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Awful! Scam! Avoid this "company"
AVOID THIS APP! This place is such a scam! Any business that doesn't offer a customer service phone number is shady. I tried booking a hotel room and when I did my payment, it said it did not go thru and to try again later. However within seconds of paying, Hopper charged my credit card. There's no phone number to call. In the app itself there is no way to reach anyone. Save yourself the aggravation and go with a big company you know and trust like Expedia or You wind up spending time on the phone disputing your cc and getting aggravated and it's not worth it.

$10 you're saving IS NOT WORTH IT
I liked utilizing Hopper to watch airline prices before I purchased. My first experience booking the flight through Hopper was fine, Hopper have a feature called "Prize Freeze" that allowed me to reserve my pricing as I was unsure to buy. I ended up pulling the trigger. As things escalated in our world, I thought it best to cancel my flight. It was through Alaska so I had called them, they were happy to credit me in lieu of everything, but had to go through Hopper first as they are who I booked through. Hopper, even a MONTH later is unresponsive to me. Because Alaska cancelled my flight, I am also unable to chat through my "previously booked trip" because technically no trip happened. When I click from my email, it's as if no transaction ever happened. This is the ONLY way to "chat" them according to their FAQ's. No phone number. No chat option for cancelled flights. Absurd. Not even an automated response apologizing for the delay. Absolute trash.

Price lock scam alert
Booked my price lock guarantee. Paid 150$ to lock room in at 220 an night. Went to check out before my deadline and Hopper apologized telling me they didn't have a room. It was a king room. Meanwhile, went on there site to see if they were offering any rooms. Of course there was a double for 690 a night now. BAD BUSINESS PRACTRICE!
I did get my money back- but now forced to pay top dollar for last minute booking. Thank you for giving me a anxiety attack and starting my vacation that I haven't had in 2 years like this!
Nothing like an empty promise. I wonder how many others get sucked into paying triple the amount

Horrible experience
Please, take my advice and do not book with this app. First, there's no way to contact customer service. Apparently, there is a charge for this at the time of booking. Otherwise, the only option is to send an email (which will not be responded to). There are hidden fees after the booking and tons of misleading information regarding their price freeze. Buyer BEWARE! Stick to the major airlines or reputable third party booking sites, not this horrible hopper app! I have lost a significant amount of money with absolutely no way to discuss the issue. Please, learn from my mistake and do not try to "save" money with hopper. It doesn't work.

I've used them in the past, but never again, I just froze a price for a trip, I'm still currently trying to cancel it before the deadline date, & the App is not allowing me the option Hopper claim to offer " MANAGE UR TRIP" the option doesn't exist, so u can only go forward with the booking,, & So with no customer service number to speak to someone i guess on the 22nd i will just lose my deposit. I sent a email to no avail. Unbelievable. But a small price to pay to Never use this company again. My pics show what happens when u click on get help, & yes i have an updated phone 2020 & the app has been updated

Airline Cancelled, no refund or response from hopper
My flight that I booked through hopper was cancelled by spirit airlines and the airline sent me an email. After hours on the phone with spirit airlines Hopper confirmed my full refund as well as sent me a confirmation on my refund. I've tried to contact hopper and I've followed all their instructions, their is no phone number and no one will respond to my request it has been 9 days now and I've opened two requests. Still I've received nothing, no response or refund. This is very unprofessional especially because the airline has already refunded the money to hopper and it has been confirmed.

Beware, no customer service. Scam alert
Prior to the covid-19 pandemic in early January I purchased tickets via hopper for my family of four to travel to Berlin outbound from LA to Berlin for June 2020- returning July 2020. In April I was notified the flight was rerouted to London. This is the only communication I received from hopper. While the flight reads as confirmed' on the hopper app, I decided to contact Air New Zealand directly to check on the status. The airline informed me that Hopper have stopped that flight route from Los Angeles to Europe for the foreseeable future. Hopper never informed me of this change. So my flight is cancelled by the airline, for some time now even, and there has been zero communication from hopper. When I try to cancel the flight in the hopper app the button is locked and won't progress to the next phase. I have not been able to contact customer service. The only communication offered on the app is chat. I've sent multiple messages and haven't received any response. This reads like a scam. There's no email, no phone number. No way for me to fully process my cancellation because the app locks. I know that I am entitled to a refund. I hope this is resolved. Currently it feels like theft. I will update if the outcome changes.

Customer service
Listen. It's almost near impossible to get with a rep. It says a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours well it's been 48 hours since my first message were sent and still haven't received a response. The price of the flight isn't worth it if you can't receive assistance on your trip when needed it's completely ridiculous that a travel site doesn't have a number or a live agent for communication. Terrible customer service in my opinion and for that this will be my last time booking through that site. My advice is to go with a different travel site or book directly through the airline.

Stay away!
If I could give zero stars I seriously would. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. There is no phone number or email to contact. Hopper offer cancel for any reason insurance & travel protection which is totally point less bc they do not respond. I wish I would have read reviews before I purchased through Hopper. Sadly I can see that I am not alone & am afraid I will never get a response or a refund. Do your self a favor & never ever go through the Hopper App. I have messaged the "chat" multiple times over this past week and only get robot responses. Stay away!

Online scam booking app.
Hopper is the worst scam company app out of Canada I have ever experienced. No customer service number and when you try to contact them through their app Hopper block you. They lie to my credit card company when I disputed the charge and charge your credit card double. They will never have my business and I will continue to let everyone know not to use them. This was for a hotel. They say they have a phone number but it doesn't go anywhere. Everything Hass to be done through the app. Which didn't work because they block you. They say they're going to help you but that was all a bunch of lies too. Beware and stay away.

Increasing Quote After Acceptance
Hopper does not honor their quotes.

Hopper offered to change my flight for $73, which I accepted. This was 6 days before my flight.

The change did not go through on their end. After I reached out to confirm, Hopper said the previous quote did not process and was no longer valid. They requoted me $250! It was now 4 days before my flight.

Speaking with someone took an average waiting time of 30 minutes per person, and I spoke to 4 people before anyone acknowledged my previously accepted quote.

They have refused to stay true to their original quote which I already accepted. I stopped looking for alternative flights and options because I thought it was handled, but paid an extra $175 because I trusted Hopper to handle their end of the deal.

ZERO STARS IF I COULD - WORST Customer Service EVER! DO NOT BOOK through this app!
I have been trying to reach customer service through the "24/7 customer support chat", have sent several messages, and have not received A SINGLE REPLY. The flight I purchased through the app is next week and my last name is misspelled by one letter. What should be a simple fix is causing me the most stress and anxiety, and completely taking away the excitement of my upcoming vacation - that I might not even get to go to since I can't get someone to help me! There is no phone number, no email address, NOTHING. Never experienced something like this in my life!

Fraudulent activities
I was searching through hopper and found a flight I was interested in. It allowed me to freeze the price for 2 adults and charged me $68. Later that day I was going through my transactions and saw Hopper had made several withdrawals from my account in addition to the $ 68. They included $ 114, $14 and $1. Three separate transactions I had no idea about. I sent them an email and they replied telling me to use the help center in the app. They have no phone numbers to call and impossible to get a live chat on the app. Please be careful trying to book a flight with hopper! Never again!

I decided to purchase two tickets for my brother and I today to head out of town. But when I went through the process and it said that it did not process at this time. Then I check my back account and get a pending charged for both tickets. And I'm trying to leave tomorrow 7/21/21. No confirmation. No call. No email. No costumer service. Absolutely nothing. I even had to called the airline and Hopper said that they didn't find anything on there end. It's absolutely frustrating and irritating. I've contacted my bank. Contact Hopper (tired today called 3x). Contacted the airline. This app is truly a scam. I would not recommend this to my enemy. Hopper you will contact me and have this issue handled.

0 stars if I could!
Played my ass, "sorry please try again" bull$#*! and still charged me, got a confirmation from the airline with no information on date/time for the flights. Called the airline and Hopper said they can't cancel because they never got any information or payment just our names and the total price was $0 I will include a screenshot of the invoice. Looked up the confirmation number that I got on the email and it said reservation was not found because the flight was canceled, I'm like what? And also Hopper says that if you want to change/cancel anything you press your bookings and you can do it on the app, but I have no confirmation email or anything from Hopper. So I paid for flights but there isn't any flights... I'm going to attempt to dispute this with my bank, it's still a pending charge but the money was still taken out. So my bank can't dispute this until this charge goes through.

Terrible Customer Service
Last year my daughter booked us flights to Hawaii for March through Hopper. We also purchased the insurance. Due to Covid, our flight was cancelled. The insurance said that we were not covered for reimbursement as it was a Pandemic that caused our cancellation!?!?!? Hawaiian Air gave us until 12/31/2020 to rebook our trip. In December, we tried to rebook, but the island we were travelling to was not accepting outside visitors. The airline said that we were now able to be refunded in full but had to go through Hopper in order to get our money back. Well, we have gone through the steps as listed on the app, called corporate phone numbers that never get answered, and even tried a number that was given to us from a prior trip (which is now no longer in service). No one ever responds. We just want our money back, especially now that we have been out of work for a year.

Added hopper purchases
Be careful when you are booking a trip with hopper all these pop-ups occur and if you accidentally press on one it could potentially lead to additional fees. It could be trip protection, luggage protection and several other mystery services. I was charged 50 bucks for some service I must have accidentally clicked on during the frequent pop ups. It's non refundable once u accidentally select. This is new, hopper did not have all these extras in the past. It's a sneaky way for them to get more money. I used them for two years but I'm all done. Just be careful and monitor your Account for suspicious hopper withdrawls

Hopper is Trash
If I could give Hopper zero stars, I would. Please never, ever use Hopper to purchase flights. If you want to use the app to search for flight deals that's one thing but NO. NOT. PURCHASE. My round trip flight was to Italy in April 2020 was cancelled because of COVID and Hopper are refusing to refund me. They have absolutely no customer service. You submit a ticket with their AI bot which takes months to receive any kind of response. Beyond disgusted and disappointed. Will never purchase from them ever again. They should be shut down for the number of people they've screwed over in the last six months. Poor excuse of a company.

They dont respond to refund related messages (I would suggest filing a complaint with DOT, its easy)
My last message to hopper:
I spoke with AirCanada: Hopper said it could have been a full refund back to original form of payment if you would have purchased the refundable package they offer. Which you should have done. Since i purchased refundable ticket insurance through you (Hopper). I will be filing a formal complaint through the Department of Transportation on Monday, December 21,2020 (12/21/20). As well as reaching out to my credit card company to help aid in getting the money refunded. I have reached out multiple times to handle this cordially. However due to your lack of response and inability to come through as promised these steps shall be taken.

The worst experience I've ever had with any service
I never write negative reviews but this one is warranted. I purchased a ticket to Spain, and of course the trip was canceled due to Covid. On Hoppers information hub Hopper repeatedly assured me that since I canceled my flight prior to the departure date, that I would receive a refund. It has been 6 months and after many attempts to reach out still no word. They do not have a human customer service that you are able to call. Only automated robot replies. I called the carrier repeatedly who could not offer me a refund directly because I booked with Hopper. I dont believe that there are people that care about anything there, or that are willing to assist you in any way, especially after pleas of financial hardship. They have been holding on to my money for half a year. I would NEVER recommend using this middleman service.

I'd give it no stars if I could - HUGE SCAM
I used the "price freeze" option for flights, Hopper took $88 as a fee to freeze that price for those flights. Came back to book, and no seats are available. They don't tell you theres a chance you wont have seats if you wait to book - or if they do its buried so deep you don't see it. Why would I pay you money to give me a set "price" on a flight I can't book? Does the freeze apply to other similar flights to that location? NOPE.

I would have just booked with the airline that day if I'd realized they were going to just steal my money.

Useless app and a scam.

No way to speak to anyone at HOPPER Customer Support.
Booked Cambria Hotel Washington DC via Hopper, among other things, the hotel didn't have any cold water so you couldn't take a shower without getting burned so we checked out. Hotel said Hopper gave the credit to Hopper for the nights we didn't stay. I have not seen a credit yet. The Hotel General manager keeps saying they will contact Hopper and get back to me with the amount of credit and when I will receive the credit. They never get back to me AND I cannot contact Hopper. Phone *******760 is a recording that says to contact them thru the app but because my stay is closed there is no form to fill out. I stayed on the line until the end of the English/French message and I heard a beep so I left a message. Still waiting to hear back. It's 2 weeks now. I will wait a few more days and will ask for a refund from my credit card. PS, two days after checking out I asked the hotel about the water and they said their engineer was working on it. I noticed a phone number for HOPPER on my VISA bill. *******548 and get a message that they are unable to complete my call. It is 21 days since I checked out. I gave up and asked my credit card company for a full refund.

Book a trip, then expect zero help
We booked a round trip flight for my wife from the US to China. A portion of her return flight was canceled due to the corona virus outbreak. We need the whole return trip canceled and the other connections won't cancel those. The only way to communicate with Hopper is through their chat. There is no phone number to call. We have been trying to talk to them for 3 days and all we get is Hopper are busy and will get back to us. I recommend you not book through them. Once you do you are on your own! This is customer service at its worse!

Stay Away from this fraudulent App
Hi Guys

I booked my recent travel from Hopper and as due to covid situation, i opted for flexible Date plan from the app. The mere reason for selection of the service to add cushion to my travel plans. There was some changes in my total journey by airline and therefore my travel time increased from 24 to 37 hours and as a result the app send me reminder still I want to go with same flight or not. I want them to give me alternative options(which were available on their app) Hopper didn't bother to do so and the customer service just cancelled the ticket. I paid 200$ for the flexible date plan but all money in vein as they dont give you any support and that's merely to make fool out of you. Stay away

Does not refund customer after airline cancels flight
I had booked a flight from Tel Aviv to Raleigh-Durham using Hopper in early 2020, which was later cancelled by the airline (TAP) due to Covid-19. TAP informed me that my refund should be issued by Hopper. Hopper outlines a process for requesting a refund on the app, but this process is not available under my cancelled itinerary. I've been trying for three months to get in contact with Hopper through their instant message (there is no phone line or customer service) and only receive automatic replies, if anything. I'm beginning to believe this company has no intention of issuing a refund for my cancelled flight.

Fraudulent practices
This company is awful and exhibits fraudulent practices. I went to buy a plane ticket and Hopper charged my account (currently pending) then after completing the transaction told me that they no longer had availability of the ticket I purchased. They didn't not immediately undo the charge instead they have left it pending and I don't have access to these funds in my account yet I have received no product in return. They also have no customer support whatsoever unless you have a trip already confirmed in which case you can only submit a "ticket" instead of live support. Terrible company that benefits from people enjoying their easy to use interface then tagging on a ton of highly suggested "insurance" charges that could amount to more than the actual flight is worth. Terrible company that provides little value outside of a quirky interface and I would never suggest anyone use it unless you have a weird kink for fraudulent changes to your account.

Deplorable customer service
My flight was cancelled nearly two weeks ago and I still have yet to hear whether or not I am receiving a refund, credit, or ANYTHING. Hopper do not respond to their chats, and there is no phone line or email. It is nearly impossible to talk to a human who works for this company. Understandably all travel agencies across the board are pushed to the brink with cancellations, but never would I thought a company could display this level of insurmountable disregard for their clientele.
I will never use this app to purchase a plane ticket ever again.

Price Freeze Lie
Hopper did not honor price freeze policy. When I tried to reach to customer support it took hours to receive a response. When someone finally reached out the support staff stated there had been a system update that caused the delay in response.
I was told the freeze was no refundable, even though I had NOT reached the $100 price freeze cap.

The next representative also informed me and I quote

Thanks for the screenshot. The system update that was mentioned by the agent here happened last week which did not affect any price freeze redemption since Friday. She had that on her initial response to let you know that it was one of the reasons why it took us longer to respond to your request. If there was any error or glitch related to your price freeze, we will be able to see it on the history of your account regardless of the date of occurence.

Strange why she would mention that to me if the update was last week my chat started a week later.

I am NOT happy and I will Not Use them again

Do not use their "price freeze" guarantee!
We booked round trip tickets using their price freeze guarantee, figuring we had nothing to lose since the $45 per ticket was to be refunded as long as we booked the flight through hopper within the time frame. Hopper emailed saying we would be refunded the price freeze deposit within 1-5 business days. Not only did they not refund the money, they failed to respond to multiple inquiries about this. Ended up having to dispute the charge with our credit card company. A complete hassle. We travel a lot and will never use this app again.

Never answers you, please do not buy tickets from here
I've been trying to get a hold of this team for MONTHS. I'm not exaggerating. I got the ticket in 2019 and had an issue with the booking ever since. As time goes on and COVID is a thing, More issues start to arise for my June 1st flight. I have yet to hear back from them from my initial issue in January 2020. It is now May 2020 and I am still messaging them with no luck. Please DO NOT book through Hopper. Hopper are too busy to take care of their customers and overloaded themselves. They say they will answer you within 24 hours, soo. That's a lie. It's funny because I wrote a review a few months ago, and someone wrote back with an apology and said someone would get back to me ASAP and that never happened. Hoping this may start something up so I get a response.

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