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Hostwinds is the best VPS service provider!
Windows Unmanaged VPS is fast. Hostwinds' staff is patient, friendly and forever helpful! Hostwinds always put their customers 1st :) Hostwinds is one of the best service providers in the market!

I sent in a ticket to enquire about a new invoice which I’ve received just a day after I signed up and purchased a Windows Unmanaged VPS service. Hostwinds got back to me and told me that they would usually send out their next month’s invoice early and it would only be due next month. I think the overall experience was great!!

Moving to hostwinds was a mistake!
Hostwinds is a joke. The first thing Hostwinds did when migrating my sites - they lost the data base of two of my sites (which I still cant recover). Now, when they failed to deliver what they advertise online - "fast sites" (my sites were so slowly that I could not do business), instead of apologizing and giving me some credit, they made it difficult to close my account and now are trying to collect $30 for "back up storage fee". (They charge me $30 a month for back up storage + $1!?). The new hosting company where I am at now charges ZERO dollars for cloud back up storage!) They intentionally do not even bother to respond to the opened case with PAYPAL in order to further delay and frustrate me as a customer. Smart move! I regret getting involved with hostwinds. One of my serious business mistakes. Based on my experience - they do not care for the business of the customer. They deeply care, though, for the prompt billing of the customer. That is for sure. It does not matter whether the customer understands what he/she is billed about, why they increase the price of a service etc. As long as they receive their payments everything is fine. I was forced to move to a different hosting since their support could not find a solution for the slow speed issue and the 3rd party expert I was working with said "The support people do not know what they are doing. We need to look for a solution elsewhere". That was what I did. The hostwinds person who is handling my cancelation ticket is arrogant and disrespectful. It is a shame!

Good product and custome service
Just known from sns site, some one suggest hostwinds, so i want to try, if i like, i will buy longer time, but the price is a little more than bandwago, and has no discount for new customer like me. The network delay is about 200ms in china, this is not good expirence when i visit Youtobe, so if hostwinds optimize the network delay for customer in china, it will be more nice!

Because it's main server location is very close to...
Because it's main server location is very close to my area, so that's always a big bonus. Also it's customer support and chat service is impeccable. I connected with an agent instantly, who directed me through the process of transferring a domain. Still, the main reason I like this company so far is that Hostwinds went ahead and created a ticket for me and transferred everything from wordpress, along with site backup and everything over to hostwind free of charge which is amazing, considering I had forgetting to create the ticket, but they proactively did it for me!

Semi satisfied
After I paid for my order I thought I could use my code straight away, but a verification had to be completed. I paid with a virtual bank card, so when Hostwinds asked for a picture of it, I contacted support. Support was surprisingly good: they replied In under a minute and their reply was helpful. I submitted a screenshot of my bank app and a photo of my international passport. I still did not receive any follow up on the documents, though. But I am very satisfied that my money was refunded today

I'm the type of person that usually gives five stars…...
I'm the type of person that usually gives five stars… The engineering and service side of your company I would definitely give five stars… However we ran a test month on your service invited in by 52% off for a two-year commitment…We spoke twice with one of your front-end people who assured us that we would be able to get that 52% off… That's not the case now the savings just with 33% off… Feels a little bit like a bait and switch which is why I'm letting you know with these three stars… Hopefully our communications and understanding in the future is smooth... Read through the first two chats In our ticket log to bring more understanding to the promise as far as were concerned YOU made to us and then withdrew

So far so good...
Hostwinds has been good so far. I needed a domain for development and be able to show the front end to clients (cause sometimes you can't develop on a local interface) - going through the BHW deal made it a bit convoluted, but I guess Hostwinds need to update the instructions a bit to make it clearer.

So far the server speed is fast, and with enough resources for web development. I can show my portfolio of developed sites to clients on their own subdomain. The interface is fast, and so far I am happy I can quickly deploy Wordpress sites from the control panel.

Don't Bother With Them
I decided to switch over to what I thought was a better hosting company. WRONG! I went to migrate over some websites and Hostwinds switched up the migration with one domain information being put in another domain and then losing information.

It took 4 days to fix it. I had a plan with 2 TB of bandwidth which is plenty for me. WRONG AGAIN!

Day 8 I was at 3.84 TB of data, Day 9 5.36

It was a server attack that I am now being billed for.

VPS as low as $5/mo
Heard good things from another site review, still can't believe you can get VPS for $5/mo. Although I might need to upgrade soon after putting Apache, MariaDB, PHP, it's only 1 CPU and 1GB RAM so it seems a bit slow during heavy intensive work. The 30GB storage seems to used up fast but then again I have a lot of photos I'm trying to archive/add. Overall very satisfy with the service.

Thanks for the serious and responsible customer service
My domain name is unavailable due to some issues with domain registration. The customer service has been helping me, patiently and responsible. Although the domain name registrar is still under maintenance and the problem has not been solved, I really appreciate the answer from the customer service and help me with the query. Thanks

Very good, patient and responsible

There have been communication issues stemming from...
There have been communication issues stemming from Hostwinds' inability to communicate their offers clearly, which have resulted in confusion and poorly informed business decisions, and so far Hostwinds has shown very little commitment to honoring their poorly communicated offers. Clear communication is a lesson Hostwinds need to teach their front line agents. Still, I have a business to operate. I have attempted to work with them. Still awaiting response for a very reasonable request.

Fast service!
Excellent, personable support in migrating my WordPress site over to Hostwinds. Very attentive, worked into late hours getting it all setup and then followed up promptly on minor tweeks and issues. Everything resolved and up and running just fine. Tech support responded quickly to my questions and I couldn't be more pleased. The chat support is quite knowledgeable and very helpful with wordpress or migration questions and quickly pushed my issues up the ladder if Hostwinds couldn't answer them. Highly recommend this company.

Purchased product. It's pending and Customer service experience has been terrible
I purchased an SSL certificate. I contacted customer experience asking what the typical estimated time is for it be become active so I could know how to proceed in the short term. Product is still unavailable and ticket has been escalated to Tier 4 tech support to answer the estimate question which I still have not received an answer to this basic question. Not sure how the actual product is since it still has not been activated but tech support experience has been below basic expectations...

see previous answer. So far have not received an answer from customer service on what I thought was a simple question for an estimated time to complete so I could properly plan.

Best hosting service I've ever used
The level of support I experienced, both pre- and post-sale, was the highest quality I've had with any hosting service I've used previously. Hostwinds was very responsive both in online chat and the ticket system.

The support reps were able to answer all my pre-sales questions. After I purchased my server I received status updates at evey stage of the installation and configuration of my server. Once I signed in to my server there were a few problems transferring my sites from my old hosting service, but the techs were able to resolve them all very quickly. Overall, Hostwinds provides an outstanding level of service.

I found Hostwinds from an article On TechRadar (https :// www...
I found Hostwinds from an article On TechRadar ( After more browsing on the Hostwinds website, I decided it would be the best option for me and the prices are great. I will also say compared to others, I really liked the process of setting up my account and purchasing my first server. It was simple and customer support was very helpful. I talked with representative, Alan G.

I chose Hostwinds today because earlier in the week...
I chose Hostwinds today because earlier in the week I purchased a test VPS environment for limited UAT execution to ensure our products would launch and reach our market on the virtual host environment. I have very little hands-on technical background and found the staff extremely supportive and helpful - both front end support, tier 1 tech and tier two tech support. The staff are friendly and available 24 hours a day and tickets are responded to quickly. The environment met my needs, but I decided to purchase our production environment with Hostwinds because of the excellent and friendly customer service provided.

Satisfied with my little website running
Satisfied with my little website running

that was 2 years ago - I wanted to pay with my EU creditcard and it got blocked (just like the year before) - very annoying and this way I was too late with my payment (because could not link my blocked creditcard to paypal anymore) and thus had to pay a high fee to reactivate my website - luckily it was all sorted out but with lots of communication and a cost

Limited servers issue
I want to thank you for this hosting, you seem support specific locations with cPanel management because I am facing slow transferring data while I am going to use WordPress dashboard, or you may have high bandwidth in shared host plan, I think because you support limited geographic points at the world as a content manager not a visitors, but it is not an issue if customers realized other hostwinds positives by using full authority with professional services you are providing.
I don't advice beginners to subscribe your host even if were minimum limit.

Notifications system: 9/10
Support (ticket system, guidance, technical team): 10/10
Backup tools: 9/10
Domain controller(DNS, rDNS): 10/10
Speed: 7/10
Security: 9/10
Coast vs quality: 8/10

Feedback on purchase
Access via RDP works fine from my MacBook Pro. I'm trying to install an MT5 platform, and am not experienced sufficiently for that, so finding a little difficulty setting that up. I appreciate most people will be sufficiently better versed than I, but an option for some guided tutorial on first entry would help me. (unless I have by chance simply missed one that's already there...)

The WORST customer service EVER!

So my sites are COMPLETELY REMOVED from the server and Hostwinds refuse to help me. It seems like the server is hacked but they take no action.

Now 2 weeks later not only my sites have been COMPLETEL REMOVED (like from the one day to the other day - all files completely GONE) also the email boxes with some important emails in it are also COMPLETELY GONE!

IMAGINE: your site and your emails completely removed and ALL THEY ANSWER IS THIS:

"Thank you for being so patient.
Kindly note that the deletion of files is not done from our end. We could see that the main configuration files for emails have been removed which has created issues with emails. Please note that we have not removed any files from the server.

We have checked for backups but couldn't find anything to help you restore the emails and domains.
Unfortunately, we are helpless.
Thank you for your understanding."

Use at your own risk
Had hosting with them for a while. Similar offering to other hosting companies, nothing special.

BEWARE when signing up, Hostwinds will (I find this very shady!) automatically input Contact details of someone in their company as Admin, Tech, etc. and if you want to leave, it will take FOREVER to do so because your domain name will be locked if you change the details yourself. Nowhere is this obviously stated. Online Chat is slow, frustrating and as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

DYOR thoroughly before using one of these larger providers. IMHO they are quick to take your money and make it very difficult for you to leave.

Finally, don't rely on PC Mag reviews.

I wanted to upgrades the server as freepbx felt like...
I wanted to upgrades the server as freepbx felt like it needed more resources, but you put the upgrade on hold pending Identification. The billing dept. is closed until monday. All this would have been fine, but I needed to restart the server and you took away that option and I can't find another way. So I canceled the upgrade, and now it's suspended. I'm hoping ordering another from scratch won't give me an issue.

Only 1 Time, did i get bounced back-and-forth between...
Only 1 Time, did i get bounced back-and-forth between representatives. First guy either didn't Know how to answer the question, or didn't want to. The other guy ended-up Bouncing me Right back to the First guy. There were loooong pauses, after i asked the first question, and each subsequent question. ***Most reps have been extremely helpful. There is a bit of a delay after asking many questions, particularly the first. Some times the Answers are Near-Instantaneous. Overall, Extremely Pleased.

I hope third times a charm
Currently Hostwinds are performing my setup for the third time. The first two times were either not to specification or defective in some way. On the bright side, they are very responsive to my questions and keep me very well informed of their progress. I am hoping that the setup is correct after this third try, but I'm not sure how confident to be.

Very responsive with answers and with progress reports. I am not entirely satisfied with the actual speed of setup.

Stay away
I purchased ddos protection for my dedicated server thru the upgrade option on the dedicated server panel, 3 months ago. I was then ddos attacked on the night of 10/25 and did NOT receive any type of resolution for over 12 hours and was also sent a reply that was intended for another customer while being ignored. I requested a refund for the 3 months of ddos protection in which i was denied due to the protection being applied to a different block of ip addresses but not the block that i purchased. Thats not my fault as i purchased ddos protection specifically thru the dedicated server upgrades/addons section. Why would it not be applied to the block of ips that the dedi server is on? Then act like its my fault. Thats just really really really bad customer service. When you need them most Hostwinds turn their back on you and youre just another dollar sign. Shame that a small company cant make a long time paying customer happy with a simple refund of $150 when they were clearly in the wrong. And not even offer half a refund or anything. I get nothing. No soup for me, only ddos attacks and my money taken from hostwinds. I have taken my dedicated server business elsewhere to a company with real ddos protection and support and i will be cancelling my web hosting with them soon as well.

Also have something in their terms and conditions that says youre not allowed to file chargebacks against them, what company does that? Super scummy business practices

Bait and switch, then can't cancel
Signed up and my cost doubled at end of 1st month, the great "deal" apparently only lasted for 30 days. I've been trying to cancel ever since. You have to open a ticket that has to be approved and confirmed, and even after that you still get billed and have to do it all again. I've been trying to cancel for 4 months now and Hostwinds still keep sending emails for me to confirm this or that, I finally just removed my payment info and am about to do a chargeback, just a huge pain to deal with.

Very helpful. Amazing customer service!
I have had numerous things I needed help with, all stemming from the fact I'm a total novice when it comes to this kind of thing. Hostwinds have helped me through every step of getting my site up and running. Not only have Hostwinds shown me how to fix any problems I've had, they've helped educate me in the process, too. They have truly gone above and beyond, and have been there to answer queries any time, day or night. Absolutely fantastic service!

It is a professional web host
To start with, Hostwinds have a smart and easy to navigate website of their own. I have read many customer hosting reviews about various web hosting providers before I chose this reliable web hosting service. It has lots of positive reviews written by satisfied customers. So, I decided to give them a try as the price was very cheap and Hostwinds offered FREE website transfer. Good web host.

While the VPS worked fine, when I canceled the VPS in September, Hostwinds continued to charge my credit card. Even today January 1 2022, they still continue to charge my credit. It's like they won't let you cancel. I'm probably gonna have to end up calling my cc company to block them from future charges. 4 times I have asked to cancel and they just won't cancel the service. Crazy

Do not leave PreAuthorised Payments with HostWinds
I bought their managed VPS Plans and asked them to set up WordPress with LEMP but Hostwinds haven't installed NGINX due to which website was almost down for 24 hours then I decided to downgrade from Managed VPS to Unmanaged VPS lack of
Support expertise. I checked available upgrade options on their panel which generated an invoice which I haven't paid as I never wanted to make any other payment to them but they pulled the $109.33 without my permissions and when I asked the refund they said Refund is not possible.

Services are good enough you get a quick response from Level 1 Support but rest of other things are totally mess.

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