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Poor Customer Service Experience
For a company which has a fairly large customer base, Hulu have spotty customer support. I spent 45 minutes, yesterday, with a supposed customer supper person, who could not solve why I could not add an add on to Hulu. I tried on multiple browsers, (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on multiple OSs (Linux, OSX, Android), and I kept getting "Oops, something went wrong, Contact...". I was told up front she could not solve my problem, but I should try everything again. They claimed she could add the add on, at their end. They never did add the add on for me.

I was told it is possible it is something to do with location services. Location was showing as my location. My IP was my public IP showing in my city location.

I did learn that their software runs on Windows and that it works best with Windows browsers. I only have access to OSX, Linux and Android. Apparently, something in their world of Windows is corrupted, and this si why several people report this issue, but nothing has been found references, to this issue, going back three years.

The discussion shifted to why in the Mountain Time Zone, does Hulu provided only west coast feeds fro 1/3 of their channels. The claim, it is done by time zone. Asked fro east feeds, told that cannot be done for technical reasons. Said I did not need locals, told sorry, they cannot make a change, as Hulu is tied too location. Asked why not have a no local option, told I must have locals. Then was told, that it is a server issue. I then said that it is not a server issue, as streams are available any where the the country. Then was told, I do not know what I was talking about. I was an IT engineer fro over 35 years, before I retired. They proceeded to cut me off and be belligerent that I did not know what I was talking about. Remember, this person admitted they did know about the problem I called about, and were new on the job.

Hulu deactivated their on line chat capability. Expect at least a 15 - 30 minute wait t o get to a person. As fro as providers are concerned, seemed like trying to talk to a main stream cable or satellite provider. I guess this is what happens when big media companies hire cable executives which still think in a 1980s mindset.

And, companies wonder why people cut the cord, and now are dropping live stream TV., While the means of delivery has changed, the 980s mindset has not.

I only subscribe to Hulu, because FS1, FS2, BTN, and NBC Sports Network is available only via a provider. Hulu does not carry the RSNs for Denver, nor do most providers.

Finally, thanks to Philo, th SyFy app, and the FX app, I am able to get the east feeds. I need a VPN fro the NBC Universal channels which are all carried within the SyFy app. Startz, which I tried to add, I get from, on demand, and it costs only $80/year, less than the $8.95 price Hulu charges. Thee Fox Sports App allows me to watch sports any where, as does the ESPN+ app. So, there are ways around thee Hulu location issue and the feed issue. This will work, until Hulu figures out a way to block external apps (TV Everywhere) from working.

Bait and switch
I was out of town recently and was watching Super Heists in the hotel and got hooked. There were some episodes that I didn't finishing watching. I found out that the full episodes were on Hulu which I thought was great. I signed up for a free trial. I wanted to get the 30 day Hulu only trial but Hulu wouldn't let me so I had no choice but to select the 7 day trial. This was fine since all I wanted to do was watch 3 episodes of Super Heists and that was basically it.

When I searched for Super Heists, Hulu said that this was live TV and that I had to pay $2.16. It wasn't after this happened that I read Hulu reviews and someone said that Hulu had moved some their regular shows to Live TV when Hulu weren't in that category before. This is shady.

I don't watch a lot of what is on TV these days so I don't have a need to pay month subscriptions. I had given up cable about 10 years ago and never signed up for satellite TV either.

From some of the other reviews I read, Hulu charges you for a subscription that isn't add free. I thought that was the point of paying for subscriptions - to avoid ads.

It's shameful how greed has become the backbone of big business. If I'm going to be bombarded with ads, I'd except not to pay for the Hulu service. If I'm paying, I shouldn't see ads. Hulu is getting paid by their subscribers and the advertisers.

I'm guessing the $2.16 is per episode. This isn't a lot of money but Super Heists isn't live TV so I shouldn't be charged for it. Hulu is shady.

Is Hulu really a viable option?
We're trying to extract AT&T from our lives. DirecTV must go after serving us since 1988. AT&T RUINED them. We signed up for Hulu Live + Enhanced DVR + No commercials... every option available. Here's a list of concerns that we've been, thus far, unable to resolve.
We pay an additional $15 for the privilege of forwarding through DVR'd commercials. We also pay an additional fee for unlimited screens. We also pay an additional fee for no ads -- and here's the best part... there are STILL ads. I'd say Hulu nickels and dimes us, but the fact is it's not nickels and dimes, it's $15's every time you turn around. Unacceptable.
As if the Fast Forward fee wasn't enough, using our AppleTV, we are unable to fast forward with scrub/preview so that we can see WHEN the commercial is over. Hulu simply pauses the screen while the clock advances. No solution. Premium price. Unacceptable.
We have all Sony TV's. Hulu Live will not play on them. Hulu blames Sony. Sony blames Hulu. Guys- get over yourselves. We bought Sony hardware and we want(ed) to purchase Hulu content. That shouldn't be an issue. Unacceptable.
We set up "My Stuff" with the shows that my wife and I watch. We were immediately presented with a very nicely laid out menu of shows... but Hulu report 39 unwatched, 53 unwatched, and so on. That would be handy if accurate, but there's no way to mark episodes or seasons as watched without going into each episode, fast forwarding, and letting it end. That's absurd and negates the value of the aforementioned attractive menu. How would we know when new episodes were available? Unacceptable.
Our internet tested with a 60ms latency. Netflix doesn't mind, Amazon video doesn't mind, AppleTV doesn't mind. Their services all work flawlessly. Hulu... most DVR'd shows will not pull up. 4/5 tries ends in failure after 2-5 minutes of waiting. Unacceptable.
How do you think my wife feels about me cutting the cord and buying Hulu? Why aren't there more accurate portrayals online when I checked reviews? I'm dumbfounded by how bad this experience has been. It's not even close to par.
Change my mind.

Will never be a subscriber
I was with Netflix for years and decided there should be a change. I began with hulu and their free week trial. I hated all the commercials, you can pay the same price everywhere else and there's none of that going on. Then I canceled on the last day so that I wouldn't be charged, besides my bank account was emptied out, so there was nothing there either way. But of course, the next day after I canceled I recieved an email that I had been charged 7.99. I called them and told them I didn't want the subscription, which was why I canceled. The lady claimed I canceled a day late, which I told her to recheck the dates and she did. Because I canceled an hour to late I was charged and was able to watch hulu fro the next month. Oh great. Well once she figured out I didn't want it at all, she offered a refund. Which will take 3-5 business days to go through. Great! Now I'll owe a $25 overdraft fee for absolutely NOTHING. I was considering coming back for the 11.99 subscription since my kids seemed to like it a bit. But now? Maybe if you get some DUBBED anime and not only SUBBED kind then I'll return. I was very excited to introduce my kids to Sailor Moon, but only my oldest can keep up with the subtitles. Just pure disappointment..

Giovanni upper support person rude and not at all helpful.
This guy is snotty and rude, claimed he did not have a supervisor to talk to. Said he could not reset my home ip for live because my internet provider is rural and comes up on their end as a Mobil hotspot even though it is in my home and Hulu works on my tablets and phone while sitting in my living room. I pay over $90.00 per month and he told me I could not watch the live on my tv because of the way the internet comes up. Hulu do have an override button, for this problem but Giovanni would not override as he said he would be setting the "wrong" president. This is after another person two weeks ago fixed it. This is ridiculous and basically a disreputable company since I pay for multiple screens, enhanced dvr, and no commercials. I rarely watch the live part, mostly the streaming portion. They say that fire sticks are supposed to work but mine do not work either. Basically go to one of the other services for your live tv as Hulu does not want your business according to Giovanni who told me he would cancel my account if I did not like it and that he did not have a supervisor I could talk to. Then told me he was ending the call. This guy should be fired as he obviously does not have any skills except how to be nasty.

Hulu only gets worse with time
Where to begin? Been a Hulu user for 2 years. Since then, the app has only gotten less and less usable. Share my login with one other person, but Hulu can't use the live TV on their smart TV - no options to allow this! The app has always been fairly sluggish and has only gotten worse with time instead of getting better. Over the past few months, you click on a show to watch it, but don't get up and start moving about because you have to click the play button AGAIN for the show you clicked on to watch to actually START - a minute later and you realize you're staring at a black screen because you have to do this. Didn't use to be this way and God know why they changed how shows play. Live TV includes 'my channels' feature - however you can't actually add channels - it doesn't work! Have to regularly close out of the app or go back and forth between screens as Hulu seems unable to code an app correctly so you have to switch back and forth between modules or restart the entire app for it to start working properly again. Watch Live TV and you have the same problem! You go the channel but for some reason it begins paused instead of playing LIVE TV. Price keeps going up. Not enough customization of packages. I signed up for Sling TV and was able to customize my package to give me as much as Hulu did plus more at half the cost. Include AMC in your Live Hulu TV package but don't be surprised that you can't watch The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead. You're paying Hulu for the channel but guess you missed the fine print somewhere that you can't ACTUALLY watch everything that's actually on the show. Oh they'll show you thumbnails of the shows like you can click on and watch them but do so and you'll be sitting there for minutes wondering why you can't actually watch these shows on this channel you've signed up for. Finally get on to submit a complaint and feedback on all the above and GUESS WHAT - I could not login or use the site because Hulu wants to invade my privacy and force me to turn on location settings! I understand this is for the local channels to work properly and display what's in your area, however this should only happen when I login and click to watch live TV, not to just login and use the site. Good luck on submitting feedback as well. I canceled my subscription, clicked 'other' as the reason expecting a text box to appear so I could give them this feedback directly, but nope - after they offer you one more discount they just tell you your subscription has been cancelled. They obviously don't care about the end user experience. Get on their site, and there's no way to actually submit feedback directly to their customer service, they have 'idea' tickets for others to vote on. Great concept but I'm not going to open 15 different topics to express all of my pain points and I want to know that someone on their end is actually going to see what I have to say instead of it getting lost in a sea of complaints - there are many. Get Sling TV, that's what I did today. Again, everything I had on Hulu, plus more, half the cost. No brainer. And guess what on Sling TV the package I signed up for has AMC and you can WATCH the shows you signed up for the channel for like the walking dead. I can even watch it live this Sunday with the rest of the nation instead of having to wait for it to be posted on Amazon Prime the next day. What a concept! Now I don't have to necessarily purchase the next season of the walking dead? Thanks Sling TV! Boo Hulu. Look around, you can find a better service.

To be honest I like some of the ways Hulu does things, those reasons are the reason Hulu are still in business. But overall Hulu is not an honorable service.
-New content and live: Its the only thing that they have over the competition. They get new contact soon after the streaming date, and if you pay the ridiculously high price you can also watch few and certain things live, which is actually pretty cool.
- Commercials: Are you kidding me Hulu, a streaming service with commercials is counter-productive. Its one of the reasons people love to use streaming services. But Hulu has a lot of commercials that become even more annoying than using Sattellite TV. I see it as greedy, your making enough money without forcing us to watch commercials every five minutes. Maybe a commercial a video, or similar to YouTube advertisement which is pretty fantastic, but this is too much.
- Multi Device Restrictions: This one really pisses me off. Hulu only lets you watch on one device at a time. If my brothers watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I should be able to watch This is Us on another tv. Once again Hulu is counter productive to the streaming service name, I should be able to stream from several sources at the same time. Once again a greedy way to make people pay more money in sacrifice for a decent product experience.
- Hulu Originals (Liberals): Now obviously this one can be a Pro if you agree with Hulus originals content, (please for goodness sake dont think this is a pro, I pray you for you if you do). It wouldnt be that bad if they were just liberals, but still decent minded, but when you look at the Hulu original content you see that they arent decent minded at all. For example they made a film negative to Ronald Reagan. Ill say that again because I know its hard to process. I negative film of Ronald mother freaking Reagan. Ya, theyve gone off the deep end. You can see a lot of other Hulu originals following suit of Liberal and Socialist beliefs such as LBGT rights, and even a little bit of weird anti- Christian stuff.
Im not expert critic or anything, and to be honest there are a couple reasons that will sometimes draw me to watch Hulu because of the new content they have. But as you can read, I am anti-Hulu all the way.

Hulu is a dumpster fire
Hulu is a dumpter fire, a black hole of corporate short cuts, where entertainment goes to die. First and the most annoying is the commercials. How Hulu can justify a pay for streaming service WITH commercials is criminal. But what's worse is the commercials repeat ad nauseam. The content of the commerical are somehow worse, completely wrong demographic, obviously manipulative, and just all around bad. Hulu's commercials actively makes me want to boycott anything advertised. Their original programming (save handmaidens tale) is awful; just shallow bs. All flash no substance. They might as well be bravo. The interface is janky, making it hard to navigate to or keep queued up programing I actually like. Instead it forces feeds you pop bs you never asked for, just like the iTunes home page. Hulu truly exemplifies a bad service. They took all the mistakes made by network TV over the last 18 yrs and applies them to a streaming service. Let's put it this way, if netflix is a flying car, hulu is a 96 Ford Taurus with rocket engines painted on the side and cardboard wings. Case and point, hulu disabled their feedback page, probably because they couldn't handle the negative back. Please hulu just stop being so horrendously bad.

Hulu Nonsense About Using A VPN
I been a Hulu subscriber for over five years and I have never had an issue with connecting to the Hulu service in the past.

But recently, I connected to Hulu and received a message which not only made no technical sense but made me angry. Perhaps some of you who use this service also received a similar message and I strongly recommend you 'go public' about it when you do so Hulu can stop jerking us around.

The message I have been receiving from Hulu tells me that unless I drop my 'anonymous' VPN connection based on my " non-US IP address", I cannot access Hulu. Their FAQ on this issue explains the use of a VPN prevents them from 'protecting' their stream content from being accessed from outside the US.

This explanation is not just laughable, it's an insult to your intelligence for the following reasons. First, I use a US based VPN service to connect to Hulu. I am a US subscriber, using a CC issued by a US bank to pay for my service. My identity and that of my VPN provider is both known to Hulu.

Second, when a subscriber establishes an account with Hulu Hulu have to authorized their account using a CC issued by a bank who can easily provide them the 'identity' and geographic location (your cc billing address) of the account holder.

Third, Hulu issues identity and access credentials to each subscriber that must be provided every time the service is accessed. So there is no ANONYMITY in connecting for Hulu when you sign in to their services and Hulu logs in only the verified subscriber. Further, your address information provided to them by their payment processor comes to them from their billing every month.

Those three obvious facts make any representation by Hulu that using a VPN to connect to their service is 'anonymous' not only false but completely nonsensical.

What makes this message from Hulu an insult to anyone's intelligence is the real reason Hulu wants a subscriber to not use a VPN. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the connection being anonymous. Unlike Amazon Prime streaming, Hulu sells ads with their service and their ad cards and pricing is based upon their being able to 'geolocate' and identify the subscriber using the IP address.

So forgetting entirely this 'fiction' about the anonymity of the VPN being the problem, what Hulu is actually doing by refusing to allow a US subscriber to access their content violating that subscriber's privacy.

Hulu's 'VPN policy' is simply to make false and ridiculous claims about a VPN connection preventing them from limiting the streaming of content to the US by a subscriber anonymous so they can make more ad revenues.

What Hulu won't tell you they use your IP address to 'geolocate' you and then to sell you as a geographic viewer audience to an advertiser. This explains why you keep getting ads for products you aren't interested in despite your telling them the ad doesn't apply to you. If you are in some geographically defined region, then you get the ad regardless of your stated preferences.

Also using a VPN is not about being anonymous, it's about privacy and security. You sign it to Hulu, so how can they claim they don't know who you are or that you reside in the US?

If you want to watch Hulu from a public WiFi hotspot, first connecting to your VPN prevents the hotspot provider from knowing your username, password or what service or content you are connecting to. It also ensures no nerd with a laptop nearby isn't poaching your credentials and using them to use your Hulu account from their Wifi hotspot.

So in effect, Hulu's 'no VPN' policy want to force you to deny you your privacy and forde you to potentially compromise your Hulu account and share your service with anyone thru whom you make your Internet connection.

Next, there is nothing, absolutely nothing Hulu can do to prevent a non-US person from using a US-based VPN to connect to Hulu. Hulu has no legal right, and is prevented from doing so in several states, by using your IP address to "locate" you. It's called 'cyber stalking'. You provided Hulu a US billing address to use to authorize their payment by credit/. Debit card and the bank verified you as a a US based subscriber. If Hulu wants to 'protect' content from being accessed by someone outside the US, they don't have to rely on your IP address to do that.

So Hulu's stated reason to restrict streaming content to US subscribers is pure BS. Therefore Hulu's claim their VPN policy is for 'content restriction' is a good sounding reason, but not the real one. A bright 'foreign' person could highjack the wireless modem and Internet connection of a US subscriber, and then use it to connect to Hulu.

What's there to complain about for less than $8 / Mo?
Honestly, people are a little crazy to complain about Hulu's service, especially if they've delt with cable companies!

If you want something more like regular TV, with the newest episodes coming out each week I would definitely recommend Hulu Plus. You can get two weeks free if you sign up here:

That's what I did and if you don't like it you can cancel before the two weeks are up and wont owe anything, but its really cheap anyways at only $7.99 a month.

Netflix it great for older seasons of shows and all kinds of interesting movies. It's great cause you can just sit for hours on a lazy day and watch a whole season if you want to. You can sign up here for a month free, $7.99 a month, and cancel at any time as well:

I personally have both and love them a lot. I don't have cable, which is four times more expensive than both of these. Plus nothing is ever on TV, but with Hulu and Netflix you can always find something.

If your getting rid of cable, I would get both, or at least start with Hulu because it's the most similar to regular TV.

I would not at all recommend paying like $13 a month for HBO! Unless watching just game of Thrones is worth it to you. I just log into my friends HBO and get Amazon free though, I dont use it. Get Amazon if you already are getting prime.

Hope it works out!

Issues with hardwired connection
As much as I hate to hand out a 2 star rating to any kind of service I have no choice but to give it to Hulu. If it weren't for the quality of the content I'd give it a 1 star rating.

After the app was updated to the new interface I have experience an extreme amount of lost connections while viewing Hulu programs. My Roku TV is hard-wired to my router with a download speed of 120mbps which is plenty fast enough for anything I want to watch. All ethernet ports on the router produce the same result of dropped connections with Hulu, while all other apps (Sling, Netflix, Amazon, Plex) function flwlessly. Switching ports does not make anything better or worse. Currently I am 19 minutes in to an episode of one of your original programs and it's lost connection 10 times.

Secondly, the interface is quite beautiful, but ultimately it's hard to navigate. As a fan of windows 10 and the "Metro" interface I was excited to see this revision to the app, however this is somewhat difficult to navigate. By "somewhat" I mean it's terrible. Not sure how Hulu can fix this since I'm not an interface expert, but it needs to be done.

The biggest problem is the connection issue. Resetting the TV and reinstalling the ap fresh has made no difference.

New Hulu format
The new format is useless. You can't view all episodes of a show at once to select from if your only wanting to turn on a particular episode. I find it funny the app itself gives you some direction on what to do because of the lack navigation making sense. I don't quite get it seeing as there's no problem navigating other apps. Everytime I get ahead of my husband and want to go back a few episodes to catch him up it's a whole bunch of pointless pages to get through nothing is stream lined in a way that makes sense. I LITERALLY don't find shows on Hulu anymore because I've resorted to googling whether or not something I hear about is streamed and what its offered on. HULU is getting their subscribers to only care about what Hulu actively search for. If you cared ATALL about your business you would make an easy platform that makes sense in hopes that your subscribers will easily find other shows that interest them so that they continue to use this subscription. This platform I only use because of the certain shows only offered through here. It is sad how easy other apps are. This is not something everyone will adapt to in time, once I'm done with a couple of shows I am canceling my Hulu because it's not worth the hassle! I can only imagine what future upgrades will look like.

Call center person named Ayanna-GHETTO. After not being in the mood to entertain a person who was rude to begin and end with, I asked to speak to her supervisor. After waiting on the phone for an hour, Britany gets on the phone. Britany said she was from San Antonio Texas and that she is the HIGHEST PERSON AT HULU. LOL I beg to differ! Apparently Britany THINKS SHE IS THE CEO OF HULU, which surely she is NOT. Apparently role playing while on the clock at Hulu is what Hulu get paid to do.

CUSTOMER SERVICE, MINUS RUDE GHETTO AND STORY TELLERS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. I would definitely NOT recommend Hulu to anyone due to the PURE IGNORANCE I experienced. My initial call was about being charged for a trial membership. Needless to say I cancelled the service and will ONLY STICK TO NETFLIX.


Former users come on back!
My mother got this email stating hulu was new and improved and were asking former hulu users to come back with a year subscription for 5.99.
So we get on hulu on our tv and look for new episodes of blue bloods and we cant find them anywhere so we get on the phone and Hulu state "wait time is 1 hour" we then got online to chat. That is when we found out that there was a change in the 4 months since we had hulu. Now you have to pay for live tv which means no new episode it took 30 min of chat to find out it was 39.99. What a rip off
So we canceled within an hour of signing up.
They then took money out of my acct after telling me it would be on our reg payment date. If they were talking about the last subscription that was on the 5th of each month. Today is the 7th. And why would they take any money. They have always taken the money after the month. They overdrafted my account and i had to go through a dispute to get the overdraft off my account. Alot of running around for the chance to watch the episodes that are on and i cannot see them.
So if you are thinking of using hulu... DONT DO IT!
Get the cbs, abc, and nbc app on your phone or tablet its free on those and you can cast to your tv. Freeeeeee freeeee. DONT USE HULU YOU ARE SELLING YOUR SOLE TO THE DEVIL.

Hulu = Incredible Greed and Ignorance
My experience with Hulu was good for about the first year. Then, in October 2015, Hulu charged me twice, upping me from my normal agreed-to rate of $7.99 to $11.99 without even giving me notice or choice in them doing this. Then, at the beginning of December, I go to watch movies and there are ads all over them, and a "Start Your Free Trial" green bar, when I had been on a paid plan sans ads. Then, they effectively locked me out of my own account and tried to blame it on me, at first trying to tell me someone stole my card number (other than them, no!), and then, after many back and forths with them, more recently, after I said, "I've had enough of your chicanery. Please credit me back for December and cancel my account" what did they do? They DEBIT me a further $12, so now they owe me $23.98, and I will likely have to replace my card due to their incredible greed and ignorance, stemming, likely, from a recent attempt to ramp themselves up to compete with Netflix, but which I predict will completely backfire in their faces. Steer clear of these pickpocketing goons and stick with Netflix, or better yet find your favorite movies on Amazon or YouTube or DVD and stay away from these video streaming scam-artists altogether!

Did Not Honor Trial Period
Instead of a description about my most recent Hulu experience, here is the transcription of the chat I had with their customer service last night:

Hello, thank you for contacting Hulu. My name is Milly. How can I assist you?

Hi Milly; I processed the cancellation for my subscription and the content was ceased immediately. I was supposed to get it until November 28th.

I can definitely assist you. Before we get started, can I have your email and zip code that is listed on the account for verification.

************* *9*1*

Okay, I was able to get you verified, one moment while I review your account.
Due to the account cancel, once it was finalized. There is no subscription available for you to stream. The account is cancelled.

There was a note attached to my cancellation that indicated the stream would cease on the 28th. That's not for 17 days

It is no longer available

It said, "Please continue to enjoy Hulu through to November 28th..." and told me how to reestablish my account if I changed my mind.

I understand you received that but there is nothing to allow you to finish streaming, the account is cancelled

So I don't have a Hulu account at all?
I intended on revisiting Hulu with the same account every couple of months, the same way I had in the past. Is this no longer possible?

Yea you will be able to restore your account when you are ready

All the information is still stored, all I will have to do is log in and re-establish my subscription?


Then it sounds to me like the account is not cancelled. I would just like to have Hulu redeem the trial that was offered.

The account is cancelled however when you want to re sign up you just use the same email and set up your account and payment method and continue services
However, I can not make the cancel account uncancel to allow you days

Is there someone available that can fulfill the agreement?

As no one will, this is protocol sir.

I appreciate your time.
Have a good day

Hulu goes from getting 60$ a year out of my pocket to 0$.

OUTRAGED that the anti Christian bigot, hate-speaking Sarah Silverman's show "I Love You America" is still on HULU! Both vile and unfunny, she made news last week again:

Read more: />
And here: />
She has made "jokes" about such subjects as rape, the etiquette of having sex with God, used racist terms against various groups such as Asians, that she would like to kill Jesus again herself if He came back, feels threatened by the display of an American flag, plus many more vulgar Tweets and references.

There is a definite double standard here: if Roseanne is wrong and got her show axed over one racist remark, this dirty freak should've been canceled long ago for her extensive history of perverse, racist, and anti-Christian remarks, going back to 2001 or earlier.

I will be boycotting Hulu and tell my friends to do the same unless the perverted troll Sarah Silverman and her hatespeaking "show" are immediately cancelled and removed from the lineup so she can no longer USE HULU AS A PARTNER TO DISTRIBUTE HER RACIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, BIGOTED, HERETICAL, HATEFILLED FILTH.

Have to open a completely different browser JUST for Hulu (don't use the browser for ANYTHING else).

Trying to use Hulu on Chrome is a joke. Freezes up constantly, sometimes 5+ times on a 20 minute program. Inevitably I get what I call "the crop circle"... this circular white dotted pattern on a black screen that I can't get past and have to CRASH MY COMPUTER to get rid of it. I have a brand new MacBook Pro, too. Customer service said to try a different browser or restart the computer (instead of them fixing the bug... can't be bothered).

Same ads over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I don't mind ads, but I shouldn't have them memorized verbatim in one hour.

Selection is abysmal! Oh, but you can watch a trailer for everything!

Have to subscribe to additional services (HBO, Showtime) to watch anything worthwhile.

When Handmaid's Tale is over, I'm canceling.

Netflix is far superior, no ads, no additional subscriptions required, lots more options, and I can watch it on my regular browser! Two dollars more.

Very Poor Customer Service
To Whom it May Concern,
At the beginning of the NFL season, I decided to create an account with Hulu in order to stream some of the games. However, I decided to cancel my account after a few weeks because I did not need to stream any more of the games and because I did not want the extra bill. After canceling my account, I was still being billed by Hulu even though my account had been deactivated. I was very confused by this so I tried contacting Hulu to get this problem fixed. It took quite a lot of work and time to get this problem resolved. However, I did not mind the time or trouble, but it was the customer service that frustrated me the most. The customer service was horrendous and one of the worst experiences that I have ever had.
I repeatedly sent emails to your headquarters and I tried calling you countless of times only to have be left on hold. You never replied to any of the emails I sent. Not having the courtesy to send an email back really speaks volumes of how you think of your customers. However as bad as not replying to my emails, the phone calls were still somehow worse. Sometimes my calls were never even answered at all in the first place and the phone would just continue to ring. It took about a dozen different calls for me to even get to interact with a real human. Eventually, my problem was fixed, but not without a tireless amount of work from myself and loads of frustration.

Cancelled Hulu 30 day free trial on 28th day. Hulu billed my credit card for the following month and refused to refund the charges. Hulu claimed I was one day late to cancel, so Hulu will not refund. I'm convinced Hulu is practicing this scam and swindling people by billing their credit card. This practice is clearly fraud. Here's the details: Purchased Roku streaming device at 8:47 p.m. on April 30,2019 (as clearly stated on my receipt). Hooked up Roku device, created an account on Hulu later that night and marked my calendar. Cancelled on May 28th and noticed Hulu was still active on May 29th at 9:15 p.m., so I immediately checked my Hulu account and found the statement "Your subscription is about to cancelCancel Date: 06/29/19" and "Billing History Last payment on: 05/29/19" and "Payment Information Payment Method MASTERCARD". I immediately contacted Hulu customer service and was informed that I opened the account on the April 27th, cancelled one day late on the 28th so they're not able to refund the charges, stating I went beyond the 30 day trial. Interesting scam to say the least! Hulu picked the wrong person to rip off.

I hate Hulu with all my might!
The ONLY reason I'm still paying Hulu, using their streaming service is because Hulu are the only service that provide the shows I like. Netflix used to carry a lot of them (Archer, It's always sunny in Philadelphia, South Park. Etc.) but for whatever idiotic reason, they decided to stop letting us stream that online. Prime sucks even more. Hulu is the only one that carries these shows but they make the whole streaming experience worse than being stuck in an elevator with Al Gore for days. I can't stand them, it's the same kind of issues, time after time after time. No matter how many times I report it, how many times others report it and complain, they refuse to fix their issues.

And when they changed their user interface. God, I didn't know they could suck even more, on top of all the recurring issues.

Constant problems that won't allow streaming.
Autoplay is a joke, it works maybe 30% of the time.
User interface sucks.
The one thing they needed to do, was allow streaming. And when that's the main issue. Then what good are they?!

If only I knew somewhere else where I can stream my shows with less problems than Hulu, I'd drop them in half a heartbeat!

Stay away
Hulu has zero problems taking money out of my checking account. In exchange for my money, i have to call customer service to find out why 'my stuff' shows programs unwatched when, in fact, Hulu have been watched. Last week, i was told 'they are working on it' and my stuff will be cured in '3 to 6 hrs'. I knew that was bull$#*! and said so. I was correct (big shock there) and here i am again.

Another week, same problem.

I call and im told Hulu is suffering from 'high call volume' and i can be called back. Before i can choose that option, some guy (*$#*!) gets online. So much for 'high call volume', eh? Twelve minutes later, i have rattled off the last 4 digits of every credit card i have and none match what is on file. Because i have paid my bill and the 4 digits are not matching, i can't be 'verified.' that, imo, is a bigger issue than what is watched vs. unwatched and when i ask to speak to somebody about THAT issue first, I'm told I'm 'hostile' and he refuses to transfer me.

My money is MY priority and i can readily understand why it is not $#*!'s. In exchange, i could care less about $#*!'s finances.

So what would you like to do? I have options. File a BBB complaint, stop payment; switch to Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Crackle.

It appears as if I am paying you to answer that question because God knows I'm not paying for anything else. Drop kick me, Jesus, if I'm lying.

* name changed to protect the stupid but I do have the call recorded.

New interface is atrocious!
The new Hulu UI is beyond bad! I hate it every time I try to navigate it. I have been a devoted Hulu customer for almost two years but now I want to cancel my subscription. Using the format is stressful and annoying. It makes relaxing with some good tv impossible. Replacing pic icons with poorly fonted words seems like we've traveled to the past... in a terrible way. Hulu was excellent... so why the changes? I had my favorite shows and movies right there when I went on. The episodes up to date to where I've last watched so I could continue on. Click and play. Period. Easy. Wonderful. Going on Hulu now is always like starting all over and it is terrible! Now after many clicks and pages I get to the episode list and have to choose a new episode each time. Then one episode ends and I have to start the misery all over. I am annoyed every time. Is this going to change Hulu? I am giving it a short time in the hopes the format will go back to something user friendly like it was. If it hasn't I will cancel my subscription. I've sung Hulu's praises in the past. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone now.

Hacked by Hulu customer service rep
I was having trouble accessing Hulu Live TV on my home television. I followed all the online instructions, but finally resorted to calling their customer service number shown on the TV website. The phone only reached a busy number. After about 8 such calls, I was offered a call back by a service rep. I accepted. Little did I know this was a fraudster. The man who returned my call asked to access my home computer so he could get me signed onto Hulu's Live TV. Believing this was a legitimate customer service representative, I allowed it. He took control of my computer, then put up a black screen that simply said "Help". I now believe this was so I could not see what he was doing. He then asked for access to my mobile phone so he could add Hulu to that. Although I resisted, he talked me into it as it was easier now than trying to call back. He then asked for my complete Discover credit card information as that was what I was using to pay for Hulu service. I was getting weirded out now and expressed my concern, but the man reassured me he was only trying to help. At one point I saw a brief flash of what seemed like my Amazon payment information. Then I got two text messages from my bank notifying me of possible breaches. Those messages disappeared from my phone before I could click on them - poof! Now internal alarms were clearly clanging. I disconnected my phone and shut down my computer. Soon I checked with Amazon, Discover and my bank. Sadly I found illegal transactions with all three. I have changed passwords, cancelled my credit card and had to open a new bank account. Of course that means all my other business dealings have to be notified of the changes. I am so mad at Hulu, but can reach no human in customer service to complain to. All I get are busy signals. Never, never trust this company or its representatives! Never give anyone access to your computer or phone even when Hulu are supposed to be sanctioned representatives.

Pay For More Advertisements
Hulu has a decent variety, but far far less than what you get with Netflix. The quality of the video is very good and the audio is good as well. Hulu has manual and auto settings for quality, which is useful in areas where your internet bandwidth isn't optimal for HD and it works well most of the time. Often times though you'll end up buffering when it really shouldn't be necessary and no amount of pausing will allow it to buffer to a point where you can continue watching it. If it weren't for the ads it wouldn't be such a major problem. But it only buffers to the next add and then it empties your buffer has to start from nothing again, which frequently causes problems with less than ideal internet speeds. The adds are obnoxious and you're forced to sit through them over and over again if something happens and you're forced to refresh the video. The player has a bad habit of tracking your video way to far ahead when using touch screen controls on your tablet or mobile device which causes you to have to sit through more irritating commercials.
The bottom line is it's way over priced for something that has ads. I don't have cable for that specific reason. If there's ads, it should be free or at least much cheaper. I only plan to keep my subscription for a few months and then ditch it for 6 months or so and then renew my subscription for a couple more months. I imagine most people do it this way as the value is pretty mediocre. I like Hulu most of the time, but Hulu really screw you over a heck of a lot.
There's no 4k resolution, but they do support 1080P and 5.1 surround sound. So reasonable quality for both video and audio.

Worldwide service or GTFO off the internet!
I wanted to write a review about Hulu, I really wanted but I couldn't, and I still can't. I'm sorry, but I'm not from the USA so I'm not allowed to witness the magnificency the service that Hulu has to offer. And since the internet is becoming more user-unfriendly by the day, due to policies, limitations and other stuff, I decided why not; I will write about how I see Hulu. Hulu is now sadly, everywhere on the internet, you can "see" its videos under most news articles and such. But it's all USA-restricted, while the internet is still a worldwide thing as far as I know. So, dear Hulu, become a worldwide service or get the f*ck off my worldwide internet pages!

Oh and lastly, if you want to actually use Hulu, you have to go live in the USA or get a VPN... but I'm afraid a VPN alone will not be enough to register, since I read you can only register with your credit card or PayPal address, that belongs to a resident from the USA. I wouldn't be surprised the least if somebody would actually go through the hassle of getting a fake credit card just to be able to register. Hulu in my eyes is a parasite of the internet, with such limitations and should be either expanded or forgotten.

Doesn't deserve one star...
I am finding every review site I can to post my review of Hulu. It is by FAR the worst streaming service in the industry. It constantly buffers (and no, it is not my Internet service or speed). I have contacted them several times to complain. Get the same instructions to delete history, cache, etc. Never works, streaming is still lousy. I have several other streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Prime, as a couple examples. I can sit down, login, and watch uninterrupted shows for hours, but with Hulu, it takes hours to watch one show. A 43 minute episode can take over an hour (if I was a gluten for punishment and actually waited for it to buffer a million times during one episode). I even was recently put on hold from Hulu. I received an email telling me my account was on hold and would be cancelled if I didn't start watching again...?!?!?! WTF, who are Hulu to tell me when and how much I am suppose to watch their crappy service. The insane thing about it is, I had actually logged on every night for a week trying to watch a series. I watched each night as long as I could until it started it's buffering every 30 to 40 seconds and then I would log out. When contacting customer service, they stated that they could plainly see I had been logged in over the past week...
What a joke... WORST of ALL streaming services. Save your time, money and sanity and pay for a real streaming service, basically any service other than Hulu...

Hula was supposed to cancel my service but Hulu continued to pull money out of my account at the bank. After talking to the support team on this issue 35 minutes he let me know hulu could not send me a refund because they cant mail a check. I had to close the account because of over drafts, hula kept on pulling out that was not accounted for. I asked the hula person if the company was so big that they could"nt drop a check in in the mail. Hulu has now refused to let me talk to a member of team lead or supervision. This is the worse company for service, I paid my bills, they continued to take money from me and let me know that was all they needed from me. By refusing to pay back what they owed me is really not a good business. I have to wonder how many other folks have had this same experience with them. I even told them I had to close my account because Hulu would not stop withdrawing money from my account. I'm a person living off of a monthly social security check, and they don't care that it caused my account to overdraw. I read the review guidelines, this is not meant to be hateful in any way but I do want to make it clear that higher level of staff refused to speak to me and the guy said thats all we can do for you.

Worst Customer Service and Policies
I started Live TV service on the 11th. I found out it does not work on the device in my bedroom, so I was going to cancel Live TV but keep streaming before it renewed. On the 2nd I was billed for the next month. Customer service told me that's the day Hulu bill and my prior bill was prorated.

I said, fine, ok, please cancel Live TV and I explained why. I was told I would be charged an entire month and could not be issued a refund because I had "a lot of usage". I said, you just charged me today, how can that be a lot of usage? I was told that if I had only watched one show, they could have refunded it, but since I had the TV on in the background for a few hours, they refused. I escalated and was told the same thing. I asked for the next level up and was told there was no one higher to talk to.

So because I was STREAMING, not even watching live TV in the background for a few hours, they were refusing to refund the month I was not going to use. I told them to cancel my service completely.

I would have renewed the live TV portion of the service, and kept the streaming, once I upgraded my device in the bedroom, but not after that terrible customer service.

I really like Hulu but hate the ipdate
I see a bunch of bad reviews and most are talking about video problems and commercials and such. Since I watch hulu on my Xbox one, whenever i have a problem I just restart Hulu and everything is just fine and that's only when I have a problem because I don't have any problems too often. Also I don't even pay for my Hulu my friend shares his account with me and he also has the no commercial plan and it is just so great. I used to always go on Netflix allll the time but now I'm almost never on Netflix because Netflix definitely has good movies and good shows but Hulu also has many shows that I really, really enjoy and Hulu come out with new episodes the day after a new episode comes out unlike Netflix where it uploads by season and takes a long time to upload a season of a show after that season is finished. Anyways I don't have any problems with Hulu because I don't watch movies that often and there isn't that many good movies on Hulu (well they do sometimes but just for a more limited amount of time before they're removed) and one thing that I absolutely loved on Hulu is how they rated shows' episodes instead of just the whole shows in general and it was very useful when I went to find a particularly good episode of a show but my only complaint is I think they removed it because I can't see any of those ratings anymore after the update which Is pretty frustrating because I just loved those episode ratings. Anyways for all the people who have to video problems and stuff like that well it just really suck because youre really missing out.

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