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Worst site and customer service that ever existed
This is the worst most ridiculous service I have ever used i have spent atleast 14 hours over 3 days trying to verify my identity for pua unemployment. I have a license and a state id a health insurance card I know my credit history info I have my social but apparently thats not good enough, I have sent them atleast 60 different pictures of my id's and keep telling me they can't verify one of the pictures. I have yet to get someone on the phone and that's because you can't its nonsense they just get you stuck in this loop of submitting the form then they have whatever made up problems on their end and tell you to re submit and you just get stuck in this cycle of filling out their questions and taking pictures of your ids over and over and there customer service is non existence you can't actually talk to a real person not even through email, you tell them your having a problem and they email you back saying sorry for the long wait. Nothing about what your actual problem with their software or program they use or whatever it is they just say re submit then email about your problems sorry for the wait re submit this thing is literally driving me crazy if I could give it negative stars I would and this whole site should be shut down its an embarrassment. Even Comcast has better customer service then this. Think about if your cable went out and you email to say it's not working (since calling is way to convenient so it doesn't exist) then they tell you to plug it in and you tell them it is plugged in but they tell you to email about problems so you email and say my cables not working but its plugged in... so they email back and say sorry for the wait then they tell you to plug your cable in... and your like what are you even talking about we've already been through this. I litterally feel like someone is on the other end just dying laughing like there just playing with me


Of course this is the website that the US government would use
This has got to be the most atrocious website I've ever had to deal with. First two hours wasted getting kicked out of the queue for not being active on a support chat window that has no activity. The next 10 hours spent actively engaging with chat window every 10 minutes, no meals, no hygiene, now it's 10:20pm and I'm just now finding out that closed at 3:30pm PST. My queue position is #1, and it's been #1 for the past 2 hours. The whole reason I'm trying to speak with support is because actual live agents are apparently non-existent, wait times say "more than 5 hours" despite literally leaving the window open an entire 24 hours, overnight on the computer. Lo and behold, you are logged out of the website after something like 30-60 minutes so waiting on that window is completely worthless. Basically, this website will never, EVER get around to helping you, if their automatic ID detection methods all fail. You are completely screwed. And yeah, of course this is the website the United States government uses, it doesn't get much more incompetent than this.

Worst ever experience... no choice
Be ready to invest the time to access your personal information from the website.
Leave it to the worst managed agency in the world... our government to find the least competent administration to manage the worst website in the world...
You will have to retype/resubmit and back page several hundred times...
You will need an antidepressant to help you with your anxiety and anger... if you have never experienced either before, you will when you access this website...
By the time you finally submit everything...
"ALL" your personal information that you couldn't find on the internet will now be available to everyone...
Once you have navigated through this experience, you will understand...
Unfortunately, the has obtained the futuristic tools of innovation by delegating everyone's information to a third party.
Regrettably, this option is without recourse.
Mercy cannot be granted to anyone attempting to obtain their personal information from a government agency.
USPS has gone down the tubes of a toilet and our savior has been AMAZON... who is now managing same day deliveries for"other" businesses. Can't wait for Amazon to offer that service on the personal/individual level...
And praying for Tesla/Amazon to take over our government administrations.
I have provided a picture of the many attempts to connect with a third party representative. There were a total of 14 attempts! Not all are reflected in the picture!
It is up to (a third party) to provide you (the citizen) with the credentials to access your personal information from the website, even if you previously had a username and password with the IRS...
You have no choice!
This has been the worst experience ever...
Topped my Daytona State College experience...
The worst ever!
Best tip: try to do it while everyone else is sleeping...
My first attempt at 4 am was easier than my attempts during the weekend!

Class Action Lawsuit Hopefully
I swear to God I'm thinking about getting a class action lawsuit together against these scammers. They've convinced all of these government agencies to use their "service" that DOES NOT WORK AT ALL and now have our identities sitting on their servers with nothing in return.
I tried and tried and tried to sign up because I have to through Arizona UI. Even though it sends me all of the links to verify who I am through texts to my phone it gets to the end and blocks me by saying my phone number is Not Valid. How can it not be valid ID when you just sent me multiple texts you p. O. s.? I've tried this over 5 times on day 1. Then I tried their "speak face to face over camera" bs. Now, ask you for even more information than the first time during the "easier process". Dead Ends over and over.
I have a good idea? Let's try signing up using another email. When I did this it only links me to ad after ad of the companies they are working with to provide coupons. It will not at all let me use a different email.
Annoyance level is a 11/10.
I gave up and went to a physical office so I wouldn't have to deal with these jokers. That AZ office gave me a print out of this same process because they aren't seeing anyone in person. I told them what a joke it was. So day 3 I'm now at it again. And again, the same joke it was the first time. Multiple dead ends. I even used a different phone number to send texts to. Also says not valid.
So Monday I will be going back to a physical office, if I have to break down doors so be it.
And no joke, this joke of a company has made me mad enough to consider a class action lawsuit. Even if the lawyers take all the money hopefully this place will be out of business.

Former employee
If you're thinking about working for don't! I started working for them 2 weeks ago and I was so excited to finally be apart of a company that valued their employees as much as their customers. My training was supposed to last for 8 weeks. The trainer Adriana absolutely did not embody any of their "culture values" she was irritated whenever anyone didn't grasp a concept right away and nitpicked at everything you did. I was fired by because say I left early and came late everyday. I was appalled to even hear that! Literal tears rolled down my eyes to her that lie. If you knew the things I had to do to make sure I got to work on time everyday you would cry too. I came late one time and notified the trainer, I also notified her that I was going to be leaving early that same day due to the fact that I had to pick up my daughter. It was one time! And I thought I did what I was supposed to do. Adriana was the only person who could've told her superiors that I was late all the time and left early, that is the farthest thing from the truth. The day before I got fired I was given an evaluation from Adriana and she told me nothing but positive things about my performance and gave me constructive criticism on some things I could change. I thought everything was fine until I got that call. I was so happy to had finally got this job in the middle of a pandemic. I have a child and a family to feed and that opportunity was ripped away from me with absolutely no explanation. Words can't describe what this did to my spirit. Being fired and having no way of even contacting the person that fired me. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR STUPID "VALUES" they want you to follow., the company taxed with helping your life instead destroys it.
The country shut down in 2020 & that meant gig workers like me, a musician who now has had no concerts to perform for over the past 14 months. I tried to make savings last w/o using unemployment but finally ran out in January while waiting for the stimulus.
Since CA. Had so much crime during the 1st year of unemployment have now hired to verify the ID of people applying for unemployment.
I believe I began in January and they still have not verified me despite my having the assistance of the state assembly person from my district.
Every now and then I'll get an email telling me how sorry they are and to please reach out to them. This can only be a bot emailing me because I was on the internet twice the very second a message came through & within 3 seconds I had sent back a reply, "I'm here, I'm here" no reply.
To think that any life let alone all the lives of this country are in the hands of such an incompetent company doesn't surprise me. Our government over-spends on everything but its people.
So here I sit & wait w/o income or money and almost 5 months after I first started to get verified. Hell I'm all over the internet so I can't imagine why I can't get verified just so I can get the money I paid in this emergency fund but hey, that's the government for ya. one
My issue is similar but also different. I was able to verify thru as a veteran and thru my state. So I'm verified TWICE! Since, Feb 19.2021!

March 21. My account is on hold pending verification. What's the issue? Nothing out of the ordinary, I simply moved within a month of my verification. I moved to a different more affordable apartment literally 5 mins down the road from my previous address.

Now my account has been placed on hold because my NEW address is different than my old address. I spoke with the FRAUD dept. YES, FRAUD! said all I have to do is show proof of residence for my new address upload acceptable documents like bank statements, utility bills, rental contract/lease showing my legal name and current/NEW address. It should fixed quickly since that's an simple fix they said. I uploaded utility bills(water and heating) and my new lease. 5 mins after being told to do so. That was March 28th.

It is now, April 22nd. I am STILL unverified. My account is still on hold. The State Agency says they can see my documents that have been uploaded and everything looks ok and there is nothing more that I can do on my end. The state agency and have to just work the process. They tell me to call every Monday and Friday to check the process.

I have not received benefits since Mar 21 2021. I cannot get in contact with ID.Me. I've submitted dozens of tickets and received zero replies or correspondence. Their help section is abysmal and has zero valuable information regarding doing simple things like changing your physical address if you move. You cannot get into contact with anyone, anywhere, ever. You can submit 100 tickets and not one will be answered. State agencies have relinquished entirely too much control to a private company 3rd party that is clearly overwhelmed, understaffed and unequipped to handle the job they were hired to do. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of good, everyday, hard working Americans that are affected by this pandemic are affected by the incompetence of this company.

You're putting millions of families and citizens in a precarious position to catch a negligible amount of potential fraudsters by comparison. And the worst part is there is no help, no recourse, no compassion, or end in sight for people like myself and others across the country being affected by this unnecessary, illogical, arbitrary, incompetent, sham of a company.

This is mind numbingly frustrating and the American people deserve better especially in a time like this.


I will be contacting the local news.
This is ridiculous! It had been 2 weeks of trying to upload my documents and being completely lost because I followed the link that the Unemployment themselves had sent me and taking me to the wrong place and not knowing what to do next over and over and over. Finally, I followed the link from someone else's email that the unemployment had sent them back in January and it took me to the verify section I was so relieved! I uploaded my documents, my face was scanned and my correct information popped up only to come back after 15 seconds to tell me that I could not be verified. I was then given the option to have a referee do a live video FaceTime call to verify my documents live. Yesterday I waited on hold 15 hours! At the beginning it said that my wait time will be 5 hours and 47 minutes and then when you reached 2 hours and 40 minutes left it said that for about 12 hours! The entire time it said that my wait time would be 2 hours and 40 minutes so I didn't know how many 2 hours and 40 minutes I was to wait but it was about 6,2 hours and 45 minutes intervals. Finally, my phone crashed and i had to restart my phone, thankfully there was an email asking me if I wanted to continue where I left off I logged in and this time it told me that I would be waiting for longer than 5 hours and I have been waiting for about 7 hours so far, currently I am still waiting I don't know if I am even on hold or if I've lost the call but it's there and the circle it's continuing to turn, but an email came that said do I want to continue where I left off so I'm not sure if that means that I've lost my turn again and I am just not aware of it or if I should just stay and continue to wait because it is a very difficult decision to make i certainly don't want to hang up if I am actually still waiting and what if I turn my head for a few minutes or go to the bathroom will stay on the phone and say something and yell out loud we are here or will they just happily hang up, there are no updates, we are simply just waiting and hoping it goes through. I left a review on the Better Business Bureau website where they have an f rating and the complaints are all just about the same things hundreds of them, also if you look on the app at the Play store for the reviews, there you will see that they have not received not one positive review? This is the worst company chosen to obtain our personal information knowing that it is the only choice that we have usually we research the companies that we work for and have the choice do not work with them when they have reviews like this but in this case we have no other choice we have to go ahead and trust these people with our personal information not knowing what kind of people work for them and not knowing what they are good for since everything about them on the web is negative but we have to trust them and are relying on them to verify us in order for us to resume to receive our unemployment benefits or some people as I read to even begin their unemployment claims. It's not fair because no one is doing anything to stop this madness. I cannot believe that there was no other company that could have done this for them this company was just not prepared for the volume of the traffic they were going to receive so why did they agree to take on the challenge? If you can't do it just say you can't do it don't lie and disappoint the entire country and give this name to yourseld that you have now received for being one of the worst most unreliable company anyone has ever worked with! It's a damn shame, and I plan to report this to my local news, hopefully they will listen and hopefully I can help make some type of change because this here it's not cutting it! You can't help but to think that it is all part of scheme to keep you from getting your benefits because I know about four people who actually walked away from it and said forget it I give up they can keep the money! That's not right! verified my info to an imposter.
After gave their blessing to the imposter, and aided in the imposter's illegal activities, which caused harm to me and my property. Allowed my imposter to take control over my account and my identity, by allowing the imposter the change to change the email and phone number associated to my account and never questioned the email used buy a female trying to steal my identity and also dumb founded made no attempt to contact me at any of the credentuals provided before making the changes. After the four monyhs and countless attempts to inform I finally convinced to close the account and allow no one in till i can verify my info, sent an email to the imposter. Before launching the investigation againg protecting the imposter from prosecution. There is no other way to contact except through email. After countless attempts finally responded. Several days later having convinced to at the very least shut down the account until my identity can be verified, this way no one uses it. As far as i am concerned is directly responsible for the harm that occurred to me and my property. I am opposed to have access to any thing associated to my identity. Is directly responsible for the harm to me and my property. I am apposed and unsupportive of having access to any thing involving my identity.

The most terrible experience online ever
Trying to get verified with ID.ME for Georgia Labor Dept. Despite providing the documentation as required (passport and DL), I was forwarded to the service. Their forecast time to get an "agent" for a video conference was 4 hours and 44 minutes at 8 PM. When the clock reached 12 minutes to wait, it got stuck and did not change for nearly one hour. So I went to ID.ME site to ask for help and filled out a request for help. This at 2 AM! Minutes later, I received an e-mail saying to click on the button to be verified. Poor me, Instead of being verified, the clock went backwards and showed the wait time to be 2 hours and 50minutes. So that will put me close to 5 AM to get someone to "verify" me.
This looks like a scam agreed with the Georgia Labor department officials to supress the rampant unemployment caused by COVID in a State where the governor was completely irresponsible.
On the other hand, I wonder if there could be a class suit against this company for not providing the necessary service for possibly thousands of people waiting to be "verified".

Made to delay your unemployment or get rid of g
All I can say is it's only purpose is to delay your mobey6 if to discourage you from even trying to get it. You can xlebg weeks trying to get verjfied6 with no explanation of what to do nexg hidden secrets need to be found for even get to where you finally get your meeting with a trusted referee, I believe fhF it's set up do nobobh gets verified without that meeting and all that time doesn't before that is simply just a waste if a few weeks of frustration out there to discourage you with no answers posted on anything you need to know. On purpose then try and ask for help it takes a month to send you a single sentence saying you must fail the phone part 4 TIMES BEFORE YOU CAN PASS TO THE NEXT PAGE! Why would anyone try more than twice if you see it failed? No answers, it's not posted anywhere that comes by way of rmsil6 s month After you get stuck there a f can't advance. Then the trusted refered6 is not ever going to be made available. Been 4 hours waiting on what waZ said to be 1hr wp minutes still says 1hr 30 minutes after4 hours waiting?!?
Then are lying on google play store reviews by buying shills so their site isn't do list that they get removed, this is the company we are supposed to trust, scamming and lying about their app? Since they cannot buy shills here you can see what their real score would be ekthout6 the shills.

Shopping Site? WTH
Suppose to use this damn site to verify my ID so I get my unemployment money. This after DES suspended my account in December with no warning. Three months later finally tell me it's because I need to go to IDme and then "everything will be fine". You go to this site and all links are to it's shopping site, support (no phone number) or sales!

They have a nearly useless "tutorial" video. The video says you will get a link in your email. Nope. Just got a general confirmation you have an account with IDme email. So I sent a message for them to contact me to guide me through there user unfriendly site. (No phone number at all to call).

Meanwhile, while I wait for SOMEONE to tell me how the hell to verify my ID like I was TOLD TO DO, I have not been able to pay my bills since December!

This shows how $#*!ed up our government is. The people who need help are left out in the ditch while pencil pushers make policy and expect us to solute and fallow and some how survive while they force millions of people to fallow their ever changing rules. While they have only a fraction of the needed people to do the job forcing millions to wait for months for a resolution!

Can we sue the government? Sign me up!

Horrible user experience has convinced many government agencies and venture capitalist that it can provide valuable security services. However, its management has not committed the capital, engineering expertise or personnel to scale its services. Its AI software struggled to read images, requiring multiple uploads to secure the required two forms of ID. The virtual waiting room to meet with a human referee is probably the worst part of the user experience. The only thing you are told is that if you leave or get disconnected, you go to the end of the line. There is a "estimated wait time" clock that starts at about 2.2 hours. It's misleading in that it may move up or down, and hover at different points for hours as seen in images. My total wait time was 12 hours (8 am to 8:30 pm PST) with the last 20 minutes on the estimated wait time clock taking about four hours in real time. At the 15 minute mark on the estimated wait time clock, a silent button popped up asking if I was still there. I had been waiting for 7-8 hours at this point, and happened to look down in time to select it. If failure to select the button would have meant being disconnected, it would have been nice if there as an alarm or tone with the popup. When I reached the front of the line, a link to the meeting room popped up for a second and then disappeared. The waiting room screen froze and crashed. However, I received a phone call from the referee who advised he sent me a text and email with a link to the video conference. The video meeting software was not uploading on my iphone 12 or XPS desktop running Windows 10. The referee and I were able to complete the conference on Zoom that took about 10 minutes after a 12 hour wait... The referee was very professional, patient and helpful.

Web security is important, but seems to be struggling with the execution of its contracts. Perhaps it has grown too big too fast. It would be appropriate for the government agencies and their respective attorney general using their services to meet with to see if it can handle the work and express the importance citizens getting access to their agencies without unreasonable delay. wants a big IPO, but its needs to address the user experience for its products.

I am so unbelievably pissed. After waiting HOURS (3.5 first time around) you get a notification that "documents are being reviewed" THEN you get spit out and it FINALLY decides to tell you "something isn't valid." As I scrambled to get a new document uploaded thinking I will still get to finally speak with someone what does it do: YOU ARE BACK IN LINE WITH ESTIMATED 4.5 HOUR WAIT THIS TIME. This has happened to me 3 d*mn sh*t times. Last time I had uploaded a medical bill and the representative that was reviewing my documents apparently deemed it "not valid." It was a MEDICAL BILL WITH my address, WITH my prescription, WITH my name and everything. Instead of being able to speak with a person to actually see what you need instead it just spits you out and you've lost your place in line. TOUGH LUCK. All i can say is: EFF YOU ID.ME. Ps. I am having to do this because EDD decided my phone number was somehow different than my previous (even though its the exact same #) and flagged it as fraud. FUNNY seeing how I had over 10k stolen from me earlier this year (which I still haven't seen a PENNY from) because someone "forced a pin" on my EDD card yet WERE ABLE TO STEAL ALL MY MONEY WITHOUT THINKING TO FREEZE THE ACCOUNT. Ironic.

Primary documents listed under secondary document tabs, glitches, recovery failures
I have been working to verify the identity of 25 unemployment claims. Not once has accepted the documents requested. Many of these claimants have already verified their identity thru UI so why does need a video call? I also have three clients waiting on a video chat for over 36 hours. I have clients with recovery codes, and some without. This leads to duplicate accounts. I have a client who could not provide requested secondary documents, because the pull down tab for secondary listed primary docs, and you have to choose one. But more importantly, if your email address, phone number, uploaded copies of State issued IDs, Social Security cards, birth certificates, medical cards, along with a face scan and a selfie, arent enough to verify who you are, how is a video chat going to help? My biggest complaint with this company is their failure to just ask, at the beginning, for all of this information, instead of leading us to believe your ID can be verified with a state issued ID. When it can not. The whole process strikes me more as a way to collect evidence against fraudsters, then it is to verify who you are, and sadly many Americans benefits are being held up.

Another ploy by the government
This verify ID is a ponzi scheme to keep the people from receiving unemployment, money are entitled to! I went to file for unemployment due to someone at my with "convid" out of work for two weeks... no pay! So I went to sign up for unemployment only to be told I need to verify my ID. I read through their website and then went to check the reviews and long behold people all across the country are being made a fool of with this ID mess! I've decided to not go through with the torture many others have experienced. Two weeks of no pay is better than going through this company's verification scam! When will people realize the government is here to take our freedom and soul! The government was NEVER for the people. Always against the people! Also, this verify ID company keeps your ID and any other documents on their file for 7 years and if you request to have your information removed they can deny your request. What a joke and another weaponized tool for the government to keep tabs on the people.

CA's Employment Development Department hired to verify unemployed people like me after (CA EDD,) got hacked back in 12/2020. As instructed I went there to verify, and their website was not working halfway through the process. I told them about this in Jan. And since have received nothing but emails from "Customer Support" saying they are overwhelmed with emails and will get back to me. This has gone on for FOUR months, which means I have had NO INCOME FOR FOUR MONTHS due to them! A living hell! Thinking that maybe they cleaned up their act, I went to their website, and now, you cannot even find a button to verify using documents or for a video verification! Instead, you are overwhelmed with article after article! Getting desperate, I finally sent three verification documents to the CA EDD by registered, certified mail THREE TIMES. Nothing! This company deserves to be put out of business and go straight to hell... which is where those they were supposed to verify will be waiting for them to mete out the justice they so richly deserve! == PHISHING & PRIVATE DATA SCAM!
If I could have rated LESS THAN 1 star, I would!

This company was a STARTUP in March 2021 according to Forbes magazine?!

More than 90% of Colorado citizens who are on unemployment ABRUPTLY stopped getting benefits in April due to a NEW requirement of identity verification. This, in and of itself, is neither the problem, nor is it unreasonable, IF the numbers for identity theft relating to COVID unemployment are correct.

The problem lies in this company that DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY MEANS OF RESOLUTION and simply sends AUTOMATED emails to EVERY request for help that is submitted! This has been going on for MONTHS now!

I have uploaded MORE documents for identity verification than is required for an ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE or for the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION! continue to REJECT documents that MEET THEIR OWN PUBLISHED LIST OF PRIMARY & SECONDARY DOCUMENTS!

The whole purpose of their "Video Call with a Referee" is for an representative to be able to PHYSICALLY, in REAL TIME, review the uploaded documents and compare them to the person that is ON THE VIDEO CALL LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Yet we are never allowed to actually GET ON A VIDEO CALL as they just keep REJECTING DOCUMENT AFTER DOCUMENT, DESPITE THEIR MEETING THEIR OWN PUBLICLY PUBLISHED CRITERIA!


On my first attempt to verifiy, I clicked on the Verify Now button on the Colorado Unemployment website, just like hundreds of thousands of people have had to do. I uploaded my US Passport and it was, apparently, accepted.

At the same time as I clicked that button to go to the website, an account was, apparently, automatically set up, as all of my information was sent over to in session variables. I did not know this at the time and it wasn't until a few weeks later that I discovered an account had already been created.

It was at that time that I discovered what I BELIEVED was the problem in my getting verified: my SURNAME had been misspelled.

Now, how this could have happened, given that my account was set up AUTOMATICALLY, using SESSION VARIABLES that were presumably created and sent when I clicked on that Verify Now button in that very first attempt to verify my identity... well, I will leave that to the imaginations of any reading this review. I happen to be a web developer with over 25 years experience, so I have my own ideas regarding how this mysterious misspelling of my surname could have occurred.

You see, a misspelled surname would most certainly cause the verification process to fail each and EVERY time, guaranteed. And it did.

And despite MONTHS of requests to support to correct my surname, which would have been a quick, efficient and simple fix, they JUST GOT AROUND TO THIS CORRECTION 2 days ago, 6/16/21.

Funny thing, despite my surname correction, the verification process continues to fail. Forcing me into the Video Call with a Referee, a process whose SOLE PURPOSE is to, via a FACE-TO-FACE, LIVE, REAL-TIME, VIDEO CALL have an representative (or, Referee) PHYSICALLY, VISUALLY compare a person's uploaded identification documents to their ACTUAL PHYSICAL FACE on the VIDEO CALL, and in this way, identity verification is SUPPOSED to occur.


When you are forced down this process of the Video Call with a Referee, you have to choose the combination of documents you want to upload, given you've already uploaded a PRIMARY document, it was accepted, but the ultimate identity verification still failed.

After the process failed several times and I realized they were not going to correct my surname anytime soon, I began the first of what has now been SEVERAL repeated attempts to do the Video Call with a Referee.


I've realized, it doesn't matter what I upload, because the bottom line is, they will verify your identity, MAYBE, in their OWN GOOD TIME AND WHEN THEY DARN WELL FEEL LIKE IT.

Or they WON'T.



The "Referee" has rejected each and every one of my SECONDARY documents, despite the fact that each and every one meets THEIR OWN PUBLISHED CRITERIA for BOTH SECONDARY IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS AND DOCUMENTS ACCEPTABLE TO PROVE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!

A. 2 PRIMARY documents

I chose option B, 1 PRIMARY, which has already been accepted, plus 2 SECONDARY, one of which, my Birth Certificate, which has already been accepted!

The "Referee" has stated that they need proof of my Social Security Number.

Their PUBLISHED list of ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS FOR PROVING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER have much overlap with their list of ACCEPTABLE SECONDARY documents, so I uploaded my annual IRS statement, which is a FINANCIAL DOCUMENT that shows my FULL SSN, FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS.

They REJECTED this document stating it "did not meet the criteria for Acceptable Secondary Documents".

So I uploaded my 1098-E Tax Form for my student loans, which showed the last 4 digits of my SSN, having the first 5 digits masked with asterisks, as is customary for all financial documents UNLESS they are W-2's OR ANNUAL STATEMENTS FROM THE IRS!

I have also uploaded my Student Loan Account Summary which DOES show my FULL SSN, FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS, but they REJECTED THIS TOO!

I don't know what else to do at this point. Any other documents I COULD upload would likely be REJECTED, while I'm certain they are creating an ARCHIVE of all of the documents I've uploaded!


They REFUSE to allow actual contact with a LIVE PERSON!

They respond to EVERY request for help with AUTOMATED BOT emails that go on for WEEKS!

This is EGREGIOUS and I am going to file a complaint with our state's Attorney General first thing in the morning!

I've supplied MORE than enough, MORE than what is reasonable, in ANY circumstance, to prove my identity and they simply will not respond or act in ANY KIND OF GOOD FAITH!

This is NO WAY to do business and I now believe they are culling our data!

Everyone who finds themselves here, reading reviews like this needs to stand up and REPORT TO ANY AND EVERY AGENCY WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE, because I believe is a SCAM and what they are doing is CRIMINAL!

Your Service Sucks
If it was possible I would leave -5 stars. My state requires that we use this so called service to verify unemployment. I have not had an unemployment check in 6 WEEKS due to your horrible services. First it would not take my ID it finally took that but won't take my $#*!ing selfi. Seriously a selfi is the only way you can think of to use your $#*! service. Believe me if a had a choice I would not use it. This is my advice to anyone having issues with this Company. Call Senator Mike Crapos Office and Congressman Fultchers Office. have already received 100's of complaints. This Company doesn't care if you ever get your unemployment. They get paid weather they help you or not. I have been unable to collect my unemployment because this So Called Company doesn't do there jobs and cannot reply to requests for help. I wonder if they want to pay for everyone's unemployment themselves? They should at this point. Also contact your State Attorney General Office and file for fraudulent business practices. Then Call your State Governor and make sure there office knows what they are paying for. All this will help to get your money ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. And I am guessing that ID.ME has plenty of money to throw around right now, so it seems only befitting that they pay all of us for Every Week that you do not get your benefits due to their LACK of ability to perform the functions that they are getting paid for. If you can't handle the contracts then DONT TAKE THEM. The rest of us should not have to suffer because they can't get their $#*! together. 6 weeks and counting... at this point ID.ME owes me around 7; 100 in benefits lost to me and my family. I as still counting and will one way or another get paid what I am owed. By the way ID.ME I am going to ask for double for every week since you fail to respond to requests for help. You seriously SUCK if I had any options YOUR COMPANY WOULD BE THE LAST THING I WOULD USE. But I can definitely make sure that the General Public knows who you are and who not to use. I have requested 2 today already for Customer Service to contact me and I of course am still WAITING. I also want to encourage everyone who has had the same issues with this company go online EVERYDAY and leave a review Reddit is a good site so is Pilot there are many to chose from maybe if they take enough heat they will get there $#*! together. I would also advise hiring an attorney we have enough complaints to go Class Action already. Then they will have to make financial restitution to all they have screwed. I wonder if their family ate last night or could provide critical medication without any money coming in for this will be my 7 week. All we need is 12 people on a jury that agree that companies are accountable to provide the services they say they can especially if under Government Contracts to do so. Hey ID.ME, how long did you think it was going to take when you screw people before they band together and take action. You may think you are big and powerful, but THEIR IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN SOMEONE WHO HAS NOTHING TO LOSE! And myself and many others have lost enough to your incompetence! I really hope that this can help unit everyone who has been wronged by this company to band together and demand resolution and to be made whole financially. WOW ID.ME all we really want is for you to get our stuff fixed! Too bad you have forced me to take further action due to your negligence and incompetence not to mention a complete failure on the part of your so called Customer Service Department.

Who Are You?
Flawed algorithms which use ownership of a cell phone as the basis of rejecting my ID after I had uploaded my PA DL, US Passport and multiple selfies is ludicrous. That's right, my cell phone is one of several on my wife's account, my name is not on the account, therefore I don't exist. "Cogito, ergo sum", is an alien concept despite Descartes coining it in 1637. I would have had an easier time voting in the 2020 election had I been a dead illegal foreign national than getting these clowns to verify my ID. Couple this with the "Trusted Referee" video conference which I scheduled 5 times, in one instance being on hold for 7 hours with no conference or referee ever contacting me is beyond contemptable. If you don't have the capacity to produce the product you have been contracted to produce in a timely manner, tell your clients BEFORE are sucked into your alternate universe, don't make lame excuses about "unusually high demand making wait times longer." In other words, don't pee on me and tell me it's raining. Under promise and overdeliver, not the other way around.

Harvest data and doesnt actually help verify anything
Verizon uses to verify your ID (your job) for certain discount.

We had to go through the long account creation process where you give tons of private info to setup your account. At the end was unable to confirm my wife was a teacher because they. Couldnt do that via the. Credit check. I spoke to support. For hours suggesting that I could provide her payslips or a reference at her school but they. Are bend on just using credit info. Which are not meant for that. And probably harvesting a ton from the lengthy signup process.

So it was useless and completely Orwellian that an ID service harvests your data and wouldnt confirm my wife's job are because at the same time wont trust anything from you because they only trusted the credit check. It was really frustrating and stupid. Stay away for this crappy service.

In. The end I didnt get the discount so I got a lower/cheaper plan instead of getting a morre expensive one with a discount. I deleted the account. So everyone lost here. And I lost a ton of time. A taxpayer"s waste of money is a company charading as supposed assist to the overwhelmed state agencies during this pandemic. This company is more concerned with the marketing of it's "trusted" business partners' products than trying to confirm your identity. You read that right. A consulting company, on paper, trusted by a dozen states in these incredibly vital services to the public, is a marketing firm in disguise. My personal involvement with them has all but ruined my life. I lost my residence, my car, and hope of any resolution to the crisis contributed to. For 7 weeks and 116 emails I was totally ignored and even enlisting local news investigative teams proved fruitless. They have done nothing but prolong the delays they were hired to address. Their website is a nightmare to navigate. Their claims of 24/7 customer service is 100% fraudulent. They represent an unfortunate new wave of businesses that, by design, either prohibit person to person communication completely or greatly hinder it. This company is a waste of tax payer money and should be prosecuted for general public fraud

Better off CALLING the CA EDD
If you have to start a new 12 month EDD UE claim, like I did, but you can't complete the IDme part to file online - KEEP CALLING EDD and ASK EDD REP to TRANSFER YOU to the CLAIM FILING DEPARTMENT for CLAIM FILING SPECIALIST. The specialist will complete the entire claim filing with you over the phone and are very compassionate to help.
IDme was a pain in the neck and 'couldn't confirm my identity even though (in the 4 attempts by me) I answered all the IDme questions correctly, uploaded my CA license, utility bill, and S. S. card.
I got most of the way through IDme each time, including their verification texts to my phone, just to be rejected... IDme also NOW HAS MY LICENSED AND SOCIAL SECURITY info and copies but FAILED to confirm me... call EDD, dont waste your time in "IDme"
Yet the EDD rep was able to confirm my identity with a few questions. EDD already has my information so verifying I am me is easy for them. Spent about 31 minutes on the call after not getting through to EDD 8 tries (between 9am and then my final attempt at 2PM when I made it into the hold queue).
Dont call EDD AFTER 6PM for this though, start early in the day... the queue for the claim filing dept gets too full late in the day.
SOME EDD reps that first take your call ARE claim filing SPECIALIST so you might get lucky like I did...
I was only on hold 11 minutes when I called at 2 PM.
Good luck, stay strong and safe, and where a mask in public!

What a complete dead loss
Tried 3 times to submit pictures, the uploads worked but the selfie picture never worked, then the app said error submitting data, no explanation what the issue was or what to do. 10 days later TWC tells me are missing information, yep you guessed it, hasn't worked. Re submit all the documents, again after 6 selfie tries, the software tells me that I have to upload a second "primary document", I upload that then it tells me I have to attend a video call to confirm documents, I ask to join the video call and it tells me current wait time is more than 5 hours. For 3 days I have joined the system at 8:00 am and asked to join the video call with my "trusted referee", 8 hours later the system logs me off having never changes waiting time from "more than 5 hours". It gives no information how to contact anyone, so I have to sit at home every day for 8 hours in the hope the video might start. It is very hard to apply for jobs or do anything else whilst I have one window open all the time waiting for a video call. How this became a government service is beyond me. Also when you call the 800 number for help, the lady on the end, explains they are a subcontractor for and do not have access to the main database so they can't help very much! What is the point of giving a phone number to someone that can't help, I might as well call McDonalds! Absolutely abysmal, avoid at all cost..

It's a giant PonZi Scam sell your personal info (accept California). Run your credit score, purposely locked you out.
WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY of your documents. No matter how clear they are, how up to date they are.
They have lobbied States to get paid millions.
You can not even speak a to representative or video call someone. I uploaded my DD214, Video selfie, birth certificate, State Driver's License and even a bank statement all with same, up to Date address.
Now I am filing a lawsuit. They have taken away our ability to access our personal, entitled and earned unemployment benefits income. Results in some losing everything they have or not being able to even file for jobs because they are waiting hours to to a video call and get nothing. Each day.
THIS IS DONE ON PURPOSE TO END FPUC AND UNEMPLOYMENT. Funny all the States that where cutting it suddenly START USING IT 1 MONTH BEFORE THEY CUT FPUC. THATS NOT A COINCIDENCE. AT ALL. Wow. Republicans, already make us suffer more, then lock is out right before you are cutting FPUC. So no unemployment or FPUC. AND YOU SAY JOE BIDEN IS A SOCIALIST. YOU ALL ARE THE REAL Castro's or modern times.
Very sad.

$#*!ty scam company froze my unemployment account because apparently I need to verify my identity. I answered everything correctly but apparently they're telling me that my phone number is not correct which is b*******. I've had this phone number going on two years now the last number I had was from at least 4 to 5 years ago. So I don't know what the f*** their problem is, but there's been people are ready who account has been suspended due to this b******* company. They don't have a number to contact, and their representatives take hours to even respond. They don't help you with s***, all they do is send you bul$#*! links to their website. Useless company, and they're about to make a whole bunch of people either be homeless or struggling really bad because there's a lot of us depending on if it has a lot of us feeding our kids with this while we're trying to look for work. So next time you want to go around suspending people's unemployment you better make sure to stupid ass company works. Y'all are so full of s*** this company was started by a scammer and unfortunately got this far. This company is a scam I don't care what nobody says that's why they're trying to delete reviews. They're so f****** stupid they don't even know what the hell they're doing. They have nobody working there that's why the wait times are so damn long. They're just screwing with us typical b******* company

Nightmare. Living in a nightmare
I have already contacted news organizations as well as the BBB. This company has caused frustration, mental anguish, nightmares. When you are forced to your knees to use a company to verify your identity and the service is faulty. There is nowhere to turn. I see that others have posted screenshots so I won't post the more than 50 that I've collected in a week. The ceo is a bunch of babble and fingerpointing. We can't verify because of YOU, sir. We are not Russian fraudsters. The unemployment department for Colorado is an apparent partner in crime. let millions fall through the cracks and now WE are being punished. Would someone please take notice and help us?! All of this because my phone number is flagged as suspicious. My phone number... again- a cell i've had for over a year... the same cell that they have sent me countless codes to log in. The same cell the employment office has on file. I am not excited about being unemployed. This is new to me. I am not milking the system. I just need to make sure I can pay the rent as I continue to seek employment.

Is hurting me
I d me I want everybody to know that reads this review I can understand why are rated at 1 if it was a zero I will rate them a zero I submitted my ID me information on March 22nd only for them to tell me they did not receive it I redid it April 11th here it is June 8th I cannot get no one to return a phone call there is no valid number that you can talk to someone because of this i d me I have had great hardship because of ID me they say it takes 3 to 5 business days it has taken me 3 months and I still have no results. And what's so bad about it is when you call the one *******661 number the people are so rude they hang up on you I've had a couple of people tell me I don't know what to tell you how sad when your life is in someone else's hands and they don't think enough of you to even return a phone call we are in trouble with ID me. It makes you wonder why would twc use a company. Out of 395 reviews has a score of a. One. That shows incompetency it makes you really wonder why does. This company even exist.

Agreed - Very Bad Service
Totally agree with mostly everyone's comments on here. I sent an Email to the CEO of telling him how bad their system really is. Surprisingly he did respond back to me and offered to help me. Bottom line is, are getting slammed with claims verification's from all over the country. Seemed like a nice guy and a fellow Veteran. I just think they are in way over their heads at this point. Only speaking in regards to California, I put most of the blame on the California EDD - they are the ones responsible for the lack of security, technology, and planning. I won't even get into all of the other accountability problems that the EDD has and there are plenty.

On the other hand, should have planned ahead for this also. They should have had their software and systems tweaked to where there wouldn't be all of the BS problems people are experiencing confirming their identity. I know they are hiring more people, but that doesn't excuse the excessive failure rate. They also need to have an actual toll free number that answers calls in real time. They are pulling in big money now - it's time for them to step up and get their sh** together. Even I had problems with their system. I have been background checked multiple times, Federal security clearances, etc, etc. and I had issues with

I communicated to the CEO and pointed out the severe issues that people are having. Many people are suffering hardships getting their Unemployment Insurance because of delaying or holding up the process. He is aware of the problems. Hopefully Mr. Hall improves the poor system they have in place. has no support infrastructure to enable 21 States and Social Security online security.
I have been waiting for two months to resolve an issue stemming from Colorado's Unemployment integrity hold.

Meanwhile this is April 2nd and Unemployment is to reinstate my benefits clear back to December. So that's quite a bit of money.
And the trouble isn't getting resolved anytime soon. have no online personnel to answer problems. None. They rely on a heavy amount of automatic replies to blanket reply to thousands of individuals.

They are also to replace, at this time of vicious unemployment in Tech Support and other validation and hands-on account repair, thousands of people are being displaced by this software "development" project.

I cannot, with a good heart and clear conscious, say that this decision or action by ANY Government payment service is going to become a good situation. People's lives are already being detrimentally affected and people are suffering.

I am homeless. I am completely without income and the combination of and Colorado Unemployment Services new computers and software are working fluidly safely.

Things are looking bad. Money is getting lost in the change-up. And people are suffering like me all acrost the United States.

I pray that the Senators and Congressmen become aware of this situation VERY SOON for us all.

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The company provides identity proofing, authentication and group affiliation verification for organizations across sectors. The company's technology meets the federal standards for consumer authentication and is approved as a NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 / AAL2 conformant credential service provider by the Kantara Initiative.'s Identity Gateway also has a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate Authority to Operate (ATO). is the only provider with video chat and is committed to "No Identity Left Behind" to enable all people to have a secure digital identity.

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