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Updated out of usability
I am so tired of the planned extinction of some products, so we have to buy more. Several tech products in the last 3 months have updated themselves out of usability, for me.
In my location, I can't get Internet without going to the local business, having to buy something there, wasting more time and money.
The last 2 hp printers I bought were to be simple. As a student, I need to be able to plug in and print. That's all I want, and it is so much easier and quicker. Just leave the product that I bought alone!
I am thinking that each time you tamper with the product I purchased in good faith for my needs, you need to send me a proportionate refund.
JUST LEAVE MY PRODUCT ALONE! IT WORKED FINE, NOW UPDATED ITS SELF, SAYING IT NEEDS THE INTELNET. Tell you what, I appreciate the option, but I need to be able to plug in and print and not have to connect to the Internet. That would be for my files on my laptop or my printer.
And what a waste! We're working on sustainability, right? So disappointed. I bought this laptop and this printer just a couple of years ago. I bought it because it had what I needed. Don't b of changing the use ability for me. I certainly won't be buying another hp anything at this point.

Disgusting Gloves Jammed Inside New HP Printer, Company Do Not Care
After purchasing a HP 8024 Pro printer I could not get the test page to print, each time the paper would end up crumpled inside the printer. I took the printer apart to find a disgusting pair of cotton gloves, one rolled inside another, jammed into the paper tray of the new machine. The printer was completely sealed and boxed. The nature of the gloves being rolled inside each other means these did not come off by accident but were rather left in the machine by design or through negligence.

In any case I complained, hoping HP would see that this is unacceptable service and offer at the very least an explanation as to why this happened. Despite complaining by phone, email and whatsapp the company have not responded and frankly do not seem to care.

Having spend thousands with HP over the years this is incredibly disappointing and reflects their attitude to loyal customers.

Terribble customer support
Worst experience ever! I bought a HP pavilion x360 convertible laptop in August from India. One of the reasons I selected HP is it's international warranty since I moved to Dublin, Ireland after buying it. In less than 2 months the laptop suddenly died and stopped responding.
Customer care representatives said that it will take upto a month to get it fixed after it reaches them. Refused to provide any sort of replacement (permanent/ temporary) during that period. Then it took them a whole week just to get it picked up (had to stay home till then)
After following up aggressively I was promised that the laptop will reach me by 15th Oct. Then today, again HP pushed the date to 18th Oct. I am not sure if it's the final one. Better to get MacBook instead. This model was not very cheap either!
Also, when I asked for the channel to escalate, HP watsapp chat support executive said there is no way to do so! Highly inconvenient and worst experience I ever had.

Laptop from Hell
I purchased a Pavilion Laptop computer. When it arrived, the keyboard did NOT light up. I called customer service and HP alerted me that the computer model I bought did not have a "back lit" lighted keyboard. They kept trying to tell me I made a mistake but was on the site with them and kept pointing out that the specifications on my invoice clearly stated that the keyboard was lighted. Finally, they agreed to send me the correct computer. I should have just cancelled the order but had already paid. The computer took 1.5 months to arrive. When I got my credit card statement I saw an extra charge of $154 in addition to the price of the new computer. I called, and as you see on here - the customer service (if you can get someone) is one of the worst in any industry... especially for something as simple as an inquiry of this extra charge. On principle, I stuck with the call and kept trying over and over again to reach someone. Finally I reached someone and they told me "oh, the extra $154 charge was a 'restocking fee' since you 'returned' the first computer sent to me." Really? I explained to them, over and over, that the mistake was HP's mistake and that they sent the "wrong" model to me. They kept putting me on hold, for long periods at a time. Finally, they told me they would credit the $154 "restocking fee." Guess what? Yes, you are correct - they never, ever credited my account. I had to call at least 7 times and they kept up the same stance "we will credit the account." I even recorded the conversations and kept telling them I keep getting told the same thing but still has NOT been credited. I even tried my credit card company and they were unhelpful, too. They kept sending me the invoice telling me I DID in fact purchase a computer. I agreed that I did purchase a computer but that HP erred and sent me the wrong model. Still, I could not get any relief. I finally gave up and paid the $154 fee. I implore anyone reading this that the frustration and anger I felt is still evident today. I should have just gone to another company as computers are really commodities anyways - you are buying customer service and technical service/support when you purchase a computer. I had bought the computer in the fall and by the time I got the laptop it was around the holidays and New Years. I was so frustrated that my holiday was not as happy as it could have been, exacerbated by the covid pandemic to boot. Stay clear away from this company, HP. Also, I cancelled my credit card account and moved to another bank.

Inexperience customer support ever, '0' level commitment to their customers
Inexperience HP customer service. Purchase 3 years extended warranty for next day on site service. Whenever our office has HP laptop hardware problems we contact their customer service but received no satisfactory solution. It's either HP promised to call back once they checked with their 2nd officer or technician or whosoever (like I mentioned earlier their customer service are inexperienced) but nobody ever called back. Our warranty for next day on site service become one month or so service. To further worsen we need to keep calling them back for more than 3-4 times to follow up. HP customer service and technicians have no initiative, inexperience, not customer oriented and not trustworthy in keeping their commitment to their customers. Very slow and taking their own sweet time to settle their customers' computer problems. As an organization, this is unacceptable. This leads to many office work backlogs as the staff's computer are not fixed. They just simply don't care about their customers' problems.

Awful by all means
Bought an OfficeJet printer end of 2019 that never worked well. Months later and after many attempts to Support I asked the printer to be replaced. It was replaced days later with the warning: keep your accessories, cables, cartridges etc. Received a new printer and that is when my real problems began. Within this period I signed for Instant Ink, a monthly program that allows you to print a number of copies for a fair price. As my first printer didn't work at all, I cancelled the program, why pay a monthly fee for no printer? The new printer came without cartridges. I opened the box and right away installed the cartridges that I had from the previous printers and... The printer displays a message: "cartridges can only be used in printer that initially installed it". These cartridges had 5 copies total. Contact the Support again (this was the 12th time in 2 weeks) and explained what was happening. The attendant told me I needed to print an information page from the printer that showed the registration number. But I could't print anything because it was blocked even for resigning to the Instant Ink program. I should buy new cartridges (16 euros for the black and 29 euros for the color) just to print this page and retrieve the registration number. What has become this printing business? Isn't enough pay absurd prices for cartridges and be able to print like 30 copies for cartridge? What happened to Customer Service? What is this Virtual Chat other than a waste of time? Do you folks at HP realize how pathetic is all this? I tell you this, this Instant Ink is pretty fair, if it would work. I am an old customer from HP since my calculator HP48 at the 80's but I will never again buy anything from you and I hope who is reading this take my words seriously and avoid problems. Printing should be an amazing thing but you turned it into hell.

Customer Service is a joke!
On Oct 30,2020 I placed an order at for a new computer after I lost my previous computer in Hurricane Zeta. It took nearly a month before shipping after a delay. Once shipped, it took longer than it should have, after I paid for expedited shipping. Luckily, I received the $9.83 back since the computer clearly was not expedited as I paid. Unfortunately, though, the Fedex driver left my package on the side of my house in the rain rather than on my front covered porch. Upon opening it I noticed there was some moisture on the screen. I immediately contacted HP customer support. I want my computer, however, I paid for brand NEW, undamaged and simply want some type of compensation for this and now all these issues. I have been going back and forth with a customer service agent named Barbara who has been of no help at all. She first wanted pictures, which I totally get, but it was DAYS later before I got a response and that cardboard fell apart by them. So it was trashed. Now, nearly a week later, she wants photos of the computer screen... that has already had a chance to dry after I set it in rice. I was also told there would be a 15% restocking fee to return the DAMAGED item HP sent. Again, I am happy to keep it. I need it for work. However, I do request a partial refund because I received a damaged item. Nobody was even home. The shipment said a signature would be required and gave the new delivery date. The conditions they left it out, if you looked up, would show it had been raining literally all day on the day it was delivered. So there was no excuse for Fedex to leave it out as they did. However, I, as the customer who paid $2,457.86 for this computer to be brand new and delivered in perfect condition, should be treated much better than this. Because of Fedex and HP's negligence I should be refunded some of my money back as I do not know what damage that moisture did or will cause any issues long term. Additionally, the customer service has been insulting and a joke to say the least.

HP is a scam. Stay away!
Part 3 of 3

I got my "new" printer. On unpackaging the printer, the lid had five damaged spots. I took pictures and sent them to the HP representative.

- I told him that I believe this printer is refurbished because of its physical appearance;

- I told him that even if I had agreed to a refurbished printer, HP wouldn't send it in a plain brown box with "refurbished" written on it, nor would HP send it in an HP box with "refurbished" written on it;

- I told him that if they'll do it with printers, then they'll do it with computers too;

- I told him that the original 'new' one I bought (the broken one that was being replaced) was probably refurbished too, because why else would it break down in 6 months with occasional use.

It took him 3 days to respond to me - I assume after speaking to his higher-ups - because he offered me a refund, which I am certainly taking.

I asked him if they will reimburse me for all the ink for it that I purchased. They oh-so-kindly said I can keep the ink that *I* bought, that I already told them will be of no use to me because I will never buy another HP product again.

They told me the only way I would receive the "new" replacement printer is if I signed a Release to keep the matter confidential - which, in my view, confirms that they sell used as new. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to sue them for this fraud. And as you can see by the "new" replacement printer, it is indeed used.

It really doesn't get any worse than this.

You have been warned!

I PURCHASED A HP 15-f272wm 500 GB. By the time I realized that the problem I was having was not related to my internet access or WiFi it was too late to return it to Wal-mart and when I called HP HP should have sent me a new computer because I was within terms and condition but they kept on the phone for more thatn 5 hours UNREAL! But insisted that I give them the benefit of the doubt well here it two years later and the this piece of crap was the worst ever it never stood a chance there is a manufacturing problem and they never admitted to it I told them I want a new one and it fell of deaf ears and their techs are just stupid the customer service sucks and I'm out 500.00 dollars. It has left me angry I hate turning on the computer bec within minutes I left watching it buffering or the screen disappears or it acts up to the point where I just turn it off. It sit I cant use and refuse to call HP support they do not care. I hate the computer the and HP company bad taste mouth will never ever but another. Take the bank greedy freaks!

What a farce.
I bought an HP ENVY 5055 printer 6 months ago. It worked great for 6 months. At 6 months, in one shot, it would not print properly. I contacted HP chat. We spent about an hour on the phone going through all the steps to see if the printer needed to be replaced. One of the steps was to change the ink cartridges. He offered to send me ink cartridges, but it didn't make sense to me to wait for the cartridges, contact HP chat again, and go through the whole thing again. I told him I had new unopened ones here. So I opened them and we did more tests with those. The problems remained and even increased. He concluded that printer needs to be replaced. (No kidding.).
The guy told me that the remaining 6 months warranty would be applied to the replacement printer. I think that sucks.
Then he told me that the replacement printer would be refurbished. What?! I told him that I paid good money for a new printer, and I expect a new replacement. He said he's not authorized to do that, and will escalate this matter to a case manager. So now I'm waiting, and I will update this review when this matter is resolved.
He asked me if there's anything more he could do for me. I asked him if he could please send me the ink cartridges because I wasted a lot of ink with both my old cartridges and my new cartridges. He double-talked his way out of that one, I have no idea what the heck he said, but it was clear that he wasn't willing to send them now.
I am SO disappointed in HP. I realize that most companies will just 'forward' the remaining warranty to a replacement product (which I still say sucks), but to have a new item replaced with something refurbished? I didn't pay a refurbished price, I paid a new price.
To be continued.

Notebook not working after mandatory BIOS update
I bought an HP Specter x360 and until December 2020 everything was fine then, a mandatory bios update arrived that made the computer unusable with my external monitor.
From that moment on, dozens of hours on the phone with their assistance, about fifty emails, I have been asked for all imaginable logs, driver combinations, "clean" windows installations, live linux distro and... Nothing, the computer does not chargee via Thunderbolt anymore! HP is aware of this, HP knows it is a problem caused by Intel new fw code, there are other people online with the same problem but after 4 months they procrastinate.
Now they have also started to stop responding to emails because they do not want to proceed with the termination of the contract, as per my rights, since four months without reaching a solution are a period of days well beyond the reasonable time to solve the problem.
Not only the technical support don't answer anymore. In the latest two weeks commercial assistance, where my case has been transferred, don't call me back too. They promised a solution in the same afternoon when I spoke with them 10 days ago. Since that day, back to procrastination... Very poor support when there is a problem, caused by HP itself!

Faulty website and terrible customer service, charges credit card higher amount
Purchased computer from website and made customized changes. Went through entire process and enterred the credit card information. Everything was correct including configuration and price. Then clicked to submit payment but afterward HP charged me an extra $50 +more tax and changed items in the build configuration to ones I did not want. Their website did not help me, but informs customers if they do not cancel an order within 1 hour they cannot cancel/return and will be charged full price. Tried on-line chat took 3.5 hours for a response, so I made 5 phone calls. The 1st 3 hung up after 1 minutes of wating and then left 2 different cell phones ringning until 1 finally answered after 2hrs 58mins. Could not solve issue though. Told me their prices change periodically. I told her it did not make sense it changed in a fraction of a second from clicking on submit payment to the moment they charged my credit card. They would not change configuration back. They would not honor the price when I submitted card. They filed a form and told me it would be days before I found out the status of possible refund/cancelation and had gall to say I could be charged 25% restocking fee. How can a computer company have such faulty unreliable bllling/ordering systems, no recourse to fix the problem they caused to a customer, treat them poorly, and try steal there money for doing it. Cannot expect them to stay in business and hopefully they will not and be allowed to continue to take advantage of people like this. If it was not for coronavirus quarantine I would not have had this free time to contact anyone to at least document this

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Customer Service
Just spent the last 4 hrs with multiple techs from the Phillippines getting nothing accomplished! Was Switched around to different reps (one who had his phone on mute). Hard to understand reps and for them to understand me. Massive confusion. Reps are taking multiple calls at once so can't remember your info when HP get back to you for the 5th time. When I told the rep I had given him the same info 4 times before he told me he was having a busy day and had a lot of calls he was handling at the same time! When he did speak to me all I could hear was the massive confusion of other reps talking in the background! Bizarre and unacceptable! When I finally spent the last half hour troubleshooting a million ways to make a black screen come to life and failed, he told me he'd call me back in a couple hours because he had other things to take care of! WHAT DID HE JUST TELL ME? That was at 9:30 pm! What kind of business is HP running? MY NEXT COMPUTER WILL NOT BE AN HP! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

No Other Choice...
I just bought an hp envy 6542e printer. Then found out that to set it up and use it, you will be required to connect to Microsoft Store. Nowhere on the box does it tell you this, only after you buy it and take it home to set it up and use it, do you find out about this. Little side note. I DO NOT USE MICROSOFT STORE. Or any other ms products, except of course for their included operating systems on the laptops i use. This is the first time i've ever encountered this forced colaboration w/ a company, a single company, no other download choices, no included CD to instal from, NO. You are forced to use ONLY, Microsoft Store to download the printer's software. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT. And i've had hp stuff throughout the years since HP started. Never again. How dare they force a single pipeline to the. Software, for a printer, that i bought from walmart, and can't use, because i don't have a microsoft store account. And never will.

Lies about shipping terrible customer sevice
So I order a PC for my son for Christmas on nov 30th. The site says the PC will ship on 12/10 and be received 12/16. I check the site on 12/11 and the PC hadn't been shipped. I call and it hadn't even been built yet. The rep tells me that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to build then 14 days to ship. So I wouldn't get it until some time in January. After 1 and a half hours on the phone with 4 different people. I get an email telling me my pc will arrive like Jan 12th. I canceled the order. Never got a cancelation email so I looked up the order on 12/14 and it didn't say it was canceled. I call and the say there was some complication canceling the order. HP can't even cancel an order right.

Also I ordered a PC and ONLY A PC. They sent me these blue blocker sunglasses free. I didn't want them, didn't order them, and they were not listed anywhere on my order. When i canceled the order they tell me I have to return these glasses or be charged. Uh no! I pay for nothing and return nothing that I didn't order, didn't know was coming, and didn't want. That was a scam tears ago where companies would send you stuff then bill you when you didn't return it. HELL NO!

HP Printer 8020 Very Unsatisfied with Printer and Customer Service!
I purchased HP 8022 printer January 2020. Within 3 months I had numerous paper jams. During fall 2020, I was unable to purchase yellow ink because no stores had it in stock (Office Max, Staples, Best Buy, Target nor Walmart). I was told that the ink is a recall item. Here I am with a printer that is less than a year old; therefore, I was forced to sign up with a program through HP called Insta Ink. Now HP has the yellow ink for their program only! Meanwhile I am allowed 50 pages per month with HP Insta Ink. Now during January 2021 my printer warranty expired and I renewed warranty for 2 additional years because I paid almost $200 for this printer. After I purchased the warranty, in January and February 2021, my printer is printing garbage and using up my 50 pages that I am allowed per month.

I called HP today, 2/10/21 to discuss my options. I was on the phone for a total of 4 hours (no kidding) to find out I have to call back on Monday, February 15,2021 to receive a replacement printer! HP associates, Leads and a Supervisor is giving me a hard time for a replacement printer (I am livid):

1. HP wanted to troubleshoot and during this time, I kept receiving paper jams.

2. My printer kept printing obsolete pages and shooting out blank pages as well (I'm only allowed 50 pages/month).

3. One person said 1-2 days to expedite replacement printer, Supervisor said try back on February 15th to request replacement printer again!

4. You have to give credit card information to hold $1 before a replacement printer can be sent; my credit card hold would not update and "they" kept insinuating the error was on my end yet they abbreviated my address and would not update the information to spell out Avenue, Drive or (th) behind my street address. They even kept stating my address must not match my credit card statement address (huh)?

5. Each one kept telling me I had no extended warranty but when I became irate they appeased me by agreeing that I did (which I do because I paid for it with the same credit card)!

To make a long story short, the first associate disconnected my printer, a new printer is not being shipped, I spent 4 hours of the phone with various unprofessional associates who said they were managers but really was not. I have to call back again and will probably spend another 4 hours with incompetent employees to receive what I paid for $200 plus tax printer that did not last 1 year! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!

Hewlett Packard -- Worst
I own three 17" laptops (for myself) and one 15.6" (for my husband). I am a computer pro with 15+ years of experience. I worked for one company that used different computers and I switched them over to HP because I have been using them for years. The one problem I did notice is that most of the time you couldn't make recovery disks from the equipment so all you had to do was call up HP and HP would send you the media for free. About the last 5 or 6 years you had to pay for the disks and that was okay, the cost was about $12-$20.00.
Another good thing about the laptops is if you needed to change a hard drive, a wireless card or memory, there were little doors on the bottom that went to each of those items. But now you have to take the complete bottom cover off to repair these items. The plastic covers have gotten flimsy and easily broken. But the biggest challenge is talking to tech support. I was told I could have media created for my computer and all I would need to do was to download it. I was in and out of town working so I didn't download the software even after I was sent another link. The next time I called I was told I could pay $35 to download the media to a flash drive. When I didn't get a link I called back and was told it would cost $35.00 and have a $14.00 per month plan for up to 3 computers. They would stay on the phone and walk me through the process and make sure it worked. I said I didn't need that I just wanted the media. Then I was told it would cost me $60.00 to just get the media. I can go in the store and buy a retail item from $50-$100.
The coup de grace is the fact that 2 of the laptops I have, I can't get parts for them. When I called HP, they said they didn't sell them and the places they referred me to only repaired printers. One item is a keyboard that I've been trying to repair for11 months. They couldn't even give me the correct part numbers. I can promise you that if I had known that when I bought these items, I would not have gotten an HP. There's a saying "to be forewarned is to be forearmed." Don't buy HP products, you will regret it.

I've had bad experiences with HP previously and should...
I've had bad experiences with HP previously and should have known to stay away. But guess what? I fell for their modestly competitive prices and shiny offering once again! Beware, people, of HP's marketing tactics as HP will entice you to spend your hard earned money on their company. Yes, they are huge and global, but they got there in a deceitful manner which I will not support anymore.

I purchased a $1,600 laptop in July of 2009 and it started to give me trouble around May of 2010. It got to the point where I had to re-install Windows and had similar problems again just a few days ago! I called HP tech support and they advised that my warranty had run out in July and even to speak to them about any problem I had to pay them $49.95 and if it's something that can't be remedied over the phone, then I'd have to pay to ship it to them, pay for labor, pay for parts, and pay for return shipping. It was already getting into several hundred dollars. This is almost the exact experience I had previously. Their computers are like everyone else's, as ALL computer companies buy from third parties and slap it together. So I don't fault their product, I fault their service. After I explained how I was screwed once before regarding product failure just after the warranty period, I received the typical, "I"m sorry for your loss, but there's nothing I can do" routine. Oh, but they did offer to extend my warranty another year for $100, but that only included phone support! Wow, the nerve of HP!

Go with ASUS, Lenovo (IBM), or Gateway, in that order. Most companies have similar policies, but the flexibility and loyalty to customers vary drastically.

In all, I've discovered my hard drive is lame, which is a Seagate. I called them and they told me they sold ALL of the rights to the hard drive to HP and they can't help me... these corporations I tell ya... MEH is right!

Great laptop but horrendous customer service (India...
Great laptop but horrendous customer service (India again) and poor sales persons. I came very close to mailing my $1265 custom laptop back to HP due to the salesperson lying to me and having to purchase additional items to install what HP sold me. 1. The salesperson lied about the number of CD/DVD slots I would be getting. They told me 2 and there is only 1. I wanted two for copying CDs/DVDs. 2. He assured me that customer service would NOT be India but the Philippines. It IS India and twice I could not understand them and they could not understand me. 3. The salesperson sold me a "kit" to put a second solid state hard drive in my laptop. When I received it, I realized that I now had to purchase an installation kit. 4. HP does not publish adverse reviews, so do not go to their site for reviews. They cherry pick what they want you to see.

The computer gets 5 stars while sales and customer service gets 0 stars. This averages to 3 stars.

Taken from my Amazon purchase
Shortly after purchase the printer was not completely printing the bottom third of the page, leaving large white gaps. Contacted support who passed along to their 3rd party contractors. Five visits and one month later and the printer is in worse shape than when we started this process as HP now can't get past error messages their work induced. One can expect that there is always a chance at a bad unit coming out of a warehouse, but trying to skirt doing the right thing by kicking the can down the road is inexcusable. It should have been replaced after the first two visits didn't resolve the issue and now I'm on hold still awaiting word if they are going to finally get me a printer I can use.

Update 1/15/20:3 days after "My manager will contact you tomorrow" with no contact from the 3rd party contractor, I called them. They said HP had elevated it to sending out "one of their own techs" to assess and was surprised I had not been contacted by HP to let me know. That was on the 13th. Still no contact from HP. Service ticket was opened on the 4th of Dec.

Update 1/29/20: A very kind and helpful HP tech finally made her way to our office on 1/17 and was taken aback by the condition they had left the printer in. She pushed to HP that I was in need of a replacement as this had gone on too long. She left me with her contact information should I needed her assistance in pushing this to completion. On 1/24 I was finally contacted by HP offering a replacement unit as a "one time" exception to their warranty. I accepted the offer on that day. As of today, I have not heard back whether a replacement has shipped or even if they are planning to ship it. My administrator, who has been affected the most by this, has reached his final point and is now having me pursue "other avenues" in regards to us having a functional printer.

In short, HP is a big name. Perhaps now too big. You always have to expect that something electronic can come you to either faulty out of the box, or goes bad shortly after you get it. Part of the game. But you should also expect a company that is in this game to be ready to deal with the issue quickly and competently and own their shortfall. The only option left is to try and make other potential purchasers aware of how they view their commitment to you.

Absolutely absurd
Beyond ridiculous. These people make no sense what-so-ever. Laptop screen separated within less than a year. HP are saying it's accidental and not covered by warranty. Are you kidding me? What accident separated a screen from the back? I accidentally pulled the screen and back apart? Are these people sane? Please beware in purchasing anything from this company. I did it anyway after I heard really bad things about them. Well here I am. I see it first hand why this company is hated so much.

Editing to reflect my experience with corporate... After my ordeal with the service side of the company, I posted on BBB and sent an email to their corporate office. I have to say, their customer service on THAT side has been surprisingly good. The corporate office called me right after I sent an email, within a day. They assigned a manager to me that went thru my grievances about the whole situation with me throughout this process. They followed up with me continuously. Unfortunately, even they could not magically get my laptop fixed quickly and returned but what they did do is that they approved the repair without any charge. But, even with their help, the laptop repair process got delayed over and over and over again. Now, it's been just under 2 months without a laptop. I now have accepted a replacement credit from their HP website instead of waiting for repaired laptop. Which no one knows when that will be.

The laptop I purchased was a faulty product. The laptop itself ran fine, but to have a screen separate from its backing within less than a year is ridiculous. I had a Toshiba laptop, plastic one that after 6 years, there isn't a scratch on it let alone screen separation. Not even a crack. Had to replace for performance reasons. And the HP Envy I purchased seemed more solid with metal frame and heavier, just overall nicer and fancier. Yet it deteriorated within less than a year.

Product rating F. Corporate handling of the situation A+.

Decent products, crappy service!
I used to buy HP printers. They're actually well designed. So I bought a $400 model which HP classified as a business computer. All of a sudden the 24/7 support became really limited. Imagine that. A fairly standard laser printer with sudden reduced support. HP has one mission: to get you to buy and replace as fast as possible. This increases profits and allows FAT CAT CEO Meg Whitman to eat some more.

They have other tricks also. They don't fully explain how you can resolve an easily resolvable problem with your purchased item and try to hard sell you on a new model. My printer needed to be replaced as it was defective. I hounded their Customer Support, their Executive Support at *******817 (also known as Office of the President ~ which all large companies have and sometimes a good group to air your complaints to), and they wouldn't budge either. Luckily, the Santa Clara, CA District Attorney's office (where their corporate headquarters is located) advised me to inform HP that I spoke with them and they would assist me in enforcing my rights, and HP couldn't take the return and fork over my hard earned cash fast enough. You can bet Meg ate one less scoop of ice cream that night.

Terrible Service
2nd worst service I have ever experienced (and I am 81 yrs old).
Ordered a printhead on Oct. 26. Paid extra for expedited shipping, " typically arrives in 1 or 2 business days", because I needed the printer. Four days later, no part, I went on HP website to track it. Link to tracking leads to a blank error page. Next 3 days spent trying to get some support. Virtual chat agent kept sending me back to the blank error page. No other chat option, no email option, no phone option. Finally, on Monday I stumbled across a phone number for getting help with a new order. Called that number but she couldn't help with parts tracking. She was as helpful as she could be and, after pressing, she gave me an email address. I emailed to it. Next day received a reply that the issue was being sent to the parts dept. Next day, Nov. 4, Received an automated email from parts dept (do nnot reply to this email) saying sorry, we are now processing your order. Expected delivery to you is Nov. 16. HUH? Waht happened to expedited shipping? I emailed the first guy again but no response.
As with others, I am through with HP.

Negligent Money Hungry Company
I bought a brand-new HP Envy through (in February 2018) and it was defective right out of the box, although HP took a month to build it. The fan seems to be broken, it rattles, and the computer becomes very hot. I contacted HP and informed them of the issues but asked to be reimbursed locally because I need the laptop for my grad. School classes. The rep insisted it was a software issue even after I repeated the hardware symptoms of loud frequent rattling. The rep refused to do anything until I downloaded a software update for the fan (ALTHOUGH IT WAS BRAND NEW), sent out an order to send me packaging material to send it back against my wishes, then terminated the conversation.

HP is a horrible company to deal with. I hate that Apple products become outdated and the ISO eventually can no longer update, but at least their products works for a couple years unlike HP.

Buyer Beware hp Computer
HP 173 Laptop Intel Core i5 4GB memory 1TB Hard drive SKU# 5623243 Model#17-X121DX
First off this computer is just slow, in fact its slower than my old computer of over 5 years that has be dropped a few too many times. Not only is Wifi & internet slow so is the computer's performance all around, takes forever to load even when using apps or programs you will have to wait... and wait. Video & Photo quality is horrible, its pixely, faded, sometimes blurred, changing settings won't make any difference. Watching a movie was like watching a VHS cassette on an old static TV. The DVD drive is broken, it sometime take 3 tries to read a disk, claims there is no disc and make sounds like a jet engine and occasionally sound like its a paper shredder. This computer severely underperforms and has cheap, poor design, not worth the money you pay for it. The Wifi Card is bad, defective & slow. You cannot watch YouTube, Google, other media videos higher than 240p or 360p without buffering every 20 seconds or so, you may as well forget watching 720 or 1080p, can't watch Neflix, Amazon or other movies at all... unless you want to watch a minute at a time between buffering. HP lie and tell you this computer has "crisp" & clear "HD" quality, this is a total joke. Last but not least this is personal preference but the to pad/left/right click buttons are stiff, unresponsive, have to press or swipe hard, turned up touch pad sensitivity settings and still felt like I had to pound not tap for it to work. Buttons are cheap, stiff and have to type harder than any other computer I've ever owned. I also personally hate the sandpaper like texture on the touchpad & right side of keyboard... it feel horrible after more than a hour especially if you have to scroll often. Trying to set up printer, internet or personalize apps or desktop... is so not user friendly. Overall this is the worst computer I've ever owned out of Gateway, Lenovo, IBM and Dell. If I could give this computer ZERO STARS I would.
Best Buy gave full refund but had to drive 2 hrs to nearest store to return computer :(

Customer service SUCKSSSS
Don't ever order from them as HP wouldn't fully refund you back! Ordered my laptop on black friday but apparently it will not arrive until Christmas! Wtf?! Tried to cancel it they said ohhh we filed a cancellation for you but its MAYBE that it will get cancelled. What do you mean MAYBE?! A customer have his or her rights to cancel the order before it gets shipped and get his or her refund! So btw my order got shipped regardless of me filing a cancellation. FINE! I am just gonna return it when it arrived, I called and they said its possible that I can return the product but a 15% RESTOCKING FEES will be charged. I was like WTF?! So I didn't even get anything from it and I need to pay 15%?! So if you laptop is $1000, 15% is $150!? I never ask it to be shipped anyway, I cancelled it and I should be able to get my full refund! Its suck a shame that such big company can have such terrible policy towards its customer! SHAME ON YOU HP!

I wish I could give zero stars
I wish I could give zero stars

From my experience, it is clear that hp does not care about connecting their customers with staff from the company. It is also clear that their staff is not equipped with the tools necessary to assist their customers and therefore HP were unable to "make it right" with me when I finally did reach them. I ordered a laptop from hp on Cyber Monday this year. Less than one hour after I ordered I tried to cancel the order due to seeing some reviews of the laptop that were less than satisfactory (on their website their reviews are very buggy to view). Their team was not able to be reached due to their "call times" being over for the day. I called in the next day to speak to a representative but they put me on hold after answering multiple questions from a bot. I legitimately was on hold for over an hour (I'm not exaggerating my phone can prove it). I did not have time that day to wait around so I decided to try again the next day, and the next day, and many days after that. One day I was on hold for almost three hours with no response. I finally received my computer due to being unable to cancel the order so I tried to call in for a return. They put me on hold for an hour - no response. I finally got a hold of someone by calling the wrong department and having them transfer me to the "direct line" where I was put on hold until the hold music played two entire cycles of itself and then the call ended. I reiterated this process and forced the kind gentleman to stay on hold with me until I got a hold of someone from the correct department. This new gentleman was also unable to "make it right" because I did not cancel my order in time… They must be joking. He expected me to pay $115 for a "restocking fee" to which I replied: "that is not acceptable. Can you waive that fee because it's hp's fault that I was unable to cancel the order." He tried to explain that his hands were tied after I ordered the product and that it was too late. So I asked him "so you charge a restocking fee to anyone who places an order and tries to cancel it?" To which he replied "no sir, but there's a chance even if you got a hold of someone then it wouldn't be canceled because we have to send a request to do that." This made it seem like they didn't automatically charge the fee but in my situation, he admitted that I couldn't have done anything differently. So I told him I cannot throw over $100 of my hard-earned money down the toilet when it's not my fault that the order wasn't able to be canceled. He understood and - for the record - was very polite. But hp still failed as a company to show that they care about connecting their customers to representatives and as a result I now find myself having wasted over 5-6 hours of my time for nothing.
Hp does say that they "may" charge the restocking fee. However, it also qualifies this statement by: "unless the product is defective or the return is a result of an error." Therefore, because this is clearly due to an error (I was unable to cancel it on the website after multiple attempts and emails and phone calls) I should NOT have to pay the restocking fee. This clearly proves that they do not stand by what they claim on their website. They don't care. They even had the audacity to put a message on their hold music that said "your call is important to us." I had to listen to them say this over and over while listening to them prove the opposite. If my experience isn't clear evidence that they are lying then I'm not sure what is...
Please do not shop at, they do not care about connecting you to real people and mislead their customers with their words on their website.

Incorrect item, stubborn customer service
I ordered this item (14t-dh200) and received an HP laptop yesterday. This laptop was the 14-dh1xxx model, which was NOT what I ordered. The specs and build of the laptop were so similar that it fooled even me at first. However, there was no fingerprint reader. I suspected that there was incorrect labeling of the laptop from the factory.
I called customer service, using the picture attached and the lack of a fingerprint reader as primary evidence among others. I spent 1 HOUR AND 39 MINUTES on the phone, only for the supervisor to tell me I was wrong. She even had the audacity to ask me to search on the HP laptop specs page for "fingerprint reader", which I did not find. What I discovered after was that none of the laptops on HP lists "fingerprint reader" on their specs page. When I pointed out the fingerprint reader in the product pictures, she told me the images aren't reliable. Remember that next time you think about buying from HP: their images aren't reliable. I am never purchasing from HP again.
After an entire hour of her wasting my time making me repeat myself and hundreds of different numbers, I asked for a simple return. She told me I'm paying 15% for restocking. Despite this being a defective order. I didn't know what to say. Just speculating that HP intentionally brand older and unpopular laptops as new laptops for profit and to reduce excess inventory. Never wasting my time purchasing from HP again. Sticking with my Dell.

Horrible, horrible, horrible
I bought what was supposed to be a brand new laptop (although I have my doubts about that now) from hp's website after spending 2 hours on live chat discussing computers and what I was looking for. What a horrible mistake! I had to wait longer than the quoted time for the computer, several days longer, for it to be built and come from China. I didn't know it was coming from China when I ordered it. Right out of the box the mousepad didn't work properly. I spent several hours on live chat with microsoft, which was where my request for help went, being told to download and instal a list of things that made absolutely no difference. The support person told me the drivers were out of date, and this is supposedly a brand new computer. He eventually gave up and put me on to the advocate who told me what I'd thought all along, that it shouldn't be that way, and told me I should return it. The hp website wouldn't let me do an online return, and every time I tried the live chat during their opening hours it said HP weren't there and what their hours were.

I was on the phone for almost 2 hours and on to at least the ninth person on 2 different phone numbers, back and forth to different countries, with other voices more in the foreground than the background in the call centres so loud that I couldn't even hear myself think or speak, (one call centre sounded more like they were having a party than working) to try to return this computer that is within the 30 day return period, and I was kept holding over and over again with almost every person I spoke to and asked over and over again for the same information. Even though I told every single person that I had bought the computer from hp's website, it wasn't until I'd spoken to most of them that one of them finally acknowledged this. I got the impression that hp's website customers were supposed to get different service to people who'd bought their items elsewhere. The last person I spoke to finally told me she was refunding my money in full to my method of payment. I told her that I might have taken a replacement if there hadn't been such a huge, time-consuming hassle this time. I don't want to be put through this ordeal again. I was on the phone for such a long time that my cordless phone started beeping that it was running out of power. On top of that, I've been very ill, with an illness that has been hugely exacerbated, and probably caused by trauma and stress, and going through this was all I needed on top of that. If they had decided to check out the computer and decided they didn't think anything was wrong with it, even though there was, they would have charged me 15% restocking fee, which I wasn't told anything about at the time I ordered it. She was supposed to email me a fedex return label, right then I thought, and arrange for fedex to collect it, but it's been 45 minutes, and so far no email, no label. All I've got so far are 2 emails from a previous department about a repair and sending me a box to send the computer back for a repair, which I had repeatedly told him I didn't want. They are no-reply emails, naturally, so I can't reply. It's now been an hour and 20 minutes since I was told I'd get the return label, and still there's been nothing. Twenty minutes later, and I've had an email that the service department is sending me a box to return the computer for repair, but still nothing about returning it for a refund. The thought of having to ring hp again and be put through that ordeal again to get the return label is more than I can bear right now. I know the person's first name, but nothing more than that, and the live chat is still not working during their stated working hours. She said she'd have fedex come tomorrow, but also hasn't rung me back to confirm anything. What a way to run a company.

I let a few hours go by and then made 2 more attempts to ring hp to get them to email the return label. On the second try I finally got the label emailed to me and on that occasion I told them I had a return authorisation number, so it didn't take too long. However, they still haven't done anything about arranging for fedex to come and get the computer, even though I asked again and was assured by this second person that they would do that.

Soon after hanging up I got an email asking me about my experience with them, so at least I had an opportunity to tell them how horrendous it was, the worst customer service I'd ever experienced, what I'd been put through, and that they have lost me as a customer forever because of this.

This isn't the first hp computer I've had that was faulty right out of the box. I bought one from amazon last year that had numerous things wrong with it. I had hoped that was an exception rather than the norm, but I don't think I'll be buying another after this horrible experience.

TERRIBLE - Buyer Beware
I purchased an All-One PC for my son and I to use. I contacted HP prior to purchase to confirm the computer could accommodate what we each were looking to do. HP advised that yes it could. I got the computer and set it up. Downloaded a game my son wanted to play and within 10 minutes of playing it the screen began to flicker between the game and a black screen. Then the screen went black entirely. Tried a different game, same thing happened. I specifically asked if the graphics on this computer could handle these games and was told yes. Now they are saying it can't. So I guess they tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy their computers. This is the last HP computer I will purchase. I have a warranty and the extended care package and when I contacted customer service, they told me I have to PAY for assistance. What is the point of a warranty and care package, if they won't assist?!

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