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Fast service and great customer service
Instructions for packing the box were very clear and that part was easy. Pricing was a little confusing. I did not see the fine print about $14.99 "per 50 feet of film", so the actual cost turned out to be 3x what I estimated per roll of film. The 30% off for sending the box in within 2 weeks of receiving it helped reduce that shock. There was a problem with framing some of the films and I called about that. Fantastic that an actual, knowledgeable person in Scottsdale answered the phone. She pulled up my videos quickly and looked at them and took care of it at their expense. In another few days, all was completed and corrected. The website is very well designed and easy to use. I ordered 5 thumb drives and that was delivered within a week of the order. Cost is worth it, to be able to see these precious old family memories again, and know iMemories are now preserved and easy to share with younger family members.

Memories review
The digitizing is great but I haven't figured out a way to get into my photos yet. I can arrange the pics in their albums and add a pic from an album to another album.
Have more work to do with it. Also once you label or put info on the photos in imemories - that information does not go with the photo if you download to DVD or thumb drive. I have found right now that I need to pay for the memories iCloud in order to keep the info on the photos. Wish I would have known that from the beginning. Overall a good service. I didn't want to buy a machine to scan all my photos in - close to 1000 that I chose to digitize.

IMemories Review
I love that I have my pictures, but was disappointed in the price, it was really expensive and like there is no credit or pro rating for videos that only had a few videos on them.
I had 59 little vhs tapes and not all them had full use. So I paid $19.00 for a few videos that had less than an hours worth of video and one only had 14 minutes on it, so I was hoping for some type of credit. I still have the regular vhs tapes that I would like to get done too. The quality of work was excellent. Just wish it was more affordable to recommend it to others.

My other shock was that when it advertised I would always have access to my videos to share forever. I didn't realize it came with a monthly fee. I paid over $800.00 and only get to view them for 60 days without charge I haven't even got to look through them all and I will lose them if I don't get the download on to something else….

I feel this is not a service available to everyone.

High Quality and Quick Turn Around
We were very leery trusting our memories to just anyone. There were so many high ratings and reviews for iMemories that we decided to go with them. Submitting our video tapes was easy, iMemories include simple instructions and offer free shipping from time to time. Created a login and before we knew it, we had emails letting us know some of our videos were available for viewing and before the expected completion date. As the videos came in we saw they took great care in ensuring top quality. We couldn't be more pleased. I know there are other places with lower prices and maybe even Groupon but our memories, just like yours, are priceless. It took a lot to trust a company with the lives of our children and those that have passed from our lives but they certainly have earned it. Recommend 100%.

Exactly as promised, good communication and great customer service
Everything went smoothly and exactly as promised. I was so nervous putting all the videos of our four children growing up in a box and shipping it off, but everything got there safely and was returned safely. IMemories sent an email when the box arrived at their location and when they were returning my originals. It has been so much fun to look through our memories as I have been downloading them and burning CD's for our children. Some tapes came out better than others, I am sure due to the condition of the original tape received. They couldn't convert two of our DVD's because they said there was mold on the tape. That was disappointing, but not their fault. Overall I was thrilled that it all went as promised and we have our memories in a format that will preserve them and keep them safe for us, our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

The process of sending them my memories to finally seeing them digitized took a bit of time. However, when I was able to see them, I am happy with the results. I am able to upload them to my computer so that I may watch them when I want. My only concern, is their communication was one email telling me that my videos were ready and that I would get my videos returned in 2-3 weeks, but no notification that iMemories have shipped them back or a way for me to track their return. I would have given more stars had my memories been returned before this review. *** Since this review, I have been contacted by the company and they addressed my concerns. They sent my videos back, along with tracking info. I received all of my videos today!

Excellent work and careful handling of my negatives in the return box
My first contact with imemories was easy to complete via their clear instructions. After the work was completed on my negatives and returned, I was overwhelmed by the careful work that went into developing the best pictures from the old negatives using the latest tech. Developing equipment.
My second box of developed negatives arrived exactly like the first batch: Beautiful and very well developed. I had a question as to "Why a DVD was not incorporated in this box as it was in the first order."? I submitted this email request on May 23, Sunday & on the morning of Monday, May 24th. My request was answered by Kristin, a member of the Customer Service Team. The response was cordial, very well delivered and completely explained the mechanism in which to place my order for a DVD.
Overall, I am totally satisfied with the way your company does business and for the excellent Customer Service provided.
For the above reasons, I will continue to do business with you.

Digitizing Home Movies from the 1950s
IMemories is very easy to use; you send them your old home movie films (or even old VHS home movie tapes) and within a short time (a couple of weeks) iMemories send you a notice that your films are done, and you go out to their site and download them. (Or they will send you a USB drive with them on it, as well.) Their quality is very good, especially considering these 8mm home movies are more than 60 years old, and haven't been stored under ideal conditions! So, yeah, they're a little grainy and some have scratches on the images, but it's at least as good as you'd get from a film projector that hardly anyone has anymore. And once your films are done, they send the originals back to you (with a prepaid label to send them some more if you have more to be digitized). We've been doing that, having them digitize a couple of large (7") reels of home movies every month, to spread out the expense of digitizing them. Plus, once they are digitized, they are very easy to share with other family members, wherever they may live! So everybody gets to see moving images of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and all.

Excellent Product and Customer Service
Over the last year I have submitted over one hundred VHS and VHS-C tapes for transfer to digital format. Throughout the process I've been able to readily contact iMemories and work with a very professional staff to redo several segments that needed some adjustment. IMemories were very eager to assure my satisfaction with the final product. Every aspect of the process from initial shipping of cassettes to iMemories, order documentation, viewing of transferred video, to return shipment of the videos to me has been exacting, professional, and efficient. IMemories cloud based presentation of the files (in addition to providing on media if desired) makes the review and sharing of videos quite a simple process. Great team, service and product at iMemories.

This was such a good idea and glad I did it. I would say the only thing I'd recommend is when you say the cost is $14.99 stick to it. I got the box immediately sent it back, then once my tape was received I was notified and then it was another $24.99. Just give the option of what you want up front $40 to convert and download that is it. When I ordered the box it said convert any tape for $14.99 and that was false.

The conversion was fine but had to chat with customer service a few times because it would download after I paid the $24.99.

I would use them again if needed but I'd get all the cost up front first.

Treasured Memories
I am thrilled with the outstanding work done by iMemories, on converting my VHS tapes to digital format. Their service was 10 out of 10. It was incredibly easy for me to send my items over, have the conversions done and then uploaded to my account. My family and friends were delighted to be able to view these treasured memories right on their mobile device. This is such a brilliant concept. I am so happy that I spent a small investment on my family's memories. I am now able to watch 50 years of history on my phone, laptop or tablet. I was also able to download all of the MP4 formats to my hard drive so that I will have a copy forever. Thank you and congratulations to the folks who developed and designed this incredible piece of technology.

A picture is worth a thousand words
It was a great experience to see family long gone in moving pictures not seen in decades and some of them, never. I had planned to digitalize the film "one day" that my parents had in the top of their closet. My father received a terminal diagnosis in March this year and suddenly it became very important to me to do it NOW. I was so praying the images would be returned "before it was too late" as his memory quickly fades. He now has the movies loaded on his iPad and can watch whenever he wants. He has images that include old friends, his children, wife and himself "back in the day AND images of HIS parents. WHAT A GREAT gift! It has truly been a wonderful experience!... now to do my own!

No Non-sense Get It Done Company
I was completely freaked sending my 35 plus years of VHS and 8mm family memories. The shipping and following was the hardest part; it was good, slow, and once iMemories received the package, I was relieved. Production time to convert was quite good, and the communication was excellent. Once iMemories transformed the videos to digital, they were put up in your own account, and then the fun began! WoW... things you forgot and moments that last a lifetime can be watched with ease from any device. There were a couple of video-tracking issues due to age, and I brought it to their attention, and within days, they were able to correct them. Once they confirmed that all videos were viewed and satisfactory, the originals are returned, which I just received yesterday. Overall, my experience with iMemories was exceptional. I am preparing to send my parent's old film from the early '60s, and 70's to be converted next. That will be a real treat to share!

IMemories is a 1st rate experience from the beginning to the end, At first, I thought, this has to be "too good to be true" but I really had nothing to loose. I sent in the precious reel to reels of my mother and her sister as toddlers and held my breath. IMemories made every single step of the process so easy and I felt as ease that I had put something so irreplaceable into their hands. Their directions were clear and uncomplicated and iMemories communicated with me every step of the way. Images of loved ones that were lost forever came alive again even for just brief moments. My 90 year old mother felt 2 years old again as she watched the lost memories from her childhood. What a gift!
Chris Marvel-Loskot

Very pleased with this service!
I had boxes of memories which included VCR tapes & mini DVs that I was given to hold for the ENTIRE FAMILY. After sitting on them for years worrying about their deterioration, I found iMemories online just at the right time! I had lots of tapes that took while but were able to successfully convert them digitally so I could share with family. Only thing I struggled with is playing them off their server. I posted a link on FB & it was slow and spinning. Ended up having to download and then upload to YouTube. But, I am so thankful that I have all of these options - play live, download, make copies if you want them to do that as well. I will be sending more tapes soon!

Great Customer Service!
I recently had negatives for our entire collection family pictures digitized. These were added to the collection of family videos I digitized last year. IMemories reps were ready with answers to all my questions. I had conversations with reps before, during and after submission of the family videos and picture negatives. Each interaction was pleasant and professional. Next up are all the school and team pics. Knowing that our family memories are now safely stored and easily accessible is wonderfully comforting. At some point I plan to organize the collection and send jump drives to the kids.

Priceless Home Videos converted to digital
This was my second time around with iMemories. I had about 65 tapes sent in to have all converted to digital. Overall, I had a great experience with iMemories! It felt like Christmas every time I opened a new album in which I forgot. It was very nostalgic... brought back so many wonderful memories from the past. It's so wonderful to have these priceless digitals to watch over and over... forever and to see beloved relatives who are no longer with us. I have 3 kids and am so glad and blessed to have videotaped them at many milestones, special occasions, and just because... just priceless. Thank you iMemories!

Don't procrastinate- it's easier than you think!
I put off transferring home movies from VHS to digital for too long because I thought it would be a big undertaking. I was so wrong! Here's how it goes:
1)Order a prepaid shipping box from iMemories.
2)While you wait gather all your home movies.
3)Put movies in said box then drop off at FedEx.
4)In a few weeks you receive notification that your order is ready. Pay for your order. Watch your movies online.
That's how easy it was! You don't have to try and put them in number order or organize them in any way. You can edit and name once iMemories are transferred.
Just get it done so they don't deteriorate any further.
Now I am viewing and saving them to multiple flash drives so they are safe. I can watch them on my computer or TV.
Very Important! If you don't save your online videos elsewhere you will have to pay for online storage. If you don't you will lose your videos.
Oh, and they notify you that they are returning your originals. Tracking email states they will be here in a few days.
I am very happy with my experience as it was so simple, timely, and professional. It was a reasonable price considering the time they spent on my project and the great outcome. No complaints, just a happy customer who now has easy access to my home movie memories. This would make a great gift!

This service is exactly what I was looking for. We have dozens of old VHS tapes from the 1980s of our family containing so many precious memories of family members who have since passed. For the past 10 to 15 years iMemories were just old tapes we could no longer enjoy as our VHS player died long ago. They are not made any more so I could not transfer the video to digital at home by myself (like I would even have the skill or the time to that at home). I was so fortunate to discover Imemories offered that service for under $12 per tape. They made it so easy! I got the shipping box, filled it, and mailed it at FEDEX. Done! A couple of weeks later I got an email with detailed easy to follow steps to find our family treasure digitized on their cloud. It was easy to download and store on thumb drives to share with family members. Everyone was thrilled to see family members again and warm in their memories. I am extremely very satisfied and thrilled Imemories offers this amazing service at such a terrific value. Very grateful!

Customer Relations
Every I-Memories representative I have spoken with have been helpful, patient and friendly. Just recently I spoke with Lorraine. I asked if my albums could be but on a thumb drive and external hard drive. Lorraine said my albums could be downloaded on a external hard drive, and I-Memories would ship a hard drive to each of my 4 children if that was my request. She answered all my questions and discussed other options. Another positive benefit when contacting I-Memories by phone is whenever I was placed on hold, I could request a call back. I never waited more than 3 minutes for a call from a friendly representative. GREAT customer service.,

I didn't think I would stop crying
My dad was filmed 1 time b4 he passed away. It was 1989. The vhs tape went missing right after. I have been searching for it for 32 years. I found a couple unmarked tapes & took a chance & sent them in. I had not heard my dads voice in 32 yrs & it was so overwhelming I cried throughout the tape. My Nephew was also born later that day, only we, of course didn't know that. Seeing it was 1 of the happiest days of my life. I feel like I have my wise cracking, nobody is better than my dad, in the whole world, back. It's priceless. I wouldn't trust anyone but Imemorys! Perfection is hard to achieve but iMemories did.

Thanks For Our Family Memories
It has been so long since we heard some of our family member's voices and these movies have my Dad who passed telling stories at a Christmas gathering of the family and my brother is there too. My niece, who passed is in many videos, and it helps to see her again. My granddaughter can show her children what she looked like as a toddler singing and experiencing her Christmas and Easter surprises. Our trip to Yellowstone is remembered with all the wildlife! Some of the videos were so damaged that iMemories were almost lost forever that we are so grateful to you for saving them for us. Now our family can enjoy them and I can share them on DVD as gifts.

I'm confused
I'm confused. Your website does not make it clear what the process is for using your service. I am GUESSING that I first have to send you my materials either using my own box or your shipping box, and then maybe you'll let me know what to do from there, and how much it will cost? On your website it is NOT clear what happens after I order your shipping box. This kind of customer confusion leads to inaction. I have known about your service for more than 10 years but have never used it until now because - even with more than 35 years computer experience - I could not figure out HOW to use your service. What if I have TWO VHS tapes? What then? This kind of confusion has kept me from being your customer for more than 10 years. How many others are in the same boat?

Very pleased!
I couldn't be happier with the results of my digitized memories that I sent to iMemories! My initial reason for submitting any old videos was to come up with a unique gift idea for my Dad's 90th birthday. I not only made him happy, but you should have seen all my sisters sitting around with tears in our eyes an laughter abounding while we enjoyed watching with him. We were able to go back 30 years to family gatherings & then enjoy videos taken over the last 10 & 20 years. My only regret is not having done this prior to my mom passing last year. I know she Seoul's have taken so much pleasure from viewing these! The very best part is that I could easily download my dad's gift onto a memory stick for each of my sisters! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Excellent customer service
After having a very old VHS tape digitized, the portion that I was hoping to preserve did not wind up online. After hearing about this from a review, the imemories Customer Service rep, Patty, contacted me immediately. She had me send the tape back and went over a specific part of it again with her team. Unfortunately, the quality of the tape was terrible, yet iMemories still managed to salvage a portion of the segment I was looking for. I was truly impressed with the outstanding customer service and dedication to detail from the imemories crew. I would strongly recommend using their expertise when converting your old items to digital form. Rodney Hill

Alert to those at iMemories on shipping of returned media
I just wanted to let iMemories know that FedEx delivery security does not live up to what iMemories advertise. I was told that the media return shipment would require me to home and to provide a signature for the delivery. Turns out that I was home at the time the delivery truck arrived. The person simply dropped off the box on my front porch just like any other shipment and then left. This was very concerning for me since if the delivery person had made a mistake and dropped off this package at the wrong address I would have lost all my memories. Very disappointing that FedEx is not doing what they say. Also, it was inconvenient to stick around the house waiting for the delivery only to discover that my presence wasn't necessary. Thought you should know...

Great Memories to Cherish!
IMemories was great to work with on digitizing our VHS and VHSC tapes, prices were reasonable, and website is easy to navigate. Our children and grandchildren have loved viewing these old movies and reminiscing about their childhood. We had couple of issues on particular tapes but when I called iMemories were wonderful to get those issues resolved promptly and to insure we were happy with the service. I purchased the yearly plan for storage so that the rest of the family could access the tapes as well and felt it was a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend this company if you want to preserve old movies or pictures.

Waste of money
Even though in hindsight it is my fault I did not realize I only had 30 days to access the photos and videos. I only ended up downloading a small set of the pictures, and that seems to mean I no longer have access to the rest. I realize when you sent me the email you indicated I had a free trial to access the pictures. That was never indicated upfront when I sent the order in originally, or at least I never saw it. I just wasted a lot of money for no good reason. I sent an email asking if there was anything I could do to still access the pictures, and videos but did not get a response. Never again!

Easy and fun
I found some old miniature video cassettes we were no long able to watch due to lack of/outdated equipment. So, we sent them off to iMemories, along with two VHS tapes (one from 1986 and one from 1996 - both wedding videos for my sister and myself.) iMemories did an amazing job enhancing and converting to digital our special memories. Although the conversions weren't perfect from the VHS to digital, iMemories were definitely better than watching the VHS. I understand they did the best they could with what we sent - and we were pleased. We were able to download each conversion easily from the cloud and onto our computer, discs and our own cloud space with no issues. What a treat it was to see never-before-seen family videos from when my children were babes. Thank you, iMemories!

Even better than I hoped!
I'm completely impressed with the services provided by iMemories in every way. From the smooth process of shipping out the original tapes, to the quick turnaround time, quality of video conversion, everything was excellent. I was worried because some of my 40+ tapes were quite old (30+ years) and that the tape may have deteriorated over time, but iMemories was able to salvage almost all of it. My family was ecstatic to see the old videos come back to life, and now that we have it all on digital it's even easier to organize and share going forward. Their price was also more than fair compared to the limited alternative options, but I couldn't imagine going any other route after this experience. Highly, highly recommended!

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