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Customer Support
I had checked on my order and found the shipping service lost my order. I responded to Houzz through their website and promptly received an e-mail response. Shortly thereafter I received a telephone call from customer service thanking me for my order and Houzz were in contact with the shipping company. I also received another e-mail confirming our conversation.
From my initial website contact to final e-mail from Houzz customer service, the timeframe was only a few hours. Considering the state of affairs in our world today, this level of service, to me, is unheard of. I've never received such quick response from any order I've placed on line. This is my second order from Houzz and I am very pleased with the quality of service they've provided.

New Exterior Window Installation by MORGAN EXTERIORS, INC.
From the sales visit to installation of my new windows, it was a great experience. Vince, my salesman, spent time going over the product available and answered every question. Not my first rodeo buying windows so I actually purchased on quality of the windows and the way the company does business.
The two installers were polite, answered my questions as well and did a beautiful clean-up during and after the install. I definitely will recommend Morgan Exteriors and will use them again for future work.

Crystal Delgado / Signature Design and Cabinetry
My wife Kathy and I hired Crystal to help us with the interior design of the house we were building in the Canterwood community in Gig Harbor Washington. Crystal presented us with design concepts and ideas that brought together and completed the entire house just as we had hoped for. Her knowledge of the latest materials and interior design was more than impressive. Throughout our construction Crystal was there to help us with everything from interior color, tile, stone and carpet. She is a complete professional and truly understands how to work with homeowners. For those who are planning or are in the process of building or remodeling the task can be fun, expensive and humbling all at the same time. You will want someone you trust and can work with. We highly recommend Crystal Delgado and her Company Signature Design and Cabinetry.

Unable to get any help in answering questions before...
Unable to get any help in answering questions before placing my order. Free Shipping says this will arrive from June 29 to July 5 but I'm incredibly suspicious of that timeline. I will be incredibly surprised to get it in that time frame.
Could not see ANY option for expedited shipping so I assume it is NEVER available.
What I truly don't understand is why a NON brick and Mortar retailer is unable to provide phone and online support. You should be excelling at this customer service during Covid. Every small business I know is able to set up Work from Home for their employees. Very disappointing that an Online retailer like you is unwilling or unable to support customers and employees this way.

Always a problem! Items are back-ordered with no warning, no phone contact for sellers, Houzz don't respond to emails and God help you if you need to make a return. Houzz takes 3 days to respond to emails and while you can call them you'd better get the name & extension of the person you are dealing with as you will likely need to follow up several times. Returns are a nightmare and they have exorbitant returns fees which are not fully disclosed. I have ordered from them several times and this will be my last for sure.

Looking for grief? Give these folks a try, I'm sure they have plenty to spread around!
We were redirected to this site mysteriously from the manufacturers web site, what a big problem! Them not only sent the wrong product but denied any responsibility. Their staff are about as helpful as a box of rocks. After a dozen emails and phone calls Houzz reluctantly issued the RGA needed to return and gleefully informed me that the return shipping cost was my problem. If you haven't already guest we are in a dispute over the obnoxious treatment HOUZZ chose to use. BUYER BE WARE!

Misses and errors
Purchased 2 towels. Easy. Not. Didn't know come from separate places and be so complicated. Web stocker sent wrong item. Easy to return. No! Not like on page at all. Low quality. Very thin and gave me wrong item. Houzz wanted photos, paper work, code, when they made the error. Took month to finally get a retun frow towels. Worse most complicated web ever made. Don't buy from them. It wont happen and you'll be disappointed. Only reason give 2 stars finally after month getting return.

Horrible customer service! My sofa was delivered,...
Horrible customer service! My sofa was delivered, with missing pieces. I was unsatisfied with the item, and Houzz gave me such a hard time to issue a return, only because I did not have the box in which the sofa came originally packaged in. They told me my only option was to donate the sofa, for a store credit, which they didn't even assist in helping me find a store I had to do so on my own! I was stuck still purchasing another item, due to the store credit, but will never buy from here.

I tried to check out several times last night and had...
I tried to check out several times last night and had the same issue this morning. An error message kept coming up saying, "Unable to Process Order… Oops! We updated your cart to reflect recent changes. Please try placing your order again. You have not been charged yet!" I finally removed all items from my cart then put them back in one by one and was able to check out that way. My previous experiences with Houzz have been wonderful, so I kept trying! But may affect future customers, so wanted to report my issue.

I love your products
I love your products. Your website is a bit complicated to navigate, especially your wish lists -vs- your idea boards. I don't know what the differences are and I haven't had time to search for answers. Also, a lot of your products don't have reviews nor do I see a place for questions and answers. It should be made more clear. I am not comparing your products to Wayfair because quality control there is questionable, but I have to give them credit for their user-friendly website and question and answer system. It works quite well. Having said that, even though I have bought a few items from Wayfair, I am always reluctant to purchase from them. I hope Houzz doesn't let me down. You can contact me directly if you have any thoughts and/or questions. Thank you.

Mobile site made it VERY difficult to place this order
Mobile site made it VERY difficult to place this order. It kept asking me for information. I filled out my address twice, even though I apparently have an "account." Then the price of the item, $85, ended up being $100 with $15 shipping, which is ok. But then, at checkout my shipping appeared as "free standard," but the actual price of the item changed from $85 to $100. Whaaa? I'm still satisfied with this item and the final price, but please don't take your customers on such a merry-go-round.

Still waiting for my order!
Or any information pertaining to my order! I ordered an item on the 4/23/2020. It was suppose to arrive on May 11, according to my confirmation email. My item is still being processed. I reached out to customer service and Houzz emailed me as tho I was the seller, asking ME what the status of the order. I emailed back saying I was the buyer, not the seller! Still no word on my order, or even a possibility of getting a refund.
I rarely complain, let alone write a complaint, but this is getting ridiculous.

Checkout was not working, tried 2 diff browsers on...
Checkout was not working, tried 2 diff browsers on 2 diff computers. Called customer service, Houzz offered to complete my order but would not apply discount code that was showing in my cart. Since they would not apply the discount code, I went back online and deleted merchandise from the cart. Then added the one item back that my wife asked me to order, nothing else. Purchase finally completed after an hour of messing around with diff computers and (no)customer service. Should be this difficult.

Pyramid Granite, Springfield Virginia - Great company!
Pyramid Granite was an extremely professional company from start to finish. Pyramid is stone fabricator company. I was able to visit the warehouse and determined how I would like my slab cut for my kitchen counters. I asked if Houzz could come on a specific day and time. They were extremely accommodating. Calling to say they were on there as requested a crew arrived and worked quickly. The job site was kept protected and clean. They took old sink and granite with them. The bonus is that you have an option to include a plumber to unhook sink and disposal and rebook when counter installation are completed. An A + job

Terrible, worst company
Ordered a product... delayed and delayed. Then Houzz cancelled. They apologized after many calls and gave me a coupon to use for next product. I used the coupon to order another product, but again, delayed and delayed, and then they cancelled again. They might be cheaper than other places but they have no ability to track or deliver the product on time. Just a website to get you to wait forever to see your product, if ever. Just wasting time. The complaint is beyond the order # listed below... it's continuous frustration across multiple orders!

Floor Coverings International
When my wife Gail and I decided to replace all the carpeting in our house with new "hardwood" flooring we had little clue what we were doing. We had some friends and family that gave us suggestions of course, but we had to do our own research and climb our own learning curve. We had representatives from several companies look at our project. The only one we looked forward to seeing again was Mark McMurray. We realized that Mark was smart, knowledgeable, insightful, patient and trustworthy. Easy going and straight forward, he wasn't merely better than the others we met, he was different. Mark was a collaborator on the project rather than a saleman. Before the flooring could be installed, he took care of some tiles that needed to be replaced. His flooring installation crew clearly knew what Houzz were doing. Efficient, and exacting, they were done in less than half the time we expected and the results are spectacular. We are more than happy with our experience with Floor Coverings International. Mark and Jenny make a great team. We can't say enough about them. You won't be disappointed with their services!

Furniture Damage
I waited home all day for a walnut bed which cost $2400. 00. It never arrived. Got a call 5 days later saying that the delivery had been canceled in error. Houzz left the bed in my driveway. It had obviously been left out on a loading dock in the rain. That's why the delivery person wouldn't deliver it, knowing no one in their right mind would accept such a package. Wet boxes soaked and fallen apart held together with duct tape. Houzz won't take furniture back unless I can document'damage'. They want me to put wet furniture together to see if it is damaged. Unbelievable!

Quick and efficient with applying for the Houzz Credit...
Quick and efficient with applying for the Houzz Credit Card and being approved. However, the temporary account link to make a purchase would not download into my my Apple Wallet and I needed assistance to make sure the 12 month 0.00% free financing was applied to my purchase because it did not show at checkout. When I called the 800 number listed for customer service the call would not go pass "press 1 to continue in English" once I pressed 1. So, I will have to keep trying to reach customer services.

My search is over.
Searching local retail stores for a specific piece of artwork for several months. I never came remotely close to finding this unframed canvas medium to large artwork with a specific theme for a specific room - my bedroom. Reluctantly went online. Frustrated because in my mind I have envisioned what was desired for artwork on the wall and could not as of yet find. My long awaited new additional space (originally the patio) was constructed into a room ( with walls, windows & a door) adjacent to the bedroom & now extends the room. I needed that piece of artwork. Reluctantly going online knowing it would be risky for there was no in person to visually see the product. Knowing the theme/design, colorization, size, the specific site Houzz brought up a painting that appeared to be what I desired - it appealed to me. Hand painted by an established artist it was however I believed quite over priced@ over $300.00. At this point I decided to forge ahead & purchase. The package came surprisingly just a few days later. Packaged & wrapped ever so securely I took it out. Just how the site had described, shown visually - in love.

Return policy rip off
We've always like what we've seen on this site. Didn't know if we wanted to spend as much as we did with this company but Houzz had a return policy that looked good. Until we received our $800 bathroom cabinet. We open ONE box and that's it. To see that it's not the right color we really wanted. Now we try to return it, just to find out that now we have to pay $288 to return it. Also they're going to refund our return MINUS the delivery charge back to them. So I'm not even getting my full money back to order something else from them. Not good!
So unexceptionable! This Was the first and last time we ever order from this company. I'm seeing why this company his only getting 2-2.5 star ratings.
We don't write many complaints, but we wanted to let people know about this cheesy policy that they don't disclose.

I called Customer Service twice regarding the color...
I called Customer Service twice regarding the color and fabric on these chairs. On 2/8 a rep said that she would call the mfg and then either call or email me--neither happened. I called again on 2/9, spoke to Ali (male), and he put the service back in Customer Service. Please recognize him--and for heaven's sake train the previous rep to respond. Even if it's to say that there is no news but the effort is being made. All customers need something to hang onto--I know; I was a manager.

Great For Generating Nice Projects!
We have been a member of Houzz Pro since 2016. We are a General Contracting firm in the Metro Nashville Tennessee area specializing in the design and construction of Backyard Get-A-Ways. Houzz has been our top project generator since 2019. The size and number of projects that we have landed as a result of our partnership with Houzz has been significant since 2019. We appreciate the professional promotion of our company through Houzz as well as the personal attention by Houzz representatives. Justin Ignacio has been our most recent representative with Houzz over the past year plus and has always been extremely helpful and considerate of us and our business! We use several other online platforms to promote our business and have found Houzz to be the most consistent for us! Thank you, Houzz, and Justin, for a job well done!
George Allin
Allin Landscaping

For some reason pay pal declined my original order...
For some reason pay pal declined my original order due to security concerns. I called Houzz to try and change my payment to a credit card but the transaction still would not go through, although Tia, the customer service rep at Houzz was very kind and helpful. I then went online and tried to change my payment to 2 alternative credit cards but it still did not work. I believe it must have been a system issue, so I had to cancel my original order and then start a new order which went through without any issues.

Wrong info on product
I should have received a substantial refund for a sconce that had an incorrect description
(Said it had 1 bulb not all the tiny ones you can see) & not a good housing that gods the interior lights but did not receive one.
I found their customer service to be lacking & almost harassing as the light was already installed & the defects weren't apparent until after installation but all Houzz said was to return it
Won't buy anything from a company who doesn't stand behind their products.
Bad quality & cheaply made
Ver disappointing esp customer service.

My experience with the deck chairs and table so far...
My experience with the deck chairs and table so far has been easy, but still waiting on a sectional sofa I ordered, and trying to get information regarding it and now seeing that I didn't get the sale price I saw when I went to order it. I had a question regarding this piece, and by the time I got an answer and finalized the order, the price had changed apparently. I am disappointed with the sofa order and find that trying to track it is very vague and still not clear when I'll get it even though it has already shipped. I also thought I ordered white glove service, but don't see any mention on my order. Do you have this?

Don't Waste Your Money if You are Already an Established Business
The subscription model only works for the companies that have been on Houzz for a long time. Houzz will take your money and continue to tell you leads will come if you get more reviews and add projects but they will always favor the older accounts over the newer ones. The salespeople don't give you the full picture, they lock you into long-term agreements and are happy taking your money for nothing in return. I've consistently followed the recommendations and best practices and have nothing to show for it. Stay away. Your marketing dollars are better spent anywhere else.

Bad Experience
I recently was sold on the business tools for my construction company. The pushy salesman called me over a period of 3 months until I finally gave in and signed up. The lead services etc. are nothing like what I was told I was getting. It's essentially a platform where you can show pictures of your work. The monthly premium is so much higher than their competitors yet Houzz offer nothing more. Now that I'm signed up I can't even get a phone call or email back. The worst customer service I've seen in a while. I DO NOT recommend

Great selection
Great selection - I literally just did a pivot from pottery barn to houzz and purchased 2 bedside stands! I'm so glad i checked out houzz before making the purchase at pottery barn. Love the reviews with pictures - that really helped to make an informed decision on this purchase. I worked in the field of website usability for many years and I find the houzz website easy to navigate. The search brings back very relevant results which I truly appreciate. I don't have a lot of free time so I'm all about efficiency in the time I do have. Thanks!

MYSTIC RIVER BUILDING COMPANY LLC is professional, competent, and reliable for both major and minor building structural repairs. I had a water leakage problem on the roof of my house where two roof ridges/valleys merged. Prior repairs were costly and not successful. Built in 1850, classic molding was an added challenge to the project. Mystic River Building Company has talented craftsmen that are proud of their work and will not settle for anything less than perfection. Workers followed COVID-19 protocol and always donned a mast. Protective barriers for dust and floor during work and daily clean-up minimized inconvenience during the project. Recent record breaking rain and wind storms offered a true test, and Mystic River Building passed with an A+! The outside molding was handcrafted to beautifully match existing trim; plaster work inside was matched and seamlessly joined. (See pictures attached.) WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMENDED.

New Client
I joined with Houzz 5 weeks ago, and like any new lead based company these things take time. With that being said I am completely satisfied with the Houzz Team, the service is second to none. We have been with another large lead based company in Canada for over five years and did not have this kind of start and the customer service is week. Very week compared to Houzz. I have been a contractor for decades and provide over the top service and really appreciate seeing the same from Houzz
Matt Moynan signed us up and has been there to answer any questions after the sign up process, and also fielded emails while on holidays in another country... Folks this is rare!
Bailey Chapman just assisted me with an app issue and resolved this in minutes.
Finally a company dedicated to your success Refreshing!

Roy Conner
Conner and Associates

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