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If you want to buy a league account from this site. Just dont
Basically i bought an account and it was working fine and i liked it, after the 15 days of guarantee passed the owner of the account changed the email and the password, i tried to talk to them and IGVault said that the 15 days passed and they cant do anything ( they dont even care literally, their English is broken and they are scammers), so i tried talking to league support and they changed the email back to my proper email, anyway after 8 hours the account owner changed it back, i cant do anything cause his original email was used in this account so he can change the email whenever he wants it's so easy, i am not lying Seriously this site is so bad i'm so ashamed that i bought an account from them, i used paypal so ima try to get a refund tho but just stay away from this site.

Shop supports scamming sellers
I bought an account for 130€ even tho the seller had a bad rating (clearly my fault). Provided details which worked on email but not on epic. Since he created the email, he is also fully aware how to recover the password. Forgot Password on epic side not working since no account associated with this email. I provided several screenshots from email account to epic webpage but support still unfreeze the money and gave it to the scammer. This seller "everett. Advertising" was already rated bad 7 months ago on trustpilot. Support is covering scammers.

Avoid this site! Scammers!
Scammers. Do not buy there anything. I bought there key, but was used already by someone else. Support was just playing on time with me. After last email from support I didn't get any answers from them. Those guys are all connected to shady bussiness. Here is last mail I've got from them:
Dear customer
We are checking for you. Please wait in patience. When we have the answer, we will contact you. Have a nice day!"
Best regards

Good site for buying kamas
Always fast and convenient.If you buy kamas there, you have no need to worry about the safety.As known as the largest site selling kamas, you can trust it. Once I bought 200m kamas for brumaire(yeah, you guys know this is a large amount), IGVault couldn't prepare it immediately, but they add a bonus on my order, and they promise that they will put my order at first when the stock comes.And at last, they furfilled their promise.If my review can help you, this would be my honor.

Dog$#*! company
I've written probably 5 reviews for this company in the week I've waited for them to deliver. Says on their website 24hrs is the maximum amount of time it takes to get your product, and most other sites get it to you within a few hours. But no 7 days now and nothing just lies from customer service that they're "getting in contact with supplier" and they'll have it to you in a day."

GOLD OK HOWEVER - Scamming Digital account
IG Vault for selling kamas are a great website. However don't you dare buying an Online account on their website. I have order an online account on the website: IGVAULT.COM owned by IGVault Co., Limited. The company confirmed the security of the account and also provided me with an limited time assurance if the account is banned. How ever, the account have not been banned. 2 weeks later (after the guarantee of 7 days) THE SALER WITH THE HELPS OF IG VAULT HAVE STOLE the account that I have bought for 1195$CAN and put it back on the website for sale at an amount of 1300$CAN+. I contacted them and IGVault told me that they wouldn't be able to help me with my situation considering the 7 days guarantee expired. I asked them to review the issue and they refused. I'm than asking you future customers to not buy an ONLINE ACCOUNT ON THEIR WEBSITE due to the lack of support and the big scam that I have suffer. I will no longuer buy an account on their website because this is the second account that I have been taken from them. The account is still on sale and they won't give it back to me.

Do not trust!
I bought an overwatch account just a few days ago and turns out the seller changed the password when I bought it! I contacted customer support and IGVault said they would try to remove the 2nd password you get when you log in. It didn't work so i applied for a refund and they said and i quote " do not worry we will CONSIDER to refund you or give you a new account." Seriously? Always check reviews first or you'll get scammed like me.

Spent over $150, got nothing but total garbage. I bought a CoC (clash of clans) account and when i logged on, i was greeted with the welcome message and a townhall 1 account. (supposed to be townhall 12). When i asked for a refund 30 minutes later, IGVault REFUSED and stole my $150. The site is full of little kids that jizz their pants when they scam someone, they literally dont have a job and all they do is scam. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Ordered 3 million coins, it tells me that it got delivered and i didnt recieve nth from them, i waited 5 days now, IGVault actually told me their manager is in weekend so i waited after the weekend for the coins and then after that i did not got anything, i literally contacted their support more than a hundred time they same the same thing over and over again. I never recommend anyone to use it. Absolute scam website. Im actually talking to the support site, they are telling me to wait and thats it. Bet by the end of the day they will tell me to wait till twm. Screw this website lost alot of money for this

The acct ellers even with un verified email will report to the companies that own the games that youre purchasing the acct got. IGVault will speak to you in broken english and act stupid when emailed for customer support. They will allow you to spend money on th eaccts being sold on their site then withing a few weeks take them back... most of the sellers on this site are also the creators and owners of ig vault... so they literally scam on both sides even the " trusted" sellers are scammers. They will delaty responding to you only to message you past your waranty days usually they wait till warranty is up so they arent legally accountable... fun fact though a class action lawsuit is being brought against them and they will be held accountable now. Not only do they keep your money but they keep whatever you put on the accts that you purchase from them knwowing that all it does is improve the "value" of their accounts this company is 100 percent a scheme to steal more and more from the gaming community and any positive reviews on them are bots or accounts that they have made no matter what messages they use in reply to this never ever ever use their site unless you just like throwing money away they can 100 percent die for all I care stealing hard earned money from people just trying to enjoy themselves and unsuspecting kids that just want to play and have fun these people are $#*!ing trash and their company will now be held accountable. Gg ff at 15 ig vaul!

This is really bad customer service from you. REALLY BAD. I have waited more than 2 weeks for something that should be delivered directly. I have patiently waited all this time, but still you manage to $#*! this up more. You say it is delivered when it isnt so i have to go to your livechat wich is $#*!ing impossible to communicate with. IGVault say i will get a new delivery but never send any. I have been in this chat for almost 2 hours and they still have not recived my package. THIS IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I would never recommend this to anyone, worst site i have ever visited.

At first I thought this was a great safe site...
At first I thought this was a great safe site to purchase from. BIG MISTAKE! As soon as I checked my statements it very clearly showed IGVault had charged me twice, one exactly after the other. After spending a week dealing with the horrible customer service team a "manager" got back to me saying "we only charged you once" despite sending evidence from my bank proving they charged me twice. Unless you want to get ripped off DO NOT USE THIS SITE

Never buy from this site if you want to get a refund.
I ended up buying an account which got taken back by the original owner which i thought, yeah cool i don't mind at all.
It's been a week and i'm literally arguing with customer support because IGVault refuse to give me a refund to the point where they're literally getting their manager involved.
When you buy a fortnite account and want a refund, they will tell you to contact epic games about it.
But this can be a problem because most accounts you get have no full email access which makes it completely impossible to get the account back.
IGVault should be shut down IMMEDIATELY.

WoW Classic Gold never arrived, no feedback from support
I ordered WoW Classic Gold here several days ago and paid directly via credit card. I never received the gold. I don't get any statement from the seller and IGVault support apparently refuses to answer me at all... and this although I exhausted all possibilities: (contacted seller several times, requested dispute resolution, tried all IGVault support channels I found). Never ever IGVault again!

I've purchased a few Clash of Clans accounts here. Seemed happy until one of my accounts got taken back by original owner. IGVault took it back after a month and beyond the return window thru Igvault. The account was already linked to a supercell id. I should've thought about that. When I tried to make a claim with igvault they basically told me to take care of it myself and tough luck. It was beyond their return policy time frame. I explained that there was No way I could foresee this happening and it didn't seem fair. Bottom line. Never buy a Clash of Clans account already linked to a supercell id.

Horrible service
Bought a product that stated delivery for 5min - 6h. IGVault then tell me that it will take a couple days so i ask for a refund. They told me that they accept and it will take 2 - 3 days for the refund. About 2 days later, the product arrives in my game, and they refuse to give me a refund. Despite me copy and pasting their TERMS AND SERVICE on refunds. Which they said no.

Legally and moraly this is the worst place to get anything from. Very dodgy.

They scammed me for hundreds of dollars
IGVault scammed me for hundreds of dollars and support staff are absolutely terrible. Also assumed that i was lying when they had 0 proof that i was lying and i had all the proof to prove i was not lying. Showed them the proof and they completely ignored it and when on to still say i was lying with still. 0 proof. DO NOT buy of these scammers. I will be charging back through my bank as they refuse to refund my money.

Terrible service with live chat
I just wanted to withdraw my money and it said it was avalibe and everything, and right next to the avalability section it says i can withdraw at anytime but now IGVault tell me i cant withdraw until a sertain day ok thats fine but befor they said i couldnt withdraw at all but i have money avalibe so i still havent been able to withdraw my money and every time i talk to some one new i get a COMPLETLY different answer im never using this sight again

Money wasted, an Accounted taken back and no refund
I bought a League account from them for £70, IGVault said you get 15 days cover for the account if anything happens. Conveniently yesterday in the evening when I wasnt near a computer, the account gets requested back by the original owner im assuming, so now the account is locked/banned I dont know, IGVault say 'there is nothing we can do as your 15 days expired at midnight and we have paid the seller'. And infact they are lying, I got the account on the 20th of Necember, its now the 05th of December, they are trying to include that FIRST DAY where I had the account for less then 6 hours as my first day of cover

What rubbish is this? If they know the account is being taken back, I have evidence showing the requests for a password reset (which is probably them themselves, I mean the email was a chinese email) I had changed the email to my own and everything, yet someone can still request this account back? How pointless is buying an account if we have zero protection from these people

Its legit you just have to be persistent
Well I recently bought 800K Coins for FIFA 18. I did it through comfort trade and at first it didnt want to work. I was helped by theyre live chat which was very helpful and fast I just mentioned Disputing the case to Pay-Pal and a new link was sent. The new link worked like a charm got the coins in about 45mins because it was a high amount. Note you need to play on the account for a couple a games you know a legitimate account youre obviously not gonna put a million coins on a brand new account. If you buy coins buy them on the weekend. And as soon as you get the coins spend them because EA will take away the coins. It usually takes them 1 day to notice on the weekend so thats enough time. IGVault wont take away your players if its your first time buying coins. Youll just get a warning and your coins will be wiped but not your club items such as players, kits, etc... so lets say you buy 400K buy a 400K Team and wait for the warning to pop up then sell the players and the coins should be on there forever. Dont buy coins again after this warning thats why if youre deciding to buy coins go big or go home.

Absolute trash
Even their so called LIVE SUPPORT is a total lie. Glad I paid with paypal so I can along with them verify this is an ASIAN scam site totally. I contacted the so called seller immediately who in a chat box said sorry the 1 hr delivery would take 2 hrs then completely ignored me after 8 hrs and now has been 24 hrs plus the SITE then claims it might take 3 days for A refund where your payment is immediate? Just stay away from this place unless you love being ripped off.

Lies and Delays
Terrible customer service, i ordered a star citizen ship and was lied to several times by customer support about the order, first the supplier was asleep, then awake but not online, then there was no stock, then there was stock. These morons give you the run around, clearly this business is a scam or a front for a money laundering organisation, don't buy from these POS.


This website is fast and accurate for the most part. However, I bought an account for League of Legends and after receiving the account I was in a discord playing on the account. Very big well known discord. I was approached by someone who recognized my name being the same name as the account I bought and IGVault said that the owner is taking the account back.
I messaged the seller after being unable to log in as the password had changed and i got very little replies and I am unable to contact that seller again after requesting a refund. I also am unable to live chat is it redirects me back to the seller who which is not responding and I am no longer able to message.
My conclusion is that site will sell you accounts then take them back if they want them and refuse to refund you. Rip off and I do not recommend it.

Do not buy from this site!
Do not buy from this site! Bought at 8am said 4 hours, after 4 hours seller said sorry out of stock please wait. After almost 6 hours I asked to cancel customer service said I can't and can't get a refund till it's been 5 days. After 8
Hours the order now shows times out. Seller don't answer and customer service don't help. Filed dispute with PayPal and will be disputing with my bank! Absolutely horrible service!

How IGvault scams you
I've bought 3 overwatch accounts on this website and my friend also bought two. After about a week, only 2 of those 5 accounts still work. We figured out what IGVault also do to scam you for your money.
It won't matter if you change your email and password on the account, the previous owner on the account will go back to the blizzard site and select the "I forgot my email" link which blizzard will then ask them for their ID and since you cannot change your ID name on the blizzard account, the previous owner will just get the account right back. It's only a matter of time before the two accounts that we're able to access are gone too and there's nothing we can really do about it now.
I contacted IGVaults support page the day this happened the first time and said they'd speak to their manager and get back to me in the next 24 hours and never did.
I went back a few days later because it happened to my other account and they just kept asking the same questions when I was giving them answers each time, just wasting your time until you give up.
DO NOT BUY ACCOUNTS FROM HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO MAKE DONATIONS TO SCAMMERS! I'm not sure about other games but they will definitely scam you from your blizzard account.
Also if you speak English, good luck trying to understand their "support team"

Big scam
This website is a scam nobody should buy from it I bought fifa coins from them and got banned not once but twice from two different accounts so I emailed EA and IGVault told me that a third party app was being used to access my account there method of transferring coins is not safe it's quick and effective for them but inconvenient for the customer stay away at all costs unless you want to risk your account getting banned and losing all your money

Scam! IGVault took my money and didn't deliver the product. Worse is that IGVault "provided" me with a video proof (or so they claim), except the video clearly shows a horde player delivering gold to another horde player and my account is an ALLIANCE player. They refuse to give me my money back even when the evidence clearly shows the gold was delivered to someone that wasn't me. Gave me the run around for 6 days. Total scam!

Comfort trade=scam
I used this site twice, both times the service was impeccable and i received my fifa 16 coins very quickly. However, after the second time, coins miraculously disappeared from my account and did so for days after. Igvault used my credentials and transferred back about 200k coins (that i hadn't spent yet) and did so again the next day with whatever was left. I'm very disappointed, particularly by the fact the youtubers like JMX recommend this site but it turns out to be a scam - I haven't checked but hopefully IGVault haven't started to use my credit car details yet, but i wouldn't count on it!

Do not buy products from this website.
I bought a GTA 5 account with online. IGVault sent me email pretty fast and i was happy. I started downloading. When i launched it, it worked perfectly. Then i wanted to launch online. I realized that my account was banned from social club and from online. When i wanted refund it, i went to website and this happend. I messaged them asking for refund. THEY BANNED MY IP Immidiatelly. I am angry now.

The account was very good but..
The account was super good and all the skins everything I was so happy but I then left the computer alone cause my older brother wanted to play csgo on it. My brother then said my name and told me. "the account just logged out" So then I wasl ike "wtf" So I typed in the password I had changed for hacking issues and it was incorrect. PLEASE GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK. WHOEVER SOLD THE ACCOUNT TO ME CLEARLY CHANGED THE EMAIL AND PASSWORD SO THAT I COULDN'T GET IN. FUN FACT THE PERSON WAS ONLINE THE DAY BEFORE TOO. I WAS CRYING ON THE FLOOR CAUSE I ALWAYS WANTED THIS ACCOUNT BUT NOW IT DOESN'T WORK. PLEASE GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK. THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY I WAS SO HAPPY PLEASE. I TRIED THE PREVIOUS PASSWORD. STILL DID NOT WORK. PLEASE GIVE IT BACK

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