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Great applicant traffic generator
IHire has definitely given us a boost in applicant traffic for the positions we've posted, but the quality of the applicants hasn't been as great as we were hoping for. However, we just started using the platform and are hopeful this will change over time.

I hired from iHire
I used both Indeed and iHire. Indeed posted the position immediately and I received many potential qualified candidates. I could easily read their resumes and letters of introduction if iHire included one. I could also go back to the email link of the candidate and retrieve the information I was looking for. IHire posted several days later. The ease of accessing potential candidates' resumes and applications was not as easy - it was cumbersome. However, the person I hired came from iHire - well qualified and seems to be a perfect fit for the position.

I'm conducting a job search and I found what I thought...
I'm conducting a job search and I found what I thought was a great match and clicked through to one of the ihire family of websites. When I tried to apply for the job I found out that I would have to pay for a membership in order to do so. Am I glad I checked for complaints on the business before giving my credit card info. There were many complaints of inproper charges.

I elected to try to contact the hiring company directly, which I was able to do. On the third call I reached, Wanda, the person who does the hiring company's job posting. Not only had she never posted on an ihire site, the posting was over a month old and had already been filled.

My recommendation to job searchers: be wary of ihire and paying for their services.

My experience with IHire
My company has only been utilizing iHire for approximately a month. We have already made one hire and have another pending. This tool is well worth the price we paid. I love that it's targeted recruiting, and industry specific. I can search for exactly what I need. I couldn't be happier!

I cannot say enough about the support as well. My Relationship Manager is top notch!

Molly Floyd is Exceptional!
Molly Floyd is an EXCEPTIONAL Account Manager. She listens to her clients, and helps them. She follows through and cares. She makes everything easy! I've been dealing with many Account Managers during Covid, and Molly is clearly the BEST Account Manager we have dealt with. Just wanted you to know how awesome she is. Please feel free to call me if you want anymore information.

I need help and you have provided it
Very good help with finding a job in a very specific and newly slim market, I feel discriminated against per age and the one interview I had was not frim this site and I decided I would need additional with the interviews and getting a job without having to move frorm where I currently live.

Another scam
Looking for a job go to your website and if you want to apply for a job you have to pay $1 if I'm unemployed how do you think I have a dollar every time you talk to her rap the only thing that happens is you have multiple college is calling you to go back to school no job false advertisement

Run away. Don't walk.
SCAM. Do not waste time or money on this "job service" website. Employers and potential employees both get charged. The whole premise does not work. No food service employee will pay to find an employer. So there are no candidates using the site! Also under NO circumstances give them credit card information. IHire retain it and auto renew your "subscription plan" without telling you. Then when you catch it and call them on it they say "our system" won't let us refund your money. Just wire cash to Nigeria if you want to get robbed!

Occupational Therapist
Tier-1 level of excellence. From on boarding to custom resume services. I can't recommend Ihire therapy enough.

Be sure and take advantage of their career counseling services especially during the recent tough times all therapists have experienced. These people genuinely care about you and want to help you acheive your dreams and goals.

This site makes not sense what so ever. Why would I pay $1-$25 just review the job? The fact there are quite a few free sites made me cancel my membership. As soon as iHire said pay a dollar, I cancelled. There is no way. I have been using free sites since they were created and I am not about to start paying for them or any other site. In order for me to pay for a site like this, the job posting has to be up to date, a lot of jobs to choose from, and strong possibilities of employment. Ihire has none of this.

Using this gets you qualified candidates
First time using this site.

Pros: In one month we received 40+ resumes. 30+ were qualified. I always expect when I post a job on the web that I will receive some resumes that I look at and say "I do not know what job you are applying for but it is the one I posted." I needed a new controller to replace mine of 23 years for my small firm of 33 people. Turns out we hired the first applicant from although we interviewed others.

Cons: I was unable to determine how to set up filters so I did not receive applications from 500 or 1,000 miles away. As a small firm I am in not position to offer relocation funds or pay the expense of someone flying in for an interview. I set up 6 screening questions. It did not appear there was a way to easily immediately recognize the people who did not properly answer these questions. Yes there is a "score" but a lower score is only an indication of something. Another site I also used, I will not name it as I have no idea if my review will be rejected because of that, offered better screening features so I could spend less time screening out those not meeting my requirements.

Result: I would use this site again regardless of what I see as its limitations.

Human resources
If I could give a zero star I would! Every job that I see in my area does not exist! When you go to the company website, the jobs are in different states even though the jobs are listed in a specific area. An example is two jobs that were listed on the site as White River Junction, VT - iHire were not in VT! They are in CA one was in OH - this site is such as waste of time and so very frustrating for a working professional!

They block some of the positions
IHire block some positions from view (they call them "premium positions"), and solicit a fee to be able to see them. I agree with an earlier assessment, I don't think it proper to try to charge a fee to people who don't have a job. Also (from some of the employer reviews I'v seen), it seems the employer side of their client base isn't too happy with them either.

Absolutely no useful value for Premium Membership
I tried premium membership for one month ($25), and it proved to be absolutely useless. All of the job postings I was interested in just redirected me to external, free websites. Basically, postings that can be found on Monster, Indeed, etc. Complete waste of money and misleading - this did not provide any inside edge. Under no circumstance did I have any phone or on-site interviews stemming from this site; all of my interviews have come from other avenues. So what is the point of Premium? Complete scam, cancelled my subscription today and may go to my credit card company to file a dispute for the charge.

Hiring an associate attorney
IHire was integral in helping us find quality candidates for our Associate Attorney position. Though everything could be done online, the staff were absolutely willing to jump in and go above and beyond to assist. We will absolutely utilize iHire again (in fact, we just posted a new position after filling the 1st). Thank you iHire and Laurie Ballow!

I consistently had problems logging in... the site included outdated jobs (WAY outdate)... never saw a listing that I had not already seen elsewhere. Then iHire billed me $75 to renew (don't know where they got that number because membership is only supposed to be 25-35). As soon as I saw the charge, I requested that the account (which I had not used since I found no value) was cancelled and the charge refunded. What did I get - a big NO. They said I paid and could enjoy the rest of the USELESS membership - they refused to refund. DO NOT USE - YOU WILL BE CHARGED HIGH UNAGREED TO AMOUNTS FOR AN EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE.

**UPDATE - While I did not find their service useful in my career search, they finally did reach out and agreed to refund the $75 "renewal" fee that they had charged and I had requested refunded. They made that right.

Difficult user experience for job seekers
I must say that I didn't ever find anything of value from iHire. I'm a technical project manager, so I understand technology. I find the site experience to be somewhat of a "bait and switch" experience. If you find jobs you're interested in, it's not clear to you that you'll be charged until you click on Apply. I would be much more interested in dealing with a company that was transparent about their business model before I got so deep into the process.

Also, I just landed a contract and tried to remove myself from notifications from the site. I found that process difficult and frustrating. Remember, I'm technical, and if it's difficult for me, most people will find it difficult.

From my perspective, iHire has shot themselves in the foot with this model. I'm not impressed with the search process, and frustrated with the unsubscribe process, so overall, it's a negative experience for me. I won't be using this service again, and will warn my network not to use it.

There were so many candidates, I couldn't keep up!
After posting our Nuclear Medicine Technologist on our website with no luck, I decided to give IHire a try. As soon as the posting went "live" we were flooded with qualified candidates! There were so many, the hiring manager had to put them in groups of 4 with 3-4 excellent candidates in each group! We started with the ones who lived closest to the area first.

Amanda has been great but the majority of candidates have been disappointing
Hi there,

I gave iHire a try since I was told that you have a vast pool of clinicians that you target. I am recruiting for licensed clinical social workers and physicians. If you look at the first several candidates I received, iHire not even in the health field! I recommend that your systems gets deal breaker prescreening questions so employers can only received qualified people at least based on their answers. I did hire a much needed therapist in WDC so I was please that the result I needed in WDC happened. It felt lucky however given the rest of the applicant pool who were not even therapists. My feelings are mixed about the reliability of the results your search service can produce. Amanda has been amazing however and really helped me get my ads and company page set up so at least I knew I was doing the best I could on my end.

Great resume writing
I had worked for the same company for 35 years and never really had a resume. Val and Sidney were great at writing and preparing a much better resume than I could put together on my own. I have applied for many jobs with that resume and have had employers reach out to me when looking at my resume. A great experience all around.

I had a e-mail saying that the company wanted to have a phone interview, That was a good thing! But iHire never put a phone number on the message... So I emailed them back to ask for the phone number... they emailed me back but from a deferent email address the phone number, but because it wasn`t from the same email that had you company name on it, I missed it. Its a good thing they did email me when they wanted to know why I missed my interview that I had to google the place and contact them. Maybe you should put in recommendation when someone uses your service that it should be done so we as job looking People can have an easier time looking for a great job and easier experience.

Qualified Candidates
I collaborated with iHire to find an accounting position and it was an easy and helpful experience.
There were many qualified candidates on their database. Unfortunately, I didn't find my hire on the site but the decision was made between an iHire candidate. I like the scores that iHire give you about the prospect and the way the platform is set up.
Overall positive experience, would use in the future for another accounting and finance position.

This Outfit Sucks
It is totally useless. After paying for premium membership, I received nothing. IHire are crooks. When I tried to cancel, they said they didn't know me and that I had made no purchases. The phone number given to contact them doesn't work either. Avoid theses $#*!s.

Easy application to use, wonderful options
I have used virtually all the different job sites available, this was by far, my favorite. It was easy to use and it used my work experience in a current, results driven manner. I loved how it turned my resume and work experience into a well formatted, user friendly review of me and my set of qualifications for the prospective employer to see who I was and what I could do for their company. Definitely recommend it.

Very satisfied
iHire produced many leads in my field in moderately rural area. I found the use of their resume rating system extremely helpful, which appeared to closely mirror the screening process used by HR departments--definitely giving me a competetive edge as a "senior" applicant.

Not very impressed with iHire
We are currently using Zip Recruiter, Indeed and iHire. Of the three services, ihire produces the very fewest candidates and even more importantly the least number of qualified candidates. I have spoke to an iHire representative and iHire were not very helpful. We are very disappointed in their service.

Not what I expected
I was told that iHire was " not the same as Indeed because you actually get resumes pertain to what you are looking for." I received far less applicants than I was told I would receive and maybe 1 out of 10 matched what I was looking for. I would not use iHire again.

Very impressed
The IHire site has been very helpful in organizing my job search, giving great advise, showing me jobs that am interested in. The resume review has been very instrumental in making a more viable candidate. No other recruiting website I have seen comes close.

It was ok
Good service, easy sight, main problem is that most of the applicants had no experience and couldn't even figure out why iHire were applying for a Tech job. We asked for experienced candidates and most had never worked a minute in a vet hospital. If not for the hefty price tag would have been more value.

My wife sent me a link for I hire what a rip off
My wife sent me a link for I hire in this case it was printing. I seen many jobs I was interested in and when I clicked on the likk it said pay 1 dollar for 3 days to unlock the job after the 3 days it was going to be 25 dollars a month. If you know what you are doing you can find most of these jobs on the website for the company. This site is a rip off do your home work and don't give these people any money.

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