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Worst learning website.
This is the literal worst website I have ever seen for learning uses. The diagnostics are kinda bad and when you fail a lesson you forced to do the lesson again even the tutorial. Why not just make them do the test but noooo now I got to stay up all night listening to some stupid badly drawn character talk to me while I try not to punch my screen. AND THE COIN REWARDS are so bad if I earn a ton of coins iget a few minutes to play some dumb game. I literally have to do 30 to 45 minutes of this garbage and its a major part of my grade. It is so bad I would give you a 0 but that's not possible so I give you a 1.

I-ready Sucks
I hate i-ready. Whenever you fail a lesson, you have to restart it and you don't get any tokens for even trying. As far as 'helping' goes, it's helping me get a worse self-esteem. I have to spend 45 minutes a week doing this trash. You say, 'every student hates learning' but no, because i'm a smart child in school. How do principals find this trash to begin with? I-Ready spend hundreds of dollars for this trash for students. I-ready sucks and i hope you people save your money for something useful. If anything, choose IXL.

I-Ready could make kids develop anxiety and if a waste of time
Hello Reader,

Even though this app was produced for learning, the lessons stress me out. Sometimes it takes me around 1 ½ hours to complete the instructions, only to fail the quiz and have to redo the lessons. Instead of making the person redo the lesson I-Ready could just make them redo the questions they missed. Overall doing the quiz could stress one out because the instructions aren't that helpful, and doing the quiz not knowing what it's about is the reason one is stressed doing the lessons. Also the instructions need to be updated, to adapt to one's mind and help them actually understand the lesson. I'm saying this from 3 years of experience, the only reason I did i-ready was because my school forces upper grade to do I-ready lessons. Which is stupid, just like school districts who force students do the lessons.^-^

Exhausting and inaccurate
I have been using I-Ready for 3 years. My entire class (6th grade) hates this website, and this includes my teachers. I have seen errors such as a right scalene triangle being a equilateral triangle, 7 * 10 being 80, and even multiple grammar issues in passages and text (it doesn't make you correct it). I don't remember the exact lessons, but trust me on this.

Also, the lessons (usually too easy for the students) take anywhere from 15 min - 1 hr. This is tiring and just wastes time. As my English teacher likes to say "Anything in school that does not benefit your education does not matter." (Which can be wrong but still)

By the way, it does NOT work on mobile browsers or Apple App Store. Currently I am typing this on my phone (my laptop is not available) so I can only show you the error.

Horrible, miserable, and torturous. 0 STARS.
Iready is a waste of time and causes stress for students. It brainwashes students making them do one hour just to learn something simple as 1+1 and it does not even have the correct answer. For example, if you were to be on a lesson about multiplication and the question was, "11x4" it would most likely get the question wrong and explain it in a bizarre way, like, "First, 1x4=4. Then, 11x4=44. Then, 4+44=48." and it would keep on chatting about that single problem as if it were TRYING to cause you anxiety and prove you wrong. I'm a student so you may think, "Well, she just doesn't want do math!" but no, this is actually a horrible site... The buisness itself makes other apps which all have to do with iready (which doesn't deserve a capital i) and, as you may have guessed, all their apps are the same, some worse.

I-Ready math is decent enough, the main problem I have is with the reading section of it. Back in like third grade, the reading assignments were kinda fun, but once you get to a certain level on your diagnostic (around 650) it starts getting extremely repetitive. Like you read some passages then answer questions and do so over and over again until the assignment is over. This just really zaps your motivation while also making the lessons way too easy and boring. You don't even have to answer any of the questions personally unlike the math section. I just think there should be a little more variation that's all.

Why, Just why?
Why do teachers make you do this.Its slow, bad, and has incorrect grammar.The diagnostic "lesson" makes me more and more angry everytime i watch it.The math lessons are no exceptions either. Like how will switching 10 x 7 make a difference? I'm being teached lessons i learned now. Because I absorbed no information from the practice on geometry (I haven't learned that yet btw) you can only get a question wrong 2 times? I thought 50% was barely a pass! Just don't ok, Literally any other website. Teachers, if you see this, rid of I-ready from your class, your students will be happy about it. Most of them. Imo the only good thing about this is the Learning games and the "Rewards" But I found a website you can play them for free (Refresh every time you finish a game.And i'm wrapping it up here. Thanks for your time

I ready free games

This is the worst appliance i have ever seen the amount of spelling mistakes in this is program is insane if your trying to teach people make the words be spelled right not to mention that the diagnostics are the longest most boring assessment ever and now its giving out growth checks which will reset and sometimes it will repeat its self randomly. In math you will do a lesson complete it and then a few days later it pops up again. You'll be doing a math lesson and it will say your answer is wrong then say that the answer you put is right. The graphics to this thing are so bad and based on the amount of money we pay for this plan we should not use this if you see a petition to get rid of iready sign it.

Very bad program
Alright, in this list is all the flaws of the stupid "learning" thing called i ready. Alright, lets get on this list: number 1: the lessons are tediuosly long, and boring. Its not like we can watch those stupid characters talk in the slowest way possible, and the math SUCKS. Its sucks, and the grading system is garbage. I got 3 questions wrong, and then i get a 67%. Now, i have to watch the ENTIRE thing again just to fail. And, once i got one point lower in i ready diagnostic. *im in 5th grade* and then, I GOT DROPPED FROM 5TH GRADE HIGH TO 4TH GRADE LOW! WHAT!? ITS JUST ONE POINT! And, going to number 2: the learning "games" are trash and rigged. The water cloud game is boring, the cupcake and pizza game thing *a knock off of papa's pizzeria* sucks. I-Ready have difficult math questions at random, or in my case, 9/10, the customer says "i want 3/9 cupcakes and my house is at hell." sure, i suck at demoninator crap, but i know my demoninator stuff, but i ready sucks and doesnt want to teach divisions, so i fail. Number 3 and final: the characters. The characters look bad, and i would rather play the pedo game of meepcity on roblox. I hate "plory" and the green floating thing, and the dog. The cutscenses suck, and the reading, oh boy, its real bad. The human characters look terrible and horrendus, and the design is ugly. The only good thing is the fact theres a draw option in reading, so you can make them suffer. And, the 50 coin minigames, the only good ones are the mining game and the galaxy dash game. All other games are a waste of 50 coins. In fact, imagine wasting 2 hours for 50 coins just to get a 60-80 second game. WHY! And, thats my very very long review. Maybe can you reply or something if i missed something? Oh well gotta get going! Bye!

IReady sucks
My opinion is final. From a teacher's perspective, I don't agree with how kids 5 - 14 years old (elementary and middle school) use it. It's good for a younger audience, but not good for older students. The animations are poor and childish. Districts shouldn't need to pay thousands of dollars on a subscription plan for this poor quality. Sure, it's better than some sites but I think I-Ready can do a lot better with how much we pay them. [It kills the student's social view of the world] with the advancement of technology, things are getting more technologically advanced furthermore, that means it kills the student's social skills and takes them further from achieving those skills.

Iready? What for?
Iready takes so much time to finish and sometimes the system will have a problem and skipping ALL the students work for one lesson making it more work u have to do since iready reversed everything you did. Personally i think iready is very useless and wastes time. Teachers often think ireadys a great learning/practice website but teachers post multiple ireadys due in one or two days where each takes up over 1 hr+. Science shows, 2hr is the best screentiming for 12 and up in ages. Just delete iready already. Khan academy, math games, etc are so much better than iready. Teachers pleaseeeeeeeeee we students are literally suffering because of this random website called iready with 10 ireadys due in 2 days!

I hate I-Ready
I am a student and I hate I-Ready. First reason is that the diagnostic is like super hard, yes it tells us that but still. Say if you get it wrong, first of all it doesn't even tell you, you got it wrong. Second you can't go back like say you just realized you got the answer OOPS can't go back. Third the lessons that are TEACHER ASSIGNED are so hard and it's not going to help me that I have to do them again! Fourth, the comprehension checks oh my god there so hard. So like I personally prefer a paper test then on a computer especially from I-Ready. I wish h Ih could give this 0 stars

My opinion on I-Ready
My teacher makes my class do at least 6 I-ready lessons a week, and it takes at least 40 minutes to complete each tutorial. The tutorial is so so so much longer than the actual quiz. The reading i-ready isn't all so bad as the math lessons, but the reading I-ready lessons are all the same. I-ready makes us restart the entire dam thing if you get 50% or lower! I am in 5-6th grade and I have been doing I-ready for years. My grades have been lowered just because of my I-ready scores? I added another star since the reading lessons are pretty short. Plus, I-Ready won't even let me add photos in this review.

I-Ready is a $#*!ty platform that is supposed to "educate" kids on their learning and math skills along with reading. The two most important subjects, I've left a review before in the past but i-Ready is really that bad.
Yesterday in class when I was doing an i-Ready lesson I got a question wrong (thinking it was the right one) and it made me want to poke my eye in a knife. I-Ready causes stress, confusion, suicidal thoughts to kids. This platform is harmful to kids so parents if you are reading this review. PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR KIDS DO I-READY THE PLATFORM IS $#*!ED AND IT'LL STRESS YOUR KID.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel: "multiplegamesman" if you agree!

I'll never forget the first time we met. But I'll keep trying.

Math was my favorite subject, i'd say i was one of the biggest math lovers in my classroom... except past tense though... i used to love math! But iready makes me hate math! It makes you restart a lesson if you get just a few wrong and it is stupid and cringe (with the dabbing) and the names are stupid, the ideas are stupid and the questions are so dumb, I-Ready are so easily misunderstood and sometimes you can get it right and it wont give you a single point because they wont let you do in your own strategy! They think that their math strategies are SOOOOO SMART! But really, they should let us use our own strategies and formulas and everything! They are taking over every single thing in math class and i just want iready to go away so that i actually like math again because i remember in fourth grade, i LOOVED math and then fifth grade had iready come and join every school and now math is my second least favorite subject! (i hate social studies more though) i mean, i went from being the biggest math lover in the classroom to being in the group of the biggest math haters! Not cool! Ban iready!

Stop this. Please.
Its been 6 months on iready. I'm losing my mind. I've begun to see them, the math problems these hallucinations are dangerous. Wherever I turn that voice. THE VOICE HELP THEY"RE COMING HEL-... Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready Iready

Iready sinks for kids like me
I feel like Iready is a waste of time because I have to do 45 min every week so that's like 20 min on Monday and 15 on Wednesday and other min on other days and some times I have to do a whole hour and that the diagnostic's are way too hard sometimes and I-Ready need more games for "my stuff" and that they should be free. So yeah iready sucks and they need improvements and also when I failed a lesson my teacher would be like your getting a strike but for what just because I am 10 and I don't know wow just WOW! Okay so like it's mostly in math because I 'am bad. But some of their lessons just say SOLVE and I'am like OKAY let me get this straight you say SOLVE but I don't even know what they are talking about like what REALLY IREADY REALLY. Here's my motto for iready I'am not ready for iready.

Iready is dumb. If you get one answer wrong it goes down to literally 0. Im working on it in school while writing this review and theres math mistake where it marks it wrong if you dont have the numbers in the right order? What the heck? It shoudnt matter! I dont learn anything from it ive been on the same lesson for like 2 years doing the same problems over and over and over. The worst part is when it makes you do it over again when you get it wrong, thats just pure torture. If you want to torture a kid go to iready.
There is also a picture below of it saying i have to put it in this certain order.

And I-Ready also have you do a practice round before you do the real lesson. Then when the practice round is done you get youe hopes up.

$#*!ing sucks
There are to many bugs and glitches with iready, glitches where it randomly removes you out and you have to restart the work all over again, the diagnostic would randomly repeat its self a few days after you do it, answered a problem and type 29 it said that was wrong and the correct answer was $#*!ING 29, it would randomly get rid of a completed assignment and have to do it all over again, it sucks, not worth it, this is stupid, school is stupid, too many bugs, and its just straight up cringe, 0/10 no sheeeeeeesh

I ready: the end of teaching
I ready? Yeah, I Ready. What is an "i ready?" that name is not even grammatically correct! Anyways, I-Ready is a corporate artificial teaching thing that barely teaches you anything. Oh you want to see what teaching will look like in 2050? Here ya go. (throws a chromebook with the iready website on the screen) "LOOK. AT. THIS>!>>!>!>!>!>>!>?!?!?! It-it's beautiful!", says the corporate executives at MARK ZUCKERBERG INCORPORATED!>!>!>!>>!>!>!?!?!?! So basically i ready is about a bunch of braindead young adults in their 20-30s or even kID_FRIEDLY sleep paralysis demons needing help from innocent KIDS to help them solve math/reading problems that are innaccurate or something like that. And then after the INNOCENT CHILD TRIES THEIR BEST AND HARDEST ON THE STUPID QUIZ AND I-Ready ONLY GOT LIKE 3 PROBLEMS WRONG OUT OF 20 PROBLEMS IT GIVES THEM AN F>!>!>!>?!?!?! THAT IS NOT HOW the GRADING SCALE WORKSGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?>!>?>!?>?!?>!>?!>?>!?
Also to keep the child mind controlled on the stupid government experiment they say that at the end u can git creditz like 20 of em to play a stoopid game that sucks and is boring! Yaaaaaay! BUT OH HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED! YOU CAN ONLY GET THOSE 20 CREDITS IF THE INNOCENT CHILD DOESN'T FAIL THE QUIZ! ANDA YOU GOTTA LIKE BEAT LIKE 5 LESSONS TO PLAY 1 BORING GAME THAT LASTS FOR LIKE 2 MINUTeS! AND THE LESSON TAKES LIKE 2 DAYS TO FINISH AND THE QUIZZES ARe LIKE IMPOSSIBLE! And your child is like forced to do the lessons or they get an f and fail school forever! NOW I HAVE MADE MY POINT ON WHY I READY IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER! BYE BYE! ITS OVER! - the swaggy mcswagger ( This speech/review is in no ways harassing the greedy corporates behind "I-READY" :)) )

Horible! BOOOOOO!
I hate i-Ready so much it's just the worst! If you get a question wrong, it has the dumb characters talk through an entire boring explanation. And I think it should not have this horrible annoying sound that's supposed to mean you got it wrong because it's not bad that you made a mistake, it's just learning and life. I think it should say something that is more positive when you get a question wrong, like "you made a mistake, but that's ok because mistakes and good and you can learn from them!".
I recommend NOT using this "i-Ready". Totally BAD!

Horrible/ waste of time
This is so bad, in school after doing your math work our teacher would tell us to get on this thing called Iready. And I never really liked but just said whatever to it and kept on going. Every time I went on this I just want to yank the computer out of the room if I failed the quiz. I hated it. My friends would feel mad every time I-Ready do not pass either and our teachers on top of that told us to do at least 40 minutes a day! This sucked and one did this either plus it didn't teach any thing you will use in class either so I
Do NOT advise to any teachers!

Its trash. I dont actually do it. I prefer IXL over this.
I have to do this every Monday and Wednesday. First off, this site treats you like you are in preschool. If you get a question wrong, it takes way too long to explain it. Also, the pass rate is OUTRAGEOUS. If I get 63%, that is FAIL. IReady claims that it doesn't give your student a grade. However, getting a percentage on your lesson is a grade. I got a 633 on my diagnostic, but I get 7th grade material. It got so bad I just looked at the website, iReady central. Some people would say that I'm just saying this to avoid work. WRONG. I am writing this in the middle of school. Sometimes, you have to get 70% TO PASS A LESSON! I am thinking about turning off my Wi-Fi. I'm pretty sure that "Vivi P." was brainwashed. I agree that she says IXL doesn't work. She claims that we hate iReady because we are lazy. No. I learned nothing back when I actually did iReady.

IReady, More like i-NotReady

I Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate it SOOOOOO MUCH
This stupid thing requires all of the students in our school to take this stupid, useless test that can cause students to get anxiety and depression off of it.!
99% of the students HATE THIS STUPID THING! There are petitions to BAN IREADY, Now come on people, SIGN IT PLEASE!
All this stupid website thing is, is a way to torture students and make profit off of a thing with thousands of errors! We all hate their stupid suggestions to improve with doing to "help" in the next stupid test!
Why the heck do schools even allow this crappy thing? If it has a 1 Star Rating, then you would think that people would have an ounce of brain in their heads to not use this crappy, stupid, worthless thing that everyone hates!
All this thing is, is a way to make students hate their lives, and to torture themselves by taking the dangerous test.
This test has been proven as very dangerous, it doesn't teach anything, it gives you worthless feedback, the charts are the most $#*!ed thing ever done, and the students can get upset, depressed, worried, develop anxiety, and much worse! We all HATE THIS STUPID THING!
Not to mention it is a huge waste of anyone's time! It can take over three hours just to take one stupid test, and it doesn't even wrap it up decently!
Their stupid suggestions for practice are so annoying and useless! All they are is torture and pain. They are a huge waste of time and you learn nothing off of them! It can take hours to pass one of their precious suggestions. I HATE THEM! It is always the same stupid animations and questions that don't wrap up unless if you get most of them right, and if you get two or three wrong, you end up having to waste a whole extra hour just to answer their stupid questions!

Please, Ban This Crappy Thing, and blow it off the face of the Earth!


I wish it was gone and destroyed!
$#*!s wrote it up to torture kids and make them hate their lives, so BAN IREADY!

It is the most worthless thing ever made and it needs to be removed so that students can learn actual things in actual classes do!

Schools teach poorly nowadays, but please, LET US FIX THAT AND BAN IREADY!

A more detailed explanation on why consumers dislike I-ready
TLDR: I-ready treats people like two-year-olds and cant keep a balance between dull and boring with poorly animated characters explaining things to you.

The first thing I would like to say about this is that I-ready constantly treats the person like a child and the few times it doesn't I-ready treats you like your Stephen Hawking the second thing is that the children who use this app are placed in two categories which I will label as 1 and 2 category 1 has poorly animated characters teaching you which many kids find demeaning meanwhile category 2 has bland colorless screens with math written out so without a balance of the two I-ready is either dull or annoying

I-Ready Is not Useful To teachers Nor Students
You see, I-ready often does not teach the same thing the teachers teach, and there is no option to change that for teachers. As for the lessons themselves, I-Ready teach vastly different subjects for each lesson, and most likely will never exhibit the same content again. Also the instruction time it takes for the voice to stop speaking takes up most of your time in the lesson, and there is no way to turn it off. If just given the instructions on how to solve a problem, and having the speaking voice as an option, is a much better way to exhibit those questions. Another problem is the turn in issues. I-ready counts a week as Monday at 12:00 a.m. - Sunday 9:00 p.m., which can cause issues for students with an overloaded weekend. The grading format here is one of the worst problems too. It is just like another service named, "IXL." IXL fails your lesson if you get a question wrong, but the difference between IXL and I-Ready, is that IXL has the potential, and the ability to teach you, even if the grading system is extremely frustrating. If you fail more than three questions, I-ready fails your quiz, and that means you have to repeat the whole lesson over, not just the quiz.
Ok, I know my rant was long enough, my point is that I-ready is not beneficial, and can be damaging to a child's work habits.

Ok so I'm a fifth grader my roblox is bigslimefan4 but i-Ready is $#*! it put me in $#*!ing sixth grade lessons and I don't understand a $#*! of what there trying to $#*!ing tell me and the characters need to shut the hell up. Nigga I'm $#*!ing trying to finish a lesson shut yo $#*! ass up I hate this $#*! I wanna go to middle school so $#*!ing bad. I hate this $#*! where I keep failing dumbass lessons so teachers if you want to make your students do this their gonna commit suicide one by one because homework already stresses $#*!ing 75% of students in school right now I wanna get my school iPad take off the case and throw it out the $#*!ing window but! Oh No! It's school property! I don't give a $#*! but their is only one good thing about i-Ready it's when you don't have to do it haha! If you're a teacher and you have i-Ready you like child labor haha you can't fight it dumbass nigga teachers shove i-Ready up your ass bro and I can't pass one single lesson on math because I-Ready think I'm a sixth grader when you don't do i-Ready be like what you gon do if I tell your teacher and she calls ya parents and you get your devices taken away well here's what's gonna happen suicidal thoughts increased by 30% oh whoopsies bruh and pepper Jackie shut the $#*!ing hell up she sounds like a "funny uncle" wow o awesome sauce just shut your dumbass mouth $#*! do not make students do I ready I had a nightmare (not about i-Ready) and they just put me in dumbass $#*!ing lessons please not i-Ready.
(I am 10 years old.) you can call me mie (pronounced may)meet me in roblox bigslimefan4 if I'm even allowed to play roblox today ughhhhhhh…just look at the pictures……

Pure garbage
Iready forces all kids into one narrow learning channel, which most suffer while being forced down that narrow path. It takes away the classroom learning environment and forces all kids down the same narrow path. If a kid becomes stuck, all learning comes to a hault, even if the kid knows the rest. Kids initially score low because I-Ready are not taught how to use the awful software. Over the year, they become more familiar with it and as a result, score slightly higher. So it isn't a learning ability, but more of the kid figuring out how to use the awful software. It makes Iready look better than it actually is because Iready is actually awful software sold to dumbed down public school districts that waste money. Iready is sold like an used car to an elderly person... In the end, the children are the ones that suffer while Iready profits off the dumbed down public school districts. It is worth noting that NO private school system uses Iready... ONLY dumbed down public school systems use Iready. Iready is part of the problem, NOT solution.

This thing is so bad because if you do one thing right it puts you way too far ahead but wrong, you get put down a grade, it tires out kids, and it is a giant waste of time. It doesn't do individual grades, it does class grades, meaning if your class sucked but you were extremely good at it, you would be put too low! And it makes kids feel like I-Ready are on a bomb! I would of put this way lower if I could. I would probably give it a -2 because it makes kids go down in teaching or way too ahead, and it stresses them out.

To many long intermissions
If kids are trying to do their schoolwork, I-Ready should just be able to to the work portion, not listen to Pepper Jacky talk about croutons or a detective penguin rant for the majority of the lesson. There are to many stupid animations that are unskippable that only make the work more annoying and long to do. Not to mention, the voice overs sound like they were recorded with a literal can of beans. And to top it all off, I am trying an iReady lesson right now and I wrote this entire review while one of those animations was playing, and its still not done.

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