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This is a website that has you do tasks, such as surveys, watch videos, download and play games, etc. but it has been extremely difficult to receive payments. I haven't been allowed to link my PayPal account like advertised, which was a huge selling point for me to use this app, so I moved on to accepting a gift card for 25 dollars I believe, and I didn't receive the card, but someone had because it showed the funds had been spent, I continued to give an opportunity thinking it's my poor luck, and cashed out on another gift card recently and haven't received payment, and I can't view anything about this payment this time. Very frustrated and disappointed I wasted my time and effort with hopes of compensation, but only received more disappointment and frustration. Maybe I should be grateful for the lesson I was able to learn about trusting the InboxDollars app.
Also, I have tried getting in contact with the customer service options InboxDollars provide, and have likely lost progress in helping to see if there has been an error somewhere, either made by myself, which is likely, or somewhere else... But I have not received a response or help to figure out a solution...

Not able to complete most surveys or submit a help ticket or redeem pts w/out a cell phone
1. A lot of time is wasted trying to complete a survey for very little reward. IMPOSSIBLE to get support help, esp when trying to redeem for a reward & text code required. I tried using x3 internet free cell phone codes & weren't acceptable, over a several day period because told too many attempts. NOT everyone has a mobile phone. Then, when I finally found someone I felt I could "HUMBLY" ask to borrow, I got a 6-digit code & only a 4-digit space to enter. I tried submitting my feelings to "PISSED CUSTOMER" hoping Inbox would read & get back to me--NADA! The submit support page on INBOX is useless as is the BOT. Finally, after trying for over 3 weeks, I "HUMBLY" asked someone again if I could use their cell phone; FINALLY, I actually got a 4-digit code that worked. NOW, just waiting for the gift code! It is NOT fair that a cell phone is required to redeem a duly earned reward--NOT EVERYONE HAS A CELL PHONE or can even afford one. Further, when I try to submit a support ticket, it gives a page saying something about "cannot sign in--suspended account," yet I am able to continue w/ reading emails for points & surveys for points, and can log in. So what's with that... Can't submit support ticket if it won't submit... NOW, still waiting for gift code, yet other survey sites send immediately upon redemption request!

Inboxpennies, slower version of the promises they make, borderline false advertisements
I've been taking surveys on this site for a few months now, and I can't say that Ive earned any substantial amount of money. InboxDollars hook you in by suggesting that your always rewarded for the surveys you start even if you dont qualify. Well...

First you need to qualify for the surveys, which for me is hard to do. They ask you a few qualifying questions maybe 3 to 7 questions. I feel like some of the qualifying question they make you answer are really questions asked in a completely different survey. I say this because the qualifying questions are set up for marketing strategies ( They need to make there money somewhere and they certainly are not cashing out on surveys)

If you dont qualify for the surveys you can spin a wheel that has minor prizes for the most part 1/12 (dont quote me on that fraction) 0f the spinning wheel is a 1.00 dollar and one is a ticket. With that ticket you can enter for either more raffel tickets or money. The worst thing about it is that to enter into the raffel a entry might cost 17 (or what ever # they choose) raffel tickets. So the 50 raffel tickets that you thought you could enter are really just 3 entries. So much for all the failed qualifying questions.

The one survey that I did qualify for, a 5.00 $ survey froze midway through and I did seek out customer support they did reply with another survey completely different survey from the original survey that was already halfway completed. Its a huge bummer when everyday they send you emails telling you about the 5.00$ surveys they have readily available if you qualify. Good luck qualifying for a 5.00$ survey, better luck thinking that if you do qualify that you will make it through without issue.

You can also watch clips to earn pennies and I didn't have the patience for it. They dissect a full clip into certain amount of short lengths and one starts and when it finishes the next can be selected to view. The order is always refreshed when a clip is viewed so beware of the numbered clip you previously watched. There are just so many things that this website offers and suggest more along the lines of money making by use of survey taking that are far from easy.

I really wish they would pay you for your opinion on surveys that you already qualify for. Suggesting through the daily email they send me that a 5.00$ survey is waiting seems like false promises. False promises to make a person believe that they actually qualify for a survey that is worthy of more than just pennies for minutes spent on surveys that you dont even qualify for.

In my personal opinion you will make more money looking for change in parking lots.

My updated review
My InboxDollars Review
I am here to share my experience with a company that I am sure most of you may have heard about.
( InboxDollars) the company that pays you through either a check sent via mail or redeemable gift card codes.
I wont make my review long and boring just plain and simple!
I came across inboxDollars while surfing the web, and I began reading reviews to see if people were really making money with this website.

So after reading a few pages of reviews it was still unclear as to if it was a ligit paying business or just a scam, people were saying InboxDollars did ear money some people said they didn't earn anything.

So I decided to find out for myself and dive in to see if I could really earn some extra cash!

And as for my experience with InboxDollars
My test run was a success
I was able to successfully participate in surveys and offers in order to earn money and once I reached the required about to cash out my earnings I did just that!

Now there is a rule that in order to receive your earnings you must stay active on your InboxDollars account witch was a breeze for me.

I chose to redeem a gift card rather than wait for a check in the mail and two days after submitting my request for my funds I recieved my giftcard redemption code.

I recommend InboxDollars to those who really wanna make a little extra cash it's not for the faint hearted at all it requires a willingness to want to earn some extra cash.

I give this site a:

It took me a month and a half to get to the $30 mark (InboxDollars won't let you cash out until you get $30). It was incredibly difficult to qualify for any surveys because I am a poor, white, college student and I guess my opinions are not in demand. I would spend 45 minutes getting rejected from surveys until I found ONE I could take for 30 cents or so. They have a survey you have to take BEFORE the survey, and then they will suddenly tell you that you aren't qualified after wasting 10 minutes. If you don't qualify for a survey they let you do "Billy's spin and win" which is basically just a wheel that you spin for no reason. One time I won 5 cents but that was the height of my experience there. The app is very slow and glitchy on my iphone. I ended up just doing the "search" offer that gets you 15 cents a day in order to crawl my way slowly up to $30. Well once I finally got there, they charged me a $3 processing fee, so I ended up with $27. I'm now waiting on my check to get here, and I don't have immense hope that it will get here anytime soon. Overall, if you have a lot of time on your hands and qualify for the surveys you can probably make a decent amount of money per day (maybe like $3.00). I would not personally recommend this app. It was frustrating to say the least.

Total scam or that's what it seems so far
From day one of have nothing but problems with inboxdollars. First InboxDollars would screen you for a survey tell you you're accepted to take it and then you get halfway or three quarters through it and all of a sudden it kicks you out says you're not qualified for this survey but they pretty much got all the answers to what questions they wanted but they don't want to pay it. So then finally I get up to the minimum amount that they do a payout which took a long time many days just to get a measly $15 then when I went to try to cash it out of course I was limited but PayPal was one of the choices so I tried to get PayPal then it says it needs to validate my number which is bullcrap because the thing won't validate it for you it says their system won't validate my phone number which is with a major carrier and it's a cell phone that I've had for years try to do the same thing for an Amazon payout same thing so my opinion stay away from this site it's nothing but a headache and bull crap for a few bucks here and there not even enough to put gas in your tank and then they're going to sell all your information and who knows what else they do. I think user interviews is the best paying in box dollars is by far the worst I've ever used.

Like everyone else I was sucked in with $5 to start my account it's been 7 weeks I'd take multiple surveys a day I'm only up to to$ 22.36 have to have $30 cash out! First of all since day one you go on the site., you'll see a list of surveys with prices you can take, price range from $4.00 to a quarter. I HAVE "NEVER", got more than $0.25 per survey you're trying to make money so naturally you're going to pick the2-4 $ ones. Surveys, and EVERY time I click on to start a survey that's more thats $0.25 I never qualify, are they'll be cruel left you start one thanking yes when I get $4 but in my account I can cash out finally two or three questions and it stopped thank you for your time but you do not qualify, so the measly $22, in 7 weeks I EARNED, now that I'm getting Nearer My payout date, they're making ever I can't get it I'm not stupid now I'll even go for a $0.25 survey,& and the new rip-off now is halfway through the 25 cent he did not meet the requirements where the survey but will pay you for your time InboxDollars gave you a whole nickel? Oh boy that man five more of them and I can buy a piece of bubblegum at the store give me a break, I could keep on going how they won't let you get to your money but I'm starting to get carpal tunnel you get the hint RIP OFF!

Inbox Pennies
This is one of the cheapest paying sites of them all. You can waste hours trying to qualify for a survey and sometimes when you qualify you will spend another 15 minutes doing the survey and then it will say "bummer your not a match or the survey has reached it's target number of participants. Now keep in mind you just spent 10 minutes trying to qualify for a survey! Then there are the times you do qualify and complete the whole survey and won't get credited. When that happens, customer service or non-service is what I call it, will often ask you for a screen shot, the topic, the survey number. Basically putting you as a liar instead of a valued member. So! I already wasted 20 minutes of my time, now I'm supposed to waste another 15 minutes on top of that for a lousy F'n 25 cents just to prove that I actually did complete the survey. Really? Yeah, I had nothing better to do today but waste hours of my time qualifying for a 25 cent survey and then just decided I was going to not finish it! Get real, run from this site as fast as you joined. I was a member for almost 2 years and and had to fight for every penny earned. 75 cents and hour average sucks. There are so many other sites I have now been a member of that I can make over $100 a week for an hour or so a day. I have tested/reviewed over 70 products last year alone and made an extra $1170. 00 just off that, plus you get to keep the product. That will not happen here. It took my son all summer break ( 2 Months) from school to finally cash out $34. All summer, every day, several hours an evening. His first day though one of the sites I recommended he made $9 in 40 minutes and after $10 you can cash out to paypal instantly. No waiting around for a week to get a check. Lets not forget that when you do reach the $30 threshold to get paid InboxDollars charge you $3 for processing fee. Yeah, that's right! You could spend 5 hours trying to make 3 bucks on this site! Now they do put it back in your account, my guess it's in the hopes you will continue to waste countless hours a week making a meager $10, it can be done. You could make $15 a week, but you better be prepared to work at it 10 hours a day 7 days a week. I logged my time for my highest paid week and I spent 4 1/2 hours a day for 7 days and made $29 Now divide that by 31.5 hours spent. It averages about 92 cents an hour. Need I say more. The other site they run (send earning) is even worse. Do the math people. The first year with them I did make about $328. But I also run my own business out of my house and can spend 15 hours a day doing surveys, while still making an extremely good living. I'm often asked by my friends, why do I even bother doing online surveys? When I tell them it's the extra money I use to buy all of us the beer when we go out, they no longer question it! Just remember, you will not get rich doing this, but with the right survey companies, you can make some pretty decent side money. Last year alone I made $5844. 20 from just 4 good/honest paying survey sites. So it can give you extra income. Just not this site, too much time involved to make a buck! Try it for yourself, they will pay you. They are definitely not a scam, just just pay crappy for your time!

Time waste
I have been doing surveys (or at least trying to) for about a week now. I have not yet earned the $30 for any kind of payout but I am going to keep trying. If it does not work I will review again. And if it does I will put out a better review. I have been experiencing the same problem everyday so today I kept notes. Here is what one day of doing the surveys is like. I started at 9am this morning. I tried filling out 22 surveys. In almost all of them I got 50-95% complete and then was told I did not qualify and then booted out of survey. The worse one was a survey of hotels stayed at in the last year. I have stayed in several different hotels and after listing all of them and there location I was told I did not qualify... what would qualify? I filled out at least 5 by 95% and was booted for not qualifying... I was able to complete 3 surveys for less than a dollar. I quit trying at 1:20pm. 3 out of 22 surveys completed for less than a dollar in 4 hours and 20 minutes. I am starting to think that InboxDollars have you do the survey then boot you so that they don't have to pay. I will keep trying to see if I can actually earn the $30 and then write another review.

You literally work like a slave for pennies.
I ran across inbox dollars in April 2014 and I thought I found a secret gold mine. I couldn't be more wrong. The surveys pay at the most 75cents, and it's rare to get that because you BARELY qualify for surveys! InboxDollars say the surveys take 15-20 minutes to complete but they end up taking 35-40 minutes. There's a pre-survey to see if you "match" what they're looking for, and even if you pass that sometimes they'll kick you out 10 mins into the survey because you "don't match" what they're looking for. The other ways to get paid are cheap and they suck, such as the paid searches (which pays 1cent per search with 15 searches per day) which doesn't even work sometimes, and the paid email which pays 2cents if you click on an email they send you. The spam emails that you get from this company is REDICULOUS! I finally collected my $40 in January of 2015, yes nine months later! It took them a month to send the inbox dollars debit card to my house and it felt so satisfying to finally have my money at a time when I was out of a job for 4 months. I worked nine months like a slave for $40 dollars and that is the ONLY reason I'm giving them 2 stars because they will actually pay you but it's not worth it. Stay away from inbox dollars and any other survey sites because they will use your name and email with hundreds of sites for "research" terrible experience.

Simply Stick To What's In Your Profile
I've been filling out surveys on and off for a few months and had a couple of payouts that were a bit above the minimum. If it slips your mind what you've put in your profile, look it over. One small slip can cost you the reward. I've been disqualified at the end of surveys too, and more than I've completed successfully! It's a roll of the dice. For the most part I stick with it and go for the higher paying surveys or the e-mails that give higher rewards.

I can tell you this: if you have a credit or debit card, use your common sense when applying it to some of their free offers (just pay shipping and handling) that Wil double - sometimes triple - your earnings, and you'll see more revenue at a quickened rate. It does become stressful, but don't let it beat you upside the head.

I was skeptical about it being a scam. I've read a lot of reviews and I hope my experience doesn't wither into a "Resident Chump" as it was described. However, there are a few other sites with healthier payouts per surveys, and InboxDollars do not boot you out half way through. Shorter surveys and payouts ranging from $1 - 200+... I know because I nearly scrapped a brick when the $200 check came through the mail after a 45 minute a day for 4 day open discussion. And get this: all I had to do was participate and share my opinions with the group. If doesn't work for you, there are others that definitely will.

Join a few sites and watch you online bank grow. Just add up all the sites pay and keep going. Or better yet, do what other companies are doing: Become am affiliate and make money off of us consumers. But I do this for the love of money, from my smartphone, while I'm holding conversations on the phone

It's a good way to kill time and get paid for it.

Fantastic Site to use for a little extra cash
I've been doing surveys from InboxDollars for a couple of weeks now and I'm already cashing out $25 altogether. I'm usually pretty skeptical of these kinds of sites, but if you put some time into it and answer honestly, you really are rewarded for your time. Please note that this is not to be used as some primary source of income. This is for a little extra cash when you might need it for a few groceries or some gas money. It doesn't lead you to believe that you're going to make more than you're expected to make, and the surveys can range from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the reward. Honestly, I am still surprised that in just the little time I've been a part of InboxDollars I've already made $25. I did not spend all day every day doing surveys, I just checked back occasionally and did some when I felt like it, so you could realistically make the payout much higher. The surveys can be super rewarding, and it's important to check back regularly if you're looking to get the most out of InboxDollars because the surveys are constantly changing along with the amount of the rewards those surveys can give you. Thank you InboxDollars!

Stopped Sending Me Surveys
Up until November 2017 I would have given this company an excellent review. Sure it is time consuming and annoying that you get disqualified from surveys but if you work at its legit. I was earning 40.00 a month. Them suddenly I had no more surveys. Each day prior I would log in and have 10 or 15 surveys and those would replenish during the day. There was maybe once in 2 years I logged in and no surveys. I chatted with them thinking something must be wrong with the site but was told that InboxDollars dont control who gets the surveys and I just must not qualify to please check back. Well I have been checking back for 3 months and still have never once had a survey. I chatted again and got the same response. I call bs. How can I go from that many surveys to none? I am the same person so suddenly there is no need for my input? This is ridiculous and I cant get a straight answer. I note on FB and Instagram several other longtime members posted the same exact situation with no response from them. I dont recommend this site. You have no way of knowing when you will be cut off. I also dont appreciate getting the run around from them on this issue. Clearly something happened on their end but they refuse to admit it.

Pretty great
For the most part this site is amazing. Sometimes InboxDollars have issues on the site and app then try to blame it on you that it isnf working. I sent them an email letting them know one of their rewards items was not working in the site and the app and they continues to blame it on me. Saying that it was on my end and that it had nothing to do with them. I continued to tell them that this wasn't true and I even sent them pictures of the said issue and they still blamed it on my end. Eventually they emailed me saying that the problem was being looked at and will be fixed shortly. But you know, it was my fault and on my end. Psh. Pathetic and a bunch of liars. I love this site but they better start taking responsibility on the problems that their app and site have and not blame it on the customer 100% of the time. This isn't the first problem that I've had with their site or app but yet, I'm the one to blame for the issues and it's never their fault. Start taking the blame because 9/10 times, it is on their end and NOT the customers end. It has me certainly close to ending things with this site that's for sure. I'm sure most of you have dealt with this issue from them putting the blame on you and not kn their site. I recently emailed them again with an issue that had occurred with their site/app and I haven't read the message back yet but I'm sure it goes something like "I'm sorry but we arnt seeing any issue on our end, please re-download the app and fix the issue yourself." Basically how every email goes from them. Lmfao. What terrible customer service from such a big company. That isn't what the customers want to hear. It isn't our fault every time their is an issue.

Depends on who you are...
One of the first survey sites I applied to, recommended by a Youtube personality. I get that my target demographic (16 year old unemployed student) doesn't appeal to most surveys, but it's like trying to hit the survey lottery here: 1 in a 100 survey options will cater to you. Some days, you can earn as much as $2, other days, you have to rely on the paid emails you get (which are worth about 2 cents apiece)... and for me, I don't like that inconsistency. I managed to cash out once (by giftcard) and am proceeding with this site since I already have $20.80 in my Goldmember account, but I will promptly unsubscribe after this. I highly recommend this site for people with PLENTY of patience. Otherwise, if you're like me, and like to cash out within deadlines (earning $30 in a month for example, which is around $1 a day), please do yourself a favor and go to Mintvine, Slicethepie, or Swagbucks instead. My Goldmember status doesn't speed my experiences here at all. To say the least, I'm disappointed with how tedious it can take to earn money here, but I guess those who are employed and between the ages of 18-35 get the luck of the hand here.

But... if you insist on ignoring my pleas, the quickest ways to earn sum earnings on inboxdollars are this:

-Winit code: Always follow ID on twitter, facebook, or instagram for the daily Winitcode. Sometimes you luck in with an extra 2 cents. (unpredictable, but I'll say about a penny per month)
-Daily Searches: Up to 15 cents a day for searches, plus the 5 cent bonus for searching 4/7 days (10 cents for Goldmembers. Overall, at least 5-10 cents per week)
- PeanutLab surveys: Only need to rely on these. Tapresearch and the other survey options will reject you till the end of time. A lot of the Peanutslab surveys have loose restrictions on target demographic as well. Try to complete at least 2 per day for an average of 25 cents apiece
-Paid emails: Just click the Confirm PaidEmail button (3 emails a day =. 6 cents)
-Offers: These are your ticket to getting big dollars here. Complete at least 1 every day/every other day for about 20-50 cents a day.

So your MINIMUM monthly earning would look something like:. 01+. 20+15.00+1.8+6= $23.01

This varies from person to person, and is grossly understimated, but I hope you understand that you should expect around this amount. Me, I can earn $30 a month from other sites without breaking my back to qualify for a handful of surveys available. But that's just me :) Two stars for ID because I am grateful I cashed out the first time.

They sell your info and I don't qualify for any surveys
1. InboxDollars sell your info. After a while, providing my info to third party survey sites ID directed me to, all of the disclaimers say they will keep my info private and won't contact me. After about a month I was getting about 40 calls a day, mainly from people asking for campaign donations to local assemblymen, congress people, state senators, and even presidential candidates. I was getting over 100 emails a day with special offers from random websites.

2. no longer qualify for surveys - started over a month ago, when the calls started. The surveys, at first, were fine, and i got up to $17. But then suddenly, i wasn't qualified for any survey. I checked daily, several times a day even, and tried every single survey. After being directed to third party sites, and after about 30 minutes each (asking if i'm republican, democrat, where I live, how much money I have in liquid assets, if I'm a home owner,) i was directed back to ID saying I didn't qualify for the survey. The "qualifying" questions seemed like I was taking a survey, "do you enjoy coca cola, how often do you buy groceries, what stores do you prefer, how often do you shop at one of these retail stores" but no, i just got directed back to ID, no earnings, just another chance to take another survey, only to be told 30 minutes later I don't qualify. My consolation prize... the phone calls and emails...

3. the cash offer scams - after not being qualified for any survey, the other option was completing a task from ID to earn $1.00, but it was a cash offer. It was a survey with a reward of a $100 target gift card. 45 minutes in, i was taken to a page stating I had to complete 1 offer, they were free, so I downloaded the rakuten app. Then it took me to another page where I had to complete a SILVER level offer, I chose, for $2 and that signed me up for a monthly subscription at $10 a month and now the customer service department is not responding to me about cancelling. Oh and get this, after I did that, I was sent to another page "WAIT, YOU'RE ALMOST DONE, YOU MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST 1 GOLD OFFER" the offers were $10-$20 per month and they were all for male virility sites. I have no need for that and I wasn't about to go through another issue with being locked into a monthly service... the result, no gift card, no $1.00 towards the $30 minimum, and a monthly subscription that is nearly impossible to get out of.

Recommendation, you could make more money, more quickly, by collecting cans.

Not one of the best
Updating review. I have been with I.D. for a little over a month & have made $17. Because I qualify for more surveys here, I make more money than I do with other survey sites. I am sure I would have made more if I didn't have 5 other survey sites I have to try to visit while I am online. I don't get online everyday. There are a few pros and lots of cons to this site. We all know that taking surveys can be tedious, and this site has options to play some of their cheesy games for a few cents here and there. The games give me a break from the tedious surveys and I enjoy them. InboxDollars also give money for using coupons through them. It is not a lot by any means, but what other survey site does that? Cents add up; don't you ever pick up pennies off of the ground? The cons on this site are signing up for supposedly free offers, it can lead to spam junk mail if you don't read the terms. I do not like spam junk mail. Nothing is actually "free" from any of the offers, minus some other survey sites. I cannot complete the bonus because I don't have FB. One big thing that concerns me is when I leave the tab for I.D. idling it creates a virus pop up window and that I do not like. I searched online to see if anyone else is experiencing that, but could not find anything. So if the virus thing happens again, I will block and unsubscribe from them.

Do not use inbox dollars Very risky
Ok this site does not only have their surveys on there. InboxDollars have surveys from other sites too. Some of the sites have a make your own survey feature. Which means that ANYBODY could be viewing your information after you send it in. Not all of the people who make these sites are market researchers and social scientists. Hell no! Some of them could be criminals, serial killers, rapists. Who knows? The reason why I'm telling you this is because I wish that someone had told me. I wish that looked up these websites at least to see if they were actually reputable. Don't be as stupid as I was. I urge you to take my word for it and not use this survey website. Also you'll get a ton of phone calls that you do not want. So it would be an awful decision and I can't believe I did any of their damn surveys! The customer service is crappy and they seem like they don't even want to deal with their customers. They just put any stupid company that wants to be put on their website on there because they get money from them. At the expense of their users. They don't care about their customers. They only care about the money. Please do not use this website. I don't even know why it even exists. I wish that it had never made it. I hope it goes out of business and that all of those people rot in hell for putting stuff from other websites on there that are not really in their user's best interest. I'd give this site a zero if I could.

Not once but twice in 2 years?!
Over the past five years I have had it pretty hard. Fortunately I was able to keep my phone. I tried to discover ways I could make some money using said phone. I discovered inbox dollars very easily online and thought "I like giving opinions, don't lie and thought I'll try it. The 5$ incentive screaming at me. I thought awesomesauce. Mind you this was almost two years ago. I start my account. Over period of 6 months frequently tried get surveys. I guess InboxDollars don't want to hear from white middle aged disabled poor people. Still I persevered. At roughly 8 months of building my balance ever so slowlly (never qualifying for surveys) finally I made almost enough to request my 10$. YOU MUST MAKE $10 BEFORE REQUESTING PAYMENT!
I was. 07 away from my $10. Logged in next time to find just one survey to request my $10. Inbox dollars wouldn't let me log in. Said password is wrong. Changed it. Opened app where it told me I hadn't logged in for over six months, balance. 00. Must now start over. I'm a slow learner. Figd well must just be a glitch. So start over again taking another several months to get my $10. This time. 03 away from my ten dollars after they sent me an email recommendation for sure would put me over my ten dollars. In middle of this survey did same thing again. Locked me out of my account and when finally got back into it. Told me haven't logged in for over 6 months, start over! What the actual f**k? Two times two years. $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 BASTOIDS! I could eat on that almost a month! I took it into consideration the first time. Now it's just plain stealing from people. Someone needs shut these thieves down!

Ok when I first joined about 3 months ago I was pretty...
Ok when I first joined about 3 months ago I was pretty content. Finally made that first whopping $30 cashout ($27 on a prepaid Visa after "processing fees") and reached a second $27 cashout. It is very hard to qualify for very many surveys. I think having kids gets you more surveys and my only kid is grown.So the good news is yes, there is tiny bits of money to earn on that site. Now for the bad.

I am bloody sick and tired of spending a half hour answering multiple pages of in-depth questions only THEN to be told 'We're sorry but you do not qualify for this survey" That's a load of BS. InboxDollars do not have to take up that much of your time and make you do that much work in order to figure out if you're a good candidate for any survey. It's plain and obvious they are getting all the data from you to use in their research, then refusing to pay you for it and there is no recourse for you when this happens. Sure it looks good that they have a "live chat" person on their site. Except for well... it's a bot that keeps cutting and pasting BS that is not even relevant to what you're asking.

Today, I was excited to get into a survey after getting rejected by 3 or 4. They wanted to access my web cam and capture my reaction to a 10 second video. Ok fine. When they want to do this supposedly only the researchers are ever going to see it and it won't be used for any other purpose, yada yada. So what's the harm right? I enabled my webcam, participated, then after they captured my reaction to something they had me answer some questions. Then guess what? Yep, they were sorry but I did not fit the criteria for the survey. That could have easily been ascertained BEFORE capturing my face on film. Clearly another case of "Let's get this poor poverty-stricken a-hole to jump through hoops and not even give her the lousy dollar she's trying to earn!"

That is a disgrace. Beyond unethical. And well, a load of B. S. And of course you cannot confront the cowards because as I said they are hiding behind a bot. I would stay clear simply because the frustration they will cause you will not override the few small payouts you will get.

It is legit
I signed up for Inbox Dollars at the end of September 2015, and I am halfway to the fourth check now (Nov. 15). Most of money was from surveys, although in the beginning I qualified for a lot of free offers. Perhaps I qualify more for surveys down some of the complaint te down some of the complaintants because of my demographic group – I am retired and until a few weeks ago worked part-time as well. I have also enjoyed the new videos section for mobile phones. DOWNSIDE: It's true that the search function is not as lucrative as it used to be, and that is disappointing. As for surveys, you could possibly spend 10 or even 15 minutes on a survey and it quits on you or it says you don't qualify. (I figure that Inbox Dollars itself gets paid for completed surveys, not partial ones, so InboxDollars have a vested interest in us completing them.) I have not had to use customer service, so no comment on that. The surveys do not pay as much as they used to – too bad. We need to work smarter, not harder. CONCLUSION: All of the survey sites take advantage of us, but we are willing saps. Inbox Dollars is one of the best as far as legitimacy and payout.

Not very honest in your advertising...
So, to be completely honest and nothing else but my pure opinion of my own experience, I feel like this is a fun page but definitely lacks the courage to tell the truth in it's advertising department. I had been down on my luck with my finances after being sick with covid and hospitalized over a month. While in there, I decided I would try and do something from my phone to at least get a few dollars a day to the ones caring for my children. I spent days and days researching the best, top of the list surveys. Every site I went to had this one at the top end. Saying it was one of the best and most money making app and fastest, instant payout! So I went ahead and signed up and got started and explored the site and got to work. While there is plenty of options on earning potential, surveys, polls, daily coupons and things of that nature, I will admit. But you don't and won't earn anything over 50 cent most of the time unless you snag a survey for $1.50 that's 45 minutes long and you're usually disqualified after the first 6 questions or when you're the very last of a group. I finally just figured that's the way stuff was going to be, so I worked even harder to get my $15. Small to some but a bunch when you have mouths to feed. So I decided not to hold it against anything with nothing to compare it to. The first payout took roughly 2 to almost 3 weeks to receive. So I figured ''ok, but I really needed this money that I was just being aggravating and it'll come any day. 3 weeks went by and finally I was able to receive my payout. I was then told that after the first payout, and everything was OK with my PayPal that I would be eligible for the quick $10 payout instead of having to wait. So naturally, that won me back! Well cashed out another the other day, and low and behold, it's been 4 days now and still nothing. My PayPal has no problems, is verified like it's supposed to and yet here we are again at square one. If you're going to keep and hold people's money for days before paying them their earnings, just say that in the advertisements. Quit saying you have the quickest and most instant payouts when clearly it's not. It should be something as simple as you hitting a button and that sends to my payout method right then. So to say I'm happy about the hours I've spent with this site and actually enjoyed my rewards for my time, I can't and won't. It's sad that you make so much money off of people doing these things and using cash as an incentive yet can't just get my money where it needs to go in a timely manner. Advertise that you won't pay someone until 4 or 7 days later so people don't sit on your site for hours doing things for cash to put food on their tables just to turn around and feel like it wasn't worth it and that you don't value your customers who make you the money. But this is my thoughts. Some may be ok with waiting days but I really depended on that at the time. It surely wasn't something I wanted to sit and do all day long. But it was going to help regardless. After this payout, I'm probably going to cancel my account. There are a lot of other sites who say InboxDollars are instant and quick with their payouts and actually mean it.

You won't get rich, but you can earn more than you think in a week.
I love this site for many reasons--but the main was is that even if you totally ignore surveys and offers, you can make a fair amount each week.

Want the WinIt code each day? There are Facebook groups to help with that. Max out the daily and weekly earnings from their search function. Use their coupons. Confirm those emails. Now, you can even install apps to make money.

It adds up more quickly than you think. And I periodically check the surveys, too, but that's extra. I spend a max of 30 minutes on the site throughout the day.

Use your brain, don't expect something for nothing, and you'll have some nice pocket change.

Do it safely, too.

I've made money on this site--but I took precautions at the start. I created an email adddress JUST to use for this site. As it was a Google address, I used that address to get a Google Voice number, and used that number whenever a phone number needed to be entered.

As a result, I avoided all phone and email spam entering my main account.

The precautions I took are ones you can take as well. And then take advantage of the fact that you CAN earn money from this site.

They terminate your account to keep Partner referral money you earned
Some people may have been paid, so InboxDollars may not be a complete scam, but InboxDollars is a dishonest company looking for every excuse to terminate your account and keep your share of the partner referral money you earned, on top of InboxDollars
Share of the referral money InboxDollars earn from partners for getting you to spend an hour for 25 cents etc.

InboxDollars doesn't care to keep you as a customer because they realize most people once they reach the minimum $30 payout won't continue, because the amount of time required to earn pitiful tiny sums isn't worth it, so revoke your earnings as you reach the threshold is an intentional part of their dishonest business model. They offer no explanation and no flexibility and no reasonable business practices.

Like many other reviews, I used the site properly but as I reached the minimum $30 payout threshold, they terminated my account with generic multiple choice possible reasons of using VPN / acting like a automated BOT / having multiple accounts - none of which was true, perhaps I accessed the account once or twice with VPN still enabled, but that didn't prevent them from earning their partner referral fees they partially share with me while I wasn't using VPN. They can block access to site while using VPN so they ensure proper tracking as you complete each offer. I earned offers while not on VPN, so accidental VPN access that doesn't impact any specific offer they earned through me becomes their dishonest way of stealing the bonus money from you. Support says they escalated to 2nd level support that will respond with an email in a few days, of course they don't.

Don't waste your time, you likely won't ever get paid and they pay per hour is a fraction of $1 per hour.

Not the same InboxDollars
I have been with InboxDollars for years doing the surveys and other activities and cashed out without any problems. That has all recently changed as the company has found its Mr. Hyde persona. InboxDollars began rolling out many new features at a quick pace. It created many bugs with the app and when I tried to question them about fixing the bugs by uninstalling features that caused the problems... their response was to deactivate my account and effectively stealing two $50 payments that were in processing to be paid to me as well as other money I had accrued and money in pending for completing activities. They have also done similar to many other users.
They must have new ownership/management for the sudden turn around in their competence to keep the app and all it's activities working correctly.
If they don't fix the bugs, reactivate accounts they killed off for no reason and compensate the people that held up their end of a business agreement and are due money... this company is looking at class action lawsuits and possible legal action from many states and the federal criminal system based on interstate fraud when they keep money due to their app users.
Stay away from the app. Let someone else waste their time until current and past users start changing their reviews from negative back to positive.

I must say I am over all please with my experience
I must say I am over all please with my experience. I became a member October 8th 2014. On November 7th I requested my first payment. I was anxious to see what would happens so I cashed out as soon as I reached 30. There was a 3 dollar processing fee which left me a 27 dollar check that processed November 19th. On November 25th I received and deposited my check. I'm currently over half way to my second payout. Its all worth it. I would highly recommend this website.

01/06/2014 UPDATE!

After posting my first respond I am extremely disappointed. I never received my second payment. I spoke with a live chat associate who told me I would have to pay a 5.00 fee if I didn't wait 30 from the day of payment requested. I waited the 30 days and contacted live support again. I told them I would now like to be issues a replacement check at this time. I was then told that I would be contacted by email in 2-3 days by someone who could assist me better. I do believe I am being given the run around and I'm no longer expecting any check to come in the mail. Too bad. I had such high hopes. I will let you all know what happens

Broken website
In short, this website is so broken. Ive only been using it for 24 hours, but from what Ive seen is this:

I have experience with sites like this. I originally uses Swagbucks and said screw it, because Swagbucks sucks. When I saw Penny Hoarders blog on this website, I thought to give it a try because InboxDollars actually give you money instead of stupid points.

I got the 5$ for signing up, which is cool. I knew instantly not to go for the surveys, because my experience from Swagbucks is that I dont qualify for any survey, and that theyll only spam my email. And the one survey that I took on InboxDollars took me to a site that looked hella sketchy.

So I went for the TV section. It was easy enough; I just throw it on in the background as I work on whatever else. But then I started to see problems.

Too many freaking ads. They have too many ads on the page, which screws with the page trying to load. So I have to keep constantly hitting refresh. Thankfully, my progress towards the Scratch to Wins isnt lost. (I also have an issue with those though).

Also, for some reason the page has a fascination with the ad thats directly below the video player. So much so that it will move the page down, away from the video player ON ITS OWN EVERY TIME A NEW AD LOADS. So if you are actually trying to watch the junk theyre showing you, you have to fight with the page to keep the video in view.

Now, my other problem. The Scratch to Wins. The bar fills up as you do things on the site, which is cool. But my issue is that the amount of things you have to do to reach the next tier increaces every tier. Which, would be fine but the prizes dont scale either. Yes, you have a chance to win 10$, 25$, or even 100$, but the minimum prizes dont scale, so you can get only a penny for waiting to scratch your chance to win 100$. So all of that time is wasted, screwing around with the website, for a penny. Itd be fine if the minimums scaled from. 01$ on the 10$, 0.10$ on the 25$, and 0.5$ on the 100$. But nope. I took the 100$ three times and got nothing above 0.05$. Which is ridiculous. Im not expecting a huge payout from this site, but if youre going to increase the number of videos you have to watch to reach the next tier, make it worth while, and make the site bearable to use.

And dont think that you can just sit and play games to earn cash, either. The games InboxDoller had linked to it are games you have to pay to play. They do offer cash back, though consideing what this site is I wouldnt even bother.

So, Id give it a 5/10. Do not use if you get easily angered by ad bombarded, easily broken, and cheap websites.

Easy and there are so many ways to earn!
I have been with Inbox dollars for about 15 years and I love this site. There are so many ways to earn, from getting emails, search bar(in inboxdollars), games, daily poll, videos and a daily to do list. The surveys pay pretty good and InboxDollars have a lot of surveys you can take if you don't qualify for some. The surveys are pretty easy for the most part. If you work at it and do the daily list and surveys, you can make money fast. They just updated their rewards system and you can cash out with a few different gift cards at 10 dollars, the rest of the gift cards are 30 and 50 cash out. (yeah that is a little high, luckily the ones i get are 10 dollars cash out) They have PayPal too, i love this. They also have cashback shopping. Overall I really enjoy this site for making a few bucks here and there, I highly recommend for all, i think this is a great beginners(survey, site as well as any others. When you sign up for the first time they give you a bonus cash amount. I cant remember exactly but it will tell you and explain everything to you as you go. I love this site! I hope i am with them another 15 years.

Legit app
This app is definitely legit and I posted proof but there are some things that should be considered. For e.g. having surveys that aren't always going to say I don't qualify but ONLY after making me answer dozens of questions & wasting my time. Also shouldn't make redeeming winnings through PayPal impossible. No other apps require the strange things this app does so I've never been able to get cash even though I'm a verified PayPal user with linked bank account. The scratch off section is super annoying because even after filling the bar to have a chance at a higher winning, I still haven't seen anything past. 10 cents in the entire time I have played. I had to literally be on my phone for weeks at a time and ALL DAY in order to get that total of 100$. There just seems to be too many hoops to jump through. I'm a disabled woman that can't work so I'm trying my hardest to be able to have all my needs because 529$ monthly from ssdi goes straight to my rent so I get left going crazy the rest of the month trying to make a miracle happen. I've given myself migraines from being on the phone so many hours daily just to get to 50 bucks at some point. Trust me I'm grateful and hey it is free but you have to be really careful because many offers say free but then you click on it and see that you have to make in app purchases which is absurd. Some of us use apps like these because we truly are having a rough financial situation. So I Give 4 stars only because I do genuinely believe the survey section has surveys too long for small incentives and/or the individual trying to do a survey never qualifies but only finds out after a series of answered questioned that lead to a message in the end stating "Sorry you don't qualify... try another survey." You try another survey then same thing. I promise you that the only real way to make something on here is by damn near living on the app lol. Yeah that's pretty sad for me but I'm trying to scrape crumbs together to survive. Overall I'm still going to recommend it and hope InboxDollars consider making some positive changes and maybe increasing incentives for surveys OR decreasing the time period from 15, sometimes 120 mins to maybe 5 minute surveys. You will see more people participate and even more so if the incentive seems worth it and not have set hiiiiiiigh goals on it. Imagine reaching 169 levels on a 170 level goal mark and realizing u wasted 2 weeks playing a game in order to win and then get not even 5 bucks for the effort But again this is legit and I have posted proof. I don't have a real life lol so I make this by spending a whole lot of time on whatever I qualify for.

Googling InboxDollars will bring up mixed reviews
Googling InboxDollars will bring up mixed reviews. As with Cashcrate, InboxDollars, which is owned by CotterWeb Enterprises, works using offers and surveys. The surveys are considered impossible to qualify for, as the survey companies are very specific in the demographics from whom InboxDollars want information.

With InboxDollars, users earn five dollars for joining and can cash out at thirty dollars. Other than offers, users also receive paid emails, which pay two cents just for clicking them, plus hundreds of addictive games, also with a cash payout. Many users have reported dedicatedly playing their favorite games for several weeks, before realizing that no money has been added to their account. Upon inquiring with the support center, users are typically told that InboxDollars is not responsible and that payment will happen if and when the game hosts ever confirm their having played.

The offers aren't any better, though they are more attractive, as many do not require credit card information in order to be considered complete. However, once an offer is completed InboxDollars closes the page, leaving no record of it having been completed. Many complaints have been submitted by users claiming to be owed credit on numerous offers on which they wasted valuable time and offered up their email for spam. Again, contacting the support center seems to be fruitless, and many are met with rude responses from scammers whose job is to absolve InboxDollars from all responsibility towards the user.
Finally, of those who have made it to the thirty dollar payout threshold, many have complained that upon requesting their payment, InboxDollars mysteriously canceled their accounts and their money was lost.
In conclusion, InboxDollars appears to be a scam, with its main aim to collect email address to sell to third parties, leaving the user with nothing but an inbox full of spam to show for their efforts.

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