accept is the "phantom" ones, i. E. I called. Phone number is no longer in service, not just gave ringing. And, what is even more interesting is that Indeed all have only email address with as the domains, no alternative emails. What a coincidence. Some did not even reply to my email.

Now, let's go further. We contacted about 5 to 7 and setup 3 interviews as they were the only ones responded. But then, at the end, NONE showed up. One called just right before the interview to tell us she just got a job offer. Interesting.

Another one. A robotics instructor role. I have terminated the robotics instructor one a couple of weeks back. I paid $350/monthly as it advised that i would get 55+ candidates. Well, I understand no one can guarantee that. However, if they advertise a much higher fee for N candidates, it is duty to have done at least some researches, or some work to search resumes, contact, etc. to find a number of candidate to match up. Honestly, I do not expect close to 55, but I got only 1! That's is totally unacceptable. Ok. I canceled. sales personnel extended it for another 30 days for free. So, there should not be any charges. (I still need to go to my Amex to check. Thank goodness that Amex has a good dispute departement if I need to come down to a dispute.) Ok. While I do not hold faith there will be any changes, since it was free, I said ok.

Well, the only thing I expect is simply some true honest work from to show me they what should justify the $350 vs just not paying anything.

Well, on the very day when they extended the offer, I got one candidate. Humm... I then eagerly looked at the resume. Again, the phone number is no longer in service. I emailed. Well, no response either. Well. I had enough of these.

Well, that is it. Above is simple fact about my one last experience with; and I do feel obligated to share this with readers. I had same experience about 1 year ago. I thought I would do it this year again and thought it might change. Well, I think I have to say to myself. "you fool me once, shame on you", "fool me twice, shame on me." O well. Shame on me. allows scam artists to post bogus job listings allows scam artists to post bogus job listings. I received a job offer that I initially couldn't pass up. Pay was $2000 per month, part time and it was work from home plus possible monthly bonus. I immediately got suspicious when Frank Mills (I doubt that's his real name) hired me without ever calling me for an interview. He claimed he was out of the country in the U. K. Frank Mills told me my job duties were to send client proposals, enter data, maintain administrative records, and he would send me all materials in due time, names and addresses of companies to send the materials to bla bla bla. I asked him for the name of his business, website URL, and description of what his company does which he only gave me the name of the company "FIM Consulting LLC" and never gave me any other info. Everything was done via email. He started sending me very poorly written emails with many punctuation mistakes. He said that payment is done either by direct deposit or check which is a single monthly payment. I wasn't about to give a company that didn't seem legitimate my checking account or routing number for direct deposit! I was never able to find anything by googling the companies name, which is a big red flag. I was curious about the scam so I went along with it. He asked me for my address and phone number and I told him that information is all on my resume. At this point I thought he was the dumbest person alive. He seemed he had a lot of urgency for me to get the check and deposit it as he even provided the tracking number. Here is Frank's exact email:

"I just track the package now i and i see that you have got the payment from my client. I will like you to go and deposit the check with your bank ATM machine or with you bank teller. Then let me know when the check will cleared in 24 hrs, i will tell you what to do with the remaining funds after you will move your month bonus with is $300. I will tell you what to do with the remain money. Am waiting for your mail urgent"

I got the check in the amount of $2,650.46. Delivered via USPS priority mail. It was shipped from New Jersey, but the Bank's address was from New York. The check was from HSBC bank, however the bank logo looked home made because it was pixilated and distorted, which was another red flag. The memo on the check read "Funds Available", another red flag. When have you ever written a check and felt the need to write "Funds Available" on the memo line? I wondered what would happen if I just cashed the check? Probably no money available. I didn't want to waste anymore of my time when I knew that it was a scam. I want other people to know so Indeed don't become victims. Trust your gut instinct. If something seems off, then it probably is.

Account removed for erroneous reasoning
When I got the email that our company's account was disabled, I wasn't very concerned because we hadn't done anything wrong. I filed an appeal and double-checked my email to make sure I didn't miss any verification notice Indeed may have requested that led to the suspension. Not even 10 minutes after filing the appeal, I received the email stating that our account was deemed unfit permanently. I was confused so I appreciated that they included a link to policy on business models explaining their decision, but I became even more confused by what I was reading.

I understand why they would ban the companies described in that policy violation. It was fairly distressing to read as a recruiter. But every reason behind their decision, everything I read in the violation is absolutely inapplicable to our business. Our open positions were honest and genuine, providing correct information for the position title, description, salary, location, clients, industry, and company details. I understand that account reviewers probably do not have the time to vet each business individually and personally, but having the account removed by no fault of the company or its operations is heartbreaking.

I had heard that some businesses had issues with Indeed blocking their accounts, read some reviews, but I thought as long as I actively engaged with Indeed and was authentic then it wasn't something to worry about. We used Indeed to fill any open positions in the company over the past year, sponsoring ads since reopening after lockdown and gladly paying whatever necessary to get the candidates we've seen so much success with. I recommend that all companies should use it while they can... but never rely on it. The rug may be pulled out from under you seemingly right when the company and candidates need it the most.

Was once an indeed lover - not anymore
I used indeed twice to find candidates for 3 different positions and both times I did not fulfill the position through indeed. I gave 2 starts because it's not a complete waste of time. Honestly you will get a lot of resumes but I will say a lot of them are not qualified resumes. I understand that indeed is not directly responsible for who applies for jobs but as an employer paying for every single click (overpriced clicks at that), I was very unhappy with how much I was charged at the end of this month.
I do not mind paying for quality resumes but I even emailed a so-called Senior Account Executive with some of the resumes I was was receiving complaining about the amount I was paying and the type of resumes I was receiving. Her response was that I was using a "self serve" option and that had I returned her calls before I was billed, she could have helped me get more quality leads. That if I had indeed manage my postings, this would not have happened.
Frankly, my email was not a nice email but it was not nasty either. It was an email written by an indeed user that was shocked at the amount being paid vs the quality of what I was paying for.
Again if I had received a better response than what I got from an account manager, I may have continued using indeed but after receiving an email pretty much stating that it's my fault and that the self-managed option doesn't work well... I think I'll move on: "The self serve option does not work very well because the jobs hit their budgets very quickly (when the $20 hits=20 clicks) and does not necessarily mean an apply. Again, this is something we could have helped with as you answered me calls before but I understand you were tied up."

No doubt you will get a lot of resumes but I can't say they're quality and the type of response I got from my inquiry was nothing short of a turn-off.

SICKENING COMPANY - worthy of a lawsuit

Imagine doing business with a company multiple times over several years and suddenly when you come to depend on them having the rug pulled out from you 100% with your only recourse being email and no chance of contacting a very shady company, no phone calls of any kind, no chat.

Meanwhile the company insists that you and your boss, a licensed doctor in 3 states, board certified, are underhanded, we have real email, real websites, three real dental/admin offices and yet indeed cannot be found anywhere, but they're allowed to point the finger at the honest citizen.

We hired more than a dozen people from using indeed and suddenly we are basically criminals. We checked our credit card, it's working fine, nothing has changed, we posted a job which was the same one that we had posted about 8 months ago because we have turnover, suddenly that job does not meet their standards and Indeed don't need to tell us why.

This is absolutely outrageous; private companies are allowed to make their own decisions, we accept that, but there should be some accountability once they've taken all your information, it is not OK to just disappear while accusing everyone else of disappearing, this is a disordered psychopathic way of looking at things.

They get to hide and point the finger while you sit there with your heart pounding and no recourse other than to press an electronic keyboard and no one you can talk too no way to make things better, and try explaining that to your boss who thinks you did something wrong.

The damage to career is lawsuit worthy.

Try to find alternatives to this company (handshake is really good) even if you are currently using them there are other companies out there and while they may not be as big as indeed yet, prepare now because when they pull the rug out from under you, you will not know what to do.

Horrible for Job Posters
Update - I heard from Indeed directly and Indeed acknowledged my concerns / issues and quickly got my job posting up and running. Tho I still believe they should revisit their new account "protocols" they were VERY responsive and effective after the fact (so kudos for good customer care).

Original review - I am a private HR consultancy and my clients are largely smaller organizations. One just asked for my assistance in filling an open role for them. I had heard good things about the Indeed site for job posters and gave it a shot (it is a cost effective service). A but clunky to get my job set up as I wanted it but one call to their call center ironed out the bumps (a positive). I then posted the job and waited the 1- 2 hours before the post is approved (by Indeed) which it was. Then the fun started. Remember, I am paying Indeed to post my opportunity on their site (i. E., I am a paying customer). I went into my account about 2 hours after seeing the job was approved only to find out that my account was disabled and I had to fill out a form to have it enabled (remember, I am the PAYING customer). So I called customer service and they informed me this is their normal process for new accounts. Are you kidding me? So I filled out the form and submitted it and then got an email from Indeed asking that I submit documents verifying that I have a real business (BTW, when I set up my account I included all of the information they wanted for my business). I am now in a 1 3 BUSINESS day hold as Indeed reviews my information. Reminder - I am the PAYING customer. I have now wasted my time to fix their decision to enable my account, I'm going to lose 3 - 5 calendar days before my job is posted (candidates don't just look at job sites Monday thru Friday from 9-5). And I used the Indeed site to post this job on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and those links don't work because Indeed disabled my account... so I've had to manually delete all of them. I can't believe this is how Indeed manages their business and how they treat their PAYING customers. Here's a suggestion, ask the questions you need to know about a business as part of the account set up process... NOT after jobs are posted and being networked. I've committed to Indeed (and their costs) for my client so I can't turn back. But I find it hard to believe Indeed management feel this is what a good customer experience looks like. AWFUL... AWFUL... AWFUL.

Horrible policies and poor treatment.
After 2 years of using this site, Indeed arbitrarily decided what we do is no longer acceptable. Sent an email basically asking me to guess at what that is. Called customer service and they told me they are not informed of the reason either and no one will tell you what the issue is. They also suggested I lie-very professional of you. It's better for me to lie to people I want to work with than you telling me what the issue is and working together to resolve to both parties satisfaction. Filled out their form to contest suspension. Apparently our crime is sending out a contact to resume posters without mentioning a specific job. I indicated I would not send any further contacts without mentioning a specific job. Apparently not good enough-. One strike and your out. I own an employment agency that deals with a specific field, and have different jobs every week all of which potential candidate may be qualified or may not be. Additional questions are necessary, as it is OK for resume poster to be illegal, lie about their experience and location. No one has ever complained about what we do. Filled out their form to contest the suspension and the reply I received is unbelievable. Not lifting suspension and -. "Further appeals for this suspension will not be considered or responded to." You wont even respond to a paying member of your website? Not many businesses have the luxury of deciding we wont talk to you anymore. We are on dozens of job boards and Indeed is the only one that treats its customers this way.

Is Indeed a Scam?
Well, it is left up to your interpretation whether Indeed's business practices are a scam or just an elaborate scheme to make money from unsuspecting or uninformed users of their services. According to the Babylon's online dictionary, definition of scam: "A scam would involve a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services. It is a plan or course of action intended to deceive others, and to obtain, by false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, money or property from persons so deceived." I do no not think that Indeed is doing anything illegal, but Indeed are certainly using some very questionable practices.

Their business concept is rather simple. Indeed generates and reposts job ads mostly from your local government employment offices. So when you post your ad on a free- of-charge government website, you will also start receiving a substantial number of applications from Indeed. Then you start thinking: Why don't I create an account on Indeed and post my job ads directly on their website? It looks simple and its free. You may post one ad and maybe another. Everything is going well and the process looks simple and cost effective to you. However, this is where their scheme kicks in. First you may receive a call from your local Indeeds sales representative, wanting to make sure that things are going well and that you are getting the applicants you require. He/she will at this point do a soft sell, trying to convince you to start using their fee based services by sponsoring your ads in order for your ads to appear on top of their lists. At this point, most employers think that they have a choice of sponsoring or not sponsoring their ads and that they can just continue posting ads for free. Think again. It will not happen. If you refuse to sponsor your ads, chances are, they will not allow you to post any future free ads on their website. Indeed will also take it a step further, they will black-list you and stop reposting your ads from your local employment office as well as any other websites. It is a classic "bait and switch" scenario, although they configured it so that it does meet legal requirements of most countries.

This is their sales pitch:

Post for free*
Post jobs for free and appear in general search results.

Pay to sponsor
Sponsor your jobs for as little as $10/day to attract candidates faster.

However, their legal terms of use state the following:

Indeed or Partners may reject or remove any Job Ad, and Indeed may disable any Employers account, for any or no reason without notice.

They also state in the legal terms of use how they will not post your job or cancel your posting for "this" or "that" reason. My impression is that, as long you pay them, they will post an ad even if you require someone to come to your house every Thursday and scratch your cat's belly.

Don't kid yourself. Indeed is not a charity. They are in this to make money. Either you will pay or you will not be allowed a free ride for a very long time.

So how do we stand up for our consumer rights? It's simple. Beat them at their own game. Deny them the income. Do not create an Indeed employer account. Do not post any job opening on their website unless you are willing to pay their fees. Post your job ad at your local no-fee government sponsored employment website. Indeed will repost the same ad at their website. Free of charge. Indeed will continue reposting your job ads from those websites. For most business' there are no real advantages of posting on Indeed's website directly.

I learned all this the hard way. My company recently spent around $500 in a very short ad campaign with Indeed looking for 50 new employees across the continental USA. We had thousands of so called "views", hundreds of useless applications and ended up with only 4 semi-qualified employees. It was a complete waste of time and money.

After Indeed received our payment, and we stopped "sponsoring" the ad, our account was blocked and black-listed.

Also, please read the reviews on this website. You will notice that most of the so called positive reviews were very short one or two sentence reviews posted in clusters on the same day. I suspect that they were written by the same person or persons in order to offset the negative reviews. I am sure that people in charge of Indeed do not like what they are seeing on here.

From our side, we will spread our message as well as share our experience with Indeed with as many people as we can, by any means possible, including creating a dedicated website dedicated to the matter. This is by no means a personal vendetta against Indeed. They do what they do in order to increase their profits. It is how they do it that's bothersome.

These days, there are way too many companies out there with similar questionable business practices and the only effective way to stop them is to stop using their services.

Account Disabled for No reason
Long story short, I contact Indeed's client success team for about six times now and I still have my account disabled. Our company is having a very rough time due to our main method of hiring is through Indeed and our account has been active on Indeed and has been paying advertisement fees on Indeed for over 2 years now. This just shows how this company treats its most loyal customers, I really hope there is some competition within this industry because I would switch to another website in a heartbeat if there was something equivalent to Indeed. Basically, my account got disabled because in my job posting there was a component where I wrote the ideal applicant would be a current student because we are a tutoring company. I did not realize this was actually age discriminatory and I would be more than happy to change that component of our job advertisement. However, Indeed concluded that my company was not fit for their site and decided to permanently disable my account. What is even worse is that I called the client success team over six times and every time I called them Indeed said it is a minor adjustment and asked me to just re-appeal and they would enable my account. I have wasted a tremendous amount of time trying to fix this issue but Indeed's client support is just too horrible and incompetent to solve this minor misunderstanding. My Indeed account is over two years old and we have spent over three thousand dollars on their website advertising our job posting.

Gotta be savvy.
I have used indeed many times and I love that it helps me keep track of jobs that I have posted to already. Granted many of the postings for my industry are for recruiters but many of these recruiters have gotten me interviews. Right now I am doing generally 2 interviews a day for the past 2 weeks and it is not letting up.

But you have to be smart about it.

1) If you get a call from someone who barely speaks English, then do you want this person talking to a company for you.

2) Apply to jobs that you may not seem 100% qualified for by the description. Many of these are written by HR and do not really reflect the need.

3) Apply apply apply... As of right now I have sent out 231 resumes in 3 weeks using indeed. It really is not that difficult to apply to positions if you organize everything to be able to be cut and pasted. Sometimes its a pain in the butt but once you take care of the backlog from starting then all you have to do is post for new jobs as Indeed pop up.

4) Try not to be desperate. When I started looking I was running low on money so it was important that I get into something soon. It was a mess. After two months I got a few contract gigs and since my lease was up I moved in with family. This was a strategic maneuver not everyone can do but it really changed the playing field. The jobs I am interviewing for now pay twice what those did for better companies. I also have the freedom to say "not interested." which I have done to some jobs that I can already tell from the interview are going to be unpleasant.

5) Watch out for depression. Many job seekers will go through a severe depression. Some may even need to be hospitalized. Don't freak out this is totally normal. Medication is great these days and can really help. Some is actually very affordable. And when you do get a job and are back on your feet you can stop taking it.

6) Do not isolate.

Remember its just a game. is just a space on the board you can move your piece into to help find more options.

My experience with this site is as an employer, not...
My experience with this site is as an employer, not a job seeker. This site works like a typical organic search - the more relevant your position description is to the search terms entered by candidates, the higher your job ad shows in the results. Sounds good in theory, doesn't work well in practice. The problem here is that job seekers are generally not very discerning and will click on almost any an ad that looks like a possibility. Any experienced hiring manager knows that when you advertise a position, you always get a bunch of junk resumes from folks who are just taking a flyer. The problem here is that you pay for those resumes. I will give them some credit in that their staff will work with you to try to help, but Indeed really have very few technical tools to work with and in the end their advice is always to focus on increasing the volume of resumes and thus increase your odds of getting the right person. But following that advice drastically raises your costs. Their reps have no problem suggesting that your budget should be something like $2,000 per month for a single position. That is ridiculous.

They will tell you that the site works like Google Adwords. I have extensive experience with that system and does NOT work like Adwords at all. Their internal search engine works on relevancy, not bidding on keywords. Yes, you pay for each click, but you don't bid on keywords. The positioning of your ad in the results in more akin to getting a high position in the Google organic search results, then paying when someone clicks on it.

Until Indeed invests in some controls for employers to prevent useless clicks, I don't see where this site will ever be of value to a small business.

Bad Experience For Jobseekers
Don't get me wrong, I use Indeed to look for work and it's free for me. Therefore, I don't want anyone to think that I'm being harsh because I expect too much. However, since it functions as a platform for work, it could use some improvement. I like how simple the interface is, but again, it's difficult to look for what you need when you actually need something specific.

Problem 1: While some of this may be the fault of employers/recruiters, it would be nice for Indeed to add the functionality: attachments. Since I see posts with absolutely no contact email, it's impossible to do what Indeed ask: attach a PDF or attach a manual/custom cover letter. They also ask for a portfolio link for art/design, which can be added to your Indeed or custom resume, but it doesn't ensure that the employer will actually check it from there.

Problem 2: Please, please, PLEASE allow people to sort or unsort "external" jobs. It's really frustrating to click on jobs and they lead to an external website where it requires you to make ANOTHER account just to apply for a job that you may not even get! Which means you'd be inputting personal information for nothing! Honestly, having external links is a bit misleading because you assume that you're applying from Indeed.

Problem 3: PLEASE, please, please make an option for employers to separate their skills requirements. This is a fault of recruiters. Many of them hire base on hiring you to do more than one thing and still give you one job's compensation. For example, if you are an IT, they would expect a requirement to be web development. If you're a graphic designer, they expect you to know video editing. Please, people, no one knows everything and these types of posts are the reason why people have problems finding work., please allow anyone to sort out these types of work somehow.

Other than these issues, is a decent platform/website for both sides (employer and job seekers). Again, since it's free, I don't want to sound demanding, but at the same time, I hope my suggestions improve the way the website works.

Update: 04/17/17

Indeed contacted me through message and suggested an advanced search that seemed promising, however, after some attempts, it wasn't very useful. With the specifications I used, I ended up with a result of 1 job that wasn't even in my area (which was strange).

I also recently spoke to someone I know who also have been using for almost six months. I have been using it for five months. Neither of us have gotten replies from any employers/recruiters. The only ONE single reply I did receive was from a company that denied me anyway, saying I wasn't qualified, although I met all their qualifications, requirements and skills they stated in their post with actual portfolio work and experience to prove it. I honestly feel like I waste so much time here. I received more replies on Craigslist with actual jobs, which is strange because Craigslist is meant to be more suspicious. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm giving my data away for nothing. My experience has made me feel great discouragement.

Again,'s website is fine on its own but the overall experience of finding work, or maybe even posting jobs, it seems to be need a lot of improvement.

Waste of time!
One star is generous (see edit note for change in rating).

Twice in past two months I had my employer account disabled for unknown reasons. Appealing this decision resulted in a frustrating run-around with generic answers but no reasons provided. Indeed kept changing the reason for the account deactivation - first it was job didn't meet standards, then it was company couldn't be verified. First time after getting no where with the "quality" team despite providing all the documentation they requested I changed the account to a different email address and opened a new one.

Posted two jobs in Feb, hired for one, paused the other after not receiving applicants who were good fit. Today we decided to close the job until we could reevaluate our posting and make sure we properly define the position. Two hours later, received message that account was disabled. Appealed decision and receive a generic "We have reviewed your account and have found it to be unsuitable for Indeed." message back.

We will find a better platform for job postings - indeed is not worth the headache.

Edit: I have changed my rating to 3 stars. 0 stars for the initial issue and lack of effort on part of the "quality" team who review the account appeals. 5 stars for Candace from the Client Success team who was able to get everything sorted out in a timely manner. If those responding to deactivated account appeals put in half the effort she did I suspect many of these poor reviews would be rated differently!

Indeed isn't safe. Don't trust random emails from other employers
Just like several other users on I received an email from a scammer and she changes her name every time she emails someone new. And after doing research and finding various reviews I saw the exact same email messages I received by the same scammer but with another name.



To me


How are you? I hope all is going on fine over there.

I didn't get to email you as fast as i was suppose to e-mail you.

I'm *THIRD ALERT: RANDOM NAME YOU CANT FIND ANY INFORMATION ON, my husband is late, he passe-d some few years ago, and I have a son and a daughter, my son is 10 years old of age, while my daughter is 7 years old of age, Indeed are friendly kid, seriously they won't give you any problem, they both stays in Turkey with my parent... I came to United State 2 years ago, i came to work on contract basis with United States Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work, now am relocating from New Mexico(US) because i was just transfer from New Mexico. I just got a new apartment there, which i included below in this email, i heard that my son is sick in Turkey, am planning on going to Turkey to take care of my son and then bring them along back to United State, so i will be staying in my new apartment with my family(my son and my daughter)... Here is the apartment address below: * FOURTH ALERT: THIS WILL BE A PERSONALIZED ADDRESSED CLOSE TO YOU OPEN FOR RENT. SHE WILL TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH RENTAL HOMES OR APARTMENTS CLOSE TO YOU.

So i need someone who could help me take care of my house by doing some light cleaning and taking care of my children while am off to work just a little babysitting and I believe you are fit for this position inasmuch you will prove yourself to be a reliable and hard working person,(Monday-Friday) no weekend for now, we can talk on that later, am paying $20/hr, and we need you to be working 6 hrs daily, your work schedule is from 8 am-2 pm Mon-Fri... We are going to arrive by the Mid of Next month, You will start working on same day we will be arriving. You will help us to arrange and clean the apartment in the morning of our arrival date, I can tell the estate agent to mail the keys to the apartment to you so that you can be able to clean it on the day before we arrive. I want to know if there's any equipment that you will need me to provide, if there's any let me know how much it will cost. I know you will be committed to the work, you will also have a nice period of working with us and you are welcome to our family. E-mail me and let me know if you are interested.


How are you? I hope all is going on fine over there, and thanks for emailing me back...

Like i told you earlier, am planning on going to Turkey very soon to take care of my son and then bring them back with me. I will let the house agent mail the key to my apartment to you, so its nice to meet you, and to have you for the job.

So i like to secure your service before going, i will like to pay the first week payment before our arrival, i will like to send you the deposit in form of Cashier's check to you before i go to Indian, i hope you are okay with that... More So, I will need you to give me the following information below

Your full name(that will be on check)

Full mailing address(including city, state and zip code)

Phone number

Do you accept our offer?

Welcome to our family

I hope to read from you.



Totally Unfair Practices UPDATED
I have had very good success with Indeed for the past couple of years, however, Indeed have now blocked my account and will not reinstate it. On average I pay them over $150 per month and feel completely ripped off at this point because they took my money for the past couple of years but now I'm not good enough to do business with.

I was contacted by their dispute team yesterday who questioned why my computer was saying that I was in one place and I was claiming to be in another. I explained that it is a corporate computer that was programmed at our home office location but that I do all hiring at my location. They then requested a utility bill with the office address on it, which I supplied. I also supplied them with a link to the corporate website showing my location as well as other documents supporting my "claim". I received another rejection this morning.

I am giving them 2 stars based on the fact that they provide a good service when they feel like you are "legitimate", which we are. (I've now changed that to 1 star since they made me jump through hoops like a trained seal and waste my time and efforts.)

UPDATE: INDEED did, in fact, contact me and basically said, "your ad does not meet our guidelines" and that they don't share the criteria that are used to form that decision. I would like a partial refund for the money I have spent with Indeed. I paid in good faith and should have been told when I first started advertising that we did not meet "guidelines".

Account Blocked without explanation or justification - can Indeed really operate this way?
I run an employment business that is currently recruiting key workers (including several hundred needed for the production of Covid 19 tests). My staff have just informed me that our account has been permanently blocked without notice, reason or justification and that there are hundreds of applications held on the site that we are now unable to process. These people are desperate for work in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis! Our clients are desperate for these workers to start immediately!

I am told that Indeed policy is that Indeed will NOT give an explanation and our Account Manager is unable to help us. We have reviewed all of our postings and we cannot see any reason that would justify why our account should be disabled. We are a compliant and respected business that has been operating in the sector for decades without experiencing anything like this.

As a subscriber who pays several thousand pounds per year to this company I find it incomprehensible that any service provider can behave this way. That the service provided is a job-seeking facility only adds to the irony and we are now in a position where hundreds of people will not receive a response from us (which damages our reputation) and they will miss out on work without any explanation.

I do understand that Indeed have the right to deal with whomever they choose but this policy is simply WRONG. It is damaging for businesses and it is potentially catastrophic for candidates who desperately need work now. I can now see that there are countless reviews from people who have had a similar experience with this organisation and all I can say is that I would think twice before placing your trust in an organisation that can hold and exercise this level of power & influence over your business or your future.

Some people may remember Indeed established itself in the UK by advertising jobs posted on other platforms, without subscription and without the permission of the company posting the job advertisement. As I understand it they still do this providing "free" services to capture new business whilst they treat loyal subscribers with absolute contempt.

Totally unacceptable, I am now seeking legal advice on the matter and Indeed must review their communication with customers as a matter of urgency.

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