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Trying to get my money back!
I submitted a request for information and someone called me immediately. After talking to her I was signing up with a deposit, only to realize I made a decision too quickly. I decided to cancel and get a refund. Not only have I yet to receive my deposit, my account was debited for the first appointment which I had already cancelled. I was on hold for over 2 hours and never got through to anyone. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm still trying to get my money back. Even tho Ideal Image took it within seconds!

Be careful shady business
Ideal Image are pro's at the old bait and switch. If you do your research you will see their prices are completely inflated compared to other companies that are actually reputable. They will insist your getting "bargain of a lifetime" but realistically your being ridiculously over charged. You give them a budget and they push you for more "how about we spread it out over more months" "interest free" "you'll never have to worry about the hair again" etc. well you decided to take the leap, sign the contract only to find out 2 years later when you've made all your payments that you still owe $1800 how is this possible- fine print, "your payments are less each month so we had to tack on extra months" all said and done I got 9 treatments done over the course of 2 years (scars from the burns to prove it) and got it for the bargain price of just under $10k again how is this even possible. Had they been clear with the cost up front I would have immediately walked out- that is insane I didn't have that MUCH hair to warrant that price. Heres the kicker 2+ years later Im still shaving daily, I was the "perfect" candidate so why is there still hair???!? It's not b/c I have light hair (1/2) Italian, not because I have fair or dark skin and not because I have a hormonal issue (checked by actually doctor, not these phony nurses they hire who literally have no medical experience) who also confirms the treatment doesn't work. Do yourself a favor if you need hair removal, go somewhere else because this place will only steal your money and waste your time! If anyone happens to start a class action for false advertising, false medical practice, pain, suffering or legal robbery against this company please feel free to reach out to me I will glady add my 2 cents.

Buyers be aware
A very nice staff once I paid my coolsculpting procedure Ideal Image told me that they didn't have anything on Saturday until November to call them back on Monday cause it was easy to schedule during the week day but I was not sure about my schedule for the week yet. Monday the 30th of Sept two days later I called and now they are telling me that the only appointment for the weekday is in the end of October. I tried to get a refund since they don't tell you how far they're on the appointment and Freezoelogy can see me in 3 days and do the procedure the same day. I'm very upset because they keeping my money in the mean time and they don't refund money. Please before you give them money find out how long you have to wait for the sculpting procedure. Freezology have more machines that is why they can do the procedure faster. Just an FYI I'm hoping I can result this. ASAP

Let's start with the price. I will open it up so that everybody knows what to expect and Ideal Image stop getting unsuspecting people in there for the sales process. A Laser hair removal of just the bikini area will set you back around $2700 with all the "discounts" applied. Don't get fooled by the 70% offers or the fact that you must sign the same day. I signed the agreement and I had my first session. Yes, it was super painful! But what was even more painful is what followed. A couple of days after signing I went back to cancel the agreement and this people with a straight face said they will cancel if I paid $540. Serious? That is the most expensive penalty I have ever seen. It turned out I got convinced again to continue. COVID-19 enters the picture. This company closes and I got no more sessions. I wound up losing my job all together so we called the company to cancel and the person (Kimberly) that was presented as the Regional Manager who is really not the Regional Manager said that she would not give us any refunds or cancel the contract. This came after saying in our faces a few days prior that they would refund the money at any time. Yeah, right!. I, at this point in time, have no refund, no job, no sessions and I am still paying the finance company. In fact, I am very fearful of going back there for any kind of treatment after Covid-19. I will post updates every week in here and with the Better Business Bureau as well.
People, if you truly value your money, stay very far away from this company. It's really time for this company to start doing what they preach and start projecting the "Ideal Image"

I wouldn't go with Ideal Image
Have a trip set for June so I wanted to get lasering. I called ideal image and had a consultation which the lady was really sweet. I end up getting some financing done because it's really expensive. Once I got everything signed which the lady never went over anything with me just had sign here sign here I thought I was signing for the loan still. I decided because there are no availabilities for getting services done until really late close to time for my trip I decided not to go with the services anymore I can do something else. I called to cancel the financing company was fine. But I called ideal image which Ideal Image said you're still going to have to pay us even if you do not have a service it is in our contract. So they are now saying that even though I have never had a service done just signed up 3 days ago they're saying that I will still owe them they will send it to collections for me to still pay them the money that I'm taking away from them. I guess with ideal image there is no buyer's remorse at all. Do not go with them all of this is in very small writing that they do not go over but they have you hurry up and sign it. I am totally disgusted with the company but they are teaching me a lesson to always ask questions. Don't go with ideal image.

Don't expect them to be truthful
Getting laser treatments and when I started was told I should come at least every 6 weeks. However, now that I am contract bound, I can't get an appointment for 12 weeks. Customer service basically stated we are working on opening up more slots and we are so busy. Well that does not help me get the service I paid for. Ideal Image have a very nonchalant attitude. The worst is I don't even think the laser is helping with the hair removal. So long between sessions that I am forced to shave. Would not recommend!

They are holding my money hostage for a service they would not do/never received
I made an appointment for cheek fillers Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at the Chandler, AZ office. A consultant did a zoom meeting with me and assured me the fillers would be great for me. I had a mini-facelift last November 2020 and we discussed that. Not once did she mention that the doctor there would not approve fillers if someone has had a facelift. I paid $1,575.00 for 2 syringes of filler online in advance. When I arrived at my appointment (50 minutes from my home) I waited almost 30 minutes beyond my appointment time. The nurse took me in a treatment room and informed me that the Dr there would not approve fillers because of my mini-facelift. She suggested I use the $1,575 for other treatments. I do not need any other treatments and declined and asked for a refund. The nurse said Ideal Image would process the refund but it would be delayed because of the Memorial Day holiday. That was fine, here it is 2 business days after the holiday I have yet to see a refund. Someone even called me to try to get me to purchase laser treatments. I declined and asked about my refund. Their salesperson said she would expedite my refund and have someone call me immediately. Of course, NO ONE HAS CALLED and it has been 2 days, and no refund yet. Also, the consultant that set this up initially did answer me 2 days ago and said she would make sure my refund was processed. It wasn't so I emailed her again and no response. What the heck! I work hard for my money, they would not perform the service I paid for which was not my fault. A refund should have been processed immediately on the day of my appointment. I suspect bait and switch tactics going on here. Which is insane just do the fillers! My facelift Doctor and many other doctors recommend fillers after a facelift.

I have started a dispute for the payment with my bank and I plan to repeat this review on a many social media platforms as possible.

Violation of the Consumer Protection Act
On June 24,2020, I received via text message an invitation from Ideal Image to buy both Botox and Filler at a reduced price. The SIX page, 10 pitch contract arrived via Docu-sign. My fee for both services was $1,950. I arrived at my appointment and filled out the paperwork associated with the services. In that paperwork, as is standard, I was asked about allergies. I am deathly allergic to shellfish. I was taken into the injection suite wherein I was advised that Ideal Image would not inject filler because of my allergy to shellfish. I asked for a refund of the filler cost or $1,500. Long story short, I was told that I would not be refunded anything unless I gave them a doctor's note stating that I have a shellfish allergy. IF I provided that, they would consider refunding my money but would reduce the refund by $100 for their "trouble". Ideal Image buries in the contact a binding arbitration clause. I've left my money there, on their books, and have decided to initiate a Trial by Social Media.

The worst customer service.
The worst customer service I have ever witnessed first hand. I was denied treatment for the second time after paying them $400 (50% of the contract) in which I had been told that I had unlimited access to the treatment for 16 months and, based on the verbal contract of their own sales rep, I was supposed to pay the other 50% after the last treatment. Do not trust their sales rep with their promises and statements.
After the first treatment, I ended up with a severe infection that took me three months to recover. When I wanted to resume my treatment, I was told that Ideal Image were not going to provide any service unless I pay the full amount ahead of time.

Short story: Wouldn't recommend it to my WORST enemies. Unprofessional. I was treated like garbage or better yet a dog on a leash. DO NOT GO. I should've listened to all of the bad reviews and complaints. Google " ideal image" complaints and see for yourself.

Long story: I came in to get laser hair removal for my upper neck and jaw line (I have some hair on my lower chin which is considered jawline to them). Tammy made me a contract for upper neck and chin instead and the day of my first appointment (mind you I drove an hour to the location) I came in excited for my first session. I was taken to the back room (where Ideal Image do the laser) the person who was supposed to do the laser on me asked me what we were doing today and I showed her the areas I needed to get done and she immediately told me that my contract needs to be changed and it shouldn't have been chin but jawline instead and she couldn't go through with the appointment until I fix it with Tammy. I go back to Tammy and she makes me a whole new contract by then the room was occupied and I had to reschedule. I came in a second time and I had mentioned that I was dealing with problems on my card and they'd have to wait for a couple more days before they could process the second monthly payment. They refused to do anything on me even though I had a down payment and a first month payment and I didn't get ANYTHING done yet which is completely their fault. At that point I asked for a refund and Tammy kept telling me that they do not refund. I asked to speak to the location manager but Tammy said her location manager is not around and she would call me back on Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Monday comes and goes then Tuesday comes and almost goes. I called them at 5pm asking to speak to the location manager they told me she wasn't available. This is when I asked for the contact information for the regional manager and some how by miracle they transfer me to the location manger. I explained the situation to Nicole (location manager) I told her they have treated me like garbage and her response was "I apologize we don't mean to make you feel that way" REALLY? Maybe you should try a little harder not to waste my time and my energy. Driving 4 hours in total and not getting anything for it. The day of my second appointment they kept sending me these automated text messages of how excited they were to see me. I believe I should've been at least called if you're unable to take me due to a payment. LET ME KNOW "HEY WE CANT SEE YOU TODAY BECAUSE THE PAYMENT FOR THE SECOND MONTH HASN'T PROCESSED AND WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ALREADY PUT A DOWN PAYMENT AND A FIRST MONTH PAYMENT. WE APOLOGIZE BUT WE CANT TAKE YOU TODAY. HOWEVER WE CAN CALL YOU TO RESCHEDULE ONCE WE RECEIVE PAYMENT" would that have been too hard on you? A huge business with multiple locations all over the country and you can't do the simplest tasks. Why on earth why I be comfortable to let you lay a finger on me? I wouldn't.

Waste if Money
I had good experiences at the Tampa Kennedy location until recently there was a change in staff I was assigned to nurse Caroline for a filler It was the most awkward and uncomfortable experience I've ever had She was nice but she was not confident which made me very uncomfortable I will not be going back to Caroline In addition, I really couldn't see a difference in my cheeks the location of the filler which made me feel like I wasted my money i've had my cheeks done before to tighten up other areas so I knew what it should look like and feel like it was a very minimal application when I said some thing about the appearance she talked me out of adding more as I look down at the half-filled syringe

Ideal Image
I reached out to Ideal Image in regards to laser treatments for dark spots. Ideal Image required a zoom consult to go over your specific issues and to sell you a membership. We went over the reason I needed the treatment and I purchased the membership with 3 laser treatments that we scheduled once a month for three months. Of course they didn't mention they didn't have any appointments availability for over a month until after I joined/paid. I filled out the health information at that time then waited a month for my first appointment. Last night, I got the same health questionnaire in a text link, my information was already filled out so I just resubmitted it. Today was suppose to be my first visit, they called two hours prior to my appointment to cancel stating bbl isn't for the dark spots/melasma. In addition to being a complete disregard for my time and money, they can't refund directly, it has to go to their manager and then corporate. I should have looked at their reviews - better business bureau has a one star rating with almost 1600 complaints.

*Update: Originally I was told someone would call me in 5-7 business days in regards to refund. Posted a review and received a call stating I needed to sign a contract to receive a refund. I received a DocuSign which stated to receive a refund I had to remove reviews. Out of principal I called back and explained I would not be removing the review as I feel like this is not good business practice and others should be able to see honest feedback on businesses. She then backed down and said I would receive a refund. I then sent a follow up email to the representative, Kinsey, confirming I would be looking out fort the refund within 21 days as she had advised in our conversation. Within a few minutes she called me and said the refund department said they will reject the refund if I do not sign. I let her know I am not doing that so I will be moving forward with American Express and the BBB today.*

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT go to this place!
There's way too many better places you can check before you step here.
If the results shows up, its great. No Worries. But why would you spent $10000 on something that's did not give you any results and made it even worse.
That's a total waste of money.
When I called the main office, I wanted to play a fair game and didn't wanna ask for a 100% refund, since I wanted to respect the time and the product Ideal Image used, but Abigail, the lady who works at the main office, said their office doesn't refund any money even though the service they provided was a complete shame.
So, if you do end up going to this place, be very sure to ask, what happens if you get 0 results and what if it gets even worse, and the refund policy, before you sign anything?
The only good thing about this office was, every staff that I got to see, Cindy, Erin, everyone who works at the front desk are super cool, relaxed, always wanting to help and easy to talk to. I think the supervisor team, and the management for this location and the whole ideal Image in general is poor and total shame.

My treatments were done in Las Vegas NV but since the managers and Corporate will not respond I have to assume Ideal Image are all run the same. No concern or care for their clients! Money is bottom line not you!
I am so Heartbroken about what Ideal Image has done to me! I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, I find it difficult to work and be seen by my clients. I usually don't look like this monster they have turned me into and all I am asking is for a refund. The thought of having Katie Olsen - Regional Manager and Chris Myers - Manager for Las Vegas profit on what they have done to me is almost more then I can bare. I know I am obsessing now and I would like nothing more then to move on but when I could look like I do now for the next 3-4 months is unbearable. So swollen around my eyes I have a difficult time keeping them open, when I am relaxing and watching TV I have to hold my eyes open in order to see, reading is a struggle for me and honestly I'm afraid to drive which really sucks because I'm in Real Estate and driving is what I do. They are not in the people business, it's ALL about the profit. So Katie Olsen and Chris Myers am I your bottom line? Did I help you achieve your sales Quota? $3,000.00 gone and you have ruined me! I am told this is not permanent but when we are talking about 3-4 months it seems like it.
That is not all! I was offered a refund for work NOT PERFORMED but paid for (I was suppose to go back for more injections) But i can only receive MY MONEY back is if I sign paperwork stating that i will remove ALL negative posts and not go on any social media platform to let people know how they treat you at IDEAL IMAGE, how's that for standing behind their work?
When a mistake is made which I know can happen you need to stand up and take responsibility and OWN it, not ignore me like I don't exist. I am a real person with real feelings. Ignoring me is what you have chosen and I find that unacceptable. I want all of your clients and future clients to know what you can do to a persons life. I am normally a very happy person and now I find it hard to smile about anything.
Shame on you IDEAL IMAGE and especially Regional Manager Katie Olsen and Manager Chris Myers - you are dealing with peoples lives, I think this should be taken very seriously.

Take your money elsewhere
I made the decision to invest thousands into getting almost every area on my body treated with a company I thought was reputable. I can't even begin to express just how disappointed I am with this decision. On several occasions my appointments have been canceled due to the fact Ideal Image can't keep staff and do don't have enough staff to fulfill the clients they have. Due to this my treatments have not been working. I brought this issue forward to the manager four or five different times and I have never heard back from the manager, despite my follow ups over two years. I finally decided to get in touch with the head office to share my concern about the fact that the clinic is unable to accommodate its clients and doesn't have the staff to ensure that clients are treated on a proper schedule and ask for a refund. I actually heard back from a man named RJ from head office who gave me his direct number and told me that if I ever had a problem getting an appointment at the clinic to call him directly and that he could help. He did not want to give me a refund or offer any other solution other then to give him a call every time I couldn't get an appointment and he would try and assist. Since this phone call I was last in to the clinic one day later and was told that they are unable to schedule me for my follow up appointment which would be for December as they are fully booked for the rest of the year due to the fact they only have one employee and that the schedule for January is unknown at this time because they cannot find anyone to work. They told me to rest assured that they have hired two new workers who will receive 2 weeks of training and then can start booking more appointments after their training. Let me say... if you look at some of the other reviews of this location you will see pictures of serious burns... I certainly am not happy about paying 10x the price to get treated by a worker who has only 2 weeks of experience... further, It is my understanding that if you are not treated every 6 to 8 weeks that your treatments are not affective, I have experienced that this statement is in fact true. So if the company cannot accommodate its clients within this set timeframe it goes without saying that the treatments are not going to work. Therefore it is fair and justified to ask for a refund. I have called RJ ( customer service from head office)4 times now and not a single call back. Also called the Granville location today as the manager was supposed to be in and no call back even after relaying my concerns with the receptionist. It's beyond unprofessional that this company takes your money and can't fulfill your treatment, further management could care less about it... I'm extremely disappointed by the conduct of ideal image and would like to share my experience as an example of what to expect if you decide to sign a contract and give them your money. As it stands now Ideal image has my money for treatments they cannot full fill and no one from head office nor the location it's self will return my calls to discuss a refund. Truly appalling.

Took Money From Me
I bought a years worth of botox whuch was $800 i got pregnant so i couldnt use it, when I called Ideal Image told me it would be fine for after i had the baby, then after the baby covid happe ed and ideal image was closed, finally they are open and they tell me the contract has expired and I cant get my botox i paid for! So never get the botox upfront because if anything happens they will pocket your money and screw you badly! This is the most horible experience i have ever had and to think the lady had the nerve to try and get me to pay for more botox after taking the $800 worth i had already paid for! Beware of this company.

They literally Burned and scarred Me with NO Remorse -
Debbie had me signed me up at the Melbourne/Viera Location for Laser Hair removal. Debbie was as nice as can be. Jessica did the first two Laser treatments and she was careful and professional. Unfortunately, Nicola did the treatments afterwards even though I was happy with Jessica and requested to continue with her. Nicola hurt me and Jessica never did. Nicola rationed the hurt as increasing the jewels on the machine. At various times, Nicola also missed many areas and then literally lied and said she already did those areas. I had asked Nicola if we should wait till the tan completely is gone and she said I would be ok as it is mostly gone and continued with treatment. Nicola ended up BURNING me so badly I am scarred, blistery and had to go to the hospital for Burn and infection treatment. The Dr, Dr Angela Fisher (Ideal Image DR) was very matter of fact (and stated false facts) and kept telling me she has been the Dr at Ideal Image for 17 years and she regularly has patients that get BURNED and scarred but she represented the scarring and pigment eventually can be reversed. And I should wait upwards of 9 months to see the burn marks fade. I never have spoken to such a self absorbed Dr who cares less about the damages her and her staff does. Dr Angela Fisher also had the nerve to tell me that I still got benefit from the 4 sessions while I was in front of her all scarred, burned and in lots of pain. It was not just a nightmare, unprofessional but torturous. Please be ware and do NOT take a chance with these people. The technicians and dr's do not have your best interests at heart and Ideal Image LIE after the fact to cover themselves. Nice on the outside but Deceivers and very bad people. I am waiting for them to call me back to get at least my money back and to cover my medical expenses.

Buyer beware!
Highly unprofessional, poor attention to detail, and laughable communication. I booked a single area to be treated. Ideal Image canceled my appt due to a malfunction with their laser. When I did have the appt, clearly the problem was not fixed, as the laser burned my skin. The employee had no idea. This after several scheduling errors. In addition, although I was half naked, multiple other employees came into the treatment room unannounced. I was unhappy, but gave them another chance. They again cancelled my appt, saying they had tried to contact me. They had not. I asked for a refund (minus the one treatment I had), which I thought was fair. They refused. I could not get them on the phone. Finally contacted the BBB and my credit card. They refunded my $. It only took 5 weeks after my first attempt to reach Customer Service. Oh, and they are 3x as expensive as most reputable spas.

Contract expired with no warning
Not only does it feel almost impossible to schedule appointments on a regular day, but my contract expired during covid during which I was told I couldn't make appointments. This makes literally no sense especially considering there was no reach out stating this information since I had JUST purchased more of it right before Covid. I purchased laser hair removal for my legs, glabella, armpits, and full bikini area. All of that money is gone down the drain now. Go somewhere else.

Worst laser place ever
Purchased a $3000 laser hair removal service. Did not work for me at all, I end up getting way more hair then what I had. When Ideal Image saw my before picture from my first visit and my pictures after My 6 treatment they acted surprised and switched me to another machine and offered me 4 free sessions while I was asking for a refund. I did 2 sessions and it's getting worst more hair is showing up. It's been months and I can't get help with my refund or to get a reply on my email with the manager. They will try anything just to not give a refund back and they always put you on hold for ever. Worst laser hair removal place I've ever been at

Don't get talked into buying a package
I wanted to make an appt. For a facial but you have to get a consultation first. That is where Ideal Image take you into a room and give you the hard sell. You walk out feeling like an idiot for getting talked into buying an over priced package. My first facial, the technician was 15 mins. Late. It was the most disappointing facial I've ever had. It was very clinical, not relaxing at all. There was no massage. She just rubbed a stream of different products on my face. Music was loud and obnoxious. No steaming or extracting or close examination of my skin. Another tech came in and got on the computer in the room while I was getting my facial! Afterwards you have to use the very low lit bathroom to put your makeup on. If I hadn't purchased a package of facials, I would not go back.

They take no accountability, only offer I am sorry
Been with company over 5 years, never had issues until last year with new management. I have extremely tight schedule but i have to base my schedule around theirs. Ideal Image have canceled on me 2 times with not enough staff and they failed to send reminder confirmation of appointment, in which canceled my appointment and did not know until I called off work again to show up and they told me at that point. Been trying to schedule filler for 2 months and now They have no more appointments until next month which I will be out of country again. I just want my money back. Honestly, this used to be a good company. The burses are sweet, It is just dealing with office and scheduling that has been an issue and nightmare. Now I am on hold for over 30 minutes and still waiting for a customer service rep to pick up to battle on getting the refund. I have already reached out to BBB. I am an easy customer to work with but this is just a pain in the butt at this point with Ideal Image.

SCAM alert, Price-Gouging
Advertising "70% off" is bogus

Ideal Image use False advertising to make you sign up.

VERY annoyed with this company & want my hard earned money back.

Was duped into getting a laser hair package for Brazilian bikini for $2,000 and another SMALL area for total of $2,600.

Their pricing is a scam

STILL waiting for someone to get back to me I've called and emailed DAILY. They charged my card 9/24

I immediately requested my money back & you can't get a hold of anyone. Once they charge your card and you have an issue it's been crickets.

Once I realized that 3 reputable laser placed by me (who ALL use Candela lasers) are offering Brazilian and LOWER leg for $2,400-2,600 for 6-7 treatments.

Make sure you shop around. Their 16 month limit is also bogus because you cannot get 9 treatments in in that time frame

Ideal Image is a overpriced business which does not seek to satisfy customers
Ideal image did not give me the service I needed. Ideal Image want to get you involved inrevolving debt for small non invadive procedures that do not fully solve your problem of hair removal. After I was dissatisfoed with service they sent my account to debt colllector before I could explain to them that I was not satisfied with their customer service. Their attorneys are now garnishing my wages for services O never received. This company is money hungry and low on customer service. DONT GIVE THEM BUSINESS OR ENTER INTO ANY CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT WITH THEM. THEY WILL SCREW UP YOUR CREDIR

I am blown away by some of the negative reviews on here which basically read to me as if people are not taking responsibility for their own decisions and/or reading the fine print. I also know a number of other people who have successfully used and sung the praises of Ideal Images various services, but we all know it's usually the ones who live to complain that take the time to write bad reviews.

I have been using Ideal Images services at various locations across the country for over 10-years now. I am a pedantic OCD kinda guy who drills, questions and over clarifies when interviewing anyone as a client and/or as a consultant. YES there are possible pit-falls to any service such as this, and I was made fully aware of the risks, costs and follow-up procedures involved (IT'S UP TO ALL OF US TO OWN OUR OWN MAINTENANCE) with any and all services that Ideal Image have provided (VERY successfully) for me to date.

I have used them for hair removal and was fully aware the hair would grow back (as all older men's will, they take care of the hair... they can't change our hormones) but finer than before... anticipating this, I paid for the follow-up service, scheduled my follow-up appointments accordingly and continue to mitigate the situation to my satisfaction.

I recommended a friend use the "under eye" procedure, HUGE success!

I have started a cool-sculpting routine with them and couldn't be happier with their onboarding process (Jodi was phenomenal with explaining the process, the pitfalls AND walking me through the financing), their client services and the polite and cooperative manner (Megan and Chelsea at the shop have been wonderful to work with) in which they have accommodated my specific needs as well as my schedule.

Believe me, if nothing more than to up the "ratings percentage curve" BUT more importantly to spread the word to others who could benefit from their professional services and beneficial offerings, I will be following up with subsequent reviews as my process (and progress) continues.

Dustin M

Professional scammers
I'm not one to put people or businesses on blast, however my experience with Ideal Image needs visibility as Ideal Image are STEALING from their customers. They collect payment upfront and make it nearly impossible to schedule the service you paid for. I pre-paid thousands of dollars for 9 laser treatments, and only received 3. They scheduled out my 3 treatments over the course of 6 months so that I am not able to dispute my credit card charges after they completely ignore my calls and voicemails when I try to schedule my 4th appointment. Over the past month, I've tried calling the Mill Creek location several times and have left a couple voicemails that haven't been returned. I also called corporate and they transferred me to Mill Creek's voicemail. I emailed my sales rep twice begging for help and didn't receive a response. I texted her and she responded saying that one of the reasons she quit is because they bite of more than they can chew. I shared my experience on my social media feed and one of my friends actually called from their phone number on my behalf, and they picked up. It's like they don't answer my calls because they've already got my money, but answer a call from a new phone number because they have a new opportunity to steal more money. My friend told them to call me back and they told him that they have more pressing matters to take care of first. A few hours later, someone called me to schedule an appointment. I was reluctant to schedule an appointment with them since the only reason they called me was because my friend chewed them out, however I scheduled it anyways because I didn't want this to hurt my case when I seek legal counsel. I messaged their Facebook page and they responded "sorry for your inconvenience, we'll have someone reach out." Somebody from Ideal Image, I'm assuming at a higher level than the retail location, did contact me later in the day. I explained my experience to her and provided additional examples from my friends and friends and friends who have had similar experiences and shared with me. She told me that there are two sides to every story and that it was false and unfair to listen to their experiences, which really downplayed mine. She also said that since I've already received three treatments that they cannot refund me, but only issue an account credit. She was very vague about what the account credit would be, that is all she said. She also mentioned that it is a standard procedure for them to have anyone who cancels a contract with them sign a hold harmless agreement to minimize their negative reviews. She also said that my treatments were within the 6 to 10 week guidelines so she didn't see what the issue was. I told her the issue was that I had my treatment over a month ago and was concerned that my future treatment wasn't scheduled for the following month because I understand they book out far in advance and just wanted to get on the calendar. I wasn't even able to get on the calendar because they would not answer their phone or return any of my phone calls. She told me that everything that I told her has a reason behind it, but didn't elaborate any further. She told me that they have an 800 number exclusively for scheduling, however this number was never provided to me. Again, when I contacted corporate they transferred me to mill creek's voicemail even though I told them they don't return my calls. This was obviously a huge red flag. She said due to Covid they've been keeping their lobbies closed and using the phones throughout the day to check people in when they arrive since the doors are locked and that they have simply been too busy to return voicemails. Lastly, she told me she's been with Ideal Image for 12 years and the thousands of 1 star BBB ratings have only been received since Covid started. This doesn't make any sense to me. Her attempt at dissolving the situation was to offer to advance schedule me for my remaining six treatments and explain to me the reason they don't do that is because if I cancel it messes up all of the other appointments, and offering an account credit of which I don't know any details about. I told her I was not satisfied with this resolution and will continue to raise awareness until I am satisfied with how the business handles customers when they are displeased with customer service (and integrity for that matter.) she told me since she was unable to provide a solution that satisfies me that she will need to escalate to her manager. I look forward to her call and will update my review after I speak with her.

Get your laser, botox, cool sculpting, etc. from a reputable provider and support local if you can.

Laser hair removal
I've always had a bit more of facial hair then normal, so I thought I would get it lasered off. Ideal Image is always running advertisements on laser hair removal and how I would never have to shave or wax ever again, so I bought a $2000 laser package for my neck hair. An now over a year later and after all my treatments are done, the hairs on my neck keep growing back and now Ideal Image tell me their is a change that it will always keep growing. I just spend $2000 on a treatments that never work, an here I am wax the hair off my neck AGAIN..

Chandler Az. Dishonest, Unethical They are experts at Bait and switch.
Ideal Image promised a package of 2 cool sculpts followed by a Kybella The contract was for 6 vials. 3400 cash. They never did the Kybella and kept putting it off delayed times dates. When I showed up the RN refused saying I had hx allergies. I pointed out no I am an RNJD and have medical records to show I do not have anaphylaxis hx. I asked for a 3rd cool sculpt since they refuse to do Kybella and NO ONE will get back to me, They deserve to go out of business... VERY RUDE UNETHICAL Staff Corp HQ is Florida.

Very uncooperative
I have called and left them quite a few messages asking for the lady that set up my account to call me back and she refuses to call me back, I haven't gotten any services done I called prior to my appointment to cancel everything because I found out that my daughter needs to get braces and that I can't afford this payment and to also pay for my daughters braces. I don't want to pay for a service I never received, it is extremely unfair to my daughter mainly because now I have to explain to her that now I can't afford to fix her smile because Ideal Image is being uncooperative and won't void the contract. I am half tempted to take my daughter in that location and have that lady explain to my daughter why she can't get her braces done. I am extremely frustrated, mad, and sad more so because I now can't take care of what I need to take care of with my daughter. I will never ever ever recommend Ideal Image to anyone that I know ever and I will be putting reviews about the whole situation on google, yelp, and everywhere that I possibly can to let everyone know that Ideal Image is a complete rip off and Ideal Image don't work with people, all they care about is their money.

Cool sculpting!
I am 105 pounds with some Belly fat. I was told
I was a perfect candidate. Had it done twice and maybe tiny change if any. It did so little and It cost me 2,000! When I called and told them how disappointed I was Ideal Image told me maybe I was to small! Be careful this does not work for everyone and you will be out a lot of money if it doesn't! They said they saw a change when I got checked I saw a tiny bit. To none My pants fit the same and my belly fat is still there! I am sure it worked for some but just disappointed it did not for me! The staff is great I just wish it worked for me!

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